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武汉鸡巴长了个东西是什么病宜昌男科挂号武汉龟头水泡怎么回事 This is the extraordinary Indian family born with 600 digits between them - with each of the 5 members boasting fingers and toes.这个离奇印度家庭里所有人的手指、脚趾加起来共有600根--全家共5人,每人都长有根手指和根脚趾Krishna Choudhary, who lives in a small village in G.aya, in Bihar, northern India, has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot - just like his father and siblings.克里希纳·乔杜里住在印度北部比哈尔加雅一个小村庄里,他每只手都长有6根手指,每只脚上都长有6根脚趾--他的父亲和兄弟们也一样But the unusual condition has meant the 50-year-old has found it difficult to arrange his daughter marriages - because prospective husbands dislike the condition.但是这一不寻常的情况意味着这位50岁的印度男人很难给女儿安排婚姻--因为未来的丈夫都不太喜欢这样的情况Krishna added: I dont have any problems with my extra fingers but my children and grandchildren suffer a lot. Four people rejected my daughter after finding out she had fingers. I do not know why, but this is awful.克里希纳补充说道;“我没有因为多一根手指而遇到什么问题,但是我的孩子和孙子们却吃尽了苦头在发现我的女儿有根指头之后,有四个人拒绝了我的女儿我不知道为什么,但确实是太糟糕了”Dr Gupta, an assistant Professor at the department of dermatology, at Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, said: The term is medically called Polydactyly. It is a genetic disorder.帕蒂尔医学院的皮肤科副教授古普塔表示:“这种畸形在医学上被称为多指畸形,属于遗传性疾病的一种”There may not be any physical issues related to the extra fingers but people do sometimes suffer from the psychological issues of living with such a condition. These extra fingers could be removed in surgery if the patient requires but it can be costly.“多些手指一般不会带来额外的身体问题,但有时会引起遭受此情况的人们的一些心理负担如果病人需要,这些多出来的手指头是可以通过手术切除的,但是费用会比较昂贵” 87武汉市华夏医院

华中科技大学同济医学院附属协和医院尿科The Palace Museum in Beijing plans to dismantle all illegal buildings in the bidden City over the next three years, to preserve ancient buildings.北京故宫物院计划未来三年拆除紫禁城内的所有违章建筑,以保存古建筑Shan Jixiang, curator of The Palace Museum, revealed the news when he was making a speech at the Tianjin International Cruise Home Port in Dongjiang of Tianjin.故宫物院院长单霁翔近日在位于天津东疆的国际邮轮母港的一次演讲中透露了这一消息More than 0 pieces or sets of cultural creative products from the Palace Museum were displayed on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Ovation of the Seas last Sunday, to showcase the bidden City and the museum culture.上周日,故宫中的0余件文化创意作品陈列在皇家加勒比海洋赞礼号邮轮,以此来展示故宫及物院的文化Shan said the Palace Museum would spend four years reallocating the office space of its 1,500 staff members.单霁翔称,故宫物院用年时间对故宫物院00名员工的办公问题进行重新分配All administrative staff, including the curator and vice-curator, will move out of the bidden City, while office buildings will be built out of the city wall. All parking lots employees also will be moved out, to make proper use of each inch of land in the bidden City, he added.他补充说道,故宫物院院长、副院长等所有行政人员将统一搬出紫禁城,在城墙外修建办公场所员工停车场也将全部迁出,让紫禁城每寸土地都得到合理利用Shan said the Palace Museum would dismantle the more than ,800 square meters of temporary buildings and the other later constructed buildings in the bidden City, to prevent modern architecture affecting the whole environment. The existing pavements will be changed to traditional materials and afesting will be strengthened.单霁翔还表示,故宫物院将拆除紫禁城内逾1.8万平米的临时建筑和后建建筑,防止现代建筑物影响整体环境现有路面将换成传统建材建筑并加强绿化The Palace Museum is dedicated to open wider to the public, and 85 per cent of the museum 0,000-square-meter area will be open by 5. That compared to 76 per cent, this year.据悉,故宫物院将对外开放更大范围,到5年,要把总面积万平米的古建筑开放到85%而今年则是开放了76% 539武汉手术切除前列腺 武汉总院人民医院看泌尿科怎么样

武汉一院割包皮推荐产品之实用句型S: Our handwork is the best in the city.我们的做工是全市最好的S1: You can rest assured, this style sells very well.放心吧,这款我们卖得很好S: New sample. Why dont you take some a try?新板,你为什么不拿些去试试?S3: This style is very popular all over the world.这种款式全世界都很流行S: Here are all kinds of ladieswear. Please take your time.这里有各种款式的女装,请慢慢看S5: We have all kinds of fashion wear, good quality and low price.我们有各种时装,质优价廉S6: We have some others with similar designs. Would you like to have a look?我们另外有一些类似图案的您要不要看看?S7: Is this style the sportswear you looked at just now?您刚才看的是不是这款运动装?S: Are you looking some particular brand?您是不是在找什么特殊品牌?S9: Please come over and have a look at our new styles.请过来看看我们的新款式C1: No, that too bright.不,太鲜艳了C: That all today.今天就买这些C3: Let me have a look first.让我看一看C: This one is lovely.这个很漂亮、很可爱C5: Which brand sells better?哪一种牌子卖得比较好?C6: I think Ill leave it. Thank you just the same.我想这个我就不要了谢谢你C7: Do you sell men, women or sportswear?你们卖男装、女装,还是运动? A: This is Manager Liang's office, what can I do you? B: This is Wang Xiao from AB company speaking. Our CEO Mr. Green has an appointment with Mr. Liang tomorrow morning. But there is a minor change in tomorrow's schedule. Mr. Green has an abrupt urgent case tomorrow and he has to go abroad today. He wanted me to convey his apology to Mr. Wang.A: OK. I'll tell him.B: And Mr. Green will make another appointment when Mr. Wang comes back.A: OK. Thanks calling.B: Bye!A: Bye!重点知识讲解:CEO Chief Executive Officer 执行总裁,首席执行官Minor 最小的,少量的其反义词是major,意为“较多的,主要的”Abrupt 突然的,突发的Urgent 紧急的Convey 传达“convey sht. to sb.” 的意思是“向某人传达某事”,比如在对话中“convey one’s apology to sb.” 的意思就是“向某人传达歉意” 77武汉人民医院泌尿外科在几楼武汉华夏男子主要是看哪些方面的医院




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