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上饶自体脂肪填泪沟多少钱上饶韩美医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱Introduce myself -- 1:55:3 来源: Introduce myself My name is Xu Fangyan. You can call me Betty. I'm a girl. I'm . I'm centermeters tall.I'm in Xinqi Primary School.I'm in Class 1, Grade 6.My classmates are very nice to me.We often help each other,and learn from each other. I have many hobbies.Such as drawing,writing, singing .... I like playing badminton best.It's good my health.there are 3 people in my family. they're my father,mother and me.We love each other.My phone number is 753565. You can call me if you like .上饶市立医院美容整形科 湖边小屋精对白:纵然相隔很远也要照顾你 -- ::38 来源:kekenet 本文是经典爱情电影听力系列The Lake House(湖边小屋,又叫“触不到的恋人”)的第十一段对白听力 Kate虽然离开了湖边小屋,生活在热闹的芝加哥,工作也是忙忙碌碌,但是一到闲暇的时候,她就开始怀念那个透明的湖边小屋寂寞的心情,孤独的情绪,没人陪伴的时候和小下下棋,看似童话般的画面却让人莫名的心酸Kate说那次和Alex一起散步打开了她的眼睛,让她发现了芝加哥的美,但是她还是华年湖边的水,湖边的树于是,Alex搬了一棵湖边的小树苗种到Kate所在医院的门口,在他那个年代,那里还是一片建筑工地镜头转换,两年以后,大雨瓢泼的夜晚,Kate向医院奔去,在门口摔了一跤,起身时发现雨停了,抬头看时,雨并没有停,只是多了一棵枝叶繁茂的大树为她挡雨……Kate:Long days, these days. I just worked 30 hours straight. Every time I stop to take a breath I realize how isolated I've let myself become. Believe me, you can get a bit desperate. That one? Okay. There you go. Nice move. Very nice. Nice. It's not that I'm complaining, I love my work. And our tour through Chicago opened my eyes to its beauty. But my heart still misses the lake house and its trees. I miss those trees so much. Alex:Don't worry, Kate. We'll be together in time. Even if we're far apart, I'll find a way to be close to you and take care of you.注释:1. take a breath:深深地吸一口气这里Kate形容工作很忙,好不容易能有个喘息的时间. isolate:孤立,隔离3. desperate:adj. 令人绝望的. far apart:离得很远Alex安慰kate说即使他们离得很远,他也会想办法靠近他,照顾他 也要 很远 湖边 相隔 照顾你 对白We Love Sports 我们热爱运动 -- :38: 来源: We Love Sports 我们热爱运动  Everyone in our school likes sports. Every morning, after we get up, we do morning exercises. And after the second class, we do exercises again.  We only have PE classes twice a week, but we do sports at five every afternoo. We have school basketball, football and volleyball teams, and our teams often have matches with teams from other schools.  Besides ball games, some of us like running, jumping and swimming. Once a year we have a sports meeting.  我校人人都喜爱运动每天早晨起床后,我们做早操下第二节课后我们又做课间操  我们每周只上两节体育课,可是我们每天下午五点都做运动我们有校篮球队、足球队和排球队,这些队常与外校比赛  除了球类运动之外,我们有些人喜爱跑、跳和游泳我们每年举行一次运动会上饶市东方医院治疗青春痘多少钱

上饶肿瘤医院打瘦腿针多少钱Alie --19 ::1 来源: I like aliens because I think they are smart and special.   My aliens have green skin. They want to use them to hide their body in hassock because they learn about the poisonous spiders and the venomous snakes and can't eat grass. In addition, they use this trait to hide from plows to steal some corn or nuts.   My aliens live on planet#5 "Idop." There is a lot of land and only a little water. There are a lot of vegetables, fruit, animals, and some fish, but no birds there, so there are a lot of snakes and insects.   Nobody knows how long the aliens have lived there, because aliens are very arcane and smart creatures.上饶弋阳县鼻部除皱价格 旅游景点英文介绍:晚秋的婺源 -- ::31 来源: 旅游景点英文介绍:晚秋的婺源江西婺源因大量种植油菜花而出名,但是事实上,秋天的婺源县更加诗意晚秋时分,婺源县长溪村色鲜明,是个游玩的好去处Wuyuan county in Jiangxi province is famous the large pieces of rape flowers. But in fact, it becomes more poetic when autumn comes. In late autumn, Changxi Village is shore with deep and vivid tints. The maple trees growing in the front and back of the village turn to burning red. The tall trees contrast finely with the Mau Tou Wall (Horse Head Wall). The red maple leaves, white walls and black tiles blend into a y, making a unique sight in this ancient village. 旅游景点 英文介绍 婺源上饶铁路医院玻尿酸多少钱

上饶除黑眼圈熊猫(Pandas) -- 1::3 来源: 熊猫(Pandas)  there are some pandas in the zoo. they look like a bear, but they are not a bear.  they live in china. they have a small tail and fat body. they are black and white. they’re very clumsy, but they can climb trees. they like to eat bamboo very much. look! the baby panda is under the mother panda, they are sleeping. they look very lovely. pandas are my favourite animals. My English Teacher() -- :51:5 来源: My English Teacher()Hello! I’m Jessie. I like English very much, because of my English teacher, Nettie. Today, I’ll introduce her to you. In my eyes, she’s not a teacher, but a lovely girl and a good friend of mine. She is not tall. She is thin. She has the long hair. Her face is round. there are two small eyes on her face. She likes smiling. When she smiles, her eyes just like the moon at the beginning of the month. I think she is very beautiful girl.She’s very kind, like an old friend. She can sing. She can draw. She can dance. She can speak very good English. She can tell us stories. She can play games with us. When we have an English lesson, we feel very happy. All of us are interested in her lesson.I have a good teacher. I think I’m very lucky.上饶弋阳县丰唇手术费用铅山县人民医院吸脂手术多少钱



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