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Jobs report better than expected CNNs Alexandra Field looks at a better than expected jobs report for November.Well, it’s a big leap actually getting a paycheck instead of working for a minimum wage. I mean I can actually do stuff now. Jeff Delorenzo graduated from Rodgers University with a degree in engineering. He was underemployed for a year, serving coffee before come full time job in his field at Flexline, an engine new jersey manufacturer. We figured that there was a great potential there, and an engineering degree and we grabbed him.Young people like Delorenzo and the recently unemployed are reaping the benefits of an economy that’s adding jobs. The latest jobs report puts the national unemployment rate at a 5 year low of 7%. 203,000 jobs were created in November and more of them are in higher paying sectors.We saw, you know the predictable retail jobs in leisure and hospitality, bars and restaurants because of the holidays. But we also saw things like manufacturing; we saw things business and professional services, again tend to pay a bit more money, so these were broad base job gains this month. And that’s important.The November jobs report was better than expected. For a 3rd year in a row, more than 2 million jobs are being created. Still that’s not enough to make up for the 9 million jobs loss between 2008 and .Did you think it was gonna be difficult to find a job?To be completely honest, no, I thought I was going to be handed a job, I thought people were going to be asking me to have a job.In the last year, employment dropped nearly a 4 percentage point, but 11 million people are searching for jobs and the long-term unemployed are struggling the most. In some places people are fighting for work. Last month, Walmart opened 2 stores in Washington DC, there were 600 job openings, and 23,000 job applicants.If you look at that as a rate, that means less than 3% of them would get hired. Harvard has a higher acceptance rate.Alexandra Field, CNN, New York. /201312/268571。

  • There must have been a whole lot of discussion of mathematics and how to solve the problems of managing huge building projects like the pyramids and the temples, and managing the huge work-forces that went with it, and feeding them all.当时一定有许多 关于如何管理金字塔和庙宇这样大型的建筑工程,管理数量庞大的建筑工人,并保工人饮食等问题的数学讨论。How that more sophisticated discussion of mathematics was conducted, or transmitted, we can only guess.如此复杂的数学讨论是如何进行和表达的,我们只能想象。The evidence that has come down to us is maddeningly fragmentary, because papyrus is so fragile, because it rots in the damp, and it burns so easily.传到我们手里的据都离破碎,因为莎草纸太易碎,不耐潮,又易燃。We dont know where the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus came from, but we presume that it must have been a tomb.我们甚至不知道莱因德纸草书是如何保存下来的,只能推测它来自某座古墓。There are some examples of private libraries being buried with their owners-presumably to establish their educational and administrative credentials in the afterlife.历史上曾有不少私人藏书与主人一起埋葬的例子,大概是为了保他们来生仍有学识,有成为管理人员的资格。 This loss of evidence makes it very hard to form a view of how Egypt stood in comparison to its neighbours. Eleanor Robson again:由于据的缺失,很难了解埃及的数学水平在当时邻国中所处的位置,也无法确知公元前一五五〇年左右埃及数学的真实水平。埃莉诺罗伯森说:Its quite difficult to tell exactly how representative Egyptian mathematics is in the early second millennium .The only evidence weve got to compare it with at the same time is from Babylonia, southern Iraq.目前唯一能与之比较的物件来自与它同时代的巴比伦,位于今伊拉克南部。Because they were the only two civilisations at that point that actually used writing.它们是当时仅有的两个使用文字的文明。So Im sure that lots of cultures were counting and managing with numbers, but they all did it-as far as we know-without ever writing things down.我肯定当时还有别的民族也会计数运算,但从目前的发现来看,他们都没有书写下来。The Babylonians we know a lot more about, because they wrote on clay tablets and, unlike papyrus, clay survives very well in the ground over thousands of years.我们对巴比伦人的情况更为了解,因为他们的书写载体是黏土板,不像莎草纸,黏土板可以在地下保存数千年。So for Egyptian mathematics we have perhaps six, maximum ten, pieces of writing about mathematics, and the biggest of course is the Rhind Papyrus.至于埃及, 我们则仅有大概六份,顶多十份数学记录,其中最完整的就是莱因德纸草书。201407/309937。
  • Being shy doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. New habits are all it takes to overcome shyness.害羞并不是一成不变的。新的习惯可以克羞涩。You Will Need你需要Confidence信心A pen and paper纸和笔Practice练习Steps步骤STEP 1 Make eye contact with others1.与他人进行眼神交流Build your confidence by making eye contact with friends and family with whom you feel comfortable.与家人或朋友等让你感觉舒适的人进行眼神交流,建立信心。STEP 2 Write down conversation starters2.写下对话开场白Think of phrases to begin conversations with. Write them down and practice saying them out loud.想一些开始对话的说辞。写下来,大声念出来进行练习。STEP 3 Write what you need to say3.写下想说的话Write a script of what you need to say to someone. Practice by rehearsing it out loud.把你想对某人说的话写成文本。多次大声练习。Treat yourself like your best friend.把自己当成最好的朋友。STEP 4 Practice4.练习Practice socializing and using your conversation starters in small-group activities with people you don’t know.在不认识的人的小组活动中练习社交,使用你的对话开场白。Did you know? Sixty-two percent of people feel shyness every day.你知道吗?62%的人每天都会感到害羞。视频听力译文由。 /201404/289093。
  • British Army Team Ready To Scale EverestA team of British troops will set off to climb Mount Everest in April to raise awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.There are a few places in Europe, more remote, in the cangons in winter, bleat, unpredictable, perfect conditions train for Everest. The team, all Afghan adventurers, want to raise the wareness for come back stress. The expedition also coincide with the some team ri of wooder 1, in 19 kinda of versary of maneries doomed attempt on the Everest. Coursed is the team doctor Tudato is hard to navigate. Mack ings skills are a central,everyone must be confident in each other. Suwner is her medcial skills but callden weption. Johner, the second commander, is falling through hold covered by the snow hit its arm hard on the boud.;Its all right, he felt free that becal on this basic ownerbretion all freeze,on that big contretion big breeze. I need just not some the reminds, but watching unless mute quite geniles, he is lotpa, so gonna give some pain killers and I will recess him later, and get him some cold ilserna,and try get breson down. Yeah, he is tafi.;;Weve just come through vally cold larick ecrak, and then up and over you coner should say its so misty now, but when now in something could show a mean gap which bow in the dewest, and chaps some ropes Ill pile up and down pilst rope work. Drills t Ive been doing two weeks time and time again,doing absolutely spot on when they get all rest, its perfect.;Crimer homeson honest get one, this is the triffic time feel the heads, parcle bearic spirits.;Wont you start get into the ocktion dead, you start to lose it right attach we dont so allien moved....;Tatakens is one member of the team who has successfully climbed the Everest before.;All the train preparation is really important, so I am the sky the guy, you know, carecly say, moving on the rock, moving on the snow and ice in the opposite whites land and pull, and for progration for in the mountain , there quite proud to, to locreate guasing.;;Wofeving savfree they are zibuck,so, so lets keep it.;On Everest, even the smallest tarf swarts will sakanergy like nothing, theyve ever experienced.;Clim stay hightlight look at free each other eight for a wolf ates chales.;This is the last time the team will train together. They fly in just over a month the Himlayas and Everest.Else Bongus, Sky News, the Cangon in Scotland /201403/278620。
  • ANNOUNCER: Its time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Which of these countries is on Iberian Peninsula? If you think you know it, then shout it out. 哪个国家在伊比利亚半岛上?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Italy, South Korea, Yemen or Spain? Youve got three seconds, go!它是意大利、韩国、也门还是西班牙?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Iberian Peninsula is in southwestern Europe, and its occupied by Portugal and Spain. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.伊比利亚半岛位于欧洲西南部,那里有葡萄牙和西班牙。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: There are four time zones in the continuous ed States. 美国有连续四个时区。Spain has one, and Spanish officials are thinking about changing it. 西班牙只有一个时区,西班牙的官员打算做出改变。They are considering going back in time on hour. 他们考虑想要准时回家。In Spain, many workers take long lunch breaks or midday siestas. 在西班牙,很多工人会有很长的午休。They tend to eat late, leave work late and go to bed late. 他们会吃得晚,下班晚,睡觉也晚。A report says, shifting the countrys time zone could make a major difference.有报道说,改变该国的时区会产生巨大的变化。 /201310/262150。
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