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People who#39;ve done that have another angle on, er,真正接触过电子设备的人whether technology is bad or good.对科技的利弊有更客观的判断They think that technology that pushes them around is bad他们认为 如果科技控制了人性 那它就是不好的and technology that they can push in their own direction they think is good.但如果科技能以人为本 它就是好的While he was still at school,乔布斯还在念书的时候Jobs worked at one of the big computer companies near his home in Silicon Valley.曾在硅谷的一家大型计算机企业工作And he made a friend who would shape his destiny.就在这时 他遇见了一位改变了他命运的朋友We talked about electronics. I said, ;I design computers.谈到电子学时 我对他说 我会设计电脑;I can, you know, do any of them.; He had worked at Hewlett Packard什么电脑我都能做出来 而他自己那时正在惠普公司工作and built himself what#39;s called a frequency counter.还自己做了台频率计数器So we hit it off.就这样 我们一拍即合Despite his hippy outlook, Jobs had a ruthless streak.尽管是个嬉皮士 乔布斯也有他残酷的一面He was asked by the fledgling computer company Atari他曾受一家新兴的电脑公司雅达利的邀请to design a new Breakout game.去设计一款打砖块电脑游戏Jobs asked Wozniak to do it in just four days,乔布斯只给了Wozniak四天的时间telling his friend they would share the fee.并告诉他 他们将平分报酬He presented it like we were splitting the money 50/50,他当时的意思是五五分成but actually, it was, you know, probably a different story.但事实却完全不是这样Wozniak worked round the clock to deliver the goodsWozniak夜以继日 终于完成了任务but later discovered Jobs had paid him considerably less但乔布斯最后付给他的钱than half the sum he had received from Atari.却远远少于他之前所承诺的二分之一You didn#39;t think, ;I can#39;t trust this guy;?你就没想过 ;我不能相信这家伙;吗?or ;He#39;s a bit too sharp for me;?或者说 ;他对我来说太精明了;?Steve could have just said,史蒂夫完全可以直截了当地告诉我I need money to buy into this commune up in Oregon.他需要这笔钱去付俄勒冈公社的费用Have you never harboured any bitterness that he might have?你记恨他吗?I don#39;t harbour bitterness.我不记恨谁Even if somebody just did that right to my face, I would not harbour bitterness.就算有人当面这么对我 我也不会心怀怨恨But I would acknowledge the truth. Um, I did cry.但我承认 为这事我的确哭过I cried, you know, quite a bit, actually, when I it in a book.其实在书里读到这里的时候 我哭得挺伤心The seed of Apple were sow when Wozniak introduced Jobs当Wozniak把他带到一个地下DIY科技爱好者组织时to a subterranean world of DIY technology enthusiasts.创建苹果公司的想法在乔布斯心中萌芽了 /201307/250231The generation that is fighting the Vietnam war are the baby boomers.参加越战的这代人正是婴儿潮一代The biggest ever American generation.也是数量最为庞大的一代Over 50 million new Americans born in 15 postwar years.逾五千万美国新生儿在战后15年间诞生This huge generation are unlike any Americans who have come before,这数量庞大的一代人不同于以往的任何一代and their influence and attitude toward society他们对于社会的态度和影响are destined to change the face of America.注定将改变整个美国的面貌The 1960s were inevitable.60年代这代人的改变是必然的The greatest generation came home with fixed idea of what life should be about,最伟大的一代[二战中的一代] 固守着人生价值的信念凯旋And they were so busy putting their own lives back together again in a traditional fashion他们忙着从战争的阴霾中走出 回归原来的生活that they weren#39;t paying attention to the changing sensibilities of their children.根本无暇顾及下一代细微而敏感的心理变化America in a way reinvents itself every 10 or 15 years.美国每10到15年就会发生一次蜕变And that reinvention is always feared by the generation that came before.而这种蜕变往往是被上一代人所恐惧与排斥的June 1969,upstate New York.Woodstock.1969年6月 纽约州北部 伍德斯托克音乐节A weekend concert for over 100,000 ticket-hoders,这原本是一场容纳10万人的周末音乐会was over run by nearly half million baby boomers.却挤满了近50万婴儿潮一代的乐迷Over a million more tried to get in.还有100万在四周守候It is the world#39;s biggest ever music festival这是世界范围内空前盛大的音乐节and become the boomer#39;s coming out party,并成为了婴儿潮一代年轻人的交际盛会a signal to America of the generational change taking place.标志着美国新一代成为了社会的主流Coming from the society culture that was fairly buttoned up and prim and proper to one that suddenly was what we had Woodstock.我们原本刻板拘泥一本正经的社会文化 突然间闯入了伍德斯托克音乐节We had hippiedom.闯入了嬉皮士We had free love.闯入了自由性爱Baby bombers had a huge tremendous impact婴儿潮这代人深深地影响了on how we view the world and how we view society.我们对世界的看法 对社会的看法But the baby boomers aren#39;t just rebeling against their parents#39; values.然而他们反抗的并不仅仅是其父辈的价值观People begin to attempt to affect from the streets the highest levels of foreign policy.他们开始试图用街头游行的方式向对外政策的最高制定者们施压The baby boomers want an end to the Vietnam war,婴儿潮的一代人想要越战结束and they take their protest to the street.并在街上游行抗议示威The willingness to stand up for what you believe in,为自己的信仰挺身而出in mass demonstrations of revolt,进行大规模的示威游行that#39;s very American.这才是真正的美国精神In the Vietnam war, people were unwilling to die,在越战中 人们不愿违背自己的意愿for something they didn#39;t believe in.为他们并不持的战争卖命 /201304/234266

三星Galaxy系列手机2013年超级碗广告,这广告邀请了三位著名喜剧演员担任主演,分别为Paul Rudd、Seth Roge 以及 Bob Odenkirk,其中 Bob Odenkirk 扮演的是一位三星高管,正在和另外两位演员为三星公司的商业广告做练习。众所周知,三星去年饱受专利案折磨,这三名喜剧演员便在广告中调侃此事,这两位演员想要为三星广告编写广告语,却不得不避开各种已经成为专利的用于,比如说Super Bowl,旧金山淘金者队(San Francisco 49ers),最后他们只能将Super Bowl改变为Big Plate(大碟子),将旧金山淘金者队(San Francisco 49ers)改变为San Francisco 50-1队。讽刺苹果什么都起诉。以下是英文文本:Paul Rudd: Hey man.Seth Rogen: How#39;s it going.Paul: What are you doing here?Seth: Samsung wants me to be in their new, big commercial. The Next Big Thing - yeah.Paul: They called me in for The Next Big Thing.Seth: Maybe in like 1998, you were the next big thing.Paul: Wow, I#39;ve never seen you this excited about something that wasn#39;t food.Seth: You are not the next big thing.Paul: You make people physically uncomfortable.Seth: Look man, they gave me a phone.Paul: I got one too.Seth: Where#39;d you get that?Paul: They gave it to me because I#39;m the next big thing.Seth: This makes no sense man.Paul: Are you sure that you#39;re not here to see a guy named Sam Sung? That would make more sense. Let#39;s find a favorable review to one of your movies. No results found.Seth: You know what#39;s great about this? You can take a picture, you can draw on it. I can actually retouch it, and I can make you look like you#39;re still in your 40s.Paul: Why don#39;t you take that S Pad and shove it...Bob Odenkirk: Alright! You#39;re here.Paul and Seth: Hi.Bob: So you got the memo, you#39;re working together.Paul: Together?Bob: I got the big room. Come fill it with ideas. Samsung, The Next Big Thing, you two. Celebrity endorsements - very big, very big. You guys know anybody? Pitch me something.Paul: People love commercials with talking babies.Seth: Talking babies.Paul: Yeah, so we#39;ll just use Seth.Bob: In a diaper?Seth: I don#39;t wear a diaper.Bob: You would wear a diaper for Samsung though, right?Seth: I would wear a diaper for Samsung.Bob: What else you got?Paul: Crowd-sourcing.Bob: I love it.Seth: Put out on the internet that you want people to send you ideas, then you don#39;t have to think of an idea.Paul: It might be good for this spot.Bob: Bigger!Seth: Space. We can send them into space. We can send them into the galaxy with the Galaxy, but we don#39;t train them. We just send them up there and we see what happens.Bob: Go become an Asian rapper.Seth: I don#39;t think we can do that. We#39;re not Asian. I#39;m an Asian rapper, and I#39;m rapping, and guess what?Paul: S-Beam!Assistant: I have Lebron James for you.Bob: Hi Bron. You in on Samsung?Lebron James: Yeah totally. Maybe I#39;ll do a cameo on a tablet.Seth: That#39;s awesome.Paul: That#39;s incredible. I mean, you get Lebron James and you got the next big thing. You don#39;t even need anybody else.Bob: That#39;s right, we don#39;t. We don#39;t. We don#39;t need anyone else.Paul: I#39;ve got it. I#39;m having breakfast with LeBron#39;s kids.Seth: Why would you eat with Lebron#39;s kids?Paul: We#39;re friends. Article/201404/291664

扣叔提到马来西亚政府通知家属方式的不近人情,讽刺了CNN, MSN, FOX NEWS等新闻媒体在事件过程中的不靠谱瞎猜。尤其对CNN的黑洞论和灵媒论进行了猛烈吐槽,结结实实地把他们黑出了翔 Article/201403/282501

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