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On January 24, the artist Zhang Zhaohui was adjusting his work "Nail Households" at 798 Art Area in Beijing, China. He spent three months finishing his work by 100,000 nails and the work is composed of a male image and a female one.14日,北京798艺术区,艺术家张朝晖正在调整自己的作品《钉子户》。张朝晖个月的时间里用了10万枚钉子将作品《钉子户》制作而成,《钉子户》由一幅男性图形和一幅女性图形组成。

1. I want to know whether you can handle the matters of registered permanent residence.我想知道,贵公司是否能为外地生源的毕业生办理户口. Can you offer the Five Insurances me?贵公司能提供“五险”吗?3. How does the insurance fund get paid?怎么付这些保险金呢?. Do you have any other personal subsidies?你们有什么其他的个人补贴吗?5. Are there any special benefits women?对于女职员有没有什么特别的福利?6. Is there any allowance festivals?公司有节日补贴吗?7. There are allowance on Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Day, and the Dragon Boat Festival.春节、中秋节和端午节都有节日补贴8. In our company, women workers have a -week vacation a year.在我们公司,女职员一年有两周的假期9. If you are married, maternity leave some months is permitted.如果是已婚女士,可以有几个月的产假. There are subsidies high temperature, food, transportation, renting and communication allowance.公司有防暑降温补贴、餐补、交通补贴、租房补贴和通讯补贴Dialogue 1 对话1 A: I want to know whether you can handle the matters of registered permanent residence.我想知道,贵公司是否能为外地生源的毕业生办理户口B:Dont worry about such problems. We can deal with them you. Other questions?B:不用担心这类事情,我们完全 可以办理还有问题吗?A: I have no other questions. Thank you.A: 没有了,谢谢你B: You are welcome.B:不客气Dialogue 对话 A: Can you offer the Five Insurances me?A: 贵公司能提供“五险”吗?B: Yes, we have insurance against old age, medical problems, unemployment,work _ injury and childbirth.B:可以,我们有养老保险、医疗 保险、失业保险、工伤保险和 生育保险A: How are they get paid?A: 怎么付这些保险金呢?B: Insurance against old age, medical problems, unemployeement will be paid by both the company and you, and the others by the company.B:养老保险、医疗保险和失业保 险由公司和个人共同付,最后两项由公司独自承担 000。

传统书画我对中国传统绘画特别感兴趣A: Good afternoon. Im especially interested in traditional Chinese paintings. Do you have any good ones?下午好我对中国传统绘画特别感兴趣你们这儿有什么好的吗?B: Yes, we do. If you step over to the showcase, youll find various examples.当然有如果您走到陈列橱那边看一下:就会发现各种各样的样品同类问句:Could you tell me the difference between Western oil paintings and Chinese ink paintings? 请你跟我说一下西方油画与中国水墨画的不同之处Well, it a long story to tell, sir. Briefly speaking, oil paintings are created by colors and brush touches while traditional Chinese paintings are by lines and strokes. 可以,先生,但这说来话长简单地说,西方油画注重色和润饰,而中国画侧重于线条与笔触I see. Those ancient Chinese paintings are an important part of your national culture, arent they? 我明白了那些古代中国画是你们民族文化的重要组成部分,对吗? Yes. The traditional Chinese painting has a history of over ,500 years. Look, this is an imitation of the famous painting Spring Outing by Zhan Ziqian, a great artist of Sui Dynasty. Zhan,s painting is the earliest painting of landscape weve discovered to this day. How do you like the reproduction? 不错传统的国画有500多年的历史您看,这是展子虔的名画《游春图的摹本他是晴朝的一位伟大的艺术家这幅是迄今为止我们发现的最早的山水画您觉得这摹本怎么样?挑选纪念品你们有没有什么漂亮的礼物或纪念品?A:Have you got any nice gifts or souvenirs?你们有没有什么漂亮的礼物或纪念品?B:We have a few, like chocolate and candy gift boxes.我们有一些,比如巧克力和糖果礼盒同类问句:I want to buy a souvenir my friend. 我想要买个纪念品送给朋友I am looking some souvenirs my family. Could you recommend something good them? 我在为家人挑选纪念品,可以推荐一些合适的吗? 365。

A year ago, I would have thought twice before using the expression “proxy warto describe the way that Russians see the civil war in Syria. The allegiances and motives in the conflict seemed too complex. Now things are even more complicated: Hizbollah is a direct participant. But I feel more confident describing what is happening in Syria as a proxy war between Russia and the west.一年前,是否使用“代理人战争”来描述俄罗斯看待叙利亚内战的态度,我会三思而行。这场冲突中,谁持谁,动机如何,似乎过于复杂。如今事情更加错综纠缠:真主Hizbollah)已直接参与进来。但我现在可以更加确定地说,叙利亚的冲突就是俄罗斯与西方之间的代理人战争。There are a number of rational geopolitical reasons why Vladimir Putin has chosen to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Russia has, after all, been doing business with Syria. Furthermore, given Russia’s domestic problems with Islamist terror, the president may prefer the secular devil we know in Damascus to potential jihadis we do not. Mr Putin may also want to show young dissidents at home that concerted opposition is not as inevitably successful as it might have seemed after Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)为何选择持巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)政权是有诸多理性的地缘政治原因的。毕竟,俄罗斯一直在与叙利亚做生意。此外,由于俄罗斯国内存在伊斯兰恐怖主义问题,普京或许更愿意让我们熟知的世俗魔鬼执掌大马士革,而不是让我们一无所知的圣战分子掌权。普京或许还想向国内年轻的异见人士表明,在突尼斯、埃及和利比亚之后,齐心协力的反对不一定像看起来那样必然获得成功。But one cannot overlook the emotional argument for Russia’s engagement in Syria. By putting our weapons on the opposite side to the west, Mr Putin is tugging at a Russian heartstring. Our country’s place in history and the world today is Russia’s unifying obsession.但我们不能忽视俄罗斯参与叙利亚冲突的情感因素。普京把俄罗斯的武器交到西方的敌对者手中,由此拨动了俄罗斯人的心弦。俄罗斯在历史和当今世界中的地位,一直是俄罗斯人的共同梦想。In Soviet times we used Leninism as a pretext to preach and gain influence wherever possible. The motive was not ideological zeal but our sense of national pride. One popular expression, often used as a drinking toast, summed up the Soviet common take on the external politics: “Let them be afraid of us!”在苏联时期,苏联人打着列宁主义的旗号,不遗余力地大肆宣扬,扩大影响。背后的动机并非狂热的意识形态,而是苏联人的民族自豪感。苏联人常用的一句祝酒词一语道破苏联大众对外部政治的态度:“让他们畏惧我们!”And afraid they were until, that is, the end of the cold war. Today, the recovery of some of this past greatness is under way and some would measure its success by how much we are feared. Remember this when you consider how Mr Putin sent soldiers storming into Chechnya and Georgia. But the business of recovering Russia’s past geopolitical might is far from done.他们确实畏惧苏联——直到冷战结束。如今,俄罗斯正在恢复昔日的某些辉煌,而有些人就是用世人畏惧俄罗斯的程度来衡量此举是否成功。在思考普京派兵袭击车臣和格鲁吉亚时,请谨记这一点。但恢复俄罗斯昔日地缘政治力量的努力远未完成。What makes Russians furious now is the suggestion that their country is not important. Whenever I hear western politicians imply that, my heart sinks. It sounds like a provocation. I can just see the expression on our president’s face. In my imagination, he hisses: “I’ll teach you what ‘not very importantmeans!And I know that, for that moment, the country would be behind him.如今让俄罗斯恼火的是,西方表示俄罗斯无足轻重。不管我何时听到西方政客如此暗示,我的心就沉下来。这听起来不啻于挑衅。我几乎能看到我们总统脸上的表情。在我的想象中,他不屑地说:“我让你们明白‘无足轻重’到底是什么意思!”我知道,这一刻举国持他。That is why Russians celebrated the Syrian army’s victory in Qusair as their own. They are not much interested in Syria, certainly not in the dismal humanitarian situation. But a major defeat of the rebels is seen as a sweet victory over the west. You can hear them now: “Do you still think we are not important?”因此,俄罗斯人把叙利亚军队在古赛尔的胜利当成自己的胜利一样来庆祝。俄罗斯人对叙利亚并不感兴趣,对叙利亚悲惨的人道主义境况肯定也漠不关心。但叛军大败被当作针对西方取得的愉快胜利。如今你能听到这样的话:“你们还觉得我们不重要吗?”It is difficult to say how significant this emotional drive has been in the Russian decision to engage in Syria, but appeals to national greatness have certainly become more important for Mr Putin of late. During his first two terms as president (from 2000 to 2008) his personal reputation benefited greatly from rising living standards despite the common knowledge that it was largely due to the rise of oil prices. That era is over and he now needs to find fresh planks for his political platform.俄罗斯决定插手叙利亚事务时,很难说这种情感动力从中发挥了多大的作用。但对于近来的普京而言,诉诸于民族辉煌必然更加重要了。在他之前的两个总统任期内(2000-2008年),俄罗斯人生活水平的提高为他赢得了不少个人声誉——尽管众所周知,生活水平提高主要是油价上涨推动的。这样的时代已经结束,如今普京必须为他的政治平台找到新的撑点。It is not clear where this will lead, but there is a grim irony in it. One opposition activist, having heard of Mr Assad winning in Qusair with Russian arms, said: “That’s all very good. The west is obsessed with the Islamists, and pacifies Putin as a lesser evil, sacrificing us, the Russian democratic dissent. When the west was afraid of Brezhnev, the dissidents here had all its attention. So let it be afraid of Russia again!”这种局面将何去何从尚不清楚,但其中的讽刺意味浓厚。一名反对派活动人士听到阿萨德用俄罗斯的武器取得古赛尔胜利后表示:“这好极了。西方忙着应付伊斯兰主义者,对普京采取绥靖政策,认为他不是那么邪恶,于是牺牲我们这些俄罗斯的民主异见人士。当年西方畏惧勃列日涅夫(Brezhnev)时,异见人士是西方关注的焦点。那就让他们再次畏惧俄罗斯吧!”来 /201306/244942。

俄罗斯纪991月的未遂政变20周年,那场未遂政变加速了苏联的解体 19919日,几名共产党强硬派人士软禁了在克里米亚度假的苏联领导人戈尔巴乔夫。他们的目的是阻止这位克里姆林宫的负责人实施广泛的政治和经济改革计划,其中包括给联盟内的各加盟共和国更大的自治权 政变发生的几个小时之内,数以万计的民众聚集到莫斯科的俄罗斯政府总部周围。当时俄罗斯总统叶利钦站在一辆坦克上讲话谴责发动政变者。三天后政变失败,戈尔巴乔夫返回莫斯科 几个星期内,爱沙尼亚、拉脱维亚和立陶宛纷纷宣布脱离苏联。在俄国革命后建立的苏维埃社会主义联盟在经历了不5年的时间后最终在19912月全面解体 直到今天,俄罗斯人仍然对苏联解体以及随后出现的经济、政治混乱局面所持的看法 Russia is marking the 20th anniversary of the failed coup attempt that hastened the collapse of the Soviet Union. On August 19, 1991, a small group Communist hardliners placed Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev under house arrest at his vacation home in the Crimea. Their aim was to block the Kremlin chief's program of broad political and economic reforms, including allowing greater autonomy for the Soviet republics. Within hours, thousands of people gathered around Russian government headquarters in Moscow, where Russian President Boris Yeltsin stood atop a tank to denounce the coup plotters. The coup collapsed three days later and Mr. Gorbachev returned to Moscow. Within weeks, the republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania seceded from the Soviet Union. The entire U.S.S.R. ( - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - ) was dissolved in December, less than 75 years after the Russian Revolution brought the communist state into existence. To this day, Russians remain deeply divided over the Soviet collapse and the economic and political chaos that followed. /201108/150330。