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I was blown away. Here is a young guy who has every reason to be cynical.我被震撼到了。这个本该是个完全可以愤世嫉俗的年轻人。He wasnt sure if the country he calls home—the only one hes known—was gonna deny him his dream of going to college.他不知道他所称之为家乡的,他唯一知道的国家,是否会拒绝他上大学的梦想。But he wasnt feeling sorry for himself.但他自己并不觉得遗憾。He wasnt even thinking of himself.他甚至都没有想到自己。He has a greater sense of purpose, and hes going to bring people along with him.他有更宏大的使命感,他想要带着大家一起前进。It says something about our situation today that I cant even say his name because I dont want to put him at risk.由于现在所处的情况,我并不能说出他的名字,因为我不想把他置身于危险之中。But if a high school senior who doesnt know what the future holds for him can do his part to move the world forward,但是,如果一个不知道自己未来会怎样的高中生都能为推动世界做出自己的贡献,then we owe it to the world to do our part too.那么我们也理应对这个世界做出我们的贡献。So, before you walk out those gates one last time, as we sit here in front of Memorial Church, I am reminded of a prayer, Mi Shebeirach,所以在你们最后一次走出校门之前,当我们坐在纪念教堂前的时候,我想起了一段祈祷,Mi Shebeirach,that I say whenever I face a big challenge, that I sing to my daughter thinking about her future when I tuck her at night.每当我面临巨大的挑战时我都会说的,每当我把女儿放进婴儿床里想象着她的未来都会唱到的:and it goes:;May the source of strength, whos blessed the ones before us, help us ;find the courage to make our lives a blessing.;“愿力量之源,庇佑着我们,帮助我们找到面对生活的勇气,也祝福着我们的生活”I hope you find the courage to make your life a blessing.我希望你们也可以找到属于自己的勇气,使你们的生命成为一个祝福。Congratulations, Class of 17! Good luck out there.恭喜你们,2017届的同学们!祝你们好运!201706/513025And not on love of the work or a desire to make a difference is a recipe for unhappiness 8 而不是因爱好或追求卓越所做出的职业选择 不过是日后苦恼的根源 八Nobody likes to fail but failure is an essential part of life and of learning If your uniform isnt dirty, you havent been in the game Number 9 没人喜欢失败 但失败是生活和学习中不可或缺的部分 如果衣都没弄脏 那你显然是根本没参与进比赛 九I spoke earlier about definitions of personal success in an unpredictable world I hope that as you develop your own definition of success, as youll be able to do so I hope that you will be able to do it with a close companion on your journey 之前我讲了不可预知世界中的个人成功定义 我希望你们在确立自身成功定义的过程中 能够找到一位人生旅途中的亲密伴侣In making that choice, remember that physical beauty is evolutions way of assuring us that the other person doesnt have too many intestinal parasites 在做出这个选择时请记住 外表之美只不过是人类进化过程中 帮助我们确定对方体内是否有太多肠道寄生虫的方式Dont get me wrong, I am all for beauty, romance, and sexual attraction where would Hollywood and Madison Avenue be without them? But while important, those are not the only things to look for in a partner 别误解我的意思 我持美丽 浪漫和性感 要不然好莱坞和麦迪逊大道如何繁荣至今 虽然这些也很重要 但它们不是寻找伴侣的唯一标准The two of you will have a long trip together, I hope and you will need each others support and sympathy more times than you can count Speaking as somebody who has been happily married for 35 years 两个人在一起 会有漫长的人生旅途要走 需要相互持和慰藉 作为一个经历了35年幸福婚姻生活的人I cant imagine any choice more consequential for a lifelong journey than the choice of a traveling companion Number 10 比起旅行伴侣 我再也想不到任何对人生旅途 影响如此重大的决定了 十Call your mom and dad once in a while A time will come when you will want your own grown-up, busy, hyper-successful children to call you 有时间多给父母打电话 你也会有那么一天 希望长大 繁忙 成功的孩子们给你打电话Also, remember who paid your tuition to Princeton Well, those are my 10 suggestions 而且你们要记住 是谁为你们付了普林斯顿的学费 好了 这就是我的十条建议Theyre probably worth exactly what you paid for them But they come from someone who shares your affection for this great institution and who wishes you the best for the future 也许你们觉得这些建议的价值 就如同花在它们上面的成本一样 一文不值 但它们来自于同你们一样 对这所大学具有深厚感情 并且祝愿你们未来好运的人Congratulations, graduates Give em hell 恭喜 毕业生们 给他们好看201606/448081/200703/10819

电影学口语 Lesson 37:[Antz]Talk sb to death【精片断】剪辑自《Antz》The ant: -oh, Don’t worry, I’m okay.The princess: -you? You’re okay? Hey, who cares about you?-I almost died hereThe ant: -will you please calm down?-you are not gonna let a little near-death experience ruin your mood, are you?The princess: -hey, this is not a mood . You’re not listening to me.-where am I ?-look, what’s –your-name. just climb up that tree and find out where I am.The ant: -look, t-the trick is not to panic.-you know, h-h-he w-who panic is lost.-what am I saying? We are lost.The princess: -I’ve been kidnapped by the village idiot.The ant: -who is the bigger idiot? The idiot or the idiot who gets kidnapped by the idiot?The princess: -what’d you do, talk those termites to death?-I can’t believe you tried to pass yourself off as a soldier.-why are you stalking me?-don’t you realize that I’m out of your league?The ant: -you’re the one who was cruising the worker bar looking for a little action.And you just happened to find it— the swarthy, earthy, sensual worker.The princess: -Please . I was slumming it. Don’t you get it?I chose you because you were the most pathetic little bug in the joint.The ant: - I was gonna let you become part of my most erotic fantasies. but now, you can just forget that. Write it off, you know. I guess what you prefer is Old Blood and Guts. This guy’s idea of a romantic night out is two seats at a public execution. Boy, you really choose the right husband.The princess: - For your information, the general and I are deeply deeply –engaged.【口语财富】1、calm down: 冷静下来2、near-death experience : 生死一线的经历3、talk sb to death : 把某人给说死了4、pass…off as : 伪装成….5、out of one’s league : 配不上某人6、writ it off:: 忘记7、for your information :告诉你吧 /200604/6513

Finally -- Finally, number five: there are a whole number of creators of content who dont receive fair compensation,最后--最后,第五点:有许多内容的创造者并没有得到公平的报酬,because the system for intellectual property is broken.因为知识产权系统遭到了损害。It was broken by the first era of the internet. Take music.在互联网的第一个时代就遭到损害。就拿音乐来说。Musicians are left with crumbs at the end of the whole food chain.音乐家们只在食物链的末端获得一些残渣碎屑。You know, if you were a songwriter, 25 years ago, you wrote a hit song,在25年前,如果你是一个作曲家,写出一首流行的歌曲,it got a million singles, you could get royalties of around 45,000 dollars.卖出一百万首单曲,你可以获得大约45000美元的报酬。Today, youre a songwriter, you write a hit song, it gets a million streams,而现在,作曲家的你写出一首流行的歌曲,被百万次播放,you dont get 45k, you get 36 dollars, enough to buy a nice pizza.你并不能得到45000美元,你只能得到36美元,足以买一个不错的披萨了。So Imogen Heap, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, is now putting music on a blockchain ecosystem.所以伊莫金·希普,一位荣获格莱美奖的创作歌手,现在把音乐发表在一个区块链的生态系统上。She calls it ;Mycelia.; And the music has a smart contract surrounding it.她称其为“菌丝”。其中的音乐有着智能协议。And the music protects her intellectual property rights. You want to listen to the song?音乐保护着她的知识产权。你想要听歌吗?Its free, or maybe a few micro-cents that flow into a digital account.它是免费的,或者会有几分钱流入数字账户。You want to put the song in your movie, thats different, and the IP rights are all specified.如果想要在电影中使用这首歌,那就是另一回事了。知识产权都有详细说明。You want to make a ringtone? Thats different.你想要作为手机铃声?那也是另一码事。She describes that the song becomes a business.她描述道,歌曲成为了商业。Its out there on this platform marketing itself, protecting the rights of the author,在这个平台上歌曲实现了商业化,保护了作者的权利。and because the song has a payment system in the sense of bank account,并且因为歌曲采用了一种类似于账户的付系统,all the money flows back to the artist, and they control the industry, rather than these powerful intermediaries.所有的钱都会到艺术家的手中,他们掌控了行业,而不是由那些强大的中间商所控制。201704/503053And we know that its possible to move along this continuum我们知道我们可以解决这些持续已久的问题towards something quite a bit more idyllic,走向一个较为理想的状况to a place where a conference like this is even conceivable.像我们现在这样,齐聚一堂,和平讨论And we know -- we know -- that there are right and wrong answers to how to move in this space.我们知道,清楚知道,想要达到这样的境界,有对的,也有错误的方法Would adding cholera to the water be a good idea? Probably not.在水中加入霍乱病毒是对的吗?大概不是Would it be a good idea for everyone to believe in the evil eye,每个人都相信邪恶之眼的魔力so that when bad things happened to them they immediately blame their neighbors? Probably not.于是当某些不幸事件发生,他们马上就开始怪罪他们的邻舍?大概也不是There are truths to be known about how human communities flourish,我们应该去理解人类社群迈向繁荣的方法whether or not we understand these truths.无论我们现在能不能理解And morality relates to these truths.或把这些事实和道德做联结So, in talking about values we are talking about facts.当我们讨论价值,我们就是在讨论事实Now, of course our situation in the world can be understood at many levels --世界的现况可以用很多不同层次来看from the level of the genome on up to the level of economic systems and political arrangements.从染色体的层次一直到经济体系和政治协议的层次But if were going to talk about human well-being we are, of necessity, talking about the human brain.但如果我们回去思考人类幸福的议题,我们必须谈到人类的大脑Because we know that our experience of the world and of ourselves within it is realized in the brain因为我们知道我们对世界的看法、我们的体验和感知都是由大脑建构的whatever happens after death.无论死后会怎样Even if the suicide bomber does get 72 virgins in the afterlife, in this life, his personality就算背着炸弹自杀死后能得到72个处女,在此生,他的人格his rather unfortunate personality -- is the product of his brain.这令人遗憾的人格,也是由他的大脑所产出So the contributions of culture -- if culture changes us, as indeed it does, it changes us by changing our brains.于是,文化的贡献是,是因为文化会改变我们的想法,也就是改变我们大脑的思考模式201608/463137What is missing is not IQ, but wisdom And today, its getting harder and harder to tap into our own wisdom 他们缺少的不是智商 而是智慧时至今日 要挖掘我们自身的智慧变得越来越难Because we are all so hyper-connected to our devices, our screens, our social media that were having a hard time disconnecting from technology 因为我们都太过依赖于电子设备和社交网络这让我们很难断开同科技的联系And reconnecting with ourselves Your very own, very wise Smith sophomore, Erin mcdaniel 并重新挖掘自身的智慧你们史密斯学院独具自身智慧的二年级生 艾琳.麦克丹尼尔Wrote in the Sophian about her decision to disconnect from all her social media ;We have eschewed,; she said, ;real social connections 在《智慧》中就曾写道 她决心戒掉所有社交网站她说 ;我们远离了真正的社交联系;In favor of superficial, technology-bridged ones... We have become, in many cases, nearly as socially robotic as our computers; ;选择了这种肤浅的 以技术为媒的社交方式;;很大程度上 我们变成了和电脑一样的社会机器;You dont have the head of a digital company telling you to completely disconnect from technology 作为科技公司的老板我肯定不是告诉你 让你不再接触科技What Im telling you is to regularly disconnect from technology to regularly unplug and recharge 我要说的是 让你们经常性地断开同科技的联系经常性地拔下插头In order to reconnect with ourselves and our own deepest wisdom Because Im convinced that there are two fundamental truths about human beings 让自己有机会重新连接到自身最深刻的智慧我坚信 关于人类有两条根本的真理The first truth is that we all have within us a centered place of wisdom, harmony, and strength 第一条真理是 我们所有人体内都有一个聚集智慧 和谐 以及力量的地方This is a truth that all the worlds religions -- whether Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism -- 不管是世界上哪一种宗教包括基督教 伊斯兰教 犹太教 佛教And many of its philosophies hold true in one form or another: ;The Kingdom of God is Within; 这条哲理总能以一种或另外一种形式存在即;天主之国在人心中;201606/448608

VOA流行美语 119: out to get someone / go to bat for someoneLarry和李华刚刚上完美国历史课,两人正在讨论上课的内容。今天李华会学到两个常用语: out to get someone和go to bat for someone.LL: Hey, Li Hua, did you notice how professor Smith kept asking Mary really hard questions? He really seemed out to get her.LH: 就是啊!我也在纳闷呢!Smith教授好象在故意刁难Mary,他问她的问题恐怕谁都答不出来。真是奇怪。Larry你说教授是out to get her,那是什么意思啊?LL: If a person is "out to get" someone else it means that he has a grudge against that person and wants to hurt or embarrass her.LH: 哼,out to get someone 就是故意让某人难堪,和他过不去。可是Smith 教授和Mary有什么过节,为什么要这样对她呢?LL: I heard that a student complained about Prof. Smith to the department chair. It's possible that she was the one who complained and now he's out to get her for it.LH: 你怀疑Mary在系主任那里表示对Smith教授不满,所以教授现在要整她?哎哟! 要是被教授盯上,故意和你过不去,那可惨了!LL: Yeah, I can imagine that it's stressful. I've never had a professor that was out to get me, but I had a classmate that was out to get me once.LH: 真的啊?你那个同学为什么和你过不去呢?LL: Well, I asked out the girl he liked and she went out with me. He was so angry that he was always sping rumors about me. He even told the girl that I had another girlfriendLH: 那可不能怪你呀!那个女孩愿意和你约会,他就算喜欢那女孩,也不应该散布中伤你的谣言嘛!那,那个女孩她相信那些谣言吗?LL: Of course not. She knew he was out to get me. Have you ever known anyone who was out to get you?LH: 我啊,我也有过这种不愉快的经验。我以前那个同屋常常会故意删掉别人给我的电话留言,特别是一些重要信息内。你说,这不是故意整我吗?LL: Yeah, she really had a grudge against you after you asked her to be quieter when she came home at night.LH: 就是啊!自从我让她晚上回来别声音太大以后,她老是跟我过不去。这种人真不讲理。******LH: 我真不敢相信Smith教授居然会当着全班面骂Mary笨!LL: But did you see how that other student went to bat for her? He told the professor that his behavior was unprofessional in front of everyone.LH: 对,那个男同学真是有男子汉大丈夫的气概。他站起来指责教授。可是这和bat有什么关系?Bat不是球棒的意思吗?LL: That term comes from baseball. If you go to bat for someone else it means you stand up for them and defend them.LH: 噢!Go to bat for someone就是替某人打抱不平,就像那个男同学替Mary出头,站起来批评Smith教授一样咯!LL: Exactly. Can you think of a time that someone went to bat for you?LH: 嗯,有一次我骑着自行车被一个开车的人撞上,那人还怪我,说是我的错。不是你跳出来帮我忙的吗!你怎么忘了呢?我记得你还叫了警察呢。You really went to bat for me.LL: Oh, that was nothing. I was just helping you out. I'm sure you would have gone to bat for me, too.LH: 那当然,朋友有难,我一定会拔刀相助,替你出头啊!哦!还有一次,一个女同学在考试的时候偷看我的考卷,还向教授说是我做弊呢。LL: Yeah, I remember that.LH: 你为我打抱不平,跑去和教授说你看到那个女孩偷看我的考卷。LL: Well, that was true. I did see her cheating.LH: Larry,我真的很感谢你噢! 你也有男子汉大丈夫的气概。LL:Thank you!今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是out to get someone。意思是故意和某人过不去,让他为难、难堪。另一个常用语是go to bat for someone, 是替某人打抱不平,为人出头的意思。 /200602/3339A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 15 /200707/15460

A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 1 /200707/1544615.The Only Concern: Price and Value15.惟一的关注:价格与价值Is the Graham and Dodd ;look for values with a significant margin of safety relative to prices; approach to security analysis out of date? Many of the professors who write textbooks today say yes. ;If prices fully reflect available information, this sort of investment adeptness is ruled out,; writes one of todays textbook authors.格雷尼姆与多德的“追求价值远超过价格的安全边际”的券分析方法是否已经过时?目前许多撰写教科书的教授认为如此。“如果价格完全反应既有的资讯,则这类的投资技巧将不存在。”一位现今教科书的作者如此写道。The common intellectual theme of the investors from Graham-and-Doddsville is this: they search for discrepancies between the value of a business and the price of small pieces of that business in the market. Essentially, they exploit those discrepancies without the e efficient market theorists concern as to whether the stocks are bought on Monday or Thursday, or whether it is January or July, etc.来自“格雷尼姆——多德都市”的投资者们所具备的共同智力结构是:他们探索企业的价值与该企业市场价格之间的差异。事实上,他们利用这些差异,却不在意效率市场理论家所关心的问题,比如股票在星期一买进还是星期二买进,是在一月份买进还是七月份买进,等等。our Graham amp; Dodd investors, needless to say, do not discuss beta, the capital asset pricing model, or covariance in returns among securities. These are not subjects of any interest to them. In fact, most of them would have. difficulty defining those terms. The investors simply focus on two variables: price and value.毋庸多说,格雷尼姆一多德都市的投资者并不探讨beta、资本资产定价模型、券投资报酬本的变异数。他们对这些不感兴趣。事实上,他们大多数都难以界定上述这些学术名词。他们只在乎两个变量:价格与价值。There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult. The academic world, if anything, has actually backed away from the teaching of value investing over the last 30 years. Its likely to continue that way. Ships will sail around the world but the Flat Earth Society will flourish. There will continue to be wide discrepancies between price and value in the marketplace, and those who their Graham amp; Dodd will continue to prosper.人的天性中似乎存在着某种偏执的特色,喜欢把简单的事情弄复杂。最近30年来,学术界如果有任何作为的话,就是完全背离了价值投资的教训,而且很可能继续下去。船只可以环绕地球而行,但地平之说仍会畅行无阻。同样,在市场上,价格与价值之间还会存在着巨大的差值,而奉行格雷厄姆与多德理论的人也会繁荣不绝。201705/508348中级英语口语闪电速成[37] /200703/11010

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