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A merciless father from Meishan in Sichuan province came under attack after a of him dangling his son over a river went viral.近日,一位来自四川省眉山市、无比严厉的父亲,在他将孩子吊在河边的视频广为流传之后,遭到了人们的谴责Many people would assume that the 7-year-old boy was being punished bad behavior.许多网友一开始都以为这个年仅7岁的孩子是因为调皮捣乱才受到了家长的惩罚However, the father was apparently trying to ce the boy to do his math homework.但是事实上,这位父亲是为了逼孩子去做算术题In the footage captured by an onlooker, the boy can be seen tied up while his father lowered him in the river using a rope.据围观群众拍摄的视频中显示,这名父亲将孩子捆绑起来并用绳子吊在河边The man continued to ask his son math questions while ignoring his son plea.无视孩子的哀求,该男子一直不停地提问孩子各种算术题;I beg you, father! I beg you!; the boy cried.“爸爸,求你了,求你了”孩子哭喊着According to Shanghaiist, many people stopped by and tried to see what the commotion was about but no one stepped in to stop what was happening. Some can even be heard laughing in the background.据《上海人报道,很多围观群众驻足观看,并试图了解现场情况,但是并没有人站出来制止这一切有些群众甚至笑出了声Many netizens expressed their concerns, saying that the boy will most likely suffer from trauma and will never learn math because of his father harsh treatment.许多网友对此表示担忧,称这个孩子很可能由于家长过于严苛的教育方式而产生心理阴影,从此再也不愿意学数学;One day, this child will grow up and do the same thing to his child,; said one user.一位网友表示:“等这孩子长大之后,很可能也会这样对待他自己的孩子”Hopefully, this will not be the case when he grows up and become a dad as well.希望待他长大为人父母之后,不要采取同样的教育方式 76A: There's a major problem with room 5.B: I'm sorry to hear that. Please tell me the exact problem.A: This room is overrun with cockroaches.B: There has been an occasional silverfish in the hotel, sir.A: I stopped counting at nine.B: Sir, this hotel just passed a thorough insect inspection with flying colors.A: Your inspector needs spectacles. The fact is that cockroaches are running rampant.B: I apologize, sir. Just a second, while I transfer you to my supervisor. 01Better known by its more imaginative moniker of the Mooncake Festival, millions of Chinese across Asia the Mid-Autumn Festival is a big deal, second only to Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.中秋节绰号“月饼节”,在亚洲各地的华人眼中,中秋节是一个很盛大的节日,其重要性仅次于春节Throughout the continent, households celebrate in style in a variety of ways, with the releasing of sky lanterns, dragon dancing and the age old tradition of eating mountains of moon cakes. These ubiquitous bite-sized chunks of pastry are filled with everything from red bean paste, lotus seeds, almonds, egg yolk, minced meat, candied fruits or chocolate.在亚洲,每个家庭庆祝中秋的方式各有千秋,有放孔明灯的,有舞龙的,还有流传已久的吃月饼的传统在中秋佳节,这种小巧的点心随处可见,其馅料从红豆沙、莲子、杏仁、蛋黄、肉末、果脯到巧克力,无所不包There are literally hundreds of varieties found throughout the region and in cosmopolitan areas such as Hong Kong and Shanghai, well-to-do folk can even munch on moon cakes of black truffle, caviar and foie gras.亚洲各地的月饼多达数百种,而类似香港和上海这种国际大都市,有钱人家甚至能享用黑松露、鱼子酱和鹅肝酱月饼Throughout continental Asia, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time families to ree and spend time together. Celebrations kick off with a special meal at home, akin to a western Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner bee everyone steps out together, often in traditional dress, to enjoy local festivities such as dancing, music and bright lantern displays. Each nation and region has its own peculiar customs moon worship with many quaint customs still going strong.在亚洲大陆的各个地方,中秋节都是一个家人团聚及相互陪伴的节日庆祝活动往往从一桌特别的家宴开始,类似于西方的圣诞节或感恩节晚餐,之后全家人一起外出活动,通常都会身着传统饰,让自己置身于当地的节日氛围中,观赏舞蹈、音乐以及漂亮的灯会每个国家和地区都有各自独特的拜月风俗,许多稀奇古怪的习俗在当地仍影响深远Zhongqiu: the Chinese mainland Mid-Autumn Festival中国大陆的中秋节In Chinese mainland the strong scent of incense wafts through the air and twinkling lanterns can be seen miles around. Unsurprisingly it is in the rural heartland where the most colorful traditions still hold true.在中国大陆,中秋那天,空气中飘散着浓烈的熏香味道,隔着几公里远也可以看到空中闪烁的灯笼不用意外,在农村中心地区,那些丰富多样的传统习俗仍被尊崇In parts of Southern China the full moon is time a little romance. Masquerades are held at Festival time to pair up single guys and girls from neighboring villages with the quaint yet symbolic dropping of a handkerchief.在中国南方的部分地区,月圆之夜被认为是一个浪漫的时刻节日当天会举办假面舞会,用丢手绢的方式撮合邻村的单身男女,这看似不可思议却极具象征意味One of the most spectacular aspects of Mid-Autumn Festival is the building of huge bamboo and stone towers, often rising over 50 feet high, which are then set ablaze after dark in order to ensure a good harvest.最壮观的一种中秋庆祝活动是用竹子和石头垒成巨塔,高度通常超过50英尺,等到天黑后再将巨塔点燃,以求来年的好收成Mid-Autumn celebrations in Hong Kong香港的中秋庆祝活动Hong Kong is arguably the best place of all to be the Festival. The teeming city goes mad moon cakes and the famous city skyline is even more dramatic among thousands of shimmering lanterns and the glow of the full moon.香港也许是欢庆中秋的最佳地区这座闹市的人们疯狂地爱着月饼,那闪闪发亮的灯笼和满月的光辉让这座著名城市的天际线显得格外壮丽Seemingly every household in the city takes the kids up to Victoria Peak to see the cityscape and harbor view in all its glory. From here you can see a flotilla of boats ferrying couples around the harbor on romantic moonlight cruises. Throughout Kowloon there are special street markets, extravagant lantern processions (including the world largest structure made entirely of lanterns) and the famous fire dragon dances shows.在香港,似乎家家户户都会带着孩子到太平山顶观赏城市全貌以及维港的华美夜景在这里你会看到一队小艇载着佳偶们在浪漫的月光下徐行整个九龙区遍布着特别的街边市场,还会上演华美的灯游行(包括世界最大的造型灯)和著名的舞火龙表演Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore新加坡的中秋节Although not a designated public holiday in Singapore, the city celebrates in typically over-the-top fashion which is as ever, well stage-managed.虽然中秋节并非新加坡的法定公共节假日,但这座城市的庆祝方式不仅极尽时尚,而且表演也很壮观All the action takes place in Chinatown with an official opening ceremony and light up of shimmering lanterns. There are numerous troupes of lion dancers all jostling position to the sound of deafening firecrackers and cheesy Mandarin pop songs.在唐人街所有的庆祝活动都有一个正式的开幕仪式,并会点亮灯笼许多舞狮表演队和着震耳欲聋的鞭炮声与并不正宗的国语流行歌曲,你来我往,你争我夺This being Singapore, there is a huge moon-inspired street bazaar with the usual mix of tacky Chinese souvenirs and fabulous street food.在新加坡还设有中秋主题大型夜市,可以买到一些廉价的中国纪念品和美味的街头小吃Chuseok in South Korea韩国的秋夕节Falling on the same date as the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, Chuseok is a big deal; hands down the most celebrated holiday on Korea calendar. outsiders, it sometimes difficult to grasp the significance of this three-day event, as it is extremely family-oriented. If you have an in with a kind Korean family, this would be a great opporty an in depth look at Confucianism in action.韩国的秋夕节是个大日子,正好与中国的中秋节在同一天;它毫无疑问是韩国最盛大的节日由于该节日完全以家庭为单位庆祝,外来者很难领会到这个为期三天的节日的重要性你若能与一个和善的韩国家庭同住,这几天将是深入观察儒家做派的绝佳机会Mooncake Festival in Taiwan台湾的中秋节Due in part to the creeping westernization of Taiwan society, there is a modern trend of spending Mid-Autumn Festival with a barbecue and a few beers under the light of the full moon. It is usually a small family affair but some towns and villages do organize large scale versions where the whole commy gets together under twinkling lanterns to eat mountains of sizzling meat and moon cakes.某种程度上是因为台湾社会日渐西化,现在中秋节越来越流行在满月下露天吃烧烤喝啤酒虽然中秋节通常在小家庭里庆祝,但有些城镇或乡村会组织大型烧烤活动,让整个社区的人都聚到一起,大家在闪烁的灯笼下一边大口吃肉,一边品尝月饼T#7871;t Trung Thu – Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam越南的中秋节The Vietnamese version of Mid-Autumn Festival has taken on a life of its own, including its very own unique and bizarre legend. It recounts the story of a woman who accidentally urinated on a sacred banyan tree and her sins was transported to the moon to be stranded there eternity. During festivities in Vietnam, lion dances are the main attraction with small dance troupes perming on street corners or going from house to house collecting good luck money in exchange a private show.越南版本的中秋节别具一格,尤其是那独特而离奇的传说传说一个女人无意中尿到了一棵神圣的榕树上,因为这个罪过她被遣送到月亮上,永生永世被困在那里越南过节期间,小舞蹈团的舞狮表演是最吸引人的,他们会在街角表演,或者一家一家收取红包进行私人表演 0Bai, a young programmer, was working a technology company that provides technical support the ticket services of Shanghai Disneyland.这名白姓男子是一个年轻的程序员,就职于上海一家科技公司,该公司为迪士尼乐园票务务提供后台持As a result, Bai had access to ticket sales records.,白某才能够获得票务销售记录Since June, Bai, in collaboration with several ticket scalpers, has been releasing ticketing inmation Disneyland tickets on various social networks.从六月份开始,白某和几名黄牛票贩子合作,将迪斯尼乐园门票的购票信息发布到了不同的社交网络上Bai altered the dates of electronic tickets that had been paid by actual buyers, and then sent the order number and QR code to scalpers via email.白某篡改了这些已经出售的电子门票的日期,然后将预定号和二维码通过电子邮件发给黄牛During the summer, the official price of a Shanghai Disneyland ticket was 99 RMB; Bai price was only 0 RMB.夏季时,上海迪斯尼乐园门票的官方价格是99元人民币,而白某卖的票价格却仅为0元Bai counterfeit tickets could pass real during ticket checks, so many people believed that they had bought genuine, heavily discounted tickets.白某的假门票能安全通过检票口,所以很多人都以为他们买到了真的、折扣高的票However, when the true buyers of the altered tickets came to the park, they found that their tickets had aly been used, and they were not allowed to enter.然而,当真正的购买人拿着已经被篡改过的门票来到乐园时,就会发现他们的票已经被用过,并且不能再进入乐园了According to preliminary results of the ongoing investigation, from June 7 to July , Bai stole ,600 electronic Disneyland tickets and resold 1,700.根据正在进行的调查的初步结果显示,从6月7日到7月日,白某偷走了600张迪斯尼乐园电子门票,并倒卖了00张Bai earned over 90,000 RMB, and caused Shanghai Disneyland a loss of over 870,000 RMB.据悉,白某从中获利超过9万元人民币,并给上海迪斯尼乐园造成了超过87万元的经济损失 68680

A photo of an old woman holding up an umbrella a young child has recently gone viral on China social media.最近,一位老年妇女为一个年幼的孩子打伞的照片在中国的社交媒体上迅速走红In the photo, the kid is not at all covered by the umbrella, which looks amusing.在照片中,孩子并没有完全在伞的遮挡下,这看起来很有趣Some web users added lyrics from Chinese pop songs to the picture, such as ;Grandma, am I the one you love most?; or ;Chilly rain pats my face.;随后,一些网络用户把中国流行歌曲的歌词添加到了照片上,如;奶奶,我是不是你最疼爱的人?;或着;冷冷的冰雨在脸上胡乱地拍;They also created emoticons of the kid.此外,他们还创造了这个孩子的表情包The girl, from Hefei City of Anhui Province, is years old. The old woman is her grandmother.据悉,这名女孩来自安徽省合肥市,今年岁而那位老年妇女是她的奶奶They were on their way to a market to claim the milk bottle left there the previous day.当时他们正在去一个市场的路上,要去取回前一天遗落在市场的奶瓶The grandmother didnt realize the funny scene until a passer-by, who took the picture, reminded her.直到一个拍了照的路人提醒,这位奶奶才意识到了这一滑稽的场景 73

A: I was meaning to talk to you about something.我想和你谈点事B: Whatrsquo;s going on?谈什么?A: Were you having a party in your apartment last Friday?你上周五在公寓里举行聚会了?B: Yes, I had a little party.是的,我办了个小型聚会A: It was very loud.很吵B: I didnrsquo;t intend on being too loud.我没想发出很大的声响A: Itrsquo;s fine if you want to have people over, but I couldnrsquo;t sleep with the noise.如果你想人们醒着还可以,但那些噪声让我无法入睡B: I really do apologize all the noise.我为此想你道歉A: Next time, do you think that you could keep it down?下次,你能小点声吗?B: Will do.好的A: Thank you very much.谢谢B: Okay, and once again Irsquo;m sorry keeping you up.让你无法入睡,我对此感到十分抱歉 8375

A: My amenities bill says that I owe $ a movie, but I never ordered one.B: Let's see. It says that you were charged Monday at 9:00 p.m. the movie "Titanic."A: That's absolutely wrong! I was out exploring the city Monday night.B: Okay, let me see what I can do.A: Thank you. I didn't think it would be this simple.B: I can take the $ off your bill, but I need to charge you $ the service.A: Are you serious? I have to pay $ a movie I never watched?B: Untunately, sir, it's how the computer is programmed.A: This is outrageous! I'm never coming back to this hotel again!B: I'm sorry, sir. Perhaps you'd like to write a letter to headquarters. 19

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