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  • April 14th4月14号Dear Friend,亲爱的朋友,How clever and capricious you are, cloaking yourself in anonymity, and I must confess I cannot for the life of me guess which of my many friends you can be.你是多么聪明和任性,匿名写信。我承认我真的猜不出你到底是我哪一个朋友。You have sent my head spinning and my imagination whirling.你让我头晕目眩,想象力高速运转。Could you be found among my dear friends, intimate friends, close friends, childhood friends, pen friends, family friends, friends of a friend, friends in distress, friends who are closer than a brother, friends in need, or school friends?你可能是我的亲密朋友,亲近朋友,发小,笔友,家人朋友,朋友的朋友,落难的朋友,好哥们,需要帮助的朋友还是学校朋友?Your letter quite clearly shows that you are not illiterate, and therefore we can rule out my school friends.你的信显然说明你不是文盲,所以可以排除你是我学校的朋友。Your masterly command of the language banishes the thought that you could be found among my friends from overseas.你熟练的语言运用可以排除你是我国外的朋友。Your witty criticism of my performance makes me think that I might find you among my nearest and dearest “bosom friends,” that is if you did not choose to address me as “Dear Madam”--a clever move this, and one that reduces my last thought to mere stupidity and you to a casual acquaintance, and yet I must banish the thought “casual acquaintance.”你对我表演幽默的批评让我觉得你可能是我的密友,如果你不称我为“尊敬对女士”的话。你用这个称呼很聪明,但这也让我觉得我那个想法很愚蠢,我和你应该是点头之交,但我又必须排除这点。201705/510203。
  • In order to convert this opaque, 90,000 hours of into something that we could start to see,为了把这个9万小时的录像变成我们能识辨的东西we use motion analysis to pull out, as we move through space and through time, what we call space-time worms.我们用行动分析来抽取我们在时空的移动,我们称之为时空虫。And this has become part of our toolkit for being able to look and see where the activities are in the data,这个成为了我们工具的一部分,用来观察和辨识数据中的各种活动and with it, trace the pattern of, in particular, where my son moved throughout the home,再利用这个办法去追踪模型,特别是我儿子在家去过哪些地方so that we could focus our transcription efforts, all of the speech environment around my son使得我们能够聚焦解读我儿子学习语言的语境all of the words that he heard from myself, my wife, our nanny, and over time, the words he began to produce.他从我,我妻子和保姆那里听到的所有词汇,渐渐的,他开始使用的词汇So with that technology and that data and the ability to, with machine assistance, transcribe speech,因此通过技术和数据,在机器的协助下录制下对话weve now transcribed well over seven million words of our home transcripts.我们现在已经完成了超过7万字的家庭言谈的记录And with that, let me take you now for a first tour into the data.现在,让我带你们进入这些数据的第一个旅行So youve all, Im sure, seen time-lapse s where a flower will blossom as you accelerate time.我相信,你们大家都看过时间推移的影片,加快时间的推移你可以看见花朵盛开Id like you to now experience the blossoming of a speech form.现在我让你们看看语言的花朵是怎样绽放的My son, soon after his first birthday, would say ;gaga; to mean water.我的儿子,在他的第一个生日后,会说“gaga”来指水And over the course of the next half-year, he slowly learned to approximate the proper adult form, ;water.;在这之后的半年里,他渐渐地学会了成年人说的正确的“水”So were going to cruise through half a year in about 40 seconds.我们现在来用40秒时间快速浏览这半年No here, so you can focus on the sound, the acoustics, of a new kind of trajectory: gaga to water.没有影像,所以你们可以专注听声音,声学上的,这种新的轨迹变化,从“Gaga;到;Water;。201705/507437。
  • TSE全真语音 05 /200707/15382。
  • 即学即用英语会话词典E部分:同情进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16229。
  • 073 countries Words China united sates Russia Canada Australia united kingdom New Zealand japan Thailand Mongolia Vietnam north/south korea India france germany Pakistan economy climate coast mountain developing river city capital city minority gdp average income birth/death rate industry agriculture service industry developed developing Beginner A: which countries have you been to? B: I’ve been to most of the countries in Europe, several countries in asia-china, korea, and Thailand-and to the united states and Canada. A; I thought you had been to Australia too. B: no, but I’m planning on visiting Australia and new Zealand soon. I’ve heard that they are beautiful countries. Which is the most beautiful country you’ve been to? A; I think I ‘d say norway. It has many picturesque fjords, waterfalls, and mountains. B: isn’t it really cold there? A; well, the north of Norway is almost always cold, but further south it can be fairly warm in summer. It’s a wet country, so there’s snow almost everywhere in winter. B; I’ve been to other Scandinavian countries, but not to Norway. Perhaps I should go and do some winter sports there. Intermediate A: ok. Let’s look at our short presentation on china. What do we need to include? B; we need to talk about the size of the country and its population. A: ok. China is about the same size as Canada and the united states and it has a population of about 1.3 bullion, making it the latest country in the world by population. B; it says here that most of the people are han Chinese, but there are 55 minorities that make up almost 10% of the population. A: we need to say something about the geography and climate of china. Is there any way to divide the country into sections? B: we could divide into five parts. There’s the northeast, which is mild in summer and very cold in winter. Then there is the northwest, which is largely desert. Tilbet is famous for its mountainous climate. The rest of the country can be roughly divided into two parts. One is temperate-mild in winter and warm in summer. Then, in the south it is hot most of the year. A: that sounds very general. B: it is, buy remember that we only have a few minutes to make our presentation. We can select cities from each part and give data for each one. A: one from each part? Lhasa, urumqi, harbin, shanghai, and hongkong. The capital city is Beijing, right? B; yes. The other large cities are chengdu, dalian, wuhan, tianjin, shenyang, chongqing. Hongkong and Guangzhou. A; we should take a large map and highlight those cities. What is each of them famous for? /200705/13746。
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