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上海市第十人民医院开双眼皮多少钱上海市第九医院整形美容中心上海激光脱毛去哪 Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is ramping up efforts to bring U.S. brands to consumers in its home country.中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)正在加大力度拉近美国品牌与国内消费者的距离。Alibaba, which is widely expected to file to go public this year, says it will offer U.S. companies several ways to get their merchandise to China, including through its Alipay payments subsidiary and sophisticated shipping methods. It is also getting closer to launching a new U.S. online marketplace called 11Main.com for small- and medium-sized brands and manufacturers.市场普遍预计,阿里巴巴将在今年进行首次公开募股(IPO)。该公司称,将向美国公司提供几种便于其商品出售到中国的途径,其中包括使用阿里巴巴子公司付宝(中国)网络技术有限公司(Alipay.com Co., 简称:付宝)的平台以及复杂的运输方法。同时,阿里巴巴也接近推出其首个美国网络购物平台“11 Main”,将主要招募中小品牌和制造商入驻。ChannelAdvisor, which advises companies with their e-commerce strategies, on Tuesday plans announce that it has partnered with Alibaba to help U.S. companies sell into mainland China using its software. Its clients will be able to more easily list, sell and deliver items on Alibaba#39;s Tmall.com site.电子商务咨询公司ChannelAdvisor周二宣布与阿里巴巴合作,协助美国公司借助其软件挺进中国内地市场。ChannelAdvisor的客户可以更方便地在阿里巴巴的天猫(tmall.com)商城上架、销售及运输商品。U.S. e-commerce companies have struggled to gain a foothold in China, in part because of Alibaba#39;s headstart with Tmall and its eBay-like site Taobao.美国电子商务公司在中国难以立足,部分原因是阿里巴巴旗下的天猫和类似eBay(eBay Inc.)的淘宝网(Taobao.com)已经抢占了市场。#39;The Chinese people are craving international offerings,#39; said John Spelich, Alibaba vice president of international e-commerce business. #39;There are a lot of people in China who just want to buy from overseas, they have a perception that imported goods are better.#39;阿里巴巴国际电子商务业务副总裁史贝里克(John Spelich)称,中国买家渴望购买国际产品。在中国,有很多人只想从海外购买商品,他们的普遍认知是进口商品更好一些。Spelich said Alibaba is meeting with U.S. brands to get them to accept Alipay, a PayPal-like service which processed about 0 billion in mobile transactions last year. The company would offer a checkout on a U.S. retailer#39;s site so that Chinese consumers could buy, say, a plaid J. Crew shirt that is otherwise unavailable in China.史贝里克说,阿里巴巴正在游说美国商家接受付宝。付宝是类似贝宝(PayPal)的付平台,其2013年移动交易金额接近1,500亿美元。阿里巴巴将在一个美国零售商网站上开通付款通道,便于中国顾客购买像J. Crew格子衬衫这样在中国买不到的商品。To that end, Alibaba will soon introduce shipping centers in the U.S. to handle proper packaging, levies and other import fees for U.S. retailers hoping to deliver to China, said Spelich. Because of China#39;s particular policies it can be difficult to deliver some merchandise there, he said.史贝里克称,为此,阿里巴巴将很快在美国推出运输中心,为那些希望进入中国市场的美国零售商提供商品缴税及缴纳其他进口费用的操作务。他说,由于中国的特殊政策,一些商品很难被送达至中国。As well, Alibaba is recruiting smaller brands to its 11Main.com site which will launch later this year, Spelich said. The site will be targeted to U.S. consumers featuring an array of products, in competition with eBay in particular.史贝里克说,阿里巴巴正在为其“11 Main”网站招募小型商家,该网站将在今年晚些时候推出,销售针对美国消费者的一系列产品,主要是与eBay一争高下。ChannelAdvisor, for its part, will help retailers process orders from Chinese consumers on Tmall.com, which has more than 70,000 global brands like Nike and, more recently, Apple.作为合作伙伴,ChannelAdvisor将帮助商家处理天猫上中国消费者的订单。目前天猫已经拥有超过70,000个全球品牌,比如耐克(Nike)以及最近进驻的苹果(Apple)。#39;We#39;re connecting retailers directly to demand in China, that can help them sell there very quickly,#39; said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo.ChannelAdvisor首席执行长文葛(Scot Wingo)表示,在中国我们将直接对接商家和顾客,这样有助于更高效的买卖。Alibaba#39;s IPO could value the company at more than 0 billion, according to analysts.据分析师称,阿里巴巴上市交易对公司的估值可能超过1,000亿美元。 /201403/279752上海市闵行区中医医院开双眼皮手术价格

玫瑰做丰胸张东旭医师技术怎么样This is my last column for The Wall Street Journal, after 22 years of reviewing consumer technology products here.为《华尔街日报》评测科技类消费品22年后,这是我的最后一篇专栏文章。So I thought I#39;d talk about the dozen personal-technology products I reviewed that were most influential over the past two decades. Obviously, narrowing so many products in the most dynamic of modern industries down to 12 is a subjective exercise and others will disagree.所以我想来谈谈过去20年我评测过的12个最具影响力的个人科技产品。很显然,从这个最富活力的现代产业所生产的五花八门的产品中挑选出12个,这是个很主观的看法,别人也许会有不同意见。Though most were hits, a couple weren#39;t blockbusters, financially, and one was an outright flop. Instead, I used as my criteria two main things.虽然大多数产品都一窜而红,但有几个却叫好不叫座,有一个更是一败涂地。在这里,我来讲讲我的两个标准。First, the products had to improve ease of use and add value for average consumers. That was the guiding principle I laid down in the first sentence of my first column, in 1991: #39;Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it#39;s not your fault.#39;首先,产品要能提高易用性,能为普通消费者增添价值。这也正是我1991年第一篇专栏文章中头一句话所提出的指导原则:个人电脑太难用了,这不是你们的错。Second, I chose these 12 because each changed the course of digital history by influencing the products and services that followed, or by changing the way people lived and worked. In some cases, the impact of these mass-market products is still unfolding. All of these products had predecessors, but they managed to take their categories to a new level.其次,我之所以选择这12个产品,是因为所有这些产品都改变了数码历史的进程,它们要么影响了后来追随而至的产品和务,要么改变了人们的生活和工作方式。在某些情况下,这些大众产品仍在释放影响力。所有这些产品都有“前辈”,但它们做到了将其所属类别提升至一个新高度。Some ers will complain that Apple is overrepresented. My answer: Apple introduced more influential, breakthrough products for average consumers than any other company over the years of this column.一些读者可能会抱怨说,苹果(Apple)产品出现的频率过高。对此我的解释是,在我撰写本专栏的这些年里,相比其他任何一家公司,苹果面向普通消费者推出了更多具有影响力和突破性的产品。 /201402/275310上海市浦东新区周浦医院治疗疤痕多少钱 Nokia Corp.#39;s decision to sell its handset business to Microsoft Corp. and focus on wireless-network equipment is the Finnish company#39;s latest attempt in its 148-year history to reinvent itself during a crisis. It also marks the effective end of a national champion and onetime global tech giant. 诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)决定将手机业务卖给微软公司(Microsoft Corp.),转而聚焦无线网络设备。这不仅是这家拥有148年历史的芬兰公司在危机中重塑自我形象的最新尝试,也标志着诺基亚作为芬兰企业领袖和全球科技巨头生涯的终结。 #39;This is end of an era in Finland,#39; Jan Vapaavuori, the country#39;s minister of economic affairs said Tuesday. The deal with Microsoft will have a #39;mental effect,#39; he said, since Nokia long has been an important international brand with Finnish roots. 芬兰经济事务部部长瓦帕沃里(Jan Vapaavuori)周二说,这是芬兰一个时代的终结。他说,诺基亚与微软的这笔交易将产生“心理影响”,因为长期以来诺基亚一直是带有芬兰血统的国际重要品牌。 Founded in 1865, when engineer Fredrik Idestam set up a wood-pulp mill in southwestern Finland, Nokia has had a history of radical shifts in its business. The first was at the turn of the 20th century, when the company moved into making rubber boots and other products. 诺基亚1865年由工程师伊德斯坦(Fredrik Idestam)在芬兰西南部创立,最初是一家纸浆生产厂,之后经历了一系列业务上的剧变。第一个剧变发生在20世纪初,该公司开始生产橡胶靴和其它产品。 In 1967 the company merged with partner Finnish Cable Works, which had been developing radio telephones for the country#39;s army. Nokia in the early 1980s went on to become one of the first players in the cellphone industry 1967年,诺基亚与合作伙伴芬兰电缆厂(Finnish Cable Works)合并,后者为芬兰军队研发无线电话。上世纪80年代初,诺基亚开始成为手机业最早的生产厂家之一。 It introduced the Mobira Senator car phone in 1982, only a year after the creation of the Nordic Mobile Telephone service, the world#39;s first international cellular network. 1982年,诺基亚发布了车载电话Mobira Senator。在此之前,北欧移动电话(Nordic Mobile Telephone)务问世仅一年时间,这也是世界上首个国际蜂窝网络。 Nokia unveiled its first hand-held phone in 1987, the Mobira Cityman, the same year that GSM was adopted as the European standard for mobile networks. 1987年,诺基亚推出了该公司第一部手持电话Mobira Cityman。同年,欧洲启用全球移动通讯系统(GSM)作为手机网络标准。 But Nokia ran into financial trouble at the end of the 1980s after acquiring unprofitable television-set factories in Europe. 但在收购了欧洲不赚钱的电视机生产厂后,诺基亚于上世纪80年底末陷入了财务困境。 In 1992 Jorma Ollila, a former Citibank executive, became chief executive and decided to focus on telecommunications. That worked-for a while. Nokia#39;s success boosted its share price, and at its peak in 2000, the company was valued at 303 billion euros(0 billion at today#39;s exchange rate). 1992年,花旗(Citibank)前高管奥利拉(Jorma Ollila)成为诺基亚首席执行长,决定带领诺基亚专注于电信业。此举在一段时间内奏效了。诺基亚的成功提振了公司股价。2000年,诺基亚红极一时,其估值曾达到3,030亿欧元(按现在的汇率计算是4,000亿美元)。 But misplaced bets would change Nokia#39;s fortunes. 但错误押注会改变诺基亚的命运。 Nokia executives predicted that producing traditional cellphones would be unprofitable by 2000, so the company in the 1990s started spending billions of dollars to research mobile email, touch screens and faster wireless networks. Nokia introduced its first smartphone, the Nokia 9000, in 1996-more than a decade before the first iPhone was released. 诺基亚高管们预计,生产传统手机在2000年之前将变得无利可图,于是该公司在上世纪90年代开始花费数十亿美元研究手机邮件、触摸屏以及更快的无线网络。诺基亚于1996年推出了其第一款智能手机诺基亚9000(Nokia 9000),比第一款iPhone早了十多年。 U.S. rival Motorola Inc. scored a world-wide hit with the thin Razr flip phones, however, and Nokia faced criticism from investors over its focus on high-end smartphones. 然而诺基亚的美国竞争对手托罗拉(Motorola Inc.)凭借轻薄的Razr翻盖手机在全球大获成功,诺基亚却面临着投资者对其专注于高端智能手机的抨击。 Former Nokia finance chief Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo took the helm from Mr. Ollila and merged Nokia#39;s smartphone and basic-phone operations, with the result that the more-profitable basic-phone business started calling the shots. Returning to a focus on traditional phones, Nokia found itself at a disadvantage when the iPhone was unveiled in 2007. As Apple Inc.#39;s AAPL +0.28% phone gained popularity, Nokia tried to play catch-up. 前诺基亚首席财务长康培凯(Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo)接替奥利拉担任首席执行长,将诺基亚的智能手机与基础手机业务合并,结果是更为有利可图的基础手机业务开始发号施令。重新关注传统手机后,在2007年iPhone推出时,诺基亚发现自己处于不利地位。随着苹果(Apple Inc.)的手机越来越受欢迎,诺基亚试图迎头赶上。 Nokia#39;s relationship with Microsoft began as Canadian Stephen Elop took the reins of the Finnish company in 2010 and decided to scrap the company#39;s effort to revamp its aging Symbian operating system, opting instead for Microsoft#39;s Windows platform. Nokia cut tens of thousands of jobs, sold its elaborate seaside headquarters in Espoo, Finland, and scaled back research and development, the company#39;s onetime jewel. Last year the company closed its last remaining phone factory in Finland. 加拿大人埃洛普(Stephen Elop)于2010年掌控这家芬兰公司,并决定废弃公司试图改进老旧的塞班(Symbian)操作系统的举措,转而选择了微软的Windows平台,诺基亚与微软的合作由此开始。诺基亚削减了数万个职位,卖掉了在芬兰埃斯波(Espoo)精心建造的海滨总部,并缩减了该公司曾经引以为豪的研发。去年,该公司关闭了芬兰最后一家手机工厂。 Meanwhile, the handset business has struggled. 与此同时,其手机业务陷入困境。 While Nokia#39;s flagship Lumia series has received good reviews, the company has failed to make a dent on its main competitors, Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. Nokia#39;s second-quarter revenue from phone sales was less than 25% what it was in the first quarter of 2011, when Nokia#39;s tie-up with Microsoft was announced. 虽然诺基亚的旗舰Lumia系列获得好评,但该公司没能对苹果和三星电子(Samsung Electronics)等主要竞争对手造成冲击。诺基亚第二季度手机销售收入还不到2011年一季度诺基亚宣布与微软合作时的25%。 Now, with the handset operation gone, what remains is network-gear business Nokia Solutions and Networks. Nokia bought Siemens #39;s SIE.XE -0.51% stake in the operation, formerly Nokia Siemens Networks, this summer for about .2 billion. Nokia also has a business that provides maps to Microsoft Windows devices and in-car navigation systems. 现在,失去手机业务之后,剩下的是网络设备业务Nokia Solutions and Networks。诺基亚今年夏天以大约22亿美元收购了西门子(Siemens )在以前的诺基亚西门子通信公司(Nokia Siemens Networks)的股份。诺基亚还有一项业务是为微软的Windows设备和车内导航系统提供地图。 /201309/255237上海市第一人民医院整形

浦东新去蝴蝶斑多少钱In the American time of 10 o#39;clock on September 12 (the Beijing standard time of 1 o#39;clock on September 13), the Apple Corporation held the conference at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, duly releasing its sixth phone—iPhone5. In addition, the Apple also published the latest music player iPod touch 5, iPod nano 7 and new “earpod” exposed before in the conference. Except mobile phone and digital products, Apple Company announced the specific time to market and the function of new iTunes and iOS6 at the same time.美国时间9月12日上午10点(北京时间9月13日1点),苹果在旧金山芳草地艺术中心(Yerba Buena Center)召开发布会,如期发布了旗下第六款手机iPhone5。此外,苹果还在大会上推出最新款的音乐播放器iPod touch 5、iPod nano 7和之前曝光过的新款耳机“earpod”。除了手机、数码产品外,苹果公司同时宣布了新版iTunes和iOS6的具体上市时间及功能细节。 /201209/199616 For jealous partners it could be the ultimate app -allowing you to see everything your partner does on their phone.对那些爱吃醋的“连体婴”来说,这款应用可谓是终极神器了——它能让你对恋人手机上的任何操作一清二楚。The mCouple app shows text messages, contacts, call history, and Facebook messages in real time.mCouple 应用能实时告诉你他手机上的短信,通话,通话记录和脸书网信息。It can even show you the GPS co-ordinates of the phone, allowing you to see exactly where your partner is at all times.它能告诉你恋人手机所处位置的GPS定位,让你随时知道你的恋人身在何处。One users claims the app worked on his girlfriend#39;s phone.一名用户在女友的手机上装了这款应用,称其十分好用。#39;It really works. Thanks to this app, I am single right now because I caught my ex girlfriend cheating, #39; he said.“这款应用的确很好用。多亏了它,我现在恢复了单身,因为我发现我的前女友劈腿。”他说。#39;By the way she was the one who told me to download this one.#39;“顺便说,正是我的前女友让我下载这个应用的。”The free app creates an ID for each user.这款应用会为每个用户创立一个账号。Users can share IDs and start “mutually tracking” each other’s devices.不同的用户可以查询对方的账号,然后开始“相互跟踪”对方的手机。Users can then track this information from anywhere by signing into an online account and viewing it all on a dashboard.无论身在何处,用户们都可以通过这款应用查询相关讯息,只需要登录一个网络账号,然后信息就会显示在仪表板上。The dashboard produces charts that show which apps have been used and how often, while the person’s location is plotted on to a map.在仪表板上会有一个表格,显示手机使用过的应用名称和使用频率。还会显示一个地图,告诉你手机使用者现在的位置。 /201407/315779上海妇幼保健院瘦腿针的费用黄浦区做双眼皮埋线多少钱

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