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为享明年福利计划 德国妇忙延产Pregnant women hope for late arrivalsExpectant mothersin Germany are doing what they can to put off giving birth until January 1 when a generous government aid program takes effect.The media has been filled with tips from doctors and midwives about holding off birth until January 1.While experts have warned women to refrain from medical intervention to delay births, they acknowledge the allure of a financial incentive worth up to 25,200 euros (,300)."We're bracing for a siege on New Year's Day and will have a full staff on hand," said Klaus Vetter, chief doctor at Berlin's Vivantes hospital.Worried about a shrinking population and a birth rate at a post-war low in 2005, the government in September introduced the law to encourage working couples to have children. Babies born on or after January 1 qualify for the new benefits.Parents who take time off from work to care for newborns can receive two-thirds of their net monthly salary, up to a maximum of 1,800 euros, for 12 months. If the other parent takes a further two months off, the benefit is extended to 14 months.Christian Albring, president of the German association of gynecologists said all his patients have asked how they could safely extend their pregnancies to January."They've all asked about possibilities of delaying delivery, but none want to risk their babies' health," he said.Physicians and midwives have been saying that avoiding red wine, stress as well as physical or sexual activity are among the recommended natural methods to help prevent inducing birth. 为了享受政府明年的一项高额补贴计划,德国的准妈妈们目前正在想方设法将产期推迟到明年1月1日。医生和助产士们提供的各种推迟分娩的秘诀一时间充斥各大媒体。虽然专家们一再提醒妇不要用药物推迟分娩,但他们又不得不承认这一高达25200欧元的补贴计划确实很有吸引力。柏林威万特斯医院的主治医生克劳斯·威特说:“新年那天我们肯定会忙的焦头烂额,我们将做好充分的人员准备。”去年,德国人口出现负增长,出生率降至战后最低水平。为了解决这一问题,德国政府于今年9月出台了一项鼓励双职工夫妇多生育的法规,根据规定,在2007年1月1日当天或之后出生的孩子才可享受这一福利。停职在家照顾孩子的父母全年每月可得到相当于税后月收入三分之二的补贴,每月最高可达1800欧元。如果父母中的另一方继续停职两个月,则可享受14个月的补贴。德国妇产科协会会长克里斯丁·阿尔布林说,他的病人都向他咨询安全推迟产期的秘诀。他说:“所有人都询问能不能推迟产期,但没有人愿意拿孩子的健康冒险。”据医生和助产士介绍,不喝红酒、减轻压力、少活动、避免性生活等较为“自然”的方法可以起到推迟分娩的作用。Vocabulary: expectant mother: 妇;准妈妈 /200803/32257Music 美国人的音乐爱好James Fenimore Cooper, an early American writer, once said, "The Americans are almost ignorant of the art of music." If that was once true, you would never know it today. Most Americans--even those without a musical bone in their bodies--have a favorite style of music. Many people enjoy classical and folk music from around the world. But other popular music styles in America were "made in the U.S.A." 一位美国早期的作家柯柏(James Fenimore Cooper)曾说:「美国人对音乐艺术几乎可以说是相当的无知。」如果这话曾经是事实,今日你绝不会这么认为了。大部份的美国人,甚至包括那些没有音乐细胞的人,都有自己喜爱的音乐型态。许多人喜欢世界各国的古典音乐和民俗音乐,然而美国其它的流行音乐则是「在美国制造」的。 Country and western music lies close to the heart of many Americans. This style originated among country folks in the southern and western ed States. Country music tells down-to-earth stories about love and life's hardships. Guitars, banjos and violins--also known as fiddles--give country music its characteristic sound. The home of country music is Nashville, Tennessee--Music City U.S.A. Country music even has its own theme park called "Opryland" where you can enjoy music shows and fun rides. "The Grand Ole Opry," the oldest radio show in the ed States, broadcasts country music live from Opryland every weekend. 乡村和西部音乐深得很多美国人的人心,这种型态的音乐起源于美国南部和西部的乡村小民们。乡村音乐传述着真实不加渲染的爱情故事和生活中的艰难。吉他、五弦琴和小提琴(violin又名fiddle)可弹奏出乡村音乐的特殊音色。乡村音乐的发源地是田纳西州的纳许维尔市--美国的音乐城市。而乡村音乐甚至还有它自己的主题乐园--Opryland呢!在那儿你可以享受音乐表演以及好玩的游乐设施。美国最老牌的广播节目「The Grand Ole Opry」每个周末都实况播放Opryland的音乐。 Jazz music, developed by African-Americans in the late 1800s, allows performers to freely express their emotions and musical skill. Instead of just playing the melody, jazz musicians improvise different tunes using the same chords. The peak of jazz music came in the 1920s, known as "The Jazz Era." This period produced musicians like Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington. These musicians later created the "big band" sounds of the 1930s. Different styles of jazz developed in different cities, such as New Orleans, Chicago, New York and Kansas City. Composer George Gershwin brought jazz into the world of classical music with pieces like "Rhapsody in Blue." 爵士乐是十九世纪末期由非裔的美国人发展出来的。它让表演者自由地表现他们的情感和音乐技巧。不仅演奏旋律,爵士音乐大师用同样的和弦即兴演奏出不同的曲调。爵士乐的高峰期出现于二○年代,该时期被称为「爵士年代」。这个时期创造出来的乐手有阿姆斯特朗(Louise Armstrong),古德曼(Benny goodman)和埃林顿(Duke Ellington)。这些乐手稍后都创造了三○年代的「大乐团」之音。在不同的城市也育出不同的爵士风格,像是纽奥尔良、芝加哥、纽约和坎萨斯市。作曲家盖希文(George Gershwin)更以像「蓝色狂想曲」这样的作品,将爵士乐带入古典音乐的世界里。 The 1950s saw the development of an explosive new music style: rock 'n' roll. Performers like Elvis Presley and songs like Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" made rock music widely popular. This powerful music style addresses issues like love, sex, drugs, politics and death. Often it rebels against the accepted values of society. Rock concerts, featuring loud music and sometimes weird stage acts, have become a major part of American youth culture. Music s on television have sp the message of rock to the far corners of the globe. 五○年代见了一种爆炸性新乐风的开展:摇滚乐。像猫王这样的歌手以及像哈利(Bill Haley)的Rock Around the Clock这样的歌,使摇滚音乐普遍地受到欢迎。这种具震撼力的音乐型态探讨了爱情、性、吸毒、政治及死亡等的主题。它常常叛离社会所接受的价值标准。标榜大声的音乐、甚至怪异的舞台表演的摇滚音乐会,已成为美国年轻人文化主要的一部份。而MTV已将这股摇滚的风潮传到世界最远的角落了。 And the beat goes on. Pop music represents popular styles--like the music of Karen Carpenter--that have wide appeal. "Golden oldies" from the past bring back pleasant memories for many. Rap music, which burst onto the music scene in the 1970s, is actually more like a rhyming chant. Rappers give a strong--sometimes vulgar--message about life in the streets. 音乐的节奏继续延伸下去。通俗乐代表了受大众喜爱的音乐风格,像木匠兄的音乐即吸引广大的群众。这些过去岁月中的遗留下来的「黄金老歌」,为许多人带来愉快的回忆。饶舌音乐在七○年代快速跃上音乐的舞台,它事实上很像是具节奏性的唱话。饶舌歌手传达出强烈、有时是低俗的街头生活信息。Americans have always been a religious people, and music has long been a part of their religious experience, as well. From colonial days, hymns and praise songs have enhanced worship. Negro spirituals, such as "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen," reflect hope in God in the midst of suffering. Today's Christian styles fit all musical tastes--from country to jazz to pop to rock to rap. 美国人一向是相当宗教性的民族,而音乐长期以来也是他们宗教经验中的一部份。自殖民时期开始,诗歌和赞美诗都提升了敬拜的层次。像「无人知道我的困难」这样的黑人灵歌,反映出苦难中对上帝的盼望。今天的基督教音乐包含了各式的乐风--从乡村、到爵士、到通俗、到摇滚、再到饶舌歌。 In America, music is a shared experience. People grow up with piano lessons, chorus classes and marching band practices. They can talk about their tastes in music when there isn't anything else to talk about. If James Fenimore Cooper were here today, he would surely have to change his tune. 在美国,音乐是一种大家共有的经验。人们在钢琴课、合唱课程和参与游行乐队的演练经验中成长。当无话可谈的时候,他们就可以谈谈自己对音乐的喜好。如果今天柯柏还在世的话,他就得改变他的论调了。 /200804/33376Forty-five years ago last February U.S. President Richard Nixon returned from a visit to China that shocked the world and unsettled leaders in Moscow who were awaiting a visit from Nixon a few months later.45年前的2月,美国总统理查德-尼克松刚刚结束对中国的访问,这件事震惊了全世界,也扰乱了莫斯科的领导人,他们正翘首以待数月之后尼克松的来访。Soviet leaders wondered if they were finally witnessing the birth of a U.S.-China alliance that they had feared ever since the breakdown of the Sino-Soviet alliance in the early 1960s.苏联领导人不知道他们是否终于见了美中联盟的诞生。自从1960年初期中苏联盟破裂之后,这是他们最担心的事情。As Washington and the media convulse over every new outrage emanating from Moscow while President Trump repeatedly asks “Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with Russia?” U.S. policymakers are faced with the same choice between Russia and China though this time the stakes might be even higher.虽然莫斯科传出的种种暴行事件总会震惊华盛顿和媒体,然而川普总统还是多次询问,“如果我们真的跟俄罗斯和睦相处会不会挺好?”美国决策者们面临着同样的选择,即中俄间如何取舍,虽然这次的风险可能会更高。The history of persistent tensions between Russia and China suggests two choices: Accommodate and reconcile with Russia to balance against the greater power—China. Or align with China to defend a rules-based international order from its most powerful antagonist—Russia.俄中之间曾持续紧张的历史暗示了两种选择:与俄罗斯和解以制衡更强大的中国,或与中国联手来捍卫国际秩序规则以抗衡最强大的对手-俄罗斯。It should be clear by now that we can no longer oppose Russia and China at the same time. Though that route might seem tempting and natural given the historical aspirations of U.S. foreign policy to protect territorial sovereignty promote human rights and provide a frxwork for free trade we are no longer equal to the task.现在有一点很明确,我们不能再同时对付俄罗斯和中国了。虽然这条路看起来很诱人,也是美国外交政策历史诉求的天然选择,用以保护领土主权,提升人权,提供自由贸易框架等等,但我们再也走不动这条路了。 /201704/503801

Dealing with a rusty bicycle chain can be a messy affair, but an innovative new bike from Ikea solves that pesky problem. The furniture retail giant recently introduced its new ;Sladda; bike, which uses an oil-free and corrosion-resistant drive belt rather than a metal chain. 自行车链生锈是件麻烦事儿,但家具零售巨头宜家最新推出的创意自行车,完美地解决了这个问题。该自行车名为“斯拉达”,与人们熟知的金属车链不同,宜家自行车取而代之的是驱动带,无需润滑油,且耐腐蚀。 The drive belt is designed to last about 9,320 miles, which is about two to three times longer than a typical steel chain, according to Ikea. Moreover, the unisex Sladda bike has a ;click system; that lets the rider snap on accessories, such as a basket, a bike bag rack and a towing trailer, the company said. 这种驱动带设计行驶路程约9320英里,是普通钢链使用寿命的两到三倍。而且公司称,该款男女通用自行车还配有一键设置系统,骑行者可以自己添加各种配件,比如前车筐、后车篓,甚至能加挂拖车。 Sladda is like tablet apps: You can add endless accessories to enhance ease of use. 斯拉达就像可添加应用的平板电脑,你可以随意配置海量应用,以提高它的易用度。 The new drive belt may be a boon to riders who take to their bikes even during inclement weather. Over time, steel bike chains tend to rust, particularly when they#39;re covered with corrosive salt that#39;s left on the roadways. 对于那些即使在恶劣天气也要骑车的人来说,这种新款驱动带可能再合适不过了。随着长时间的使用,钢制自行车链易锈蚀,尤其当路面上的腐蚀性盐类附着在自行车上以后。 Accumulated rust can be difficult to remove, and it can also affect the chain#39;s flexibility. But Ikea#39;s new bike won#39;t have those problems. 斑斑锈迹不易清理,也影响车链的灵活性。但宜家自行车就不会有这些问题。 Moreover, the bike has automatic gears that are hidden in a sealed hub placed in the rear wheel. 而且这款自行车还安装了自动变速系统,隐藏在后轮内的一个封闭盒中。 Sladda#39;s frame is made from aluminum, meaning it will be easy to lift and carry up and down stairs. The bike, which comes with either 26- or 28-inch wheels, also has two layers of lacquer that will protect the frame from mud, salt and scratches. But it#39;s not for little kids — Ikea recommends that only people age 12 or older use it. 斯拉达的车架是铝制的,拿起来很轻,上下楼梯携带也很方便。轮子大小分26英寸和28英寸两种。车架表面有两层喷漆,防淤泥、盐蚀和剐蹭。但车子不适于儿童使用——宜家建议12岁以上人群使用。 The bike is expected to be available beginning in August for 7. 该自行车有望今年8月上市,售价797美元。 /201604/438912

Swiss national Louis Palmer fulfilled a childhood dream when he set off from his home country on July 3, travelling over desert, city and sea in 17 countries by a “solar taxi” to reach UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia."In 1986, I was a 14-year-old boy, I was dreaming that when I will be an adult, I want to drive around the world," he told reporters."Then it came to my mind, how can I travel around the world and enjoy the beauty of this world with a car that is polluting the world? Then I thought the perfect car would be a solar car."His car, which has become a major attraction at the gates of the summit of some 188 nations, was built in three years with scientific help from four universities and 15 Swiss companies.The car pulls a trailer with six squares metres of solar panels which soak up the sun. The electricity is fed into the battery which powers the car, and can run for up to 100 kilometres a day."It's the first time in history that a car is driving around the world without a single drop of petrol," boasted Palmer, a teacher by training.His epic solar journey is not his first adventure -- he traversed Africa on a bicycle and North America in a light aircraft.So far, Palmer has gone by land through Europe and the Middle East, then by sea to India and on to Indonesia.After traversing much of Asia, Australia, North America and Africa, he will return to Switzerland to try and drum up support for the commercial possibilities of solar cars.For the moment, he has his hands full, with more curious customers waiting to take a ride in his unique automobile which, he said, "works like a Swiss clock." 瑞士男子路易斯#8226;帕尔莫终于圆了他儿时的一个梦。今年7月3日,他驾驶一辆“太阳能出租车”从瑞士出发,穿越了沙漠、城市和海洋,途经17个国家,最终抵达印度尼西亚的巴厘岛,参加在此召开的联合国气候变化大会。他在接受记者采访时说:“早在1986年,当我还是个14岁的小男孩时,我就梦想着长大以后能开车环游世界。”“后来我想,我怎么能开着一辆会给世界各地带来污染的车环游世界,欣赏各地美景呢?所以,我觉得最理想的工具应该是一辆太阳能车。”在约有188个国家参加的联合国气候变化大会会场外,帕尔莫的车成了最大亮点。这辆车在四所大学和15家瑞士公司的技术持下,用时三年制造而成。太阳能轿车后面是一个拖车,上面载有6平米太阳能采集面板。轿车依靠太阳能电池供电,每天能行驶100公里。身为培训教师的帕尔莫自豪地说:“一辆车没费一滴汽油,就跑遍了全世界,这在历史上还是首例吧!”然而,对于帕尔莫而言,类似这种壮观的“太阳能之旅”的冒险可不是第一次了。他曾骑车穿越非洲大陆,还曾开着一架轻型飞机穿越北美。截至目前,帕尔莫从陆路穿越了欧洲和中东地区,通过海路抵达了印度和印度尼西亚。在穿越亚洲、澳大利亚、北美和非洲的大部分地区后,帕尔莫将打道回府,并打算为太阳能轿车争取商业机会。而眼下,帕尔莫可是忙得不可开交,很多好奇的人们都等着上这辆奇特的车过把车瘾,帕尔莫说:“它现在简直像个瑞士钟一样连轴转。” /200803/29703

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is shutting down a popular feature on WeChat that allows iPhone users to tip emoji and content creators to comply with Apple Inc.’s policy on in-app purchases.依照苹果公司出台的程序内购买规定,腾讯公司将关闭备受欢迎的微信打赏功能,苹果手机用户将不能再在表情平台和公众号平台上进行打赏。After months of negotiations, Tencent said on its official WeChat account it “regrettably” had to abolish the feature on the instant message service to comply with new terms Apple laid down in June. According to Tencent, the iPhone maker said developers would be barred from including buttons or links that direct customers to purchasing systems outside of its iOS ecosystem.经过数月的谈判,腾讯公司在其微信公众号上宣布,遵循苹果公司于六月公布的新规定,将关闭微信务上的打赏功能,并对此“深感遗憾”。腾讯公司称,苹果制造商表示程序开发者不得在程序中包含引导顾客登录 iOS系统之外的交易平台的按钮或链接。Tencent’s doing away with a function credited with helping WeChat become China’s dominant mobile social media and payments platform, with more than 889 million users.这意味着腾讯公司放弃了一项十分重要的微信功能,正是这一功能助使微信坐拥8亿8900万用户,占领了中国移动社交媒体以及交易平台霸主的位置。Apple said in a statement that WeChat could still allow users to tip as long as it used Apple’s own in-app purchase system.苹果公司在一项声明中称,只要微信系统使用苹果自身的程序内购买系统,微信用户将仍可使用打赏功能。Separately, Beijing’s internet regulators said on Wednesday they are planning to inspect Apple on the way it screens apps, after authorities ordered three Chinese streaming sites to patch up “significant loopholes” related to content violation, user classification and identity verification, the official news agency Xinhua reported.另一方面,北京的网络信息管理部门在周三宣称,将对苹果公司屏蔽应用程序的行为展开调查。此前网络信息官方管理部门曾指出中国三个主流网站在信息泄密,用户分类,身份验等方面存在“严重漏洞”并勒令其进行修补。 /201704/506039

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