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As more of the nations attention is focused on police shootings, more police departments are putting body-worn cameras on their officers.The idea is to improve relations and trust between police and the community.But bodycams raise some sticky questions about balancing transparency and respecting privacy.Here in Michigan, the American Civil Liberties Union has been asked to analyze the privacy issues surrounding bodycams and develop model policy to help address some of these concerns.Rodd Monts is with the Michigan ACLU. He tells us that while the ACLU doesnt know exactly how many body cameras are in use by officers in Michigan and across the country, their use has greatly increased in the last few years.Monts tells us the ACLU generally considers bodycams to be a win-win solution for both law enforcement and civilians.;It provides that level of accountability and monitoring when it comes to police/civilian interactions, and on the polices end, it provides them an opportunity to collect information on those interactions in cases where they may be alleged to have engaged in misconduct and have that not be the case,; he says.While bodycams offer great promise in the form of transparency and accountability, Monts tells us they do raise some concerns.;Technology usually outpaces policy,; he says. ;The cameras are a great device, but without appropriate policy and practice there is the specter of potential misuse and or abuse.;The ACLU is calling for policies that clearly indicate when officers should be using the cameras, how the collected data is stored, how officers can effectively communicate to individuals they encounter that they are being recorded, ;particularly when it comes to an officer entering a private home as opposed to being involved in a police chase,; Monts says.When it comes to monitoring potential police misconduct, Monts says bodycams are only part of the equation, pointing to other factors including officer training, implicit bias and cultural competency.Monts tells us there are a few pieces of legislation that have been introduced in Lansing that would provide some oversight regarding the cameras use and data collection. Among them is House Bill 4234, which would exempt police audio or recordings taken in private places from being accessible under the Freedom of Information Act.In its model policy, the ACLU recommends that bodycam footage be kept for six months.Monts explains that many people who support this technology want to hold on to that footage in perpetuity, ;even if that footage that has no material value or evidentiary value,; a policy that the ACLU rejects due to concerns of both privacy and practicality.;We have a problem with mass surveillance,; Monts says. ;We dont have a problem with capturing and reviewing that after a shift is concluded, deleting the that has no value, and retaining any of criminal activity for as long as it is needed as evidence, but other than that were not in support of maintaining data for undetermined periods of time.;Indefinite data storage has also gotten some pushback from some police agencies complaining of the costs associated with storing a lot of data for a long time.;If you are determined to maintain only that data that could be potential evidence, then youre going to have a lower cost of data storage,; Monts says.Monts tells us the ACLU believes that bodycam footage should be available under FOIA, but recognizes that ;the issue is complicated,; especially with regard to recording in private residences.Rodd Monts tells us more about the ACLUs stance on bodycams and recommendations for their use in our conversation above.201603/431610Ellen,I might be one of the biggest Bieber fanatics you ever seeEllen 我可能是你见过的最狂热的Bieber粉My friends and I are in love with him,Biebers such an inspiration to me我和我的朋友都爱上他 Bieber一直在鼓励着我Whenever I am sad or having a bad day,his music gets me through and makes me smile每当我心情沮丧 郁郁寡欢的时候 他的音乐总能帮我渡过难关 让我重新振作The next time Justins on your show,It would be a miracle to come to tap and see him下一次Justin上你的节目 我非常想去现场看看他I would do anything I mean anything Ellen,Im not even joking我会不惜一切 我说一切 Ellen 我不是开玩笑Put me to the tests anything you ask Ill do it,I love him so much Ellen让我去现场 我愿为你做牛做马 我太爱他了 EllenHis music lyrics amazing looks have made me one of the biggest fans他的音乐 他萌死人的外表让我不可自拔Please Ellen, I beg you next time hes on call me upEllen 求你了 下一次他上节目的时候给我打电话I live like 30 minutes away from your studio,Love Paige,Paige Conway我住的地方离摄影棚只有30分钟的路程 爱你的 Paige,Paige ConwayIt turns out its about an hour away,But anyway事实上是一个小时的路程 但是无论任何But even though it was an hour away and even though hes busy但是尽管有一个小时的路程 尽管他很忙Justin surprised her and we have that footage which was so sweet,Lets take a lookJustin意外地拜访了她 我们有一段甜蜜的录像 我们一起来看一下Whats up,Ellen,Justins here,Im on my way to go surprise Paige,She said shes my biggest fan最近怎么样 Ellen 我是Justin 我正准备去给Paige个惊喜 她说她是我的头号粉丝Shes fifteen,And we are here, she has no clue Im here,So lets go她15岁 我们到了她家 她完全不知道我来了 我们走吧Hi, my names Paige Conway and this is my room大家好 我叫Paige Conway 这是我的房间Im the biggest Justin Bieber fan,because hes gorgeous and I love his hair我是Justin的头号粉丝 因为他很迷人 我喜欢他的头发I love everything about him,His music is amazing and very inspirational我爱他的一切 他的音乐很棒 很鼓舞人心I had his posters for my wall forever,you have to like him, you cant like not like him我的这些海报要永远挂在墙上 你会爱上他的 他让你不得不爱Hes amazing and hes won all these awards,hes really showing people in the world what he can do他很优秀 他赢得了很多的奖 他向世界明了 他能行Thats crazy that hes gone this far,Ive been with him every single step of the way他能走到今天真是太不可思议 我对他的每一步都不断关注 /201606/451671

I love sharing stuff like this with you我喜欢这样跟你们分享一些事情this is such an important thing,what you do Ellie is so cool这是件很重要的事 艾丽 你做的事很酷Im here with Portia and Ellie Laks who founded the Gentle Barn我跟鲍西亚 和创建温柔之乡的艾丽·兰克斯在一起Its an amazing sanctuary where abused and neglected animals get a second chance at life那是一个美妙的天堂 在那里遭受虐待的动物们得到了生活的第二次机会and Portia spent a day there,I cant wait to go myself,take a look鲍西亚在那呆了一天 我等不及要自己亲自去一趟 看看吧Hey Ellen, Im here with Ellie at the Gentle Barn and I cant wait to meet the animal that just bleated嘿 艾伦 我跟艾丽在温柔之乡 我等不及要去看看那些哎哎叫的小动物们了you got a sheep?show me around,Ok你有一只绵羊是吗 带我看看去吧 好的I think if you had to sum up our place in one sentence我想如果你要用一句话来描述这个地方的话It would be we provide a place for people and animals to be reminded that they matter我想是 我们为人们和动物们提供了一个地方 在这里他们得到尊重holding my hand,thats so cute.lets go meet some more animals,OK抓住我的手 那太可爱了 让我们去看看更多的动物 好This is Josh our sheep,hi Josh,whenever we got a lamb in thats really wounded,Josh babysits them untill they feel better这是乔西 我们的绵羊 你好 乔西 无论何时 我们得到一只受伤的小羊羔 乔西都照顾着它们直到他们好转Oh hi,this is Rama,Oh wow,shes 3 years old be rescued from Thanksgiving哦 嘿 这是拉玛 噢 哇 她已经三岁了 在感恩节那天被救下and so now on Thanksgiving we come and feed her pie,its our tradition所以现在一到感恩节我们就来喂她一些馅饼 那是我们的传统Oh sorry,thats fine,Ill go.see you no more噢 对不起 好 我走 再见 /201606/448448

The sting rays first defense line is remaining very still, in the hope that shark doesnt find it.刺鳐的第一道防御工事是保持不动,期待鲨鱼不会发现它。But the commotion warns other rays to escape, yet it atracts other sharks like Jaccos at a kill.骚动警告其他鳐赶快逃生,但是会吸引其他鲨鱼,就像屠杀中的豺。Dramas like this are played out every day on the floor of lagoon.这样的剧本在环礁湖底每天都在上演。But few people are threre to witness them.但很少有人能够目睹到这一切。It seems surprising the lagoon remains relatively unexplored environment.令人惊讶的是,环礁湖似乎相对较少被探索。But if you are a diver, why would you explored lagoon, it is relatively hostile.但如果是位潜水者,为什么会探索环礁湖呢?相对而言,它的环境恶劣。Particuarly when you compared it to the cristal clear reef that just shore boat right away.尤其是不远处清澈透明的珊瑚礁区相比较时。Yet there is plenty life down here,prong ,squid and all manners of fish species are caught by local fishermen.但这里同样有着丰富的生物,当地渔民能捕捉到明虾,乌贼及各种鱼类。Diving here is not easy, but its well worthy effort.在这里潜水并不容易,但值得一试。Dotted across this vast underwater desert are ghostly oasis where amazingly life forms are taking hold.点缀在广袤的海底沙漠中的是幽灵般的绿洲,神奇的生命在那里生根发芽。201501/353824



  Satellite industry卫星产业Stars in their eyes冉冉升起的新星As the Rosetta mission shows, Britain is getting it right in space随着罗塞塔号任务的不断推进,英国在航空领域走上正轨IN A clean room at the Airbus Defence amp; Space (ADS) factory north of London, scientists are working on LISAPathfinder (pictured), a hexagon-shaped satellite due to be launched next year. The aim of the ambitious space mission is to try, for the first time, to find and measure gravitational waves—ripples in space-time predicted by Einsteins general theory of relativity. If thats possible, earthlings would have further evidence that the theory is true, and they should also, eventually, be able to locate black holes more accurately.空中客车防务及航天公司(ADS)位于伦敦北部的工厂里,科学家们正在一尘不染的工作室中致力于丽萨探路者号的研发。丽萨探路者号是一枚预计明年发射的呈六边形状的人造卫星。该项雄心勃勃的航天使命的目标就是首次尝试寻找并测量引力波,也就是爱因斯坦的广义相对论中所预言的时空中存在的涟波。如果引力波真的存在,那么世人就能够进一步的明其理论的真实性,并且最终他们也应该能够更加准确地定位黑洞的方位。To do all that, however, LISA first has to get to a “Lagrange point”, a place where spacecraft can float stably while getting no farther from the earth. This is essential for detecting the gravitational waves. The only force that could then ruffle LISA would be solar wind, explains Justin Byrne, a deputy director of ADS. Solar wind is so light, however, that developing thrusters soft and accurate enough to counteract it has been “the trickiest bit of all”. It would take 1,000 of the thrusters developed for LISA to lift a single piece of paper; LISA has just four.然而,要想完成所有的任务,丽萨首先就必须到达“拉格朗日点”,只有到达了拉格朗日点,宇宙飞船才可以在不远离地球的情况下平稳漂浮。这是探测引力波的必要条件。据ADS的副主任贾斯汀·伯恩(Justin Byrne)解释称,唯一会干扰丽萨的力量就是太阳风。不过太阳风的质量很轻因此只要将推进器设计得足够轻巧和精准就可以与太阳风的力量相抗衡,但这恰恰是“最棘手的问题”。丽萨需要配备1000台这样的推动器才能吹起一张纸;而现在丽萨仅有四台。This is the kind of technological achievement that has made Britain a leader in satellite design and construction. This week ADS was celebrating the European Space Agencys Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The probe, Philae, that landed on the comet, was assembled largely in Germany. But Rosetta itself was, for the most part, constructed in the same clean room where LISA is being built; Mr Byrne himself was one of the designers of Rosetta when the mission was first conceived about 20 years ago. Altogether ten British companies were involved in the Rosetta mission, making up 20% of the contractors used among 14 European countries. Some of the fancy kit on Philae was British, such as the miniature laboratory built at the Rutherford Appleton laboratory near Oxford to a design from the Open University.英国在丽萨探路者上取得的科技成果确立了其在人造卫星的设计及建造领域的领导地位。本周ADS就在庆祝欧洲太空总署的罗塞塔号探测器圆满完成追逐丘留莫夫-格拉西缅科彗星的任务。此外,虽然在彗星上着陆的“菲莱”号探测器大部分都是在德国完成组装的。但是罗塞塔号探测器本身大体都是在建造丽萨的同一间纤尘不染的工作室完成的;伯恩自己也是20年前罗塞塔号计划构想初期的设计人员之一。罗塞塔号计划中总共有10家英国公司参与,占据了欧洲14国所有承包商的20%。并且“菲莱”号上一些精细的工具就是英国制造,例如微型实验室就是由英国开放大学设计,并由牛津附近的卢瑟福·阿普尔顿实验室生产。This outsized contribution to the Rosetta mission is now typical of Britains place in the firmament of satellite construction. About one-quarter of the worlds commercial communication satellites are built in Britain and 40% of the worlds small satellites. Most of those are built by Airbuss Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), the world leader in the field. It has launched 43 satellites since it was started by an academic at Surrey University, Sir Martin Sweeting. The whole space sector directly employs 35,000 people, and the supply-chain accounts for thousands more jobs. London-based Inmarsat is one of the worlds largest satellite operators, specialising in mobile telephony. The space sector has a turnover of about £11 billion a year.在罗塞塔任务中的突出贡献是英国如今已成为卫星建造领域领头羊的典型表现。世界上大约有四分之一的商用通讯卫星是英国制造,小型卫星的比重则为40%。并且大多数卫星都是由隶属于空客集团的萨里卫星技术有限公司(SSTL)负责生产。SSTL掌握了世界领先的卫星尖端技术,自从萨里大学的教授马丁·斯维廷爵士开启卫星发射活动以来,SSTL已经成功发射了43枚人造卫星。其下属的空间部直接领导的员工就有35000人,而且其相关的供应链产业也创造了几千个工作岗位。以伦敦为中心的国际海事卫星组织(Inmarsat)是世界上最大的卫星基地之一,专攻移动电话制造。空间部每年大约能创造110亿英镑的营业额。Things have not always been so rosy. The ADS plant in Stevenage has itself been a graveyard for Britains ambitions in air and space. Originally owned by De Havilland, an aircraft company, it was here during the 1950s that parts for the Comet, the worlds first passenger jet, were made. The Blue Streak missile was also built here. Several fatal crashes, however, ended production of the Comet and, with it, Britains lead in commercial airliners. Blue Streak was cancelled due to spiralling costs, effectively ending the countrys interest in launching rockets.事情不总是一帆风顺的。地处斯蒂夫尼奇的ADS工厂本身也是英国在航空及航天领域开疆扩土过程中失败品的墓地。该工厂原属于德·哈维兰飞机公司,并且于上世纪50年代负责世上第一架客机彗星客机的生产。蓝光火箭同样也是由这里制造的。然而几起致命的空难最终终结了彗星客机的生产,也结束了英国领导民用航空业的历史。蓝光火箭的计划也由于盘旋上涨的成本而被迫叫停,实际上国家也无法从火箭发射领域中盈利。Silver lining曙光初现These were disasters at the time, but in retrospect also rather fortuitous. Britains space industry was consequently forced to look at small-scale projects and to survive on tight budgets, unlike Americas. It also made the British more commercially minded in financing the industry.回溯历史,塞翁失马,焉知非福。英国的航空业最终转向了小规模项目的研发,并且得以在紧张的预算中存活,走上了与美国相反的道路。英国在航空领域融资方面也因而更具有商业头脑。The satellite maker SSTL, for example, argues one of its directors, Andrew Bradford, is largely about “changing the economics of space”. It has virtually invented the niche market for less expensive, smaller satellites, selling a lot to developing countries. And it works on science missions like Rosetta. Mr Byrne also argues that ADS has been successful partly because it has a good commercial business, making big satellites for customers like BSkyB, a broadcaster. The innovative technology developed for the government-funded science projects like Rosetta is transferable to business, maximising the return on the intellectual investment. For now, it looks like a stellar formula.例如,安德鲁·布鲁德福(Andrew Bradford)主任认为,卫星制造商SSTL就致力于“改变航空业的经济状况”。事实上SSTL也的确开拓出了针对价格相对低廉的小型卫星的缝隙市场,并成功向发展中国家大量出售。此举在如罗塞塔号之类的科研任务中也有成效。伯恩认为ADS获得成功主要归因于其优质的商业业务,如为英国天空广播公司(BSkyB)这类的客户生产大型人造卫星。这类由政府资助的科研项目如罗塞塔号产生的创新技术可以商业化,并将智力投资的回报最大化。到目前为止,这看上去是一个不错的营运公式。译者:朱大素 校对:王颖译文属译生译世 /201411/345065

  听力参考文本:For many children living in poverty, hunger is an everyday reality, and going to school hungry can have a big impact on a kids ability to learn.Thats one of the reasons why the federal government offers free lunches to low-income students.As part of the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010, Congress made it possible for schools with a certain percentage of low-income students to offer free lunch to all of their students. It set up the Community Eligibility Provision, or CEP.A Republican-led bill currently making its way through the U.S. House would change the requirements of the CEP and make it harder for schools to qualify.Supporters of HR 5003—The Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act—say it directs money to the neediest students. But opponents say its a step backward in the fight against childhood hunger.Zoe Neuberger, a Senior Policy Analyst with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, joined Stateside to talk about CEP, the proposed changes to the program and what that could mean for school going forward.;We should not have to make a tradeoff.;Neuberger told us that limiting the ability of the highest poverty schools to offer free breakfast and lunch in order to improve other programs, as she explains supporters of HR 5003 want to do, is a ;false choice.;;We should not have to make a tradeoff,; Neuberger said. ;Children need to eat three meals a day year-round, and Congress doesnt have to make it harder to offer meals in one situation to offer them in another.;We also spoke with Mary Kurkowski, the Food and Nutrition Services Director at Port Huron Schools.The district is in its fifth year of offering free meals through community eligibility.According to Kurkowski, CEP has had a tremendously positive impact on her school district. Not only have the kids shown improved behavior and academic performance, she said, but the practice also eases the burden on families who might not be able to afford to adequately feed their children under normal circumstances.201606/448395Here the mottled hues of the shallow reef meet the dark blue of the deep sea.在这里浅水礁石的斑驳色与大海的深蓝交汇在一起。The reef wall plunges down vertically down to the ocean floor, 1000 meters below.礁壁垂直向下插入水下1000米处的海床。Its here that reef life and creatures of the deep co-existed.在这里,礁石生物与深海动物共存。For migration to the reef is not only from across the ocean, its also up from the depths.珊瑚礁的访客不仅仅来自其他海域,还有的来自海洋深处。As a diver I can explore the first 100 metres or so.身为潜水员,我能潜到100米左右的深处。Its a very contrasting face.那里是迥然不同的另一番景象。To the gloriously kaleidoscopic world of the upper reef and the dark,cold, echoing world of deeper water.与上部礁石万花筒般的绚烂形成鲜明对比,幽暗,寒冷,回声构成了深海世界。So to see whats living down there, we need a remotely operated vehicle, an ROV.为了一探究竟生活在那里的生物,我们需要一台遥控操作的潜水机器人。It enters an alien world, pitch black with crushing water pressures.像是进入了异世界般,漆黑一片,而且潜水机器人承受着巨大的水压。 译文属201511/409482Usually a green, sour fruit is just a fruit thats not ripe yet.通常绿绿色,酸酸的水果只是表明水果还不成熟。If you left a lime on the tree longer would it eventually change color and become sweet, like an orange?如果你长时间不摘取树上的酸橙,它最终会改变颜色,变得甜甜的,就像桔子那样吗?Actually, limes do become much more yellow and less sour as they ripen.事实上, 酸橙会变得更黄,而且成熟后不会那样酸。Under ripe limes are darker green and quite bitter.熟透的酸橙颜色呈现黑绿,尝起来更为苦涩。There are other clues to their ripeness too.还有其他线索表明这些水果的成熟。Ripe limes are heavy with juice and more aromatic, with a fragrant “limey” smell.成熟的酸橙因为汁水会有些沉甸甸,闻起来更芳香,带有“酸橙”香味的味道。Most fruits we eat use similar cues to advertise ripeness.我们吃的大多数水果都是依靠类似的标志表明成熟度。Why would plants want parts of them to be eaten?为什么植物们希望自己的果实被进食?Fruiting plants have evolved a partnership with certain animals in order to increase the success of their seeds.水果植物因为某些动物成功增加播撒的种子已经得以进化。Tasty fruit pulp is the reward plants offer to animals in exchange for dispersing their seeds.美味的果肉是植物提供动物们以换取播撒自身种子的奖励。201501/356420

  Thank you very much.Back at you,thanks so much.Back at you万分感谢 所有的热情都如数奉还 谢谢I appreciate you being here,have a seat everybody非常感谢各位观众来到我的节目 大家坐下吧Youve all been dancing like crazy.Ive been watching,sing songs我在后台看到你们 一直在那儿疯狂地跳舞 还唱着歌Today is Groundhog Day,so if,you konw that right今天是土拨鼠日 你们知道吧Ok so if you feel like you keep repeating the same things over and over again,thats why所以 如果你们开始重复做一件事的话 都怪它Today is Groundhog Day,so if you feel like you keep reapting the same things over and over again,thats why今天是土拨鼠日 所以如果你们开始重复做一件事的话 都怪它Today is Groundhog Day,thats all今天是土拨鼠日 没了I cant believe its aly February,can you believe its February aly真的难以置信 已经是二月份了 你们能相信已经是二月份了吗Thats just,January just went flying by,I realize I barely taken the time to look back on the past year一月份已转瞬即逝 我意识到我还没有花时间来总结一下去年的工作So I brought my journal from homoe and I thought I would a few entries from it if you dont mind所以我带来了《Ellen日记》 如果你们不介意的话我准备读几篇Just a few of my personal entries I would share with America and the world几篇我愿意和美国和全世界分享的“私人”日记February 8,2011.Dear journal,youll never believe the news I got today亲爱的日记君 你不会相信这条新闻的Im ninth cousins with Kate Middleton the future queen of England我是未来的英国皇后 凯特王妃的九代表亲Isnt that crazy.Im gonna try and use it to get a discount on a queen size matress听起来是不是很疯狂 我要试试看能不能打着这个旗号 在买大号床垫时杀个价Didnt work.May 25,I jumped ahead a lot.I just watched Oprahs last show,Im gonna miss her.At least I still have rages事实明不能 我往前跳了好多 我刚刚看完了Oprah的最后一期节目 我会想念她的 起码我对她仍有着热爱 /201609/465925

  OK, this is where I fess up and tell you that the answer to that headline is ;only time will tell.;A scientific advisory panel is studying the possibility now (see their names here), and we expect to see their findings this October. After that report, there will be more ;time telling; as state officials decide whether to allow it.But right now, theres a lot of buzz.The Canadians raise fish commercially in open-water pens on the Great Lakes, and proponents say producing seafood like this has the potential to be a billion dollar business for Michigan. But critics say its too risky, and it wouldnt mix well with the states tourism industry.Peter Payette from our partner station Interlochen Public Radio got the latest on the debate when he attended a conference on open-water aquaculture in St. Ignace.Payette says proponents of net-pen aquaculture planned the event.;But theyve organized it as a dialogue, so there are a fair number of skeptics and critics here,; he said.Its on the Canadian side of Lake Huron — up in the North Channel and the Georgian Bay — that Canadians are farming trout for restaurants and grocery stores.And Payette says several of these Canadian fish farmers spoke up at the conference.;Theyre very interested to defend their industry — to show that theyve done this responsibly, without harming the lake — and to advocate that Michigan go the same direction,; he says.Farmers have been raising fish on the Canadian side of the lakes for 20 years, but Payette says its hard to know whether or not the farming has caused any damage to the lake and its ecosystems.;Well theres no one to really check that,; he said. ;The Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario has been pretty quiet about this. Ive not been able to get them to talk to me for my reporting, and they were not here today. So theres really no one involved to respond, in any serious way, to the assertions of the fish producers.;Critics of open-water pens in the Great Lakes did chime in, however.They raised several potential issues.Phosphorus in the Great LakesIts true the Great Lakes need phosphorus, Payette says. But too much causes problems, like the algal and cyanobacteria blooms Lake Erie is dealing with now.Proponents response to the phosphorous argument?;They say its negligible,; Payette said. ;And theyll even argue that the upper lakes need phosphorus. So they argue that this could even be a benefit to the lakes.;Critics, on the other hand, dont think the risk aquaculture presents for the Great Lakes is worth it.The Michigan Environmental Councils Sean Hammond spoke as a panelist at the conference yesterday. Payette said he argued for farming fish not in the Great Lakes, but on land.;We see a future need for aquaculture and a future need for fish protein, its just whether we want to see it risking the natural use of the lakes, or if we want to expand it in a way to help revitalize our urban centers,; Hammond said.Payette said Hammond pointed out the potential for fish farming in cities like Detroit and Flint.He explained that fish farming on land can be controlled and wont affect the ecosystems established in the lakes. He also pointed out that Michigan cities like Detroit and Flint have extra sewer capacity and plenty of water to make farming fish on land viable.So is Michigan likely to buy into the open-water pen industry?Payette says Gord Cole — one of the first fish farmers on the Great Lakes — doesnt think Michigan has the potential for a lot of net-pen aquaculture operations. He said fish farms need to be protected and when looking at a map, he doesnt see many spots on Michigans side of the Great Lakes that would allow fish to thrive.;So youre not going to get 100 fish farms,; Cole said. ;There might be one spot. There might be five spots. There might be 10, maybe. There might very well likely be none.;However, Payette said that a second Ontario fish farmer ;was much more optimistic.;;He thinks that, with the right technology and the right design, they can handle more open water. So there were differences of opinion on that,; Payette said.So back to my main point. Will Michigan buy into fish farming on the Great Lakes? Well have to wait and see, and well keep you up to date on the process.201508/395419

  Tom Brady and ;Deflategate;The Wells Report, commissioned by the National Football League on the New England Patriots ;Deflategate; controversy, says Tom Brady was ;generally aware of the inappropriate activities ... and the release of air from Patriots game balls.;Our weekly sports commentator, John U. Bacon, thinks the controversy is ;stupid.;SEC camp restrictions and recruiting violationsUniversity of Alabama Coach Nick Saban has complained about the Southeastern Conference restricting its schools from holding summer camps outside a 50-mile radius of campus, giving schools that can travel, like Michigan, a competitive recruiting advantage.Bacon thinks it doesnt matter because the SEC schools can take advantage of their year-round weather as well the countrys demographic shift to the south. ;Theyve got every possible advantage;.They use very ;clever and systemic; ways to cheat, Bacon says, such as hiring the parents of recruits to work for county or city jobs in ;parks and rec, sanitation, or transportation; in order to lure more disadvantaged recruits.Harbaughs recruiting tactics, on the other hand, do not violate National Collegiate Athletic Association regulations, nor are they unethical, according to Bacon. ;Utterly fair,; he says.Would Red Wings Babcock consider U of M?Mike Babcocks contract expires June 30. Bacon gives us the pros and cons Babcock would consider when deciding on his tenure with the Detroit Red Wings, and the reasons why he might want to move to the Toronto Maple Leafs and rejuvenate one of the most wealthy franchises in hockey.On the possibility of him ending up with the Michigan Wolverines: Coach Red Berenson believes that he is on his last contract, and John says that while its not likely, ;it is not out of the question that Mike Babcock might end up at Michigan this year or next year.;201505/373975。

  Andrew Mackenzie, the Anglo-Australian companys chief executive, said the mining industry was in a “new era” and needed “a different dividend policy to handle that”.这家英奥公司的首席执行官安德鲁·麦肯齐表示,采矿业已进入“新时代”,需要“采取不同的股利政策应对”。BHP duly slashed its dividend by 74%.随后必和必拓公司大幅削减派息,高达74%。A proposal that would have seen a Chinese tech company take a stake in an American one fell apart after the Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States, a government body, said it would open an investigation.中国科技公司清华紫光(Tsinghua Unigroup,北京清华大学下属控股子公司)原本可以以38亿美元收购美国西部数据(Western Digital,总部位于加利福尼亚州欧文镇)15%的股份,The .8 billion deal would have given Tsinghua Unigroup, which is linked to Tsinghua University in Beijing, a 15% holding in Western Digital, which is based in Irvine, California.不过在美国外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment)决定调查该交易后,双方达成的协议破裂。Sharp, a struggling Japanese electronics company, said it had agreed to a takeover from Foxconn, a Taiwanese firm that assembles the iPhone in China.日本电子公司夏普(Sharp)步履维艰,近日称已接受台湾公司富士康(Foxconn,主要业务是组装苹果手机)的收购协议。But Foxconn announced a delay to sealing the bid because Sharp had inserted new terms into their agreement.不料,富士康发布声明称因夏普在协议外又提交了一些新文件,要推迟签约。Foxconn had bid for Sharp against a fund backed by the Japanese government.据悉,富士康打败了日本政府持下的基金机构成功竞标夏普。Sysco, an American company that is the worlds largest supplier of catering food, agreed to buy Brakes Group, a food-services firm in Britain with operations in other European countries, in a deal valued at .1 billion.全球最大的餐饮食品供应商美国Sysco同意以31亿美元的价格收购英国食品务经销商Brakes集团。Brakes supplies food to pubs as well as hospitals, restaurants and schools.该集团也在欧洲其他国家开展业务,向酒吧、医院、饭馆以及学校提供餐饮务。The rhetoric intensified between the FBI and Apple over a legal order to get the company to unlock an iPhone used by one of the attackers in last Decembers terrorist attack in California.FBI要求苹果公司解锁一凶犯的手机遭拒绝,该凶犯参与去年12月加州的恐怖袭击,FBI与苹果公司目前僵局未破,“解密战斗”愈演愈烈。A Department of Justice filing claimed that Apples argument—that unlocking the phone would weaken its encryption protections—was a marketing ploy to strengthen its business model.司法部指出,苹果公司有关解锁手机会削弱其加密保护的争辩实际上是一种加强商业模式的市场策略。Tim Cook, Apples boss, said that what the FBI was asking it to do was the “software equivalent of cancer”.苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克反击称FBI是要求苹果公司制造“等同于癌症的软件”。Americas consumer-safety commission deemed that no brand of hoverboard (self-balancing scooters that dont actually hover) currently on the market is safe.美国消费者安全委员会警告称,目前市面上任何一种悬浮电动滑板(需要磁悬浮地面持的近似飞行自动平衡滑板)都不安全。The agency said it had received 52 reports of fires caused by batteries overheating in hoverboards in the past few months, which in two cases caused homes to burn down.该委员会称过去的几个月就已收到52份关于该滑板电池过热导致着火的报道,其中有两起滑板着火导致房屋烧毁。翻译:倪凌晖 叶露 校对:林朵朵 译文属译生译世201603/430006

  I got my co-host Jennifer Aniston and the lovely and talented Portia de Rossi.这是我的共同主持Jennifer Aniston 和可爱 有天赋的Portia de RossiAnd the two of you are the same age. Is that correct?You both turn...right?你们两个差不多大 是吗? 你们都...是吗?pretty much. A couple of years.Im a couple years older.oh,ok,so but I love being forty.差不多 差几年 我比她大几岁 哦 好吧 但我喜欢到四十岁I am more excited than turning thirty honestly.I mean just be fine so far.老实说 我比迈入三十几岁时还激动 到目前为止还不错you are ok?yeah, Im totally fine.you are doing great. nothings changed你还好吗?好 我完全没事 你做得很好 什么都没变no, nothings changed, and we are gorgeous.I’m fifty-five.什么都没变 我们都很棒 我已经55岁了I dont, I really dont ever think about it.I think its like, you know, I dont ever talk about it.我不去想这件事情 就像是 你懂的 我从不谈论这件事情I dont either.Thats why I dont understand why every time when someone is mentioned on a magazine.they put a number of age next to it.我也不去想 这就是我为什么不能理解 为什么每次杂志上提到某人 都要在旁边写上年龄And I go what is the importance of the information when this story is being told.我想 说这件事和年龄这个信息有关系吗?right.I know. thats I see that;Ellen, fifty-five, sells another house. ;我懂的 我看到“Ellen 55岁 又卖了一套房子”Like why do I have to be.what is that to do with that house?what do that have to do with selling the house?为什么我必须是 这和房子有什么关系? 那个和我卖房子有什么关系?Portia, forty, forced to move again.all right, lets talk about. We are running out of time.Portia, 40岁 又被迫搬家 好的 时间差不多了and I wanna talk about ;arrested Development;which is everybody is so exctied about.我想说一说 发展受阻 大家都很期待this is... so exciting, so exciting.Yeah, seven years.So excited.太让人激动了 是 七年了 太激动了I know. I just think that must have been like a dream come true to have one of the most beloved show be taken away way我知道 那感觉一定像是梦想成真 有一个这么受喜爱的节目很可惜那么早就被砍掉后before its time and then have it come back.And and, you know, have, have everybody be there.又重新复活了 而且全部演员都回归了and its, doesnt seem. it seems to seamless,and your fans must be so excited.感觉不像是... 感觉就像没有中断过一样 还有你的粉丝一定很兴奋 /201604/438504


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