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2018年09月22日 15:14:13

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un...is this beginning of a beautiful bromance?普京和金正恩,这是一段美好兄弟情的开始吗?Increasingly isolated from the leaders ofmajor world powers, Russian President Vladimir Putins governme nt announced on Wednesday that it had entered into a ;Year of Friendship; with nuclear-armed pariah state North Korea.由于渐渐受到世界主要强国的领导人孤立,俄总统普京政府周三宣称已经与拥有核武器的国家朝鲜进入了“朝俄友好年”。Russia and North Korea announced thearrangement through their respective government-owned media outlets. The Korean Central News Agency said the move ;was caused by their joint bid to achieve ahigher level in political, economic and cultural relations.;俄罗斯和朝鲜通过各自的媒体宣布了这个安排。朝中社说这个举动是为了;加强政治,经济和文化方面的关;。Russias ambassador to North Korea, Alexander Matsegora, said that Putin and North Korean leader KimJo un are in frequent contact. ;An active political dialogue ismaintained at the highest and high level,; Ma tsegora told Russian news agency TASS. ;The leaders of the two countries regularly exchange messages.;俄罗斯驻朝鲜大使说普京和朝鲜领导人金正恩正在频繁接触。“双方的政治会谈以最高的级别在进行着,”他对俄塔社说:“两国领导人经常交换信息”。Matsegora said that Russia believes thereis room for significant expansion of the economic relationship between the two countries. ;Taking into account the considerable unused potential, we are not yet satisfied with the level of its development,; he said. ;A lot has to be done in this direction in the future.; This would include financial cooperation, as well as trade and investment deals.他说俄罗斯方面相信两国在经济合作方面还有很大的扩展空间;考虑到还有很多的潜力没有被利用到,所以我们对目前的合作水平还不是很满意。”他说;在这方面未来还有很多的事情需要做。”这将包括金融合作,以及贸易和投资协议。来 /201503/364171广州白云药流大约多少钱A media firestorm has swept across the US since Aug 9 when Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.8日,18岁黑人青年迈克尔#8226;布朗在美国密苏里州弗格森市遭一名警察击后身亡,事件引发媒体热议。Residents in the area took to the streets to protest what they feel is racial injustice in US law enforcement practices. Protests carried on for days and grew so intense in certain areas that the police deployed military-grade armored vehicles, tear gas and rubber bullets.当地民众纷纷上街抗议,认为这是美国执法中的种族歧视。抗议持续数天,在一些地区愈演愈烈,警察甚至派出军事装甲车,并动用催泪瓦斯与橡胶子弹。Brown was initially stopped by the officer for jaywalking. When confrontation ensued, the officer, who is white, shot Brown at least six times. The officer claims he acted in self-defense. Brown was unarmed at the time he was killed. An investigation into what really happened is currently underway. But many people are wondering if the same thing would have happened had Brown been white.起初,布朗因乱穿马路被警察拦住,在随后的双方对峙中,一名白人警察至少向布朗连开6。虽然该警察称自己是正当防卫,但布朗被射杀身亡时手中并无武器。目前,事件真相正在进一步调查中。然而,很多人却提出质疑:如果布朗是一名白人,惨剧是否还会重演?The killing of Brown might be the catalyst of the Ferguson unrest, but as explanatory journalism website Vox.com points out, the underlying cause of the turmoil is years of racial tensions between Ferguson’s minority communities, police, and local government.布朗之死也许是弗格森骚乱的导火索,但正如解释性新闻网站Vox.com所言,弗格森地区的少数民族群体、警察与当地政府间多年来紧张的种族矛盾才是造成这场骚乱的根本原因。Prior to the shooting, Americans were aly discussing the history of police violence against black men, and general racism as well. In 2012 Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen, was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch guard in Florida. The guard, George Zimmerman, was acquitted of all charges related to the killing.早在击案发生之前,关于警察对待黑人暴力执法,以及普遍存在的种族歧视就曾遭到美国民众的热议012年,弗罗里达州一名手无寸铁的黑人青年特雷沃恩#8226;马丁被附近社区警卫射杀身亡,而这位名叫乔#8226;齐默尔的警卫最后却被无罪释放。An old problem问题由来已久But this time in Ferguson, the problems may have been worsened by the lack of black representation in local government. According to the US Census Bureau, Ferguson is about 67 percent black. But both its mayor and police chief are white. Out of 53 commissioned police officers, only three are black, according to the Los Angeles Times.此次,导致弗格森事件继续恶化的一大原因或许是当地政府中缺少黑人代表。美国人口普查局数据显示,弗格森人口总数中约67%为黑人,但该市市长与警察局局长均为白人。而据《洛杉矶时报》报道,当地雇佣3名警察中,只名为黑人。The disparities also apply to the number of police actions against white and black residents. A report from the Missouri attorney general’s office found black people made up more than 93 percent of arrests carried out by Ferguson police in 2013.此外,差异还体现在被警察对白人与黑人居民的执法数量上:来自密苏里州司法部长办公室的报告显示,2013年弗格森警察逮捕人数中,93%以上均为黑人。US president Barack Obama, in a speech calling for calm in Ferguson on Aug 18, acknowledged the deep racial divisions that continue to plague not only Ferguson but cities across the US, reported The New York Times.据《纽约时报》报道,89日,美国总统奥巴马发表演讲,呼吁弗格森民众保持冷静,并承认:不仅是弗格森、整个美国都存在巨大的种族差异。“In too many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement,Obama said. “In too many communities, too many young men of color are left behind and seen only as objects of fear.”奥巴马说,“在全国的太多社区,当地居民和执法部门之间都存在着一条不信任的鸿沟,在太多社区,有太多的有色人种青年被社会抛弃,并被视为恐惧的对象。”Annette Gordon-Reed, writing in the Financial Times, points out that the US has yet to overcome its tortured racial past. Deep-rooted prejudices have made black people, particularly young black men, presumptive criminals outside the boundaries of full citizenship, Gordon-Reed says.安妮#8226;戈登#8226;里德在《金融时报》中指出,美国仍未摆脱种族对立的历史阴影,根深蒂固的偏见让黑人群体,尤其是年轻的黑人群体被假定为罪犯,将他们隔离在充分享有公民权的边界之外。This conclusion can be drawn if one looks at the record of police conduct, says Gordon-Reed —“from instances of brutal treatment of blacks in custody, to racial disparities in drug arrests and sentencing戈登#8226;里德还说,如果查看美国警察执法记录,结论就不言而喻——“从黑人群体在监狱中遭到粗鲁对待,到毒品逮捕与量刑时的种族歧视”,这样的例子比比皆是。来 /201409/325344增城妇幼保健院人工授精A spokesman for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blasted Karl Rove on Tuesday afternoon, days after his comments questioning her health at a New York City conference became public.据外媒报道,继美国前总统布什顾问卡尔·罗夫质疑前国务卿希拉里的健康问题后,53日下午,希拉釷克林顿的发言人炮轰卡尔·罗夫。According to a New York Post report, Rove suggested multiple times during the conference Clinton may have suffered a ;traumatic brain injury; when she was hospitalized in 2012 for a blood clot caused by a concussion she suffered in a fall.据《纽约时报》报道,罗夫在会议中多次暗示克林顿可能患“脑损伤”,因为她曾012年因脑震荡产生血凝块住院。Though Clintons team refuted Roves remarks in the Posts story, spokesman Nick Merrill went further Tuesday afternoon in a statement provided to Business Insider. Merrill said Roves behavior was ;its own form of sickness; and an attempt to make a false political issue out of Clintons health. ;From the moment this happened seventeen months ago, the Right has politicized her health,; Merrill said in the statement. ;First they accused her of faking it, now they’ve resorted to the other extreme and are flat out lying. Even this morning, Karl Rove is still all over the map and is continuing to get the facts wrong. But he doesn’t care, because all he wants to do is inject the issue into the echo chamber, and hes succeeding. It’s flagrant and thinly veiled.;尽管克林顿团队反驳了罗夫在《华盛顿邮报》上的言论,发言人梅里尔还是3日下午进一步在Business Insider(美国知名科技客)上发表声明,指责罗夫这样做是因为他自己“有病”,所以企图制造关于克林顿身体健康的虚假政治话题。“这件事发生7个月前,右翼派一直将她的健康问题政治化,他们之前指责希拉里假装生病,现在又采取另一个极端手段,制造谎言。”梅里尔在声明中说。甚至到今天早上为止,卡尔·罗夫仍然继续颠倒是非。但是他并不在乎事实本身,他只是想成功地挑起话题,他的行为如此明目张胆,目的一览无遗。Merrill also suggested Rove and other conservatives are afraid of Clinton.梅里尔还暗示罗夫和其他保守党在害怕克林顿;They are scared of what she has achieved and what she has to offer. What he’s doing is its own form of sickness,; Merill said.“他们在害怕希拉里取得的成绩和贡献,他这样做才是有病。”Merrill also repeated the Clinton camps initial response to the Post story, which was that her physical condition is ;100%, period.;梅里尔同时重申了克林顿阵营对《华盛顿邮报》的最初回应,认为希拉里百分之百健康;Time for them to move on to their next desperate attack,; he said.“现在将是他们进行下一轮攻击的时候了。”Rove backtracked slightly on his reported comments Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News. However, he said her health will be a concern in a potential 2016 run for president ;whether she likes it or not.;罗夫在福克斯新闻中否认了他在13日发表的言论。然而,他依旧表示,不管她乐不乐意,她的健康问题可能会影响到2016年的总统竞选;I didn’t say she had brain damage,; Rove said. ;My point was, is that Hillary Clinton wants to run for president, but she would not be human if this didn’t enter in as a consideration. And my other point is, this will be an issue in the 2016 race, whether she likes it or not.;“我没有说她患有脑损伤,我的观点是,因为希拉釷克林顿想要竞选总统,我们必须考虑这个问题。并且,不管她乐意与否,这都将成016总统竞选的一个问题。”来 /201405/298923广州白云妇科白带检查

广州做人流的医院哪个好广东省长安医院治弱精ATHENS Greece rejected the punishing economics of austerity on Sunday and sent a warning signal to the rest of Europe as the left-wing Syriza party won a decisive victory in national elections, positioning its tough-talking leader, Alexis Tsipras, to become the next prime minister.雅典——周日,随着左翼政党激进左翼联Syriza)在全国大选中赢得决定性胜利,使得该党语气强硬的领导人亚历克西斯·齐普拉Alexis Tsipras)成为下一任总理,雅典开始抵制严格的经济紧缩政策,并向欧洲其他国家发出了一个警告信号。With 60 percent of the vote counted, Syriza had 36 percent, almost eight points ahead of the governing center-right New Democracy Party of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who had conceded defeat. The only uncertainty was whether Syriza would muster an outright parliamentary majority or if it would have to form a coalition.在目前已经统计的60%的选票中,激进左翼联盟赢得了36%的投票,领先执政党——现任总理安东尼斯·萨马拉斯(Antonis Samaras)领导的中右翼政党新民主党(New Democracy Party)将近八个百分点,萨马拉斯已经承认败选。唯一不确定的是,激进左翼联盟是会获得议会的大多数席位,还是需要组成联合政府。Appearing before a throng of supporters outside Athens University late Sunday night, Mr. Tsipras, 40, declared that the era of austerity was over and promised to revive the Greek economy. He also said his government would not allow Greece’s creditors to strangle the country.周日深夜0岁的齐普拉斯现身雅典大学(Athens University)校园外,对众多持者表示,紧缩时代结束了,并承诺重振希腊经济。他还表示,他领导的政府不会允许希腊的债主们压制希腊的发展。“Greece will now move ahead with hope, and reach out to Europe, and Europe is going to change,he said. “The verdict is clear: We will bring an end to the vicious circle of austerity.”“希腊现在将带着希望前进,向欧洲求助,而欧洲将会出现改变,”他说。“这个决定很明确:我们将终结紧缩举措的恶性循环。”Syriza’s victory is a dramatic milestone for Europe at a time when continuing economic weakness has stirred an angry, populist backlash from France to Spain to Italy, as more voters grow fed up with policies that demand sacrifice to address the discipline of financial markets without delivering more jobs and prosperity. Syriza is poised to become the first anti-austerity party to take power in a eurozone country, and would shatter the two-party political establishment that has dominated Greece for four decades.激进左翼联盟的胜利对于欧洲来说是一个戏剧性的里程碑,目前,欧洲经济依旧疲软,从法囀?西班牙到意大利,民众已被激怒,引发民粹主义反弹,越来越多的选民对紧缩政策感到厌烦,这种政策要求民众做出牺牲,对金融市场加以惩戒,却带不来工作机会和繁荣。激进左翼联盟即将成为欧元区国家中第一个反对紧缩政策的执政党,并且终结了希0年来的两党政治体制。“Democracy will return to Greece,said Mr. Tsipras, speaking earlier to a swarm of reporters and photographers as he cast his ballot in Athens. “The message is that our common future in Europe is not the future of austerity.”“希腊将回归民主,”齐普拉斯早些时候在雅典投票时对一群记者和摄影师说。“此次发出的信息是,欧洲共同的未来不是一个紧缩的未来。”Youthful, with a seemingly unflappable demeanor, Mr. Tsipras has worked diligently to soften his image as an anti-Europe radical, joking that his opponents had accused him of everything except stealing other men’s wives. On the campaign trail, he has promised to clean up Greece’s corrupt political system, reform the country’s public administration and reduce the tax burden on the middle class while cracking down on tax evasion by the country’s oligarchical business class.充满朝气、看起来从容不迫的齐普拉斯努力软化自己反欧洲激进分子的形象,并开玩笑称,他的对手对他提出了各种指责,除了与别人的老婆偷情。在参加竞选时,他承诺整顿希腊腐败的政治体系,对公共行政系统进行改革,减轻中产阶级税负,同时打击该国寡头商业阶层的逃税行为。But his biggest promise and the one that has stirred deep anxiety in Brussels and Berlin as well as on financial markets has been his pledge to force Greece’s creditors, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, to renegotiate the terms of the country’s 240 billion euro financial bailout. Squeezed by belt-tightening policies intended to stabilize the government’s finances, Greece has endured a historic collapse since the economic crisis, as economic output has shrunk by 25 percent and unemployment still hovers at roughly 26 percent.但他最重要的承诺是,迫使以德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)为首的债主们就2400亿欧约合2.07万亿元人民币)的金融援助计划条款重新进行谈判,这个承诺在布鲁塞尔、柏林及金融市场引发极大的担忧。旨在稳定政府财务状况的紧缩政策致使希腊捉襟见肘,自年经济危机以来,希腊经历了一场空前的崩溃,经济产出减5%,失业率仍旧6%上下徘徊。In setting up a showdown in coming weeks with Germany and the country’s other creditors, Mr. Tsipras has argued that easing the bailout terms would allow more government spending, stimulating more economic growth and employment as well as helping the Greeks who need it the most.为了在未来几周与德国及其他债主摊牌,齐普拉斯辩称,放宽援助计划条款将增加政府开,进一步刺激经济增长和就业,给最需要这种举措的希腊人带来帮助。“Tsipras won because those who imposed austerity never thought about the effects of such drastic policies that impoverished millions of people,said Paul De Grauwe, a professor at the London School of Economics and a former adviser to the European Commission. “In a world where people are so hit, they just don’t remain passive. Their reaction is to turn to the politicians who will change the process.”“齐普拉斯赢得选举是因为,那些实施紧缩政策的人从未想过这种极端政策带来的影响,这种政策让数以百万计的人陷入贫困,”伦敦政治经济学London School of Economics)教授、前欧盟委员European Commission)顾问保罗·德格罗韦(Paul De Grauwe)说。“遭受如此打击的人民,是不会逆来顺受的。他们的反应是求助于将会改变这一过程的政治人士。”Mr. Tsipras will face immediate challenges. Greece is still waiting for a 7 billion euro bailout payment that Athens needs to keep the government running and to pay off billions in debt obligations due in the coming months. He has also demanded that creditors write down at least half of Greece’s 319 billion euro public debt in order to give the country more breathing room for a spending stimulus that he says would give the economy a much-needed jolt.齐普拉斯很快就会面临挑战。希腊仍在等0亿欧元的援助资金,希腊人需要这笔钱维持政府运转,偿还未来几个月就要到期的数十亿欧元的债务。他还要求债主至少将希190亿欧元的公共债务减记一半,以便让该国有更多的喘息空间刺激消费。他认为,刺激消费将会给该国经济带来急需的提振。Mr. Tsipras has pledged immediate action, including restoring electricity to poor families who have lost services for unpaid bills. He has promised to raise the minimum wage to 751 euros a month from 586 euros a month for all workers; restore collective bargaining agreements;prohibit mass layoffs; and create 300,000 jobs.齐普拉斯许诺立即采取行动,包括向因未付账单而被断电的贫困家庭恢复供电。他还承诺将面向所有行业的最低工资从每月586欧元提高51欧元、恢复劳资双方集体谈判协议、禁止大规模裁员并创0万个就业岗位。Jens Weidmann, president of Bundesbank, the German central bank, warned that Greece would remain dependent on outside financial support and that the new Greek government “should not make promises that the country cannot afford.”德国央行德国联邦银Bundesbank)行长延斯·魏德Jens Weidmann)告诫称,希腊可能依然会依赖外部的财政持,并且新一届希腊政府“不应许下国家负担不起的诺言”。“I hope the new government won’t call into question what is expected and what has aly been achieved,Mr. Weidmann said in an interview with Germany’s public broadcaster.“我希望新一届政府不要质疑目标和当前现状,”魏德曼在接受德国公共广播公司的采访时说。On the streets of Athens, voters expressed a range of emotions as they went to the polls, from anger to betrayal to fear to hope.在雅典街头,选民在前往投票站时表现出了各种各样的情绪,有愤怒也有觉得被背叛,有恐惧也有希望。At a polling station in Mets, a middle-class district near central Athens, Achilleas Mandrakis, 47, said he runs a garage but was struggling to stay afloat after his wife lost her job at a shoe store. “I always voted New Democracy, and I never trusted the leftists,he said. “But enough is enough, really. We kept giving them a chance, but they messed up. They’ve made our lives miserable.在雅典市中心附近的中产阶级聚集区梅茨的一处投票站7岁的阿希里斯·曼德拉基Achilleas Mandrakis)说自己经营着一家汽车修理厂,但自从妻子失去了在一家鞋店的工作后,他就难以维持下去了。“我一直投新民主党,从不相信左翼,”他说。“但真的够了。我们一直给他们机会,但他们却搞砸了。他们害得我们生活悲惨。”“At least a different party might change something in this mess, anything.”“至少另一个政党可能会给这烂摊子带来一些变化,什么都行啊。”In a brief news conference late Sunday night, Mr. Samaras vowed that his party would continue to play a role in Greek politics and defended his government. “I received the country at the edge of a cliff,he said. “I was asked to take burning coals into my hands and I did it.”在周日深夜的新闻发布会上,萨马拉斯誓称他领导的政党将继续在希腊政坛发挥作用,并为他这一届政府进行了辩护。“我临危受命,接手这个国家,”他说。“我被要求接过烫手的山芋,我照做了。”Mr. Samaras said that Greece had moved away from deficits and recession and that his government had “restored the credibility of the country.”萨马拉斯表示,希腊已经摆脱了赤字和衰退,并且他领导的政府已经“恢复了国家的信誉”。For Syriza, the immediate question was whether the party would win the 151 seats needed to have an outright majority in Parliament. Projections showed that the result would be very close, and if he falls short, Mr. Tsipras might align with the fringe party, Independent Greeks, a center-right, anti-austerity movement that might push for a harder line in any debt negotiations. Early returns also showed that the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party was in third place with roughly 6 percent of the total vote.对激进左翼联盟来说,迫切的问题是,该党能否在议会赢得占绝对多数所需51个席位。预测显示,结果可能会非常接近,并且如果达不到这个席位数,齐普拉斯可能会与边缘政党独立希腊人(Independent Greeks)结盟。该党是一个中左翼反紧缩团体,可能会要求在一切债务谈判中采取更强硬的立场。早期反馈还显示,新法西斯主义政党金色黎明党(Golden Dawn)获得了大%的选票,位居第三。While Greece sees itself as being punished by creditorsdemands, Germany and a host of European officials have argued that Greece and other troubled eurozone nations must clean up the high debts and deficits at the root of Europe’s debt crisis. They say Athens has still failed to make enough headway on the structural reforms necessary to put the economy on better footing, and they are pressing Greece to raise billions of euros through more budgetary cutbacks and taxes.希腊认为自己是在债权人要求下接受惩罚,但德国和很多欧洲官员表示,希腊和其他身处困境的欧元区国家必须清理高额债务和赤字,它们是欧洲债务危机的根源。为了改善经济基础,必须进行结构改革,但他们表示,雅典依然未在这方面取得足够的进展。他们正在向希腊施压,要求其通过进一步削减预算和征税,以筹集数十亿欧元。Many analysts say Mr. Tsipras must moderate his campaign promises and take a more centrist approach if he wants to save the economy and keep Greece solvent. “That will be the best possible outcome for Greece and for Europe, because it would show that these protest movements ultimately recognize reality which is that they are in the euro, and they have to play by the rules,said Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington.许多分析人士表示,如果想挽救经济,保持希腊有偿债能力,齐普拉斯必须让自己的竞选承诺变得温和些,并采取更中间派的方式。“不管是对希腊还是欧洲来说,这可能都是最好的结果,因为事实会表明,这些抗议团体最终会承认现实,那就是,它们身在欧元区,必须遵守规则,”华盛顿彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute for International Economics)高级研究员雅各布·芬克·柯克加德(Jacob Funk Kirkegaard)说。Otherwise, he warned, “things could get a lot worse.”否则,他警告称,“形势会进一步恶化。”“Very, very quickly,he added.“而且会非常非常快,”他接着说。来 /201501/356854天河做无痛人流的费用At her campaign opening rally on Roosevelt Island on Saturday (to be distinguished from her campaign announcement, in April), Hillary Rodham Clinton donned her now-signature look: a bright blue pantsuit with a matching bright blue shirt underneath. She stuck out a mile, matched her H campaign logo which was also the design of her stage and looked appropriately patriotic, especially when standing next to Bill Clinton in his red polo.上周六,希拉釷罗德姆·克林Hillary Rodham Clinton)在罗斯福Roosevelt Island)举行了首场竞选集会(这与月份的竞选声明有所区别)。集会上,希拉里展示了当前的标志性形象:宝蓝色裤套装,内衬配同色衬衫。她非常醒目,和H形的竞选标识相称——集会演讲台也被设计成这个形状。希拉里体现了恰如其分的爱国感,尤其是当她站在身穿红色Polo衫的比尔·克林Bill Clinton)旁边时。So far, so expected, especially given her debut Instagram post: a series of red, white or blue pantsuits hanging in a row with the caption “Hard choices.”到目前为止,她的造型都在意料之中,尤其是想到她Instagram上的第一张照片:一排挂起来的红、白、蓝色的裤套装,图说是“困难的选择”。Mrs. Clinton has been extremely clever at co-opting the whole fashion-in-politics thing, defanging it and using it to demonstrate her quite developed sense of humor. It’s a tool for her these days, and not just when it comes to image.克林顿夫人一直以来都非常善于将“时尚政治”为自己所用,趋利避害,用以展示自己相当娴熟的幽默感。装现在已经变成了她的一个手段,而且不只在形象方面。Which is why it is worth thinking about. She is clearly considering it, as are her advisers, and using it to manipulate perception. As are all her competitors. Clothes are a political tool like any other. And that is why it was interesting to learn that the pantsuit she wore at her Roosevelt Island rally had been made by Ralph Lauren.这正是值得思考的地方。她和顾问们显然都对装进行了很多思量,用它来操控人们的看法。她的竞争对手们也都是这样。装和其他元素一样,是一种政治手段。所以,这就是为什么知晓她在罗斯福岛集会上穿的是拉夫·劳Ralph Lauren)裤套装会很有意思。On the one hand, this is a clever choice: Mrs. Clinton’s de facto dresser for the last few years had been Oscar de la Renta, and his death in October left her without a go-to label. She has known Mr. Lauren for a while: She presented him with the James Smithson Bicentennial Medal last June for his million donation to help restore the Betsy Ross flag, and wore another blue Ralph Lauren pantsuit to do so.一方面,这是个聪明的选择:过去几年,克林顿夫人的设计师其实是奥斯卡·德拉伦Oscar de la Renta)。去0月,德拉伦塔去世,致使克林顿夫人失去了惯用的品牌。她认识劳伦有一段时间了:去月,她给劳伦颁发詹姆斯·史密森两百年纪念奖James Smithson Bicentennial Medal),表彰他捐款1300万美元帮助修复贝齐·罗斯旗(Betsy Ross flag),当时她穿的是拉夫·劳伦的另一套蓝色裤套装。And his personal narrative Bronx boy made good pretty much embodies the American dream. The clothes he sells are, in part, based on the aesthetics of that dream: the West, and the Gatsby version of Long Island. He understands sartorial stagecraft as well as any designer on the New York Fashion Week calendar, if not better.拉夫·劳伦的个人故事——布朗克Bronx)出生的男孩通过努力获得成功——是美国梦的典型代表。他的装部分基于美国梦的审美:美国西部以及盖茨Gatsby)版长岛的风格。他熟悉裁剪技术以及纽约时装周上的每一位设计师(对后者可能更为熟悉)。Yet there’s a possible weak spot in the relationship. Because for a candidate who has been pushing her connection to, and understanding of, the middle class and whose speech while wearing the pantsuit was largely about closing the income gap Ralph Lauren is a relatively inaccessible brand. It is also one often worn by and beloved of that sector of the population, the chief executives and financial wizards, she somewhat disavowed.不过,希拉里和拉夫·劳伦的合作可能有个弱点。作为候选人,希拉里努力展现自己与中产阶级的联系以及对他们的理解,她身穿这身裤套装所进行的演讲也主要是关于缩小收入差距,但是拉夫·劳伦是一个相对昂贵的品牌。穿着、喜爱拉夫·劳伦的往往是首要高管和金融奇才这类人,对这部分人她多少有点否定。An average Ralph Lauren Women’s Collection pantsuit, which this was not, in other words, a style from the more accessible line, Lauren Ralph Lauren is a few thousand dollars (a pinstriped wool jacket alone, for example, is ,450 at the online store). That is out of reach for most voters.希拉里所穿的裤套装属于拉夫·劳伦女装精选系Ralph Lauren Women’s Collection),而非价格相对便宜的劳伦拉夫劳伦系Lauren Ralph Lauren)。精选系列的女装均价几千美元。比如一件细条纹羊毛外衣,在网店上的售价2450美元,大部分选民买不起。It might not matter, given that voters also want their candidates to look presidential, which generally means good. Except that one of the story lines surrounding Mrs. Clinton has been how she is out-of-touch with those she claims to represent. It seems to me that working with a famous and high-end designer could provide ammunition for the opposition. And why even take that chance?或许这也无伤大雅,选民也希望自己持的候选人看起来有点总统气质,总的来说就是穿好点。不过,人们围绕克林顿夫人展开的众多故事中,有这样一种看法:她和自己声称所代表的人群缺乏联系。在我看来,和一个著名高档设计师合作,可能会给对手留下把柄。为什么要冒这个险呢?But maybe the fashion issue, with its potential sexism charges, is just too touchy for anyone, except fashion people like me, to go there.不过,也许装问题及其潜在的性别歧视,对大部分人来说太过敏感,不敢提及,除了我这样的时尚界人士。Personally, if I were working out sartorial strategy on her team, I might suggest the issue be avoided entirely by opting for a contemporary label like Theory, which is known for its pantsuits, professional dressing and anonymity. Its chief executive, Andrew Rosen, is a fashion mogul who has made something of a personal mission out of saving the New York garment district.我个人的想法是,如果我在她的竞选团队里制订装策略,我可能会建议通过希尔Theory)这样的当代品牌来彻底避免授人话柄。希尔瑞以裤套装、职业装和大众化闻名。该品牌的首席执行官安德鲁·罗Andrew Rosen)是一位时尚大亨,从拯救纽约时装区开始,成就了一番事业。But that’s me. And to be honest, I would not be surprised if, in the end, Ralph Lauren does become a Clinton wardrobe mainstay. If the campaign can avoid elitism charges, the brand will make her look confident, and absolutely convincing on the global stage.不过,那只是我个人的看法。坦白地说,如果拉夫·劳伦最终成为克林顿衣橱中的主要品牌,我不会感到意外。如果竞选能回避人们对希拉里的精英主义的指责,这个品牌将让她看起来很自信,在国际舞台上绝对具有说力。According to a spokesman, the designer aly works with the candidate “regularly.”据一位发言人说,拉夫·劳伦已经“经常”和希拉里合作了 。来 /201506/382764广州天河处女膜修复那家医院好

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