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When my wife went in the hospital for surgery several years ago, a rule prohibited children under 12 from visiting patients. Our 11 -year -old seemed to understand, but our six -year -old took the restriction very hard. We discovered why she was so unusually upset when we heard her talking to her mother on the phone for the first time. As she said good bye, she tearfully exclaimed,;I#39;ll see you when I#39;m 12,Mom!;几年前,我妻子动手术时,医院有条规定 禁止12岁以下的儿童探望病人。我们11岁的孩子似乎能理解,可6岁的女儿对此却非常伤心。等听到她头一次给她妈妈打电话,我们才明白她为何如此分外激动。在电话里,她边说再见,边哭着喊道 妈妈,等我12岁时一定去看你! /201211/207843。

  • SYDNEY Harbour is about to become a ;huge bathtub;, complete with a five storey-high Rubber Duck, all in the name of art.一只有五层楼高的橡皮大黄鸭在近日空降澳洲,悉尼的情人港即将成为一个巨型的大浴缸,这一切都是为了艺术。One of the quirky highlights of Sydney Festival 2013 will be Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman#39;s Rubber Duck, set to enter Cockle Bay as part of the Day One - The Arrival on Saturday afternoon.这只古怪的橡皮大黄鸭由荷兰艺术家Florentijn Hofman设计而成,这也是2013年的悉尼艺术节的亮点之一。大黄鸭在周六下午抵达悉尼港,将在艺术节活动的第一天进入科克尔湾。The Rubber Duck enjoyed a dress rehearsal early Thursday morning ahead of its official launch. Sydney Festival production manager Mick Jessop has been overseeing construction of the giant toy-like sculpture for the past nine months.周四早上,橡皮大黄鸭进行了正式亮相前的试水。在过去的九个月里,悉尼艺术节的制作总监Mick Jessop一直都在监督着这只巨型萌鸭的制作过程。The Rubber Duck - made of a PVC material similar to jumping castles - was constructed in New Zealand by a company that specialises in sewing stadium rooftops and large sails.橡皮大黄鸭由PVC材料制成,就相当于一个充气城堡,由新西兰一家专营体育馆屋顶和大帆缝制的公司特制而成。;He#39;s about 15m high by 15m wide and he#39;s about 18m long,; Mr Jessop said of the duck. ;It took three people three weeks to sew it - it#39;s about 6km of stitching. Twenty-five to 30 minutes is all it takes (to inflate), that#39;s using four blowers.;Jessop先生在介绍橡皮大黄鸭的时候表示:“这只鸭子有15米高,15米宽,而且长达18米。三个工人花了三周的时间才缝合好,缝线就有6公里长。用四个充气泵充25到30分钟才能把鸭子的气充满。”Spectators won#39;t notice it from the shore, but the Rubber Duck, weighing in at 500kg, will be sitting on a 10-tonne barge, hidden by the surface of the water, to ensure it doesn#39;t take flight in the event of high winds.人们只要在海岸就一定可以看到这只巨大鸭子,这只鸭子重达500kg,放置在一艘10吨重的船上,不过船被水覆盖了看不到,这样才能确保鸭子不会跟着海浪跑了。 /201301/219125。
  • 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:以前自己是住顶楼,对自己楼上,除了楼顶外,没有其他的概念;现在,很多、很多、很多时候,会“被提醒”自己楼上的的确确是住着人呢!译者:koogle。
  • Good news, lovebirds! If you#39;re planning to celebrate with your Valentine in the coming weeks, get y to toast to your health.情侣们,好消息来啦!如果已经计划和另一半共度即将到来的情人节,这要是提升健康的好机会哦。Earlier this week, a researcher at the Medical University of Vienna sp some good news in honor of National Hug Day. He pointed out that hugging someone you care about can ease stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and even boost memory.本周初,维也纳医药大学的研究者为纪念全国拥抱日公布了这个好消息,研究指出拥抱你关心的人能减轻压力和焦虑,降低血压甚至提高。While the association between hugging and your health isn#39;t new, it#39;s especially relevant this time of year -- with Valentine#39;s Day on the horizon and many couples hurrying to cuddle away the frigid temperatures sweeping across much of the nation.拥抱和健康之间的联系早已不是什么新闻了,尤其到了每年这个时候——情人节在即,全国范围内的众多情侣们也会急于用拥抱来温暖这个冬天。Experts believe it all comes back to the hormone oxytocin. A simple embrace seems to increase levels of the ;love hormone,; which has been linked to social bonding.专家们认为这全是荷尔蒙催产素的功劳。简单的拥抱能提升这种被称为“爱的荷尔蒙”的指数,此荷尔蒙与社交也密切相关。That oxytocin boost seems to have a greater calming effect on women than men, the B reported. In one study, the stress-reducing effects of a brief hug in the morning carried throughout a tough work day, USA Today reported.B报道称,催产素的增加似乎对女性更有镇静的效果。今日美国报道称一项研究显示清晨的一个简单拥抱能起到持续一天减压的效果。Perhaps the best news of all is that hugging isn#39;t the only way getting close to your Valentine can boost your health. A few others also have big benefits:当然,拥抱并不是情人节时提高健康的唯一办法,下面这些同样也有大好处哦:Cuddling搂抱Call it an extended hug -- cuddling also releases stress-easing oxytocin, which can reduce blood pressure and bond you with your mate. But you may not have guessed that a little cuddle time can help you and your partner communicate better. ;Non-verbal communication can be a very powerful way to say to your partner, #39;I get you,#39;; marriage and family therapist David Klow told Shape magazine. ;Cuddling is a way of saying, #39;I know how you feel.#39; It allows us to feel known by our partner in ways that words can#39;t convey.;这是拥抱的加长版,同样能释放降压的催产素,能降低血压同时让你俩更亲密。你绝对想不到稍稍拥抱一会还能促进你俩之间的交流吧。婚姻与家庭临床专家David Kolw对Shape杂志表示:非言语交流也是告诉另一半“我拥有你”的最有力的方式。拥抱也是交流的一种方式,“我能理解你的感受”,这让我们能感受到另一半身上某些无法用言语表达的东西。Talking交谈Speaking of communication -- even just spending time together without touching can put you at ease and lower blood pressure, compared to spending time with someone less significant, according to the B. Not to mention that making the effort to communicate openly can only strengthen your relationship.说到交流,根据B的报道,相较于和那些不是很重要的人在一起而言,和伴侣在一起也能让你感到平静,即使不相互触摸也能降低血压,而畅所欲言的交谈更是可以期待加强感情的效果。Kissing亲吻Of course, kissing has also been shown to affect oxytocin and cortisol levels, and, just like hugging and cuddling, can reduce stress. But one of the more surprising pros of puckering up is a cleaner kisser. The increase in saliva production that comes along with a smooch can wash bacteria off teeth and help fight plaque buildup.和拥抱、搂抱一样,亲吻当然也能对催产素和皮质醇指数起到影响,能减轻压力。但最重要的优点之一还在于能清洁口腔。唾液分泌的增加能清扫牙齿表面的细菌,帮助血小板的形成。Sex滚床单In addition to relaxing you and burning some calories, some time between the sheets can help you fight off germs. As long as your partner isn#39;t aly sick, a couple of sexy escapades a week can boost a particular antibody that fights off colds, according to a 1999 study. Sex may also promote better sleep, thanks to both the relaxing effects of that oxytocin and an increase in a hormone called prolactin, which is normally higher during sleep, according to Women#39;s Health.除去放松和燃烧脂肪,不时的滚滚床单还能帮你对抗细菌哦。1999年的研究显示,只要你的伴侣没有生病,一周几次的滚床单能提高一种特定抵抗感冒的抗体。根据《女性健康》杂志的报道,由于催产素的放松效果,以及催乳激素(睡眠时一种指数较高的激素)的增加,滚床单还能提高睡眠质量。 /201302/225018。
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