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The world first ;sky pool; has been unveiled - and it high enough to give anyone a touch of vertigo.世界第一个“空中泳池”近日惊艳亮相——它的高度足以让任何人头晕目眩Towering far above the street balanced between two residential buildings in Nine Elms in London like a precarious nest, the sky pool isnt everyone.空中泳池架设在伦敦九榆树巷(Nine Elms)两座居民楼之间,高高地俯瞰着街道,像一个岌岌可危的鸟巢,并不适合每个人But the newly-built swimming experience looks like it has to be tried if youre not bothered by heights.但是,到这座新建的泳池畅游一番似乎很值得体验,前提是你不恐高Situated in the capital new riverside district beside Battersea Power Station, the 90ft long glass encased pool is suspended storeys, or 1ft up.这个玻璃外壳的泳池坐落在伦敦泰晤士河岸新区、巴特西发电厂(Battersea Power Station)旁边,高悬在层楼之上,长90英尺(约合7.米),高达1英尺(约合33.5米)The pool is entirely transparent and structure free, 5m long, 5m wide and 3m deep with a water depth of 1.m.该泳池通体透明且无结构,长5米,宽5米,深3米,水深1.米Acting as a bridge between two apartment buildings, swimmers are afded a view right through the bottom of the pool down to the street below, and it even got a bar, loungers, a spa and an orangery.空中泳池将充当两座居民楼之间的桥梁,游泳者刚好可以透过池底看到下方街道的景色另外,游泳池旁还配备有酒吧、躺椅、温泉浴场以及温室橘园It in Embassy Gardens, and is a part of a new development which will have ,000 homes beside the new American Embassy in the capital.空中泳池位于大使花园(Embassy Gardens),是一个新开发项目的一部分该开发项目位于伦敦的新美国大使(American Embassy)旁边,届时将会有00户入住Embassy Gardens takes design inspiration from the Meatpacking District of New York with floor to ceiling windows and brick facades.大使花园从纽约的肉库区(the Meatpacking District of New York)汲取设计灵感,拥有由顶及地的玻璃窗及砖墙Developers Ballymore and Eco World, headed by Sean Mulryan, used glass that measures cm thick to build the pool in the #3;1 billion development to give an experience more akin to an aquarium than a pool.房地产开发商巴利(Ballymore)和Eco World耗费亿英镑,使用厘米厚的玻璃打造出这个更像水族馆而不是游泳池的项目He explained:“My vision the Sky Pool stemmed from a desire to push the boundaries in the capability of construction and engineering, I wanted to do something that had never been done bee.项目负责人肖恩·马里安(Sean Mulryan)解释道:“我对空中泳池的憧憬源于打破建筑和工程之间界限的渴望,我想做一些之前从没人做过的事”;At Ballymore we like to push the boundaries on all aspects of design, the Sky Pool transparent structure is the result of significant advancements in technologies over the last decade.“在巴利,我们喜欢打破所有设计方面的界限,空中泳池的透明结构是过去十年科技巨大进步的结果;The experience of the pool will be truly unique, it will feel like floating through the air in central London.;“空中泳池的体验绝对是独一无二的,你会感觉就像漂浮在伦敦中央上空一样”Sadly, the pool will only be open to residents of the building who front up #3;6,000 an apartment.可惜,该泳池将只对预付了60.万英镑购买公寓的居民开放But those people lucky enough to live there will have a flawless panorama of the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye when the second phase of the development is released to market in September.但是,当该开发项目的二期工程在九月份上市时,足够幸运住进去的人将有机会一览无余地欣赏西敏宫(the Palace of Westminster)和伦敦眼(London Eye)的全景 3985

And so we come to the end of what has been the longest and most comprehensive viewing of Melania Trump playing the role of first lady since her husband’s administration began: nine days, five countries, more than a dozen outfits, all of them photographed and recorded (and exclaimed over) the historical record.这似乎是我们最长、最全面地一次检视梅拉尼娅·特朗普(Melania Trump)自丈夫上任以来,如何扮演第一夫人的角色:总共历时九天,访问了五个国家,换了十几套衣,全程都进行了拍照和录像(并引发惊呼)留作历史纪录,现在这种检视结束了“Melania did not wear a veil in Saudi Arabia!” “Melania did wear a veil to the Vatican!” “Melania changes outfits during flight!”“梅拉尼娅在沙特阿拉伯没有戴头巾!”“梅拉尼娅到梵蒂冈戴了头巾!”“梅拉尼娅在飞行途中换了装!”Does it really matter?这真的有关系吗?Of course. Because Mrs. Trump has been, up to now, a cipher cloistered in a gilded New York penthouse but is about to take her place in the East Wing (at least according to her team) as the ed States’ official hostess. And because, as a representative of the country and the Trump administration on the world stage, this was her clearest statement yet about how she will manage that position.当然有关系因为此前,梅拉尼娅一直是藏匿在纽约一个镀金阁楼里的神秘人物,但是她马上就要作为美国官方的女主人入主白宫东翼了(至少她的团队是这么说的)而且,作为一个国家以及特朗普政府在世界舞台上的代表,她将如何在这个位置上发挥作用,装就是她最清楚的声明It just happened that, since Mrs. Trump did not say much as she accompanied her husband from Saudi Arabia through Israel to Italy, Brussels and Sicily, it was largely made through her clothes.恰巧,由于梅拉尼娅在陪同丈夫从沙特阿拉伯,经过以色列,再到意大利、布鲁塞尔和西西里岛的行程中并没有说多少话,她的声明基本上都是通过衣着表达出来的That’s why what she wore received so much more attention than what Ivanka Trump wore (the fascinator at the Western Wall and the weirdly bridal black tulle veil at the Vatican aside).这就是为什么她的穿着比伊万卡·特朗普(Ivanka Trump)的穿着吸引了更多注意力的原因(她在哭墙穿得很迷人,在梵蒂冈戴着奇怪的新娘式黑色薄纱头巾)Add up the Stella McCartney black jumpsuit, the Michael Kors gingham coat dress, the Ralph Lauren khaki shirtdress, the taupe Maison Ullens suit and the myriad Dolce amp; Gabbana cocktail laces, that brand’s gambler’s trouser suit and botanical day coat, and what do you have?加上Stella McCartney黑色连身裤、Michael Kors方格布外套连衣裙、Ralph Lauren卡其色衬衫、Maison Ullens灰褐色西装,以及大量的Dolce&Gabbana鸡尾酒蕾丝——同品牌的赌徒衣裤套装和花卉外套,你能看出什么?Ambivalence and armor. They were the defining trends of the trip.模棱两可和装甲感这趟行程的性质也是如此 every moment when Mrs. Trump seemed to engage with the historical precedent of her job — which largely involves humanizing the president by being the approachable, accessible half of the equation, and participating cheerfully in the spousal exercises of dressing, dining and hospital visiting — there was another in which she seemed to reject it. Kind of the way she seemed to reject most public displays of affection with her husband until the final leg of the trip. (See the hand-swatting maneuver permed after landing at Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel, and similar evasive tactics.)梅拉尼娅每一次试图完成第一夫人的传统差事——主要是赋予总统人性,方法是展示这个等式中平易近人、亲切的另一半,愉快地参加梳妆、餐饮、参观医院的夫人团活动——似乎就会拒绝另一个这样的活动就像直到旅程的最后一站之前,她似乎都拒绝公开展示与丈夫的感情一样(参见在以色列本古里安国际机场降落后,她打开总统的手的做法,以及类似的回避方式)She acknowledged, example, the sartorial protocols of the countries she visited. In Saudi Arabia, she was modest — even the Dolce amp; Gabbana white trouser suit and black shirt, while with a modern edge, was fully covered. In Vatican City, she went dark. In the resort town of Taormina in Sicily, springlike.例如,她遵从了这些国家的饰礼仪在沙特阿拉伯,她的衣着端庄——Dolce&Gabbana白色长裤西装和黑色衬衫,虽然设计时髦,但也完全覆盖了皮肤在梵蒂冈城,她穿着深色装在西西里岛的度假小城陶尔米纳,她的饰洋溢着春天的气息After landing at the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, she materialized on the steps of Air ce One in that black jumpsuit, whose Wonder Woman gold Saint Laurent belt, flowing hemline, long sleeves and notch neck made everyone think: abaya! Later she swept into dinner wearing a caped magenta Reem Acra gown with a jeweled neckline, like a high fashion Scheherazade.空军一号在沙特阿拉伯利雅得哈立德国王国际机场降落后,她从机舱中走出,穿着黑色连身衣,戴着“神奇女侠”金色圣罗兰(Saint Laurent)腰带,飘动的下摆、长袖和衣领凹口让每个人心里想:阿拉伯长袍!后来吃晚餐时,她穿了一件洋红色的Reem Acra斗篷长袍,领口用珠宝装饰,像是山鲁佐德式高端时装Like many of her Western predecessors, she went veil-less in Saudi Arabia, but bent to Vatican tradition by wearing a lace veil to meet the pope. This apparent discrepancy in attitude got a lot of people very worked up, but it was fully in line with the policies of those who had gone bee. (See: Michelle Obama, veil-less in Saudi Arabia in , veiled at the Vatican in .)与之前的很多西方第一夫人一样,她在沙特阿拉伯没有戴头巾,却迎合了梵蒂冈的传统,戴了一顶维多利亚式的蕾丝头巾去见教皇这种貌似不同的态度让很多人都激动起来,但实际上完全符合之前的政策(见:米歇尔·奥巴马年在沙特阿拉伯没有戴头巾,年在梵蒂冈戴头巾)And her embrace of the high-end, and refusal to go through the motions of adopting the occasional accessible item, was fully in line with her husband’s gold-toned dollar-sign spiel. get espadrilles or T-shirts; the Dolce amp; Gabbana floral coat cost an unapologetic ,500.她拥抱高端饰,拒绝采纳偶尔亲民饰的建议,这和她丈夫谈金论钱的讲话完全一致忘记帆布鞋或T恤衫吧;她穿的Dolce&Gabbana花卉外套价格高达500美元But then she rejected the traditional game of fashion diplomacy in which first ladies have been engaged since Jacqueline Kennedy, eschewing any pressure either to use her public appearances to promote homegrown talent, or to follow more recent strategy and support designers from the host country, the better to demonstrate friendly intentions.但后来,她拒绝了自杰奎琳·肯尼迪(Jacqueline Kennedy)以来第一夫人的传统时尚外交游戏,避开所有压力,既不利用自己的公共形象宣传本土时装,也不遵循最近的策略——为东道国的时装设计师提供宣传,更好地展示友好的意图She didn’t ask one designer, like Hervé Pierre, who created her inauguration dress as well as the leather skirt she wore to depart Washington, to help her assemble her wardrobe. She didn’t underscore her own international story. She sp her endorsements — but only kind of, wearing multiple looks from Mr. Kors and a high percentage from Dolce amp; Gabbana as well as an assortment of other names. Yes, she wore American designers, and yes, she started to look like a Sicilian widow while in Italy, and wore the Belgian label Maison Ullens in Brussels. (And, according to Vogue, which pretty breathlessly chronicled this trip, she even worked with the latter on her look, proving it was an entirely conscious choice.)她没有请专门的设计师帮助她处理装事务,哪怕是为她提供就职典礼装,以及她离开华盛顿时所穿皮裙的埃尔维·皮埃尔(Hervé Pierre)她没有强调自己的国际化故事她传播的是她认可的东西——但这只是在某种程度上,因为她穿Michael Kors或者 Dolce&Gabbana等品牌的时候还是偏多是的,她也穿美国设计师的品牌;是的,她在意大利的时候看起来像一个西西里遗孀;在布鲁塞尔穿着比利时的品牌Maison Ullens(密切紧跟这次行程的时尚杂志《Vogue说,她甚至与后者一起研究自己的造型,明这完全是一个有意做出的选择)But then she undermined the point by wearing Dolce amp; Gabbana and the British label Roksanda in Israel, and more Dolce in Brussels. (Dolce, which she also wore her official portrait, is seeming like her go-to brand, a relationship that has upset some of the designers’ Instagram fans.) That meant there was no consistent pattern behind the origin stories of what she chose when.但随后,她又削弱了这种印象,在以色列穿着Dolce&Gabbana和英国品牌Roksanda,并在布鲁塞尔再次穿着Dolce(她在官方肖像中也穿着Dolce,看起来这像是她的心水品牌,这种关系已经让该品牌的一些Instagram粉丝感到不安)这意味着,她在什么时候选择什么饰上并没有一个连贯的模式If anything seemed to e the sartorial choices the first lady made, at least during the day, it was a certain rigidity of line, monochrome palette and militaristic mien. She favored sharp power shoulders, single-breasted jackets with wide cinched belts and big square buckles, straight skirts and a lot of buttons. Mostly buttoned up. Hemlines were not too short, and the only skin really exposed was on her arms (also a bit of shoulder in Brussels evening).如果说梅拉尼娅在装选择上有什么做法具有连贯性的话,那么至少是她在白天穿着的装,都具有线条感,采用单色调,带有军装式的硬朗她喜欢肩膀线条笔挺有力、带宽腰带和大方皮带扣的单排扣外套,直裙,以及许多的纽扣大部分时候所有纽扣都会扣上,裙摆不会太短,唯一真正露出一点皮肤的地方就是手臂(在布鲁塞尔,晚上还露出一点点肩)It’s not an accident that the Michael Kors white suit she wore in Israel looked almost identical to the Maison Ullens taupe suit she wore in Belgium: tight, belted, undecorated. These aren’t clothes designed (in all senses of that word) to charm; they are designed security. Though the veil debate and the floral froufrou got the most attention, it was her battened-down, y--battle styles that left the lasting impression.她在以色列穿的Michael Kors白色西装看起来和她在比利时穿的Maison Ullens灰褐色西装几乎一模一样,这并不是个意外这两套西装都是修身款式,有腰带,没有装饰它们不是设计(从这个词的所有层面上说)用来展现魅力的;它们是为安全而设计的虽然关于头巾的争论和花卉外套引发了最多的关注,但是她那果断、准备作战的风格给人留下了更持久的印象And raised the unavoidable question: what battle, exactly, is she preparing? Theories have been floated: her husband’s critics; the prying eyes of the outside world; even her own marriage. Maybe it’s the much vaunted revolution the president was fond of saying he led; maybe she, too, is fighting his agenda.这就提出了一个不可避免的问题:她在为什么样的战斗做准备?各种说法都有:批评她丈夫的人;外界的窥探;甚至她自己的婚姻也许是总统喜欢吹嘘自己所领导的那场革命也许她也正在为他的议程而奋斗Or maybe it’s just a signal that she is prepared to take her place on the home front.或许这只是一个信号,表示她准备好了在大后方担当起自己的职责 583

We all like magic and more importantly we all like to think we can work out magic tricks if we really want to. But as it turns out, even a simple card trick utilizes neuro-scientific principles to trick our brain in ways that we usually cant consciously control. So what exactly is wrong with our brain? Well nothing really, but years of evolution has left it with traits that leave it wide open to be duped by magic.我们都为魔术着迷,更重要的是,我们都以为,只要我们想,揭秘魔术并不在话下,但即使一个小小的纸牌魔术都会麻痹掉我们的科学神经我们的大脑有缺陷吗?当然没有,不过多年来,大脑已经进化出某些易被魔术愚弄的特质.Focus.专注Multi tasking is a myth, the human brain simply wasnt designed to focus on two things at once and magicians take full advantage. Our attention is pulled to one thing in particular due to the moving-spotlight theory. In short, the theory says that our attention is like a spotlight, highlighting one thing while leaving what surrounds it in the dark. When an item or action is within the spotlight the parts of the brain involved in processing it work more efficiently, but anything beyond the spotlight is barely processed at all, at least not by our conscious mind. This allows magicians to pull a sleight of hand right under our noses, as long as something else is drawing our spotlight what happens beyond it, to our brain isnt happening at all.多任务就是个神话,我们的大脑不能把注意力同时放在两样东西上,这可给了魔术师可趁之机根据“移动聚光灯理论(moving-spotlight)”论,我们总会只把注意力放在一样事物上面简而言之,我们的注意力就像一盏镁光灯,照耀了某事物,该事物周围的东西就都处于黑暗之中,而大脑中处理该事物信息的细胞特别活跃,而处理“背景”信息的细胞可以说根本没动,或者说并不是我们刻意去处理的,所以只要有一个东西先吸引走我们的注意力,其他东西发生了什么,我们都一无所知,魔术师就是靠操纵我们的思维盲点而工作的9.Made Up Memories9.改变记忆The misinmation effect occurs when inmation we are given after an event alters our memory of it. example, a magician asks you to choose a card from the left side of the deck and return it without telling him. Bee the razzle-dazzle where he guesses your card he may say something like Now you chose any card you wanted, correct? And in the heat of the moment you will say you did. The truth is you were only given the option of the left side of the deck, but the ambiguous comments from the magician alters how you remember the trick, leaving you with a false memory making the trick seem perhaps more incredible than it was.某件事改变了你原来记忆就是误导信息效应比如,魔术师要求你在左边那副牌中抽出一张牌,然后在不告诉他牌面的情况下把那张牌还回去,接着便是令人眼花缭乱的洗牌,在这个过程中,他一般会问:“你任意选了一张牌,对不对?”在这种千钧一发的激动时刻,你一般会回答:“是呀!”但事实是,你只能在左边那副牌任意选择一张牌,魔术师这种模棱两可的询问会把你带入这样一个误区:你会觉得这魔术比想象中更加不可思议8.Predicted Wrong Future8.预估错误When you see a ball get thrown in the air, it comes back down. Youve a seen it a million times. You know that what comes up must come down and so does your brain. In fact because of something called the Memory-prediction framework our brain sometimes remembers certain actions so well, it stops paying close attention because it predicts how they will end. When a ball gets thrown in the air our brain instantaneously recalls memories of similar events and produces an idea of what going to happen next, but sometimes it wrong. When a magician puts a ball in a cup only to have it disappear when the cup is lifted, we are shocked because what our brain predicted didnt come true. Our brains often feed us a prediction and convinces us we saw it happen, which leaves us even more shocked when the predicted action didnt happen at all.一只球被抛向空中,然后又掉下来,这种情景我们看了无数遍,你知道这只球会先向上运动,接着向下运动有一种东西叫“思维定势”,就是说我们知道接下来会发生什么,乃至从不把过多的注意力放在上面,因为我们心里十分清楚事情的结果是什么所以当一只球被抛向空中时,我们大脑会瞬间调动所有类似回忆,预测接下来会发生什么但有时候这种预估是不靠谱的一位魔术师将装着球的杯子扔向空中,杯子飞出去了,球却不见了,我们瞬间便会震惊无比,因为我们预料的事竟然没有发生!我们的大脑总是装满了各种预估信息,我们也毫不怀疑这些预估信息的真实性,所以当预料的事没发生时,我们才会那么惊讶译:赵一力 前十网 38688

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