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成都四环素牙的治疗费用四川省哪家医院烤瓷牙价位最低This year, resolve to drop your daily deal habit. Buying coupons can be extremely addictive, because sometimes the deals are just too tempting. But oftentimes, you#39;ll end up doing something that you never planned on doing in the first place and trying restaurants that you had no intention of trying to begin with. The problem is that you might forget about them if you#39;re not carefully keeping track of them, and you may end up losing money when the coupon expires.今年要下决心戒掉每天买东西的习惯。买抵用券会上瘾,因为有时候商品太诱惑人了。但结果是你经常会做本来不准备做的事,去本来不想去的餐馆。问题在于如果你不够细心能想起这些抵用券,你很可能会忘记它们,而且当抵用券快到期时,你的钱包可要遭罪了。Do yourself and your budget a favor this year, and unsubscribe from all the daily deals sites except your all-time favorite. I know there may be deals that seem too good to miss out on, so limit yourself to buying one or two online coupons this year. If you#39;re worried about missing out on an amazing deal, I#39;m sure you#39;ll catch wind of it through friends or social media. And if you miss one, either scout for it on sites that sell unused daily deals or patiently wait for it to show up again.今年让你自己和开预算都轻松些吧,除了你一直喜欢的东西,注销所有“每日购物精品”网站的账号。我明白有些商品很棒,错过了很可惜,所以今年可以限制自己买一到两张网购打折券。如果你担心错过好商品,我相信你从社交网络和朋友那里也会得到消息的。如果你真的错失了机会,你可以在卖二手货的网站上找找(类似的商品),或者耐心等待它再次出现。 /201302/223979成都种植牙齿大概需要多少钱 While toilet seats are infamous for being the breeding grounds for bacteria, there are many dirtier places in your house that you probably never knew existed. The following list shows common household appliances that are dirtier than your conventional toilet seat.马桶座是细菌衍生的温床,向来背负着;最脏家用品;的污名,因而常遭人唾弃,但你可能不知道,家里比马桶还脏的东西多着去了。下面,小编就给大家扒一扒比马桶座还脏的居家物品。10.Ice10.冰块While ice would appear to be perfectly clean and unsuspecting, it is in fact a major breeding ground for organisms according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. Ice can become soiled through being transported on dirty floors of freezing rooms, carried by soiled human hands, or exposed to unsanitary ice machines. If that wasn#39;t enough, a study found that 70% of the time, ice served in fast food restaurants across America had more bacteria than toilet water found in most households. Furthermore, most restaurants across America tend to freeze water for ice out of tap water, leaving many unfiltered particles to remain and be consumed. For this reason, ice makes it to the tenth position on this list.大伙肯定会大惑不解,冰块明明就是;干净;的代名词,怎么会跟;脏;扯上边呢。美国医学会杂志的一项研究表明,冰块也是微生物滋生的温床。就比如说,冰块上可能附着冷冻室地上的脏东西,也可能粘着搬运工手上的细菌,亦或者被不干净的切冰机器所玷污。如果这些还不足以说你,小编再来给你列个数据:有研究发现,美国快餐店里供应的冰块上所含的细菌要比大多数家用的抽水马桶里的水中所含的细菌还要多!再加上美国的快餐店大都习惯直接从自来水管里接水冰冻,因而导致很多未经过滤的微粒残存并随后被人体吸收。由此,我们将冰块这个;腌臜物;列至榜单第十位。9.Tables and Desks9.桌子Whether being used for art and schoolwork for elementary school children or for important business meetings, tables and desks have on average more than 400 times more bacteria and germs than a toilet seat. This can lead to many serious illnesses, such as smallpox, measles, and the flu. Tables also attract more germs than toilets because of the amount of time hands are placed on desks. In fact, it was reported that the area in which your hands rest on tables and desks can have approximately 10,000 bacteria organisms growing. Furthermore, many office tables are often left unwashed for long periods of time, allowing for bacteria and harmful organisms to grow and develop before sping. For this reason, tables and desks come in at number nine of this list.不管是小学教室里的课桌,还是举行大型商务会议时用的办公桌,桌子平均所含的细菌量是马桶座的400多倍,因此会引发很多严重的疾病,比如天花、麻疹和流感等。而且,人们往往都习惯将手放在书桌之上,这也是为什么桌子比马桶更易产生细菌的原因之一。根据一项调查显示,仅仅是双手在桌子上放着的那一小撮地方就有几近10000个细菌和病毒。再加上很多办公桌常常很久都不打扫和清洁,这就更使得大量细菌和有害生物体滋生,进而扩散传播。因此,我们将桌椅列至榜单倒数第二位。8.Computer Keyboards8.键盘Because people tend to use computer keyboards throughout their daily lives, it is no surprise that these devices would make it on the list. Keyboards attract a great amount of bacteria because they are rarely wiped or sanitized on a regular basis. As a result, it was shown in a study by Master Cleaners Ltd that ;Keyboards contain 70 percent more bacteria than a toilet seat.; Additionally, because keyboards are commonly used by more than one person in office and classroom settings, viruses and bacteria can move easily from person to person in a short period of time. For example, the Center for Disease reported that the first report of a norovirus was detected on a computer keyboard. The agency also revealed that the norovirus outbreak could have been entirely prevented if people simply cleaned their keyboards frequently and diligently to limit the sp of germs from one computer to another. As a result, computer keyboards are number 8 on this list.当今社会,电脑已经成为人们生活的一部分,贯穿我们生活的各个方面,所以电脑键盘名列此榜也就不足为奇了。由于人们很少会对键盘进行定期清理和消毒,这就使得键盘很容易产生细菌。清洁大师有限公司曾做过一项调查,结果表明;键盘上的细菌比马桶座上多百分之七十;。而且,由于键盘常常被办公室或者教室的人共同使用,所以细菌和病毒也更容易在短时间内进行传播。举个例子吧,疾病中心就曾发表声明称,第一例诺瓦克病毒就是在电脑键盘上发现的。该机构还称,其实人们只消勤快些,常常清理下键盘,并且尽量限制多人共用同一键盘,就可以完全避免诺瓦克病毒的发作和蔓延。所以呢,我们把电脑键盘列至此榜单的第八位。7.Cell Phones7.手机Cell phones can be found nearly everyone traveling from outside their home or outside the country. For that reason, cell phones would naturally be festering with germs and bacteria. In a report by British newspaper Which?, it was reported that of a total of 90 devices tested, there were over six hundred individual organisms of Staphylococcus aureus found on the surface of a cell phone. The bacteria organism Staphylococcus aureus has been known to cause ailments ranging from respiratory tract infection to staph infections. Additionally, because phones are so rarely cleaned, they carry as much as 10 times as many bacteria than your household toilet seat. It is for these reasons that cell phones made the seventh spot on this list. Cell phones are therefore number seven on this list.现在不管是出国旅个游还是出门遛个弯儿,几乎每个人都会随身携带手机。所以手机自然而然就成了病毒和细菌育后代的最佳温床。英国杂志《哪个?》开展了一项调查,结果表明在测试的90种东西中,手机表面上竟含有高达600多个金黄色葡萄球菌生物个体,这种菌会引起许多感染,小到呼吸道感染,大到葡萄球菌感染,极其严重。再加上人们很少清理手机外壳,这就导致手机上携带的细菌量是家用马桶座圈的十倍之多。所以,手机就自然在本榜单收获了第七名的;好成绩;,名列第七。6.Kitchen Chopping Boards6.厨房砧板It shouldn#39;t come as a surprise that kitchen chopping boards would contain some degree of bacteria left over from the raw meats sliced on them. However, what is surprising is that it was determined by the FDA that there are 200 times more fecal bacteria on cutting boards than on an actual toilet seat. This bacteria can be very serious to one#39;s health because it can cause many food-borne illnesses, including salmonella and campylobacter. Also, because kitchen chopping boards are often left out for hours on end, this provides a chance for bacteria to easily grow and sp in a warm environment. Because of this, it can be said that it is safer to prepare meats on a toilet seat than it is on an unwashed kitchen chopping board. For these reasons, kitchen chopping boards come in at number six on this list of top ten dirtier items than a toilet seat.砧板上会残留下生肉上所携带的一些细菌,这个我们貌似都有所了解。但令人惊讶的是,(美国)食品及药品(FDA)曾宣布称,砧板上的粪便细菌要比一个正常使用的马桶多200倍!粪便细菌对人体健康危害极大,它会通过食物来传播疾病,包括沙门氏菌和弯曲杆菌等。同样,由于我们总把厨房砧板搁置一旁、不常清洗,所以给细菌在温暖的环境下生长和扩散提供了机会。因此,在这份;比马桶还脏的十样东西;榜单上,我们将厨房砧板列至第六位。翻译:毛志遥 来源:前十网 /201509/397235绵阳市中心医院看补牙镶牙四环素牙怎么样好吗

四川儿童口腔价格After friends of mine landed at busy Newwark Airport, they were unable to attract the attention of any porters to help with their luggage. In desperation, the husband took out a five-dollar bill and waved it above the crowd. In an instant, a skycap was at his side. Sir, observed the porter, you certainly have excellent communication skills.我的朋友们在繁忙的纽瓦克机场着陆后,他们却不能招呼到脚夫来帮他们搬行李。无奈,丈夫拿出一张五美元的钞票在人群上面摇晃。 一个带宽边帽的人马上来到他身边。“先生,”脚夫说道,“很明显你有绝妙的交际技巧。” /201304/234110大邑县瓷嵌体去哪里医院好 nternational coffee company and coffeehouse Starbucks has again brewed debate over business versus historical interests in China after its opening of an outlet near a famed Buddhist temple in East China.国际连锁咖啡公司星巴克再次在中国引发争议,这次的矛盾主要集中在商业与古迹之间的弈,而事件起因是星巴克在华东地区一间著名古刹旁的新店开张。The controversial Starbucks outlet opened on Saturday in the scenic zone of the quiet, secluded Lingyin Temple, or the Temple of Soul#39;s Retreat, which is located in a wooded area on the bank of the West Lake in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province.上周六,这家坐落在风景优美、与世隔绝的灵隐寺风景区中的星巴克连锁店在一片争议声中开门营业。灵隐寺位于浙江杭州西湖岸边的一片树林之中。This is not the first time for Starbucks to light a fire under the kettle in China. In 2007, similar disputes over commercialism in points of historical interest eventually forced the closure of an outlet of the company it had operated for seven years in Beijing#39;s Forbidden city, also known as the Imperial Palace.这并非星巴克第一次在中国引发热议了。2007年,类似的一场关于历史古迹商业化的论战最终迫使运营了7年时间的星巴克门店退出北京故宫。Some people have expressed concerns about the American coffee chain#39;s presence near the peaceful temple.对于在宁静古刹旁开设这样一间来自美国的咖啡连锁店,一些人表示担忧。;The smell of the combination of coffee beans and burning incense must be the fragrant smell of money,; Sina Weibo user ;Liulianxiaobawang; wrote.“灵隐寺的香火混着咖啡,那一定是浓浓的商业气。”新浪微主“榴莲小霸王”写道。;Starbucks turned to the Buddha after it had #39;entered#39; the Imperial Palace,; wrote ;Tangboxiaohu;.“星巴克是入不了皇城,只有遁空门。”“唐伯小虎”写道。;Actually, the coffeehouse is a long distance from the temple. It is located in the tourist service area on Lingyin Road outside of the temple, as part of the supporting facilities,; said Wang Shan, deputy director of the Lingyin Administration of the West Lake Administration in Hangzhou, provincial capital of Zhejiang.杭州市西湖风景名胜区管委会灵隐管理处办公室副主任王山表示:“事实上,这家星巴克和灵隐寺有很长一段距离。作为辅助设施的一部分,它位于寺庙外灵隐路上的游务区内。”The temple#39;s administration has urged the cafe to change its name from ;Lingyin Temple Starbucks; to ;Lingyin Starbucks; to make it clear that it is not located inside the temple.灵隐寺管理部门已经敦促该星巴克门店把名字从“灵隐寺星巴克”改为“灵隐星巴克”,以明示该店并不位于寺院内。;Starbucks chose a relatively remote place in the scenic zone that is not along the tourist paths. It takes 20 minutes to walk from the temple gate to the coffeehouse,; said a Starbucks staff member who declined to be named.“星巴克在灵隐寺景区中选择了一处相对偏僻的位置,并不在游客路线之中。从寺庙大门到这间星巴克要走上20分钟的路程。”一位不愿透露姓名的星巴克工作人员表示。The cafe released a statement on its official Weibo account on Monday afternoon, explaining the cafe#39;s location and professing its respect for Chinese history and traditional culture.星巴克于周一下午在其官方微上发布声明,解释了该咖啡店的位置,并表达了其对中国历史与传统文化的尊重。Meanwhile, a KFC outlet opened about 50 meters away from the controversial Starbucks months ago, joining other supermarkets and restaurants in the area. The Starbucks outlet was the administration#39;s final plan for the service area.与此同时,就在距离这家颇受争议的星巴克50米处,一家肯德基于数月前开张,成为该景区多家超市和餐馆的一份子。星巴克连锁店是景区管理处对这块务区的最终一项规划。Wang Shan said the administration has strictly controlled the commercial business environment surrounding the temple. ;Many shops have been removed from the scenic area and new businesses can only open after a series of examinations, in order to protect the environment and culture of the Lingyin Temple.;王山表示,景区管理处已经对寺庙周边的商业环境进行了严格的控制。“为了保护灵隐寺景区环境及文化,许多商家都搬出了该景区,新商家只有在经过一系列考查合格之后方能开业。” /201209/202097合江县人民医院烤瓷牙全瓷牙瓷嵌体多少钱

成都新桥医院看洗牙要多少钱residences before he acquired the furnished Kennedy estate as his primary residence. He likes to show off President Kennedy#39;s narrow bed with its carved Gothic oak headboard and a walk-in closet drawer labeled in the careful script of matriarch Rose Kennedy #39;black underwear.#39;卡斯尔现年71岁,早在28岁时他就是身价百万的商人家了。在购买这幢带家具的肯尼迪家族房产作为主要住所之前,他已经拥有了三处住房。他喜欢显摆肯尼迪总统窄小的床(橡木床头板雕成哥特式风格)和步入式衣帽间的抽屉,肯尼迪家族的女性家长罗丝(Rose Kennedy)在抽屉上一笔一画地标注上了“黑色内衣”。John F. Kennedy interviewed most cabinet candidates in the library of the stark white Mediterranean compound and swam in the Olympic-size pool the weekend before his 1963 assassination. In 1991, the compound was the scene of an alleged rape by William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of JFK#39;s who was ultimately acquitted.Hulton Archive/Getty Images威尔逊在新泽西州的普林斯顿住到1902年,当时他还是大学教授。1963年遭刺杀之前,肯尼迪总统曾在这座纯白色地中海风格大宅的图书室内面试过多数内阁候选人,周末,他会在大小可与奥运场馆媲美的泳池里游泳。1991年,肯尼迪总统的外甥史密斯(William Kennedy Smith)被控在这座大宅里实施强奸,最终他被宣判无罪。The Kennedys sold the property in 1995, and Palm Beach declared part of the mansion a landmark after Mr. Castle bought it. Designation as a local landmark or placement in a historic district typically limits a homeowner#39;s ability to make exterior changes. In Mr. Castle#39;s case, he had to agree not to alter a 60-foot portion of the wall where the president occasionally gave news conferences.肯尼迪家族1995年卖掉了这处产业,而棕榈滩在卡斯尔购房后不久宣布该豪宅的一部分为地标性建筑。如果一座建筑被定为地方地标性建筑,或者被划入历史街区,一般来说房主改变建筑外观的余地会受到限制。卡斯尔面对的情况是,他必须同意不对 壁上一片60英尺见方的区域(肯尼迪总统有时在这一区域前举行新闻发布会)进行改造。Mr. Castle said souvenir hunters frequently showed up during his million renovation of the 11-bedroom mansion, #39;put chunks of brick in their car, and drove away.#39;#39; He also had to cope with strict demands from local officials. #39;We had an inspection every day,#39;#39; he said.卡斯尔投入600万美元对这幢有11间卧室的豪宅进行了翻修,他说,在进行翻修的过程中,常常有人来搜集纪念品,他们“把一块块大砖头搬进车里然后开走”。他还得应付地方官员的严格要求。他说:“每天都会有一次检查。”One inspection failed, he said, because a screw near an electrical connection #39;was one-eighth of an inch out of alignment.#39;#39; Another time, preservation officials limited the height of the new indoor/outdoor spiral staircase that Mr. Castle was building to enjoy a grander view of his 205-foot oceanfront.Scott Lewis for The Wall Street Journal卡伦站在门厅里。门厅的推拉门和镶嵌的色玻璃是房子原先就有的。他说,有一次检查他没能通过,因为电器连线附近的一颗螺丝“偏了八分之一英寸”。还有一次,为了在欣赏205英尺海滨美景时有更广的视野,卡斯尔要新建室内外螺旋楼梯,而建筑保护部门官员对楼梯的高度做了限制。Today, Mr. Castle relishes living amid 62 years of Kennedy family history. He especially likes to unravel knotty work problems while seated in the mansion#39;s outdoor loggia, where President Kennedy crafted his inaugural speech and overlooking the sea.如今,卡斯尔很享受置身于肯尼迪家族62年历史中的滋味。他特别喜欢坐在屋外的凉廊里(肯尼迪总统在这里起草了就职演说稿),一边眺望大海,一边思考工作中的棘手问题。#39;#39;You get an enormous sense of inspiration,#39;#39; Mr. Castle said.卡斯尔说:“在这里你会获得很多灵感。”Presidential Preservation威尔逊总统故居Restoring the Wilson residence turned into a lengthy labor of love for Mr. Carr, a longtime U.S. history buff who bought it in 2003 for about .1 million.修复威尔逊的住宅成为卡尔的一项长期个人爱好。卡尔多年来一直对美国历史很着迷,2003年,他以约210万美元购买了这座大宅。The house had remained vacant for two years and gone through 19 owners since Woodrow and Ellen Wilson left. #39;There was very little preserved,#39; he said.威尔逊夫妇搬走后,这座房子空置了两年,之后又19次易主。卡尔说:“保存下来的东西少之又少。”Mr. Carr wanted to recapture much of the house#39;s original character and update its amenities. His efforts were guided in part by his review of Wilson#39;s correspondence about the home#39;s construction. The renovation cost more than million and lasted until spring 2007.卡尔想重现这幢房屋最初的风貌,并对其设施进行更新。他研读了威尔逊有关建房的信件,将其作为指导房屋修缮的部分依据。房屋翻修耗资逾700万美元,一直持续到2007年春季。#39;There was no budget and no time restrictions,#39;#39; Mr. Carr said. #39;It seemed like the right thing to do as the custodian of a bit of history.#39;卡尔表示:“这项工程没有预算和时间限制,感觉自己是历史的守护者,在做一件正确的事情。”Except for a new solarium, the three-story residence with pale-lemon stucco walls looks from the outside as it did 110 years ago. Mr. Carr even pulled up the concrete circle driveway and replaced it with the type of red stones used by the Wilsons.除一个新建的日光浴室外,这幢有着淡柠檬黄灰泥 的三层住宅从外面看起来和110年前没有区别。卡尔甚至铲除了一个混凝土环形车道,换成了威尔逊当年使用的那种红色石头。While showing a visitor around, Mr. Carr paused in the unusual foyer with a fireplace where Mr. Wilson, a Princeton University professor, often taught his students as a fire roared. To restore the foyer to its original condition, contractors disassembled, structurally reinforced and reassembled the room using the same individual pieces of vertical-grain fir.在带领一名访客四处参观时,卡尔在一间不同寻常的门厅里停下了脚步,门厅里有一个壁炉,威尔逊在普林斯顿大学(Princeton University)做教授时,常在熊熊燃烧的壁炉边给学生讲课。为了让门厅还原成最初的样子,承包商对房间进行了拆卸,并使用相同的纵切纹杉木进行结构加固和重新组装。#39;This room and the ceiling are exactly the way they were when Woodrow Wilson lived here,#39;#39; the chief executive said.这位首席执行长说:“这个房间和天花板与威尔逊住在这里时一模一样。”Despite his attention to detail, Mr. Carr worries about Princeton#39;s proposed creation of a historic district that would cover the Wilson home. #39;People tell you if you can paint your house,#39;#39; he said. #39;It may not help the resale value.#39;#39; He and other disgruntled owners wrote a letter protesting that the district would #39;significantly chill the market for owning and investing in these homes.#39;#39;尽管卡尔对细节一丝不苟,他还是担心普林斯顿一项设立历史街区的提议,该街区会将威尔逊故居囊括在内。他说:“这样一来,你要经过允许才能粉刷房子,这对提高房屋转售价值可能没有好处。”他和其他持不满态度的房主写信抗议此项提议,认为设立历史街区会“导致这类住房的购置和投资市场显著降温”。Princeton officials declined to comment, but in a September report recommending creation of the district, the town#39;s Historic Preservation Review Committee said supporters cited studies showing #39;a positive effect of historic districting on property values.#39;#39;普林斯顿的官员拒绝就此置评,但当地的古迹保护审议委员会(Historic Preservation Review Committee) 9月份发布了一份建议创建历史街区的报告,报告援引持者的话称,研究显示“设立历史街区对房地产价值有提振效果”。Meanwhile, the executive loves to celebrate his home#39;s famous former owner. He threw a 150th birthday party for the former president at his home in December 2006. He gives talks about Mr. Wilson#39;s life at local schools. And in October, he hosted a centennial celebration of President Wilson#39;s election. As an extra treat, his 530 guests could view a newly framed note in Mrs. Wilson#39;s handwriting that restoration workers found behind a fireplace frame.与此同时,卡尔也爱通过活动纪念这栋房子的前主人。2006年12月,他在家里举办了一场前总统诞辰150周年纪念派对。他在当地的学校里做讲座,介绍威尔逊的生平。今年10月份,他主办了纪念威尔逊当选总统百周年庆典。他的530名来宾还享受了一项额外款待,他们看到一个刚装裱起来的威尔逊夫人手写便笺,这是房屋修缮工人在壁炉架后面发现的。#39;It#39;s a privilege to live in a house like this,#39;#39; Mr. Carr said.卡尔说:“能住在这样的房子里实属幸事。” /201212/212949 乐山市妇幼保健院口腔科成都做一口烤瓷牙多少钱



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