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莒南县美甲美睫学校机构加盟批发市场培训鹤庆县美甲纹绣学习自学教程培训太白县学会美甲技术全套美甲视频教程大全分享 Tims Place:Where breakfast, lunch and HUGS are served!抱抱餐厅I wake up at 5:30, get a shower, do my morning routine, go around 7:30 to come to work. I am so excited to go to work, so I do a dance-off in the parking lot. Its a dance of magic. We serve breakfast, lunch, and hugs.The hugs are the best parts.我在5:30起床、洗个澡、做我早上的例行公事、在大约7:30出去工作。我很兴奋要去上班,所以我在停车场跳一下舞。那是魔法之舞。我们供应早餐、午餐、还有拥抱。拥抱是最棒的部份。I am Tim Harris, and this is my place. Oh, yeah!我是Tim Harris,这是我的地盘。喔耶!Hey, guys. Welcome to our place. How you doing?嗨,各位。欢迎到我的餐厅。你好吗?Im good! How are you?我很好!你好吗?Those are the best part, buddy. I love you.那些是最棒的部分,小兄弟。我爱你。Have you been here before?你光顾过这里吗?No, Ive never been here before.没有,我以前从没来过这。Well, Im Tim. Im the owner.嗯,我是Tim。我是店长。Tims Place is the special place to be at, because its run and operated by me.Tims Place是个可以待着的特别地方,因为它是由我经营管理的。Hey, you guys are doing a great job back here. I love you, guys. You guys are the best cooks ever.嘿,你们在后面这里做得很好。我爱你们,各位。你们大家是有史来最棒的厨子。Since I was a kid, I wanted to own a restaurant and asked my dad to help me out. Im very glad I did.从我还是个小孩,我就想要拥有一间餐厅,并请我父亲来帮我。我很高兴我做到了。Thank you, dad. I love you so much.谢谢你,老爸。我好爱你。I love you too, buddy. Im very proud of you.我也爱你,儿子。我非常以你为傲。When he was about 14 years old, he told us that someday he was going to own a restaurant. After we all gulped and gasped, we began to take him seriously, and the result is history in the making.当他大概十四岁的时候,他告诉我们有一天他要拥有一间餐厅。在我们全都倒吸一大口气后,我们开始认真地看待他,那成果正在写下历史。They support me so I can live up my dreams.他们持我,所以我可以实现我的梦想。Im amazingly proud of my brother—just what hes accomplished in his lifetime. I mean, people can only dream, you know?我很惊奇地以我弟弟为傲--关于就是他人生中所完成的事。我是说,人们只会作梦,你知道吗?I love you all.我爱你们大家。I love you too, honey.我也爱你,亲爱的。As far as we know, we have not yet found another person with Down syndrome in this country that owns their own restaurant. We hope that other people will, though.就我们目前所知,我们还没有在这国家找到另一个有唐氏症的人拥有自己的餐厅。我们还是希望其他人以后也能做到。My favorite part of all is the people coming through that front door.全部之中我最喜欢的部分是人们从那扇前门进来。How are you doing today?你今天过得如何?Good! How are you?很好!你好吗?Sometimes, customers get sad. I give them a hug and then they feel a lot better.有时候,客人会难过。我给他们一个拥抱,然后他们感觉好多了。Thank you, Tim.谢谢你,Tim。The hugs are way more important than the food. The food is food, though.拥抱远比食物更重要。食物就只是食物。How about a double hug?来个双人抱抱如何?Yeah, double hug.耶,双人抱抱。I love you, guys.我爱你们,各位。I am a lean mean hugging machine. Oh, yeah!我是个随时都准备好的抱抱机器。喔耶!So let me get this straight. Tim, youre a restaurant steward, and a Special Olympics athlete, and you won a gold medal.所以让我把这给弄清楚。Tim,你是个餐厅务生,还是名特殊奥运选手,然后你赢过金牌。I won more medals than Michael Phelps.我赢过比菲尔普斯还多的奖牌。Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!喔耶!喔耶!喔耶!I did not let my disability crush the dreams. With people who have disabilities, they can do anything they set their minds to. Theyre special. We are a gift to the world.我不让我的残缺压垮梦想。那些有残疾的人,他们可以做任何他们下定决心的事。他们很特别。我们对世界来说是一份礼物。201503/364313TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/426576新干县化妆美甲培训课程学校机构

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九寨沟县美甲图片2016新款式私人美甲培训 Love and honor,right and wrong爱情与荣耀 对与错are part of the universe we create in our minds都是我们心中建立的宇宙的一部分just as a table,a planet or a galaxy.就像一张桌子 一颗星球 或者一个星系Its pretty remarkable to think that our brains.很难想象 我们的大脑which are essentially a collection of particles working to the laws of physics...基本上就是依据物理定律运作的众多粒子have this wonderful ability to not only perceive reality.竟拥有这种奇妙的能力 不仅能感知现实世界but to give it meaning,too.更能赋予它意义The meaning of life is what you choose it to be.生命的意义为何 全由你来选择Personally,I like to think that it is everyone of us that gives meaning to the universe.个人来说 我很乐意 我们每一个人都赋予宇宙意义We are,as cosmologist Carl Sagan once said:我们是 如宇宙学家卡尔·萨根所说The universe contemplating itself.我们是宇宙对自己的省思Meaning can only ever exist within the confines of the human mind.意义只能存在于人类心智的架构内And in this way,the meaning of life is not somewhere out there.如此一来 生命的意义就不在外面某处but right between our ears.而是在我们的脑海里In many ways,this makes us The Lords of Creation.就许多方面来说 我们也因此成了万物之灵201602/428355长春职业技能技术培训学校遵义/县美甲美睫学校机构加盟批发市场培训



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