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Corban Festival古尔邦节Corban Festival is an important Muslim festival,which lasts three days from the 10th of the 12th month according to the Islam calendar.古尔邦节是一个重要的穆斯林节日,这将持续三天,根据伊斯兰历,从12月的10日起。Just before the festival all Muslim families sweep their houses, fry dough rings,toast pancakes and slaughter sheep or cattle,to mark the occasion. Early on each morning of the festival days Muslims bathe, dress neatly and go to mosques for services. When they meet there amid clarion and melodious music, they shake hands, embrace and exchange words. Then they follow an imam into the mosque hall while chanting along,where they are to hold the festive rite, watch the sacrificial animal slaughter and listen to the mam chanting Koran. After the rite, better-off families each slaughter a sheep,one head of cattle or a camel. The custom has it that part of the animal meat is to be offered to imams and other Muslim leaders, the rest is to be offered to relatives or friends,and the bones and blood are to be buried to keep them sacred.在节日之前,所有穆斯林家庭打扫他们的房子,炸面圈,面包煎饼和屠宰牛羊,以示庆祝。在节日的每天早晨祭穆斯林洗澡,打扮整齐,去清真寺务。当他们听到有嘹亮和悠扬的音乐时,他们握手,拥抱并交换祝福语。然后,他们跟随伊玛目进入清真寺大殿诵经,在那里他们举行了喜庆的仪式,观看了祭祀动物的屠宰,并听妈妈诵古兰经。仪式结束后,每一个富裕的家庭宰一只羊,牛或骆驼。部分动物的肉的是提供给阿訇和其他穆斯林领袖,剩下的就是提供给亲戚或朋友,骨骼和血液都被埋葬,以保持它们的神圣。During the festival Muslims usually visit their relatives or friends,presenting gifts,while the hosts treat them to mutton,deep-fired cakes,and fruit. Both parties cordially exchange blessings while they take the foods.节日期间,穆斯林通常拜访他们的亲戚或朋友,馈赠礼物,而主人将用羊肉,点心,水果招待他们。双方亲切交流和祝福,当他们吃东西时。Young Muslims sing and dance in courtyards or on grounds,late into night.年青的穆斯林在庭院或空地唱歌跳舞到很晚。 /201608/457366Some transformations in your psyche, perhaps involving spiritual views, might be causing you to feel a little uncomfortable. This could imply that a lot of your illusions are being stripped away, and you might not know how to handle it. Some sadness could come up, almost to the point of tears. It#39;s best to let them all go, as they open the door for new and more appropriate attitudes at the same time.或许有关精神观点方面的内心转变会让你感觉有点不舒。这可能意味着你的很多幻想都被剥夺了,你可能不知道该如何应对。可能你会觉得有些悲伤,就快哭了。最好完全放下这些事,因为这些事同时也会为你敞开大门,让你的态度更新、更恰当。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You should find yourself vibing quite well with the prevailing energy of the day today. There is a powerful, transforming force that is helping to give greater strength to your ego and sense of physical vitality. Note the fire in the air that is encouraging your dynamic and forceful personality to shine through. Feel free to express your freedom and independence in every situation you find yourself.今天,你应该会发现自己对能量的运用恰到好处。强大的转化力量会帮助你拥有更强大的自我和身体活力感。当心空气中的火焰,它能鼓励你的活力和强大个性大放光。在任何情况下,都不要拘束,表达出自己的自由和独立吧!Your finance horoscope财务运势You could feel a little overwhelmed today, as you suddenly realize all the tasks that you need to finish in both your personal and professional life. Don#39;t overburden yourself by trying to accomplish everything at once. Sometimes you need to learn how to stick to a calendar and keep a day-to-day schedule that is realistic. You won#39;t finish everything on your checklist today, but you will gain insight into how to plan things up ahead.由于你突然意识到需要完成所有的私人和职业方面的任务,因此今天的你可能有点不知所措。不要试着一次性完成一切任务而使自己倍感压力。有时候你需要学会如何按照日期行事、以及完成每日计划,这才是现实情况。今天,你是不会完成清单上列出的一切事务的,但你会了解到该如何提前做出计划。Your love horoscope爱情运势You are feeling extremely romantic and passionate today. If you have been feeling a rift with your spouse or loved one, today would be the day to make amends. Why not make reservations at an intimate restaurant in town? A night out may be just what the two of you need to rekindle that old spark. Certainly you have enough passion to whip the spark into an enduring flame.今天的你尤为浪漫、充满了。如果你与对象或所爱之人之前有过不和,那么今天就是和好的日子。为什么不在小镇上的一家私人餐厅预定席位呢?或许出去过二人世界正是你们所需要的,可以重燃旧时光的火花。当然,你十分热情,足以将这种火花变成永久燃烧的火焰。Your career horoscope事业运势Angry communications between neighbors could cause gossip to fly in your near neighborhood. Chances are that none of it is true, so pay little attention, and encourage those around you to ignore it as well. Don#39;t be surprised, if visitors come around to your door hoping for information! You may have a lot of paperwork to get done, so you#39;re not likely to want to set it aside. Be polite, but firm: You have work to do!街坊邻居可能八卦邻居间的争吵。很有可能这些流言蜚语一概不是真的,所以不要太为留意,同时也可以让周围的人忽略这些八卦。如果有人来你家询问消息,不要感到惊讶!你可能需要完成很多的文本工作,所以你不想要将这些工作搁置一旁。礼貌一点,但同时也要坚定:你是有工作要做的人!译文属 /201608/461724

Researchers with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have successfully developed the country#39;s first space 3D printer.根据日前消息,中科院科研人员成功研制出了我国首台空间3D打印机。Scientists with both CAS#39;s Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology and the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization were behind the two-year-long project.中科院重庆绿色智能技术研究院和空间应用工程与技术中心的科学家们,经过努力终于携手完成了这一耗时两年的项目。Duan Xuanming, head of 3D printing research center under CAS#39;s Chongqing Institute, said the printer has finished 93 zero gravity flying tests in France. The printer can produce bigger space parts than the one sent to the International Space Station by NASA late last month.据中科院重庆研究院3D打印技术研究中心主任段宣明介绍,该打印机已经在法国完成了93次失重测试。据悉,该打印机可打印的太空零部件尺寸超过NASA上月底运至国际空间站的3D打印机。The device could help China build a space station in 2020 and facilitate its operation and maintenance thereafter, said Duan.段宣明表示,该设备将为我国2020年完成空间站建造及后期运营维护提供帮助。In-orbit 3D printing is effective in helping with space station repair and maintenance and is essential for future deep space exploration.在轨3D打印制造是解决空间站维修的有效方法,对未来进行的深空探索极为重要。It can cut the operation cost of space stations and reduce their dependence on ground supplies, he added.此外,段宣明还补充说道,该技术能减少空间站运营成本,同时降低其对地面补给的依赖性。 /201604/439572

Best friends maybe priceless but the cost of keeping the relationship alive is £23,870.最好的朋友也许是无价的,但使友谊长存的成本是2万3870英镑。According to a study, a BFF (best friends forever) does not come cheap with devoted pals blowing £4,679 on birthday presents alone over a lifetime.一项研究指出,有一名死党(永远最好的朋友)并不便宜,因为单单是为挚友准备一辈子的生日礼物就要花费4679英镑。And while it costs nothing to be a shoulder to cry on, big hearted Brits go the extra mile and splash out £168 on pick-me-ups to get their mate through a rocky patch like the break up of a relationship.虽然在朋友哭泣时成为朋友的依靠并不会带来什么损失,但是慷慨大方的英国人会为朋友付出更多,他们会花168英镑来为朋友买提神酒,助其熬过诸如恋爱关系破裂等困难时期。There’s a further £242 spent on presents to show how much they mean from gifts bought on holiday to treats for no reason.从节日礼物到毫无缘由的款待,为了显示他们对你是多么重要,你还会花242英镑为他们买礼物。And distance does not break up a close friendship as BFFs fork out a whopping £18,000 on travel to see each other despite being miles apart because of university, jobs and marriage.此外,距离并不会破坏你们之间的亲密友谊。虽然你们相隔甚远,但死党们还是会因为上大学、工作或是结婚等一些原因,把巨额花费用在探望彼此的旅途上,而这笔费用高达1万8000英镑。The survey based on a friendship spanning 40 years found more than eight in ten adults with a BFF felt their friendships were worth every penny.针对长达40年之久的友谊进行的一项调查指出,拥有死党的成年人中,超过80%的人认为他们的友谊都是物有所值的。TopCashback spokesperson Natasha Smith said: “Those friendships which stand the test of time are often the most important in our lives.”海涛返利网发言人娜塔莎·史密斯表示:“经得起时间考验的友谊往往在我们生活中最为重要。”“However, they come at a cost. From train tickets once a month to flights and a new dress for a wedding on the Italian coast, the price paid for having a best mate can soon add up.;“但是,这样的友谊是有代价的。从一月一次的火车票到为一场在意大利海岸举办的一场婚礼而购买的飞机票和新裙子,因为死党而花的钱很快就会积少成多。” /201607/456719

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