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河南省华山整形医院打玻尿酸多少钱郑州/激光去红血丝效果怎么样People exercise for all kinds of reasons, most of them center around looking good and feeling well.人们出于各种原因锻炼身体。但大多数原因都不外乎提升自我形象和自我感觉。Exercise benefits more than just muscles, the whole body, the brain, the cardiovascular structure. Almost everything benefits,运动的益处不仅限于调动全身肌肉、协调整个身体、锻炼大脑、增强心血管机能。运动几乎有数不清的好处。but one of the big thing exercise does is teach the body to burn fat instead of sugar.但是,锻炼过程中最重要的一件事就是:让身体学会燃烧脂肪而不是消耗糖分。;The program that we study is increasing burning of fat, and burning less sugar.“我们进行的研究与增加脂肪的燃烧,减少糖分的燃烧有关。That leaves more sugar for the brain and keeps the brain going, so endurance is about keeping the brain on.;这会为大脑留存更多的糖分,保持大脑的运转,所以耐力其实就是关于保持大脑的正常运转。”In a new paper, scientists have found a chemical compound that can reprogram a mouse to choose fat over sugar as an energy source of the genetic level.在新近发表的一篇论文中,科学家表示,他们发现了一种化合物,这种化合物能对老鼠进行基因“重编程”,从而在基因层面上进行改变,更多选择脂肪而非糖分作为能量来源。;And so, you can keep going on fat for a long time, as long as you can keep the sugar going to the brain.“所以,依靠消耗脂肪,你可以维持身体的长时间运转,只要你能保大脑所需的糖分。And so the secret is how to reprogram that.因此秘诀在于,如何对此进行“重编程”。It#39;s... it#39;s promoting something which is burning fat and inhibit something which is burning sugar.这就需要促进脂肪的燃烧,同时,抑制糖分的燃烧。And so that#39;s what training does, our pill does that without training.;运动训练的目的就在于此。而我们研发的药丸可以做到这一点,但不需要进行运动。”If it works in humans, it could provide some of the same health benefits that regular exercise does without the movement.如果它能对人体起作用,那么就可以在无需运动的基础上,给人们带来一些与定期锻炼效果相当的健康疗效。This could be a big help for people who are unable to exercise.对于无法锻炼的人来说,这可能是一个很大的帮助。But it is not a cure-all, does not do any of the good things that aerobic exercise does.但它绝非灵丹妙药,因此并不是有氧运动的所有益处,利用药丸都能实现。;With the pill, you get all this benefit, and you have not improved your blood supply, you haven#39;t changed you heart function.“用‘运动药丸’,你能享受到所有这些好处,既没有加大你的血液供应,也没有改变你的心脏功能。And so it means that endurance to us is about the brain, it#39;s about keeping the brain going.所以这意味着,我们的耐力关键在于大脑。需要保持大脑的运转。If you keep your brain going, you are gonna keep running.;如果你想保持大脑正常运转,就需要继续跑步运动。”In mice, the pill greatly increased their endurance and improved their general health.药丸大大增加了实验老鼠的耐力,改善了它们的基本健康条件。The team is hoping to see the same results in human tests that could be got in 6 months.该团队希望6个月后即将得到的人类测试数据能同该研究结果吻合。Kevin Enochs, VOA News, Washington.VOA新闻,凯文·伊诺克斯于华盛顿为您播报。 Article/201706/513943郑州第一人民医院光子嫩肤多少钱 Mexico is the first country in the Americas to eliminate trachoma. So what is that?墨西哥是美洲第一个消除沙眼的国家。沙眼是什么?Globally, it#39;s the leading infectious cause of blindness. It#39;s caused by a bacterial infection, and if a person gets repeated infections, their corneas could be scarred or they could lose vision entirely.在全球范围内,它是导致失明的主要传染原因。它是由细菌感染引起的,如果一个人反复感染,他们的角膜可能受到创伤或可能完全失去视力。About 1.9 million people worldwide are either visually impaired or blind from trachoma, according to the World Health Organization. Roughly 182 million people live in areas where they#39;re at risk for catching it. 世界卫生组织称,全世界约有190万人患有沙眼导致的视力减退或失明。大约1亿8,200万人居住的区域有感染的风险。In Mexico, trachoma affected about 146,000 people. The state of Chiapas actually created a task force of doctors and nurses dedicated to eliminating the disease in 2004. 在墨西哥,沙眼感染了约146,000人。在2004年,恰帕斯州建立了一个由医生和护士组成的工作小组致力于消除这种疾病。Efforts to get rid of trachoma worldwide have increased in the last year. Health experts say 86 million people were treated with antibiotics in 2016, compared to 56 million the year before. 在世界范围内,去年消除沙眼的努力有所增加。健康专家表示,在2016年8,600万人接受了抗生素治疗,前一年是5,600万。Mexico is only the third country, behind Morocco and Oman, to receive WHO validation for eliminating trachoma. The health organization hopes to have the disease completely eradicated by the year 2020. 继洛哥和阿曼,墨西哥是第三个获得世界卫生组织验消除沙眼的国家。卫生组织希望到2020年底彻底根除这种疾病。译文属。 Article/201705/507473At the heart of Chinese culture, and Chinese academic success, is one thing...conformity.中国文化及其学术成就最核心的部分就是一件事,从Please be quick!快一点The work of a Chinese school is to mould children into model citizens.中式学校的工作就是把孩子们塑造成模范公民Flag raisers!升旗手Chinese education is about next generation of Chinese citizens.中式教育是为了培养中国的下一代Next generation of Chinese leaders.中国的下一代领导人And every single child has that... desire to do well, to serve their country.每一个孩子都渴望自己能做好,去务自己的国家At the weekly flag-raising ceremony,在每周的升旗仪式上Chinese children are expected to make motivational speeches and it#39;s no different here.中国学生都会做动员演讲,这里也不例外Quiet! Hello.安静!大家好As you#39;re aware, there are tests coming up later this week.大家都知道,这周后几天就要考试了You#39;ve got two options for them.对此你们有两个选择Option one is you don#39;t revise, and option two is you revise.选择一,你们不复习;选择二,你们复习If you pick option one, then you are lazy.如果你选择前者,那就说明你很懒You can#39;t be bothered to revise.你甚至懒得花力气复习If you are really stuck, then ask a teacher for help.如果你被难住了,可以向老师寻求帮助But if you are stuck and you do not ask a teacher for help,但是如果你被难住了却不去问老师and you fail the exam, it is your own fault, not the teacher#39;s, yours.因此而没通过考试,这就是你自己的错,不是老师的错,是你自己的So, what are you going to do?那么,你们会怎么选呢Revise and succeed, or don#39;t revise and be lazy and FAIL the exam?复习,通过考试;还是不复习,做个懒鬼,然后考试不及格Thank you.谢谢It#39;s not only in the rituals of flag raising and morning exercise不仅仅只是在升旗仪式和晨练的时候where the collective spirit is encouraged.才会培养他们的集体意识Chinese schools reinforce social cohesion and conformity with classes in social education.中式学校通过社会教育课来加强社会凝聚力与集体意识的培养 Article/201605/445806鹤壁市做双眼皮手术多少钱

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