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Finnish music fans who are left disappointed by a sub-par live performance can now get a refund, it#39;s reported.据报道,芬兰乐迷若对现场表现欠佳的演唱会不满意,可获得退款。A landmark decision by the country#39;s Consumer Disputes Board means music fans can ask for their money back if an artist#39;s performance is well below what they reasonably expected, the national broadcaster Yle reports. It follows a complaint by a Chuck Berry fan, who saw the rock and roll pioneer perform inHelsinkiin 2013.Berry, who is now 88 years old, seemed unwell during the concert, and apologized to fans while on stage. The consumer body decided that the event#39;s organizer should refund 50% of the ticket price.芬兰广播公司报道,国家消费者争议委员会作出了一个重大决定:如果音乐迷们觉得某位艺术家的表演低于他们的预期,就可以要求退票。此前,一位粉丝在看过2013年摇滚先锋人物查克·贝里在芬兰首都赫尔辛基的表演后,表示非常不满并发起投诉。贝里现在88岁了,他当时在音乐会上似乎状态不佳,并且在台上向观众道歉。消费者争议委员会决定该活动的组织者应该退还票面价值50%的金额。But it isn#39;t as simple as just not enjoying a performance, according the board#39;s chairman, Paul Stahlberg. ;Anyone seeking a ruling like this is always spurred by a subjective opinion, but that#39;s not enough to get a refund,; he tells Yle. ;What is significant is a generally agreed view that the concert was a failure, as it was in the Chuck Berry case.;据该委员会主席保罗·斯坦伯格表示,申请退款并不仅仅是对表演的不满。“任何想要申请退款的人都或多或少会受主观思想的左右,个人的主观判断并不足以让委员会作出退款判决,”他对芬兰广播公司表示。“观众普遍认为一场演唱会很失败,这才是重要的据,就像查克·贝里那场一样。”While refunds are standard practice for cancelled concerts, it#39;s rare that fans can expect to be reimbursed when one goes ahead. In 2008, singer Neil Diamond offered refunds to 11,000 fans who attended a show inOhio, during which he sounded hoarse. Many ticket-holders walked out when it became apparent Diamond was unwell. The singer was subsequently diagnosed with acute laryngitis, and cancelled two concerts later that week.演唱会取消时会获得退款,这是标准的做法。不过,去现场看了演出还能获得退款就很少见了。2008年,歌手尼尔·戴蒙德在俄亥俄州的一场表演中,歌声嘶哑,完全不在状态,很多歌迷中途离场。后来戴蒙德给1.1万名到场粉丝退了款。该歌手随后被诊断出患有急性喉炎,那一周接下来的两场演唱会也被取消。 /201507/388080With Asia-Pacific leaders gathering for a summit meeting in Beijing, forecasts that smog would envelop the capital this weekend were bad news not just for China’s leaders, who hoped to present the city in its best light for the occasion, but for officials charged with ensuring clean air.预报称,北京周末会被雾霾笼罩。由于亚太地区领导人将相聚北京参加峰会,这对于希望借此机会展现北京最佳形象的中国领导人,以及负责确保空气清洁的官员来说,都是一个坏消息。On Friday, The Economic Daily reported that 24 officials in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, which encircles Beijing, would be disciplined for their failure to control air pollution levels, and that five leaders of the most-polluting companies in the city would face administrative detention and fines.周五,《经济日报》报道称,在北京周边的河北省省会石家庄,24名官员将因控污工作不力遭受处分,五家污染最为严重的企业的负责人将被行政拘留,并处以罚款。Inspection tours, which were carried out on Wednesday by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Beijing and surrounding regions to check air quality, identified dozens of workplaces in Shijiazhuang in violation of pollution control regulations. The inspection teams found that 33 enterprises in Shijiazhuang had not halted or cut back on production as directed, and that work had continued as usual at 18 construction sites. In addition, the inspectors reported that road dust in the city exceeded acceptable levels, and that the burning of trash and straw was rampant.周三,环保部派出督查组在北京及其周边地区检查空气质量,确认石家庄的几十个工作场所违背了污染控制规定。督查组发现,石家庄的33家企业未按要求进行停产、限产,18个施工场地未按要求停止施工。除此之外,督查人员报告称,石家庄市的道路扬尘超过可接受水平,秸秆垃圾焚烧问题严重。In October, in preparation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Beijing, the government said it would enact stringent air pollution controls in a 200-kilometer, or 124-mile, radius of the capital, reducing traffic and industrial production from Nov. 1 to 12. Shijiazhuang, which is reported to have some of the worst air pollution in China, received special attention.今年10月,为了准备北京亚太经合组织会议,中国政府称他们将在北京周边200公里(约合124英里)的范围内实施严格的空气污染控制规定,在11月1日至12日期间减少车流量与工业生产。石家庄受到特别关注,该市据称是中国污染最为严重的城市之一。On Thursday, after the China Meteorological Administration forecast that Beijing would experience smog into Tuesday, the government extended the emergency pollution reduction measures even farther south to include Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province.上周四,在中国气象局预报称北京的雾霾天将持续至周二之后,政府将紧急减霾举措的实施范围扩展至包括山东省省会济南市在内的南部地区。In Beijing, state news media reported that the huge number of fireworks that were set off on Tuesday evening in a rehearsal for the planned Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation display might have contributed to an increase in pollution levels.官方媒体报道称,北京市于上周二晚间燃放了大量烟花,为亚太经合组织会议期间的表演活动排,这可能在一定程度上导致污染水平上升。Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environmental Protection designated Henan Province as its next target for closer supervision, after summoning the mayor of Anyang, Ma Linqing, to Beijing to discuss his city’s failures in carrying out pollution regulations.与此同时,环保部将河南省定为下一个进行严密监督的目标。环保部在此之前将安阳市市长马林青召至北京,讨论安阳市在实施污染防治规定方面出现的问题。Henan, the province south of Hebei, is a center for copper-smelting, iron and steel mills, and coking plants. According to the ministry, despite the emergency antipollution measures ordered for this week, some heavily polluting enterprises either continued production as usual or discharged pollutants at night in an effort to hide them.位于河北南部的河南省是炼铜厂、炼钢厂及焦化厂的聚集地。环保部表示,尽管政府下令在本周实施污染防治举措,一些污染严重的企业要么像往常一样继续生产,要么在夜间排放污染物,进行遮掩。 /201411/341772

Generous girths aside, Winston Churchill and Chinese President Xi Jinping would seem to have little in common. One was popularly elected, while the other gained power by means of a shadowy process few understand. One was a giant who made his name leading his country through war, while the other#39;s legacy is still very much in the making.除了健壮的体魄之外,中国国家主席习近平似乎和温斯顿#8226;丘吉尔(Winston Churchill)没什么共同之处。丘吉尔通过民选上台,习近平通过少数人才能了解的幕后流程当选主席。丘吉尔由于领导英国赢得战争获得了伟人称号,而习近平铸就自己的历史还要花上一段时间。But the two do share one characteristic besides their robust builds: a fondness for literary allusions.但除了身板之外,这两人确实有一个共同点:都喜欢引用文学辞藻。In the same way Churchill littered his legendary speeches with references to the Bible and nods to Shakespeare, Mr. Xi has displayed a tendency to lard his writings and public statements with ations from classical Chinese literature.丘吉尔曾在他传奇性的演说中引用《 经》(Bible)和莎士比亚(Shakespeare)著作。与之类似,习近平也显示出一种用中国古典文学为文章和公开演讲润色的倾向。On Thursday, the overseas edition of the People#39;s Daily devoted itself to cataloging the Chinese leader#39;s literary references, running a full-page sp dedicated to explaining 13 allusions spanning the later part of Mr. Xi#39;s career. The aim, it said, was to explain the Chinese leader#39;s thoughts on #39;the question of cultivating morality among leading cadres.#39;《人民日报》海外版周四用一整版的篇幅列举了习近平在职业生涯靠后时期引用的13个古典名句。该报说,这是为了解释习近平屡次提到的领导干部修身问题。Some analysts have interpreted Mr. Xi#39;s embrace of the classics as a move akin to Churchill#39;s borrowing from #39;Henry V#39; in his World War II speeches: an effort to use pride in a venerable cultural tradition to rally the nation at a time of crisis.一些分析人士认为,习近平对古典名句的旁征引与丘吉尔在二战演说中引用《亨利五世》(Henry V)中的句子类似,都是在借助珍贵文化传统中的荣誉感使国家在危机时刻凝聚在一起。China is not facing war, but Mr. Xi and other Chinese leaders have portrayed the Communist Party as facing a raft of daunting challenges: endemic corruption, hostility abroad and an exceedingly tricky economic transition opposed by entrenched special interests. Having long ago traded in Marxism for the market, analysts say, the party is now trying to shore up its legitimacy by associating itself with a Confucian tradition it once lambasted as feudal and backwards.中国并未处在战争边缘,不过习近平和其他中国领导人一直说,共产党正面临着一系列艰巨的挑战:大规模腐败、海外敌对势力以及越来越棘手(且受到特殊利益集团阻挠)的经济转型。分析人士说,中共很久以前就放弃了马克思主义,搞起了市场经济,现在将自己与儒家传统联系在一起,意在提升其合法性。过去,中共曾对儒家传统大加抨击,说它封建、落后。Some of Mr. Xi#39;s references cited by the People#39;s Daily have more obvious resonances with today#39;s politics than others.相比其他的话,《人民日报》报道中所提到习近平引用过的话与当前的政治形势更加契合。One e Mr. Xi used from the Confucian #39;Book of Rites#39; in a 2007 essay speaks directly to his current efforts to clean up the behavior of China#39;s wayward bureaucrats: #39;Nothing is more visible than what is hidden, and nothing is more obvious than what is minute. Therefore a gentleman is careful of himself even when alone.#39;习近平在2007年的一篇文章中引用过一句《礼记》的话,这句话与他现在约束中国肆意妄为的官僚的努力相映成趣:莫见乎隐,莫显乎微,故君子慎其独也。In other instances, however, Mr. Xi#39;s allusions are less pointed, instead evoking an inchoate political anxiety. Such was the case during a 2013 visit to the Central Party School, when he ed a line from the #39;Book of Songs,#39; another Confucian classic: #39;In fear and trembling, as if walking on thin ice, as if approaching a deep abyss.#39;不过,在别的场合下,习近平的一些引语就不那么有针对性了,相反地,会引发一种模糊的政治焦虑。2013年就发生过这样一件事,当时习近平在视察中央党校时引用了《诗经》中的一句话:战战兢兢,如临深渊,如履薄冰。Mr. Xi is by no means the first Chinese leader to weave classical literature into his essays and speeches. Nor is he the first to attempt to leaven the Communist Party#39;s rhetoric with a sprinkling of Confucianism. Mr. Xi#39;s predecessor Hu Jintao similarly borrowed from Confucius when he introduced the notion of a #39;harmonious society#39; more than a decade ago, notes Sam Crane, a professor of Asian Studies at Williams College. But Mr. Xi, Mr. Crane says, #39;is being more explicit and direct in his classicism.#39;当然,习近平不是第一个喜欢在文章和讲话中引经据典的人,也不是第一个试图用儒家思想来装点中共话语的人。威廉斯学院(Williams College)亚洲研究系(Asian Studies)的教授克兰(Sam Crane)指出,习近平的前任胡锦涛在10多年前提出“和谐社会”这一理念是也借用了孔子的话。不过克兰说,习近平在引经据典时更明确、更直截了当。The People#39;s Daily sp, he adds, is #39;a rather obvious attempt to bolster [Xi#39;s] image as a proper gentleman in old Confucian terms: well , morally upright and finding moral inspiration in the classic texts.#39;他说,《人民日报》的整版文章很显然是想用儒家语言树立习近平的君子形象:学富五车、品德端正、从古代经典中寻找道德启示。In a country where even mundane conversations are often shot through with pithy aphorisms taken from classical literature, it makes sense for Mr. Xi show off his sophistication. Yet there could be some danger in reviving the classical texts, which are often vague, shot through with allegory and open to a wide range of interpretations.中国人在日常对话中也常常引经据典,所以习近平在讲话中炫耀一下自己的文学修养也不足为奇。但这样可能会出现古文复兴,而中国古文常常语义含糊,掺杂大量寓言,还会出现多种不同的解释。Take, for example, this famous e from Confucius#39; Analects that appears in an essay by Mr. Xi on poverty alleviation: #39;It#39;s easier to rob an army of its general than it is to rob a common man of his purpose and will.#39;比如,习近平在一篇关于扶贫的文章中引用了《论语》中的一句名言“三军可夺帅也,匹夫不可夺志也。”According the People#39;s Daily, Mr. Xi intention in evoking the passage was to encourage officials to cultivate the willpower necessary to #39;push ahead in the face of innumerable challenges.#39; But Mr. Crane notes that it might be differently, particularly in light of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the crackdown on student protesters in Tiananmen Square.《人民日报》的文章称,习近平引用这句话是为了鼓励领导干部树立志气,排除万难,勇往直前。但克兰指出,这句话还可以有不同的解读,特别是在天安门镇压学生抗议事件25周年即将到来之际。#39;We should not assume that the state is the articulator of those purposes and will,#39; he says. #39;And, indeed, 25 years ago there was a rather massive divergence in the expression of popular purposes and state power.#39;他说,大家不应该假定国家就是这些目标和志向的标准落脚点,实际上,25年前的普遍目标和国家权力就有着各种各样不同的说法。 /201405/296532

It captured the world#39;s attention when a huge #39;garbage island#39; was spotted in the middle of the Pacific.太平洋中发现的一座巨型“垃圾岛”引起了全世界的关注。Now, researchers have returned to the area known as the #39;Great Pacific Garbage Patch#39; - and say it is getting worse.研究人员现已回到了这片被称为“大太平洋垃圾带”的区域,他们称这里的情况越来越差。Researchers are spending 30 days living on a boat in the area, and have even taken a drone to capture images from the sky.研究人员用了30天的时间住在船里考察这片区域,甚至出动了一架无人机从天上拍摄照片。#39;Our research crew is currently living in one of the most polluted areas of the world,#39; the team at Algalita, founded by Charles Moore, who first discovered the problem, said.发现垃圾岛的查尔斯·尔创建的加利特研究团队称,“我们的研究人员目前住在世界上污染最严重的区域之一。”#39;This place, 1,000 miles away from land, redefined Algalita’s mission and ignited a fire to study the plastic plague destroying our oceans.“这里距离大陆有1000英里,它让加利特有了新的使命,点燃了我们对破坏海洋的塑料‘瘟疫’的研究热情。”#39;This is the North Pacific Gyre, home of the swirling vortex of plastic trash. #39;“这里位于北太平洋环流,许多塑料垃圾都在这里打转。”#39;The persistence and increasing quantity of plastic debris has created new habitats—essentially #39;plastic reefs#39; that sea creatures have made their homes#39;, the team say.该团队还说,“塑料垃圾存留时间长,数量也不断增多,逐渐形成了一种新的栖息地——‘塑料礁’,成为了许多海洋生物的安生之所。”They also say debris from the Japanese 2011 Tsunami is created its own #39;mini islands#39;.他们还表示,2011年日本海啸留下的垃圾杂物形成了一个个“迷你小岛”。The team has aly found one, dubbed #39;bouy Island#39;, that they believe weights 7 tons.团队已经发现了这样的一个岛——“浮标岛”,他们估测该岛约重7吨。#39;When the tsunami hit on March 11th, 2011, it must have ripped out this array and sent it out to sea,#39; said Captain Charles Moore on the organisation#39;s web site.在该组织官网上,查尔斯·尔说道,“2011年3月11日海啸来袭时,这些浮标肯定都被扯断了,然后就在海里漂流。”The team has also found more permanent fixtures in the garbage patch#39;s landscape.团队在这片垃圾带还发现了其他的永久漂浮物。For instance, the team has discovered a #39;trash island#39; more than 50 feet (15 meters) long, with #39;beaches,#39; a #39;rocky coastline,#39; and #39;underwater mountains#39; and reefs made up of ropes, buoys and other plastic debris, Moore said.尔举了几个例子,比如他们发现了一个足有50英尺(15米)长的“垃圾岛”,岛上的“沙滩”、“岩石海岸”、“海岭”和礁石样样不缺,它们都是由绳子、浮标和其他塑料垃圾组成的。Mussels, clams, sea anemones and seaweed were found sheltering on this artificial island, Moore said.他说,贻贝、蛤蚌、海葵、海藻都寄居在这座岛上。#39;It#39;s showing signs of permanence,#39; Moore told Livescience.尔接受生活科学网采访时说,“看上去,岛会一直存在。”#39;There will be a new floating world in our oceans if we don#39;t stop polluting with plastics.#39;“如果再不控制垃圾污染,我们的海洋中就要出现一个新的漂浮世界了。” /201407/314556

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