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2019年02月21日 00:28:42 | 作者:飞度技术免费问答 | 来源:新华社
China’s most popular chat app has seen off rivals in China such as Alibaba’s Laiwang, Korean-Japanese Line and Facebook’s WhatsApp. But now some users of WeChat — and even its creator — say it is threatened by a greater homegrown challenge: clutter. 中国最受欢迎的聊天应用“微信”(WeChat)在国内将竞争对手远远甩在了身后,如阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的来往(Laiwang)、拥有日韩背景的Line以及Facebook旗下的WhatsApp。但眼下却有一些用户表示,微信正面临一个更大的而且源于自身的挑战:信息庞杂。而微信的创造者也看到了这个问题。 Since its launch in 2011, WeChat, or Weixin as it is more commonly known in China, has become synonymous with the mobile internet for China’s 525m smartphone users, an addictive way to chat online that has won international praise for its minimalist design. 自2011年推出以来,对中国5.25亿的智能手机用户而言,微信已成为“移动互联网”的代名词。这种让人沉迷的在线聊天方式还因其极简的设计赢得了国际赞誉。 It is hard to overstate the pervasiveness of WeChat in Chinese life — the app is a phone, messenger, conference, ecommerce platform and gaming console, not to mention noodle delivery service, for a nation of people in love with their smartphones. Many a new relationship is sealed with the ritual smartphone “scan” of one anothers’ WeChat QR code. 可以毫不夸张地说,微信已融入了中国人生活的方方面面——对酷爱智能手机的中国人来说,这款应用既可以通电话、发讯息、进行视频会议,也是电子商务及游戏平台,更别提还有送餐上门务。人们只需用智能手机相互“扫描”对方的微信二维码,新的朋友关系便可以马上建立。 But popularity has come at a price: users say they are being overloaded with everything from messages to cartoon gifs to ads. 但微信的普及也是有代价的:有用户表示,微信上大量的信息——从文字信息到卡通动态图到广告——已让他们不堪其扰。 Xie Huang Huang, writing on his microblog, says he hesitates to open up his WeChat because he will be flooded with messages. “I was attracted to WeChat because I thought it was virgin land in an age of information explosion. But now it is fragmented, overwhelming and useless.” 谢黄黄(音)在自己的微上写道,他现在都不太愿意打开微信了,因为一打开就会被大量信息淹没。他说,以前被微信吸引,是因为觉得它是信息爆炸时代的一块处女地,但现在微信上的信息变得碎片化、令人应接不暇,也没什么用。 In January, China’s official news agency Xinhua devoted an editorial to “WeChat fatigue”, saying an estimated 25 per cent of users check it more than 30 times per day. “We have been abducted by an explosion of rubbish” on WeChat, it said. 今年1月,中国官方通讯社新华社(Xinhua)发表了一篇有关“微信疲劳”的,称约有25%的用户每天查看微信超过30次。文章称,微信上的“信息垃圾”俘虏了我们。 “Everyday we find ourselves surrounded by noisy WeChat groups, the endless memories posts of friends and family, they have become our daily essentials. No one likes being kidnapped by WeChat, but each of us have our own reasons for not being able to give up WeChat.” “很多人起床第一件事和睡前最后一件事,都是查看微信;各种吵吵闹闹的微信群、亲朋好友的朋友圈,已成为我们每天的必修课……没有谁喜欢被微信绑架,但每个人都有太多理由放不下微信。” The app is central to the future of Tencent, China’s most valuable internet company with a market capitalisation of 5bn, which has staked its business model on the success of its star platform. 腾讯(Tencent)是中国最具价值的互联网公司,市值1850亿美元,而微信在腾讯的未来发展中处于核心地位——腾讯已将其商业模式押注在这款明星平台的成功上。 Tencent makes most of its money from gaming but also boasts interests in everything from online through car hailing to food delivery. It wants to use WeChat as the gateway platform for users to access these services — all now embedded in WeChat, much like apps within an app. Tencent hopes this will one day make it unnecessary to use rival apps. 腾讯大多数利润来自游戏,但对其他许多领域——从在线视频、叫车务到美食外卖——也都表现出强烈的兴趣。腾讯想利用微信作为用户获得这些务的入口平台——所有这些务如今都被嵌入了微信,就像在一款应用中嵌入许多其他应用。腾讯希望,将来有一天,它可以无需再使用竞争对手的应用。 While the service’s user base is growing — Tencent said the number of active WeChat accounts rose 39 per cent last year to 697m — there are some worrying precedents for WeChat’s clutter problem. 虽然微信的用户基础在不断扩大——腾讯表示,微信活跃账号的数量去年增加了39%,至6.97亿——但关于微信“信息太杂”的问题,存在一些令人担忧的前车之鉴。 Sina Weibo, for example, China’s version of Twitter, was once a competitor, but lost the social media crown to WeChat after it introduced advertising on a large scale. 例如,被称为中国版Twitter的新浪微(Sina Weibo)曾是微信的竞争对手,但在大规模引入广告之后,便向微信让出了社交媒体头把交椅的位置。 “Weibo hit its peak in 2011; it was becoming too commercialised, everyone was clamouring for attention and marketing was going too far,” says Zhang Yi, head of Guangzhou-based internet consultancy iMedia. “I think WeChat will soon face the same problem.” “微在2011年达到巅峰,但后来变得过于商业化,每个人都在通过各种手段吸引注意力,营销做得太过了,”广州互联网咨询公司艾媒咨询(iiMedia)负责人张毅表示,“我认为微信很快就会面临同样的问题。” WeChat has been careful with introducing advertising — starting in 2015 — so as not to bombard users. 微信对于引入广告(始于2015年)一直保持谨慎,以免对用户造成过大干扰。 Much of that is down to Zhang Xiaolong, WeChat’s reclusive creator, who is a cult figure among Chinese internet users. “Zhang is a mysophobic product manager who wants to keep WeChat detached from the commercial world,” according to Beijing-based tech blogger Zong Ning. 这在很大程度上要归功于行事低调的微信创始人张小龙——受中国互联网用户顶礼膜拜的偶像。北京的科技主宗宁表示:“张小龙是一位有不洁恐怖症的产品经理,他想要保持微信与商业世界的距离。” While he is rarely seen in public, Mr Zhang made a surprise appearance on a podcast in January. The greatest challenge for WeChat, he told his online audience, “is not how much more we can do, but how many things we can screen and block#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;it takes a lot of work so that WeChat remains uncluttered”. 虽然张小龙很少在公开场合露面,但今年1月,他出人意料地现身一档播客节目。他对在线观众表示,微信面临的最大挑战“不是在于我们再多做多少事情,而是我们能够挡掉多少事情……需要做很多事情才能让微信里面的内容非常干净”。 The same week his podcast appeared, WeChat began dealing with clutter, deleting or suspending blog accounts that were spamming users with messages. 上述播客发布的同一周,微信开始着手处理信息庞杂的问题,删除或暂时关闭那些向用户滥发信息的公众号。 As for ads, “good commercialisation does not harass users and only reaches its targeted users”, he said. “We don’t want users to have so many messages that they can never finish dealing with them.” 至于广告,“好的商业化应该是不骚扰用户,并且是只触达他需要触达的那一部分用户”,他说,“我们不想让用户在微信里面永远都有处理不完的事情。” Observers said Mr Zhang appeared to be delivering a message not just to the public, but to Tencent’s management, amid pressure to “monetise” WeChat by increasing advertising and adding functions. 观察人士表示,张小龙似乎不仅是在向公众,也是在向腾讯管理层传递一种信息,因为他正面临通过增加广告、添加功能来让微信创收的压力。 “WeChat is having a hard time finding the middle path, a balance between monetisation and living up to Zhang Xiaolong’s vision,” said Mr Zong, the blogger. 宗宁表示:“微信正在艰难地寻找一条中间道路,在创收与实现张小龙的理想之间寻找平衡点。” Sure enough, in an earnings call last month, investment bank analysts peppered Tencent executives with questions about plans for “monetising” WeChat. “They all wanted to know when they are going to milk this cow,” said Mark Natkin of Beijing-based Marbridge Consulting. 果不出所料,在上月的电话财报会议上,投资的分析师们纷纷向腾讯高管提出有关微信“创收”计划的问题。北京迈瑞咨询(Marbridge Consulting)的马克#8226;纳特金(Mark Natkins)说:“他们都想知道,腾讯打算什么时候让这头奶牛下奶。” Martin Lau, president of Tencent, resisted pressure from analysts. “I would say [WeChat] is an ad format and ad platform that carries significant long-term opportunities. But it’s an important engagement tool for our users. So we want to do it slowly and do it right,” he said in the same earnings call. 腾讯总裁刘炽平(Martin Lau)顶住了来自分析师们的压力,他在那次电话会议中表示:“我可以说(微信)是一种广告形式与广告平台,蕴含着巨大、长远的机遇。但它也是我们用户重要的交流工具。所以,我们想慢慢来,以正确的方式来做这件事。” Tencent has told analysts that it puts no more than one ad into WeChat’s Facebook-like “moments” feed every 24 hours, though users say they have seen two or three a day. 腾讯对投行分析师们表示,每24小时至多向微信朋友圈投放一个广告,但有用户称曾经一天见过两三个广告。 New advertising on WeChat has not hurt its popularity — active user accounts jumped 37 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared with a year ago, despite a 118 per cent annual year-on-year rise in online advertising revenues that Tencent said was partly driven by new ads. 朋友圈广告并未对其受欢迎程度造成影响。2015年第四季度,活跃用户账号同比激增37%,而网络广告业务收入同比增长118%——腾讯称部分是由新广告形式推动的。 But analysts say Tencent must be careful not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Mr Zong says: “WeChat contributes about bn of Tencent’s valuation and it must live up to that with investors.” 但分析师们称,腾讯必须谨慎,不要杀鸡取卵。宗宁说:“微信在腾讯的估值中大约占400亿美元,它在这方面一定不能辜负投资者。” /201604/438553

网民年轻化 上网化Most of the country's Internetusers go online to chat or seek entertainment rather than look for jobs or conduct business.According to a report released by China InternetNetwork Information (CNNIC) yesterday, China's Internet users totaled 162 million in the first six months of this year. The country reported 137 million users last year.The rapid growth could be translated into almost 100 new users per minute in the past six months.At this rate of increase, China is expected to overtake the ed States, the world's leader, by the end of next year. The US had 211 million Internet users at the end of last month.Although the number of China's Internet users has been on the rise since 1994, when first introduced to the country, the research showed most users were interested in chat rooms and entertainment, and not job searches, education, and e-banking.About 75 percent online news and used search engines for information.More than 60 percent regarded online music and s as an important source of entertainment.Only 21 percent used e-banking services, and 3.9 percent booked tickets through the Internet.Wang Enhai, an official with CNNIC, and an author of the report, said the phenomenon is due to China's Internet infancy and the fact most users were young people."China's Internet market is just emerging and there are still a lot of things to be done before a mature online business environment can be established," Wang said.According to CNNIC, the number of China's Internet users under 24 years old was 58 million, about 35.8 percent of the country's total Internet population.This segment of the population, comprising mostly students, spends a lot of time playing online games, listening to music and watching s. 我国大多数互联网用户上网进行的主要活动是聊天和,而不是找工作或从事商务活动。中国互联网络信息中心昨天发布的一份报告显示,今年上半年,中国的网民总数达到1.62亿人。去年这一数字为1.37亿。在过去六个月中,中国网民的数量以每分钟近一百人的速度激增。按照这一增速,中国有望于明年年底超过美国,成为全世界网民规模最大的国家。截至上月底,美国的网民数量达到2.11亿人。尽管自1994年互联网引入中国以来,网民数量一直增长,但调查显示,大多数网民对网上聊天和较感兴趣,而不是网上求职、网络教育和网上。约75%的网民在网上浏览新闻以及使用搜索引擎搜索信息。超过60%的人将在线音乐和在线视频视为生活的重要组成部分。仅有21%的人使用过网上务,3.9%的人曾在网上订票。中国互联网络信息中心官员、调查报告的撰写者之一王恩海说,这一现象的主要原因是中国的互联网尚处于起步阶段,而且大多数互联网用户都是年轻人。他说:“中国的互联网市场才刚刚兴起,建立一个成熟的在线商务环境仍有很多事情要做。”据中国互联网络信息中心数据,中国24岁以下的网民达到5800万,占网民总数的35.8%。而且其中的大多数人是学生,他们经常在网上打游戏、听音乐、看视频。 /200803/31205

Meet Chihira Junco, a tourist greeter at a shopping mall in Tokyo. 来见见地平Junco(Chihira Junco)吧,她是东京一个购物中心的游客迎宾员。In her crisp blue button-down shirt, white blazer and pinstripe skirt, she stands in sensible pumps behind a counter in Aqua City Odaiba on Tokyo Bay, dispensing directions to local sites and shops in Japanese, Chinese and English.她身穿湛蓝色前系扣衬衫、白色上衣和细条纹半身裙,脚踩实用的轻便鞋,站在东京湾台场海洋城(Aqua City Odaiba)的一个柜台后面,用日语、中文和英语分发当地景点和商店的指南。She is not, however, human. 不过,她不是人。Ms. Junco — if you can use an honorific for a machine — joins an incipient group of androids springing up around Japan. Junco——如果可以把敬语用在一个机器身上的话——是日本各地涌现的初代机器人中的一员。There are also Yumeko, a receptionist at the Hen-na Hotel, a robot-operated boutique in Nagasaki, and Matsukoloid, who appears in a popular television variety show with her human doppelg#228;nger, Matsuko Deluxe.其他的机器人还有前台接待员梦子(Yumeko)和松子机器人(Matsukoloid)。梦子在位于长崎的精品酒店奇特酒店(Hen-na Hotel)工作,这家酒店由机器人运营;而松子机器人和她的人类分身松子Deluxe(Matsuko Deluxe)一起出现在一个热门电视综艺节目上。Toshiba, the electronics company, developed Chihira Junco in collaboration with technology labs at several Japanese universities. 电子公司东芝(Toshiba)与日本几所大学的技术实验室合作开发了地平Junco。She and four other androids cost ¥10 million (about ,000) to produce, but only Ms. Junco — Chihira? — is currently out in public, while the others remain with their maker. 她和另外四名机器人的总造价为1000万日元(约合9.3万美元),不过目前只有Junco——还是该叫她地平?——公开亮相,其他机器人依然和制造者在一起。The company said it planned to develop 1,000 more androids in 2017. 该公司表示,计划于2017年再开发1000个机器人。By 2020, it hopes to make 10,000 a year.到2020年时,希望每年制造1万个机器人。At Aqua City, which is popular with tourists and where a small replica of the Statue of Liberty stands in a park near the mall entrance, visitors can tap on a screen to ask Chihira questions like Where are you from? (I was born in Mizuho-machi, Nishitama-gun in Tokyo. 在海洋城——这个购物中心很受游客欢迎,入口附近的公园里有一个自由女神像(Statue of Liberty)的小型复制品——游客们可以点击屏幕,向地平提问,比如你来自哪里?(我出生于东京西多郡瑞穗町。I now live alone in the Minato ward) and What’s your favorite food? (I especially like watermelons and Japanese pears).现在我独自住在港区)和你最喜欢的食物是什么?(我特别喜欢西瓜和日本梨)。Up close, Chihara’s robotic arm movements give her away, as do her eyes, which blink only halfway. 从近处看,地平的机械臂的动作出卖了她,她的眼睛也让她露馅——她眨眼时,眼睛只闭一半。When she talks, she looks more like someone chewing gum than speaking. 她说话的样子更像在嚼口香糖。During a recent rendition of My Heart Will Go On, from the movie Titanic, her mouth barely moved and her gestures suggested a crossing guard directing traffic.前不久她演唱《泰坦尼克号》(Titanic)的主题曲《我心依旧》(My Heart Will Go On)时,嘴巴几乎没动,手势像是一个交警在指挥交通。For those visitors who still long for genuine human contact, two actual human greeters stand at an information counter about 20 feet away.对于那些依然渴望与真正的人类交流的游客来说,约20英尺外的咨询台站着两名真正的人类迎宾员。 /201609/465403

A Chinese driver was killed in a crash while using Tesla’s Autopilot technology four months before a similar high-profile fatal accident in Florida, the victim’s father has claimed in a lawsuit. 一名中国驾车者在使用特斯拉(Tesla)自动辅助驾驶(Autopilot)技术时撞车身亡,这位受害者的父亲在起诉书中如是说。Tesla denies its Autopilot was at fault.特斯特否认其Autopilot有责任。The court case against Tesla’s China unit and a local dealership, which began yesterday in Beijing, raises questions about the Autopilot system that first came under intense scrutiny after the death of Joshua Brown in May. 这起事故发生在媒体广泛报道的佛罗里达州类似车祸的四个月前。对特斯拉中国子公司和一家当地经销商提起的诉讼昨日开庭审理。本案提出了有关Autopilot系统的问题,这种技术在今年5月约书亚#8226;布朗(Joshua Brown)死后首次受到密切关注。He was killed when his Tesla Model S hit a truck in Florida.他是因为驾驶一辆特斯拉Model S在佛罗里达州撞上一辆卡车而死去的。Tesla has repeatedly insisted Auto-pilot is not a fully automated system and drivers should always keep their hands on the wheel. 特斯拉一再坚持说明,Autopilot并不是一种完全自动化的系统,驾车者应该始终把手放在方向盘上。But this month it issued a major update to the technology amid pressure from regulators and drivers who say the system has been oversold.但在监管机构和车主的压力下(他们称该系统被吹嘘过头),特斯拉本月对这项技术发布了一次重大更新。Gao Jubin, father of Gao Yaning, a 23-year-old Tesla driver killed in January when his car hit a truck, is suing Tesla China and the dealership that sold the car, accusing both of misleading buyers.23岁的特斯拉车主高雅宁今年1月在驾车时撞上一辆道路清扫车身亡。他的父亲高巨斌起诉拓速乐汽车销售(北京)有限公司(特斯拉中国(Tesla China))和销售涉案汽车的经销商,指控两者误导买家。Tesla said in a statement after the hearing that there is no evidence that Autopilot was engaged at the time of the accident, adding that regardless, Autopilot was not the cause of the accident, due to the technology only being a driver assistance system that supplements an attentive driver.特斯拉在庭审后发表声明称,没有据表明Autopilot在事故发生时处于运行状态,并称无论如何,Autopilot不是这一事故的原因,因为该技术只是一种驾驶辅助系统,协助一名注意力集中的驾车者。Repeat warnings for the driver to maintain vehicle control were not heeded in this case, the statement said. 特斯拉的声明称,在本案中,有关驾驶者必须保持对汽车控制的一再警告没有被听取。Even though an upcoming obstacle was visible for nearly 20 seconds, the driver did not take any action to avoid it or do anything else to maintain control of the vehicle. 即使迎面的障碍出现了近20秒,驾车者也没有采取任何行动避开它,也没有采取别的行动保持对汽车的控制。When used properly, the data is unequivocal that Autopilot results in a statistically significant improvement in safety, it concluded.在使用得当的情况下,数据毫不含糊地说明,Autopilot带来在统计学上显著的安全改善,声明总结称。Tesla China is a fully owned subsidiary of Tesla Motors and Tesla’s sole representative in China, registered to sell parts and cars wholesale to dealers but not to manufacture or sell them to customers directly.特斯拉中国是特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)全资子公司,也是特斯拉在中国的唯一代表,向经销商批发销售零部件和整车,业务范围不包括制造或者直接向消费者销售。Mr Gao is also asking for Rmb10,000 (,499) in damages.高巨斌还索赔1万元人民币(合1499美元)。Tesla’s Autopilot has been the subject of much debate since the Florida crash, but received some support from the US government yesterday with the release of the first formal guidelines for its use on US roads.自佛罗里达州发生那起车祸以来,特斯拉的Autopilot一直是很多辩论的焦点,但昨日获得美国政府的持;美国发布了首份关于在美国道路上使用该技术的正式指引。In China, Tesla’s promotion of the beta-technology and its safety began stirring public discussion in August, when a Tesla owner posted online a dash-cam clip of his Model S striking a parked car on a Beijing motorway, further claiming he had been misled about its capabilities.在中国,特斯拉推销试验阶段技术以及这种技术的安全性在8月份引发公众热议,当时一名特斯拉车主在网上贴出了仪表盘摄像头拍摄的一段视频,显示他的Model S在北京的高速公路上撞上一辆停着的汽车;这名车主进一步声称,在这种技术的功能上,他被误导了。Mr Gao is asking Tesla to release all data from the car and for the court to rule on whether Autopilot was active during the crash, according to case documents. 根据诉讼文件,高巨斌要求特斯拉发布从涉案汽车提取的所有数据,并请求法院裁决Autopilot在碰撞发生时是否处于运行状态。He additionally filed a request yesterday, asking that the dealership stop using the word Autopilot when promoting Tesla vehicles and apologise for falsely promoting the product.昨日他提交一份附加请求,要求经销商在推销特斯拉汽车时停止使用Autopilot一词,并就虚假宣传产品道歉。The allegations raise a further question about Tesla’s transparency in bringing crashes where Autopilot is implicated to the attention of the public.这些指控引发了有关特斯拉把牵涉到Autopilot的碰撞事故告知公众的透明度问题。Though the fatal crash occurred in January, Tesla did not release a statement until a report from China’s official state broadcaster CCTV last Wednesday cast a spotlight on the court case.虽然这起致命道路交通事故发生在今年1月,但特斯拉一直没有发布声明——直到中国官方的中央电视台(CCTV)上周三的一则报道令人关注这起司法案件。 /201609/467554

Want to have a birthday party 140 kilometers above the ground, or dance weightlessly with your loved one? Just wait for a few years.想要在距离地面140公里高的地方办个生日派对,或是与你所爱的人在失重的情况下跳舞?只要在等几年就可以了!A newly established commercial space company in China expects to start providing space journeys for people with enough cash as early as 2020.我国一家新成立的商业太空公司预计最早于2020年开始为不差钱的顾客提供太空旅行。Han Qingping, president of ChinaRocket Co, said the company will develop a 10-ton reusable spacecraft and use it to ferry three to five travelers to a height of 80 km for a new perspective on the mother planet and experience weightlessness.中国长征火箭公司总裁韩庆平表示,该公司将打造重10吨、可重复使用的飞行器,用其将3-5名旅客送往8万米的高空,使他们能以全新的视角观赏地球并体验失重。That is the upper part of the mesosphere, higher than jets and balloons can travel, but just below the height where satellites fly.这个位置是地球大气层中层的上部,高于飞机和气球能到达的高度,但略低于卫星飞行的高度。Tang Yagang, deputy head of CALT#39;s space activity department, said ChinaRocket will offer four types of rockets to the commercial launch market, covering all orbits suitable for commercial space missions.中国运载火箭技术研究院航天活动部副主任唐亚刚表示,中国长征火箭将会为商业发射市场提供四种火箭,覆盖所有适合太空商业任务的轨道。;Three of the four rockets are off-the-shelf models because they are based on the current Long March series. The two liquid-fueled rockets will launch payloads to sun-synchronous orbit, low Earth orbit and geosynchronous orbit.; Tang explained.唐亚刚解释道:“在这四种火箭中,有三种是非专门设计的,因为它们都是基于目前的长征系列。其中用液体燃料推进的两种火箭将会发射至太阳同步轨道、低轨道和地球同步轨道。” /201611/477312

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