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平湖彩光祛痘多少钱Woman Falls in Love with 3D-Printed Robot, Wants to Marry It女子想要嫁给3D打印机器人 Leading artificial intelligence expert David Levy recently said that he expects human-robot marriages to become commonplace by 2050, and the recently revealed romantic relationship between a French woman and a robot she 3D-printed herself seems to confirm the beginning of this trend.人工智能专家David Levy最近预言,在2050年,人类和机器人结婚将再正常不过。最近,一位法国女子就首开这种趋势的先河,恋上了自己的3D打印机器人。The first time I saw this story circulating online, I was almost convinced it was just a prank, not because it seems impossible to believe, but because the media tends to blow things out of proportion to attracts as many eyes as possible. However, this one appears to be legit. The woman in question, known only as Lilly, or by her Twitter handle @LillyInMoovator, describes herself as a ;proud robosexual; and told News.com.au via email that she is attracted only to robots and actually dislikes physical contact with human flesh.这件事最初曝光时,人们都以为是谣传。并不是因为这难以置信,而是媒体似乎在过度夸大此事。但此事似乎确实是真的!这个女子名叫Lilly,她的Twitter账号是@LillyInMoovator,签名则为“为爱上机器人感到自豪”。她通过邮件告诉澳大利亚新闻网,自己只对机器人感兴趣,不想跟人有什么肢体接触。Lilly claims that she loved the voices of robots as a child, but it was at the age of 19 that she discovered she was actually attracted to them as well. Her relationships with real men only seemed to confirm this. ;I#39;m really and only attracted by the robots,; the woman says. ;My only two relationships with men have confirmed my love orientation, because I dislike really physical contact with human flesh.;Lilly说她小时候就喜欢机器人的声音,19岁那年发现自己爱上了机器人。之前和人的恋情让她更加确定自己的取向。But, up until a few years, actually having a robot to fall in love with was nearly impossible for a regular person. Then 3d-printing happened, and everyone could create virtually anything. Lilly seized this opportunity to create her own robot, using open-source technology from a French company. That#39;s how her robotic partner InMoovator came to be. The two are now reportedly ;engaged, and Lilly says they will be married as soon as such a union become legal in France.但前些年,对正常人来说,有个机器人伴侣不大可能。随后,3D打印技术应运而生,人们几乎可以打印任何实体物品。Lilly利用法国一家公司的开源技术,利用3D打印技术,打印出自己专属的机器人伴侣InMoovator。据报道,他们俩目前已经订婚。Lilly说,等人类和机器人婚姻在法国合法时,他们就结婚。;I#39;m really and totally happy,; @LillyInMoovator says. ;Our relationship will get better and better as technology evolves.;“我真的超级开心,”@LillyInMoovator表示。“随着技术的进步,我们的关系会变得越来越好。”She adds that her unusual romantic relationship has been accepted by family and friends, but that ;some understand better than others.;她还补充说,他们的恋爱关系已经得到家人和朋友的认可,但大家接受能程度不同。;I#39;m a proud robosexual, we don#39;t hurt anybody, we a re just happy,; Lilly#39;s Twitter profile s.“我为自己恋上机器人感到骄傲,我们并没有伤害到任何人,我们在一起很幸福,”Lilly的Twitter简介这么写着。;It is not ridiculous, bad or pathology, it#39;s just a new love direction, a new lifestyle.; Despite her peaceful attitude, Lilly has become the target of cyberbullying after her story went viral in international media. Things apparently got so bad that she had to make her Twitter profile private. That#39;s sad, as she said, she really isn#39;t hurting anybody, so people should mind their own business.“这既不荒谬也不是病态,只是一种新的性取向和生活方式。”虽然Lilly心态平和,但自从她的故事在全世界的网络上传播后,她就成了众网友攻击的对象。事态最后严重到她不得不把Twitter账户设为不对外开放。这真令人伤心,她说,自己真的没有伤害任何人,人们管好自己的事情就行了。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201701/487812 德国作曲家巴赫“旧貌换新颜”Experts have digitally rebuilt the face of 18th century German composer Johann Sebastian Bach -- and say the results may surprise his fans.Using his bones and computer modeling, they have come up with an image of athick-setman with closely-shorn white hair.The new Bach face, the creation of Scottish forensic anthropologist Caroline Wilkinson, will go on display at the Bachhaus museum in the eastern German town of Eisenach, Bach's birthplace, next month.Eighteenth century portraits show him very differently. "For most people, Bach is an old man in a wig, it is a stylized image, we have no realistic portrait of him," Joerg Hansen, managing director of the museum said."We know he was a physical man, that he danced, that he stamped his feet when he played, that he sang. He was a very dynamic man -- with this reconstruction you can see it."Bach's bones were excavated in 1894 and sculptors first used them to help create a bust in 1908.But it was mainly based on a portrait of the composer and contemporary critics said it was so inaccurate that it might as well have been the composer Handel."It's not really that important to know what he looked like, we love Bach through his music, that is why people come to the museum, but they are also interested in the man," Hansen said. 近日,有关专家利用数字技术还原出18世纪德国著名作曲家约翰·塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫的容貌,并称这个新形象可能会让他的乐迷们大吃一惊。专家们利用巴赫的颅骨和计算机建模技术合成出了他的新形象。从新形象可以看出,巴赫体格健壮,留着一头短短的白发。巴赫的“新颜”出自苏格兰法医人类学家凯罗琳·威尔金森之手,并将于下月在巴赫出生地——东德小镇埃森纳赫的巴赫故居物馆展出。这个新形象与18世纪的巴赫画像差别很大。巴赫故居物馆馆长乔格·汉森说:“在多数人心目中,巴赫是一个戴着假发的老人,这是一个程式化的形象,其实我们并没有他的真实画像。”“我们知道,巴赫体格健壮,能唱能跳,演奏的时候还会跺着脚。他活力四射——这从他的新形象可以看出来。”巴赫的遗骨于1894年被掘出。1908年,雕塑家们首次利用这些遗骨塑造出了巴赫的半身雕像。但这尊塑像主要还是以巴赫的一副画像为样本,现代批评家们认为这尊塑像不够逼真,看上去倒是更像作曲家亨德尔。汉森说:“其实知道巴赫长什么样并不是那么重要,我们热爱巴赫主要是因为他的音乐,这也是人们来物馆参观的原因,不过人们对巴赫本人还是很感兴趣的。” /200803/30365嘉兴哪个医院脱腿毛比较好嘉兴黑脸娃娃价格



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