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2018年06月24日 20:37:55

Maybe money can#39;t buy happiness. But it can buy status, and status can indeed make us a bit happier.金钱或许买不到幸福,但能买到地位,而身份地位的确能让我们更幸福一些。An article in Time describes new research from Chris Boyce, a psychologist at the University of Warwick, and Simon Moore, a psychologist at Cardiff University. The pair sought to understand why societies that became wealthier didn#39;t become collectively happier. After all, rising incomes and wealth made individuals happier, up to a certain point of course.《时代》(Time)杂志的一篇文章描述了华威大学的伊斯和卡迪夫大学的尔这两位心理学家的最新研究。二人试图了解为什么更加富裕的社会却没有实现集体幸福感的增强。毕竟,收入和财富的增加当然会在一定程度上让一个人更幸福。So the researchers decided to dig deeper into what is called the #39;reference-income hypothesis,#39; a fancy way of saying that wealth is relative. If an entire country gets richer at the same time, individuals wouldn#39;t necessarily feel wealthier, since their relative positions in society hadn#39;t changed.因此研究人员决定深入挖掘所谓的“相对收入假定”。这是说明财富相对论的一种假想方式。如果整个国家同时变得更富裕,个人并不一定会感到更富有,因为他们在社会中的相对地位并未发生改变。Most people don#39;t compare themselves with an abstract national average. Messrs. Boyce and Moore decided to try to figure out how people compare themselves with their neighbors, colleagues at work or friends from college. The higher their rank, the greater their sense of happiness and self-worth would likely be.大多数人不会拿自己和抽象的全国平均水平进行比较。伊斯和尔决定设法弄清人们如何拿自己与左邻右舍、工作中的同事或大学时的朋友相比较。他们的排名越高,幸福感和自我价值意识也可能越强。#39;For example, people might care about whether they are the second most highly paid person, or the eighth most highly paid person, in their comparison set,#39; write the authors.作者写道,例如,人们可能会在意在进行比较的所有人中,他们的薪水究竟是排在第二位,还是排在第八位。They found that the person#39;s rank within the comparison set was a stronger predictor of happiness than absolute wealth. #39;If absolute income matters, as we increased our income, everybody should get happier at a national level, but we don#39;t seem to,#39; Mr. Boyce said. #39;So what we are showing is that in terms of life satisfaction, rank is a better predictor than absolute wealth.#39;他们发现,人们在比较中的排名比其绝对财富更能预示他的幸福程度。伊斯说,如果绝对收入与幸福有关,当收入增加时,全国每一个人都应该更幸福,但看来并非如此。因此我们认为,排名比绝对财富更能预示一个人的生活满意度。The research may help explain why there is much consternation about wealth inequality over the past two decades even though standards of living have improved for many in the lower strata.这一研究可能有助于解释为什么在过去20年间,纵然许多社会低层人员的生活标准也得到改善,人们还是对贫富不均感到如此的恐慌。 /201508/390055贵州省南岳医院精索静脉曲张手术费用According to the official Xinhua news agency, the price behind the breakneck pace of China#39;s construction boom since the reform and opening is becoming clear, with buildings collapses frequently involving those constructed in the 1980s and #39;90s.据新华社报道,上世纪80年代后,中国各地城市化建设提速,大批楼房密集建成;有人担忧,一些城市的建筑正进入“质量报复周期”。报道指出,眼下八九十年代建设的楼房正频频成为事故主角。That was evident last week, when a five-story residential building constructed in 1994 collapsed in Fenghua in coastal Zhejiang province, killing one person and burying several others in the rubble.上周浙江奉化一栋1994年建造的五层居民楼发生坍塌,导致一人死亡、多人被埋。这起事故就是一个明。Only an eyebrow-raising 22% of China#39;s housing stock was built before 2000. But its recent vintage doesn#39;t necessarily mean it#39;ll last very long: According to an unnamed government official Xinhua cited this week, China#39;s buildings are generally expected to last for just 25 to 30 years. The reason is poor quality of construction and design, Xinhua said, adding that many seismically unsafe buildings from the #39;80s and #39;90s in the country still exist.中国现有住房中,只有22%是2000年之前建造的。但这并不一定意味着大部分房子能经久耐用。新华社援引住建部一位负责人的话说,中国新建建筑的寿命只有25-30年,原因在于建筑工程的质量和设计。新华社还表示,许多八九十年代建造的不安全“老楼”仍大量存在。As of Tuesday afternoon, some 1.6 million comments were posted on Weibo about the Zhejiang collapse, with most microbloggers expressing astonishment and fear while blaming local authorities and developers.截至周二下午,微(Weibo)上围绕浙江房屋坍塌事件的已经有大约160万条,多数微用户一方面表达着自己的惊讶和担忧,一方面也对地方政府和开发商加以谴责。#39;Developers run completely rampant over us,#39; wrote one user. #39;Where can ordinary people go to seek justice? Don#39;t tell me authorities just wait until there#39;s an accident to start paying attention?#39;一名微用户写道,开发商太猖狂,普通人到哪里去讨公道?政府非要等到出了事才来关注吗?#39;In other countries, an 8.0 quake only kills eight people,#39; wrote another. #39;Our houses collapses even on days without a hint of trouble.#39;另一位用户写道,在其他国家,8.0级的地震只会导致八人丧生。而在中国,房子居然会在光天化日之下倒塌。At least six multiple-story buildings have collapsed in China since 2009--including one in Shanghai under construction that bizarrely toppled over virtually intact--though not all have caused casualties. In one particularly deadly 2009 incident, 17 people were killed after a two-story building constructed in the 1980s collapsed in Hebei after a heavy rain, Xinhua reported (in Chinese).据新华社报道,自2009年以来中国已经发生了至少六起多层楼房倒塌事故,其中包括上海发生的一起在建住宅楼整体倒塌事件。不过并非所有事故都造成了人员伤亡,比较严重的一次是2009年河北一栋建于上世纪80年代的二层楼房在雨中倒塌,造成17人遇难。 /201404/286242铜仁市哪家医院复通手术好2014 has been a year to forget for casino operators in Macau. Unfortunately, things are unlikely to get any better next year.2014年想必已成了运营商希望忘记的一年。不幸的是,明年的情况也不太可能得到好转。Gaming revenue in the former Portuguese colony will contract 1 per cent next year as the ongoing crackdown on corruption in mainland China continues to keep big spending Chinese gamblers away, according to a fresh report from rating agency Fitch. The forecast, Fitch says, reflects #39;the persistent weakness in the VIP business, which seems to be spilling over to the premium mass segment#39;.根据国际评级机构惠誉(Fitch)的新报告,随着中国内地反腐斗争继续令出手阔绰的内地赌客远离,预计明年业收入将缩减1%。惠誉称,VIP业务持续疲软,而这种疲软似乎正在向大众市场中的高端板块扩散。Gaming revenue growth is expected to be flat this year following five straight months of year-on-year declines.在收入连续5个月出现同比下滑的情况下,今年营收预计将与上年持平。Revenues may record annual declines of 15 per cent to 20 per cent in the first quarter and a further 5 per cent drop in the second quarter before beginning to recover in the second half.收入在第一季度同比降幅可能会达到15%至20%,第二季度进一步下滑5%,直到下半年开始恢复增长。Some casino operators - such as Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands - have sought to take some of the sting from the retreat of high-spending VIP ;whales; by focusing on mass market gamers.一些运营商,如度假村(Wynn Resorts)和金沙集团(Las Vegas Sands),力求通过把业务重点放在吸引大众市场赌客,来减轻VIP大客户离场带来的冲击。However, Fitch reckons the problems affecting VIP traffic in Macau - corruption crackdown, slower economic growth in China and the rise of the Philippines as a rival gambling mecca - are going to weigh on the mass segment of the market as well.尽管如此,惠誉认为,影响VIP客流量的因素,如反腐运动、中国经济放缓以及菲律宾作为另一胜地的崛起,同样会对大众市场业务构成压力。Still, the longer-term outloook is not all gloom for Macau, according to Fitch, which argues that: #39;Despite revisions, we do remain favorable on Macau, as we continue to hold that Macau and the greater China market remain underpenetrated. We expect gaming revenue growth will be driven by new supply and infrastructure development and that the Chinese economy will continue to grow (6.8% in 2015 and 6.5% in 2016), anchoring mass market demand.#39;不过,惠誉认为,业的较长期前景并非完全暗淡无光。该机构指出:“尽管做出了修订,我们还是认为和大中华区市场没有饱和,因此仍然看好。我们预计,新的供应、基础设施建设、以及继续增长的中国经济(2015年的6.8%和2016年的6.5%)将撑大众市场的需求,进而推动收入增长。” /201411/343595贵阳市红十字会医院多囊卵巢治疗

贵州天伦医院天伦公示贵州天伦不孕不育医院关韵主任Anybody who has stood in line waiting to buy a new iPhone knows the score: Many, if not most, of your fellow line sitters are paid to be there. They are the foot soldiers in a chain of resales that leads from the Apple Store, through Hong Kong, to mainland China, where the devices command a premium on the grey market.等着排队购买新iPhone手机的人都知道:许多人,甚至大多数人,都是在拿钱替人排队。他们是一个转售链条中的“步兵”,这个链条从苹果商店开始,辗转香港进入中国大陆。在中国大陆的黑市上,一部手机可以赚得高额差价。It’s an old story, one I’ve seen played out at nearly every iPhone launch event. But I’ve never seen anything like what happened in the hours leading up to Friday’s launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.这不是什么新鲜事,每一款新iPhone手机上市的时候,我都会谈到这个问题。但在上周五iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus上市几个小时前,我却见到了以前从未看到的一幕。Film producer Casey Neistat (HBO’s The Neistat Brothers) captured the scene in the attached YouTube , documenting the first three steps — the wait, the switch and the cash payout — plus some sidewalk drama courtesy of the New York City Police Department.电影制片人凯西o尼斯塔特【其作品包括HBO电影频道爆出的《尼斯塔特兄弟》(The Neistat Brothers))拍摄了一段视频,并发布到YouTube上。这段视频记录了前三个步骤——等人、换人、付钱,外加纽约市警察局在人行道上上演的好戏。“How can this possibly be good marketing for Apple?” asks a man at 6:00 minute mark.在这段6分钟的视频里,有个人问道:“这对苹果(Apple)的营销会有什么好处?”A better question: What can Apple possibly do about it?一个更好的问题是:苹果对此能做些什么? /201409/331982贵州省贵阳市天伦妇科医院四维彩超多少钱贵阳市做取环手术哪家最好

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