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For almost three weeks, the high-pressure Chinese teaching...近三周以来,高压的中式教学I dont get it...has caused nothing but chaos and rebellion in the British classroom.我不懂。在英国教室里只引起了混乱和反抗Luca, put down your ball.卢卡,把球收起来This is why you guys learn less than the Chinese students learn.这就是为什么你们学的东西比中国学生学的少Who the hell does she think she is saying that Im dumb?她以为自己是谁啊?还说我傻But with the help of the Bohunt teachers...但在航特老师们的帮助下We wouldnt tolerate that in any normal lesson at Bohunt and there will have to be consequences.在航特,这种行为在任何课堂上都是不容许的,这样做是要付出代价的Things are beginning to improve.情况开始有所改变Now, even restless kids like Sophie are warming to the regime.现在,即使像苏菲那样好动的孩子也开始接受中式的管理方法I think I didnt really respect the teachers,我觉得我对老师们,尤其是科学老师or the science teacher personally, as much as I should have - but Im starting to now.没有表示出足够的尊重,但我会从现在开始做起And I do my work, kind of thing, and I am actually learning some stuff.我会写作业之类的,而且我真的学到了一些东西What is needed for photosynthesis to take place? Sophie.光合作用的反应物是什么?苏菲Carbon dioxide...Carbon dioxide...二氧化碳。二氧化碳Water... Water...水。水And then, the sunlight.还有阳光OK. You got three right. Thats very good.好的,你三个都说对了,非常好Good morning, everyone. Morning, miss.早上好,各位同学。早上好,老师Li Aiyun teaches in an elite school in Nanjing.李爱云在南京的一所精英学校教书You are late. Look at the clock.你们迟到了。看看几点了Shes used to quiet, obedient pupils她习惯了安静又听话的学生and has struggled to keep control of the rowdier British teenagers.如今正努力控制那些吵闹的英国学生But Miss Li finally seems to have taken control of her class.不过李老师似乎终于掌控了班级You cannot always come back late and say sorry.你们不能总是迟到,然后说声抱歉From now on, if you are late...从现在开始,如果你们迟到了Everybody will be here during lunch break for ten minutes.午休的时候班上所有人都留堂十分钟So, youre punishing everyone? Guys, shush.所以你要惩罚所有人。大伙,安静If shes like this all day, we are stuffed.如果她整天都这样,我们就完蛋了The teachers, theyre not as much as pushovers as they were originally,那些老师,他们不像原来那样好说话了so I think people are now starting to listen所以我觉得大家开始认真听讲and actually are starting to take notes and stuff in class, and are starting to learn.在课堂上真正开始记笔记之类的,大家开始学习了Because theyre realising that its not...因为他们开始意识到这不是...Its not just for fun - its like... Its a school, isnt it?这不只是为了好玩,这可是所学校啊,不是吗We are now in a very competitive world.当今世界的竞争十分激烈I dont want you to feel regretful when you look back at now in the future.我不想让你们将来回忆现在的时候感到后悔Im a teacher but sometimes I have to put on a face like, you know, a stricter teacher.我是名老师,但有时我必须板起脸露出更严厉的一面Please, take out...the grammar book.请拿出你们的语法书Third week has gone and you have only one more week.第三周已经过去了,你只剩下一周时间Its like our time is so limited.感觉我们的时间太有限了The most important thing in doing passive voice is to find the subject and the object.被动语态中,最重要的就是找对主语和宾语In just one week, the students of the Chinese school, and the rest of Bohunt year nine,一周之后,中式学校的学生们和航特其他初三同学will sit exams set by an independent research body to compare the two teaching systems.将参加由独立调研机构举行的考试,以此来对比两种教学体制201605/443048原味人文风情:So, if youre like me, you probably have at least a few bad habits you would like to break.如果你和我一样,你可能至少有几个想改掉的坏习惯。But its tough because no matter how hard I try, I seem to slip back into the same old routines again and again.不过那很难,因为不管我多努力尝试,我似乎一次又一次地重蹈覆辙。In the last decade, weve learned a lot about how habits work.过去十年来,我们对习惯的运作有许多了解。Thats Charles Duhigg, author of the book The Power of Habit.那是 Charles Duhigg,《习惯的力量》那本书的作者。And in particular weve learned the neurological structure of a habit.而我们特别认识到习惯的神经结构。He says that we tend to think of habits as a single thing, but actually...他说我们往往把习惯想成单独一件事,但事实上...Each habit has three components: Theres a cue, which is like a trigger for a behavior to start.每个习惯都有三项构成要素:有提示,那就像触发一个行为开始的东西。And then theres a routine, which is the behavior itself.然后是惯性行为,也就是行为本身。And then, finally, a reward, which is how our brain learns to encode that automatic behavior for the future.接着最后,奖励,也就是我们的大脑如何为未来学习替那自发行为编码。And one of the big differences is that for years, when people thought about habits, they focused in on the routine, on the behavior.其中一个最大的差异是,几年来,当人们想到习惯时,他们专注在惯性行为、行为上面。But what we now know is that its these cues and these rewards that really shape how habits occur and how to change them.不过我们现在知道,这些提示和这些奖励,它们才是真正构成习惯形成和改变习惯的方法。And Charles says that whether we like it or not, this kind of habit formation is endemic to our brain.Charles 表示,无论我们喜不喜欢,这种习惯形成是我们的大脑特有的。And what it will do is our brain will latch on to a cue that it associates with a behavior and a particular reward.它的作用是,我们的大脑会抓住一个提示,一个大脑连结到某个行为和特定奖励的提示。And over time, that cue and that reward become more and more and more, sort of, intertwined.随时间过去,那提示和那奖励会变得有点越来越纠缠在一起。A particular part of your brain named the basal ganglia will relate them together.你脑内一个称为基底核的特定区块会将它们连结在一起。And the behavior thats associated with that, that will just sort of happen automatically.而和那相关的行为,那就会有点不自觉地发生。But Charles says the good news is we can also use this knowledge to our advantage.不过 Charles 表示,好消息是我们可以善用这项知识。There was a big study that was done about how to create exercise habits.有一个关于如何养成运动习惯的重大研究。And so what they did is they told a group of people, ;Okay, first of all, choose an obvious cue.他们所做的事是告诉一群人:「好,首先,选一个明显的提示。Always go running at the same time every day or put your workout clothes next to your bed so that you see them first thing when you wake up.;每天都在同样时间去跑步,或把运动放在床边,好让你起床第一眼就看到它们。」And then they said, ;And then go for a run or go workout. And when you get back from exercising, give yourself a small piece of chocolate.;接着他们说:「然后去跑步或健身。在你运动完回来时,给自己一小块巧克力。」Now, this is kind of counterintuitive, right? Because people who are exercising are trying to lose weight, not eat more chocolate.现在,这有点违反直觉,对吧?因为运动的人是在试着减重,不是吃更多巧克力。And yet what the researchers knew is that their brain needed that reward.然而研究者所知的事情是,他们的大脑需要那奖励。Their basal ganglia needed some reward.他们的脑部基底核需要一些奖励。And what they found was that people who ate a small piece of chocolate after coming home from a run or a workout, they were much more likely to start exercising habitually.他们发现人们,跑步或健身完回家有吃一小块巧克力的人,他们比较有可能开始规律运动。So, according to Charles, whether you want to break a habit or start a new habit, the key is to divide the habit into its component parts: cue, routine, and reward, and design it for the result that you want.所以,根据 Charles 所说,无论你是想改掉一个习惯,或开始养成一个新习惯,关键是将习惯划分成它的构成要素:提示、惯性行为以及奖励,并依你想达到的结果来设计。201611/475437Panama and its islands are home to the American crocodile.美洲鳄遍布巴拿马及其附属群岛Growing up to a ton in weight,theyre a formidable predator.成年鳄的体重可达到一吨 是很凶猛的食肉动物Coastal jungle rivers like this almost invariably are gonna have crocodiles in them,像这样沿海丛林中的河流 一般而言 都有鳄鱼藏匿在水下so I just want to keep a really good eye out along the banks as Im moving.所以我还前进的同时 还要仔细地观察河岸的情况Recently a fisherman was dragged to his death near here by an enormous croc.His body was never recovered.不久前 这儿就有个渔夫 被巨鳄拖入河中 尸首无存Its just eerily quiet in this place.Ive got to keep my eyes peeled here.Look. you see that log?这里安静的有点诡异了 我必须保持警惕 看到那块原木了吗Thats obviously been cut down, been chain-sawed.Its a good sign.明显是被链锯砍断的 是个好的征兆Being chain-sawed means people use this river.明的确有人在使用这条河流As I round the bend, theres a sand bank.Lying on it are several boats.Okay, lets get into it.拐弯后 一块沙洲展现在我的面前 有几条小船在上面 好 我们过去看看A hundred yards inland, theres a village.This is my pickup point.离岸边百米远处 有个村落 接头点就是这儿了On the outskirts of the settlement is my ticket home.在居留地的 停着接我回家的飞机The sound of the helicopter engine firing up breaks the silence.Thats my way out of here.Now time to go.直升机的引擎声打破了寂静 我要离开这里了 该走了This has been a roller-coaster ride.The cruel sea tests a survivor physically and mentally.这次经历实在是惊险无比 残酷的大海考验了生存者的体能以及心理The ultimate force of nature,it can make you feel so small.在自然的终极力量面前 人类是如此的渺小But my island adventureis over,and its time to go home.但我的小岛探险结束了 该回家了201607/453511

If we watch their lips smile, singing the same lullaby a thousand times如果我们看着她们微笑的、唱着已经唱过一千次歌曲的嘴唇,If we watch their arms wrapped around the babys back and cradle made from pads and paws如果我们看着她们抱婴儿的手臂,还有轻拍婴儿的手掌和摇篮we might realize how beautiful our mothers bodies are我们或许就会发现,妈妈的身体有多美。If we watch that their thighs straight down streets pushing strollers praying tirelessly如果我们看着她们走在街上的腿,推着婴儿车,希望孩子睡得好Or the tiptoes of their feet has a sneak in to tuck in kid or sheet或是她们垫着的脚尖,进房把孩子踢开的棉被盖好when all their body longs for is one hot coffee她们那疲惫的身体只渴望一杯热咖啡We might realize how beautiful a mother skin can be我们或许会发现,妈妈的皮肤有多美。If we watch their legs gallop horses around a thousand laughing playtime tracks如果我们看着她们时常陪孩子玩儿的腿,their backbones arching climbing frames and hold up tired piggybacks她们那弯曲的、爬着架子又背着孩子的脊背,As a mothers hug feels like the touch they never want to give away还有孩子永远都不想放开的妈妈的拥抱,We might realized the beauty that our mothers body makes我们也许就会发现妈妈的身体能带来的美好And the days fades to nights again她们从日出到日落smiles hiding weaks because they have not stopped for week on week都用微笑掩饰着哭泣,因为她们无时无刻都不能休息。Fingers tuck in babys sheet.她们的手指要帮孩子盖被子。Their lips moving forward childrens dreams with one last kiss用嘴唇亲吻着孩子,道声晚安。We might realize how beautiful the mothers body is.我们也许就会发现妈妈的身体有多美。201702/492893

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481055

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