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The push for garbage classification has advanced sluggishly and mostly fruitlessly in much of China, but Beijing is adopting an innovative way to try and encourage the practice in the capital.在中国大部分地区,垃圾的分类这一工作进展相当缓慢并且徒劳无益。但是北京现在正在采取一种创新手段,来鼓励首都的垃圾分类工作的进行。At a recent news briefing, Beijing#39;s sanitation department said the capital will popularize the sorting of garbage through the application of quick response codes. Under the new system residents who register for an account on China#39;s most popular instant messaging app, WeChat, will receive reward points that they can swap for commodities and even cash when they sort their garbage.根据最新消息,北京环境卫生部门表示,将采用二维码技术推广生活垃圾分类。在新的分类系统下,微信用户将垃圾分类后,即可收到奖励积分,积分可以用来兑换商品甚至现金。The system has been successfully piloted in some residential areas, and is due to be extended to 350 residential communities covering more than 1 million residents next year.这种垃圾分类奖励体系已经在一些社区成功试点,并将于明年推广到350个小区,覆盖人口有望超过100万。Although the actual effects of the garbage classification reward program will be known only after some time, the move should be applauded.虽然垃圾分类奖励体系的实际效果还有待时间的检验,但是这一举措应该给予表扬。The city government also plans to launch a retrieval mechanism for bulky objects such as used furniture and home appliances. Residents can apply for collection services through Wechat.北京市政府还计划推行大件物品回收机制,比如旧家具家电。市民可通过微信申请上门回收务。 /201512/416704

Oil slumped to its lowest level since the financial crisis as traders reacted to a rancorous Opec meeting last week that exposed the organisation’s inability to tackle a global glut.油价跌至金融危机爆发以来的最低水平。上周石油输出国组织(Opec,简称欧佩克)举行了一场气氛紧张的会议,暴露出该组织无力应对全球石油供应过剩的情况,石油交易商们对此作出了反应。The seven-hour meeting ended in chaotic scenes on Friday evening and highlighted the growing discord between Saudi Arabia and Iran, two of Opec’s most powerful members, as Tehran prepares its return to international markets next year when sanctions are lifted.长达7个小时的会议上周五晚在一片混乱中结束,凸显出最具实力的两大欧佩克成员国——沙特阿拉伯与伊朗之间日益不和。德黑兰准备在明年制裁解除后重返国际市场。As oil traders delivered their verdict yesterday, Brent, the global benchmark, dropped 5 per cent towards a barrel, its lowest level in almost seven years. US marker West Texas Intermediate fell 5 per cent to .84.在昨日石油交易商作出其“判决”之际,全球原油基准布伦特(Brent)下滑5.35%,至40.70美元/桶,这是近7年来的最低水平。美国原油基准西得克萨斯中质原油(West Texas Intermediate)下跌5.85%,至每桶37.63美元。“The latest Opec meeting yielded no change and no words about how the cartel is going to deal with the additional supply from Iran next year,” said Ole Hansen, head of commodities strategy at Saxo Bank. “With no signs of non-Opec producers such as the US and Russia cutting back, at least not voluntarily, the near-term outlook for oil remains very challenging indeed.”“最近一次欧佩克会议没有带来改变,没有关于该卡特尔将如何处理明年伊朗新增供应的片言只语,”盛宝(Saxo Bank)大宗商品策略主管奥勒汉森(Ole Hansen)称,“没有迹象表明美国和俄罗斯等非欧佩克石油生产国将要减产,至少不是自愿减产,近期油价前景的确仍然非常具有挑战性。”Shares in the biggest oil groups tumbled as investors factored in the hit to revenues from what one analyst called “a lower for even longer” price slump.有分析师称,油价甚至将“在更长时间内徘徊在更低水平”,投资者意识到这将打击生产商的收入,全球各大石油集团的股价下跌。 /201512/415139Robots will play a key role in the care of China#39;s elderly within five years, according to a national robotics industry development guideline.根据国家机器人产业发展指南,五年内,机器人将在中国的老年人护理方面发挥关键作用。In Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, robots aly act as caretakers and companions for the elderly in rest homes.在浙江省杭州市,机器人已经成为养老院老人的照顾者和陪伴者。Hangzhou#39;s social welfare center began to use Ah Tie robots in May. Each robot is 80 centimeters tall and weighs 15 kilograms. They are also equipped with two 5-megapixel cameras to identify patients.杭州的社会福利中心在5月份开始使用“阿铁”机器人。每个机器人高80厘米,重15公斤。它们还配备了两个500万像素的摄像头来识别病人。The producer of Ah Tie robots said they aim to collect more data from users during this trial period at the center.“阿铁”机器人的制作者表示,他们的目标是在该中心的试用期间,从用户那里收集更多的数据。Additional data will help to advance the health analysis and remote medical services provided by the robots.其他数据将有助于推进机器人提供健康分析和远程医疗务。According to deputy director of the center, Ah Tie robots can help support healthcare workers by offering regular reminders.据该中心副主任介绍,“阿铁”机器人可以通过提供定期提醒来帮助医护人员。They can also enrich the social lives of those living at the center, as the robots can play music and dance. They are even able to conduct basic conversation.它们还可以丰富那些生活在中心的人的社会生活,因为机器人可以播放音乐和跳舞。它们甚至能够进行基本的交谈。As China#39;s society ages, an increasing number of senior citizens are being left to either live by themselves at home or move into rest homes. In the future, robots may also be able to help those living alone.随着中国社会的老龄化,越来越多的老年人要么独自住在家中,要么就搬进养老院。在未来,机器人也可以帮助那些独居的人。 /201611/480981

Tadashi Maeda was visibly agitated. Addressing an investment forum in Kuala Lumpur, the senior managing director at Japan Bank for International Cooperation assured the packed hall that Japan would redouble its efforts to secure a contract to build the proposed 350km high-speed railway to link the Malaysian capital to Singapore, at an estimated cost of between .7bn and .5bn. 去年10月,在马来西亚首都吉隆坡的一个投资论坛上,日本国际协力(JBIC)执行董事前田匡史(Tadashi Maeda)向满场观众保日本将加倍努力获取马新高铁的建设合同。这条拟建的高铁全长350公里,将连接吉隆坡和新加坡,预估费用在97亿美元到145亿美元之间。前田匡史讲话时,可以明显看出他的不安。 Mr Maeda had good reason to be agitated. He was speaking last October, a month after the Indonesian government surprised many by awarding a .5bn, 150km Jakarta to Bandung high-speed railway contract not to Japan — which had spent five years on feasibility studies and pushing Jakarta to get the project going — but to China. It shocked the Japanese establishment , which had been certain of success. 他的不安是有充分理由的。就在那之前的一个月,印度尼西亚政府将投资55亿美元,全长150公里的雅加达—万隆高铁项目给了中国,而不是日本,令许多人感到惊讶。此前,日本已经花了五年时间对这个项目进行可行性研究,并推动印尼政府实施这个项目。这件事震惊了一直觉得自己胜券在握的日本当局。 Mr Maeda should brace himself again. FT Confidential Research, a unit of the Financial Times, believes China is the early favourite to win the Malaysian contract, too. 眼下前田匡史应该再次做好心理准备。英国《金融时报》旗下“投资参考”(FT Confidential Research)认为,中国在争取马新高铁合同的竞争中也初步领先。 Japan was the favoured development partner for Malaysia under former premier Mahathir Mohamad in the 1980s and the 1990s. But under Najib Razak, prime minister since 2009, China has moved to the fore. 上世纪八九十年代,马来西亚前总理马哈蒂尔#8226;穆罕默德(Mahathir Mohamad)执政期间,日本曾是马来西亚所青睐的开发合作伙伴。但自现任总理纳吉布#8226;拉扎克(Najib Razak)2009年上台以来,中国跑到了前头。 Over the past five years, China-based companies have successfully participated in high-profile infrastructure projects. The .1bn Second Penang Bridge — partly financed by an 0m loan from the Chinese government — was built by the state-owned China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) together with Malaysia-based UEM Group. 过去5年里,中国企业已成功地参与了一些备受瞩目的基础设施项目。国有的中国港湾工程(CHEC)与马来西亚UEM Group一起建造了“槟城第二大桥”(Second Penang Bridge),这座桥投资11亿美元,部分资金来自中国政府提供的8亿美元贷款。 More significantly, in the rail sector about 80 per cent of Malaysian rolling stocks are Chinese made. The Malaysian rail business is so lucrative that China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) opened a m rolling stock manufacturing plant in the country in July 2015. 更值得注意的是,马来西亚铁路部门80%的列车是中国制造的。2015年7月,中国铁建(CRCC)在马来西亚投资9700万美元开设了一家铁路车辆制造厂,从中可以看出马来西亚铁路业务利润多么丰厚。 CRCC is part of the Chinese consortium led by freight transporter China Railway bidding for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore line. The party also includes China Railway Signals amp; Communication and China Communications Construction (the parent company of CHEC). 中国铁建是竞标马新高铁的中国联合体成员之一,联合体由中国中铁(China Railway)牵头,其他成员还包括中国铁路通信信号(China Railway Signals amp; Communication)以及中国交通建设(China Communications Construction,中国港湾工程的母公司)。 China’s cause may have been helped by its support for 1MDB, the controversial state investment fund at the centre of corruption allegations bedevilling Mr Najib. The prime minister and 1MDB deny any wrongdoing over 0m that landed in his personal bank accounts from a mysterious foreign source. 中国在马来西亚的事业可能受益于其对马来西亚国家投资基金“1MDB”的持。该基金备受争议,处于困扰纳吉布的腐败指控的核心。对于纳吉布个人账户上来自海外不明来源的6.8亿美元巨款,纳吉布本人与1MDB都否认存在任何不法行为。 1MDB was at risk of default until China saved it in November and bought a set of power assets from the fund for .3bn. 1MDB also sold part of its stake in a large plot of prime land in Kuala Lumpur to China Railway, the same plot which the Najib government has designated as the Malaysian terminus of the planned high-speed line. 1MDB原本已面临违约风险,直至去年11月中国施以援手——以23亿美元购入该基金旗下电力资产。1MDB还将其在吉隆坡一大片黄金地块的部分股份卖给了中国中铁,纳吉布政府已将这一地块指定为规划中的马新高铁马来西亚段终点站。 Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah, head of Malaysia’s Public Land Transport Commission, denies the land sale gives China an advantage in the race. He insists Malaysia and Singapore will award the contract through an open tender to be held this year, with 2023 as the target completion date. 马来西亚陆路公共交通委员会(Public Land Transport Commission)首席执行官阿扎鲁丁(Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah)否认此笔土地出让会让中国在高铁竞标中获得优势。他坚称,马来西亚和新加坡将在今年通过举行公开招标决定合同归属,工程预定完工时间为2023年。 But the denial will be of little comfort to the Japanese consortium comprising East Japan Railway, Sumitomo, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. 但言辞上的否认并不能让由东日本旅客铁路(East Japan Railway)、住友(Sumitomo)、日立(Hitachi)及三菱重工(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)组成的日本联合体感到安心。 /201603/431113

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