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必背句型:A:Citizens shall have the right of inheritance under the law.公民依法享有财产继承权B:They have many other rights.他们有很多其他的权利Each man has his own right proper to him.每个人都有其固有的权利Everyone has right to freedom of expression.每个人都有言论自由的权利Everyone right to life shall be protected by law.每个人的生命权利都应受到法律保护延伸阅读:A:Every one has his right.每个人都有他的权利B:Each man is bidden to violate the rights of others.任何人都不得侵犯他人的权利They are bidden to extend the lease period.他们被禁止演出租限He is bidden to come to the place.他不得来这个地方He is bidden to pose a threat to them.他禁止对他们进行威胁 56337U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in South Sudan, where she is expected to push for compromise between the worlds newest country and Sudan. 美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿抵达南苏丹,预计她将敦促这个世界上最新成立的国家与苏丹达成妥协Clinton is meeting Friday with South Sudan President Salva Kiir in Juba during the brief visit. 在对南苏丹的短暂访问期间,克林顿星期五将在南苏丹首都朱巴会晤南苏丹总统基尔Sudan and South Sudan failed to meet a ed Nations August 2 deadline to settle differences on citizenship, oil revenue, and border demarcation that remain unresolved 13 months after the two nations split. The diplomatic failure could expose both nations to economic sanctions. 南苏丹与苏丹没有在联合国规定的最后期日之前解决国籍、石油收入以及边界划界等问题。这两个国家分离之后,这些问题悬而未决已3个月。如果不能通过外交途径解决问题,南苏丹和苏丹可能受到经济制裁A U.S. State Department official traveling with Clinton on her multi-nation African tour said the bitter divisions over territory and oil threaten to wreck the economies of both nations. 一名随同克林顿出访非洲的美国国务院官员说,南苏丹和苏丹围绕领土和石油收入的严重分歧使两国的经济陷于困境 /201208/193588第一句:Fill it up, please.请加满油A: How can I help you?我能帮您吗?B: Fill it up, please.请加满油A: Premium or regular?高标的还是普通的?B: Regular, please.普通油第二句: dollars, please.请加美元的油A: dollars, please.请加美元的油B: OK. Wait a moment.好的,请稍等Fill it up, please. 是到加油站加油时对加油工说的话,也可以直接说加多少钱的油在美国,有许多加油站是自助式的,如果你想到务加油站,应该注意一下招牌在加油站招牌底下,有一个小标识写着“自助加油站”(Self-Serve)或“务加油站”(Full-Service)有些加油站两种都有如果是两种都有的,自助式和务式的加油管道会分开Fill up the tank. 是比较地道的说法在自助加油站加油时,你要看好油的标号,依需要来加每个有的油站标价是以“加仓”和“美元”为计价单位表示的 090

A suspected suicide bombing killed at least 16 people and injured 50 in the southern Russian city of Volgograd, raising security concerns ahead of the region’s Winter Olympics in just six weeks.一起疑似自杀式袭击的炸弹爆炸在俄罗斯南部城市伏尔加格Volgograd)造成至少16人丧生,50人受伤,令人对将周后举行的冬季奥运会的安保产生担忧。The explosion shook the city’s main railway station just after 12pm local time yesterday. A from a CCTV camera nearby shows a flash of light inside the building and then almost immediately a cloud of smoke pouring out from the shattered windows.爆炸在昨日中2点过后发生在该市主要火车站。附近闭路电视的视频显示,车站大楼内部出现闪光,随即炸碎的窗户冒出浓烟。Pictures in the Russian media showed many injured people lying on the frozen ground outside the Volgograd train station after the blast, which occurred near a metal detector just inside the main entrance. Medical personnel warned that the death toll could rise further.俄罗斯媒体的画面显示,爆炸发生后,伏尔加格勒火车站外冻结的土地上躺着很多伤者。爆炸的具体位置是在大门内的金属探测器近旁。医务人员警告称,死亡人数有可能上升。Police said security measures would be heightened at all train stations and airports following the attack.警方表示,这起袭击发生后,所有火车站和机场的安保措施将得到加强。Russia’s antiterrorism committee said the main suspect was a woman. However,Interfax, the Russian news agency, ed an unnamed source as saying investigators were now focusing on a man.俄罗斯反恐委员会宣布,主要嫌疑人是一名女性。不过,俄罗斯国际文传电讯社(Interfax)援引一位匿名消息人士的话称,调查人员正在追查一名男子。The deadly incident highlights the vulnerability of the Sochi Winter Games, Russian president Vladimir Putin’s aly-troubled pet project, which begin in February.这起血腥事件突显了索契冬奥Sochi Winter Games)的薄弱点。本届冬奥会很受俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)重视,将月拉开帷幕,但已经陷入种种麻烦。The International Olympic Committee expressed its sympathy for the victims of the bombing but stressed it remained confident that Russia’s security arrangements would protect the Games.国际奥委International Olympic Committee)对这起爆炸的受害者表示同情,强调其仍有信心认为,俄罗斯方面的安保措施将能够保护冬奥会安全。“Unfortunately, terrorism is a global phenomenon and no region is exempt, which is why security at the Games is a top priority for the IOC. At the Olympics, security is the responsibility of the local authorities, and we have no doubt that the Russian authorities will be up to the task.”“不幸的是,恐怖主义是一种全球现象,没有一个地区能够幸免,这正是为什么奥运会安保工作是国际奥委会头等大事的原因。在奥林匹克运动会期间,安保是当地有关部门的责任,我们深信俄罗斯政府能够胜任这项任务。”A number of foreign heads of state including US president Barack Obama, French president Fran#231;ois Hollande and German president Joachim Gauck have said they will not attend the games over concerns at repressive aspects of Mr Putin’s rule. Widesp dismay about Moscow’s anti-gay legislation is expected to lead to protests during the event.包括美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)、法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)和德国总统约阿希姆#8226;高克(Joachim Gauck)在内的多名外国元首已表示不会出席本届冬奥会,因为他们对普京主政期间某些压制行为感到不安。对于俄罗斯出台的反同性恋法律的普遍反感,预计也将在冬奥会期间引发抗议。But security risks have been one of the biggest worries because of Sochi’s vicinity to the North Caucasus, Russia’s most volatile region and main source of terrorist attacks in the country.但是,安全风险一直是最大担忧之一,因为索契靠近北高加索,这是俄罗斯最不太平的地区,也是该国恐怖袭击的主要源头。The Russian government has insisted no terrorist attacks will occur in Sochi, and the authorities have prepared to close off the entire area including the city, the sports facilities and the transport corridor connecting the two. However, officials familiar with the planning said excluding security risks was impossible. “The risk is not higher than it was for [the Olympics in] London,said a senior administration official.俄罗斯政府一直坚称,索契不会发生恐怖袭击,官方准备封锁整个区域,包括索契市、比赛设施和连通两者的交通走廊。不过,熟悉规划工作的官员们表示,完全排除安全风险是不可能的。“风险并不高于伦敦(奥运会当时面临的风险),”一名高级行政官员表示。来 /201312/270838星级典句:第一句: Excuse me. Where is the automatic teller machine?请问自动提款机在哪?A: Excuse me. Where is the automatic teller machine?请问自动提款机在哪?B: It in the left corner of the hall, and you can find it easily.在大厅的左侧一角,你很容易就能找到A: Thank you.谢谢!B: My pleasure.乐意效劳第二句: The ATM kept my card.自动提款机吞卡了A: What should I do? The ATM kept my card.我该怎么办? 自动提款机吞卡了B: Im afraid you have to go to the bank to identify with your ID card.恐怕你得拿着身份去认领了其他表达法:The ATM wont give me my card back.自动提款机吞卡了 3759

First lady Michelle Obama later this month will travel to China in her third solo international trip since moving into the White House.美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将在本月访华,这是她入白宫以来第三次单独出访。The first lady will visit Beijing from March 20-23, Xian on March 24, and Chengdu from March 25-26, the White House announced Monday. Mrs. Obama will meet with Madame Peng, the spouse of Chinas President Xi Jinping, and shell visit important historical and cultural sites.本周一白宫发布第一夫人的行程安排,米歇尔夫人将0日到23日访问北京,34日访问西安,5日6日访问成郀?奥巴马夫人将与国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛会面,同时她也将参观著名的历史人文景点。As on past international trips, the first lady will focus on the importance of education, according to the White House, and will visit a university and two high schools.据白宫报道,与在之前的国际访问中重视教育问题的情况类似,第一夫人此次访华也将参观一所大学和两所高中学校。Mrs. Obamas mother, Marian Robinson, will accompany her, as will Mrs. Obamas daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama. The first ladys office is also encouraging American students to follow Mrs. Obama as she travels through China online and through social media.奥巴马夫人的母亲——玛丽安·罗宾森、奥巴马夫人的两个女儿——玛丽亚和萨莎,都将陪同奥巴马夫人前来访华。第一夫人办公室鼓励美国学生们通过网络或社交媒体追踪奥巴马夫人访华信息。Mrs. Obama last traveled abroad without President Obama in 2011 to Botswana and South Africa, where she promoted youth leadership, health and education. In 2010, she traveled to Haiti where she assessed the earthquake damage, and then continued to Mexico, where her focus was youth engagement.2011年奥巴马夫人单独访问茨瓦纳和南非时,大力倡导提升青少年的领导力,保护青少年健康以及关注教育问题。在2010年,她访问海地时考察了地震带来的损失情况,而后在访问墨西哥的行程中,她关注的是青少年的社会参与问题。Mrs. Obama wont be the first American first lady to travel solo to China. In 1995, then-first lady Hillary Clinton attended the World Conference on Women in Beijing, where she spoke forcefully about womens rights in China.奥巴马夫人并非美国唯一的单独访华的第一夫人。早995年,前第一夫人希拉釷克林顿到北京参加了世界妇女大会,会上她关于中国妇女权益做了一番强有力的发言。Before Clinton traveled to Beijing, her staff laid out a thorough media plan for her -- one of the many documents released by the Clinton Presidential Library last week.克林顿夫人访问北京之前,她的工作人员为她量身订制了一套全面的媒体宣传计划——上周克林顿总统图书馆公布的一批文件中就有当时的计划文件。来 /201403/278822

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