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If youve been outside before a rainfall in the spring, you might have noticed a particularly fresh or sweet smell that seeps into the air a few minutes before the first drops begin to fall. If youre familiar with this smell, its a great way to predict when the rain is about to start. What, exactly, makes the air smell like rain?如果在春雨降临之前呆在外面,那么你可能会注意到:在第一滴雨落下之前的几分钟里,空气中弥漫着一股特别的清香。如果你对这种味道很熟悉,那么你就能很好地预测什么时候开始下雨。到底是什么让空气充满雨的味道呢?A lot of stories and folk tales have arisen to explain this odor. Long ago, people used to believe that rain clouds picked up sweet smells from Heaven, and the rain carried these angelic odors to Earth. A more up-to-date–but equally incorrect–version of this folktale is that the smell comes from ozone, carried from the upper atmosphere by the falling rain.许多故事和民间传说纷纷出现,试图解说这种气味的由来。很久以前,人们以为是乌云吸收了天上的甜蜜气味,然后由雨点将这种天使的气味带到人间。还有另一个最新但同样错误的故事版本,说这种气味来自于臭氧,下雨时将臭氧从高空带到地面。In fact, that fresh smell isnt coming down from the sky at all. Its coming up, from the ground beneath your feet. As a spring rain approaches, the humidity level at the ground tends to increase. Moist air is much better than dry air at transmitting smells–this is why you might use warm, steaming water to carry the smell from dried potpourri into the air of your house.实际上这种清新的味道根本不是来自于天上。它来自于你脚下的泥土。当春雨来临之际,地面的湿度水平会上升。潮湿的空气比干燥的空气传播气味的效果更好,这就是为什么你会选择用温暖的水蒸气将干燥的花香扩散至整个屋子。As the humidity rises, the moist air carries the fresh smell of oils, secreted by grass and other ground plants, up to your nose. It also carries the odors of ground dwelling bacteria and fungi. These smells are always in the air immediately above the ground, as you can test for yourself by sticking your nose into your lawn and breathing deeply. When a rainstorm approaches and the humidity climbs, the odor rises up from its earthly embrace and you say–it smells like rain!随着湿气加重,潮湿的空气将草或者其它植物分泌的芳香的精油输送入你的鼻子。同时也带给你寄居地表的细菌和真菌的味道。这些气味就停留在地表上方的空气,你可以亲自测试一下:将鼻子紧贴草丛,深深地呼吸。当暴雨来临时湿度增加,气味就挣脱了尘世的拥抱,这时你可以说——这闻起来像雨。原文译文属!201208/194185Im Ina Fried with CNET. Im here in our labs with the MacBook Air that Apple introduced recently as well as the, a Dell Latitude, typical Windows 7 PC.我是CNET的Ina Fried。今天我来到实验室对比苹果公司和戴尔公司最近新推出的MacBook Air和Latitude——运行win7的笔记本。One of the challenges that I think the new MacBook Air presents for Windows is it really brings some of the instant-on capabilities that have been very popular on the iPhone and iPad and takes them into the computer round.目前,苹果公司的MacBook Air带给Windows的一大挑战就是,MacBook Air可以即时启动那些在iPhone和iPad的热门应用。Windows 7 is certainly the best Windows machine yet at going to sleep and waking from sleep, but might hunches that its still not the same kind of performers. We are gonna see from this. So I want to give a little bit of run-through side grab.Win7是目前Windows系统中待机和启动速度最快的,Windows和MacBook的程序在待机和启动上还是有着不小差别的。我将从头到尾体验一遍,我们一起来看它们的区别。One of the fastest machines we had in Dell. Now its not a solid state drive, so its not an Apple-to-Apples comparison. Pardon upon. But I do think it gives a sense of the performance of a typical Windows 7 machine and a typical new modern machine in the MacBook Air.我们使用戴尔品牌中运行最快的一款电脑和苹果公司的MacBook Air作对比。注意,这不是硬件对硬件的对比,也不是苹果产品对苹果产品的对比。但我认为这是经典的Win7在对战MacBook Air的新型现代电脑。So the first thing Im gonna do is put both machines to sleep. To do that in both cases, all you have to do is shut the lid. And it takes the Windows machine a little bit longer. You see the Apple light go out sooner, the sleep button on the Windows machine takes a little bit longer. But thats not something the average users gonna notice much. Now Im gonna wake the two machines and youll see the difference. With the MacBook Air is up almost instantly, the Dell it takes just a little bit longer.因此,我们首先要做的就是让两款电脑进入睡眠状态。只要把两款笔记本的盖子合上就可以了。我们发现Windows进入睡眠的时间稍长。苹果笔记本机盖上的logo灯很快灭了。Windows进入睡眠的时间明显稍长。可能大部分用户都不会意识到这一点。现在我要从睡眠状态中启动这两台电脑,你将看到区别。MacBook启动很快,Dell启动得稍慢。Now it may not seem like a huge difference, but I do think that over time this is a potential advantage for the Mac, as its able to tell really the same kind of instant zippy experience that you get on the iPad actually brought to the computer. The Dell is not slow. But my experience is that overtime that resume just isnt quite as zippy as the computer experience versus consumer electronics experience. And thats a key difference that I think Microsoft needs to worry about as it works on the future of Windows.虽然二者的差别不是很大,但我认为这点将逐渐成为Mac系列的一大优点,因为它将iPad的即刻睡眠功能应用到了笔记本上。戴尔电脑并不慢,但以我的经验来看,启动和睡眠不够敏捷的话,产品将不能满足未来用户对电子产品体验的要求。我认为这是微软的Windows系统将来主要面对的问题。For CNET, Im Ina Fried.CNET消息,我是Ina Fried。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/196452

Einstein gives Mileva an automate if you want still marry to me,爱因斯坦给了米列娃一个期限,如果你还想和我继续生活,you have to do the following things.你必须做以下的事情。The contract is that you have to bring to me my meals in my room,约定是你要把吃的送到我的房间。you have to speak to me only when I want to have a conversation you not to expect inter-mercy for me.只有当我想谈话时,你才能跟对我说话,期望你对我不要太过于亲近。More power tool she doesnt sign in this contact,还有更多她不签署这个约定的条款,she decides to know Im not going to go for that. 她决定了解,我并不打算这样做。She goes her styles again with how would wife occur.她要走自己的路,按照她的风格做一名妻子。In that time, Harbor is server a goal between and negotiations.在那时候,哈勃处于两难的谈判抉择中。Hes trying to hold them together.他试图让他们在一起。Hes the one who keeps seeing if maybe they can come to under an accommodation,他是唯一希望看到他们或许能在同一屋檐下的人,they both respect him.而且他们都尊敬他。But Harbors best effects to say the Einsteins marriage are a failure.但是哈勃尽最大努力表明爱因斯坦的婚姻是一个失败。Decision to its split, hes finally irrevocable Einsteins,决定自身的分裂状态,他终于不可转移的到了爱因斯坦身上,It is not can happened. Luckily enough money to support two households,这没有发生。幸运的是有足够的钱来持两个家庭,Einstein makes Mileva a breezing self-confident property.爱因斯坦给了米列娃一个自信的财产。He offers her a deal. He says to her one of these days,他和她做了一笔交易。他有一天对她说道,one of my papers will win the Noble Price,我的一篇论文将赢得诺贝尔奖,if you give me a divorce, I will give you the money.如果你同意和我离婚,我就会付你钱。And this is a amazing sum of money,这会是数目惊人的一笔钱,she can be very worthy and she can move back Dizoic with the kids.她会变得很富有,能与孩子们搬回到迪索科。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/178601

Books and Arts; Book Review;The drug industry;文艺;书评;药业;Pick your pill out of a hat;开药就好比抓阄;Bad Pharma. By Ben Goldacre.《医药行业的恶劣行径》。作者:本·戈尔达克尔。 Doctors like to project an air of authority when making their clinical decisions. Patients like it too, for it is reassuring to think that ones health is in the hands of an expert. It would be unsettling if, upon prescribing you a drug, your doctor admitted that the scientific research about what exactly the drug did, and how effective it was at doing it, was patchy and distorted, sometimes to the point where nobody has any real idea of what effects the drugs they are prescribing are likely to have on their patients. 医生诊疗时总看上去非常权威。病人其实也就喜欢这样的医生——想到自己的身体得到了专家的医治,心中的石头就瞬间落了地。如果之前还给你开药的医生现在却说:该药物原理和效果的研究是经人为修改和捏造的;他甚至还称:根本就没人知道药物对病人到底有哪些可能的作用(包括开药的医生自己都不知道)——你是不是气得都说不出话了呢?But that is the reality described in “Bad Pharma”, Ben Goldacres new book. A British doctor and science writer, he made his name in 2008 with “Bad Science”, in which he filleted the credulous coverage given in the popular press to the claims of homeopaths, reiki therapists, Hopi ear-candlers and other purveyors of ceremonious placebos. Now he has taken aim at a much bigger and more important target: the 0-billion pharmaceutical industry that develops and produces the drugs prescribed by real doctors the world over.这可不是胡话。本·戈尔达克尔的新书《医药行业的恶劣行径》便如是形容医药行业的现状。该作者是一名英国医生和科学作家,并以2008年出版的《科学的恶劣行径》(Bad Science)而名声大噪。在该成名作中,他犹如《皇帝的新装》中的小孩一般,指公众传媒大肆宣传的“注毒诱发抗体”、“气功物理治疗”、“霍皮耳道滴蜡”等自欺欺人的安慰疗法都是伪科学。而在新书中,他则将触角伸向危害更为严重的领域:一个拥有6千亿美元市场容量的行业——药业。在全球各地,无数医生正开出他们研究生产的各种药物。The book is slightly technical, eminently able, consistently shocking, occasionally hectoring and unapologetically polemical. “Medicine is broken,” it declares on its first page, and “the people you should have been able to trust to fix [its] problems have failed you.” Dr Goldacre describes the routine corruption of what is supposed to be an objective scientific process designed to assess whether new drugs work, whether they are better than drugs aly on the market and whether their side effects are a price worth paying for any benefits they might convey. The result is that doctors, and the patients they treat, are hobbled by needless ignorance.该书以“专业门槛低、可读性强、时刻吸引读者兴趣、彻底颠覆药业形象、语言咄咄逼人又击中要害”而颇具特色。“药该倒了,”他在首页便如是写道:“那些本被寄予厚望医治病症的天使,如今却成了口蜜腹剑的恶魔。”客观的科学探索过程应该具有三个评估作用。新药是否有效?是否优于市场上的药物?副作用与疗效之间是否具有较高的性价比?戈尔达克尔士在书中详细描述了药业道德腐败的事实。医生和病人结果都被药企摆了一道,然而这种不知情本都可以避免。So, for instance, pharmaceutical companies bury clinical trials which show bad results for a drug and publish only those that show a benefit. The trials are often run on small numbers of unrepresentative patients, and the statistical analyses are massaged to give as rosy a picture as possible. Entire clinical trials are run not as trials at all, but as under-the-counter advertising campaigns designed to persuade doctors to prescribe a companys drug.比如,那些药企有选择性地藏匿一些临床试验,只公布其中具有正效应的结果。那些不良反应通常会描述成只对一小部分特定的病人产生作用,而经过技术处理的各种数据分析结果总是极力表现出药效之好。整个临床试验过程根本就变了味,反倒像是地下传销——花言巧语地唆使医生开该公司的药物。The bad behaviour extends far beyond the industry itself. Drug regulators, who do get access to some of the hidden results, often guard them jealously, even from academic researchers, seeming to serve the interests of the firms whose products they are supposed to police. Medical journals frequently fail to perform basic checks on the papers they print, so all sorts of sharp practice goes uncorrected. Many published studies are not written by the academics whose names they bear, but by commercial ghostwriters paid by drug firms. Doctors are bombarded with advertising encouraging them to prescribe certain drugs.这种道德沦丧还不只是在行业内部。那些能接触到被藏匿结果的药物管理者,却总是偏袒维护那些药企。即使是那些理论研究员,也俨然与药企成为了一条绳上的两只蚂蚱。他们本应该向警方举报这些产品。医药行业刊物常常忽视对于刊文的基本审查指责,从而导致各种虚假信息没有得到应有的纠正。很多公开发表的论文并非由署名的学者所著,而是那些药企买通的手的作品。医生看到种种粉饰过的“广告”后,也很难在开药的时候毫不动摇。The danger with a book like this is that it ends up lost in abstract discussion of difficult subjects. But Dr Goldacre illustrates his points with a plethora of real-world stories and examples. Some seem almost too breathtaking to be true—but every claim is referenced and backed up by links to research and primary documents. In scenes that could have come straight from a spy farce, the French journal Prescrire applied to Europes drug regulator for information on the diet drug rimonabant. The regulator sent back 68 pages in which virtually every sentence was blacked out.这类书在写作时容易陷入艰涩内容的抽象论述中。戈尔达克尔士很好地避免了这一问题,他使用了大量的事实论据来例他的观点。有些事例甚至有些不可思议——不过每个引例都有来源说明,并由各类学术文献及基础理论持。下面这个例子不明真相的人可能还以为是哪个谍战影视作品的搞怪片段呢。法国杂志《药效》(Prescrire)曾向欧洲药监部门申请利莫那般(rimonabant,消化类药物)的详细信息,该部门随后寄回68页材料——其中几乎每句句子都有涂改的痕迹。And of course, the upshot of all this is anything but abstract: doctors are left ignorant about the drugs they are prescribing, and which will make their patients sick or get well, or even live or die. Statins, for instance, lower the risk of heart attacks, and are prescribed to millions of adults all over the world. But there are several different sorts of statin. Because there is little commercial advantage to be gained by comparing the efficacy of the different varieties, no studies have done so in a useful way.所以最终的结论也就不难得出了。医生其实根本不了解他们开出的处方药。这些药能不能治好疾病,抑或是否是在伤口上撒盐,甚至是生死之别,这些都是未知数。举例来说,减少心脏病发病率的药物斯塔丁(Statin),如今在全球各地有数百万的成年人用该药。但斯塔丁有许多种种类。因为区分各类斯塔丁药效的几乎没什么商业价值,所以就也没有针对这一方面的学术研究了。Bereft of guidance, doctors must therefore prescribe specific statins on the basis of little more than hunches or personal prejudice. As Dr Goldacre points out, if one drug is even a shade more effective than its competitors, then thousands of people prescribed the inferior ones are dying needlessly every year for want of a bit of simple research. That is a scandal. Worse, the bias and distortions that brought it about are repeated across the entire medical industry. This is a book that deserves to be widely , because anyone who does it cannot help feeling both uncomfortable and angry.因为缺少文献资料,医生只能根据自己的临床经验和个人偏好来决定到底使用哪一种斯塔丁。就如戈尔达克尔士所提到的那样,假如有一种斯塔丁即使只是比其他的好那么一点点,那么就意味着每年有数以千计的病人无辜地徘徊于阎王殿口——他们使用了较为劣等的药物,却只因没有这一方面的研究告诉他们去用好药。这真是个医药界的丑闻。更令人后怕的是,导致这一结果的学术造假和捏造在整个药业正一遍又一遍地重复着。这本书真应该让每个人都读一读——每个人的读后感都无不爆出两个词汇 :恶心!愤怒! /201210/203755

  Carlos Fuentes卡洛斯·富恩特斯Carlos Fuentes, man of letters, died on May 15th, aged 83学者卡洛斯·富恩特斯于5月15日逝世,享年83岁EVERY summer holiday when he was at school, Carlos Fuentes would stay with his grandmothers, one in Veracruz, on the steamy Gulf coast, the other from Mazatlán, near the badlands of Sinaloa on the Pacific. The women told the young boy stories, tales of Mexico, of revolution, of peasants who were leaving the land to make great cities, of bandits, of love and lust, of feud and food, of Indians, of Spaniards and baroque Spanish towns in America. He took these stories back with him to Washington, to Santiago, to Buenos Aires, to wherever his father, a Mexican diplomat, was posted (Carlos himself was born in Panama). The solitude of this peripatetic childhood turned the boy into a writer: he began to publish his stories when he was 11, and never stopped until the day he died.上学时的每个暑假,卡洛斯·富恩特斯都会与他的祖母们呆在一起,一位在潮湿的墨西哥海湾维拉克鲁斯州,另一位来自太平洋锡那罗亚州不毛之地上的马萨兰特。两位女士给这只小男孩讲故事,讲关于墨西哥,关于革命,关于离开这片土地去建设城市的农民,关于歹徒、爱与欲望、封地与食物、印第安人、美洲的西班牙人和巴洛克西班牙城镇的故事。他把这些故事揣在身边去到华盛顿、圣地亚哥、布宜诺斯艾利斯,以及他老爸被派遣去的地方任何地方,他老爸是一位墨西哥外交官(卡洛斯本人是出生在巴拿马的)。孤独辗转的童年把他变成了一位作家:他11岁就开始出版自己写的故事了,出到死才停下来。The routine was always the same. He rose early and wrote, in longhand on the right-hand page of large blocks, later correcting on the left-hand page. E-mail he did not use, not even a computer. He was, in the old-fashioned sense, a man of letters. There were some 60 books, novels mainly but plays and essays too, as well as much political commentary and journalism. Afternoons and evenings, whether in Mexico City or London, where in recent decades he lived for part of each year to escape celebrity, were for ing (his tastes were wide, including Wordsworth), the cinema (a lifelong passion), for seeing friends and for seduction, at which he was a master. He was always elegantly dressed, his suits as sharp as his conversation; his verbal thrusts were often delivered with a wicked twinkle in his eye. A dandy, his detractors said, but women loved that in him. He claimed that his conquests included Jean Seberg and Jeanne Moreau, and perhaps they did.他的日常工作一成不变。他早起先在右手页的大格子里执笔写作,过一会儿在左手页上进行修改。他不用伊儿,甚至连电脑也不碰。他是一位传统的学者。有大约60本书,大多数是小说但也有戏剧和论文,还有很多政论和新闻体文章。下午和晚上,无论是在墨西哥城或是伦敦,这些地方他在最近几十年内每年都要住一段时间来避世,是为了阅读(他的口味很广泛,包括华兹华斯)、电影(毕生的),为了见朋友和勾引人,在这方面他是老手。他总是穿着考究,他的穿着与它的言谈一样犀利;他的口头抨击总是带着调皮的眼光。爱贬低他的人说他是,而女士们通常很吃他那一套。他声称他的战利品包括珍﹒西宝和珍妮﹒露,也许她们是臣于他了。Clearing the air净化空气So prolific was his output that it was inevitably uneven. Some of the early novels will last the best. They are panoramic, richly-textured reflections on Mexican history, its underlying contradictions of world view between Indian and Spaniard and their sometimes awkward melding in mestizaje and in the country’s revolution of 1910-17. “La Región Más Transparente” (translated as “Where the Air is Clear”), his ambitious debut novel set in Mexico City, reflects on the challenge to Mexican identity posed by modernity. “The Death of Artemio Cruz”, published in 1962, chronicles the descent from the idealism of revolution to the cynicism of the long rule of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) through the life of a politician and newspaper tycoon enriched by graft.他的太多产难免会造成不平衡。一些早期的作品将会维持在最佳。它们是墨西哥丰富历史的完整写照,印度人和西班牙人之间世界观的根本矛盾,麦士蒂索人和这个国家在1910-17改革的一段尴尬融合。“La Región Más Transparente”(译为“空气清新的地方”)是他首次野心勃勃在墨西哥城写的小说,反映了现代性对墨西哥身份提出的挑战。1962年出版的“阿特米奥克鲁斯之死”记录了在从理想主义革命沦为制度革命党(PRI)长期统治的犬儒主义背景下,他从一位政客变为报业大亨贪污肥足的一生。The creative antagonism of the relationship between Spain and America was an obsession for Mr Fuentes, recurring in “Terra Nostra”, a sprawling historical fantasy, and “The Buried Mirror”, an extended essay. The narrator in “Artemio Cruz” imagines in a baroque church西班牙和美国之间创造性的对立关系是富恩特斯偏执的意淫,并反复出现在一部叫做“Terra Nostra”的庞大历史幻想中和一篇叫做“The Buried Mirror”的拓展性论文里。“阿特米奥克鲁斯”里的叙述者想象在一个巴洛克风格的教堂里“the fa?ade of the Conquest, severe yet jocund, with one foot in the dead Old World and the other in the New, which did not begin here but on the other side of the ocean: the New World arrived when they arrived; fa?ade of austere walls to protect their avaricious, sensual, happy hearts. You will enter the nave, where all that was Spanish will be conquered by the macabre smiling lavishness of Indian saints, angels, and gods.”征者的嘴脸严峻而快乐,一只脚在旧世界另一只脚在新世界,它不是从这儿开始的但在大洋的另一边:当它们到达的时候新世界也来到了;严峻的外墙用来保护贪婪、世俗、快乐的心。你将进入教堂正厅,那里西班牙人的一切都将被印度圣徒、天使和上帝的死亡微笑所征。“Mr Fuentes was a leading figure in the Latin American literary boom of the 1960s and 1970s, a friend of both Gabriel García Márquez and Mario Vargas Llosa (as well as of Octavio Paz until their relationship was destroyed by an intemperate attack on Mr Fuentes in Mr Paz’s literary magazine). Many thought it unjust that he alone of these four did not receive the Nobel prize.富恩特斯先生在20世纪六七十年代繁荣的拉丁美洲文坛是头号人物,他是Gabriel García Márquez和马里奥·巴尔加斯·略萨的朋友(也是奥柯塔维欧·派兹的朋友,直到他们的友谊被一篇写在派兹先生文学杂志里对富恩特斯先生的过激批判所摧毁)。很多人认为四个人当中就只有他没有得到诺贝尔奖这件事是不公平的。He was no magical realist. His inspirations were Cervantes and Borges. His language was complex. He employed multiple voices and styles. His upbringing in two cultures, Latin American and Anglo-Saxon, made him both a Mexican and a universal writer.他不是魔幻现实主义作家。他的灵感是赛凡提斯和格斯。他的语言很复杂。他使用了多种声音和风格。他是在两种文化背景下成长的,拉丁美洲和安格鲁-撒克逊,使他变成了一位墨西哥及世界级的作家。He was a man of the left, but a democratic one. He was initially enthusiastic about both the Cuban revolution and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, but later criticised their authoritarianism. He had no time for Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, calling him a “tropical Mussolini”.他曾是个左翼,但却是个民主的左翼。他曾热衷于古巴革命和尼加拉瓜政党桑蒂诺政权,但之后又抨击了他们的专制主义。他没有时间给委内瑞拉的雨果﹒查韦斯,称他为“热带墨索里尼”。His later years were marked by personal tragedy. Both his children with Silvia Lemus, his second wife who was a television presenter, died before him, one of complications from haemophilia and the other from drug addiction. As Mexico descended into drug-related violence, his later novels became darker. “La Voluntad y La Fortuna” (“Destiny and Desire”) begins with the musings of a severed head, floating in the Pacific. He dismissed Enrique Pe?a Nieto, the PRI candidate and front-runner in Mexico’s presidential election, due on July 1st, as a lightweight, unequal to the country’s problems.他的晚年基本上就是个悲剧。他的孩子和第二任夫人职业是电视节目主持人的西尔维娅﹒莱姆斯,都死得比他早,一位死于血友病的并发症,另一位死于吸毒成瘾。当墨西哥落入与毒品有关的暴力行为时,他的后期作品也变得黑暗起来。“La Voluntad y La Fortuna”(“命运与欲望”)以一只漂浮在大西洋上断头的沉思开篇。他不理睬Enrique Pe?a Nieto,制度革命党的候选人也是墨西哥总统竞选的领先人物,7月1日任期到期,他认为此人无足轻重,也没有能力解决这个国家存在的问题。Mr Fuentes was at home in Europe, New York and Mexico. But he still felt the pull of Veracruz, where Cortes and the Spaniards first landed. When asked in to write an article about his favourite museum for Intelligent Life, our sister magazine, he instantly offered to return to the Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa, the state capital, with its colossal Olmec stone heads and laughing figurines, the union of the sacred and the human. Veracruz, he declared, was “where I belong”.富恩特斯先生在欧洲、纽约和墨西哥的时候感到自由自在。但是他仍然能够感受到维拉克鲁斯的召唤,那里是科尔特斯和西班牙人第一次登陆的地方。年要求他为我们的杂志智慧生活写一篇关于他最喜爱的物馆时,他立刻表示愿意回到州府哈拉帕的人类学物馆,摆着巨大奥尔梅克石雕像和神圣笑俑的地方。他声明维拉克鲁斯是他的“归属”。201206/185653


  Some 150 priceless artifacts from the Silk Road era, including a remarkably well-preserved female mummy unearthed in Xinjiang in northwestern China, are now being exhibited at Taiwans National Museum of History in Taipei.包括在中国西北部边疆出土的木乃伊在内的大约150件丝绸之路时期的文物,正在位于台北的台湾历史物馆展览。这些文物大都极其贵重。Speaking at a press conference, museum director Huang Yung-chuan said the exhibition will feature pre-Qin Dynasty metal vessels, textiles from the Han and Jin dynasties, Wei and Jin Dynasty wall paintings and Tang Dynasty silk paintings discovered in Chinas Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, part of what was formerly known as the Western Territories and a vital hub on the Silk Road.在新闻发布会上,物馆主任黄永军说道,这次展览以先秦的金属器皿、汉晋时期的纺织物、魏晋时期的壁画,以及在中国新疆维吾尔自治区发现的唐代丝绸画为主要特色。而新疆维吾尔自治区作为中国西部领土,以及丝绸之路上重要的枢纽为人们所熟知。 The organizer made particular mention of one highlight called the ;Loulan Beauty,; a female Caucasian mumy dating back around 3,800 years that still has hair, skin and organs that remain undecayed and which created shockwaves in archaeological circles upon its discovery.展览承办人员特别提到了传说中的“楼兰公主”,一具可追朔到3800年前的高加索木乃伊,尸体没有腐化,仍保存有头发,皮肤和器官,因其产生的微波使其得以被考古界发现。 The exhibition will continue until mid-March next year, according to museum officials.物馆工作人员透漏,展览会持续到明年3月中旬。 The Silk Road was a trade route that extended for over 7,000 km, over 1,700 km of which was inside China, which connects Asia and the Mediterranean region. It starts in the east in the Chinese city of Changan and ends in the west in what is now the Turkish city of Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople, which was at one time the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.丝绸之路是一条绵延7000千米的贸易路线,其中有1700千米在中国境内。丝绸之路连接了亚洲和地中海。东起始于中国古城长安,向西到达如今的土耳其伊斯坦布尔。伊斯坦布尔就是古时的君士坦丁堡,是东罗马帝国的首都。原文译文属!201206/188542

  Books and Arts;Book review;Black magic in London;文艺;书评;伦敦巫术;Crimes of passion;The Boy in the River. By Richard Hoskins.犯罪;《河里的男孩》,理查德·霍斯金斯著。In the late 1980s Richard Hoskins, young and newly married, spent six years as a missionary in Bolobo, upriver from the Congolese capital, Kinshasa. Now back in Britain and something of an Africa specialist, he advises the authorities on tribal and ritual crimes. In his new book, “The Boy in the River”, Mr Hoskins argues that these atrocities are a perversion of African belief systems and highly unusual.在二十世纪八十年代早期,年轻且新婚不久的理查德·霍斯金斯,在洛(地名)做了六年的传教士,该地位于刚果首都,金沙萨市的上游。现今已返回英国,有几分非洲专家味道的他,在部落和宗教式犯罪问题上给当局提出相关建议。在他的新书《河里的男孩》中,霍斯金斯先生说这些暴行是对非洲信仰的一种曲解,是极不寻常的。His first case, in 2002, involved the mutilated torso of a boy they named Adam, found in the River Thames. The police thought it was a muti killing, a South African practice that involves removing organs for use in tribal medicines. Mr Hoskins recognised that Adam was in fact a human sacrifice (a term the police initially recoiled at) by a Nigerian tribe. His evidence was the precise slit in the victim’s neck and a body drained of blood—a divine tribute that is condemned as juju, or black magic, in West Africa. The boy’s killer has not yet been convicted, but the investigation did uncover a trafficking ring that smuggled African children to Britain for such ritualistic abuses.在2002年,他的第一个案例:在泰晤士河中发现的一名为亚当(Adam)的男孩的残缺躯体。警方认为这是起巫术杀人案(见注释),这是一种南非部落习俗,取出人体器官以作药用。霍斯金斯先生辨认出亚当实际上是一个尼日利亚部族的活人祭品(一个警方最初所不愿提及的术语)。他给出的据是受害人脖子上精确的切口和鲜血流尽的躯体—一种被谴责为juju(某些西非部族所用的物神)的“神圣”礼物,或者可称为西非的巫术。杀死男孩的凶手仍未被定罪,但通过此次调查,警方却发现了一个偷运非洲儿童,卖到英国作为仪式献祭的走私集团。Mr Hoskins and his wife suffered their own tragedy in Congo; one of their twins was stillborn, the other died before she was two. He admits his work presents emotional challenges. But he is not overly sentimental. He writes about criminology, how the police deal with the media and the perverted beliefs behind the crimes. Much of the book is about kindoki. Mr Hoskins understands this as a benign affliction treated with a potion of plant extracts from a nganga, a traditional healer. But there is a growing trend of pastors in new revivalist Christian churches, both in Africa and Britain, preaching a different, malevolent kind of kindoki. They convince parents that their children are possessed by demons which must be exorcised through isolation, fasting and beatings. Gullible and desperate believers, who consider their pastors to be “little Gods”, will pay good money for them to cure this malady.在刚果,霍斯金斯夫妇自己也惨遭了不幸;双胞胎中的一个是死胎,而另一个在两岁前死亡。他承认在他的作品中带给了读者情感上的挑战。但他并没有过度感伤。他写到犯罪学,警察怎样与媒体周旋,怎样应对罪行背后扭曲的信仰。书的大部分是关于kindoki (非洲巫术手册)。霍斯金斯先生把这认为是一种较为仁慈的折磨,用从 nganga(刚果哺果苏木)中提取的植物药剂治疗,这是一种传统治疗物。但在非洲及英国,复兴基督教会的牧师有增加的趋势,布道一种不同的、恶毒的kindoki。他们使得父母们相信自己的孩子被魔鬼蛊惑,必须通过隔离、禁食和鞭打才能除怪。这些将他们的牧师当做“小神”的绝望而易受骗的信徒们,就会付出很多的钱给他们以治愈这种疾病。The most harrowing case is that of Kristy Bamu. Attempting to exorcise the boy of kindoki, his sister and her boyfriend tortured him to death over five days in December 2010 using an array of weapons, including light bulbs, floor tiles, knives and pliers. Mr Hoskins testified in court that Africans do not practise exorcism like this.最悲惨的事例是一个叫克里斯蒂 巴姆的男子。为了驱除kindoki 的鬼怪,在2010年十二月,他在被及的男朋友使用大量武器,包括电灯泡,地板瓷砖,刀子及拳脚相加折磨五天后死去。霍斯金斯先生在法庭上明非洲人并不用这样的方式除怪。It is heartening to that the British authorities go to great lengths to solve these crimes, but infuriating to learn about the flaws in the system. An important witness to the Adam crime, for example, was deported before she could be properly questioned. An eye-opening book that makes a strong case for cultural understanding.所以当知道英国当局不遗余力要解决这些犯罪时,是很振奋人心的,但在知道系统中的不足时又难免让人感到愤怒。例如,亚当一案中的一个重要人在被正当地审问钱就被驱逐出境。所以这是一本为文化理解提供了有力事实据的书。201207/188605

  Once all the kinks in this computerized cooking are worked out, your Fabber may become an essential kitchen appliance. And expectations for the device dont stop there.一旦所有突发奇想都实现,电脑控制的烹饪系统被计算出来,那么Fabber将变成你厨房里不可或缺的家电。对这些设备的预期还远远没有结束。;This is a very universal type of technology thats applicable to a wide variety of things, and it is conceivable that you could print even large things such as cars or houses.;“这是一类很普遍的技术,适用于各式各样的事物。可想而知,你能“打印”巨大的物体,例如汽车或者房子。”While printing your own house seems like a stretch, your Fabber could download and print the latest must-haves for your home and eliminate the need for replacement parts. You will be your own factory and builder. And with the Fabber, youll never again have to make that last-minute run to the home-improvement store.“打印”房子,这听起来似乎有点不真实,但Fabber会帮你“下载”并“打印”出房屋的必需品,并且一次到位不需要再更换材料重修。就像是你自己成立的工厂,而自己就是工厂工人。有了Fabber,你就再也不用花费精力奔向装修市场。You could imagine in the future where you shop online for items, and once you find what you want, youll essentially purchase the blueprint and print the device youve purchased on your own desk at home.可以想象在盛行网购的未来世界里,当你发现你想要的东西时,只要购买产品的蓝图,就能在自家桌面上打印出那个设备。Futuristic homes, humanoid robots, superhuman powers all represent science fiction fantasies come to life.未来的房屋,类人机器人,超能量都代表着科幻小说变成现实。And those fantasies are not limited to earth. Your future home may actually have a lot fewer objects than today, thats because the objects you have will be infinitely more flexible. A chair will morph into a shears, or anything else you want, through a new technology known as claytronics.这些幻想并不仅仅局限于地球。在你未来的家里,家具可能比现在少得多,那是因为家具会变得无限灵活。通过一项新的科技(即claytronics),一把椅子可能演变成一把大剪刀,或者其它你想要的事物。Claytronics is essentially gonna create a new media type. Way back from the telephone, weve had audio which allowed us to send voice; and then we had which allowed us to send voice and pictures. So, with claytronics, the idea is we can send not just sound and picture, but actually the 3-D shape itself.Claytronics本质上是要创建一种新型的媒体。跟电话的原理一样,有了音频我们可以传递声音;然后出现了视频,让我们可以传递声音和图片。因此claytronics的理念是不仅可以传递声音和图片,还能传递3D空间。Seth Goldstein, a professor at Carnegie Mellon, is one of the developers of claytronics.卡内基梅隆大学的教授塞斯#8226;高德斯坦是claytronics的创始人之一。原文译文属!201208/193300

  The Census of Marine Life has released the most comprehensive inventory life in the ocean today. Its an unprecedented database of marine species living in 25 key ocean areas around the world.海洋生物普查已经公布了现今海洋里最全面的生物种类。这是一个前所未有的海洋物种居住在世界25个关键地区的数据库。The findings published in the open access scientific journal Plus One, describes species found in oceanic regions ranging from A Antarctic waters, to the tropics, to temporary waters throughout the world, and the Arctic.研究结果刊登在开放的科学杂志《Plus One》上,描述海洋中发现的物种从南极海域,热带,以及遍布世界的临时水域,当然还有北极。Thiss the first time ever that all the information is available in one single source for the public worldwide. So anyone around the world who wants know about Caribbean marine diversity for example, just goes to one place, clicks, well have full article, and then well also have, through the supporting material, well have list of species of the most representative or most studied groups in the area.这是有史以来第一次所有的信息都以单一的来源公之于众。所以如果世界上的某人想要了解关于加勒比海海洋生物的多样性,只需去一个地方,点击,我们就会呈现很多的文章,然后我们还会呈现辅助材料,我们就会有物种的名单或在该地区大部分最具代表性的研究团体。166168

  Business商业Corporate culture企业文化The view from the top, and bottom老板与员工的意见分歧Bosses think their firms are caring. Their minions disagree.老板们认为公司对员工关怀备至,但其下属却不以为然。AS WALMART grew into the worlds largest retailer, its staff were subjected to a long list of dos and donts covering every aspect of their work.随着沃尔玛发展成为全球最大零售商,其员工在工作的各方各面都受到了一大堆规则的限制。Now the firm has decided that its rules-based culture is too inflexible to cope with the challenges of globalisation and technological change,如今,沃尔玛已经认识到其以规则为基础的公司文化过于死板,无法应对全球化和科技变革所带来的挑战。and is trying to instil a ;values-based; culture, in which employees can be trusted to do the right thing because they know what the firm stands for.所以,沃尔玛正尝试逐渐培养一种以价值观为基础的公司文化,在这种文化中,员工了解公司的主张,所以能够得到公司的信任,去做他们认为正确的事情。;Values; is the latest hot topic in management thinking.;价值观念;是管理学思维最新的热门话题。PepsiCo has started preaching a creed of ;performance with purpose;.百事可乐公司已开始宣扬一个信条:;目的性绩效;。Chevron, an oil firm, brands itself as a purveyor of ;human energy;, though presumably it does not really want you to travel by rickshaw.石油公司雪佛龙在自己的商标上印上;‘人类体能的供应商;的字样,尽管它大概并非真的希望你用人力车代步。Nearly every big firm claims to be building a more caring and ethical culture.几乎每一家大型企业都宣称自身正在发展更为关怀体贴、合乎道德的企业文化。A new study suggests there is less to this than it says on the label.一项新的研究显示,实际情况与商家们所标榜的有差距。Commissioned by Dov Seidman, boss of LRN, a firm that advises on corporate culture, and author of ;How;,LRN(一家企业文化顾问公司)的老板、同时也是《怎么做到的?》a book arguing that the way firms do business matters as much as what they do, and conducted by the Boston Research Group, the ;National Governance, Culture and Leadership Assessment; is based on a survey of thousands of American employees, from every rung of the corporate ladder.(本书主张企业的经营方式与其经营的业务同样重要)的作者多弗?塞德曼委托波士顿研究集团进行这项;国家治理、文化和领导能力评估;的研究,该研究是以对来自公司各个级别的数千位美国雇员的调查为基础的。It found that 43% of those surveyed described their companys culture as based on command-and-control, top-down management or leadership by coercion—what Mr Seidman calls ;blind obedience;.研究发现,有43%的调查对象对其公司的文化有以下描述:以命令和指挥为基础、自上而下的管理模式或强制式的领导——塞德曼先生称之为;盲目从型;。The largest category, 54%, saw their employers culture as top-down, but with skilled leadership, lots of rules and a mix of carrots and sticks, which Mr Seidman calls ;informed acquiescence;.所占百分比最多的调查对象,即有54%的人认为其公司文化自上而下型的,但公司的领导也有技巧可言,只是规则繁多并存在软硬兼施的手段,塞德曼先生称这种为;知情从型;。Only 3% fell into the category of ;self-governance;, in which everyone is guided by a ;set of core principles and values that inspire everyone to align around a companys mission;.只有3%的调查对象属于;自我管理型;,即每个员工都被一套;核心原则和价值;所引导,这套原则和价值激励每个员工以公司的宗旨为中心进行工作。The study found evidence that such differences matter.研究也发现一些据,明这些公司文化之间的差异事关重大。Nearly half of those in blind-obedience companies said they had observed unethical behaviour in the previous year, compared with around a quarter in the other sorts of firm.在盲目从型企业中,几乎有过半数员工都称在前一年目睹过有违职业道德的行为,而在其他类型的企业中只有四分之一的员工有此经历。Yet only a quarter of those in the blind-obedience firms said they were likely to blow the whistle, compared with over 90% in self-governing firms.但是,在盲目从型企业中只有约四分之一的员工说他们可能会揭发这种行为,而在自我管理型企业中却有90%的员工会进行揭发。Lack of trust may inhibit innovation, too.同样,上下级之间缺乏信任会抑制员工创新。More than 90% of employees in self-governing firms, and two-thirds in the informed-acquiescence category, agreed that ;good ideas are ily adopted by my company;.自我管理型公司中超过90%的员工承认;绝妙的想法很容易会被公司采纳;,选择性顺从型公司中也有三分之二的员工这样认为。At blind-obedience firms, fewer than one in five did.而在盲目从型公司中,持这种想法的人少于五分之一。Tragicomically, the study found that bosses often believe their own guff, even if their underlings do not.令人哭笑不得的是,研究还发现老板们时常对自己瞎掰的那一套信以为真,即便员工们不以为然。Bosses are eight times more likely than the average to believe that their organisation is self-governing. (The cheery folk in human resources are also much more optimistic than other employees.)老板们相信其公司是自我管理型公司的程度比普通员工高八倍。(人力资源部那些心情愉快的职员也比公司其他员工要乐观得多。)Some 27% of bosses believe their employees are inspired by their firm.大约27%的老板认为自己公司的员工能够被公司所激励。Alas, only 4% of employees agree.奈何,只有4%的员工同意此说。Likewise, 41% of bosses say their firm rewards performance based on values rather than merely on financial results.同样,41%的老板称其公司对绩效的奖励是建基于价值观之上的,而不仅是业绩。Only 14% of employees swallow this.然而只有14%的员工接受此说。 /201211/208225。

  Fedex, proud partner of visionaries, save 10% on ground shipping at Fedex office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who can help you save money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。Its Wednesday November 10th, Im Natalie D Contel. Its time to get loaded.今天是11月10日周三,我是Natalie D Contel。是时间了解最新资讯了。Windows phone 7 launched this week, now were seeing on the interesting apps from the new phone rolled out. Most notably are the slim box app that lets you stream content from your home cable box, and a Google app that lets you bypass the default Bing search. Early reviews are that phone is really great, so we have to wait and see what consumers think.微软的Windows phone 7这周开始发售,我们将能看到这款手机的有趣应用。纤薄的机身是它的一大特色,另外它还能从家庭的有线电视盒接收信号。它带有谷歌的一款应用,能让你避开使用微软的必应搜索引擎。根据早前公布的信息,这款手机受到大家的普遍认同,所以我们只有等待发售静待佳音了。Google announced instant preview on Teusday. Its a feature that lets you preview websites without fully committing to the click. So you dont have to visit the site to see that it may not be what you had wanted, and say a preview through a magnifing glass within a fraction of a second. You gotta love google saving your time second by second.周二,谷歌推出即时预览功能。这项功能使你能够在不打开搜索结果页面的情况下简单浏览页面。因此你不用再浪费时间打开可能不是你想找的网页了,在不到一秒钟的时间内,你就能通过谷歌放大镜预览搜索结果的页面。这大大节省了搜索查找的时间,你一定会爱上谷歌的这款即时预览功能。And you wont be searching for anything on Ask.com any more, the company is shutting down its search business and letting go of its engineers. Instead, they will focus on developping their online question and answer service, which I suppose is still search but not in the traditional sense. Kind of sad, I used to use when it was askjeeves.com, poor jeeves time is tough. We gotta let you go.很遗憾,今后你将不能再使用Ask.com网站了,这家公司已经关闭了搜索业务,并且辞退了大量工程师。取而代之的是他们全新的在线提问和回答业务,虽然还是搜索业务,但是显然和传统的搜索类业务不一样。很遗憾,我曾经还是askjeeves.com域名的忠实用户,这家网站是从jeeve时代艰难熬过来的。不过我们必须放开手让它继续前行。Apple has reportedly bought wireless headphone maker Wigear, so far this is not confirmed. But reports are that this happened two months ago. Wi-Gear designed headphones that connected to iPods and iPhones, their bluetooth, they were able to control music player at up to 40 feet away.有报道称,苹果公司最近收购了无线耳机制造商Wi-Gear,这一消息还未经苹果公司正式。但报道称这一举动发生在两个月前。Wi-Gear设计了可连接到iPods和iPhones的蓝牙耳机,这种耳机将能在40英尺外遥控音乐播放器。And very cool, Youtube app is now available for Android and lets you control your google TV and the Youtube vedios you play there. You sign into your Yutube app and then select the vedios you want to watch on the phone. And they will play on your big screen. Its kind of like Apple air-play that will soon works with Apple TV and iPhone. Very cool, but then again, you do need a TV that has Google TV.非常酷,Youtube的一款安卓手机的应用可以利用手机遥控谷歌电视播放YouTube视频。你需要首先注册YouTube应用,然后在手机上选择好要看的YouTube视频。视频就会在大屏幕的电视上播放。这就类似于苹果公司的air-play一样,将苹果手机和苹果电视联系在一起。非常酷,但前提是你要买一台谷歌电视。ATamp;T users can now get their mobile apps with GetJar. GetJar is like the itunes apps store for non-iPhones. There are over 75,000 apps in the GetJar store and they run on about 50 ATamp;T phones. Obviously, the iphone is not one of them.ATamp;T的用户现在可以通过GetJar获得手机应用。GetJar就像iPhone的itunes应用一样集合了各种手机应用。在GetJar有着超过7万5千多的应用程序,持50款ATamp;T手机。很明显,手机用户只是他们顾客的中一部分。When Research In Motion throw its tablet into the market, the device will cost less than 500 dollars. RIM CEO said this in an interview with Bloomberg. The 7 inch Blackberry play book is due out in first quater of 2011.动态研究公司RIM的CEO在接见Bloomberg公司人员时说,公司经过市场调查,决定将最新产品黑莓平板电脑定价为500美元,这款7英寸的平板电脑将于2011年第一季度待售。And finally, your job may be protected even if you say terrible things about your boss on facebook, A woman in Connecticut is involved in a legal case that challenged her right to do this without losing her job. The National Labor Relations Board said that this is her right, and that facebook while is just like the water cooler you stand around and discuss your job. A hearing on the case is said for January 25th.最后一条消息,即使你在脸谱网上说老板坏话,老板也无权开除你。一名康乃迪克州的女性就以身试法。美国全国劳资关系委员会表示这是她的权利,脸谱网就像生活冷却机一样,人们有权在脸谱网上谈论自己的工作。1月25日他们还将就此事举办听会。Those are your headlines for today, I will see you tomorrow. Im Nateria D Conte for CNet.com and you have just been loaded.这些就是今日的头条,我们明天见。我是CNet.com的Nateria D Conte。欢迎收看今天的节目。Fedex, proud partner of visionaries, save 10% on ground shipping at Fedex office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who can help you save money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/196901

  Dear Yael and Don: I know that imaging tests like CT scans and MRI and nuclear imaging are great tools because they allow doctors to see inside the body. But dont they also expose people to radiation? And if so, isnt this a bad thing?亲爱的雅艾尔和唐:我知道像CT扫描和核磁共振成像等影像学检查是很好的医疗设备,因为它们能协助医生看见身体内部。但它们不会让人受到辐射吗?如果是,这难道不是件坏事?Yael: Yes. And no. Some imaging tests do expose people to radiation. But just to be clear, MRI, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging, does not use radiation. So if you have an MRI, theres no risk of exposure.雅艾尔:是,也不是。有些影像学检查确实对人体有辐射作用。但你要清楚,MRI扫描,也就是核磁共振成像却并不涉及到辐射。因此如果你做MRI扫描,并不会有接触辐射的风险。Don: But other types of imaging tests do use risk of exposure. Like nuclear imaging, which is used to look for heart disease. And CT, or CAT scans, which use x-rays to take 3D pictures inside the body. And, unfortunately, over time these tests do sometimes expose people to dangerously high levels of radiation. High enough to cause cancer, in some cases.唐:但其它类型的影像学检查确实有辐射,比如用来检查心脏病的核成像,CT或CAT扫描,利用X光线拍摄人体内部的3D影像。但不幸的是,时间长了这些扫描确实会让人们暴露在高水平的、危险的辐射中去。在某些情况下,辐射的水平高到足以致癌。Yael: But why would doctors order tests that put people at risk for getting cancer?雅艾尔:但为什么医生还要求病人冒着患上癌症的风险做检查呢?Don: Well, mainly because the tests are often very useful. For example, mammography is the best way to look for early signs of breast cancer. But its not as clear that other tests, such as nuclear imaging, are as useful for detecting heart disease. It may be, but theres not enough hard evidence to be certain.唐:好吧,主要原因是这些检查非常有用。例如,乳房X光检查是寻找乳腺癌早期症状的最佳方法。但其他的一些检查却不明确,比如核成像是否对检测心脏病有用。或许有用,但没有足够的据来明。Yael: So, the risks of radiation exposure from a CT scan or a nuclear imaging may outway the benefits.雅艾尔:那么,进行CT扫描或者核成像的益处可能要超过它所带来的辐射风险。Don: Right. Its not that people should always avoid these imaging tests. But they should be aware of the risks.唐:对。人们不应该总是去回避影像学检查,不过也应该意识到它的风险。原文译文属!201302/225933


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