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Children in backseats cause accidents. Accidents in backseats cause children.坐在后座上的小孩会生出意外,发生在后座上的意外会生出小孩。 /201004/102452。

If you're trying to lose weight at the moment, then you're probably wondering how many calories you should be eating every day in order to be losing the weight that you aim to. This article will help for you to work out just how many calories that should be, and how to work out how much you should be eating each and every day. The most important thing to remember is that not the same amount of calories works the same for everybody. Some people can eat thousands of calories more than others and still not put any weight on. You need to firstly work out your BMR. This is basically the amount of calories that you would use on a daily basis if you were in a coma and you didn't have to do any exercise of movement at all every day. If you work out what yours is, then you should remember that this is the minimum amount of food each day that you need in order to survive. Any other exercise that you do during the day, if you take this number of calories, then you will be burning fat each and every day by doing all of the other exercise that you do during the course of an average day. You should be aware that you should never go below 1,200 calories per day, as this means that your body may go into starvation mode because the amount of calories that you're putting into your body is nowhere near the amount that you need in order to complete your daily business. This could be incredibly counter productive, as your body might go into starvation mode and therefore try to hold on to any of the fat that you aly have instead of burning it like you should be doing. Ironically, eating just a little extra food might just work a lot better for you then eat no food at all while you're trying to lose weight. You should keep close track of your weight with regards to the amount of calories that you’re eating. You don't want to gain weight, but at the same time you don't want to lose too much either as you probably won't be able to keep it up once you reach your goal weight. If you take all of these tips into account then you should find that you are able to lose a fair amount of weight and then keep it up at the end of the journey. 如果你正在减肥,你可能太了解为了减肥你每天要摄取多少卡路里才能让你达到预期目标。本文将帮助你了解这点,并告诉你每天应该怎么摄取。 最重要的是要记住的是,等量的热量不是对谁都一样。这是因人而异的,有些人摄取成千上万的热量但却不增重。你需要首先完成你的BMR,这是如果你昏迷一天不进行任何锻炼你消耗的热量。如果你计算出你的数值,那么你应该记住这是你每天为了生存需要摄取的最低食物量。 你在那一天的其他运动如果使你消耗掉这个量,你就会通过每天做其他运动时燃烧脂肪。 你应该清楚不应该每天低于1200卡路里,如果低于这个标准,你的身体会进入饥饿模式,因为进入你身体的热量无法完成你的身体所需。这可能会适得其反,饥饿模式下任何脂肪会保留住而不是燃烧。最具讽刺意味的是,对于减肥中的你而言吃一点点额外的食物可能会比你不进食效果要好。 你应该密切按照摄取食物的卡路里量留意你的体重。当你达到目标体重时,你不想体重反弹,但同时你又不想失去太多或不能把持住。如果你掌握所有这些技巧,那么你就会发现,你已经能有效减肥并保持体型了。 /201111/159804。

Amazon.com has launched a textbook rental service, allowing US students to borrow print editions for a school term at up to 70 per cent off the price of new titles, but the education industry is expecting the growth of rentals to slow. 亚马逊(Amazon)推出一项教科书租赁务,允许美国学生每学期能以不超过新书售价70%的价格租用纸质教科书,但教育行业预计租赁业务的增长将会放缓。 Book Industry Study Group research found that textbook rentals rose last year from 8 per cent of the market to 11 per cent, with a corresponding drop in new textbook sales, from 59 per cent to 55 per cent. There is also a sizeable second-hand market in textbooks. 美国图书工业研究会(Book Industry Study Group)的研究表明,教科书租赁在整个教科书市场所占的份额已由去年的8%上升至11%,而新教科书销售的份额则相应从59%降至55%。此外,二手教科书市场的规模也相当可观。 Student Monitor, another research group, put rentals#39; penetration of the print textbook market at 13 per cent last year. Cengage, one of the largest US college publishers, predicted that this could double to 26 per cent by 2015 before flattening out. 另一家研究集团Student Monitor的调查显示,去年租赁对纸质教科书市场的渗透率达到13%。美国最大的高校教材出版商之一圣智学习出版公司(Cengage)预测,到2015年该比率可能翻一番,达到26%,之后增长将趋于平缓。 However, Cengage also forecast that rentals#39; impact on higher education revenues would fall from 5.2 per cent this year to just 0.8 per cent by 2015. ;We#39;re beginning to see textbook rentals peak,; said Laura Ricci of Outsell, a publishing research firm. 然而,圣智学习出版公司也预测,到2015年,租赁在高等教育营收中的份额将由今年的5.2%下降至0.8%。出版研究公司Outsell的劳拉#8226;瑞西(Laura Ricci )表示,;我们将开始看到教科书租赁达到顶峰。; This is because publishers are increasingly using technology to enrich traditional textbooks, and students are finding it easier to sell their used texts online. 这是因为,出版商正越来越多地利用技术手段使传统教科书变得丰富多,而学生们也发现在网上出售二手书变得更容易。 ;Users are beginning to expect more from textbook content [than] just words on a page,; she said, pointing to the rise of interactive testing technology and other ;full course solutions; as publishers such as Pearson, owner of the Financial Times, broaden their business models. 瑞西表示,;消费者开始希望教科书的每一页不仅出现文字,还要提供更多的内容。;她所指的是,随着英国《金融时报》的母公司培生集团(Pearson)等出版商拓宽其业务模式,交互测试技术和其他;全课程解决方案;正在兴起。 Existing textbook rental companies such as Chegg and BookRenter.com are diversifying, Ms Ricci added, saying they need not be threatened by Amazon. 瑞西补充道,齐格网(Chegg)和BookRenter.com等现有教科书租赁公司正在开展多元化经营,它们未必会受到亚马逊的威胁。 Mehdi Maghsoodnia, chief executive of BookRenter.com, welcomed Amazon#39;s move, saying it would increase awareness of textbook rental services. BookRenter.com and Chegg offer similar discounts to Amazon. BookRenter.com首席执行官麦迪#8226;马苏德尼亚(Mehdi Maghsoodnia)对亚马逊此举表示欢迎。他表示,这将提高人们对教科书租赁务的认识。该网站和Chegg提供与亚马逊类似的折扣。 ;It#39;s a recognition that the reality is that 99 per cent of the educational market continues to use physical texts,; he said: ;To help students, given the increase in tuition fees, you have to lower the cost of textbooks.; ;我们承认,实际情况是99%的教育市场将继续使用实物教科书,;他表示,;要帮助学生,鉴于目前学费上涨的幅度,你必须降低教科书价格。; According to the National Association of College Stores, US students spend on average 5 a year on required course materials. Multiplied by roughly 20m students in college, that suggests a bn market, BookRenter noted. 根据全国大学商店协会(National Association of College Stores)的数据,美国大学生每年在规定教材方面的平均出为655美元。BookRenter指出,把这个数字乘以大约2100万大学生,说明市场规模为130亿美元。 Mr Maghsoodnia said by some estimates rental could grow to be half of the market by volume, although such a shift would reduce the overall market#39;s value in dollar terms. 马苏德尼亚(Maghsoodnia)表示,根据一些估计,租赁业务可能将占到这一市场的一半,尽管这一转变可能会降低以美元计算的整体市场价值。 Several publishers have worked with print and digital rental services. McGraw-Hill and Chegg announced a partnership in 2009, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced a deal on Tuesday with Kno, an education software company, offering year-long digital rentals of school texts for .99 or less per book. 几家出版商已经在纸质和数字租赁务上采取合作。2009年,麦格劳希尔集团(McGraw-Hill)与齐格网建立合作关系。周二,霍顿-米夫林哈考特集团(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)也宣布与教育软件公司Kno合作,以每本9.99美元甚至更低的价格提供为期一年的学校教科书数字租赁务。 Many college students still find that selling their print textbooks once they have finished with them is cheaper than buying or renting their digital equivalents, Outsell reported this year. 研究机构Outsell今年表示,很多大学学生仍然认为完成课程之后出售纸质教科书要比购买或者租赁电子版教科书划算。 /201208/194172。

Everyone who eat instant noodles before knows how it looks like. It is very easy to cook it instantly by putting the noodles into the boiling water and add in those MSG packets, together with your other ingredients like eggs or vegetables. However, have you ever wonder whether is this the correct way of cooking it? When you first took out the noodles from the packaging, you will notice that the noodles are joined together nicely as a piece. Do you know that in order to make the noodles joined together nicely side by side needs some form of wax coating in order to achieve a presentable instant noodles in front of us. Many people who enjoy eating instant noodles frequently did not really bother too much of it as it seems very normal to everyone to have it nicely displayed in front of us. However, research have shown that the layer of wax coating on the noodles is quite harmful to our body and we should not consume it too frequently. It is advisable to have a break of 2-3 days before we start to eat another packet of instant noodles as our body need about 3 days to clear that layer of wax coating away from our body system. Do you know the danger of having too much wax coating stored in our stomach? It will lead to CANCER if it is stored in our body system for a long period of time。  每个人吃方便面之前都要看一下它长得怎样。方便面很容易煮,在碗中放面条再加上味精,连同其它的材料像鸡蛋或者蔬菜。然而你有没有怀疑过这是正确的煮食工方法吗?当你第一次从包装上取出面条时。你会注意到面条很巧妙地连在一起。你知道为了使面条很好地肩并肩连在一起需要某种形式的蜡涂层,为了在我们面前展现一个漂亮的方便面。许多人喜欢吃方便面往往没有真正担忧太多,因为它看起来非常正常,它漂亮的一面展示在我们的面前。然而,研究表明,在面上的那层蜡涂层对我们的身体有非常大毒害作用,我们不应该过于频繁食用它。明智的做法是,在我们吃另外的一包方便面之前要有一个2-3天的休息。因为我们的身体大约需要3天把那层蜡涂层从我们的身体清理出去,你知道储存大量的蜡涂料在我们的胃里的危害吗?如果储存在我们的身体系统有很长一段时间,这将导致癌症。  Keys Points to Take Note While Preparing Instant Noodles    在准备方便面的时候,要注意关键的两点:  1) Wash the instant noodles with warm water first, stir it and pour away the water containing the wax coating。  第一要用温水来洗净方便面,搅拌它,倒出含有蜡涂层的水。 /201105/138110。

"I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems," John said in an interview posted on the website of US celebrity news magazine Parade.约翰接受采访时说:“我觉得耶稣是一位非常具有同情心的,智慧超常的同性恋,他很能理解人类遇到的难题。”这次采访被上传到美国明星新闻杂志《旅行》的网站上。"On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don't know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East -- you're as good as dead," said John, who is gay.身为同性恋的约翰说:“耶稣在十字架上受刑前,原谅了处死他的人。他想让我们具有爱心和宽恕精神。我不知道是什么让人们如此残忍。如果你想在中东尝试做一名女同性恋,那简直生不如死。”The Catholic League, the largest US Catholic rights group, condemned the comments.美国最大的天主教权利组织天主教联盟驳斥了上述言论。"Jesus was certainly compassionate, but to say he was 'super-intelligent' is to compare the son of God to a successful game-show contestant," league president Bill Donohue said in a statement.联盟主席比尔#8226;多诺休在一份声明中说:“耶稣当然很具有同情心,但称他‘智慧超常’无异于将上帝之子比作一名成功的电视比赛选手。”"More seriously, to call Jesus a homosexual is to label him a sexual deviant. But what else would we expect from a man who previously said, 'From my point of view, I would ban religion completely'?"“更严重的是,说耶稣是同性恋就等于说他是个性变态。但约翰还曾说过‘依我看宗教应该完全被禁止’这样的话,我们还能指望他说出什么好话么?” /201003/98816。

When Jack bowed to someone, he always did it at lightening speed. You shouldn't wait any longer after he has had his head nod. So he was blamed for no manners. Then some warmhearted men taught him, "When you bow to somebody next time, you can count 'January, February, March. until December. Then you can lift your body up. Thus, the ceremony will be perfect.   The next day, he met his uncle, he did as the men told him. The bow was so long that it made his uncle feel surprised and escaped away soon . When Jack looked up, he found his uncle gone . So he asked the passer, "Which month did he go away?"  杰克给人鞠躬,飞快地一点头,就算完了。大家都怪他不懂礼貌。于是便有好心的人教他说,“下次鞠躬的时候,你就在心里数:正月、二月、……一直数到十二月为止,然后再直起身来。这样,礼节就周全了。”   第二天,杰克见到他的叔叔,他便如法炮制。这躬鞠得太久,叔叔吃了一惊,赶紧逃开了。杰克抬头一看,其叔早已不知去向,他便问过路人:“我叔叔是几月走的?” /201108/150268。

The world's ten most unanswerable questions include "what is the meaning of life", "does God exist", showed a study made by Ask Jeeves, a popular search engine in US.美国著名搜索引擎Ask Jeeves最新调查发现,世界上最难回答的十大问题包括“生命的意义是什么”、“有没有上帝”等等。 /201009/114487。