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内蒙古自治区中蒙医医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱呼和浩特土默特左旗丰唇手术费用呼和浩特哪家整容医院最好 In his annual speech at the start of the new year, Samsung Electronics Co. Chairman Lee Kun-hee highlighted how tough the competition has been in 2013 and emphasized the pressing need to move away from old habits and come up with new technologies.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co., 005930.SE)董事长李健熙(Lee Kun-hee)在新年伊始发表的讲话中特别指出了2013年市场竞争的激烈程度,并强调了抛弃旧习惯、创造新技术的迫切性。#39;Research amp; development center(s) should work around the clock, non-stop, #39; Mr. Lee said according to a statement provided by Samsung.三星发布的公告显示,李健熙在讲话中说,研发中心应该日以继夜地运转,不能停下来。He also said Samsung must #39;get rid of business models and strategies from five, ten years ago and hardware-focused ways.#39;他还说,三星必须“摆脱五年前、甚至是十年前的商业模式和策略以及专注于硬件的经营方式”。Boosting software capabilities has been a key challenge for Samsung as it tries to compete better with Apple Inc. and Google Inc. in the mobile market. Though the South Korean company is currently the largest seller of mobile phones, its traditional strength has been hardware not software.三星正试图在移动市场上更有力地抗衡苹果公司(Apple Inc.)和谷歌(Google Inc.),因而提升软件能力是三星面临的一个主要挑战。尽管三星目前是全球销量最大的手机生产商,但其传统强项是硬件,而非软件。Investors have also shown concerns about Samsung#39;s future outlook as they drove the company shares down by about 10% in 2013 despite Samsung#39;s record-breaking earnings results, largely driven by its smartphone sales. The company#39;s shares started the new year with a 4.6% drop Thursday as the growth momentum for its key mobile unit cools.投资者也表现出对三星未来前景的担忧。尽管三星2013年的利润达到创纪录水平(主要受智能手机销售提振),但其股价仍下跌了约10%。由于关键的移动业务增长势头减弱,三星的股价周四在新年第一天就下跌了4.6%。At the start of every year, South Korean conglomerates such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG all hold year-opening ceremonies with speeches from top executives.三星、现代(Hyundai)和LG等韩国企业集团在每年新年伊始都会举行庆典,公司高管们都会在庆典上发表讲话。Mr. Lee was one of them, seen walking into the ceremony venue supported hand-in-hand by his eldest daughter Lee Boo-jin.李健熙是这些高管中的一位,他的大女儿李富真(Lee Boo-jin)牵着他的手两人一起走入仪式会场。The comments weren#39;t as wild as the ones he made about 20 years ago when he urged Samsung executives and employees to #39;change everything except for your wife and children.#39; It#39;s a famous e that is frequently cited in local media reports as well as tens of books published on Samsung.大约20年前,李健熙曾发表过相对更为张扬的言论,他当时敦促三星的高管和职员“除了老婆孩子,一切都要变”。这句名言被当地媒体报道频繁引用,同时还被收录在有关三星的数十本书籍里。This year, Mr. Lee also noted how exhausting the patent battles with rivals overseas had been. Samsung, which has fighting with Apple Inc. in courts around the globe over patent infringement, owes the Cupertino-based company nearly billion in damages.李健熙今年还指出,和海外竞争对手之间的专利权之争令人万分疲惫。三星和苹果公司(Apple Inc.)围绕侵权问题在世界各地法院展开争斗,三星因此要向苹果公司付近10亿美元的损失赔偿金。Mr. Lee also mentioned the #39;big and small accidents#39; at the company#39;s factories, noting that Samsung should be one of the safest places to work. The company had to cope with gas leaks at a semiconductor manufacturing facility last year, while the chief executive of affiliate Samsung Engineering Co. was fired after a water tank explosion that led to casualties.李健熙还提到了公司工厂发生的大大小小的事故,称三星应当是最安全的工作场所之一。去年该公司一处半导体工厂发生毒气泄漏事故,而在另一场事故中,该公司旗下附属公司Samsung Engineering Co. 的水箱发生爆炸致人丧生,该附属公司首席执行长随后被解雇。He also reflected back on the past 20 years, saying that while Samsung was able to reach the top position in some business areas, some had shown no growth.李健熙还对过去20年做了回顾。他称,虽然三星能够在一些领域拔得头筹,但在其他一些领域尚没有增长。Samsung is the world#39;s biggest maker of smartphones, TVs and semiconductors by shipments.按发货量计,三星是全球最大的智能手机、电视和半导体生产商。 /201401/271974呼和浩特玉泉区唇部激光脱毛价格

呼和浩特京美整形玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱The leaf on the Apple symbol is tinted green at the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave in New York April 22, 2014. Employees and signage have been themed green to mark Earth Day.2014年4月22日,位于纽约第五大道的苹果旗舰店把苹果标志上面的叶子换成了绿色。为响应地球日,员工饰和公司标志都采用了绿色为主的主题。Apple Inc will unveil the next incarnation of its popular iPhone series in August, one month earlier than industry watchers were generally expecting, Taiwanese media reported on Friday citing unidentified supply-chain sources.周五台湾媒体引用未知供应链提供的消息称,苹果公司将在8月发布下一代手机产品iPhone 6,比行业观察人士的普遍预期提前了一个月。A 4.7-inch screen version of the iPhone 6 will reach stores in August, the Economic Daily News reported without specifying which markets would receive the phone first.《经济日报》称,4.7英寸版iPhone 6将于8月份在零售店上架销售,但并未披露该版本手机将首先登陆哪些市场。A 5.5-inch or 5.6-inch model will be released in September, the newspaper said, as the iPhone 5 series was previously.5.5英寸或5.6英寸机型则将在9月份发布,和之前iPhone 5的发布进程一致。People involved in the supply chain had earlier confirmed to Reuters that there will be a 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch version.供应链知情人士此前向路透社确认称,iPhone 6将分为4.7英寸和5.5英寸两种版本。Together, the Economic Daily News said 80 million iPhone 6 handsets would be produced this year.同时,《经济日报》称,今年iphone6的总产量将达到8000万部。Industry watchers have said increasing the iPhone#39;s screen size from 4 inches would help Apple regain market share from competitors such as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, who they say have responded to consumer desire for more screen size.行业观察人士已表示,增大目前仅仅4英寸的iPhone屏幕尺寸,有助于苹果夺回被三星电子等对手侵蚀的市场份额。三星等智能机制造商此前已经满足了消费者对于更大屏幕尺寸的需求。Representatives for Apple could not be reached for comment.苹果官方代表并没有对此作出任何。Representatives for Taiwanese iPhone contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd and smartphone camera lens maker Largan Precision Co Ltd, both mentioned in the Economic Daily News report, had no comment.经济日报中提到的台湾苹果合作生产商代表鸿海精密有限公司和智能手机摄像头生产商大立光电股份有限公司均未做任何回应。 /201405/297342内蒙古呼和浩特市第一医院治疗狐臭多少钱 A Dutch artist and designer has come up with a device he hopes will suck pollutants from Beijing#39;s smog-cloaked skies, creating columns of clean air for the city#39;s surgical-mask wearing residents.一位荷兰艺术家兼设计师发明了一种装置,他希望借此装置能够为北京烟雾笼罩的天空清除污垢,为那些戴着口罩的北京市民创造新鲜的空气。An electromagnetic field generated by copper coils will pull airborne particles in the smog to the ground where they can be easily cleaned.通过铜线圈制造的电磁场可以将漂浮于烟尘中的颗粒物吸附到地面上,很轻易的被清理干净。;It#39;s like when you have a balloon which has static (electricity) and your hair goes toward it. Same with the smog,; says artist Daan Roosegaarde.荷兰艺术家戴恩·罗素格地说,“就好像如果你有一个带静电的气球,头发就会被气球吸附一样。烟尘也会被吸附。”His studio has reached an agreement with the Beijing government to test the technology in one of the capital#39;s parks.他的工作室已经和北京政府签订了协议,允许他在北京的一处公园中测试这项技术。With its skies regularly shrouded by filthy gray smog, Beijing this week unveiled a series of emergency measures to tackle the problem.北京的天空常常被灰色的污浊烟尘覆盖,这一周内,北京已经数次发布了空气污染红色预警。Roosegaarde says an indoor prototype has aly proven it works and is confident the results -- with the help of a team of scientists and engineers -- can be replicated outside.罗素格地说,他已经在室内进行过模型试验,明这个方法有效。他有信心,在一组科学家和工程师团队的合作之下,这一装置在室外也同样有效。;Beijing is quite good because the smog is quite low, it#39;s in a valley so there#39;s not so much wind. It#39;s a good environment to explore this kind of thing.;“北京的地形和气候条件都很适合。空中的烟尘高度很低,而且它地处谷地,空气流动性不强。这种地形气候条件很适合测试该装置。”;We#39;ll be able to purify the air and the challenge is to get the top of the smog so you can see the sun again.;“我们可以净化空气,但真正的挑战在于,要将烟尘清除彻底,重见天日。”Roosegaarde acknowledges that projects like this are a way of drawing attention to the problem, rather than a viable solution to Beijing#39;s dire air pollution.罗兰格地承认,这种致力于净化空气的工程更多的是想 增强人们对环境问题的重视,使人们更多的关注切实有效的净化空气的方案,而不仅仅是可能有效的治理空气污染的方案。;This is not the real answer for smog. The real answer has to do with clean cars, different industry and different lifestyles.;“这不是根治烟尘的方法。根治烟尘的方法是环保汽车、转变工业结构和转变生活方式。”However, he hopes the project will make a ;radical statement; by allowing the city#39;s residents to realize the difference between breathing clean and smog-filled air.但同时,他希望这项空气净化工程能够给市民们敲响警钟,使他们意识到洁净空气和污浊空气之间的差异。 /201408/317619呼和浩特治疗雀斑

呼和浩特无痛隆胸手术价格Here#39;s what you need to know about the new flagship smartphone from Samsung: It can swim, but it won#39;t make any waves. 以下是关于三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)新款旗舰智能手机所必知的特性:它能游泳,但不会掀起水波。The Galaxy S5 has a waterproof exterior that survived a dunking in a margarita, a plunge in to a toilet, and left overnight in strawberry Jell-O. (Yes, I tried.) Galaxy S5配备有防水外壳,无论是泡在鸡尾酒里、掉进马桶里还是彻夜浸在草莓果冻中,它都能安然无恙。(是的,我都试过。)In most other ways, this update to Samsung#39;s top-selling Galaxy S4 barely moves the needle. Aside from the waterproofing, the Galaxy S5#39;s most original new feature is a heart rate sensor that works well only if you hold very, very still. It also has a fingerprint er more versatile than that in Apple#39;s iPhone 5S, but a camera that still doesn#39;t take great pictures in low light. 从其他方面来看,这款三星最畅销S4手机的升级机型几乎未有大的变化。 除防水以外,Galaxy S5最为原创的新性能是心率感应器,但你得一丝不动地握稳手机,它才能有效地发挥作用。S5还配备了较苹果公司(Apple)手机iPhone 5S用处更多的指纹感应器,但其相机仍难以在暗光条件下拍出好照片来。Anybody weighing this phone as an upgrade or a switch from another model may rightly wonder: Has smartphone evolution stalled? 任何考虑将S5当作换代机型,或是转而改用S5的人或许都会问:智能手机的发展进程停滞了吗?有这种疑问也不无道理。 When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 in February, the company said it was going #39;back to basics,#39; simplifying the parts of the phone that matter most. Now that the phone is hitting stores, at 0 with 2-year contract, it is clear these adjustments do make for a better, faster phone -- but they often don#39;t go far enough. 2月份三星发布Galaxy S5时表示要“返璞归真”,对手机最重要的部分进行了简化。如今S5已开售,两年合约机价格200美元。现在看来这些调整显然有助于打造一款个更好更快的手机,但通常都并不够。The Galaxy S5 is easier to use than the S4. Samsung is playing down a long list of the dubious and confusing services it touted with the previous model, like #39;air gesture#39; controls to manipulate the screen without touch. It also no longer pre-installs some space-hogging apps like the Samsung Hub for buying music and . Galaxy S5比S4使用起来更简单,弱化了该公司在推出S4时宣传的许多不实用且令人困惑的性能,例如无需接触即可操作屏幕的“手势感应”功能。S5也不再预装一些占据空间的应用,例如用于购买音乐和视频的Samsung Hub。A few of the Galaxy S5#39;s software tweaks might make iPhone users envious, such as using keywords to search the ever-growing list of Android settings. My favorite feature, #39;ultra power savings mode,#39; turns off nonessential services when battery-power is low and you want to preserve juice for phone service. Galaxy S5软件上的一些调整可能会让iPhone用户羡慕,这些调整包括可利用关键字搜索不断加长的安卓设置列表。我最喜欢的一个功能是“超级省电模式”,这个功能可以在低电量、且用户还想保持待机的时候关掉不必要的功能。Samsung still needs to keep simplifying the interface. At the top edge of the screen, a dozen different blinking icons call attention to things you don#39;t always need to know about. And for many basic functions, such as Web browsing, viewing pictures, even taking voice commands, the Galaxy S5 comes preloaded with two different apps. Good grief, does anyone really need the built-in #39;gallery#39; and #39;photo#39; apps? 不过,三星仍然需要简化其界面。屏幕的最上端有一些闪烁的图标,会将你的注意力拉到并不一定需要了解的程序上。而对于浏览网页、浏览图片甚至是发送语音命令等许多基本功能,Galaxy S5都预先装入了两套不同的应用程序。天啊,谁真的需要这些内置的“照片库”和“照片”应用程序呢?The Galaxy S5 hardware does offer some nice-to-have improvements. 不过,Galaxy S5的硬件确实有一些锦上添花的改进。The waterproofing -- which Samsung calls #39;dust and water resistance#39; works well, provided you use the included plug to seal the charging port. It passed all the torture tests I could cook up, but you shouldn#39;t deliberately try such high jinks. Samsung says the waterproofing is really just for accidents. 被三星称为“防尘”、“防水”的Galaxy S5防水功能表现不错,你可以将该款手机自带的塞子塞住充电口。Galaxy S5通过了我能够想到的防水考验,不过你还是不要刻意尝试这些“胡闹”的做法。三星称,防水功能只是?了以防万一。While the extra fortification is a welcome addition for those with slippery palms, it isn#39;t unique -- Sony#39;s flagship smartphone is also water-friendly. 虽然对于使用手机时不太小心的人来说,这是个受到欢迎的新功能,但是并非只有Galaxy S5才拥有这一功能,索尼公司(Sony co., J.SNY, 又名:新力公司)的旗舰手机同样也可防水。Though the plastic phone lacks the stylishness and luxury feel of the new all-metal HTC One (M8), the back of the phone now features a dotted Band-Aid-like texture, which helps with grip. 虽然这款塑料外壳手机缺少宏达国际电子股份有限公司(HTC Co., 2498.TW, 简称:宏达国际)全金属外壳手机One (M8)时髦和奢华的感觉,不过Galaxy S5背面使用了点状纹理材质,易于手握。Samsung improved things inside the case, too. Notably, the Galaxy S5 showed an edge in 4G LTE connectivity. During simultaneous testing with an iPhone 5S on the ATamp;T network, the Galaxy S5 logged faster median downloads and uploads in five of six San Francisco area locations. 三星也改进了手机内部的一些硬件,其中引人注意的是在连接4G LTE时的表现。将iPhone 5S和Galaxy S5同时在美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T Inc., T)网络下运行,在旧金山六个地点中的五个,后者都比前者的上传下载平均速度更快。The Galaxy S5 has impressive battery life, running a streaming online test for more than six hours of continuous use -- about 20% longer than the iPhone 5S. But beware of screen controls, a max brightness setting pared the Galaxy S5#39;s battery performance. Galaxy S5的电池寿命也给人深刻印象。在与iPhone 5S进行比较时,不间断运行在线流视频超过六个小时之后,Galaxy S5的电池寿命比前者多出约20%。不过要注意屏幕亮度控制,将屏幕亮度调到最大会缩短Galaxy S5的电池寿命。The fingerprint sensor also is a welcome addition to the Galaxy S5. Unlike the iPhone 5S, which only uses the fingerprint sensor for Apple-based authorizations, the Galaxy 5S#39;s lets you make PayPal payments, too. The downside: it is incompatible with Microsoft Exchange server security; Samsung said it is working on a solution. 指纹传感器也是Galaxy S5一个受欢迎的新增功能。与iPhone 5S的传感器只适用于苹果公司授权的应用不同,Galaxy 5S的传感器还可用于进行贝宝(PayPal)付。不足之处是:与Microsoft Exchange务器的安全系统不兼容;三星称,公司正在寻找解决方案。 The larger screen is probably the Galaxy#39;s single biggest advantage over the iPhone, but with the S5, Samsung took a step in the wrong direction. At this point, we generally expect phones to get slimmer and lighter, but the Galaxy S5 is actually heavier and wider than its predecessor. 屏幕更大可能是Galaxy手机与iPhone相比的最大优势,不过在S5上,三星走错了方向。目前人们普遍预期手机会更轻更薄,但是Galaxy S5实际上比之前的机型更重更宽。 We#39;ve also come to expect that each new phone will feature a better camera. Samsung says it improved the sensor and the camera#39;s control software, including a superfast autofocus. Yet the Galaxy S5 struggled in my real-world stress tests, especially in low light. Samsung said the effect was caused by its #39;picture stabilization#39; software, which can be turned off. 人们也期待每一款新手机的照相功能都能更进一步。三星表示,公司改善了照相传感器及其控制软件,包括超快速自动对焦的功能。然而Galaxy S5仍难以通过笔者的压力测试,尤其是在低光情况下。三星称,这是由其图像稳定软件造成的,该功能可以关闭。 Samsung may market the Galaxy S5 as a significant upgrade, but it is best seen as a refinement. Smartphone technology may be reaching a plateau where core elements like the processor, screen and sensors no longer matter as much as the software that helps you use them. And that is an area where Samsung still trails. 三星或许会宣传Galaxy S5的功能有显著提升,但是说小幅改进为佳。智能手机技术可能到达了这样一个阶段:处理器、屏幕和传感器等核心元素不再像软件那么重要。而软件正是三星仍然落后的领域。The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers a powerful phone with a big screen, but it is not the only phone that now does, despite Samsung#39;s marketing dominance. Existing Galaxy SIII and S4 customers will appreciate the ways its software has matured, but should look at HTC One and Moto X Android phones, too. IPhone users itching for a larger screen should wait, however, to see what new form factors Apple might deliver this fall. 三星Galaxy S5是一款功能强大的大屏手机,但并非目前唯一具有这些元素的手机,尽管三星在市场居于主导地位。现有的Galaxy SIII和S4的用户将会欣赏其成熟的软件,但也应该看看HTC One和Moto X等安卓手机。不过渴望更大屏幕的IPhone用户应会等待,观望苹果公司在今年秋天可能会推出什么新元素。 /201404/285485 呼和浩特第一人民医院激光去痣多少钱呼和浩特市253医院激光去痣多少钱



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飞度咨询公立医院呼和浩特和林格尔县做双眼皮修复手术费用 呼和浩特玉泉区脱小腿毛多少钱飞度技术快问呼和浩特哪一家脱毛最好 [详细]