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A new report released Monday by the International Energy Agency says about 6.5 million deaths each year can be attributed to both indoor and outdoor air pollution.国际能源署发布的一项新报告称,每年约有650万人死于室内外空气污染。According to the World Health Organization, thats more than the number of people who die from HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and road injuries combined.根据世界卫生组织,这一数据超过死于艾滋病、肺结核和道路伤害人数的总和。This is the first air pollution study from the agency a Paris-based energy security group which is probably best known for its monthly oil market reports.这是总部设在巴黎的能源安全集团的首次空气污染研究,其最为人所知的可能是每月石油市场报告。The report also warns that premature deaths from outdoor air pollution are probably going to rise from 3 million to 4.5 million by 2040, mainly in developing Asia.该报告还警告说,到2040年室外空气污染引起的过早死亡将从300万人攀升到450万人,主要在发展中亚洲国家。In a statement, the IEA executive director said, No country rich or poor can claim that the task of tackling air pollution is complete.We need to revise our approach to energy development so that communities are not forced to sacrifice clean air in return for economic growth.在一份声明中国际能源署执行主任表示,无论富裕或贫穷,没有国家可以声称解决空气污染。我们需要修正我们的能源发展道路,不以牺牲洁净空气换取经济增长。The IEA suggests three steps for improving air quality like setting long-term air quality goals, having a clean air strategy for the energy sector and making sure countries actually monitor and enforce those goals and strategies.国际能源署提出三个步骤改善空气质量,像制定长期的空气质量目标,能源部门有清洁空气战略以及确保国家实际上监控和执行这些目标和策略。But to help slow air pollution, the developed world is going to need to do some investing in developing countries. That will allow countries like China where air pollution contributed to 1.2 million premature deaths in 2010 to finance industrial change and develop low-carbon technologies.但为了帮助减缓空气污染,发达国家需要对发展中国家进行一些投资。那将允许像中国这样的国家提供资金进行工业变革,并发展低碳技术。在中国,2010年空气污染致120万人过早死亡。If the IEA goals can be reached, developing countries could see the number of people exposed to certain types of air pollution drop. In India, it could fall below 20 percent by 2040 from the 60 percent its at today.如果国际能源署的目标可以达成,发展中国家暴露在某些类型空气污染下的人数下降。在印度,到2040年可以从如今的百分之60下降到百分之20以下。译文属。201606/451674。

The scientific community was transfixed.整个科学界惊呆了For decades the coelacanth had been touted as a possible transitional form between fish and tetrapods,几十年来,腔棘鱼一直被奉为鱼和四足动物之间的过渡型物种but no one had really known enough about it. It existed only as a fossil.不过,当时无人对它有足够了解,人们只把它当成是一种活化石Smith proclaimed the coelacanth a transitional formSmith声称腔棘鱼就是过渡型物种and as proof he announced that it would actually walk on the bottom of the sea.为了自圆其说,他提出它应该能在海底行走I have no doubt that this fish crawls about on the bottom quite easily.我完全肯定这种鱼能在海底轻松地爬行Yes, the Professor says the fish is a kind of ancestor of man. Poor fish.是的,教授说这种鱼就是人类的一个祖先,可怜的鱼But he knew he would have to find one alive and walking to prove the coelacanth was the elusive transitional form.可是他很清楚他必须找到另一条活着且能行走的腔棘鱼,以明腔棘鱼确实是难得一见的过渡型物种He looked for 13 years until another one was found, and it didnt walk - it swam.他寻找了13年,最后终于找到了一条,但它不会行走,只会游泳It was just another fish.它只是一条鱼Well it was thrown out. There were quite a lot of nasty letters send to J.L.B. too它被完全否定了,J.L.B.Smith收到了很多写满污言秽语的信件to say that he was having a daydream.说他简直是白日做梦There were still no transitional forms,看来还是没有过渡型物种nothing to show that a fish with fins had walked over land and evolved into our first ancestor with legs,没有什么能说明长着鳍的鱼为何会爬到陆地上,进化成我们最早的长着腿的祖先nothing to silence the creationists and there it rested for 30 years.也没有什么能堵住神创论者们的嘴,这个问题搁置了30多年。201702/492682。

Just an hour after the firing had started,在战斗开始后的一个小时there were 1,500 Jacobite Highlanders lying slaughtered.詹姆斯二世党军队就有1500名士兵倒下Only 50 of the Hanoverians had perished.而汉诺威的军队只有50名士兵牺牲It was perhaps better to be one of those felled by Hanoverian guns.或许成为汉诺威军队的下鬼要更好一点It spared you the sight of British soldiers coming at you,因为这样就省掉在你受伤后while you lay wounded,to finish you off with their newfangled bayonets.躺在地上眼睁睁地看着英军 用他们的新式刺刀来结束你生命时的痛苦As one Hanoverian officer noted:正如一名汉诺威的军官写道Our men, killing the enemy, dabbling their feet in blood and splashing it about one another,我们的士兵 勇猛杀敌 在血流成河的战场上 英勇无畏 浴血奋战look like so many butchers rather than Christian soldiers.他们更像群屠夫而不是基督教战士Charles Edward survived the battle and gave the order:Every man for himself.查理斯·爱德华幸存下来 他下令 大家各自逃命去吧He went on the run until it was safe to be shipped back to France.他一直在逃亡 直到安全回到法国In England, the victory was riotously celebrated.在英格兰 人们热烈的庆祝着胜利Effigies of Bonnie Prince Charlie were burned at the stake.人们在火刑架上焚烧美王子查理的肖像Many Scots, too,were pleased to see the end of the Jacobite threat,很多苏格兰人 也很乐意看到詹姆斯二世党人的威胁结束delighted the prince had gone.以及王子的离去But in the heartland of his support, north-west Scotland,但在持他的主要地区 苏格兰西北部Charles Edward left behind a population prostrate查理斯·爱德华很多手无寸铁的拥护者before the avenging army of the Duke of Cumberland,都成为了坎伯兰公爵军队的刀下亡魂determined to break the Jacobite clans for ever.因为公爵决定要彻底清除詹姆斯二世党余孽 /201706/513993。



TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/475084。

Below me is the province of British Columbia,我正在不列颠哥伦比亚省上空which is twice the size of California.这里的面积相当于加利福尼亚的两倍It is so isolated that there are more bears here than there are people.这里与世隔绝 当地熊的数量远大于人口数Survival is all about physical and mental strength.生存需要强健的体魄与心理素质With basic skills and the right attitude,you can survive in the wilderness.只要有基本的技巧和良好的心态 你在野外就能存活下来My first recruit is 39-year-old Joe Resto, from New York.第一位新成员是 来自纽约的乔·莱斯特 今年39岁 I always wanted to climb to the top of a mountain.我一直很想征一座高山I will probably be the only Puerto Rican in history to climb a mountain.我可能会成为波多黎各 登山史上的第一人But its comforting to know that Ill have Bear得知贝尔将会在我身边not too far from me to take care of things if things get out of hand.在危急关头伸出援手 我感到很欣慰And joining Joe is 29-year-old Sean Lacoste, from the midwest.和乔一起的是 来自中西部的肖恩·拉科斯特 今年29岁This is something that I signed up for,and I want it to be a challenge.我报名参加这个节目 是想挑战自我I want to be able to face my fears and my weaknesses and overcome those.我希望能够直面并征 我的恐惧感和弱点Sean and Joe wont be disappointed.一切将如他们所愿But the wilderness is both dangerous and unpredictable.但是荒野既危机四伏又变幻莫测Okay, are you set for this?你们准备好了吗Get y for the most wild cab ride youre ever gonna take.Keep low.准备踏上最狂野的荒野之旅 蹲下点儿This heli is taking us high into the Purcell mountain range,over 100 miles from the nearest city.直升机将把我们 带到珀塞尔山脉之中 距离最近的城市也有100英里之远Welcome to the big mountains.欢迎来到雪山201705/509249。

Another battle is being waged here but on a much longer time scale.这里又开辟了一个新的战场,可是不会持续多久These loose boulders are the mountains crumbling bones.这些散落的石块是从山脊上崩裂下来的The Rockies are no longer rising but slowly disintegrating.落基山脉已不再上升,却是在慢慢地崩塌All mountains everywhere are being worn down by frost, snow and ice.世界各地的高山都在不断经受森林、积雪和冰川的消蚀The Alps were raised some 15 million years ago阿尔卑斯山崛起于1500万年前as Africa, drifting northwards, collided with the southern edge of Europe.原因是非洲板块向北漂移,与欧洲南麓相撞These spires are the eroded remains of an ancient seabed that once stretched between the two continents.曾经连接两块大陆的古老海床侵蚀后留下了一座座尖耸的山峰But these are just the Alpine foothills.可是这些只是阿尔卑斯山麓地带的小山The range at its centre rises to three miles high and is crowned with permanent snows.山脉中心地带的山峰伫立高达3英里,并且终年覆盖积雪。201703/499973。

栏目简介:Johnson amp; Johnson was ordered to pay 55 million US dollars to a woman who claims its talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer. The case has triggered safety concerns for products containing talc. Yuan Chenyue spoke with some local consumers and retailers to see if the lawsuit has affected sales in Shanghai.201701/487356。