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品牌英语口语00句(18):散发着自信 --9 ::56 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. You’re given a raw deal.对你太不公平了#9658;raw deal 苛待;不公平的待遇gt;gt;美音流行美语第80课 真想踢自己一脚lt;lt;. I just know her by name.我知道她,但没打过交道#9658;by name 名叫...I met a man, Jack by name. 我遇到一个名叫杰克的人与know连用,know...by name 只知其名再来记个容易混淆的词 in name 名义上,徒有虚名e.g. He is a teacher in name, but he works in the office all day. 他名义上是个教师,可他整天在办公室工作3. You’re only his cat’s paw.你只是他的工具而已#9658;cat paw 傀儡;受人利用者,给人当工具的人有一个童话故事是讲,一只猴子骗猫,让猫为它取出火里的烤栗子结果猴子美餐一顿,可怜的猫爪却被烫满了水泡猫爪就成了为他人火中取栗的牺牲品. I’ve got knots in my stomach.我心里疙疙瘩瘩的5. A guy heckled me.一个家伙搅我的局6. He sent me profuse apologies.他反复道歉7. Then I had a brainstorm.突然我灵机一动8. Music can be a mood enhancer.音乐使人精神好9. She exudes confidence.她浑身散发着自信. So you get the best of both worlds.这样岂不两全其美?#9658;getmake the best of both worlds 两全其美 口语生活口语:老外叫外卖会用到的英语口语 -01-7 :: 来源: Order clerk: Hello, Torino’s Restaurant.1. 你好Torino 餐厅Nancy: Hello, I’d like to place a delivery order..你好我想叫一份外卖Order clerk: Can I have your address and the major cross streets, please?3. 您的地址在哪里?哪两条路的交叉口?Nancy: It’s Main Street, and the nearest cross streets are Speedway and Highland.. 大街, Speedway Highland 路口.Order clerk: Okay, it looks like you’re in our delivery area. What would you like to order?5. 好的你应该在我们的送货范围之内你想叫点什么?Nancy: I’d like an order of spaghetti. Does that come with any sides?6. 我想要一份意大利面有什么配菜么?Order clerk: You have a choice of soup or salad.7. 你可以选份汤或者色拉Nancy: I’ll have the salad.8. 那我要色拉吧Order clerk: Is that all? We have a $ minimum delivery orders.9. 就这些吗?外卖满$才起送Nancy: In that case, I’ll also take an appetizer sampler plate.. 这样的话,再来份开胃菜sampler plate(不知谁知道sampler plate或者sampler platter如何翻译) Order clerk: Okay, that’s one order of spaghetti and an appetizer sampler plate. You’re still short. Would you like a drink or some dessert?. 好的,您点了一份意大利面和一份开胃菜sampler plate您还差.要来一份饮料或者甜点么?Nancy: I’ll take an iced tea.. 给我来杯冰茶吧Order clerk: All right, but you’re still a dollar short.. 好的,不过您还差1美元呢Nancy: What can I get a dollar?. 一美元能买什么呀?Order clerk: There’s nothing on the a dollar, ma’am.. 一美元什么都不能买,夫人Nancy: And you won’t deliver my $ order?. 而且你们$不能起送?Order clerk: That’s our policy, ma’am.. 这是店里的制度,夫人 Nancy: All right, you win. Give me an order of b. How long will that take?18. 好吧给我一份面包要多久才能到? Order clerk: You should get your food in about an hour.19. 大概一小时后能送到您的那里 Nancy: An hour?!?. 一个小时?!? Order clerk: Yes, ma’am. You’ve ordered a lot of food and it takes time us to prepare it.1. 是呀夫人您刚才点了好多东西,我们得花时间去做呀 英语口语 口语 生活 clerk:Life is a song--sing it; Life is a game--play it; Life is a challenge--meet it; Life is a dream--realize it; Life is a sacrifice--offer it; Life is love--enjoy it.人生是一首歌曲,歌唱它;人生是一场游戏,玩好它;生活是一种挑战,迎接它;人生是一场梦,实现它;人生是一种牺牲,奉献它:人生是一场爱,享受它! 587地道美语:give her a coffee 小联谊会 -01-7 18:6:6 来源: give her a coffee学期就快要结束时,女儿同学的妈妈告诉我说,Mrs Grystal就要退休了,我问她是不是办个惜别会之类的表示感谢,她回答说:Well,we'll give her a coffee after church service!我想只是送人一罐咖啡太简单太便宜了吧!她看我不解的样子,赶快解释说:Of course,not really a can of coffee,it means a patty,原来一个coffee指的是小联谊会,大家喝咖啡吃吃点心,送些小礼物,场面温馨感人就行了! 美语 地道 coffee 咖啡

口语总结:总用总忘的口语及词组(浓缩精华版) -- :58:19 来源: I've been back and th.我犹豫不定what was tonight?今晚本来要做什么?this is so meant to be!这就是天意!she's gonna be crushed.她会崩溃的he can't come to the phone now.他现在不能接电话y a refill?我再给你倒一杯吧?I love what u have done with this place.我喜欢这里的布置I can't feel my hands.我手麻了have an affair 外遇will anyone miss me if i weren't here?我在不在这里有什么区别吗?I saw a lot of stuff.我大开眼界了、call security 通知警卫does sth. mean squat to u?对你来说sth屁不是吗?what's up with the greedy?怎么这么贪啊?work an extra shift 多轮一班go on, i dare u!有种你就去!u r a freak!你这个变态!I sensed it was u.我感觉到是你了、I apologize on behalf of him.我替他道歉why are u changing the subject?为什么要转移话题?there's no need to place blame.没有指责的必要it's gonna leave a stain这要留印子的I have part of the fault.我也有责任they are all well received 收到的反响都很好talk u up 说你的好话stand firm to 努力坚持I was just leering 我只是用余光看看organize my thoughts 整理思绪get a little preoccupied 事先有事no way to recover 没有掩饰的机会了Intern 实习生admire your candor你还真胆大we are rolling摄像机正在拍摄go through this stack 看看这一叠r u spying on me?你监视我?just messing with u!跟你开玩笑呢!enough is enough!闹够了flyers 寻人(物)海报it's insensitive of me我这么做很伤人nod along 跟着点头a totally separate subject 完全题外话I thought it was the other way around 我以为是反过来的close my bank 注销卡I feel wild today 我今天好亢奋!I'm kind of beat 我有点累了can u get the door?你能去开门吗make a huge fool of myself 出了洋相r u mocking me?你嘲笑我?sth.is beyond crap 那是扯淡any luck?找到了吗?don't u rush me.别催我!it doesn't count.那不算she's healed.她好了(病或者伤害)overreact 反应过度patch things up with sb.和某人修复关系corss that off my list 从单子上划掉how did it go?怎么样?present an award 颁奖cut him some slack 放他一马get over with 忘记get in line排队(everybody get in line)大家排好队I don't have the energy this我没有能力应付这个you got me.你还真问住我了 口语 精华 总结 with

我们每个人都可能遭遇困境,并且它时常发生有些大灾难不是即刻发生就是待在角落等待时机忽视逆境其实就是在欺骗自己Success Is a ChoiceAll of us ought to be able to prepare the predictable challenges and setbacks that crop up every day. If we expect that life won't be perfect, we'll be able to avoid an impelling ce to quit. But even if you are strong enough to persist through the obstacle course of life and work, sometimes you will encounter an harmful event that will completely knock you on your back.Whether it's a financial loss, the loss of respect of your peers or loved ones, or some other traumatic event in your life these major setbacks leave you doubting yourself and wondering if things can ever change the better again.Adversity happens to all of us, and it happens all the time. Some m of major adversity is either going to be there or it's lying in wait just around the corner. To ignore adversity is to yield to the ultimate self-delusion.But you must recognize that history is full of examples of men and women who achieved greatness despite facing difficulties so steep that they easily could have crushed their spirit and left them lying in the dust. Moses was a stutterer, yet he was called on to be the voice of God. Abraham Lincoln over- came a difficult childhood, depression, the death of two sons,and constant ridicule during the Civil War to become arguably our greatest president ever. Helen Keller made an impact on the world despite being deaf, dumb, and blind from an early age. Franklin Roosevelt had polio.There are endless examples. These were people who not only looked adversity in the face but learned valuable lessons about overcoming difficult circumstances and were able to move ahead. 3955

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