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  • Despite recent food trends encouraging us to breakfast on protein-rich eggs and sip on green juices, a new review published on recently has attempted to call time on some of the latest food fads and help end the confusion about what is the most nutritionally sound way to reduce heart disease.尽管最近流行的食物趋势鼓励我们早餐要吃富含蛋白质的鸡蛋,再喝杯绿色果汁,但最新发布的一项新报告试图终止一些最近流行的食物潮流,试图让人们不再困惑降低心脏病的最佳营养方式是什么。Carried out by Andrew Freeman, MD, director of cardiovascular prevention and wellness in the division of cardiology at National Jewish Health in Denver, the report examined several recent diet trends, as well as ;hypes and controversies; surrounding nutrition.该报告由医学士安德鲁·弗里曼展开,他同时也是丹弗国家犹太人健康心脏病部门心血管病预防与健康的部门主任,该报告研究了最近流行的几种饮食趋势,同时也研究了;大肆宣传和引人争议;的营养方面。;There is a great amount of misinformation about nutrition fads, including antioxidant pills, juicing and gluten-free diets,; commented Freeman, ;However, there are a number of dietary patterns that have clearly been demonstrated to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including coronary heart disease.;;关于营养时尚,有大量的错误信息,包括:抗氧化剂丸、果汁和无麸质饮食,;弗里曼道,;然而,有很多饮食习惯已被明可降低患多种慢性疾病的风险,包括冠心病。;After analysing current evidence, the report debunked some of the recent popular food fads, but also found that, ;There is a growing consensus that a predominantly plant-based diet that emphasises green, leafy vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruit is where the best improvements are seen in heart health.;分析完现有的据后,该报告揭露了最近一些流行的食物趋势,但也发现,;越来越多的人达成这样的共识:强调绿色、绿叶蔬菜、全谷物、豆类和水果为主的饮食在改善心脏健康方面效果最为显著。;Some other key findings from the study on what food fads to avoid - and which food trends to follow - can be found below:研究中一些其它的主要研究结果如下--何种食物趋势该避免以及何种食物趋势该跟随:Eggs鸡蛋Despite previous recommendations, the report advises limiting the amount of eggs in the diet, or any other high cholesterol foods, to as little as possible.撇开先前的建议不谈,报告建议限制饮食中的鸡蛋数量,或是尽可能限制其它高胆固醇食物。Extra-virgin olive oil特级初榨橄榄油It#39;s the most heart-healthy oil concludes the study, but due to its number of calories, consume in moderation.这是本研究得出的最有利于心脏健康的油,但由于其热量高,还是适度摄入为好。Berries浆果Enjoy three times a week for an antioxidant boost, instead of antioxidant dietary supplements. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest and most beneficial source of antioxidants to reduce heart disease risk, whereas there is no significant evidence that adding supplements into the diet benefits heart health.每周吃三次浆果,而不是吃抗氧化饮食补充剂,可以抗氧化哦。水果和蔬菜才是抗氧化剂最健康、最有利的来源,能降低患心脏病的风险,而且没有明显的据表明在饮食中添加补充剂能有利于心脏健康。Nuts坚果30g of nuts a day can boost heart health, but be careful with the portion size as they are high in calories.每天吃30克坚果能促进心脏健康,但要注意适量,因为坚果的热量很高。Juicing果汁Be careful with this recent food trend. Although the fruits and vegetables in juices are healthy, the process of juicing removes the pulp and increases the calorie concentration, making it easier to consume too many calories without realising.要注意这一最新的食物趋势。尽管水果汁、蔬菜汁十分健康,但制作果汁的过程除去了果汁的果肉且增加了卡路里浓度,因此你很容易在没意识到的情况下摄入过多的卡路里。译文属 /201703/500534。
  • 5.Earliest Depiction Of Jesus5.最早的耶稣碑文In an Egyptian crypt, archaeologists recently unearthed what might be the oldest depiction of Jesus. Located in the ancient city of Oxyrhynchus, the mysterious underground structure could only be accessed once researchers removed 45 tons of stone. The walls of the crypt contained six layers of paint. The last was from the period of the early Coptic Christians.在一座埃及地窖中,考古学家最近发现了可能是最古老的耶稣碑文。这座神秘的地下建筑位于古代城市俄克喜林库斯,研究人员需要移开45吨的石头才能进入。地窖的墙上有六层绘画作品。最上面一层来自于早期科普特基督徒时期。One painting drew experts#39; attention: The mysterious image shows a tunic-clad young man with curly hair performing a blessing. Some believe this is the earliest known likeness of Christ. However, until researchers translate cryptic inscriptions around the figure, the man#39;s identity remains a mystery. The crypt belongs to a 17-year-old scribe and a family of priests.其中一幅画引起了专家们的注意:在这幅神秘的画上,有一位穿着衣的男子,一头卷发,作出祈祷的姿势。一些专家认为这是已知最早的耶稣肖像。但是,在研究人员翻译出这个人物周围的碑文内容之前,这名男子的身份仍然是个谜。这座地窖属于一位17岁的法学家和一个人祭司家庭。Archaeologists report that they haven#39;t had time yet to explore another mysterious space attached to the crypt. They have no idea what they will find in the new hidden chamber.考古学家报告,他们还没来得及挖掘与这座地窖相连的其他神秘空间,尚不知道会在新的密室里发现什么。4.Crypt Of The Ancient Astronaut4.古代宇航员的地窖The secret opening to the crypt of Pakal II, the Maya ruler of Palenque, was discovered in 1948. It took four more years to clear the rubble away so that researchers could enter the hidden chamber. The monarch#39;s remains were discovered clad in a jade mask with beads. Sculptures and carvings of Mayan underworld beliefs surround the ancient ruler.1948年,人们发现了巴加尔二世——玛雅时期帕伦克的统治者——地窖的秘密入口。研究人员花了四年多的时间才清理掉碎石进入这间密室。他们发现,这位君王的面部罩着一个有串珠装饰的面具。他的四周是雕塑与雕刻,内容是玛雅人对这位古代君主身处地下世界的想象。Pakal II supposedly died at age 80. However, the skeletal remains appear to be that of a 40-year-old. What#39;s more, a carving on the lid of his tomb has convinced some that Pakal II might not even have been human. The engraving became famous after the controversial 1968 bestseller Chariots of the Gods suggested that, if turned sideways, the image depicts Pakal II aboard a spacecraft. One viewer may see Mayan iconography related to death, rebirth, and the cosmos. Another sees a fuselage, complete with a breathing apparatus and controls.巴加尔二世去世时可能是80岁。但是,这具骨骼残骸的年龄大概是40岁。此外,他的墓室顶盖上雕刻的内容显示,巴加尔二世可能不是人类。1968年,充满争议的畅销书《众神的战车》让这些雕刻作品名声大振。书中写道,如果转向侧面,可以看到这幅雕刻图上画着巴加尔二世驾驶着一艘宇宙飞船。你看到的可能是玛雅人对死亡、重生与宇宙的想象,而别人看到的可能是一个机身,还有通气设备与控制装置。3.Prague#39;s Hidden Masterpiece3.布拉格隐藏的杰作Art historians recently discovered a never-before-seen monument deep within Prague#39;s Loreto crypt, beneath the Church of the Nativity of Our Lord. The walls of the tomb are covered with intricate depictions of death, resurrection, and allegories for time. Dated to 1664, these amazing depictions of Ars moriendi utilize only black and gray to create a sophisticated shading system known as chiaroscuro.艺术历史学家最近在布拉格的洛雷托地窖深处发现了一座从未见过的纪念碑,这座地窖位于圣诞教堂的地下。墓室的墙壁上刻满了复杂的文字,描述死亡、复活以及对时间的寓言。这些令人吃惊的死亡艺术的描绘可追溯到1664年,只用了黑灰两色,创造出复杂的阴影体系,也就是明暗对照法。The paintings were discovered in 2011, when the crypt was opened for the first time in decades. Many of the works are inspired by Dutch art, including copies of Rembrandt. The identity of the artist remains a mystery. Some speculate that it might have been Cosmas of Austria or Viennese painter Tobias Pock. Both had a history of working with the Capuchin monks. It is also unknown whether the subject matter was selected by the artist or the crypt#39;s patron, Countess Elisabeth Apollonia of Kolowrat.这些绘画于2011年被发现,当时是这座地窖数十年来首次开放。很多作品受荷兰艺术的影响,包括伦布兰特的作品副本。艺术家的身份仍然是个谜。一些人推测,作者可能是奥地利的科斯马斯或者维也纳画家托拜厄斯·波克。两人都曾与圣方济会托钵僧一同工作。至于主题是由艺术家选择还是地窖的赞助人,Kolowrat家族的伊丽莎白·阿波罗尼亚伯爵夫人选择,仍然未知。2.Heart Burial2.心葬In 2015, archaeologists unearthed five 400-year-old hearts from the crypt under the Convent of the Jacobins in Rennes, France. The embalmed organs were buried in heart-shaped lead urns, which feature inscriptions revealing ownership details. Dated to the 16th and 17th centuries, these preserved pumps were discovered by teams inspecting the convent before it becomes a conference center. They are part of a long tradition of ;heart burials.;2015年,考古学家在法国雅各宾派的修道院地窖内发现了五个有400年历史的心脏。这些经过防腐处理的器官被埋在心形的铅瓮中,上面的题文记录了心脏主人的详情。这些保存完好的心脏可以追溯到16与17世纪。在这座修道院被改建成会议中心之前,考古团队对其进行检查,结果发现了这些心脏。它们是历史悠久的“心葬”传统的产物。The hearts were cleaned and removed of embalming material so that they could be analyzed with MRI and CT technology to get a glimpse into ancient circulation. One heart had no disease, while three others showed serious blockages, including plaque and atherosclerosis.考古学家对这些心脏进行清理并将它们从防腐物质中取出,以便通过核磁共振与CT进行分析,了解古老的循环机能。其中一个心脏没有任何疾病,另外有三个心脏有严重的堵塞,包括动脉硬化。Researchers discovered a knight#39;s heart inside the grave of Louise de Quengo, Lady of Brefeillac. It belonged to her husband, Toussaint Perrien. The practice of being buried with the heart of one#39;s spouse was common during this period.研究人员在露易·迪昂古的坟墓中发现了一名骑士的心脏。这枚心脏的主人是她的丈夫,图森特·佩利安。与配偶的心脏葬在一起在这一时期非常普遍。1.Jesus#39;s Family1.耶稣的家庭In 1980, archaeologists discovered a hidden crypt in Jerusalem. The Talpiot Tomb contained ten mysterious ossuaries. Some claim these boxes, meant for holding human remains, are definitive proof that this was the final resting place of Jesus of Nazareth and his family. This discovery meant that Christ not only was not raised from the dead, but had a wife and children.1980年,考古学家在耶路撒冷发现了一座隐蔽的地窖。墓室内有十个神秘的骨灰瓮。一些人认为,这些专门用来盛放人体残骸的盒子充分明这里是拿撒勒的耶稣和他家族的安息之地。这一发现表明,救世主不仅没有复活,还有妻子和孩子。Inscriptions on the ossuaries reveal them to belong to ;Jesus, Son of Joseph,; ;Mary, the master,; and even ;Judas, son of Jesus.; Some have been lead to believe that this means Christ, Mary Magdalene, and their son.盒子上的题文显示,他们分别是“耶稣,约瑟之子”,“玛丽,主人”,甚至还有“犹大,耶稣之子”。有人据此认为,这些题文指的就是基督、玛丽·玛格达莱妮和他们的儿子。Some critics argue, however, that the name ;Jesus; is actually ;Hanun.; Others believe the inscription on Mary#39;s ossuary has been mistranslated and should ;Mariam and Mara.; They believe this ossuary contains the remains of two females. In addition, the inscription on Mary#39;s ossuary is in Greek, while the others are in Aramaic.但一些家提出异议,“耶稣”这个名字实际是“哈嫩”(。另有人认为,玛丽骨灰瓮上的题文被错译,应该读作“玛利亚姆与玛拉”。他们认为这个罐子里盛放了两位女性的遗骨。此外,玛丽骨灰瓮上的题文用希腊语撰写,而其他盒子上都是阿拉姆语。 /201705/507054。
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