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Climate Change, World Trade at Forefront of Day Two of G8 SummitG8峰会探讨气候变化、世界贸易Summit host, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi welcomed world leaders for a second day of discussions in L'Aquila.The agenda items are much the same - the global economic crisis, the environment, climate change and trade. But, Thursday's talks were expanded from the G8 group to include the so-called G5 nations of major emerging economies - China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. But others were invited to the table as well, along with international organizations.On climate change, G8 leaders agreed Wednesday on new targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions and try to limit global warming to just two degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels.In announcing that decision, Prime Minister Berlusconi spoke of the need to bring other countries into the process, especially India, China and Brazil.It would be counterproductive, Mr. Berlusconi said, if the ed States, Europe, Canada and Japan implement strategies to cut emissions if other countries do not. G8 leaders have said the group wants to be inclusive and bring other nations into discussions on global issues. The move is also widely seen as an increasing understanding that while G8 members may be the world's most powerful nations, they cannot solve issues such as the global economic crisis or climate change without the help of others.07/77296Plate tectonics板块构造论 Faulty thinking断层理论 错误理论The myth and reality of the Japanese earthquake 日本大地震的神秘与真相BACK in January, Japanese seismologists warned that the tectonic plates colliding beneath the Pacific Ocean off the north-east coast of Japan were poised to slip catastrophically. By their reckoning, there was a 99% chance of an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 occurring off the Miyagi coast, and a 90% chance of one off Ibaraki prefecture, within the next 30 years. They were surprised only by the sheer size of the magnitude 9.0 monster that was unleashed when the plates at last let go on March 11th. 早在今年一月的时候,日本地震学家就曾警告说太平洋洋底日本东北海岸下的板块相互冲撞会导致造成倾斜、引起灾难。根据他们的估计,30年内,宫城县海岸附近发生8.0级大地震的可能性为99%,而茨城县海岸附近的几率则为90%。3月11日板块终于释放能量、发生9.0级强震,地震学家仅仅惊讶震级如此之高。It seems that, on occasions, the rupture along this particular type of “reverse fault” (where the upper part of one side of the fault is thrust over the foot of the other) can jump across gaps and other boundaries along the fissure, linking up with other parts of the fault to extend the breach alarmingly. The traditional fault-segmentation model used in seismology does not allow for this. But on that fateful Friday, when the North American plate slid over the Pacific plate along a subduction zone running 130km (80 miles) off the Pacific coast of northern Japan, the shock leapt from the first segment to a second and on to a third, extending the fault zone some 400km and increasing its intensity more than 30-fold. With all the action taking place only 24km down, the seabed was thrust violently upwards, triggering huge waves.有时,似乎沿这种特别的“逆向断层”(断层一面的上部插入另一面的下方之上)的断裂会越过沿着缝隙的裂口及其他分界处,同该断层的其他部分连起来并且把断裂处拉长,甚至会出现危险。地质学中使用的传统的断层分割模型并不能解释这种现象。然而在灾难发生的这个周五,当北美板块沿日本北部的太平洋海岸旁边长130千米(80公里)的俯冲带滑过太平洋板块后,冲击从第一个分割跳到第二个、随后又跳到第三个,断层地带被拉长到400千米,地震强度增加了30多倍。所有这一切活动都发生在据海平面仅34千米以下的地方,所以海床剧烈地向上猛推,引起惊涛骇浪。Could such a chain of seismic events happen elsewhere in Japan? Many in Tokyo fear that earthquakes may be creeping closer. The Japanese media have drawn attention to a quake of magnitude 6.6 on the far side of the country, between Nagano and Niigata prefectures, and to a quake of magnitude 6.1 in Shizuoka prefecture, both within days of the main quake. But these fairly common events occurred on entirely different tectonic plates. It is hard to imagine how faults on one continental plate might communicate with those on another that is hundreds of kilometres away.这种连锁地震可能发生在日本其他地方吗?很多在东京的人害怕地震也许离他们越来越近。日本媒体关注了一起发生在该国偏远地带、在长野和与新泻之间的6.6级地震,以及一起发生在静冈县的6.1级地震,这两次地震都发生在大地震后不久。然而这些相当平常的事件却是在完全不同的板块构造上发生的。很难想象一块大陆板块上的断层是如何同远在数千千米远的另一块断层发生相互作用的。No doubt Tokyo will be sideswiped one day. The most likely spawning ground for that earthquake will be 100km or more to the south-west, where the Philippine plate dives under the Eurasian plate, creating a continuous sequence of shudders. This could feasibly cause a megaquake of the kind the north-east has just suffered. But the evidence remains largely against it.毫无疑问终有一天东京会受到擦边撞击。最有可能发生这一地震的地带也许是西南部100千米或更远的地区,那时菲律宾板块冲到欧亚板块下面,引发持续不断的摇晃。这极有可能引发像此次日本东北地区遭受的大地震。但是这一说法仍无无据持。201104/130284

The conditions aren't always ideal in summer,but today is a good day. Without the usual throng of winter skiiers to crowd him, L has more room to carve up the 1 . 250 kilometers north of Bergen lies Alesund, a pretty harbor town based directly on the sea that sps across 3 islands. It too was originally built from wood but sadly was destroyed by fire in 1904. The rebuilding of Alesund was carried out in an astonishingly short time, with 391 buildings erected 3 years laters. The 50 architects who redesigned the town had a stong international influence, so decided to go with an Art Nouveau style. Carlo and Luss have just arrived here and they are on the way to the harbor for a special sight-seeing tour. Like many 2 of the town, their tour guide is a local fisherman and knows these waters well. The town's waterways crisscross, making it easy to see the traditonal Art Nouveau buildings. It's 10 o'clock in the evening,but Norway's long summer nights mean tourists can get the most out of their day. Alesund is only 400 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle where the sun shines at midnight. Visitors can experience almost 20 hours of sunlight a day. And at this time of year, the sunsets are spectacular. Carlo and Luss's Norwegian voyage comes to a romantic end in Alesund.Yeah, Scuba Duba, skulkers goes all the way. At the extreme sports weekend in Voss, the last few contestants are fighting for victory in a swooping contest. Swooping is a type of sky diving where the aim is to jump out of a plane and get as close to the ground as possible without actually touching it. This requires you to pinpoint the moment on the course.注释:① erect vt. 使竖立;建造;安装 adj. 竖立的;笔直的;因性刺激而勃起的vi. 直立;勃起 vt.使竖立;建造;安装例句:1. She held her head erect and her back straight. 她昂着头,把背挺得笔直。2. Her mother was an erect, square-shouldered, defiant woman. 她的妈妈是一位挺胸直立,双肩宽阔而顽强的女人。 ② direct adj. 直接的;直系的;亲身的;恰好的 vt. 管理;指挥;导演;指向vi. 指导;指挥 adv. 直接地;正好;按直系关系例句:1. She cast her eyes down to avoid direct eye contact. 她垂下双目以避免对视。2. I'll book you on a direct flight to London. 我将为你预订直飞伦敦的航班。③ swoop vi. 猛扑;突然袭击;突然下降;飞扑n. 猛扑;俯冲;突然袭击 vt. 攫取;抓去例句:1. He lost all his wealth all at one swoop. 他一下子失去了所有的财产。2. We decided to swoop down upon the enemy there. 我们决定突袭驻在那里的敌人。 课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157439

装死的负鼠Playing dead doesn't seem like much of a strategy, but it works for the opossum, commonly known as the possum. The possum is a rather unglamorous creature. It has big, black eyes, a pale pointy face and a hairless tail, like a rat's. Possums aren't finicky about their food, either: they eat fruits, vegetables, insects, reptiles, and even roadkill(路上被撞死动物的尸体). They do have a couple of unique habits, though: as North America's only marsupial(有袋动物), they can carry their young in a pouch(育儿袋,肚囊;颊囊), like a kangaroo(袋鼠), and they can play dead. Possums are famous for "playing dead" when threatened, but this isn't quite accurate. They are not "playing" dead at all: the possum goes into shock when particularly stressed. While not dead, it can be found lying on its side with its legs extended and is, in fact, limp and unconscious during this time, like a person who has fainted. While playing dead discourages predators from chasing the possum, it also makes them vulnerable. When drivers see the limp possum in the road, they don't bother to swerve, since they assume it's aly dead. There are also accounts of people shooting the comatose possum in order to "put it out of its misery(结束它的痛苦)." There is such a thing as overplaying a part.07/78386It is a blow for the Ugly Bettys and Plain Janes - research shows that good looks lead to better pay.A study of 4,000 young men and women found that beauty boosted pay cheques more than intelligence.Those judged to be the easiest on the eye earned up to 10 per cent more than their less attractive friends and colleagues.Applied to the average salary of pound;25,000, the 'plainness penalty' would make a difference of pound;2,500 a year - or around pound;50 a week.It is unclear what is behind the phenomenon but it may be that beauty breeds confidence. The self-assured may appear to be doing better than they are and will have fewer qualms about badgering for a pay rise.Researcher Jason Fletcher, of Yale University in the U.S., rated the attractiveness of the young men and women. Just over half were judged average, while 7 per cent were felt to be very attractive and 8 per cent were judged unattractive or very unattractive.The volunteers also sat an IQ test and disclosed their salary. It became clear that pay scales were far from fair.For instance, a 14-point increase on the IQ score was associated with a 3 to 6 per cent increase in wage. But being of above-average looks boosted pay by 5 to 10 per cent.For a plain person to be paid the same as a very attractive one, they would have to be 40 per cent brighter, the journal Economics Letters reports.Dr Fletcher said: 'The results do show that people's looks have an impact on their wages and it can be very substantial.'【Notes】Ugly Betty: 丑女贝蒂,是美国A电视台的热播剧《丑女贝蒂》的主人公,她是个热心善良,充满幻想,但却满嘴牙箍丑陋土气的女孩,在上文中丑女贝蒂用来泛指那些其貌不扬的女孩。easy on the eye: 悦目的, 好看的qualm: an uneasy feeling of one's conscience about someone or something 疑虑;担心201006/106191Bush: U.S. to buy bank shares The federal government plans to use a portion of the 0B financial rescue plan to purchase equity shares in U.S. banks. Today I am announcing new measures of American’s taking into implement the G7 action plan than strengthening the banks across our country. First, the federal government will use a portion of the 700-billion-dollar financial rescue plan to inject capital in the banks by purchasing equity shares. The new capital will help healthy banks continue making loans to businesses and consumers, and this new capital will help straggling banks fill the hole created by loss during the financial crisis, so they can resume landing and helps for job creation in economic growth. This is essential short term measure to ensure the viability of American’s banking system. And the programme is carefully designed to encourage banks to buy their shares back from the government when the market stabilized and they can raise capital for private investors second effective and immediately. The FTIC will temporarily guarantee most new debts issued by insured banks, this will address one of the central problems plugging our financial system. Banks have been unable to borrow money and that is restricted their abilities to lend to consumers and businesses. When money flows more freely between banks, you will make it easier for Americans to buy a * cars and homes and push more businesses to expand. There the FTIC will immediately and temporarily expand government insurance to cover all none interest burry transaction accounts. These accounts are used primarily by small businesses to cover day to day operations. When assuring every dollar needs in accounts, we will give small business owners a piece of mind and bring stability to the * greater stability to the banking system. Fourth of Federal Reserve will soon finalize work on the new programme to serve as a * resolve for commercial paper, the key source of short term financing for American businesses and financial institutions. And by unfreezing the market for commercial paper, the Federal Reserve will help American businesses meet payroll and purchasing material and invest to create jobs.200810/53259

US May Accept Some Iraqi Changes to Forces Agreement美或接受伊修改安全协议某些要求 U.S. officials are denying reports that they are abandoning efforts to negotiate an agreement on the future of U.S. forces in Iraq, saying they will soon respond to Iraqi proposals for changes in the draft, and that some changes may be possible. 美国有关官员否认关于美国放弃就驻伊拉克美军未来部署进行谈判的报导,这些官员说,他们将很快对伊拉克提出的草案修改意见做出回应,而且一些修改可能获得通过。White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said U.S. negotiators in Baghdad could be in touch with Iraqi officials this week with a response to their proposed changes, and she said some of the Iraqi requests might be accepted. "There might be some that we can support. There might be some that we would not be able to support. I will just let the negotiators work that out with them privately." 白宫新闻发言人佩里诺说,美国在巴格达的谈判人员本周内将同伊拉克有关官员接触,对伊拉克提出的修改意见作出回应。她还说,美国可能会接受伊拉克提出的一些要求。她说:“我们可能会持一些意见,可能不会持另外一些意见。我将让谈判人员同伊拉克官员在私下解决这些问题。”U.S. officials have not confirmed what the Iraqis are asking for, but news reports said a firm date for a full U.S. troop withdrawal is among the requests. 美国有关官员并没有实伊拉克方面提出了哪些要求,不过新闻报导说,伊拉克的一项要求是为美军全部撤离设定一个确定的日期。Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman said U.S. officials are eager to hand over full responsibility for security to the Iraqis, but he said that can not be done on a firm timetable.  美国国防部发言人惠特曼说,美国官员期待把全部安全责任交给伊拉克人,不过他说,这不可能通过一个确定的时间表来实现。He said, "We share a common interest in turning over security functions and activities to the Iraqis as soon as they are y to take those activities over. And our position with respect to timelines is well known, that we should have goals that are out there, that we work towards, but at the end of the day we have to be cognizant of the conditions on the ground, too." 他说:“一旦伊拉克方面作好准备,我们就将把全部安全责任和行动交给他们,这对双方都有好处。大家都很清楚我们在时间表问题上的立场,那就是,我们应当有目标,我们要为目标而努力,但是归根结底我们还必须要认识到前线的具体情况。”At the White House, Dana Perino said it is in the interest of both countries to reach an agreement, and recent events demonstrate the need to be cautious about removing U.S. troops.  白宫发言人佩里诺说,达成协议对美、伊两国都有好处,而且最近发生的事表明,双方都要对美军撤出伊拉克持谨慎态度。She said, "Just this past week even though they have made great strides, they have had some terrible violence up in the Mosul area. And we are trying to help their security forces beef up enough so that they are competent and confident enough to repel terrorists or insurgents who are trying to disrupt the political system there." 她说:“就在过去的一周里,虽然伊拉克方面取得了巨大的进步,但是在苏尔地区出现了十分糟糕的暴力行为。美国正试图帮助伊拉克军队加强实力,使伊拉克军队有足够的能力和信心击退那些试图破坏政治系统的恐怖分子和暴乱分子。”Another issue in dispute is reportedly the degree of immunity U.S. troops would have from prosecution in Iraqi courts. Perino said the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, and his team will likely respond to the Iraqi proposals this week. 据报导,双方的另一项分歧是美军在伊拉克法庭享受诉讼豁免权的程度。佩里诺说,美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克和他的团队可能会在本周内答复伊拉克在这一问题上提出的建议。Both officials who spoke Monday denied news reports the ed States is abandoning the negotiations with Iraq and turning its attention to getting a renewal of the U.N. authorization for U.S. troops to be in the country, which expires at the end of the year. The Pentagon has said U.S. troops would have to cease operations at midnight December 31st if there is no agreement or U.N. extension, but Perino said no one in Washington is contemplating such a thing.  佩里诺和惠特曼都否认关于美国放弃同伊拉克的谈判并把注意力转向延长联合国授权,从而使美军在原授权于今年底到期后继续驻留在伊拉克的新闻报导。美国国防部说,如果两国不能达成协议,联合国授权也没有得到延长,那么美国军队必须在12月31号午夜前停止行动,不过佩里诺说,华盛顿没有任何官员在考虑接受这种选择。U.S. and Iraqi negotiators reached the draft agreement last month after seven months of negotiations. Top U.S. officials have said some changes might be possible, but not major changes. 美国和伊拉克的谈判人员经过7个月的协商在上个月达成了一项协议草案。美国高级官员曾表示,可能会对草案做出一些修改,但将不是重大修改。200811/54998You would wear them on the street and youre immediately an Apple person and you wear them on the subway, you like a little bit cooler than everybody else at first because youre an Apple person.你会带着它上街,你变身成了苹果饭;你带着它走进地铁,你喜欢比任何人都酷一点,因为你就是苹果饭。The once communal media music is transformed into an almost exclusively private experience.公共媒体音乐转变成了一种几乎完全私人的体验。I grew up in the 50s. I was a member of the juke box generation. This is my juke box, thanks to Steve.我成长在50年代。我是自动唱片点唱机的忠实信徒。而这个小东西现在就是我的;自动唱片点唱机;,这全要感谢斯蒂夫。But the iPod compounds are growing problems. Fans turn to illegal file share websites like Napster where they can download songs for free and that spells trouble. Not only for the music industry but also for the artists who want exposure while protecting their livelihood.但iPod的产物的问题却日益严重起来。粉丝们转向非法文件共享网站,就比如Napster。在那里他们可以免费下载歌曲,这也造成了麻烦。不仅为音乐产业也给想保护自己居所的艺术家们造成了困扰。And there was a sound in this book saying look, by downloading music for free were doing you a favor. And these And thats the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life.在这本书中有一个声音曾说道,看吧,免费下载的音乐,我们正在帮你的忙。这些人非常解了你。这是在我的生命中我听说过的最可笑的事情。Everyones scrambling and trying to figure out what do with suing everybody? Do a suit inthe 14-year-old kid on his moms computer stealing your music?每个人都在指手画脚并试图找出大家都好的方式这样好吗?每个人都要在14岁的孩子的妈妈电脑上偷音乐?Music travels by word of mouth in world parts and its impossible to hold it back. When you have people making millions and millions of dollars offer something that is your livelihood and youre getting nothing out of it thats just unfair.音乐通过语言在世界广为传播,不可能把它抓回来。当有人用数百万美元提供给你东西,而你却只知索取不知付出,那是不公平的。词语解释:1. subway n. 地铁2. generation n. 年代3. industry n. 工业,产业,行业201111/162681

New Zealand's second-biggest city, Christchurch, is facing an enormous clean-up after being struck by the country's worst earthquake in 80 years. The magnitude 7 quake devastated parts of Christchurch early Saturday.新西兰第二大城市克赖斯特彻奇在经历了一场大地震后正面临清理工作的巨大挑战。星期六凌晨发生的7.1级的地震是新西兰80年来第二大地震,给克赖斯特彻奇市的很多地方造成严重破坏。Christchurch awoke Sunday to another grim day as shell-shocked residents assess the damage inflicted by one of the country's most powerful earthquakes.大震后的克赖斯特彻奇满目疮痍。惊魂未定的居民们星期天开始面对这场罕见大地震所造成的破坏。Mayor Bob Parker is urging residents to stay indoors.市长派克敦促人们尽量不要外出。This is not a good time to go out, as curious as you may be, and have a look around if it means driving out onto the streets because we need to keep them free for emergency services," Parker advised. "Use common sense; emergency services are flat out at the moment. The assessment is underway. Take sensible precautions, but don't go out sightseeing. Check on your neighbors. Do the things that communities do so well at times like this."他说:“大家可能很想知道外面的情况,想开车出去看看,但是现在不是时候,因为我们要为救护车等应急务车辆保持道路的畅通。”他呼吁人们保持头脑清醒,救护车、警车等应急车辆都已经大量出动,并表示灾情评估工作已经展开。这位市长在提醒人们不要出于好奇而外出的同时,也敦促大家邻里之间相互看看是否平安无事,在震后的艰难时刻充分发挥社区的作用。Authorities say it is a miracle no one was killed after disaster struck Saturday before dawn, when most people were still asleep. A small number of serious injuries have been reported.有关当局说,这次黎明前发生大地震中仅有一人丧生可谓是一个奇迹。当时大部分人仍在酣睡之中。此外,据报受重伤的人也不多。201009/113109Asian Stock Markets Continue Downward Trend投资者担忧经济恶化全球股市下跌Stock markets in Asia have followed the downward trend set by Wall Street as fears mount over the state of the ailing global economy. The Australian government says it is hopeful that a coordinated response to the world's economic problems will emerge from an emergency meeting in Washington this week. 由于投资者对全球经济状况恶化的担心,亚洲股市继续步华尔街后尘下滑。澳大利亚政府表示,本星期在华盛顿召开的紧急会议将为解决世界经济问题采取协调行动。A deep sense of gloom has again descended over Asian stock markets.  亚洲股市再次被悲观的情绪所笼罩。In Japan, the Nikkei share index fell by more than five percent Thursday, as did while Hong Kong's Hang Seng. 在日本,日经指数星期四下跌百分之五以上,香港恒生指数也是如此。Markets in Australia, South Korea and Taiwan were all down. The slumps across Asia followed a decline of nearly five percent in New York's Dow Jones index, its third straight loss. 在此之前,在纽约股市,道琼斯工业指数下跌了将近百分之五。这是道琼斯工业指数接连第三天跌落。Analysts say that panicked investors are worried that giant financial bail-outs by governments around the world have failed to halt a downward spiral in global markets. 分析人士认为,投资者们由于担心世界各国政府规模庞大的救市计划无法阻止全球金融市场的螺旋式下跌而陷入恐慌。The international financial crisis will be discussed at a meeting this weekend of the G20, a grouping of the world's largest economies.  这个周末,世界20个主要经济体的领导人将举行会议,讨论国际金融危机。Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will be among the leaders attending the emergency summit in Washington on Saturday.  印度尼西亚总统苏西洛和澳大利亚总理陆克文是出席星期六在华盛顿举行的20国集团峰会的领导人之中的两位。Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan will also be there and hopes that decisive action will emerge from the talks. 澳大利亚财政部长维恩.斯旺也将出席会议。他希望,会议将采取决定性行动。"We've made it pretty clear yes there does need to be better regulation, there's no doubt about that. There needs to be better supervision, and of course there does need to be better coordination between the major agencies," said Swan. "At the moment we've got the IMF and the World Bank, two old, established institutions, and we've got the Financial Stability Forum. We've also got the needs of countries who must attend to their own domestic arrangements as well, and we need to put in place a way in which they can co-operate." 他说:“我们已经明确表示,是的,的确需要更好的监管,这一点毫无疑问。当然,需要更好的监督,的确需要改善主要政府机构之间的协调。目前我们有国际货币基金和世界,这两个具有良好基础的机构。我们还有金融稳定论坛。我们还需要各国处理各自的国内问题。我们需要建立一种各国合作的途径。”As world leaders gather in Washington to discuss the perilous state of the global financial system, more bad news on the state of the U.S. economy emerged. 在各国领导人聚集在华盛顿讨论全球金融体系的威胁状况的时候,又出现更多的有关美国经济的坏消息。America's three big car makers - Ford, General Motors and Chrysler - all suffered big declines in sales - announcements that will add to the general air of pessimism that pervades the stock markets. 美国三家最大的汽车制造商福特、通用和克莱斯勒的销售额都大幅度下降。这一宣布将给弥漫在券市场上的悲观情绪雪上加霜。U.S. retailers also say their sales have fallen, and may continue to do so.  美国的零售商也表示,他们的销售额在下降,而且可能继续下降。That will hurt exporters in Asia, which rely on American consumers to buy their products. 这将伤害亚洲的出口商,这些出口商依靠美国的消费者购买他们的产品。Also on Thursday came news that Germany had slipped into recession, which follows warnings in Britain that it too may be in a recession. 同样在星期四,德国进入经济衰退的消息也出现了。德国经济衰退的消息传出之前,英国警告说,它也可能进入衰退。200811/56097Where are we right now? We're on the cusp of the second half, when we're supposed to see recovery.Yeah, I think it's unlikely for a while. I mean I get figures on dozens of, dozens of businesses. I get them daily. I mean we own them. And we have not, there is no uptick yet. There will be. I wanna assure everybody that. This country always comes back. I mean if you go, you know, we've had the Civil War, we've got the Great Depression, we've had Pearl Harbor, we get a lot of unpleasant surprises, but we always overcome them and we will this. But we haven't yet, and it doesn't look to me like it's imminent. It will happen.You know, it's rare to hear you as the Dr. Doom. I mean you know, look, the rate of jobless, job layoffs has slowed down. We got the report today on big ticket items. We have a second month of gains. (Yeah) We had existing home sales up for three, for a couple of months. So there are signs of growth. You are not encouraged by this.Well, I'm encouraged by the fact that it's gonna work over time. But I'm not, but in terms of looking at all the figures that I see, whether, you know, retail sale, everything. The unemployment is gonna keep going up significantly. But we will overcome it, I don't wanna be Dr. Doom in that respect. I'm a huge bull on America, I always have been. But I also don't believe in kidding myself. So when I look at numbers of how many yards of carpet we sold yesterday, or how many items of jewelry, or how many watches, or whatever it maybe. And I just was talking with the gentleman that runs this, this restaurant, you know, the same, the same situation. We have not bounced yet.You mentioned one of the things, rate of unemployment going up. (Yeah.) There's this talk of a jobless recovery, is there such a thing?No, eventually, but there will be, at the beginning of recovery, there will be jobless. I mean when firms tighten up, they don't start hiring a month or two months after their business turns up. They do start hiring later on. But unemployment will peak after businesses aly start/ turning up somewhat. So it won't be a jobless. We'll add millions and millions of jobs in the next decade in this country. We just won't add them in the next few months. 08/82103

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