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杭州临安口腔科在线医生杭州市第一人民医院口腔科陈丽萍金华市人民医院口腔综合科全瓷牙怎么样 The ed Nations Secretary-General's special adviser for Burma says he expects to return to the country "sooner rather than later."  联合国秘书长的缅甸事务特使易卜拉欣.甘巴里说,他预计不久就会重新访问缅甸。U.N. envoy Ibrahim Gambari says he is optimistic he will be able to return to Burma, "way before April." 他说,他对能在4月份之前返回缅甸感到乐观:"You will recall the authorities there said they will receive me after the middle of April, after April 15," Gambari said. "But I think I have reason to believe they are reconsidering." “缅甸当局曾经说过,他们将在4月15号之后会见我。不过我现在有理由认为,他们正在重新考虑。”On Tuesday, Gambari completed two days of meetings with Chinese officials. He says he consulted with Chinese officials on how best to move forward in encouraging political reform in Burma.  甘巴里星期二结束了跟中国官员的会晤。他说,他和中国官员探讨了鼓励缅甸进行政治改革的最佳方式的问题:"The Chinese government has been helpful in helping on my access, including encouraging the [Burmese] authorities to receive me as often as possible," Gambari said.  “中国政府一直在为我访问缅甸提供帮助,其中包括鼓励缅甸当局尽可能多地让我进入缅甸。”Gambari last visited Burma in November, several weeks after the military government crushed mass demonstrations calling for democracy and political reform. 甘巴里最后一次访问缅甸是在去年11月,在那之前的几个星期,缅甸军政府刚刚镇压了一场要求民主与政治改革的大规模民众抗议示威。He says the Burmese government's new plans for a May referendum on a new constitution, and for general elections in 2010 are "a significant step" toward democratic reform.  甘巴里说,缅甸5月举行宪法公决,并在2010年举行大选的新计划是迈向民主改革的重要一步。But he calls on the ruling generals to make sure the referendum is credible for the Burmese people and the international community. That would include, he says, releasing political prisoners, such as opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has spent years under house arrest. In addition, he says, the government needs to allow the public and the opposition to freely comment about the draft constitution. 甘巴里呼吁军人统治者确保宪法公决对缅甸人民和国际社会来说具有可信度。他说,那将包括释放政治犯,比如已经被软禁多年的反对派领袖昂山素季。另外,甘巴里说,缅甸政府必须允许公众和反对派人士对宪法草案自由发表意见。Many critics say the referendum and election will do little to bring reform to the country, as it appears the draft constitution allows the military to retain significant control.  很多批评人士说,全民公决以及选举看起来都不会给缅甸带来什么改革,因为宪法草案允许军人继续掌握实权。The military has ruled Burma since the early 1960s. It has become one of the poorest and most isolated countries in Asia. The ed States, the European Union and other nations have imposed economic sanctions on the government, to push the military to allow democratic reforms.  自从1960年代初以来军人一直统治缅甸。现在缅甸已经成为亚洲最贫穷、最受孤立的国家之一。美国、欧洲联盟和其他国家向军人政权实行了经济制裁,以推动军人让缅甸进行民主改革。Burma's Southeast Asian neighbors, along with China and India, however, have argued that political engagement and trade are better than sanctions in bringing reform.  不过中国和印度以及缅甸的东南亚邻国认为,推动缅甸实行改革更有效的方式是政治参与和贸易,而不是制裁。The U.N. envoy next travels to Indonesia, Singapore and Japan to discuss Burma. 联合国特使甘巴里将前往印度尼西亚、新加坡和日本讨论缅甸问题。At a regular briefing, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman told reporters Beijing wants to see democracy, peace and stability in Burma, but opposes the use of economic sanctions to pressure the government.  中国外交部发言人在新闻发布会上对记者说,北京希望看到缅甸的民主、和平和稳定,但是反对利用经济制裁向缅甸政府施压。200802/27657Protesters in several US cities held anti-war rallies Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, March 20th. More rallies are planned in coming days in other U.S. cities. Several thousand joined an anti-war protest in Los Angeles. 今年3月20号是美国攻打伊拉克五周年,美国几座城市的抗议者星期六举行反战集会。未来几天美国其它城市也计划举行类似抗议集会。有几千人参加了洛杉矶的反战示威。Marchers chanted and some carried flag-draped coffins as speakers demanded that U.S. troops come home. 集会者高呼口号,有些人还抬着用国旗覆盖的棺木,集会发言人要求美国军队撤离伊拉克回国。集会者高呼,“停止战争......”Sharaf Mowjood of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the continued presence of American troops is worsening conditions in Iraq, and diverting attention from domestic U.S. problems, including rebuilding New Orleans. The city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 美国-伊斯兰关系协会的谢拉夫.莫吉奥德表示,美国军队继续驻扎伊拉克,正在恶化那里的局势,并且会转移人们对重建新奥尔良等美国国内问题的注意力。新奥尔良市在2005年的卡特里娜飓风中受到严重破坏。"We need to pull out immediately. That's the main thing right now we need to do. It's a conundrum as it is," he said. "So it's in a situation where the best viable option is to pull out because you have a lot of these internal problems you have to deal with, health care, sub-prime mortgage crisis, Katrina, all that. We need to work on those issues first." 谢拉夫.莫吉奥德说:“我们需要立即从伊拉克撤军。这是目前我们需要做的首要事情。这本来就是一道难题。因此,目前情况下最佳可行选择就是撤军,理由是,国内现在有大量问题急待解决,比如医疗保健,次级房屋抵押贷款危机,卡特里娜飓风后的重建等等。我们需要首先解决这些问题。”Members of religious, labor and community groups joined the Los Angeles demonstration. Madelyn MacKay, a Quaker, says the protests are sending a message to the candidates in the November 4 presidential election. 宗教组织、劳工组织以及一些社团的成员加入了洛杉矶反战示威。贵格会教徒马德琳.麦凯说,抗议示威活动是向参加11月4号总统选举的候选人传递一个信息。"And I think this sort of unity among groups for this one cause in the country is a big message to all of the candidates running that there is a lot of support through all kinds of organizations and all kinds of communities, people that do want us to get out of the war quickly," she said. 马德琳.麦凯说:“我认为,在这个国家,各个组织和团体因为这样一个原因而如此心齐,是向所有总统参选人传递一条重要信息,那就是希望我们国家尽快结束伊拉克战争,这得到各个组织和各个社团以及全体民众的大力持。”Protests were also scheduled Saturday for Albuquerque, Austin, and other U.S. cities. 阿尔伯克基、奥斯汀等美国其它城市星期六也曾计划要举行抗议示威。More anti-war events are scheduled in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. on March 19, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. 此外,旧金山、芝加哥和华盛顿哥伦比亚特区定于3月19号,也就是美国领导的攻打伊拉克行动的前一天,举行反战活动。200803/30921杭州市儿童医院超声波洁牙冷光美白喷砂洁牙价格

杭州维信口腔医院牙齿美白费用探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 08In every galaxy scientists looked at, they found evidence for a supermassive black hole.NGC 3115NGC 3377NGC 3379In M31 and M32In total there is probably 20-30 or so black holes that have been found. Supermassive black holes were supposed to be rare, but Hubble was finding them everywhere, both feeding in active galaxies and lurking quietly in ordinary galaxies. Pretty soon we got used to the idea that everything we would look at would have a black hole in it. You know, after the first three or four cases, we are beginning to wonder: does every one have a black hole? One by one we were seeing this picture sort of emerge out of the fog that, that every galaxy, almost every galaxy had a supermassive black hole in it. It was really quite astonishing.Far from being rare freaks of nature, the Nukers began to suspect that all galaxies could have giant black holes at their hearts. If this was true, it would revolutionize ideas of what a galaxy actually is. More disturbingly, it meant there could be a supermassive black hole lurking at the heart of our very own galaxy, the Milky Way. Andrea Ghez has been coming to Hawaii for the last five years, trying to find out if there is a supermassive black hole in the middle of the Milky Way. When I first started thinking about astronomy, it never occurred to me that there might be a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. The idea was that galaxies rotated just around the mass of the center, which was just stars and gas and dust, nothing particularly exotic.Andrea Ghez has been using a telescope even more powerful than Hubble, the Keck Telescope, perched 14,000 feet up on the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea. The Keck Telescope is the biggest optical telescope in the world. It has a vast mirror, ten meters across, made up of 36 segments of highly polished aluminized glass.freak: a person, animal, or plant with a physical abnormalityperch: be situated above or on the edge of somethingaluminize: treat with aluminum; cover with aluminum200808/45323余杭口腔医院全口种植靠谱吗 杭州牙科医院烤瓷牙好不好

杭州什么医院口腔科好Well, dont call him Attila the Hun!不要叫他匈奴王阿提拉!Think before you call him: Its good news – youve closed the deal and the contract is signed.给他打电话前先想想:这是好消息,你达成了交易并且签了合同。We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.我们需要尽快继续推进订单。And say, Im committed to getting the order delivered on time.并且说,我已经承诺按时发送订单了。But if you need help, ask for it.但如果你需要帮助,尽管说。OK I will.好,我会的。Its ringing…通了。Hello?你好?Hi Paul. Its Anna.你好,保罗,我是安娜。Ive got some good news!我带来了好消息!Hold on. Sorry, Im just munching some new crumbly cream biscuits.稍等。抱歉,我正在吃新款劲脆的奶油饼干。Now, whats the good news?什么好消息?Is it about the contract?关于合同的吗?Yes! Ive closed the deal with Fruit Traders International and the contract is signed.是的!我和Fruit Traders International达成了协议,并且签了合同。Excellent news.大好消息。To keep them happy, we need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.为了让他们满意,我们要尽快推进订单。Of course, of course. So what are you planning to do?当然,当然。那么你计划怎么做?Well, obviously, Im committed to getting the order delivered on time but I might need some help.显然我承诺了会及时发送订单,但我可能需要帮助。I wonder if Tom could…我在想是否汤姆能……Yes, Tom can help you.是的,汤姆可以帮你。Denise tells me you have a… special chemistry!丹尼斯跟我说你们有特殊的默契!Actually, where is Tom now?事实上,现在汤姆在哪呢?Is he home yet?他到家了吗?Hes not. Actually Paul, Tom and I are going to stay in a hotel tonight…他不在,事实上,保罗,汤姆和我今晚将住酒店…… /201705/507585 EU Announces Million Relief for Haiti欧盟宣布给海地近五百万美元援助  The European Union says it will give nearly million to help impoverished Haitians cope with spiraling food prices. The EU aid adds to assistance from other international organizations for Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. 欧盟表示,它将为海地提供将近500万美元的援助,帮助海地人克节节上涨的食品价格所造成的困难。海地是西半球最贫穷的一个国家,欧盟的援助使海地在其它国际机构提供援助的基础上又获得了一笔资金。Announced at a press conference in Brussels Tuesday, the .6 million in aid to Haiti brings to more than million the European Union has earmarked for Haiti this year. The EU says the assistance will help provide food, health care, clean water and hygiene to about 1.5 million people in Haiti and will focus on women, children and small farms. 欧盟星期二在记者会上宣布给海地460万美元的援助,从而把欧盟今年专门给海地的援助资金增加到1200多万美元。欧盟表示,这项援助用来给大约150万海地人提供食品、医疗保健、洁净水和改善卫生条件,重点是妇女、儿童和小型农场。John Clancy, spokesman for the European Commission - the EU's executive branch - says the assistance comes on top of other international aid for Haiti. On Monday, the U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organization announced it was distributing seeds and tools to thousands of Haitian farmers. 欧盟的行政部门,欧盟委员会发言人约翰.克兰西说,海地已经得到其它的国际援助,欧盟的援助又给海地增加了一笔资金。星期一,联合国粮农组织宣布向数千名海地农民分发种子和农具。"Three million to address the continued social and economic situation particularly for the vulnerable populations on the island," said Clancy. "Haiti, as you're aware, is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The instability there has of course compounded the difficult situation the population has been facing, particularly since April troubles linked to the increase in food prices globally and particularly in Haiti." 克兰西说:“三百万美元用来解决海地持续不断的社会和经济问题,特别是海地弱势人口面临的问题。正如大家所知,海地是西半球最贫穷的国家。当然,那里的局势不稳使得海地人民的困难更加复杂化。全球粮食价格不断上涨,尤其是在海地,从而在4月份发生了暴乱。自那时以来,困难更为严重。”Soaring food prices led to deadly riots in Haiti in April that forced the country's prime minister to resign. Experts say the political void compounded Haiti's problems, leaving the Caribbean country unable to sign foreign aid deals. Relief agencies have complained of problems shipping food and supplies to Haiti. The situation has become so dire that there are reports of people eating mud cakes in some slums. 飞涨的食品价格使得海地在4月发生暴乱,造成人员伤亡,海地总理被迫辞职。专家指出,政治真空使得海地的问题更为复杂,这个加勒比国家因此无法签署外国援助协议。救援机构抱怨向海地运送食品和其它物资面临种种问题。现在情况已经变得十分糟糕,以致有消息说,有些贫民窟的人在用泥饼充饥。Relief workers hope matters will be eased with the Haitian senate's ratification of Michele Pierre-Louis as the country's new prime minister last week, making her only the second woman to hold that office in Haiti. 海地参议院上星期批准米歇尔.皮埃尔-路易斯担任新总理,救援人员希望海地的局面会有所缓解。皮埃尔-路易斯是海地第二位女总理。Spiraling food prices have led to hard times and unrest in a number of developing countries. Last month, the European Commission approved a plan to give .5 billion to farmers in Africa to cope with high food prices and boost production of food crops there. 不断上涨的粮食价格使一些发展中国家的日子非常艰难,并引发动乱。上个月,欧盟委员会批准向非洲农民提供15亿美元的计划,帮助那里的人民克粮食涨价的困难和提高农作物的产量。200808/45572杭州治疗口腔科哪个医院好杭州建德牙科怎么样



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