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A: He always said something cock-a-hoop.他说话时经常时一幅自鸣得意的样子。B: I can’t bear such attitude, too.我也无法忍受他那种态度。A: He must change this, unless he will get in trouble one day.他必须改变这点,否则终有一天他会遇到麻烦的。B: Yeah, but what can we do to help him?是的,但是我们能做点什么去帮助他呢?A : He will be aware of this by himself. I believe.我相信他会意识到这点的。 /201508/390151听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):State officials want you to check your trees for a tiny insect. Its called the hemlock woolly adelgid, and it survives by sucking sap from hemlock trees.This insect was first detected in Michigan in 2006.Roger Mech is a forest health specialist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. He says although the insects have been seen here before, there are now a few more reasons to worry.;Our biggest concern now are detections that were made in 2015 over in Muskegon and Ottawa County on the west central side of the Lower Peninsula. Our concern there is that unlike these other isolated detections, this one is appearing to be much wider sp,; he says. ;The other concern is that were finding for the first time hemlock trees that have been killed by hemlock woolly adelgid.;From the DNR:These tiny insects secrete white wax as they feed on sap from hemlock shoots and branches. Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) feeding can kill needles, shoots and branches. Over time, growth slows as trees become less vigorous and trees may take on a grayish-green appearance. Infested hemlocks, especially large, old trees, are often killed when other stress factors, such as drought, affect trees.In order to slow the sp of the insect, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is considering a quarantine within the state. Officials want to restrict the movement of things like hemlock nursery stock, and firewood.Mech says that hes hopeful about the effectiveness of the move.;This internal quarantine that is now under review is focusing on the Muskegon and Ottawa County areas. And when that is put in place, hopefully sometime early this year, that will go a long way to prevent movement of infested trees and infested branches and so forth from the infested areas into areas that currently do not have hemlock woolly adelgid.;What should people look for if they have hemlock trees?;This time of year, what youre going to see is the adult stage. The adult produces white, wooly wax as a means of protecting itself from weather and from predators. And so if you were to look on the underside of hemlock branches, youll see this white, fuzzy wool substance there, and that can be hemlock woolly adelgid,; says Mech.Some things could be mistaken for evidence of hemlock woolly adelgid - spider webs, for instance.But if you think your hemlock tree could be infested, state officials want you to let them know.201701/487850大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师。英语学习本来就应该是一件愉快的事情,在这里,让我们一起努力,互相帮助,分享英语学习成果,坚持下来,把英语学得更好。#61548; 今天,我们专门来做一个话题讨论:shopping, 先来认识一下以下这些将会在今天的关于购物话题中遇到的单词:recreation n. bohemian n. 自由散慢的人 mall n. 自选超市 catalogue n. 目录 flea market 跳蚤市场 hang out 闲逛#61548; 下面,就开始了正式的讨论,以下是关于购物话题的一些具有典型性的连读句子,请注意每个句子中的单词间的连读发音。a. I shop for my⌒own clothes. 我自己给自己买衣。b. I⌒only shop when⌒I need something, I dont shop for pleasure. 我只在需要些东西时才去购物,从不逛着玩。c. When I was young, shopping was⌒my recreation, but now⌒I do what⌒I have to do, and⌒I dont do⌒it⌒any⌒other time. 当我年青的时候,购物是我的,但现在是需要时才去购物,没什么需要时,就不去逛商店了。d. Im⌒a real bohemian, so⌒Ive been married for 10 years, and⌒I dont think⌒Ive bought⌒any⌒of my⌒own shoes in 10 years. 我是一个自由散漫的人,已经结婚有10年了,我想想看这10年来从没有自己亲自买过一双鞋。e. My wife does⌒all the food shopping. 吃的东西都是我妻子买。f. Im from Washington D.C, and we have⌒a flea market⌒every week, near the river; I like to buy there. 我来自华盛顿,每星期那儿都有一个跳蚤市场,就在河边,我很喜欢去那儿买些东西。g. Sometimes⌒I go shopping⌒even⌒if⌒I dont want to find⌒anything myself. 有时候即使是不给自己买东西,也会去商店逛一逛。h. If⌒a friend needs something, we just walk⌒around⌒and look⌒at clothes and, you know, and talk⌒and hang⌒out, sometimes⌒it⌒is⌒a social⌒activity. 如果朋友需要买些东西,我们会到处走走,看看衣,你知道,聊聊天,闲逛,有时候这是一种社交活动。i. I have⌒a boyfriend⌒of my age, I find⌒I enjoying shopping with him. We like similar things, or we like totally⌒opposite things, but⌒its fun together. 我有个男朋友,年纪和我一样大,我发现我喜欢和他一起购物。我们喜欢相同的东西,或者有时喜欢皆然不同的东西,但两人一起逛逛觉得很有意思。j. Shopping⌒is not my sport, I, Im really not the guy to talk⌒about shopping. 购物不是我喜欢的运动,我,我真的不是那种可以谈论购物话题的人。k. If we can find⌒a mall that⌒isnt⌒as crowded, well go there. But most⌒of the time, we go to neighborhood shops. 如果我们能找到一个不太拥挤的超市,我们会去那儿。但绝大部分时间,我们都是去附近的小商店。l. Usually⌒I prefer shopping from catalogs than going to the mall, because there⌒are too many people. 一般,我比较喜欢通过目录册子定购商品,而不是去超市,因为超市有太多的人。下面,就是你的工作了。这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,一首Britney Spears 演唱的Sometimes结束今天的课程,明天还来上课! /201111/161483

Well,have a seat,have a seat,It is a huge show,Tonoy.Yes,its big.Its a big huge giant.Its a extra large show.yes,yes.大家请坐 请坐 Tony 今天节目会很热闹 Tony 今天的节目会很热闹 是啊 很受瞩目 是一个盛大的聚会 超出正常的大 是的 是的There are so many people here today,we ran out of space backstage.今天来了很多人 我们后台空间都不够用了Yeah I know,there are a lot of people backstage.Lots of people.Usually we dont have to do this,but we asked Robert pattinson to share a dressing room with me我知道 后台来了很多人 非常多人 我们平常不会这样 但今天Robert Pattinson跟我公用一个化妆间So,anyway.Im so glad we have the whole cast here.This is the only show youre gonna see them all together.And lets just take a look at this.所以 很高兴今天全体演员都来了 只有在我们节目才看得到哦 让我们先看看这段影片It all started as a simple dream Stephenie Meyer had one summer night.一切都始于Stephenie Meyer的一个夏夜之梦A dream that inspired the New York Times,best selling sensation the Twilight Saga.Who is he?这个梦变成了纽约时报 畅销书《暮光之城》系列 他是谁Overnight,the Twilight series exploded into a 1.8 billion dollar movie franchise一夜之间 《暮光》系列成为了价值18亿美元的系列电影making Robert Pattinson,Kisten Stewart and Tyalor Lautner some of the hottest actors on the planet.主演Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart和Taylor Lautner也成为了国际上最炙手可热的明星演员Its a phenomenon that sparked the world wide debate.Team edward,I am so Team Edward.Or Team Jacob.I love them all,I cant decide.在世界范围内引起了广泛的辩论 Edward党 我是超级Edward粉 或Jacob党 他们谁我都很喜欢 真难决定And fans across the globe are eager to sink their teeth into the latest of the Twilight series:Breaking Dawn.To love,to cherish.Bella,come on.全球粉丝们对即将上映的《暮光》系列终章《破晓》翘首以盼 为了爱 为了珍惜 Bella 快醒醒From Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part 1,please welcome Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.来自《暮光之城:破晓》上集 欢迎 Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart和Taylor Lautner /201612/481611

The best matching markets are those that are “thick”, with lots of participants.最好的配对市场是“厚”市场,即有着大量参与者的市场。The more people there are seeking digital dates, the greater the chance of finding a good match.寻求数字配对的人越多,找到一个好伴侣的机会就越大。Odds improve that another person in the crowd also enjoys Wagner, Thai food, or discussions about the economics of matching markets.这种概率会在人海中的另一个人也喜欢瓦格纳、泰国食物或是关于配对市场的经济学讨论时大幅提升。The wealth of information many dating sites request may help to home in on the perfect match, but if the effort involved is enough to deter potential mates from joining in the first place, then it does more harm than good.许多约会网站所要求的信息财富可能有助于促成完美的配对。但是倘若涉及的尝试多到足以从一开始就把潜在的约会对象吓跑的话,这种设计就是弊大于利了。When Tinder first launched, largely to facilitate casual sex, users assessed one another based only on looks, age and gender.Tinder最初上线时主要是为了方便随意的性行为,用户之间的评估只是基于外貌、年龄和性别。Simplicity worked wonders; there are 26m matches made between Tinder users each day.简单带来了奇迹;Tinder用户每天达成的配对有2600万之多。The advantages of thick markets are lost, however, if they become too “congested”, with users overwhelmed by the number of participants and unable to locate a good match among them.然而,如果变得过于“拥挤”,厚市场的优势就会消失,用户会被参与者的数量吓跑,并且无法在参与者当中定位到一个好的伙伴。One response is to specialise.一种应对之策就是专业化。JSwipe, for instance, caters to Jewish singles while Bumble, an app where women must initiate contact, is meant to attract feminists.例如,JSwipe就是专门为单身犹太人量身定制的,而女性必须主动发起联系的Bumble则是一个意在吸引女权人士的app。But the most popular apps seek to help their users filter possible mates using clever technology.但是,大多数受欢迎的app都在设法运用聪明的技术帮助用户去筛选潜在的伙伴。Tinder, for example, only provides users with profiles of fellow Tinderites who are nearby, to make it that much easier to meet in person.例如,Tinder只提供给用户邻近用户的简历,以便让见面变得更容易。It has also introduced a “super like” feature, which can be deployed only once a day, to allow smitten users to signal heightened interest in someone.它还引入了一个一天只能使用一次的“真爱”选项,以允许被倾倒的用户表达对某人的高度兴趣。In addition, last year it started allowing people to list their jobs and education, to help users to sort through the crowds.除此之外,它还从去年开始允许人们贴出自己的工作和学历,以帮助用户在茫茫人海中搜寻。Users get the benefits both of a big pool of potential partners and various tools to winnow them.用户的收获是一大群潜在的伴侣和各种各样把他们筛选出来的工具的双重好处。The emergence of matching apps, for those seeking love or theatre tickets or a lift, has certainly made once-onerous tasks more convenient.针对寻找真爱、搜寻门票或者是设法拼车之人的配对app的出现,的确让曾经耗时费力的任务变得方便了。They may also contribute to more profound economic change.它们或许还会促成更为深远的经济变革。Dating apps could strengthen the trend toward “assortative mating”, whereby people choose to couple with those of similar income and skills.婚配app可能强化了婚姻向“选择性婚配”发展的趋势,让人们借以选择与有着相同收入和技能的人结婚成家。By one estimate, the trend accounts for about 18% of the rise in income inequality in America between 1960 and 2005.据估算,这种趋势在美国的收入不平等于1960年至2005年间的上升中的占比约为18%。A recent study of online dating in South Korea found that it boosted sorting among couples by education.对南韩网上约会的一项最新研究发现,它刺激了根据学历寻找另一半的行为。Better matching may also mean bigger cities.更好的配对也许还意味着更大的城市。Metropolitan goliaths have long been melting-pots, within which those early on in their adult lives link up with jobs, friends and mates.长期以来,大都市就是一个大熔炉,生活在其中的刚踏入成年人生活的人都是通过工作、朋友和伴侣联系在一起的。Matching apps, romantic or not, make it easier to navigate the urban sprawl and sample all it has to offer.配对app,不管浪漫与否都能让人们更容易地穿行于城市的各个角落之间,并且能更容易地从其必然会提供的各种机会中找到自己想要的。That, in turn, should make the biggest cities relatively more attractive to young people.这相应地也应当让大城市变得对年轻人更具吸引力。Apps cannot yet make break-ups less painful.然而,app不可能减少分手的痛苦。And love remains mysterious enough that even the most refined algorithms cannot predict mutual attraction with confidence.而且爱情的神秘依旧足以让纵然是经过千百次修改的算法也不可能以信心十足地预测相互之间的吸引。But they clearly help, judging by their legions of users.但是,从这些用户大军来判断,它们肯定是起作用的。After all, it is better to have super-liked and lost than never to have super-liked at all.毕竟,有真爱并且迷失于真爱,怎么说都好于压根没有真爱。 /201701/488037

kick off与tip off:kick off意思是指任何事情的正式开始,有时也指球赛。例如:Our school has recently kicked off a mass fundraising campaign。我们学校最近发动一次大规划的筹款运动。We will kick off the no-smoking drive。我们将要发动戒烟运动。They are going to kick off the football game tomorrow。他们明天正式开始足球赛。多半是用主动语态,有时也用被动。例如:The fund–raising campaign was kicked off by a millionaire。一位百万富翁发起捐款运动。但是,tip off虽然也指开始,不过多半是指篮球开赛前,裁判开球让两边球员跳球。例如:The players tipped off the basketball game at 2:00 yesterday afternoon。篮球赛于昨天下午两点开始。注意:to tip(someone)off意思又是通知某人(to inform someone)例如:I will tip him off about this breaking news。我要告诉他最新消息。(breakinglatest)有时也用tip off him about…… act as与act for的用法act as (临时)担任,充当,起……的作用。如:A trained dog can act as a guide to a blind person.经过训练的可以担任盲人的向导。表示担任独一无二的职务,其前通常不用冠词。如:He acted as manager in my absence.我不在时他担任经理。I don’t understand their language; you’ll have to act asinterpreter.我不懂他们的语言,你得当翻译了。act for代理(某人职务),代为(处理某事)。如:Please act for me during my absence.我不在时请代理我处理事务。I acted for our captain while he was in hospital.我们队长住院时由我代理他。 接下来我们看两个句子:He likes to sit in the front of the class.他喜欢坐在教室的前排。There is a pond in front of the house.房屋前面有个池塘。发现他们的不同了吗?一个是in the front of,一个是in front of,有the和没the的词组仅仅就是一个定冠词的区别吗?下期节目Nic将为大家揭晓! /201210/204296网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:Come的用法(上集)这期跟各位介绍一下在口语中很常用到的一个动词:Come. 分别是come on,come off,come by,come to 跟come into play. 大家不要小看几个动词片语, 他们可是千变万化的。 而且老美习惯上会以这种简单的动词片语来代替一些艰深的单字,例如一本书的出版老美就比较不喜欢正经八百地说,;The book is published.; 而会说,;The book came out.; 要想精通口语, 一定要能掌握这种脉动喔! 1. Come on! 拜托喔~ Come on 是个几乎每天都会听到个片语啦~ 但是不同的语气跟不同的场合有不同的意思。 例如在大热天你看到人家穿了一件毛衣,你就可以说come on,dude~ 就是说大哥, 拜托你喔。(有点受不了人家的意思) 或是跟同学约好了五点出门, 结果他四点五十九分了, 你也可以催他,;Come on,its five aly.; Come on 也可以当作叫人家过来的意思, 例如你开车在路上看到同学迎面走来, 你就可以说,;Come on,Ill give you a ride.; 2. The ball doesnt come off the net. 这个球挂在网上掉不下来。 很多地方的排球都是在水泥地上打,可是来到美国, 我发现他们更喜爱沙滩排球或是草地排球 (拿一个活动的网子, 在草地上一挂就玩起来了) 玩的很随兴很自在, 这通常也是party 的一个重要部份。Come off 简而言之就是二个原来在一起的东西分开的意思,如油漆剥落, 如;The paint comes off gradually.; 或是球被球棒击中,;The ball comes off the bat.; 3. I hope someone comes by and picks us up. 我希望有人经过然后让我们搭便车。 大热天某些朋友走在柏油路上,大概是被晒昏了吧。 居然开始作起白日梦起来,;I hope someone come by and pickus up.; 结果呢? 当然是没有人会理我们的啦, 还是要自己走回家。Come by 算是常见的片语,就是从旁边经过的意思。 4. We havent come to a conclusion yet. 我们还没有得到结论。 Come to 常可以见到在这样的句子中, 如得出解答 (come to a solution) 或是得到结论(conclusion) 和come up with 不同的是,come to 指的通常是最终的结果, 而come up with 只是想到某个想法而已。 Come to 也常用于来到某个地方, 例如;You will come to a stop sign ifyou keep straight.; 如果你直走的话, 你就会到一个stop sign. 5. This factor doesnt come into play inthis case. 这个因素在这里不起任何作用。 Come into 后面可以加一个名词来表达不同的意思。 如例句中所讲的come into play 就老师上课时喜欢用的片语之一。Come into effect 跟come into play 很类似,所以这句话也可以说成,;This factor doesnt come into effect in thiscase.; /201212/214009关键词:between a rock and a hard place 进退两难;左右为难短语释义:今天我们来学习一个表示处境困难的习惯用语。Between a rock and a hard place. Between就是在两者之间,rock是石头,hard就是硬的,而place是指地方。要是一条船遇到风浪,她的一边是一块大岩石,另一边是峭壁。那么这条船想要从这两者之间很窄的水面安全地脱险,一定是非常困难的。 在这种情况下,你必须做出正确的决定,但是有的时候又似乎没有什么好办法。那么当你身处于岩石与硬壁之间 between a rock and a hard place, 那么是指你面对棘手问题,让你左右为难或进退两难。英语俚语中用到rock的场合实在是不少。又比如steady as a rock 意思是非常稳定,不可动摇, 坚如磐石。情景领悟:1. Id like to help you but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.我很想去帮助你,但是我现在也是处于进退两难的境地。2. His hand was as steady as a rock.他的手稳稳地操作着.可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt; /201211/209005

According to a news study published Tuesday, there were 1.13 billion people living with high blood pressure worldwide in 2015. 周二发表的一项新研究指出,2015年全球有11亿3000万人口有高血压。Majority of them live in low and middle-income countries. 他们大多数生活在低收入和中等收入的国家。The study found that the number of people affected by high blood pressure has almost doubled in the past 40 years. 研究发现,在过去的40年中,受高血压影响的人口数量几乎增加了一倍。In most countries, men were discovered to have higher blood pressure than women. 在大多数国家,男性比女性有更高的血压。It was also found that Half of the worlds adults with high blood pressure in 2015 were living in Asia. 同样发现,2015年世界有高血压的成年人一半生活在亚洲。The ed States, Canada and South Korea had the lowest rates in the world. 美国、加拿大和韩国具有世界最低比率。The UK had the lowest proportion of people with raised blood pressure in Europe.在欧洲国家,英国血压偏高的比例最低。译文属。201611/478569网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:临阵逃脱 cold feet     一个人在充满信心的时候往往就会无所畏惧,勇往直前。但是,当一个人对某件事感到胆怯的时候,他就会畏缩不前。我们经常可以看到一种情况:有的人对一件事开始的时候很有信心,很有把握。可是,事到临头就变得没有勇气了。 在英文里有一个俗语是用来形容类似情况的,那就是 cold feet。 Cold 是冷的意思, feet 就是两只脚。 Cold feet 并不是在雪地里走而使你的脚很冷。Cold feet 是指临时上场感到胆怯。 ;Peter told his wife that this time he was really going to walk in and demand a pay raise from the boss. But when he arrived at the office, he got cold feet.;  这句话翻成中文的意思是:“这个名字叫皮特的丈夫对自己的妻子说,这次他可一定要到他老板的办公室去要求增加工资了。可是,他一到了办公室就感到胆怯,不敢去见他的老板。”  这种临阵脱逃的现象是很经常的。下面我们要举的例子恐怕会引起许多听众的共鸣:  ;I really need to get my teeth fixed, but every time I start to phone the dentist, I think about the sound of that drill and right away I get cold feet.;  这个人说:“我实在应该去牙大夫那儿看牙了。但是,每当我拿起电话想和大夫预约的时候,我就好像听到那钻牙的声音,一下子,我就害怕起来了。”  事到临头打退堂鼓,出现 cold feet 的现象也许是一个弱点。 /201209/199248I travel a lot; I hate having my life distrupted by routine.我经常旅行。我讨厌我的生活被例行公事打断。单词记忆:1.disrupt vt.破坏;使混乱;使分裂,使瓦解;使中断 adj.混乱的;分裂的,中断的;瓦解的2.routine adj.常规的;例行的;日常的;普通的 n.常规;例行程序;生活乏味;(演出中的)一套动作公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201610/472111

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