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毕节市妇幼保健院中医院无痛人流贵阳市处女膜修复技术好吗研究:北京每年下沉多达厘米 -- :58:19 来源:chinadaily China’s capital is known its horrendous smog and occasional sandstorms. Yet one of its major environmental threats lies underground: Beijing is sinking.北京可怕的雾霾和偶尔发生的沙尘暴为世人皆知,而一个重要的环境威胁却被大家忽略了:北京正在下沉Excessive pumping of groundwater is causing the geology under the city to collapse, according to a new study using satellite imagery that reveals parts of Beijing – particularly its central business district – are subsiding each year by as much as centimetres, or more than four inches.一项根据卫星图像作出的最新研究结果显示,过度抽取地下水导致北京地下结构出现塌陷北京部分地区,特别是中央商务区,每年下沉多达厘米,也就是超过英寸The authors of the study warn that continued subsidence poses a safety threat to the city of more than o million, with “a strong impact on train operations” one of the predictions.研究报告的作者提醒说,持续的下沉对这座人口超过两千万的城市构成安全威胁,其中一个预测就是“将对铁路运营造成很大影响”The study on Beijing’s subsidence has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Remote Sensing and is based on InSAR, a type of radar that monitors land elevation changes. It was written by a team of seven researchers.这项有关北京下沉的研究发表在同行评议期刊《遥感科学上,基于合成孔径雷达干涉测量技术,这是一种监测陆地高程变化的雷达技术研究小组有7人“We are currently carrying out a detailed analysis of the impacts of subsidence on critical infrastructure (eg high-speed railways) in the Beijing plain,” they said in an email to the Guardian. “Hopefully a paper summarising our findings will come out later this year.”他们在给《卫报的一封电邮中写道:“我们目前正在进行一项北京平原地区地表下沉对关键基础设施影响的详细分析(比如高铁)希望能在今年晚些时候发表一份能概括我们研究结果的论文”Beijing sits in a dry plain where groundwater has accumulated over millennia. As wells are drilled and the water table drops, the underlying soil compacts, much like a dried-out sponge.北京坐落于干燥的平原地区,地下水经过了数千年的累积随着钻井抽取地下水,地下水位下降,地下的土壤更加紧密,就像干涸的海绵The study finds that the entire city is sinking but the subsidence is most pronounced in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, which has boomed since 1990 with skyscrapers, ringroads and other development. The researchers say the uneven nature of the subsidence in some areas poses risks to buildings and other infrastructure.研究发现,整个城市都在下沉,而朝阳区下沉最严重上世纪90年代以来,朝阳区繁荣发展,高楼大厦和环路不断涌现研究人员说,一些地区下沉不均匀的特性会对建筑物和其他基础设置造成威胁Tens of thousands of water wells are thought to exist in and around Beijing, many of them used in farming and landscaping. The state has regulatory power over installation of wells but is inconsistent in applying it, according to one leading Chinese environmentalist.据称北京及周边地区有数万口水井,其中很多用于农田灌溉和绿化国家对打井有监管权,但据一位领头的环保人士说,实际执行情况并不理想“There are some rules but the encement is doubtful,” said Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs in Beijing. Ma said he wasn’t surprised subsidence was relatively high in the Chaoyang district given its rapid growth of recent decades. He expected it to keep moving east as the city sprawled in that direction.公众环境研究中心主任马俊说:“有一些监管规则,但执行成效令人怀疑”马俊说他对朝阳区地表下沉速度更快并不惊讶因为朝阳区近几十年来发展非常快他预计随着整个城市向东扩展,地表下沉将会继续向东延伸China inaugurated a mega-engineering project aimed at mitigating Beijing’s water crisis. The state completed construction of the South-North Water Diversion.中国实施了一项大型的工程项目来缓解北京的用水紧张,现已完成了南水北调工程的建设Even bee the canal began delivering water, Beijing was easing up on some groundwater pumping. In January of the Chaoyang district announced plans to phase out 367 water wells, reducing the use of m cubic meters of underground water.在南水北调工程开始通水之前,北京已经开始控制某些地区的地下水抽取年1月,朝阳区宣布计划停用367口水井,每年减少开采地下水千余万立方米Experts say it is still too early to know if the canal’s water deliveries will help recharge the aquifer and slow Beijing’s rate of subsidence. In the meantime concerns about impacts to buildings and rail systems continue. To prevent derailments a study recommended that China ban new water wells near completed high-speed rail lines.专家表示,想要知道南水北调能否帮助充盈含水层并减慢北京下沉的速度还为时尚早在此期间,人们仍将担心下沉对建筑物和铁路系统的影响为防止列车脱轨,年的一项研究建议中国禁止在已完工的高铁轨道旁打井Other cities around the world are experiencing subsidence caused by excessive water pumping or other factors. Mexico City is sinking by up to cm a year and Jakarta is subsiding at a similar rate. Bangkok is dropping annually by as much as cm, similar to Beijing, according to the Remote Sensing researchers.根据《遥感科学的研究,世界上其他诸多城市也受到过度抽取地下水或其他因素导致的地表下沉的困扰墨西哥城每年下沉多达厘米,雅加达下沉速度类似曼谷每年下沉多达厘米,与北京类似英文来源:英国卫报翻译#38;编辑:yaning贵 阳 解 放 军 第 4 4 医 院 能 做 人 流 吗 公安部“网警”上线执法 -- :6:58 来源: 从6月1日起,首批50个省级、市级公安机关统一标识为“网警巡查执法”的微、微信和百度贴吧账号集中上线,网警从幕后走向台前,开展网上公开执法工作请看《中国日报的报道:Starting from June 1, internet police in 50 localities - including both metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai as well as small, impoverished city such as Bijie in southwest China's Guizhou Province - will officially launch their own s on popular social networking services including Weibo and Wechat.6月1日起,50个地区,包括北京和上海等大城市和西南地区贵州省毕节等小城市的网警将正式在微、微信等社交网络上发布自己的账号,集中上线“网警”就是我们所说的“网络警察”用英文 internet policecyber police 表示,指目前正在从事公共信息网络安全监察工作的人民警察此次公安部部署的网警公开巡查执法机制旨在及时发现网络各种违法犯罪信息和有害信息(sniff out illegal and harmful inmation on the internet),依法震慑制止网络违法犯罪(deter and prevent cyber crimes)和网上不良言行 (improper words and deeds),发布典型网络犯罪案例和处理公众举报(handle public tip-offs)网警不仅由幕后走向台前(come out to the front stage from behind the curtains),而且全面提高网上见警率(police visibility)我国公安机关的警察照职责不同分为治安警察(public security officer)、户籍警察(household registration officer)、刑事警察(criminal police)、交通警察(traffic police)、巡逻警察(patrol police)、外事警察(eign affairs police officer)等(中国日报网英语点津 刘秀红)稀土等产品“出口关税”将取消 --5 ::58 来源: 国务院批准调整部分产品出口关税,取消钢铁颗粒粉末、稀土、钨、钼等产品的出口关税,对铝加工材等产品出口实施零税率请看《中国日报的报道:Export duties on rare earths will be eliminated on May 1, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement on Thursday, a move that analysts said would stimulate China's exports of the limited resource.中国财政部周四发表声明指出,自年5月1日起,我国将取消稀土的出口关税一位分析师指出此举将会刺激中国稀缺资源的出口“出口关税”可以用export duty或export tariff表示,是出口国海关根据关税税则所征收的关税稀土(rare earth)有“工业维生素”的美称,现如今已成为极其重要的战略资源(strategic resources)此次调整将对铝加工材等产品出口实施零税率(zero tax rate)中国实施稀土出口限制(export restrictions)时,最初是为了打造中国的产业,防止战略原材料以低价被大量消耗(the depletion of strategic raw materials at cheap prices)年中国突然减少稀土出口配额(export as),造成商品短缺,引发了一场国际贸易问题(international trade issue)英国《金融时报称,此举是一项整体精简计划的一部分,旨在减少政府部门和国有企业的部门壁垒和繁文缛节(reduce the red tape)(中国日报网英语点津 刘秀红)贵阳解放军第44医院摘环怎么样

铜仁市第一人民医院做核磁共振需要多长时间前央视主持人芮成钢死刑系谣言 --01 :: 来源: 周二,河北省某监狱官员否认了前央视主持人芮成钢被判为死刑,并声明芮成钢并未在他们监狱刑 Officials from a prison in Hebei Province denied Tuesday that mer China Central Television (CCTV) anchor Rui Chenggang had died in jail, saying he was not sent to their jail.周二,河北省某监狱官员否认了前央视主持人芮成钢被判为死刑,并声明芮成钢并未在他们监狱刑"Rui has not served his sentence in Yancheng Prison and the news is completely fabricated," an official with the prison was ed as saying by news site legal daily.com.cn.“芮成钢并没有在燕城监狱刑,此消息全部是造谣,”监狱某官员在接受新闻网站法制网调查时说道The official also urged media to report objectively.监狱官员督促媒体要客观报道On April , the Beijing-based weekly newspaper China Business Journal reported that the graft case against Rui would soon be heard.月日,北京周报中国商业杂志报道,芮成钢的贪污罪将马上开庭审理Rui’s case is among corruption-related cases at CCTV, and 9 of them have been assigned to judicial organs in Northeast China’s Jilin Province, the newspaper said, citing an anonymous source close to the provincial judicial agencies.吉林省司法机关某匿名新闻报道,芮成钢时间涉及央视位腐败人员,其中9名已被中国东北吉林省司法机关逮捕Rui, once a popular host of financial and news programs on CCTV, was taken away by prosecutors in July together with Li Yong, deputy director of the business channel and another unnamed producer, following the detention of Guo Zhenxi, then-director of CCTV’s business channel, allegedly receiving bribes in June , news site caixin.com reported.新闻网站财新网报道,芮成钢曾经是央视财经新闻节目主持人,年7月,因为和财经频道副制片人李咏以及另外一位制片人贪污受贿而被检察院逮捕,随后郭振玺以及央视财经频道制片人纷纷被拘留At least CCTV employees were reportedly suspected of corruption that year.年,至少位央视工作人员被报犯贪污罪南 明 区 宫 颈 糜 烂 多 少 钱 女子状告特朗普 称岁被特朗普和一富商先后强奸 --5 18:56: 来源: 一名美国女子日前以强奸罪起诉美国共和党总统竞选人、地产大亨唐纳德.特朗普该女子在起诉书中声称,199年,年仅岁的她在一场派对上被特朗普以及他的一位富商友人先后强奸 Donald Trump faces rape allegations again. An unidentified Calinia woman filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan Federal Court on Monday, which was first reported by the Real Deal.特朗普再次面临强奸指控6月日,一名身份不明的加利福尼亚女子在在曼哈顿联邦法院提起诉讼据纽约权威地产杂志The Real Deal抢先报道The lawsuit claims that Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was years old at a sex party hosted by Epstein in 199. Trump has previously denied the allegations, calling them “categorically false” and “disgusting.”她在起诉书中称,特朗普及其友人杰弗里.爱泼斯坦199年在爱泼斯坦举办的一场派对上强奸了她,当时她才岁特朗普否认此指控,称其“一派胡言”、“让人恶心”Epstein has also been previously accused of sexual deviancy and pedophile activities, but has denied claims as well. He did, however, plead guilty to soliciting a minor in one case filed against him in .爱泼斯坦还曾被指控性变态和有恋童癖,不过均被其否认然而,他在年的一起诱奸未成年少女罪名成立A Los Angeles Federal Court judge dismissed the lawsuit last month.上月,该女子曾向洛杉矶联邦法院提起诉讼,不过被驳回The New York Daily News points out there are many vulgar charges missing from the new case, like an allegation that Trump threw money at the defendant after she expressed fear of pregnancy after the rape. Also missing is the claim that Trump called Epstein a “Jew bastard,” and her original request 达沃斯:中国的千禧一代已经来临 -- 19::53 来源:chinadaily 在天津夏季达沃斯论坛分论坛“中国的千禧一代”上,众多嘉宾围绕“中国的千禧一代”展开深入讨论与会嘉宾认为,中国的“千禧一代”正在深刻改变中国的创意产业及消费习惯 请看相关报道: ;The millennials are a very different generation. They were born and bred at a time when China's economy and wealth were growing rapidly, so most have no memory of the hunger and instability experienced by their parents,; said Zhang Lifen, a journalism professor at Shanghai's Fudan University and mer editor-in-chief at FTChinese.com, at a meeting at the World Economic um, which began Sunday. 前FT中文网总编辑、复旦大学新闻学院教授张力奋说:“千禧一代是一个特殊的群体,他们出生和生长在中国经济和财富快速发展的时期,没有经历一个物质极其贫乏的年代,没有饥饿感” “千禧一代”(millennials)指世纪90年代初期出生,1世纪初期进入成人期的一代这一词汇源于1991年威廉;施特劳斯和尼尔;豪出版的《Generations一书,陈述了他们的社会时代阶层理论,后被称为“施特劳斯-豪代际理论” 波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)的数据显示,未来的消费增长(consumption growth)中,有三分之二将由千禧一代贡献,他们的消费需求更加凸显个人偏好(individualized preferences) 中国的“千禧一代”是被互联网深刻影响的一代人,是中国互联网的“原住民”(digital natives)他们愿意为知识付费,愿意为虚拟产品付费,他们已逐渐成为新一代的生产和消费主力群体 “千禧一代”的另一个特点是不怕挑战权威: They are not afraid of challenging authority. When they don't agree with you, they say it outright. At the end of the day, they are the ones who know what their peers want. 他们不怕挑战权威他们不同意你的观点就会直接说出来最终,他们才是知道同龄人想要什么的人 其他各种年代名称与起源: Lost Generation——迷惘的一代 “迷惘的一代”常用来泛指任何失去了价值观或道德迷失的一代大多数情况特指一战期间至结束后成长起来的年轻一代因为战争造成人口锐减和战后漫无目的、失去方向的生活得以此命名 Greatest Generation——最伟大的一代 根据牛津英语辞典(Oxd English Dictionary),“最伟大的一代”指二战期间(1939-195年)步入成年的年轻一代美国人这个词的命名或多或少都与美国新闻记者汤姆;布罗考在1998出版的一部畅销书《The Greatest Generation相关这一代人中的很多经历了战争,后又继续投身国家的建设事业,也被称为G.I.Generation(大兵的一代) Silent Generation——沉默的一代 这一代人指出生在二十世纪二十年代中期至四十年代初期由于经济大萧条和二战造成的低生育率,这一代人口量锐减 Baby Boomers——婴儿潮一代 这也是最为熟知的美国一代称谓,“baby boomers”或“boomers”指二战后随之而来的生育大潮中出生的一代,通常是195-1960年出生的人词汇baby boom(系值生育的显著高峰期)在二十世纪后期收录到美国英语词典中 Generation X——X一代 尽管“X一代”通常指1980-1990年代初进入成年期的美国年轻人,但这个词汇在几十年前就已经出现了该词汇可以追溯到世纪50年代,更为广泛地用于“未来尚不确定的年轻一代” Generation Y——Y一代 照字母顺序看来,“Y一代”肯定是紧随着“X一代”出现的这一代人大多出生在婴儿潮时期,也叫回声潮世代(echo boomers)这一代人口数量高于上一代,且生活态度和价值观与“X一代”截然相反,具有冷静和物质的特性,是世纪内拥有命名的最后一代 million in damages.《纽约每日新闻指出,在本次的案件中,许多粗俗的指控被撤回,比如她声称,在被强奸后担心怀,特朗普曾甩给她现金,还比如特朗普称爱泼斯坦为“犹太杂种”,以及她曾要求 1亿美元的赔偿金She cites in an affidavit: “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.”她说:“强奸结束后,特朗普还威胁我,不能把事情告诉别人,否则,我和家人可能会被杀,或者有其他后果”贵阳处女膜修复术哪家医院好

贵阳治月经不调哪家医院比较好有一种爱情: 叫洪水中的婚礼(双语) -- ::38 来源:sohu 如果没有红地毯、花束、舞台灯光、音乐或甚至最重要的戒指,可以结婚吗?在安徽省芜湖市无为县的抗洪前线上,一名武警和他的妻子举行了这样一场婚礼 Can there be a wedding if there is no red carpet, bouquet, stage lighting, music or even the most important thing, the ring? Such a wedding a police officer fighting against flooding and his bride was held Saturday on an embankment at Wuwei town in Wuhu city of East China's Anhui province. 武警战士徐浩和幼儿教师肖若于早在去年年初就领了他们的结婚书但是因为徐浩的公务,他们的婚礼已经被推迟了三次这一次,当得知7 月1 日的洪水可能会威胁到无为县十一万居民的生命安全,徐浩主动要求取消他的婚礼安排,加入到抗洪的大军之中 Xu Hao, an armed police officer, and Xiao Ruoyu got their marriage certificates as early as the beginning of last year. But their wedding was postponed three times as Xu was too busy with his police duties to be available the wedding.This time, realizing the flood that occurred on July 1 might affect the safety of 1,000 people residing in Wuwei town, Xu volunteered to cancel his wedding plans and join the legion of public safety workers combating the flood. 7月9日,肖若于去看望了她在前线的丈夫而此时,这对夫妇已经一个多月没见面了她的出现引起了和徐浩抗洪战友们的欢呼和尖叫在中午短暂的午餐休息时间,他们帮这对夫妇组织了一场等待已久的婚礼虽然没有庞大的场面和昂贵的钻戒,只有尾巴草代替的花束和戒指,这场简单的仪式还是见了两个人真挚的爱情 July 9nd, Xiao decided to pay a visit to her husband on the frontline as the couple haven't met more than one month. Her appearance aroused surprises and cheers among Xu's fellow flood relief workers. They helped organize the long-awaited wedding the couple during their short lunch break at noon. The two finally went through the ceremony marking their marriage, although with a substitute bouquet and a grass ring made out of crested dog's tail. English Source: CRI English <牛人_句子>六盘水市妇幼保健院药物流产贵阳做个无痛人流要多少钱




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