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贵阳妇幼保健医院腹腔镜手术贵州省贵阳市天伦医院检查不育好不好贵州省贵阳市天伦医院性激素检查费用 听力参考文本:Walking through an empty parking structure or some public place that isnt crowded or well-lit can inspire the imagination and bring on a case of the creeps.It can make people feel the place is unsafe, even when theres no evidence.University of Michigan marketing professor Aradhna Krishna wanted to figure out if the right mix of sounds can make us feel safe.Krishna is the director of the Sensory Marketing Lab at the Ross School of Business, and says theyve been conducting a study on the effects that sound has on our perception of safety.In a field study at a parking garage, Krishna says they played different types of sounds that they suspected might alter the way the space is perceived.;Our hypothesis going in was that certain kinds of vocal sounds … would create a feeling of safety,; she says.Krishna says they chose bird sounds because of the similarity they share to human vocal sounds both, ;in their melody and in their language.;She explains they were thinking that bird sounds within the stairwells of the parking structure might create a sense of social presence which would in turn create a perception of safety.As controls, Krishna says they tested using conditions of silence and of music that was similar to the bird sounds in tone and tempo.;Indeed, the bird sounds created a higher sense of safety,; she tells us.The experiment was recreated using conditions of human vocal sounds, classical music and silence. According to Krishna, while the human sounds did score a little higher than the bird sounds, both performed much better than either music or silence in terms of creating a sense of safety.Krishna says they conducted other experiments for which they created s shot from a first person perspective of a person walking through a parking garage or through a subway station.They showed these s to people, and by changing the background music, Krishna says they were able to observe a notable difference both in perception of safety and willingness to purchase a subway pass.So background sound and music can indeed change the way we perceive the space around us, according to Krishna, at least as far as safety goes.She says the takeaway is twofold.;Firstly, we would advocate using vocal music in places which were indeed safe aly, and you wanted to make people realize that these were safe,; Krishna says.;But on the other hand we do not want people to use vocal sounds in areas that are indeed unsafe to create this false perception of safety. So you have to use these results in a very careful way.;-Ryan Grimes, Stateside201508/392713The Beatles Yesterday is widely considered one of the most iconic songs of all time.On the track, you can hear Paul McCartney playing his famed Epiphone Texan.For nearly four decades, the Epiphone has sported a Red Wings decal, all thanks to Mike Kudzia of Clinton Township.Kudzia tells us he was just swinging by Olympia Stadium the night of the Wings concert in 1976 to pick up a paycheck when his coworkers invited him to stay for the rest of the show.;It was a great show, I was really enjoying it,; he says. And then he was struck with an idea.;Here was a band thats called Paul McCartney and Wings, and hes at the stadium of the Red Wings … So I thought the two kind of went together and I thought it would be kind of nice to present him with a Red Wings sticker to put on his guitar.;Using the knowledge he gained as an employee of the stadium, Kudzia worked his way backstage where he found McCartney.After he presented the sticker, Kudzia says McCartney ;looked dumbfounded at me.;;He had a blank look on his face, like, why would we do something like that?; he says.Kudzia tells us he didnt find out that McCartney actually did end up using the sticker until 2011, when a Facebook friend went to the artists concert and posted a picture showing the guitar.;For a moment I was like, in a shock,; Kudzia says. ;I had to go back 40 years in my memory to remember that night that I actually did it.;He did some digging online and soon discovered that a sort of urban legend had sprung up concerning where McCartney got the sticker.;I realized, Im the only guy that really knows how he got it,; he says. ;It was kind of funny to me, thinking that, yes, here I gave it to him and he had that blank look on his face … and then he actually did do it.;201510/405306贵阳/治疗龟头炎那个医院好

贵州天伦医院能治无精症吗Monetary policy货币政策Tight, loose, irrelevant或紧或松没有关系Interest rates do not seem to affect investment as economists assume利率似乎并不像经济学家假设的那样影响投资IT IS Economics 101. If central bankers want to spur economic activity, they cut interest rates. If they want to dampen it, they raise them. The assumption is that, as it becomes cheaper or more expensive for businesses and households to borrow, they will adjust their spending accordingly. But for businesses in America, at least, a newstudy* suggests that the accepted wisdom on monetary policy is broadly (but not entirely) wrong.上过经济学101课程的人都知道:如果中央想刺激经济,那么它会降低利率;而如果它想遏制经济过度膨胀,就会提高利率。我们这样说的前提假设是:当企业家或家庭贷款的成本增加或降低时,他们会相应地调整出。但是一项最新的调查显示,对于企业家们,至少是美国的企业家,这个公认的货币政策原理在经常是错误的(但不完全错误)。Using data stretching back to 1952, the paper concludes that market interest rates, which central banks aim to influence when they set their policy rates, play some role in how much firms invest, but not much. Other factors—most notably how profitable a firm is and how well its shares do—are far more important (see chart). A government that wants to pep up the economy, says S.P. Kothari of the Sloan School of Management, one of the authors, would have more luck with other measures, such as lower taxes or less onerous regulation.使用1952年以来的数据,这篇论文得出这样一个结论:央行希望通过制定利率政策来控制市场利率,这个市场利率对企业投资具有一定影响作用,但作用并不大。而其他因素,尤其是企业获利能力和股票收益情况,则更加显著地影响投资。其中一名来自斯隆管理学院的作者S.P. Kothari说道:如果政府希望刺激经济,应该多采取除货币政策以外的其他措施,比如降低企业税收、减少企业法律义务。Establishing what drives business investment is difficult, not least because it expands and contracts far more dramatically than the economy as a whole. These shifts were particularly manic in the late 1950s (both up and down), mid-1960s (up), and 2000s (down, up, then down again). Overall, investment has been in slight decline since the early 1980s.建立一种刺激企业投资的机制是很困难的,不仅仅是因为它扩张和相互联系的方式远远比经济整体更加复杂。这种波动在这些时段表现得尤为显著:20世纪50年代末(有上涨也有下跌)、60年代中叶(上涨)、2000年代(先涨后跌,然后又涨)。总体来说,从20世纪80年代早期开始,投资增速就开始慢慢减缓了。Having sifted through decades of data, however, the authors conclude that neither volatility in the financial markets nor credit-default swaps, a measure of corporate credit risk that tends to influence the rates firms pay, has much impact. In fact, investment often rises when interest rates go up and volatility increases.然而,通过仔细研究几十年的数据,这篇论文的作者得出这样一个结论:无论是金融市场波动率还是信用违约掉期费率(一个衡量企业信贷风险的指标,通常会影响企业投资所付的利率),对企业投资都无显著冲击。实际上,当利率提高、市场波动增强时,企业投资通常会增加。Investment grows most quickly, though, in response to a surge in profits and drops with bad news. These ups and downs suggest shifts in investment go too far and are often ill-timed. At any rate, they do little good: big cuts can substantially boost profits, but only briefly; big increases in investment slightly decrease profits.虽然投资随着繁荣而快速增加,随着经济下滑而快速减少;但是这种波动却表明,投资的变动波幅太大,并且通常是滞后的。不管利率是高是低,投资的变动对经济刺激作用都很小:大幅增加投资确实可以持续促进盈利,但这个作用很小;而大幅减少投资也只能轻微地降低利润。Companies, Mr Kothari says, tend to dwell too much on recent experience when deciding how much to invest and too little on how changing circumstances may affect future returns. This is particularly true in difficult times. Appealing opportunities may exist, and they may be all the more attractive because of low interest rates. That should matter—but the data suggest it does not.Kothari先生说,企业在决定投资多少时,往往过多地关注于近期的经验,而很少关注利率变动对未来收益会有何影响。在低谷的时候这种现象更加严重。赚大钱的机会是存在的,并且当利率很低时,投资会变得更具吸引力。利率应当是影响投资的--但数据表明事实并非如此。译者:柯维 译文属译生译世 /201410/337460铜仁市男科医院哪家好 Alibaba阿里巴巴Under scrutiny一审再审American regulators are investigating Chinas e-commerce giant美国监管机构正调查中国电商巨头“WE HAVE from time to time been subject to PRC and foreign government inquiries and investigations.” So declared form 20-F, a regulatory filing submitted by Alibaba, Chinas biggest e-commerce firm, to Americas Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 24th. It is tempting to dismiss this as boilerplate language. All foreign firms listed in America (Alibaba trades on the New York Stock Exchange) are required to file this document regularly. In fact, it is not inconsequential. The filing revealed that Alibaba is the target of an ongoing SEC investigation into its accounting practices. The companys shares fell sharply after the news became public.中国最大的电商—阿里巴巴在5月24日上交给美国券交易委员会(SEC)的20-F年报(译者注:监管文件,20-F是对那些注册地不在美国的上市公司所要求的年报,美国本土的上市公司用10-K格式的年报)称:“我们时常受到国内和外国政府的调查和问讯。”这样的说法很难不被当成是打官腔。所有在美上市的外国企业(阿里巴巴在纽约券交易所公开交易)需要定期填写相关文件。然而事实上这并非无关紧要。监管文件显示阿里巴巴已经成为美国券交易委员会调查会计实务的目标。消息曝光后,该公司的股票急剧下跌。The SEC appears to have three areas of concern. It wants to know more about the Cainiao Network, a logistics joint venture worth .7 billion in which Alibaba has a 47% stake. The agency also wants data on “Singles Day”, an annual marketing promotion that last year apparently generated .3 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) on one day. As GMV is not a recognised term in GAAP, the accounting standard used in America, the SEC may be digging into this claim.美国券交易委员会要考虑的主要是三个方面。菜鸟网络科技公司便是其中之一,这个公司是市值77亿美元的合资的物流公司,阿里巴巴持有47%的股份。除此以外委员会还想了解“光棍节”(一年一度的营销推广日)的数据,去年这个节日仅一天的总交易额(GMV)达到了143亿美元。但GMV并不是美国使用的会计准则GAAP(Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)认可的条款,美国监会(SEC)可能会对此深入调查。 译文属译生译世 /201606/449163贵阳/男科不孕不育症

贵州省贵阳市天伦医院做多囊卵巢手术好不好 If you want to fill a sink or bathtub with water, you need to do one thing first and thats stopper or plug up the drainpipe.如果你想把水槽或浴缸放满水,你需要做的第一件事这就是用塞子之类的东西堵住排水管。Later, when you unplug the stopper, the used water will go rushing out down the drain.然后,当你拔掉塞子之后,用过的水就会漏进下水道里。Hopefully, nothing valuable (such as a diamond ring) will be in that water, because after the water flows down the drain, it is gone forever.我们都希望不要有什么贵重的东西(比如钻戒)掉在水里——因为水流进下水道之后,这些贵重东西永远也找不回来了。Anything that was mistakenly dropped into the water will therefore also disappear down the drain, and then it will be very difficult probably impossible to get it back.任何掉在水里的东西将最终落入下水道里——这将非常困难——恐怕不可能——把它找回来了。From the sad reality of losing a cherished object down a sink or bathtub drain comes this idiom, meaning to do or attempt to do something that ultimately will be lost forever.通过这个直观的解释,我们理解了这个成语。它的意思是“做或试图做一些最终将永远失去的事情”。It can also mean to put great effort into a wasted activity.同时,它还含有“将巨大的努力浪费在无用的事情上”的意思。 /201502/358065黔南州治疗性功能障碍多少钱贵州省贵阳天伦医院输卵管通液



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