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I mean, architects have been thinking about these ideas for a long time. What we need to do now,develop things that can scale to those 300 million Chinese people that would like to live in the city,and very comfortably. 我想,建筑师很长时间一直在思考这个问题,我们现在需要去做的,是开发一些东西,使得3亿中国人能容纳进城市里,并且生活得安逸。We think we can make a very small apartment that functions as if its twice as big by utilizing these strategies. I dont believe in smart homes.我觉得我们能造出一套公寓出来利用以上的那些策略,令房子的实际用途可以达到它两倍大小的作用。我不信智能家居。Thats sort of a bogus concept.那是虚假的概念I think you have to build dumb homes and put smart stuff in it.我觉得应该建造愚笨家居然后放些智能的东西进去。And so weve been working on a chassis of the wall itself.我们现在已经在研发机器墙的底架。You know, standardized platform with the motors and the battery when it operates, little solenoids that will lock it in place and get low-voltage power.还有带着发动机和电池的标准平台,还有可以固定在一个地方收集低压电力的小螺丝管。We think this can all be standardized, and then people can personalize the stuff that goes into that wall,and like the car, we can integrate all kinds of sensing to be aware of human activity, so if theres a baby or a puppy in the way, you wont have a problem. 我们觉得这可以标准化那样人们就可以个性化墙上的其他物品,就像那辆车一样,我们能完善各种感应人类活动的传感装置,所以哪怕有婴儿或小路中挡道,也不会出大乱子。So the developers say, well this is great. Okay,so if we have a conventional building,we have a fixed envelope, maybe we can put in 14 units. 开发商说也觉得这样很不错,很赞同,所以如果我们有一栋传统的建筑,有一个固定的底线,那么我们可能可以放14个单位进去。If they function as if theyre twice as big,we can get 28 units in.如果他们能用起来像两倍的空间一样,那么我们就等于放进28个单位了。That means twice as much parking, though.这就意味着有两倍的泊车空间。Parkings really expensive. Its about 70,000 dollars per space to build a conventional parking spot inside a building.泊车真的是很贵的,在一栋建筑物里建一个传统型的停车场,每个车位大约要7万美金。So if you can have folding and autonomy,you can do that in one seventh of the space.所以如果能折叠,也有自动化,那么你只需七分之一个停车位。That goes down to 10,000 dollars per car,just for the cost of the parking. 每辆车就只需花1万美金而已,就单停车这一项。You add shared use, and you can even go further.如果加上共享使用,那么你行动范围就更大了。We can also integrate all kinds of advanced technology through this process.我们能在这一个过程中加入各种高科技创新型公司。Theres a path to market for innovative companies to bring technology into the home.把科技融入家居中这方面的市场也是行得通的。In this case, a project were doing with Siemens,we have sensors on all the furniture, all the infill,that understands where people are and what theyre doing.有这么个项目,我们正和西门子在合作,我们在所有的家具和填充物中加入传感器,能感知人们的位置和所做的事情。Blue light is very efficient, so we have these tunable 24-bit LED lighting fixtures.蓝光是很有效率的,所以我们做出了可调节的24位LED灯固定装置。It recognizes where the person is, what theyre doing,fills out the light when necessary to full spectrum white light,and saves maybe 30, 40 percent in energy consumption,we think, over even conventional state-of-the-art lighting systems. 它能辨识人的位置,以及所做的事情,需要的时候就变为全光谱的白灯,并节省下30%到40%的能源消耗,我们觉得,这比传统的最新型照明系统还要节能。This just shows you the data that comes from the sensors that are embedded in the furniture.这里的数据是来自那些传感器的就安装在家具里面。We dont really believe in cameras to do things in homes.我们不认为摄像机能在家里帮得上忙。We think these little wireless sensors are more effective.我们觉得这些小型无线传感器更给力。We think we can also personalize sunlight.我们也可以将日光个性化。Thats sort of the ultimate personalization in some ways.某种程度上,这算是一种终极的个性化了。So we, weve looked at articulating mirrors of the facade that can throw shafts of sunlight anywhere into the space,therefore allowing you to shade most of the glass on a hot day like today. 我们现在看到的就是连接镜的正面它能往空中投射光束,这样就能在像今天一样热的天气里遮蔽掉大部分的光线。In this case, she picks up her phone, she can map food preparation at the kitchen island to a particular location of sunlight.在这个例子中,她拿起手机,在准备食物时在岛式厨房上指定位置映射出阳光。An algorithm will keep it in that location as long as shes engaged in that activity.会有一个算法能记住这个映射位置,只要她还在这个活动的过程中,This can be combined with LED lighting as well.这也能和LED照明结合起来。We think workplaces should be shared.我们认为工作场所也应该共享。I mean, this is really the workplace of the future, I think.我意思是,我觉得这真的就是未来的工作场所。This is Starbucks, you know.其实,这是星巴克。Maybe a third —And you see everybody has their back to the wall and they have food and coffee down the way and theyre in their own little personal bubble.或许三分之—你可以看到每个人都背靠着墙,桌上有食物和咖啡,他们都融入到自己的小私人空间里。We need shared spaces for interaction and collaboration.我们需要共享的空间进行互动和合作。Were not doing a very good job with that.这方面,我们做得不是很好。At the Cambridge Innovation Center, you can have shared desks. Ive spent a lot of time in Finland at the design factory of Aalto University,where the they have a shared shop and shared Fablab,shared quiet spaces,electronics spaces,recreation places. 在剑桥创新中心有能共享的桌子。我曾在芬兰阿尔托大学的设计工厂待过很长时间,那儿有共享的商店和私人实验室,共享安静的环境,电子设备环境,休闲场地。We think ultimately all of this stuff can come together,我们相信这些最终都会结合在一起,a new model for mobility, a new model for housing,a new model for how we live and work,a path to market for advanced technologies,but in the end the main thing we need to focus on are people. Cities are all about people. 成为新型的流动方式,新型的住宅方式,新型的生活工作方式,也为高科技市场打开门道,但最终我们需要关注的是人类。城市和人类是分不开的。Theyre places for people.他们是人类的住所。Theres no reason why we cant dramatically improve the livability and creativity of cities,like theyve done in Melbourne with the laneways while at the same time dramatically reducing CO2 and energy.所以没有理由不去大力提升城市的宜居性和创意性,就像在墨尔本的巷道一样同时也大规模地降低了CO2排放量和能源使用量。Its a global imperative. We have to get this right.这个全球性问题迫在眉睫,刻不容缓。Thank you.谢谢。201503/366608This week marks the centenary of the Australian landing at Anzac Cove.On that day, some 750 were killed.Nearly 9,000 would lose their lives at Gallipoli before the evacuation eight months later. Over 61,000 would lose their lives during the Great War.Our forebears faced terrible trials, but the worst of times brought out the very best in them.Their perseverance, selflessness, courage and compassion came to define us as a nation.So this week, around Australia and overseas, we will commemorate this anniversary.Tomorrow, I will be in New Zealand for the dedication of the Australian National Memorial in Wellington.This Memorial is a reminder of the deep ties between our two nations.We are more than friends, we are family.On Tuesday, I will travel to Turkey to join our Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli.This Anzac Day, I hope all Australians will participate in the dawn services, marches and commemorations which will occur.On Anzac Day, we remember all who served our country – in all conflicts and in all peace keeping operations.In a century of service, we have lost 102,000 of our nation’s finest.This week, I hope all Australians – young and old – in every town and suburb – will honour them and remember them.Lest we forget.201507/385344And why shouldnt it be?为什么不呢?Look at Korean pop, look at K-pop for example.看看韩语流行音乐的例子。Korea is an export-based economy and they are outward looking and they must be outward looking.韩国是一个基于出口的经济,他们向外看,而且他们必须向外看。Chinese pop on the other hand can just kinda stay domestic tour all over China, stick in territories and comfortably sustain.另一方面,华语流行歌曲只呆在国内,在中国范围内流传,舒舒地呆在领土内部。So when youre that big and powerful,there are over 160 cities in China with a million or more people, you tend to kind of turn inward and be complacent.中国有超过160个城市有人口超过百万,所以,当一个国家如此强大时,它就变得有点封闭和自足了。So this certainly can be made an argument made for Chinese pop, being not marketed with international sensibilities in mind.这当然是华语流行歌曲无意打入国际市场的一个托词。But the other side of the argument I think is more interesting, and thought-provoking and even more true that Western ears arent familiar with and therefore dont really understand how to appreciate Chinese music.但是问题还有另一面我认为是更有趣的,更有挑战性的,而且是更真实的,那就是西方人的耳朵对它不熟悉,因而不了解应该如何欣赏中国音乐。Ouch! OK, the reason I think that the argument holds water though is because thats exactly what I went through.哦!好 我认为这个理由站得住脚,因为这正是我经历过的。So I happen to know a thing or two about. learning to appreciate Chinese pop as a Westerner.所以我恰好对西方人如何学习欣赏中文流行歌曲略知一二。Because I was 17 years old when I went from being an Asian kid in America to being an American kid in Asia, and the entire paradigm suddenly got flipped on its head.因为我17岁的时候从一个在美国的亚洲孩子变成了一个在亚洲的美国孩子,整个世界都倒过来了。I grew up listening to the Beastie Boys, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, and I found myself in Taiwan listening to the radio and thinking, wheres the beat?我听着野兽男孩,齐柏林飞船,花乐队长大。而这时我在台湾听着广播心想,节拍呢?Where are the screeching guitar solos?那些尖声的吉他独奏在哪里?Here I am as an American kid in Asia, listening to Chinese music for the first time and thinking that this stuff is lame, I dont like it! .这就是我,一个在亚洲的美国孩子第一次听华语歌觉得这歌很无力,我不喜欢!I thought it was cheesy, production value was low, and the singers couldnt belt like Axl Rose or Mariah Carey.我觉得这很差,没有产品价值,歌星也不能像艾克索·罗斯或者玛丽亚·凯莉一样放声大唱。But then one day, I went to my first Chinese pop concert.但是有一天,我第一次去了华语流行音乐会。And it was Harlem Yu performing in the Taipei Music Centre.是庾澄庆在台北社交馆。201507/384912So in the oasis of intelligentsia that is TED,I stand here before you this evening as an expert in dragging heavy stuff around cold places. TED是智慧的绿洲,我有幸今晚站在这儿,以一位行走在天寒地冻区域的探险专家的身份发言。Ive been leading polar expeditions for most of my adult life,and last month, my teammate Tarka LHerpiniere and I finished the most ambitious expedition Ive ever attempted. 成年后,我把大部分时间用于带领极地探险,上个月,我和队友拉卡?赫皮尼尔,完成了有生以来最雄心勃勃的探险。In fact, it feels like Ive been transported straight here from four months in the middle of nowhere,mostly grunting and swearing, straight to the TED stage. 我差不多像是从那无人区四个月的骂骂咧咧生活中,直接被传送到了演说现场。So you can imagine thats a transition that hasnt been entirely seamless.因此你大概能注意到,我还没缓过劲儿来。One of the interesting side effects seems to be that my short-term memory is entirely shot.其中一个有意思的后遗症,就是我的短期记忆真的非常短,So Ive had to write some notes to avoid too much grunting and swearing in the next 17 minutes.所以我不得不做记些笔记,来让剩下的17分钟,不会充斥咒骂和嘟哝。This is the first talk Ive given about this expedition,and while we werent sequencing genomes or building space telescopes,这是我第一次谈论这次探险,虽然我们没有做出基因测序, 或是建太空望远镜这样的贡献,this is a story about giving everything we had to achieve something that hadnt been done before.但这次探险里,我们依然竭尽所能,达成了人类前所未有的目标。So I hope in that you might find some food for thought.而我也希望你们能从中获得些启示。It was a journey, an expedition in Antarctica,the coldest, windiest, driest and highest altitude continent on Earth. 这是一次南极洲探险,全世界最冷,风最大,最干燥, 海拔最高的大洲。Its a fascinating place. Its a huge place.那是个不可思议的,巨大的地方。Its twice the size of Australia,a continent that is the same size as China and India put together. 它的面积是澳大利亚版图的两倍,等同于中国和印度版图面积的总和。As an aside, I have experienced an interesting phenomenon in the last few days,说句题外话,前些天我遇上了个有趣现象,something that I expect Chris Hadfield may get at TED in a few years time,conversations that go something like this: 宇航员克里斯?哈菲尔德几年前 在TED演讲时应该也经历过。我遇上了诸如此类的对话:Oh, Antarctica. Awesome.天啊,南极,棒极了!My husband and I did Antarctica with Lindblad for our anniversary.我和老公在南极庆祝了结婚纪念日诶!Or, Oh cool, did you go there for the marathon?或是哦,真炫,你去那儿参加马拉松了?Our journey was, in fact, 69 marathons back to back in 105 days, an 1,800-mile round trip on foot from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back again.我们的旅程, 它实际路程约69个全程马拉松。共计105天,全程徒步从南极洲海岸行至极点再返回,共计1800英里。In the process, we broke the record for the longest human-powered polar journey in history by more than 400 miles.期间,我们打破了人类最长人力极圈旅程的记录 - 比它多了400多英里。For those of you from the Bay Area,it was the same as walking from here to San Francisco,then turning around and walking back again. 对来自湾区的各位而言,这个距离差不多是从这儿走到旧金山,再走回这里。So as camping trips go, it was a long one,and one Ive seen summarized most succinctly here on the hallowed pages of Business Insider Malaysia. 这真是个漫长旅程。我在《马拉西亚经济洞察报》中,看到关于此行最简洁的概述。两个探险家刚完成了上回尝试者 全军覆没的一次极地探险。Chris Hadfield talked so eloquently about fear and about the odds of success, and indeed the odds of survival.克里斯?哈菲尔德痛陈了其中的恐惧以及成功与幸存的几率。Of the nine people in history that had attempted this journey before us,none had made it to the pole and back,and five had died in the process. 在我们之前尝试过这旅行的9人中,没有人是成功到达极点后又走回来的,有五人死于途中。This is Captain Robert Falcon Scott.这位是罗伯特?法尔考?斯科特,He led the last team to attempt this expedition.他带队作了最后的尝试。Scott and his rival Sir Ernest Shackleton,over the space of a decade,both led expeditions battling to become the first to reach the South Pole,to chart and map the interior of Antarctica, 斯科特和竞争者欧内斯特沙克尔顿爵士,在十多年里,都力争成为第一个抵达南极点、第一个画出南极内陆地图的人。a place we knew less about, at the time,than the surface of the moon,because we could see the moon through telescopes. 那时我们对那片土地知之甚少,甚至不及月球表面。因为我们能从望远镜看到月球,Antarctica was, for the most part, a century ago, uncharted.而南极洲在一个世纪前 大部分地方都没地图。Some of you may know the story.你们中有人也许听过这故事,Scotts last expedition, the Terra Nova Expedition in 1910,started as a giant siege-style approach.1910年, 斯科特对新大陆作了他最后一次探险,带着胸中的万丈豪情。He had a big team using ponies,using dogs, using petrol-driven tractors,dropping multiple, pre-positioned depots of food and fuel through which Scotts final team of five would travel to the Pole,where they would turn around and ski back to the coast again on foot. 他人力充足。在种马,,汽动机,足量食物及燃油 的条件下,斯科特的五人小队 将会到达极点,然后,他们掉头返回, 用双脚丈量海岸。201503/365841

Hi everybody.嗨,大家好。Right now, the ed States Senate is debating a bipartisan, commonsense bill that would be an important step toward fixing our broken immigration system.现在美国的参议院正在就一项代表两党的普遍法案进行讨论。而这一法案是走向修补我们不完善移民体系的重要一步。Its a bill that would continue to strengthen security at our borders,这一法案将继续加强我们的边界安全,and hold employers more accountable if they knowingly hire undocumented workers, 使雇主们了解如果在雇佣没有合法文件的工人时更负责任,so they wont have an unfair advantage over businesses that follow the law.这样他们就不会再具有和遵纪守法的企业相比的不公平优势。Its a bill that would modernize the legal immigration system so that,as we train American workers for the jobs of tomorrow,这一法案将使我们为了明天的工作职位在培训美国工人们时的移民法律体系现代化,we re also attracting the highly skilled entrepreneurs and engineers who grow our economy for everyone.我们还能吸引具有娴熟技术的企业家和工程师们来发展我们的经济造福每个人。Its a bill that would provide a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million individuals who are in this country illegally,这一法案将为1100万居住在我国的没有合法文件的个人提供获得公民权的途径,a pathway that includes passing a background check, learning English,而这一途径包括通过背景审查,学习英语,paying taxes and a penalty,缴付税款和罚款,then going to the back of the line behind everyone trying to come here legally.然后等候在希望合法进入我国的每个人之后。And, a few days ago, a report from the Congressional Budget Office definitively showed that this bipartisan,而就在几天前一份来自国会预算委员会的报告清楚表明这一代表两党的普遍法案,commonsense bill will help the middle class grow our economy and shrink our deficits, by making sure that every worker in America plays by the same set of rules and pays taxes like everyone else.它将通过保每一个在美国工作的工人遵守相同法案并且和他人一样付相同的税负帮助中产阶级发展我们的经济,减少我们的赤字。According to this independent report, reforming our immigration system would reduce our deficits by almost a trillion dollars over the next two decades.按照这份独立的报告,改善我们的移民体系将使我们的赤字在未来的20年里减少近万亿美元。And it will boost our economy by more than 5 percent, in part because of businesses created, investments made, and technologies invented by immigrants.它将使我们的经济发展增加5个百分点,部分是由于移民的创业、投资和技术发明所带来的。This comes on the heels of another report from the independent office that monitors Social Securitys finances, which says that this immigration bill would actually strengthen the long-term health and solvency of Social Security for future generations.而来自另一份负责监管社保财政状况的独立委员会的报告表明这一移民法案将为我们的子孙后代加强社保的长期的健康发展及付能力。Because with this bill, millions of additional people will start paying more in taxes for things like Social Security and education.因为有了这一法案,几百万人将开始付更多用于社保和教育的税款。That ll make the economy fairer for middle-class families.这将使经济对中产阶级家庭而言更为公平。So thats what comprehensive immigration reform looks like.这就是综合的移民体系改革的概况。Stronger enforcement.更为强力的执法,A smarter legal immigration system.更为明智的移民法律体系,A pathway to earned citizenship.一条获得公民权的途径。A more vibrant, growing economy thats fairer on the middle class.一种对于中产阶级更加公平,充满活力,持续发展的经济。And a more stable fiscal future for our kids.而且对我们的孩子们而言是更加稳定的财政未来。Now, the bill isnt perfect.然而现在,这个法案还不够完善。Its a compromise.它是一种妥协。Nobody is going to get everything they want-not Democrats, not Republicans, not me.没有一方获得他们希望的一切—民主党人没有,共和党人没有,我也没有。But it s consistent with the principles that I and others have laid out for commonsense reform.它符合我和其他人为这个常识性改革勾画的原则。Thats why Republicans and Democrats, CEOs and labor leaders, are saying that now is the time to pass this bill.这就是为什么共和党人和民主党人们,CEO们和劳工领导人们都表示现在正是通过这一法案的时机。If you agree with us, reach out to your Senators and Representatives.如果你们赞同我们,那么请联系你们的参议员和众议员。Tell them that the time for excuses is over;告诉他们没有时间找借口;its time to fix our broken immigration system once and for all.现在是永久地修补我们的破损的移民体系的时候了。We can do this, because we are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants;我们可以实现这些,因为我们是一个法治国家,移民国家;a place enriched by the contributions of people from all over the world, and stronger for it.一个世界各地人们富裕的乐土,并且因此而更加强大。Thats been the story of America from the start.美国历史的一开始就是如此。Lets keep it going.让我们继续下去。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快! 201306/245723

Did you study nursing? Go understaffed clinics and hospitals across this country are desperate for your help.你们是学护理专业的吗?那就去一些人手不够的诊所和医院,那里正迫切需要你们的加入。Did you study education? Teach in a high-needs school where the kids really need you. Give a chance to kids who cant—who cant get everything they need maybe, in their neighborhood, maybe not even their home, but we cant afford to give up on them. Prepare them to compete for any job anywhere in the world.你们是学教育专业的吗?那就去那些师资力量最严重匮乏的学校吧。那里的孩子非常需要你们。给孩子们一个机会。他们无法从街坊甚至家里得到他们所需要的一切,但我们不能因此而放弃他们。我们应该给予他们在世界的任何地方竞争任何工作的资本。Did you study engineering? Help us lead a green revolution, developing new sources of clean energy that will power our economy and preserve our planet.你是学工程专业的吗?那就去领导一场绿色革命,开发清洁的,既能推动经济增长,又能保护我们地球的新能源。But you can also make your mark in smaller, more individual ways. Thats what so many of you have aly done during your time here at ASU, tutoring children, registering voters, doing your own small part to fight hunger and homelessness, AIDS and cancer.你们还可以用更细致,更独特的方式务社会。你们中的许多人在这儿读大学期间辅导孩子、进行选民登记,用自己微薄的力量去帮助那些挨饿的和无家可归的人们,为防止艾滋病和癌症做出力所能及的贡献。One student said it best when she spoke about her senior engineering project, building medical devices for people with disabilities in a village in Africa. Her professor showed a of the folks they had been helping, and she said, ;When we saw the people on the s, we began to feel a connection to them. It made us want to be successful for them.;Think about that. It made us want to be successful for them.一个学生在谈起她参与过的为非洲一个小村庄中的残疾人建造医疗设施的高级工程项目时,说过一段很精的话。在她的教授播放了一段他们帮助过的那些人们的录像后,那个女生说,“当我们看到录像上的那些人时,就感觉到自己与他们有着某种联系。这种感觉使得我们想为了他们而成功。”想想那句话,“这种感觉使得我们想为了他们而成功。” /201302/225220

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