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  • That Your Worry那是你的事情Fresh out of business school, the young man answered a want ad an ant.一个年轻人刚从商业学校毕业,去一家小公司应聘做会计Now he was being interviewed by a highly agitated, arrogant little man who ran a small business that he had started from scratch.现在他正在被一个焦躁而傲慢的小个子男人面试,这间公司就是他刚刚白手起家办起来的;I need someone with an ing degree,; the man said. ;But mainly, Im looking someone to do my worrying me.;“我需要一个有会计学学位的人,”小个子男人说,“可是,最重要的是,我要找的是能为我分忧的人”;How that?; the would-be ant asked.“那是什么意思?”年轻人问道;i worry about a lot of things,; the man said. ;But I dont want to have to worry about money. Your job will be to take all the money worries off my back.;“我要操心很多事情,”那人说,“但是我不想再为钱的事情操心了,你的工作就是替我分担这些对钱的操心”;I see,; the ant said. ;And how much will my position pay?;“我明白了,”年轻人说,“那么我的工资是多少?”;Ill start you at eighty five thousand,; responded the man decisively.“你的起薪是8500块,”那人语气肯定地说;Eighty five thousand dollars!; the ant exclaimed. ;How can such a small business afd a sum like that?;“8500元!”年轻人大声说,“这样一个小公司怎么能付得起这样高的工资?”;That,; the man said, ;is your first worry. Now get to work!;那人说:“这就是你首先要操心的事现在开始工作吧!” 5863。
  • 听力原文:Business in Africa非洲商业Making Africa work玩转非洲The continent’s future depends on people, not commodities 非洲的未来取决于人,而不是商品“IS ANYONE here actually hoping to make any money, or are you all just trying to minimise your losses?” The question, asked at a dinner in London investors who specialise in Africa, showed how the mood has changed in the past year. The financiers around the table—mostly holders of African bonds—all said they were simply trying not to lose money.重点词汇:1 commodity商品 bond债券;公债 揭贷款协议;揭贷款听力原文:Only a few years ago people were queuing up to invest in Africa. As recently as Zambia paid less than Spain to borrow dollars. Private-equity funds dedicated to Africa raised record sums to invest in shopping malls and firms making everything from nappies to fruit juice. Business folk salivated at the prospect of selling to the fast-growing African middle class, which by one measure numbered 350m people. Miners sank billions into African soil to feed China’s appetite minerals. Now investors are glum. In the short run, they are right to worry. In the long run, as our special report on African business shows this week , the potential rewards from a market of 1. billion people are too juicy to ignore, despite the risks. 重点词汇:1 Private-equity funds 私募股权基金 dedicated献身的:专心致志的;一心一意的3 nappy尿布 Business folk 商人5 salivate(尤指看到或嗅到食物时)垂涎,流口水6 number总计;共计;数以…计7 sink下沉;下陷;沉没8 mineral矿物;矿物质9 miner矿工;采矿者 glum忧郁的;死气沉沉的;闷闷不乐的 juicy有吸引力的;报酬丰厚的;令人满足的 听力原文: decades, sentiment about Africa has followed commodity prices, rising and falling like a bungee-jumper at Victoria Falls. The recent plunge has caused a % drop in sub-Saharan Africa’s terms of trade (the ratio of the price of its exports to that of its imports). Growth across the region will slow to about 3% this year, predicts the World Bank, down from 7-8% a decade ago. That is barely ahead of population growth of .7%. Nigeria and Angola, two big oil exporters, will probably need bail-outs from the IMF within a year.重点词汇:1 sentiment(基于情感的)观点,看法;情绪 bungee-jumper 蹦极跳3 bungee 蹦极索; 高空弹跳绳索 Victoria Falls 维多利亚瀑布5 plunge(价格、数量的)暴跌,猛降,骤减6 bail-outs (常指通过出资)帮助…脱离困境 保释(某人)7 terms of trade 进出口交换比率8 IMF International Monetary Fund 国际货币基金组织听力原文:Yet Afro-pessimists should remember two things about commodity busts. They don’t last ever. And they don’t hurt everyone: African countries with a quarter of the region’s population will show a net benefit from the current one, thanks to cheaper energy. More important, by focusing on the minerals markets it is easy to miss some big trends that are happening above ground—and these are mostly positive. 重点词汇:1 Afro-pessimist 非洲悲观主义者 pessimist悲观主义者;悲观论者3 commodity busts 大宗商品暴跌 欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 3980。
  • 点击此处收看MV Tinker Bell这个可爱的小仙子,也许很多迪斯尼迷们都很追捧他,可爱,活泼,迪斯尼为我们呈现了一个永远快乐的奇妙仙子,虽然也会捣乱,但是我们总会被她的可爱所深深的打动,迪斯尼出品的奇妙仙子让我们看到了小仙女“小叮当”遇到彼得·潘之前的故事,原来仙子王国是这样的神奇也这样的迷人,而也许在影片的最后,当你意犹未尽的时候,就会听到这首fly to your heart,在音乐中慢慢回味仙子世界的一件件趣事迪斯尼总是为我们创造者一个个经典的形象,奇妙仙子小叮当也同样精,也得到很多人的喜爱,而这首fly to your heart也许真的让你有一种遨游仙子王国的感觉,闭上眼睛仿佛奇妙仙子小叮当就在你身边小童星selena gomez跳动而活泼的唱腔也会让你感觉到属于仙子世界的美妙好了让我们静静的欣赏,然后一起遨游这仙子的世界吧.... 953。
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