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Clothes Size 装大小S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesS: Im sorry, but we dont have anything larger in stock right now.抱歉,但这是目前存货中最大的一件了S3: It isnt big enough. This one is bigger.这件不够大,这件稍大些 C1: Same size.一样的尺码C: It the wrong size.尺码不对C3: The sizes run from small to large.号码大小不一C: Is it the largest size?这是最大的吗?C5: What biggest size?最大的尺码是多少?C6: Do you have anything smaller?你有小号的吗?C7: What size does it come in?有哪些尺码可供选择?C8: Have you got a larger size?你们有大一点的尺码吗?C9: Do you have anything smaller?你们有比较小号的吗?C: Do you have this pattern in size 5?这种款式有5码的吗?C: Do you have this in a larger size?这件有尺码大一点的吗?C: Do you have this in a smaller size?这件有尺码小一点的吗?C: Would you give me a larger one?你能再给我找一条大一点的吗?C: Do you have this in extra-large?你们有没有这种款式加大码的?C: It too big. Do you have a smaller size?太大了,有小一点的尺码吗?C: It is too small. Do you have a bigger size?我觉得太小了,有大一点的吗?C: Could you show me some larger sweaters, please?请给我看一些大码的毛衣好吗?C18: I want ten more that are the same as this one, but a size bigger.我还要件同样的,但是尺码要大一号mer US president George W. Bush may no longer be able to change the course of history - but it has not stopped others trying him.美国前总统乔治·W·布什可能再也不能改变历史的进程了--但这并不能阻止别人帮助他达成此成就To mark its th anniversary Friday, online encyclopedia Wikipedia released a ranking of its pages based on how many edits have been made by volunteers - edits can mount at Wikipedia pages when people or subjects incite passion or rival perspectives.为了庆祝成立十五周年,在线百科全书维基百科发布了一个词条编辑次数的排名--当有人或主题煽动或者持对立观点时,维基百科上的词条编辑次数会大增Bush topped the list with 5,86 edits, coming in about 3,000 edits ahead of the World Wrestling Entertainment roster page.布什以586次编辑位居榜首,领先排名第二的美国职业摔角人员名单3000次The list of the top- most edited pages went on to include, in order, the US, Wikipedia itself, Michael Jackson, Jesus and the Catholic Church.前十大编辑最多词条的列表中还包括美国,维基百科,迈克尔·杰克逊,耶稣和天主教会Since its launch on January , 01, Wikipedia has grown to more than 36 million s, with approximately 80,000 volunteer editors contributing to the website, according to the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation behind it.据维基百科旗下的非盈利组织维基媒体基金会表示,自01年1月日正式建立开始,维基百科已经拥有超过三千六百万个词条,大约80000名志愿编辑为网站做出了贡献Separately, Pew Research Center released a study detailing which subjects are most popular on Wikipedia in different languages.另外,皮尤研究中心发布了一项研究,详细介绍了维基百科在不同语言中最受欢迎的主题The most visited in the English version of Wikipedia was ;List of deaths by year,; which racked up more than .8 million page views last year alone, the research showed.该研究表明,英文版维基百科访问最多的条目是“年度死亡人员名单”,该页面在去年一年就有超过万的访问量 03383A training center in Beijing recently opened a new course, which claims to help students absorb energy from the universe through a special cabin built according to the angles of the pyramids.北京一家培训机构最近开设了一门新课程,声称通过一个照金字塔角度修建的特殊小屋,可以帮助学生吸收宇宙能量Staff at the center said that a nine-day course costs ,000 RMB. Local police are currently investigating the case.据该培训机构的工作人员表示,为期9天的这一课程收费万元人民币当地警方目前正在调查这起案件A girl surnamed Xiaoyu, who was sent to the training camp by her mother, told Beijing Morning Post about the content of the so-called training.一位名叫小雨的小姑娘被她的母亲送到了该机构接受培训,她向《北京晨报透露了关于所谓“培训”的内容;They told me to sit in an energy cabin and imagine my body floating in the air,; said Xiaoyu, adding that she was instructed to write poems after she came out of the cabin.小雨说道:“他们叫我坐在一个能量舱里,并且想象我的身体漂浮在空中”她还表示,当她从能量舱中出来之后,便被要求写诗Meanwhile, another girl was told to sleep on the floor three days, during which time she was given only three apples and a small amount of water to consume, according to Xiaoyu. Such ;training; is supposed to refresh both the body and mind.与此同时,小雨透露称,另外一名女孩则被要求在地板上睡三天,期间只被允许吃了三个苹果、饮用了少量的水据称这样“培训”的目的是要洁净人的身体和思想Tao, an instructor at the center, said that the training is designed to expand and change students way of thinking.据该培训中心一名姓陶的老师表示,这种培训的目的是为了扩展和改变学生的思维方式Instead of traditional memorization-based teaching, the training helps students to receive knowledge through their brains natural instincts, Tao said.陶老师称,该培训机构摒弃了传统的死记硬背教学模式,帮助学生通过他们大脑的自然本能来接受知识He also promised that students Chinese would be greatly improved after two days of study, and that academic permance in every subject would soar if students trained nine days.他还表示经过两天的学习之后,学生的语文成绩将会大幅提高,而且如果学生接受9天的培训的话,每一科成绩都会大为改善Tao said that the center has trained more than 0 students nationwide, and they have verified the ability of the energy cabin to function as a refreshing ce.据陶老师表示,该机构已经培训了来自全国各地的0多名学生,而这些人已经明了能量舱的洁净力量的确有效果Now the case has been reported to police, and further investigation will be carried out.目前这起案件已经被通报给了警方,并将进行进一步调查 9770

Weddings are loud, happy affairs, but in reality, sometimes people get married against their wishes.婚礼原本应该是激动和快乐的事情但在现实中,有时人们会违背自己的意愿而结婚Videos recently circulating on Facebook show a man marrying an elderly woman, and from his sad facial expression, we can assume that he was not all that happy.最近在Facebook上流传的一段视频中,一个男人迎娶了另一个比他年长很多的女人,从他的面部表情我们可以看出他并不是那么高兴According to comments by netizens, the couple is Chinese and the age gap between the groom and his bride stretch as far as to 0 years.通过网民的得知,这对夫妇是中国人,新郎和新娘的年龄差距很大,目测相差-0岁Throughout the s, the groom showed reluctance and unhappiness.在整个视频中,新郎一直表现出非常的不情愿和不开心Only after getting presented a pile of cash, did he agree to drink the cross-cupped wine, a tradition Chinese newly-weds.在得到一大堆现金之后,新郎才同意完成中国传统的婚礼习俗--喝交杯酒Netizens reason that the groom probably married the woman out of financial constraints and not love.据此网友们有充分理由认为,这个男人仅仅是因为缺钱才娶了这个老女人,而根本不是因为爱The man hilarious, albeit resigned expression garnered him much popularity with netizens. Hopefully, the man will find his happiness soon.该男子不情愿却最终顺从的滑稽表情,让他在网络上聚集了不少的人气最后,我们祝愿这个男人能够尽快找到属于他的幸福 8335

A: Hello, this is Albert.B: Hi. I'm Jack. You called about the room rent. Are you still interested?A: Yes, I am.B: I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions.A: Shoot.B: I just want to be sure that we get along.A: I agree with you 0 percent--we must get along.B: Are you a party animal?A: Oh, no. I'm a very quiet person.B: Great! Next: Are you neat or are you a slob?A: I'm a pretty neat person.B: Are you a night owl or a day person?A: Early to bed, early to rise.B: Finally, do you smoke?A: Actually, I quit smoking four years ago.B: Excellent answers. Do you have any questions me?A: Just one: Is there a parking lot?B: Untunately, you have to park in the street.A: Well, I'm desperate. I'll take it anyway.B: Great! Let me know when you're y to move in.A: I think it will be tomorrow if that's okay.B: No problem. I'll be here all day tomorrow. 19

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