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He has a look. It#39;s individual.他的打扮很特别。It#39;s Bill...the blue smock.Bill独特的蓝色外套。The jacket is functional #39;cause it has all the pockets. -Right.这外套很实用它有很多口袋。-对。And you can launder it.清洗也很方便。And I thought the color was nice.而且我觉得这颜色也不错。Originally, when I started to buy them at the Bazar de L#39;Hotel de Ville, they were .我最初从Bazar de L#39;宾馆那边买的这衣,那时卖20美元。And they were the ones that the street sweepers wore.有阵子街头的清洁工也穿这衣。They came in black and white and blue.他们的衣有黑的,白的和蓝色的。And, you see, with the cameras, the jackets all get torn here and ruined.通常,带着照相机衣这里会被磨坏。So that was another thing.当然这是另外一回事。Why have an expensive, beautiful jacket...and wear it with all the cameras rubbing on it and wreck it? That#39;s...但是我们为什么要穿着很贵很好看的外套,你明明知道相机会把它磨坏的。那就是......I mean, I can#39;t imagine such wastefulness.我觉得完全没必要那么浪费。Oh, don#39;t mind me. These are my...I have to take every morning my heart pills.哦,稍等一下…这是我每天要吃的心脏的药。Keep the heart going.这样才能保持心脏继续工作。 Article/201609/460802

新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson7:Net Surfing网上冲浪91. I need to download some lessons for class. 我需要给班上下载一些课程。92. My connectionw is too slow. 我的连接速度太慢了。93. I’ll get off in a couple of minutes. 我马上就断线。94. This internet bar is too expensive. 这个网吧太贵了。95. I need to go to a news websitey . 我需要上一个新闻网站。96. One of my friends has its own website. 我的一个朋友有自己的网站。97. What is your e-mail address? 你的电子邮箱地址是什么?98. Do you have e-mail? 你有电子邮箱吗?99. My server is having problems this morning. 我的务器今天早上出了问题。100. It is difficult to get some foreign websites in China. 在中国很难找到一些国外网站。101. You can find a lot of information on the internet that is free. 你可以在网上找到很多免费的信息。102. What are you doing on the internet that takes so long? 你上网这么久,都干些什么呢?103. Sometimes I just like surfing the net. 有时,我就是喜欢在网上冲浪。104. There are many things on the internet that are inappropriate for a boy your age. 在网上有许多东西是不适合你这种年龄的男孩的。105. Well, the internet is becoming available all over the world. People are using it for business, education and just for fun. 嗯,全世界都可以用因特网了。人们用它来做生意,获得教育,还有。【生词解读】1. net surfing 网上冲浪 2. download [5daunloud] v.【计算机】下载3. connection [kE5nekFEn] n.连接;联络;衔接4. internet [5IntEnet] [计算机][国际]英特网,互联网;信息网络实体5. website [5web7sait] n.【计算机】网站(全球信息网的主机站) 6. server [5sE:vE] [计算机] 务程序;务器;务员 7. inappropriate [7inE5prEupriit] a. 不适当的8. available [E5veilEbl] a. 可得到的,可买到的 /200901/19227

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson4:APOLOGIES道歉I’m sorry.对不起。I apologize#61557;.我道歉。I’m so sorry.非常对不起。I’m sorry for criticizing#61558; you.对不起,我批评了你。It doesn’t matter. 没关系。I really regret#61559; going to the movies last week.我真的很后悔上个星期去看了电影。52. I wish I hadn’t said that at the party. 我希望我当时在聚会上没说那些话。53. I’m sorry I was late for class today. 很抱歉,我今天上课迟到了。 54. You can blame#61560; me for this. 这都怪我。55. I’ll take the blame. 这都怪我。 Can you forgive#61561; me? 你能原谅我吗?57. Please accept#61562; my apology. 请接受我的道歉。58. Can I make this up to you? 我能为此对你做些补偿吗?59. How can I apologize to you? 我该怎样向你道歉?60. This is all my fault.61. 这都是我的错。62. 【生词解读】1. apologize v.道歉;认错;赔不是2. criticize v. 批评3. regret v. 懊悔;因...而遗憾4. blame v. 责备;指责5. forgive v. 原谅;宽恕6. accept v. 接受;同意 /200708/16906

This is the Lesedi La Rona. It#39;s the second-largest gem-quality rough diamond in the world. 这是Lesedi La Rona,是世界上第二大钻石原石。The uncut 1,109-carat stone is the size of a tennis ball. And no one wants it.这枚1,109克拉未雕琢的钻石有网球大小。但没有人想买它。Well, no one wants to pay the estimated million price tag for it.好吧,没人愿意为它付估计的7,000万美元。The stone was found last fall at a mine in Botswana. 宝石是去年秋天在茨瓦纳的一个矿上发现的。Experts thought it would break the record for most expensive diamond.专家们认为这将打破最昂贵钻石的记录。That record was set in May when an 813-carat rough diamond sold for million. 该记录在五月创造,一枚813克拉的未加工钻石售价6,300万美元。The Lesedi La Rona diamond went up for sale at Sotheby#39;s on Wednesday. Lesedi La Rona钻石于周三在苏富比拍卖。The highest bidder offered million,below the auction house#39;s minimum reserve price.最高出价为6,100万美元,低于拍卖行的最低保留价格。For now, the massive rock will remain in the ownership of the company that found it.现在,宝石仍为发现它的公司所有。译文属。 Article/201607/452805

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