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蓝田县医院是公立的西安市雁塔友好怎么样?西安阳痿治疗费用是多少 Massive US Financial Bailout Package Urged布什政府促国会迅速通过救市拨款  The Bush administration is urging U.S. lawmakers to quickly pass its sweeping 0-billion bailout plan for financial institutions that are holding large amounts of bad mortgage debt. U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in television interviews Sunday that failure to take action to resolve the financial crisis will result in economic catastrophe. 布什政府敦促国会迅速通过一项金额高达7千亿美元的计划,以使美国私营金融机构免遭因持续恶化的房贷和信贷危机所导致的巨额损失。Tax-payer funded bailouts of private firms are never popular in the ed States, particularly when the cost being discussed amounts to more than ,000 in revenue for every man, woman and child in the country. But Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson appeared repeatedly on U.S. television Sunday with a simple message: failure to act will bring economic catastrophe. 在美国,用纳税人的钱救助私人公司历来不得人心,特别是在所说的数字显示,美国每个男女老少要平均分摊2千多美元财政收入。但是财政部长保尔森星期天在美国电视台多次露面,说的主题就是:不采取行动将导致整个经济陷入灾难。Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Paulson said the plan's ultimate cost will likely be less than the initial outlay of funds.  保尔森在福克斯电视台星期天新闻节目上说,这个计划的最终成本可能会比初期付的经费要少。"This is a program where the government would buy illiquid [non-cash] assets, hold those assets, and sell those assets," Paulson said. "And the funds would come back into the Treasury. The cost will be determined by how quickly the economy recovers, and how quickly housing prices stabilize. I do not like the fact that we have to do this. I hate the fact that we have to do it. But it is better than the alternative."  他说:“根据这个计划,政府将购买非流通(非现金)资产,持有这些资产,然后再把它们卖出去。销售资产的资金将归财政部。这项计划的成本将取决于经济复苏的速度,以及房价稳定的速度。我们不得不这样做,但是我不喜欢这样作,我讨厌我们必须这样做。可是这样做要比其它选择好。”In recent weeks, Americans have watched with dismay as many of the country's largest, best-known financial firms have failed, been bought out, or been taken over by the U.S. government.  最近几个星期以来,美国人无不惊讶地目睹了很多美国的大公司、知名的公司破产,被收购,和被政府接管。The crisis stems from millions of mortgages given in recent years to home-buyers with poor credit or unstable finances. The result has been a tidal wave of foreclosures that have incurred massive losses on financial institutions and some insurance firms. 这次危机的起因是由于最近几年向信用不佳或收入不稳定的房屋购买者提供数以百万计的房贷。其结果引发了许许多多人丧失了房屋赎回权,让金融机构和一些保险公司蒙上巨大损失。Economists fear the current situation will effectively shut down the availability of credit in the country, strangle economic growth, and put at risk the finances of people across the nation. Last week, President Bush proposed a solution that is without precedent in America's financial history: the creation of a massive government fund to purchase bad debt and eventually sell off the assets involved. 经济学家担心,目前的这种局势必然会使美国缺乏信贷供应,窒息经济发展,使整个美国人民的财务陷入危险的处境。上星期,布什总统提出了一项美国金融史上前所未有的解决方案,那就是组建一个巨大的政府基金,购买坏帐,并最终将它们出售。The question now is: what will Congress do weeks before a general election? 目前的问题是,在过几个星期就要举行大选之前,国会将如何行事?Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd, who heads the Senate Banking Committee, spoke on A's This Week program. 美国参议院委员会主席、民主党参议员多德在美国广播公司的“本星期”电视节目上说:"People [legislators] have a lot of ideas on what they think should be in or not in this package," Dodd said. "We need to give the [Treasury] Secretary the authority to work. These are complex issues. I do not think we ought to micro-manage that part of it. I happen to believe very strongly that the cause of this issue is still the bad lending practices. The foreclosure issue still lurks." “在这个计划中应包括什么,不包括什么的问题上,议员们有很多主意。我们应授权财政部长展开工作。这些问题错综复杂,我认为我们不应管得过于具体。不过,我强烈认为,这个问题的原因仍然是不良的借贷做法。丧失房屋赎回权的问题仍然挥之不去。”Some Democrats have suggested expanding the package to include benefits for homeowners and others facing economic struggles. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Democratic Senator Charles Schumer expressed strong support for broader initiatives, but said they may be addressed in legislation that is separate from the Bush administration's proposed financial bail-out. "Many of us believe we need a stimulus package. But it does not necessarily have to be part of the bail-out," Schumer said. But some Republicans in Congress are warning against trying to do too much for too many, rather than focusing on the immediate crisis at hand. Representative John Boehner spoke on "This Week".  但是,国会中的一些共和党议员警告说,不要想救太多的公司,我们应该把重点放在解决眼前的危机上。美国众议员纳在“本星期”电视节目上说:"It is about protecting our economy, protecting American jobs. This is not a time for ideological purity," Boehner said. "We face a crisis. And if we do not act quickly, we are going to jeopardize our economy."  “这事关保护我们的经济,保护美国的就业机会。目前不是思想净化的时候。我们面临着一场危机。如果我们不迅速采取行动,我们就会破坏我们的经济。”After several days of steep losses, the U.S. stock market rallied sharply Thursday and Friday as initial reports of the bail-out package surfaced. 美国股市历经了几天的狂跌,但是在政府的挽救计划传出之后,星期四和星期五两天股票价格暴涨。200809/49767蓝田县四维彩超哪家医院最好的

陕西西安高新医院妇科女子医院Katie Couric : Alan Deutschman is a senior writer of Fast Company Magazine, who wrote the cover story for the July issue entitled "Is your boss a psychopath? ". Alan , good morning , nice to see you! Alan Deutschman: Good morning , Katie Katie Couric : Don't many bosses share at least a couple of these traits, in other words , there are couple of bad qualities in them? Alan Deutschman : You know most people have some of these traits to a small degree . The difference is a psychopath hazard in spades. Katie Couric: Right. And the combination of psychopathic behavior and power's probably pretty lethal. Alan Deutschman: That's right. And the power is the magnet for psychopath, you know they're , ur, they're attracted by, they want things that are thrilling . they want games that they can win and so companies give them that arena. Katie Couric: Alright. We have a little quiz that people can take at home, so they can get their pencil in and paper out to find out if their boss may be a psychopath. The first question is : "Is your boss a superficially charming or grandiose", right? Alan Deutschman: That's right. These people, they're very charming, they are very likable, they are seductive. They want you to be their friends and their ally, but it's really all about them. " Katie Couric: Somewhat is you mark one, and yes sure you mark two. What about lacking empathy? Why are psychopathic bosses so lacking it or unable to relate to their , to their , ur , workers? Alan Deutschman: Well these people aren't like you and me. They are profoundly selfish. They don't care about you , they don't care about their feelings . They can lay you off , they can fire you, they can backstab you . It does not make them worry. Katie Couric: Ok do they fake that they're empathetic at least? Alan Deutschman: That's right. They are great actors , they are like Hollywood actors , and they can lie , they can manipulate . They don't have feelings for us , but they know how to play our feelings. Katie Couric: OK. In fact that's the next question: "Does your boss lie or manipulate? " And I was gonna say, many corporate psychopaths will refuse to take responsibilities as we've seen in some of these corporate cases, right? Alan Deutschman: It's amazing. You see these people and they are convicted. They might even go to prison, but they don't say they did anything wrong , they say they varied victims actually. Katie Couric: All right. Now we add up our scores I'm not sure if anyone could keep up with this, but one to four means you shouldn't worry. Your boss is probably just frustrated. Five to six means you should be afraid, and seven to eight means you should be very afraid. So what do you do if you are very afraid or afraid? How do you deal with someone like this? Alan Deutschman: Well, the first thing to do is to be suspicious of flattery. Because these people they will try to disarm you, so they can then use you or backstab you. So they'll come with extreme flattery. So you'll like them and you'll think they're your friends and your loyalists, and your guard will be down. Katie Couric: You say question authority, avoid suspicious activities and assess the damage to your life. And in a nutshell, what does that mean exactly? Alan Deutschman: That means that just because your boss says something is ok, it doesn't mean it is ok. And you know a lot of things can be in your job description, but lying, cheating and stealing or helping someone else to do those things or covering up. That's not legit. Katie Couric: And a psychopath would often try to get you into his or her web, so you are partaking these activities which could spot from some serious trouble for you down the road right? Alan Deutschman: That's right. And for the company, that's how things like Enron happened. Katie Couric: And so when do you know you need to quit, because it's hard to find a job these days. Alan Deutschman: It is. You know it's hard to have a good job. The economy isn't great, but since something emotional damage. It's just too much Katie Couric: And it's hard to get to human resources and say , My boss is a psychopath, so you know you have pretty limited options, right? but at times as you said, sometimes enough is enough. " Alan Deutschman: That's right.200707/15206西安尿道炎男科医院 陕西省西安二院专家预约

西安男科New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has resigned following a sex scandal that rocked the state and stunned political observers across the country. The resignation takes effect next Monday in order to give Lieutenant Governor David Paterson time for an orderly transition. Paterson will become the state's first African-American leader. 纽约州州长斯皮策辞去了他的州长职位。此前,他的性丑闻震惊了纽约州和全美国的政治观察人士。斯皮策的辞职将于下星期一生效,以便留给纽约州副州长佩特森充足的时间进行权力交接。佩特森将成为纽约州的第一位非洲裔州长。Spitzer's resignation has been anticipated since The New York Times reported on Monday that the governor was involved in a high-priced prostitution ring. Spitzer is alleged to have spent tens of thousands of dollars on sessions with call girls.  自纽约时报星期一报导纽约州州长斯皮策与一个高价卖淫团伙有牵连后,就有人预计斯皮策会辞职。斯皮策被指称花费了几万美元嫖妓。In a brief statement, Spitzer said he has aly begun to atone for his private failings with his family and he apologized to his supporters.  斯皮策发表简短声明说,他已经开始为他个人的失败向家人做出补偿,并向他的持者表示道歉。"I am deeply sorry that I did not live up to what was expected of me. To every New Yorker, and to all those who believed in what I tried to stand for, I sincerely apologize. I look at my time as governor with a sense of what might have been," he said. 斯皮策说:“我为辜负人们对我的期望而感到深切的歉意。我向每一个纽约人和所有相信我所代表的价值观的人表示诚挚的道歉。我在反省我作为一个州长的表现。”Spitzer said his resignation will take effect on Monday at the request of Lieutenant Governor David Paterson to provide time for an orderly transition.  斯皮策说,应副州长佩特森的请求,他的辞职将于星期一生效,以便给佩特森足够的时间进行有秩序的交接。Spitzer's announcement ends a high profile career as a crusader against corporate corruption. As a popular state attorney general, he successfully prosecuted cases against Wall Street stock traders, mob leaders and several prostitution rings. He was elected governor in 2006 by a landslide. As governor, he signed into law a bill that increased the penalties of those who patronized prostitutes. But his abrasive style also made enemies who were stunned by his fall from grace but not prepared to support any attempt by him to stay in office.  斯皮策的辞职结束了他声望很高的州长生涯,他曾经是打击企业腐败的先锋。作为一位深得民心的州检察长,斯皮策成功地起诉了华尔街股票交易商、犯罪团伙头目以及几个卖淫团伙。2006年,他以压倒优势当选纽约州州长。作为纽约州长,他签署了一部法案,该法案增加了对嫖娼者的罚款。但是他的严厉作风使他的敌人对他的失足感到震惊,也使人们无法为持他继续留任做出任何努力。Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, who is legally blind, represented Harlem for 20 years in the New York State Senate, where he enjoyed the respect of colleagues on both sides of the political aisle. He has deep roots in New York City politics. His father Basil is a well-known political figure who once served as deputy mayor. 纽约州副州长佩特森是位法定盲人。他在纽约州参议院代表纽约的哈莱姆黑人区将近20年,并且受到两党人士的尊重。佩特森在纽约市政界有很深厚的根基,他的父亲巴兹尔曾经担任过纽约市副市长,是一位非常有名的政界人士。200803/30323 tall tales ——— 夸张的故事英文释义 Imaginative, and highly exaggerated stories.例句 As a child I loved listening to the tall tales my grandfather told me about his adventures traveling around the world as a sailor.我小时候喜欢听爷爷给我讲关于他当水手游遍世界的夸张故事。 /201607/453217西安市中心医院是正规的吗西安附属一院的QQ



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