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And shes just completely changed my life and turned my whole world upside-down但是我女儿彻底改变了我的世界 我的整个人生都为她颠覆And on behalf of all mothers I think that you know children make us better people我想代表所有母亲讲一句 孩子使我们变成更好的人They make us more compassionate and more caring and more understanding and more tolerant他们让我们更加怜悯 关系 理解 宽容他人And I think all mothers should be that and should be proud to be tolerant and compassionate and understanding and accepting我觉得 作为一个母亲 都应该以宽容 怜悯 理解和包容为荣And I think intolerance of any kind especially by a mother shouldnt be tolerated by anyone而且我认为 每个人都应该是宽容的 尤其是作为一个母亲you are amazing,thank you.Your daughter is lucky to have you I mean really,you are an amazing smart woman你真是太棒了 谢谢你 有这样的妈妈 你的女儿好幸福 你是个不可思议的睿智的妈妈And especially coming from like you said coming from a childhood,to break that you know而且你还是从一个不幸的童年成长起来的 你打破了那个枷锁Sometimes generation after generation you know,people repeat the same mistakes有时候一代接着一代 人们会将错误延续And for you to be able to correct it and stop it,and make your child have a wonderful loving childhood而你却有能力去打破这个恶性循环 去纠正它 去给予你的孩子一个幸福的童年And teach her compassion,she is luck to have a mom like you,thank you.教会怜悯 她应该为有你这样的一位母亲而感到幸运 谢谢And lets talk about the show right now,whts going on现在让我们谈谈你的剧吧 发生了什么Okay,so all day this morning I was with a lion,Felix,the most beautiful,like a lion lion好吧 今天一上午我都是跟一头狮子一起度过的 Felix 一头漂亮的狮子 一头真狮子A real lion,a lion which we dont love,you know,of course the lion on the show一头活生生的狮子 我们不想 剧里的那头狮子There is Felix,look how handsome he is,wow,so gorgeous看 这就是我们威风凛凛的小狮子 真是无与伦比的美丽So it was a wonderful morning,and the story line is he escapes,you know he had a trainer所以我过了一个很好的上午 故事的情节是它跑掉了 有一个驯兽师and there was an accident,that guy is going to end up coming to Seattle Grace the Hospital出了些状况 那家伙最后会来西雅图仁爱医院的 /201608/463004A new report says more children in Michigan are growing up in low-income households now than during the Great Recession, even though the states unemployment rate is the lowest its been in a decade.According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, nearly one in four Michigan children live in poverty, compared to one in five in 2008.Laura Speer with the Annie E. Casey Foundation said many families have yet to benefit from post-recession economic recovery.;Those families that may be working, that may have been able to get a job are getting jobs that are relatively low-paid,; Speer said.The numbers are especially bleak for children of color. Almost a third of the states Latino children and almost half of African-American children are living in poverty.Speer said children growing up in low-income households could mean long-term ripple effects for the nations economy.;Children who grow up in poverty, especially when theyre exposed to very low incomes for a long period of time, have trouble in school, theyre less likely to graduate from high school,; she said. ;We really need every child to be able to achieve their full potential in our country.;Speer said the best way to boost the economic well-being of children is by boosting policies and programs that help parents, including paid sick leave regulations and the states Earned Income Tax Credit.This is the second year in a row Michigan has fallen behind when it comes to overall child well-being.201507/386915

oh, here she is adorable. I like her smile.yeah, shes a cute little dancer.哦 她好可爱 我喜欢她的微笑 是 她是个可爱的舞者I was watching her earlier too. I was just watching she dance.我前面也在看她 看她跳舞All right, a few weeks ago, we met this woman in your audience.好 几周前 我们遇见了这位观众all right, so we invited her back and this is what happened.好 我们请她回来 然后发生了这个what do you do?I am a full time student. full time student.你是干什么的? 我是个全日制的学生 全日制的学生so you wanna act, this is what you wanna do.Yes你想演戏 这是你想做的 是all right, we are gonna send you out on our, on the street right outside.好 我们将把你送到外面的街上we are gonna see how many people would actually stop and help you and we are gonna give those people cash.看多少人会真的停下来帮你 我们会给那些人现金wait, do you office...oh...That some come out.That some come out to the road.你们办公室会 啊 全部散落出来了 全部掉在地上you really should for sure have a career in this business.You are a fantastic actress.你真的应该在演艺圈有一番事业 你是个很好的演员so we arrange you are gonna meet with the casting directors,and we are gotta try to find you some work.我们会安排你见几个选角导演 试着让你找到一些工作And ShutterFly is giving you a check for ten thousand dollars.Oh,my god! Oh, my god.同时 ShutterFly公司将给你张价值一万美金的票 我的天哪 我的天哪!all right, I really wanna help her getting an acting job.Congratulate, come on, Dontax.是的 我真的会帮你找到一份演员的工作 恭喜 上来吧 Dontax. /201604/438825

Immigration外来移民Rolling out the welcome mat热烈欢迎Two cities hope that embracing immigrants can reverse their decline两座城市希望,外来移民的到来能改善城市人口流失状况THREE years ago Jenny Salgado, a Dominican shop assistant, moved to Highlandtown, a neighbourhood of pleasant terraces and unpleasant derelict factories in Baltimore. She moved because the cost of living in New York was too high. When she arrived the shop she works in, stuffed with pi?atas and religious statuettes, was one of only a few Hispanic businesses. Now there are many more. “Its good now if you speak Spanish,” she smiles.三年前,多米尼加商店助手珍妮·萨尔加多搬到海兰镇居住,毗邻巴尔的。她搬家的原因是纽约高昂的生活费。珍妮初来乍到之际,这家兜售饰陶罐与宗教雕像的商店还算是当时少数几家极具墨西哥风情的商店。而如今,这种商店不胜枚举。她微笑着说,“如果你说西班牙语,那么这是件好事。”Baltimore has been losing people for 60 years. To address this its mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, wants to make it the most immigrant-friendly city in the world. Its libraries provide Spanish-language exercise classes. To help those with no papers, the city is introducing micro-loans which require no credit checks. In 2012 Ms Rawlings-Blake announced that city police would no longer routinely check the immigration status of citizens or enforce any federal immigration law unless explicitly required to. The then governor, Martin OMalley, a Democrat, made it possible for illegal immigrants to get driving licences.近60年来,巴尔的逐步丧失大量人口。该市市长Stephanie Rawlings-Blake欲使其成为全球最受外来移民欢迎的城市,希望以此来解决人口流失问题。该市正在引进小额贷款,无需信用检查,此举旨在帮助那些没有任何身份明的移民,而且图书馆现提供西班牙语练习课。2012年,Rawlings-Blake 女士宣布,市警察将不再定期检查市民的移民情况,且只有在法律明确要求才会执行联邦移民法律。时任州长民主党议员马丁·奥马雷,让非法移民获得驾照变成可能。Such welcoming policies are sping. Rustbelt cities like Cleveland, Dayton and Philadelphia all avidly court immigrants. Rick Snyder, the Republican governor of Michigan, has asked the federal government to offer 50,000 visas to people who agree to live in Detroit. His administration has directed cash towards NGOs that market Motown to immigrants and made it easier for skilled migrants to get professional licences. Like Baltimore, Detroit woos refugees brought to America under federal programmes—and even tries to poach those who may have settled elsewhere.像这样的欢迎政策逐渐普及。克利夫兰,代顿和费城等锈带城市热烈欢迎外来移民的到来。密歇根州长、共和党议员瑞克·斯奈德已经向联邦政府提出,签发5万份签给那些愿意住在底特律的人。斯奈德当局直接现金拨款给非政府组织,这些组织向移民推销汽车之城底特律,让技术移民更加容易获得专业驾照。像巴尔的、底特律这样的城市在联邦项目下拉拢难民,群居美国,甚至讨好那些想在别地安家的人。A welcome mat is a powerful weapon against urban decay. When a citys population falls, tax receipts tumble and services atrophy. Half-deserted neighbourhoods breed crime, driving yet more people to leave. No city has escaped this death spiral without attracting new residents, says Steve Tobocman of Global Detroit, an NGO. Immigrants are especially likely to move into the most blighted neighbourhoods and spruce them up.欢迎政策是对抗城市衰败的有力武器。一座城市人口流失,税收下滑、务业萎缩。人口稀少的居民区滋生罪恶、频发车祸,进而引发更大的人口流失。非政府组织“全球底特律”的斯蒂文·客曼表示,若不吸引新的居民入住,那么没有一座城市可以摆脱这“死亡漩涡”。外来移民尤其偏爱那些最破旧的社区,然后美化城市。Several studies suggest that when immigrants arrive, crime goes down, schools improve and shops open up. In Detroit, immigrants living near the tiny separate city of Hamtramck have formed local watches to guard against thieves. Their neighbourhoods are not just safer; they are also among the only places where it is as easy to buy fresh vegetables as drugs and alcohol.一些研究显示,外来移民的到来使得犯罪事件减少,学校设备得到改进,商店得以重新开张。在底特律,外来移民住在狭小、偏僻的汉姆川客附近,已经形成了当地监察队防范小偷。他们居住的社区不仅安全,而且成为少有的几处能随时购买新鲜蔬菜和药物、酒精。But attracting new immigrants to the cities which most need them is hard, argues Audrey Singer of the Brookings Institution, a think-tank. They care about the same things as everyone else: safe streets, good schools and jobs. Cities which have lost population for decades struggle with all of these. Detroit and Baltimore have not fared equally well. The number of immigrants in Baltimore, long stagnant, increased by 50% between 2000 and 2013, helping the city to record its first growth in population in decades. Detroits immigrant population, by contrast, fell slightly, adding to its overall decline.智库布鲁金斯研究所的安德鲁·辛格辩解道,要想吸引外来移民去那些最需要他们的地方去绝非易事。他们所关心的事如普通人一样:安全的街道、良好的学校、高报酬的工作。那些人口流失波动不大的城市,几十年来均陷入这些烦恼中。底特律和巴尔的的遭遇并不乐观。在巴尔的,外来移民数量长时间停滞,在2000年至2013年间增长了50%,该市因此创下几十年人口增长新高。相比而言,底特律移民人口略微减少。In Baltimore immigrants such as Ms Salgado are settling because they are drawn by cheap housing in a region that mostly lacks it. New arrivals from New York buy ruined houses and shops, typically paying ,000 or ,000 in cash. In places such as Highlandtown, which bustles with Ethiopian, Moroccan and Mexican restaurants, that has started a cycle of gentrification, as affluent young whites have been lured by the new urban vibe.在巴尔的,像萨尔加多女士这样的外来移民被低廉的房价所吸引,因而定居于此。从纽约来的新人们一般花4、5万美元现金就可以买下废弃的房屋和商店。在海兰镇这样的地方,埃塞俄比亚、洛哥以及墨西哥餐馆随处可见,这不仅促成了下层住宅高档化,富二代白人也因城市氛围而聚于此地。Detroit has not failed to attract new immigrants, says Mr Tobocman: Mexican restaurants and Bangladeshi mosques are proof of that. But it has struggled to retain them. “Yeah, you can buy a house for ,000, but pretty quickly you realise that its dangerous, the schools suck and all of the jobs are in the suburbs,” he says.客曼先生说,底特律成功吸引了新的外来移民:墨西哥餐馆和孟加拉国的清真寺便是据。但是他们却勉强度日。他补充道,“是啊,你可以花2万美金买到一栋房子,但是你很快就会意识到,这么做是危险的,学校很糟糕,这所有的工作都在郊区。”译者:黄柳 译文属译生译世 /201502/361418

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