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昆山市第一人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询昆山妇女不孕不育医院陆家镇人民中心医院治疗阳痿早泄 LONDON — Members of the Driscoll family tend not to fight. If they do, it is over whose turn it is to vacuum.伦敦——德里斯科尔家的人一般不闹别扭。就算闹的话,争论的也是轮到谁去打扫卫生了。Leslie Driscoll, 55, sells hot cross buns in an English bakery in London and addresses her customers with “love” or “darling”; her husband, Peter, 54, works as a floor layer; their daughter, Louise, a 19-year-old with dyed blue hair, is a barista in a hip coffee shop.现年55岁的莱斯莉·德里斯科尔(Leslie Driscoll)在伦敦的一家英式烘培店销售热十字包,会用“亲爱的”或“宝贝儿”来招呼顾客。她的丈夫彼得(Peter)则是54岁,从事铺设地板的工作。他们19岁的女儿叫路易丝(Louise),头发染成了蓝色,在一家时髦咖啡店当咖啡调配师。But last week, the Driscolls fell out. Badly. They had an argument so big they did not speak to one another for days, Leslie Driscoll said. Shortly afterward, her husband went off in a huff to see friends up north, in Derby.然而上周的时候,德里斯科尔一家争吵起来。吵得不可开交。莱斯莉说,大家争得天翻地覆,好几天都相互不理。不久之后,丈夫就怒气冲冲地跑去北边的德比郡看朋友了 。The source of the family drama: whether Britain should remain part of the European Union, a process often referred to as “Brexit.”把家里弄得鸡飞跳的到底是什么呢?原来是英国是否应当留在欧盟。此事通常被称为“退欧”。With only days to go until the referendum on membership in the bloc on Thursday, polls suggest that the country is deeply split along socioeconomic and regional lines, with many older and working-class voters in England favoring leaving, and younger and better-educated Britons, and a majority of those in Scotland and Northern Ireland, favoring staying.离周四全民公决英国的欧盟成员国身份只差几天的时候,民意调查的结果显示,社会经济状况和地区差异让英国人的立场泾渭分明。许多年纪较长的英格兰蓝领选民主张退出欧盟,而年轻一些受过良好教育的大不列颠选民、大多数的苏格兰和北爱尔兰人则青睐留下。As the consequences of the choice come into focus for voters, tensions are bubbling. In the case of the Driscoll family, they are boiling over.随着这项选择的诸多后果成为选民关注的焦点,双方的矛盾也在酝酿。到了德里斯科尔一家这里,就彻底爆发了。“I completely disagree with her,” Louise Driscoll said on a recent afternoon, looking at her mother squarely in the face as they sat in a cafe. “We shouldn’t be leaving, like, an organization that has helped us more than we could ever help ourselves if we were to go it alone.”不久前的一个下午,路易丝坐在一家餐吧里,直视着母亲。“我完全不同意她的看法,”她说。“我们不应该离开。这个联盟对我们帮助巨大,假如就我们自己,是永远没办法做到这个程度的。”Louise is the only one in her family who wants Britain to remain. Her parents and her 80-year-old grandfather want out.路易丝是一家人里唯一希望英国留下的。她的父母和年过八旬的祖父都想要退出。“This is a little island,” her mother said matter-of-factly, lighting up a cigarette and letting the ash fall on her glittery sneakers. “We should look after our own first. Charity begins at home.”她的母亲点了一根香烟,任由烟灰落到亮闪闪的球鞋上。“我们是个小岛,”莱斯莉干巴巴地说。“应该首先照顾自己。慈爱始于家人。”“But we are all people!” Louise said. “We should help each other.”“可我们都是人啊!”路易丝说。“我们应该互相帮助。”“It don’t work that way, darling,” her mother replied, shaking her head. “If you’re born here, you pass as English. I don’t care whether you’re black, white, green or blue, or purple with pink spots on — you’re English.”“事情可不是这么办的,亲爱的,”她的母亲一边摇头一边回答。“如果你在这里出生,你就是英国人。我不管你肤色是黑是白是绿是蓝,还是紫底粉点——你就是英国人。”Those born abroad, Leslie Driscoll said, “have got their own governments, their own parliaments, whatever.”至于那些出生在其他地方的人,莱斯莉则表示他们“有自己的政府、自己的议会之类的”。Up and down the country, the debate over Europe is pitting husband against wife, children against parents, sisters against brothers, divisions unlikely to be healed easily after the referendum is decided.在英国上上下下,关于欧盟的争论让夫妻对立、子女与父母争执、手足交恶。就算公投之后,这样的分歧也不大可能轻易弥合。The debate over Britain’s continued membership in Europe has touched on issues as varied as immigration, terrorism, the economy, London’s housing shortage and the fate of the National Health Service.针对英国是否延续欧盟成员国身份的争论涉及各种各样的议题,包括移民、恐怖主义、经济、伦敦的住房短缺,以及国家医疗务体系(National Health Service)的命运。Some of these issues, like immigration, are directly related to the European Union. Others, like the shortage of affordable housing, have little to do with it.其中的一些议题直接与欧盟有关,比如移民。另外一些则没什么联系,比如经济实惠的房屋的供应短缺。Yet those distinctions are blurring. For many, the referendum is as much a chance to register displeasure with the country’s direction as it is an opportunity to reject or embrace Europe. The stance of some voters is being shaped by personal experience and anecdote.然而,这些区分是模糊的。对不少人来说,这次公投既是一个拒绝或投入欧洲怀抱的机会,也是一个表达对本国前进方向不满的由头。塑造部分选民立场的是他们的个人经历与际遇。There is, for example, a widesp perception that European citizens are flocking to Britain, especially from Eastern Europe, to take advantage of its social welfare system. But Britain’s welfare system is not as generous as those of many other European nations, and fewer than 7 percent of immigrants receive benefits.比方说,民众普遍认为,欧盟公民,尤其是东欧人,在涌向英国,为的是利用英国的社会福利系统。不过,英国的福利系统并没有许多欧盟国家慷慨,而且只有不到7%的移民在享受英国福利。Louise Driscoll voted for the Green Party in last year’s general election and was appalled that her mother, traditionally a Labour voter, had opted for the anti-Europe, anti-immigration U.K. Independence Party. (“Sorry, I know I’m a bit antiquated — can’t help it, love,” Leslie Driscoll replied, somewhat sheepishly, after her daughter uttered an expletive.)路易丝在去年的大选中投给了绿党(Green Party),很惊诧身为工党(Labour Party)传统选民的母亲转而投给反欧盟、反移民的英国独立党(U.K. Independence Party)。(听到女儿说了句脏话之后,莱斯莉有点难为情地回答,“对不起,我知道自己有点老派——没办法,亲爱的。”)Louise Driscoll said she understood the pressures that immigration placed on schools and hospitals. But leaving the EU worried her, she said, because it risked wrecking the economy and making it hard for young people to secure employment. It took her eight months to find work as a barista, she said.路易丝表示,她理解移民会对学校和医院系统造成压力。但她说,英国退出欧盟的做法让她担心,因为这会毁掉经济,并让年轻人难以找到工作。她花了八个月的时间才找到了咖啡师这份工作,她说。“If I wanted to work abroad, it would be a lot easier if England was in the EU,” Louise said.“假如我想出国工作的话,英格兰留在欧盟内就会让事情好办多了,”路易丝表示。Her mother suggested that Louise move to New York, possibly unaware of the paradox that this would make her an immigrant herself.母亲建议路易丝搬去纽约,她可能并未意识到这会让女儿也变成移民。In what sounded like a final plea, she said: “At the end of the day, the EU is going to affect my generation more than it will affect your generation. So shouldn’t it be down to us to decide whether or not to stay?”路易丝说:“到头来,欧盟对我这一代人的影响要大于对你们那一代的影响。那么,难道不应该由我们来决定是去是留吗?”这话听起来像是最后的说理由。Her mother fell silent and was thoughtful.莱斯莉陷入了沉默,若有所思。“I am 55 years of age,” she said slowly. “I know — I appreciate that in 50 years’ time, you’ll be here and I won’t, and you’ll have to put up with whatever’s happened.”“我有55岁了,”她慢慢地回答。“我知道——也很理解,50年后你们还在这里我却不在了,是你们来承担将来的事情。”She paused.她停顿了一下。“But I still want out,” she said. “Sorry.”“可我还是想退出,”她说。“不好意思。” /201606/450594花桥人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询

江苏省昆山市周庄人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱Traditionally, investing in Asian high-yield bonds has not been for the faint-hearted. Yet in recent years a new normal emerged; just about any bond delivered strong returns. Such has been one of the results of the extremely accommodative policies of major central banks that have flooded the markets with liquidity, thereby dulling the perception of risk.传统上,亚洲高收益债券不是为胆小者准备的投资品种。然而近年出现一种新常态;投资任何一种债券都带来巨大回报。这是全球主要央行实行极端宽松政策的后果之一;这些政策让市场充斥着流动性,从而降低了人们对风险的感知。However, all this changed last year when steep falls in oil and commodities prices, together with US high-yield fund redemptions, led to a liquidity shakeout in the high-yield bond market. The new reality rewarded a discriminating investment strategy – with the Chinese property sector’s high yield bonds returning gains of 20 per cent, even as other market segments such as Indian issuers and Chinese industrials experienced single-digit losses.然而,去年这一切都改变了。石油和大宗商品价格大幅下跌,加上美国高收益债券基金赎回,导致高收益债券市场的流动性出现重大洗牌。这一新现实有利于一种区别对待的投资战略:中国房地产行业高收益债券的价格涨幅达到20%,即便其他市场板块(比如印度发行人和中国工业企业)遭遇个位数下降。This steep divergence might appear surprising. It is well known that the metals, mining and energy sectors across Asia experienced significant pain last year, but Chinese property also had its share of problems from an inventory glut to a default by Kaisa Group, a property developer.这种明显分化或许令人意外。公所周知,去年,全亚洲的金属、采矿和能源行业承受了巨大的痛苦,但中国房地产行业也受困于不少问题——从库存过剩到开发商佳兆业(Kaisa Group)违约。The explanation for this curious dichotomy is that in the often opaque, Asian high-yield market, destiny is only partly defined by fundamentals.这一奇怪分化的原因在于,在往往不透明的亚洲高收益债券市场,命运仅仅在一定程度上是由基本面因素决定的。Investors need to consider not just movements in default risk but also the interplay of both the supply and demand of bonds. A good starting point with high-yield is to remember that in contrast to equities, downside protection and not earnings is the primary concern.投资者需要考虑的不仅是违约风险的变动,还有债券的供需状况。要了解高收益债券市场,一个良好起点是记住:与股票不同,投资者主要关心的是下行风险防护,而不是发行人的利润。It is not whether a company makes its profit numbers but whether we can be sure the issuer will avoid default that matters most, because a default would wipe out any pick up in yield through the loss of principal. Or put another way, we worry about whether the glass will stay half full and not if it will ever be filled to the top.最重要的不是一家公司能否赚到利润,而是我们能否确定发行人将会避免违约,因为收益率上升无法弥补违约造成的本金损失。换言之,我们担心的是玻璃杯中的水能否保持半满状态,而不是杯子会不会装满水。This means that high-yield analysis tends to be company rather than sector or country specific as it comes down to accurately pricing the risk of each individual company’s likelihood of default.这意味着,对高收益债券的分析通常针对个别公司,而不针对具体行业或国家,因为关键是对每家具体公司的违约可能性进行风险定价。At the most basic level this question can come down to whether a bond issuer has access to new financing. A distressed company in a sector with buoyant investor demand and liquidity is usually in a retrievable situation. But if liquidity support is withdrawn or unlikely, prices can drop fast as defaults become much more likely.从根本上讲,这个问题可以归结为一家债券发行人能否获得新融资。在投资者需求旺盛、流动性充沛的行业,一家陷入困境的公司通常能够恢复过来。但是,如果流动性持被抽掉或不太可能存在,由于违约可能性大幅增加,债券价格可能会迅速下跌。China’s offshore bond market, the largest in Asia, is a good example of the large role fluctuations in bond liquidity can play in performance. Last year saw a large swing in sentiment after the default by Kaisa Group aroused fears that the state was withdrawing its implicit support for property developers. However, in the event, the default proved to be an isolated case.亚洲规模最大的中国离岸债券市场,是明债券流动性波动可能对行情发挥重要作用的很好例子。去年,佳兆业集团违约之后市场情绪产生巨动,引发了有关政府开始撤销对开发商隐形持的担忧。但结果那起违约被明是孤立事件。The main reasons for this included the fact that most Chinese property companies were replete with capital, having issued bonds in 2014 and 2015, meaning the repayment of principal would not happen for another three to five years. Another key reason was the re-opening of the domestic bond market to property developers, following a six-year hiatus.其中的主要原因包括如下事实,在2014年和2015年发行债券(这意味着未来三至五年内不必偿还本金)之后,中国房地产企业资本充足。另一个关键原因在于,在中断6年后,国内债券市场重新对房地产开发商开放了。This boosted the sector as it enabled credit profiles to be enhanced as corporates accessed cheaper funds onshore. It also helped developers to better match debt and revenue liabilities in renminbi.这提振了房地产行业,因为开发商可在国内融入成本更低的资金,增强其信用状况。这还有助于开发商更好地匹配债务和营收(因为两者都是人民币)。A secondary impact was that as Chinese developers raised some bn domestically, they also stopped issuing offshore bonds and even redeemed some. This led to a tightening in supply, helping to push up prices. The sector also benefited from liquidity inflows as various investors were attracted by its relative safe haven status.一个次要的影响是,中国开发商在国内融资270亿美元的同时,还停止发行、甚至赎回了部分离岸债券。这导致离岸债券供应趋紧,帮助推高了价格。房地产行业还受益于资金流入,因为其相对安全的避风港地位吸引了形形色色的投资者。Domestically, after steep falls in Chinese equities last summer, investors switched into bonds, as they sought more defensive exposure. At the same time, traditional Asian high-yield investors also chased Chinese property names as just about every other sector was facing distress due to the ongoing commodity unwind.从国内来看,在去年夏季中国股市大跌之后,寻求防御性敞口的投资者转投债券。另一方面,传统亚洲高收益债券投资者也在追逐中国房地产企业的债券,因为大宗商品下跌导致几乎其他所有行业都面临困境。Taken together, Chinese developers enjoyed a liquidity sweet spot, with dwindling offshore supply coupled with new investment inflows. Another reason for the dominance of China property is it towers over other countries and sectors in Asian high-yield universe.综合上述各种因素,随着离岸供应逐渐减少和新资金流入,中国开发商受益于一个流动性“甜蜜点”。中国房地产行业受宠的另一个原因在于,在亚洲高收益债券市场,它的境况好于其他国家开发商和行业。Elsewhere the high-yield universe is concentrated largely in mining, energy and property sp across South East Asia, Australia and India. In these sectors few corporates have been left unscathed by the steep commodity slowdown and currency weakness.在亚洲其他地区,高收益债券发行方主要集中在东南亚、澳大利亚和印度的矿业、能源和房地产行业。在这些行业,未曾受到大宗商品价格暴跌和本币贬值伤害的企业非常少。The outlook for 2016 is clouded by elevated distress and tightening liquidity as investor interest in refinancing becomes extremely selective. Here the liquidity X factor in much of Asian high-yield is more likely to leave a sting on the downside as defaults rise. Once again, Chinese property developers remain out-performers so far.2016年的前景被困难加剧和流动性趋紧的阴云所笼罩,因为投资者对再融资的兴趣变得极端挑剔。随着违约的增多,很大一部分亚洲高收益债券的流动性状况更有可能在市场下行时加剧跌势。到目前为止,中国房地产开发商保持着领跑者地位。 /201603/428715昆山高新技术产业开发区人民医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱 Jiajia, a third grader who was born with the congenital disease aplastic anemia, wrote an affecting article that moved many netizens.今年三年级的佳佳患有先天性再生障碍性贫血,而她最近写的一篇感人的作文感动了很多网友。In the article, she shared her biggest wish: to survive so she could take care of her grandparents.在作文中,她分享了自己最大的心愿:要活下去,这样她就可以照顾她的爷爷奶奶。Jiajia, 9, currently lives in the city of Suining in Sichuan province.佳佳今年9岁,住在四川省遂宁市。In the article, she writes, ;My heart gets heavier each time I see my grandma weep for me. If I ever get to grow up, I will take good care of her.;在她的作文里,她写道:;我看见我的奶奶为我的病落泪的时候,我的心情很悲伤。如果我能活着长大,我一定会好好孝顺我的奶奶。;Jiajia contracted pneumonia when she was 4 months old. Since then, she has required a blood transfusion every two weeks.佳佳在4个月大时得了肺炎。从那时起,她就需要每两星期输一次血。After her parents#39; divorce, her grandparents took her in and confronted many challenges in the process of raising her.她的父母离婚后,就由爷爷奶奶照顾她,而抚养她的过程中面临着很多挑战。The girl#39;s article was only 235 words long, and it was handed in as a school assignment.女孩的作文只有235字,是交给学校的作业。Nevertheless, Jiajia#39;s words ;deeply impressed; her elementary school teacher, who then posted the article online, where it struck a chord with many people.尽管如此,佳佳的话;深深地震撼;了她的小学老师,这名老师随后把佳佳的作文发到网上,打动了很多人。Up till now, a fund started by teachers at Jiajia#39;s school has reached more than 30,000 RMB, which will be put toward Jiajia#39;s future blood transfusions.截至目前,佳佳学校的教师们已筹集到3万余元的善款,这能够让佳佳继续输血治病。 /201610/473022花桥镇打胎哪家医院最好的

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