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Hitler talked to the German nation as Chancellor on 10th February 1933.1933年2月10日,希特勒以德国总理身份向全国人民发表演说。Thousands were in the hall in front of him,and millions were listening on radio.现场聚集数千观众同时数百万人收听广播。But Hitler made them all wait.但他让所有人等着。When he did start,Hitler stuck to his old familiar script.终于开口时,演讲仍参照已滚瓜烂熟的旧稿。His speech was vague in detail and called for Germans to fix their problems without outside help.他的演讲空洞无物,只号召人民自力更生,不求外界帮助。But if Hitler didnt consider you a ;true; German,then, suddenly, you were at risk.若希特勒没有把你当作真正德国人,那你就命悬一线了。Thousands of people the Nazis considered enemies of the new regime,mostly their political opponents, but also some Jews,were imprisoned in concentration camps.纳粹分子将数以千计的人,当中大部分是政敌,还有些犹太人关进集中营。This one at Dachau outside Munich was opened just weeks after Hitler became Chancellor.离慕尼黑不远的达豪集中营在希特勒任总理数周后投入使用。 译文属201512/413885。

Sea cucumbers are repulsive to most predators, so the pearl fish is safe inside.大多数捕食者排斥海参,所以珍珠鱼在里面很安全。Itll stay until its time to feed again.它会呆在那里直到下一次觅食。It doesnt harm its host, but the bad news for sea cucumbers is that pearl fish are happy to share that temporary home with others.它对寄主无害,但对海参而言坏消息是珍珠鱼喜欢与大家分享它们的临时住所。It seems theres plenty of room for all.看来里面空间足够大家呆的。The Barrier Reef we see today is comparatively young.我们现在看到的大堡礁相对年轻。It began to form during the last ice-age when sea levels were 120 meters lower than they are today.它们在上一冰河世纪开始形成,那时海平面比现在低120米。When the ices began to melt, the growth of corals get paste of the rising seas blocking off the waters of the lagoon.当冰层褪去,随着海水上升开始生长,将环礁湖的水体封闭了起来。And during that one great event, another important habitat was created.经过那个大事件,另一个重要的栖息地出现了。Stretching away behind May to the Horizon, its the greatest expense of the lagoon.在我身后一直延伸到地平线的是广阔的环礁湖,And yet admit 10,000 years ago, thats a blink of an eye in geological time.在仅仅1万年前,那只是地质年代的一瞬间。The beach under standing on would have been a slope of the hill overlooking a plane covered in Eucalyptus forest.我所站的这片海滩,曾是一座俯视着树林平原的小山坡。With the sea level rose, the plain was inundated,and the hill became an island.但是海平面上升,平原被淹没而小山变成一座岛屿。These continental islands as theyre known are essentially pieces of mainland cut off by the rising water.这些陆边岛正如它们的名字是被上升的海水隔开的大陆地块。There are 600 of them scattered about the lagoon.在环礁湖上星罗棋布着600多座这样的小岛。 201501/357025。

If youve ever had major surgery, you probably remember lying down and waking up–but nothing inbetween.如果你曾经动过手术,你可能会记得躺下和醒来这两个动作,但是对中间发生的事情一无所知。Thanks to the anesthesiologist, during the actual surgery you were out of it: immobilized andinsensitive to pain.多亏了你的麻醉师,在实际的手术过程中你对疼痛全然不知。But until recently scientists had little understanding of how anesthetics actually work on the cellular level.但直到最近科学家们对麻醉药如何在细胞水平上发挥作用仍然了解甚少。Thats changed thanks to recent experiments performed by researchers at the University of Zurich, in Switzerland.归功于瑞士苏黎世大学研究人员的最新研究,这种情况得以改变。They knew that anesthetics caused pain receptors in the brain to turn off by acting likemost drugs do:他们知道正如许多药物那样,麻醉药让大脑里的疼痛受体处于关闭状态。anesthetizing drugs attach to particular sites on nerve cells and turn them off.麻醉药依附在神经细胞里的特定区域,并对它们进行麻醉。Thequestion was, where on nerve cells do these drugs attach?问题是,这些药物是依附在神经细胞的的哪个部位呢?Nerve cell membranes have receptors for different kinds of chemicals produced by the brain.神经细胞膜针对大脑产生的各种化学物质都有受体。Gamma-amino butyric acid, or GABA, for example, is a chemical thatshuts down nerve cells.如γ-氨基丁酸或伽马氨基丁酸,都是可以使神经细胞关闭的化学物质。The hypothesis was that general anesthesia works by binding to GABAreceptors on a nerve cell, thereby activating the receptor and instructing the cell to shut down.假设全身麻醉与神经细胞上的伽马氨基丁酸受体有关,那么可以激活受体,指示细胞关闭。So itmade sense for the Zurich researchers to focus on GABA receptors.因此苏黎世大学研究人员认为应该着重研究伽马氨基丁酸受体。To do this they worked with mice that had been genetically engineered to have nerve cells with GABA receptors that wouldnt respond to anesthetics.为了此项研究,研究人员们用经过遗传工程处理后的老鼠做实验,这些老鼠的伽马氨基丁酸受体不会对麻醉药起反应。And sure enough, when such mice were givenanesthetic drugs they werent nearly as immune to pain as regular mice that had also been given pain-blocking drugs.果然,这些老鼠在注射了麻醉药后并不像正常的老鼠注射了麻醉药那样,对疼痛免疫。Clearly, GABA receptor sites on nerve cells are part of what allows anesthetics to dotheir job.显然,在神经细胞上的伽马氨基丁酸受体就是麻醉药发挥作用的地方。While the Zurich experiment fills in only one piece of the puzzle, it is an important step towards learning how these amazing drugs work, and how to make them even better.尽管苏黎世大学的实验只解决了谜团中的一小部分,但是研究麻醉药是怎样工作的以及怎样让它们工作的更好仍是非常重要的。 /201411/341641。

And here you are, in the cover of Allure Magazine.这是你为;诱惑;杂志拍的封面And inside the Allure Magazine, look how pretty.看看杂志的内页 看看你多美And this picture with you and Chris McMillan.这是你和克里斯·麦克米兰的照片Now he is a..Chris is her hair dresser who youve known for ages, right?他现在是 他现在是你的发型师 你们相识也有很多年了吧I mean like ages. - Ages.So you are topless hugging him.认识很多年了 -是的 很多年了 你光着上身抱着他And now I don’t think anything is weird!我觉得这很正常but a lot of people are going over you topless hugging Chris.但有很多人说 你竟然光着上身抱克里斯Yeah. - I don’t know why.You know what, I think Justin got a lot that too.恩 -我不知道为什么 贾斯汀也常被这样问He was like,Hey dude, whats up, why is she hugging a dude naked?他经常被问 老兄 怎么搞的 为什么她抱着个裸男He’s like a brother to me, so it‘s not他跟我就像兄弟一样The original photograph was suppose to be What?所以 原版的照片本来是 啥Thats make it weird I think.我觉得你这么说 这事就变奇怪了You just, you just made it worse Ok, I don‘t know how to get out of it.是的没错 你的确越描越黑了 好吧 我现在不知道怎么解释了I don’t know how to get out of it.不解释了 /201512/418182。

A Kurdish militant group has claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack in the Turkish capital Ankara which killed 28 people Wednesday. 周三,一库尔德武装组织声称对土耳其首都安卡拉汽车炸弹袭击事件负责,事故导致28人丧生。In a statement posted on its website, the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons said Friday it carried out the attack to avenge Turkish military operations against Kurdish rebels in southeast Turkey. 在其网站上发布的一份声明中,库尔德自由之鹰组织周五称其发动此次袭击事件,以报复土耳其军事打击东南部的库尔德叛军。The Turkey-based group is an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK. 土耳其基础组是库尔德工人党的一个分,或称PPK。Turkey had blamed a U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish militia group for the attack, saying they had acted in collaboration with the PKK.土耳其曾指责美国持的叙利亚库尔德民兵组织进行袭击,说他们是在与库尔德工人党勾结。译文属。201602/427183。

The Yongala is regarded by many as the greatest wildlife wreck on earth.杨加拉号被认为是世界上最大的生物沉船。And looking around me, its very hard to disagree.看看我周围,你就不会再有疑虑。The wreck provides shelter on the featureless plain for more than 120 fish species.沉船为一马平川的海底平原上120多种鱼类提供了庇护所。This concentration of live is sustained by food swept in by the exceptionally strong currents.强洋流带来的食物为生物的聚集提供了持。The livings so good, many of the young fish stay here for their entire lives,rather than move to the Outer Reef when they grow up.这里的生活真不错,许多幼鱼选择在这里度过一生,而不是长大后游到外堡礁去。There are sea turtles down here, too.这里也有海龟。This one is a loggerhead.这是红海龟。And the wrecks are favorite hangout for another species.而沉船还是另一位来客的最爱。This is the hawksbill turtle, and its here to feed on the soft coral that coats the wreck.这是玳瑁,它是被长在沉船残骸上的软珊瑚吸引而来。The soft corals are one of the main reasons that all these life is attracted to the Yongala.软珊瑚是这里生机勃勃的主要原因,也是沉船的魅力所在。Almost every available space on its once smooth hull is covered with them.几乎整个船体表面都布满了软体珊瑚。201503/364411。