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Around the world many cities are aly taking action to adapt to the future impacts of climate change. 世界各地的许多城市开始采取行动,以适应未来气候变化的影响。Some of these efforts include energy efficiency, new drainage systems, and improved transportation infrastructure. 这些努力包括能源效率、新的排水系统以及改进的交通基础设施。C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group is a global network for cities committed to addressing climate change. C40城市气候变化领导小组是一个致力于应对气候变化的全球城市网络。One of the biggest issues facing major cities, is that not all cities have the same resources to address the issues. 大城市面临的最大问题之一,就是并不是所有的城市都有同样的资源来解决问题。New studies show that in general, cities in developed nations, such as London or New York, all spend around 0.22 percent of their total GDP on climate adaptation, 新的研究表明一般情况下,发达国家的城市如伦敦或纽约,花费约占生产总值的百分之0.22应对气候适应,whereas cities in developing nations, such as Jakarta and Lagos, all spend about 0.15 percent.而在发展中国家城市,如雅加达和拉各斯,花费约百分之0.15。译文属。201603/428949。

NPR photojournalist David Gilkey, who won wide acclaim for his work chronicling major conflicts and disasters around the world, died Sunday in Afghanistan after the Afghan unit he was traveling with was hit by rocket-propelled grenades in an apparent ambush. NPRs Afghan interpreter, Zabihullah Tamanna, was also killed in the attack, as was Afghan soldier at the wheel of their vehicle. Gilkey was 50 years old, Tamanna 38.NPR described Gilkeys body of work in its release confirming his death:It is fair to say that David witnessed some of humanitys most challenging moments: He covered wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He covered the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. He covered the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa. He covered the devastating earthquake in Haiti, famine in Somalia, and most recently the Ebola epidemic in Liberia.Gilkey previously worked for the Detroit Free Press, and was considered one of the countrys best photojournalists in his time there, and was part of the team that won the paper an Emmy for Outstanding Current News Coverage for Broadband for the series ;Michigan Marines: Band of Brothers.;He also won a George Polk award for NPR in 2010, and the White House Photographers Association named him Still Photographer of the Year in 2011.Gilkey was the first non-military U.S. journalist to die in Afghanistan since the latest conflict there began in 2001.Joe Swickard, Gilkeys former colleague at the Detroit Free Press, joined us today on Stateside.201606/448213。

Oh my god, thosere too dangerous.I wore this for Ellen.So dangerous.我的天 这是不是太危险了 我特意为Ellen穿的 太危险了这Those are very...those are weapons.You see this scar right here? From those type of shoes.随身携带着兵器啊 能看见我这个疤吗 就是这种鞋划的Those pair of shoes?Do not put footies under the table.Those are insane, are those one of a kind?就这双吗 别轻易把脚伸进桌子下面 好冲动的鞋 这是你的风格吗No theyre not. But theyre making the debut here on the Ellen show.Whose makes those?还不是 它们这在Ellen show上才初次亮相 什么品牌的啊Christian Louboutins, from them. I knew you like shoes so...And I need to be with Jennifer all the time, so its a whole.Christian 红底鞋 我知道你喜欢这种鞋 再加上一直跟Jennifer合作 我得防身Those are pretty fancy shoes.Jamie, just for people who dont know who jamie is.Jamie is a choreographer.这鞋真心不错 Jamie 我为那些不熟悉Jamie的人介绍一下 Jamie是一名舞蹈指导First of all, congratulations on the half-time show, you did that entire half-time show.It was beautiful, It was amazing.首先要祝贺你导演的中场表演大获成功 非常惊人Youve worked with everybody in the world, including me.你的合作对象都遍布全球了 都包括我You actually choreographed something I did one time, so thank you for that.那次你为我编了舞 得谢谢你But just name some people youve worked with, just so people know who you are.你自己说说都跟谁合作过 自我介绍一下Well, um, Ive done shows for Britney Spears Rihanna, um, Spice Girls, Ricky Martin, Shakira um, wow, Talia, God I just...呃 我为布兰妮设计过表演 还有蕾哈娜 辣 Ricky-Martin 夏奇拉 还有 啊 好难想We did a .Jennifer Lopez! We did a .Ive been with all those directors, you know, since 1996.我们还拍过MV呢 对Jennifer Lopez拍过MV 我一直在向那些大导演学习 从96年就开始了Wow, long time.Amazing.Oh the Michael Jackson sort of stuff.I directed the show ;immortal;.Yeah, and now youre doing this.这真是好久了 多惊人 还有Michael Jackson的一些作品 永生巡演是我导演的 而现在你投身这个了Which I, I said backstage, I love the show.The show is so filled with talents that youve never seen before.我刚在后台也说 爱死这个节目了 见所未见的天才比比皆是And its so importance to, to bring this into, you know...a bigger audience, to let everybody know whats out there.So I love that.而且将这种文化带入更大的环境 给全世界见识一下 这个太有意义了 我喜欢 /201604/440384。

The European Commission欧盟委员会Friends in the right places处在正确位置的朋友The British are down, the Germans and east Europeans are up英国势力不在,德国和东欧的势力崛起“I AM French, I am deeply French, but here I will stand as a European commissioner.” Thus Pierre Moscovici, a French former finance minister, when seeking the European Parliaments approval as economics and finance commissioner this autumn. Commission officials similarly plead European ambitions over national interests. But home ties are hard to break, so governments are keen to place their own in key posts.“我是一个法国人,一个纯正的法国人,但我现在以欧盟委员会的身份站在这里。”今年秋天,法国前财政部长皮埃尔·莫斯科维奇在寻求欧洲议会批准其为经济和金融委员的时候如是说。委员会官员同样辩解称欧盟发展大于国家利益。但是国家情结很难打破,因此各国政府都力争谋求欧盟委员会的关键职位。New members have made their mark in recent years (see left-hand chart). Italys representation has plummeted from almost 25% of the total in the 1980s. As host country, Belgium still does well. But the most striking recent trend has been the rise of Poland and Romania. In 2011 Poland slipped ahead of Britain, which now accounts for just 4.5% of the commissions total staff.欧盟新成员国在最近几年里取得了很大的进步(见左边图表)。意大利代表在欧盟委员会中的比例自19世纪80年代的25%暴跌至今。作为东道国,比利时仍然表现不错。但是近来最令人惊叹的变化是波兰和罗马尼亚代表人数在欧盟委员会中的上升。2011年,波兰代表在委员会中所占职位比例首次超过仅占4.5%的英国。The old guard clings on at the top, however. At the end of 2013, of the 128 most senior positions, Germany held 20, Britain 13 and France 11. German influence in commissioners private offices (cabinets) has risen in the new commission led by Luxembourgs Jean-Claude Juncker (whose chef de cabinet is German). Germany is also seen as dominant in the European Parliament.但是老牌大国仍然坚守在欧盟委员会的顶端。2013年末,在128名最高级的职位中,德国占据了20个,英国13个以及法国11个。在由卢森堡的让 - 克洛德·容克(他的内阁大臣是德国人)领导的委员会中,德国在私人办公室(即内阁)的影响力逐渐上升。德国也被视为欧洲议会的主导者。What about the future? Intriguingly, for junior administrative grades, the top two countries are now Poland and Romania. France is struggling to keep up—its influence in Brussels is declining. Britain does even worse at junior than at senior level, with a share of below 3% (see right-hand chart). As one senior official says, the commission can attract the brightest and best from newer members, but struggles to do so from Britain.未来又会怎么样呢?有趣的是,对于初级的行政级别,现在所占人数比例最多的两个国家是波兰和罗马利亚。法国正在努力追赶——它在欧盟的影响力正在下降。英国人在初级职位上所占的比例比高级职位更少,甚至低于3%(见右边图表)。一个高级官员说到,欧盟委员会可以吸引新成员国最聪明最好的人才,但是在英国却不吃香。One problem is Britons poor foreign-language skills (job applicants must speak at least two). This is aggravated, ironically, by todays preponderance of English in the work of EU institutions. The risk of a British exit after a referendum also makes the commission a shaky career choice. Young Britons are drawn to China or America instead. The British governments attempt to do better is not working, either: since it relaunched its “EU fast stream” process with much fanfare in 2010, not a single candidate has gone on to join the commission.问题之一是英国人蹩脚的外语能力(欧盟委员会申请人必须会两门语言以上)。讽刺的是,如今英国人在欧盟机构工作的优势更加使他们的外语能力愈发差劲。公投后英国有可能退出欧盟的风险同样让英国人把欧盟委员会列入不稳定的职业选择。相反,之前年轻的英国人所在的岗位吸引了大量的中国人和美国人。英国政府试图改善的措施也并不见效。自从政府于2010年大张旗鼓地重新启动“欧盟快流”计划以来,没有一个候选人加入欧盟委员会。译者:胡雅琳 校对:邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201412/351094。

Oh,no,it wasnt Siegel?No,I was in the bathroom by myself.不 不是席格尔吗 不是 我当时在厕所 一个人No,so the guy walked in and he was legitimately freaked out.I saw his expression.那人进来了 他吓坏了 他脸上的表情Then I was so freaked out I didnt paly at all funny then I said oh,I thought it was going to be somebody else.Oh,no!我也慌了 我弄得都不搞笑了 我说 我以为是另一个人进来呢 不Thats fantastic.which was not the thing to say and then I walk out and Jason never came in.简直太棒了 这话不该说啊 然后我走出去了 杰森根本没去I walked out and I saw that guy talking to some people that he worked with an ashen face.我出去了 我看到那人跟他的同事说话 他脸色都不对了See,that guy is living off that story,he is telling everyone he knows that Paul Rudd pees naked at the urinal, in public restrooms.那人要靠这故事活了 他要告诉他认识的每个人 保罗·路德在厕所里脱裤子撒尿I wish youd shuffled out with your pants around your ankles.That was my mistake.我真希望你就裤子脱到脚踝那么走出去了 我犯了错Uh, alright. Were going to take a quick break and find out more embarrassing things from Paul Rudd after this.啊,好了。我们稍稍休息 稍后继续采访保罗·路德的尴尬时刻Everybody Paul Rudd.Paul,I have known you for a long time.各位这位是保罗·路德 保罗 我认识你很久了You were from Kansas and you moved here when you were,what,quite young,right?Just getting started in the business?你来自堪萨斯 你搬来时 还很年轻 是吧 刚刚开始做吗Yeah,I mean the first time I lived here I was a little kid then I moved to Kansas when I was 10.是啊 我最初住在这里的时候 我还是个孩子 后来10岁时搬去了堪萨斯I then decided to try to be an actor and I moved out here when I was 20.后来决定做个演员 20岁时搬了过来201607/452359。

So Derek and I are in the car and we see this我和Derek在车里看到了它Were with the baby and the baby sees this lion,and we start to see this lion walk across the street我们的小宝宝看见了这头狮子 然后我们很惊悚地看着这头狮子溜达过了街So we got to work with Felix all day所以我们一整天都和Felix一起工作well,you know they say dont work with children or animals,and youre working with both now in one day他们说不要和小孩和动物一起工作 然而你却在一天内和两种生物一起工作了And I still made here.right,and youre here.Thats amazing.可我活着上节目了 对 你还能活着来这里 你太厉害了Did you know that by the way that Taylor Swift named her Kitty cat after your character.I heard that.你知道吗 Taylor Swift用你所演的人物命名了她的小猫猫 我听说了Taylor Swift has the cutest cat youve ever seen,that is just,thats stupidTaylor Swift有一只世界上最可爱的猫 这真是太蠢了If you want to talk about stupid,thats stupid.Shes adorable,and thats Meredith Grey如果你想知道什么是蠢的话 这就是 她太可爱了 这就是Meredith GreyThats Meredith Grey that she named,look at that cat这就是叫Meredith Grey的猫 看她I should send her in to work for me tomorrow and take the day off.我应该让她明天代我上班 然后偷一天懒 this kitty cat?yeah,this is Meredith Grey,she is adorable让这只猫咪 看这是Meredith Grey 她好可爱Its a scottish fold I think theyre called and its a cutest cat,but anyway这是苏格兰折耳猫 我想是这样叫的 这是最可爱的猫猫 不管怎样Thats an honor that she named her kitty after you.It certainly她把自己的猫用你所演的人物来命名 这是种荣幸 当然She was fantastic on the Grammys,dont you think,yeah她在格莱美上的表现棒极了 没错I love Taylor,I mean,I just adore her.I have a gift before you go for Valentines day,for you and your husband小Taylor一直是我的心头好儿 在情人节之前 我有个礼物要送给你和你老公For your husband I know he loves the Ellen underwear这是给你老公的 我知道他热爱Ellen牌内衣So for valentines day,we did a special,we are selling these by the way所以我们做了情人节特别纪念版 现在这种内裤正在火爆热销中And for you,I love it,thank you,thank you so much,you are welcome,have fun这是给你的 好喜欢 谢谢你 十分感谢 不用谢Greys Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9:00 on A.Dierks Bentley will perform after this.Ellen Pompeo《实习医生格雷》每周三晚9:00在A电视台直播 欢迎收看 Dierks Bentley 在广告之后将为你表演 再次把掌声送给Ellen Pompeo /201609/464061。

Russia and Ukraine俄罗斯和乌克兰Putins Ukrainian U-turn普京对乌克兰问题的态度转变How to treat signs that Russia at last wants to lower tensions如何看待俄罗斯最终想要缓和局势的迹象A DEFINING feature in the diplomacy of Russias president, Vladimir Putin, is to keep everyone guessing—because he can use doubt to magnify his threats, conceal his weaknesses and gain the initiative. That was the effect of his words on May 7th, one of the few public occasions he has spoken formally about the crisis in Ukraine. Mr Putin urged the pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country to postpone the referendums they planned for this weekend. He said that he saw Ukraines presidential election due on May 25th as a “step in the right direction”, contradicting his own foreign minister, who has repeatedly called it absurd. And he reported that he had ordered Russian troops to pull back from the border.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京的一个典型外交特征是让所有人都猜不透。因为他可以利用疑惑来放大他的威胁、掩饰自己的缺点并获得主动权。作为他为数不多的在公共场合正式讨论乌克兰危机的谈话,他在5月7日发表的言论正是起到了这样的作用。普京敦促在该国东部的亲俄分裂分子推迟原定于本周末的公投。他表示,他认为5月25日的乌克兰总统大选是“朝着正确方向迈出的一步”,这一说法与俄罗斯外交部长的说法相矛盾,该部长曾多次称之为荒谬的。同时普京还报告说,他已下令俄罗斯军队撤出边境。A few welcomed this as the turning-point in a crisis that has now escalated into a low-intensity war. It is to be hoped that they are right. But many more, including this newspaper, will greet Mr Putins words with due scepticism. Throughout the crisis, Russia has said one thing and done another. Even as the diplomacy takes its course, the West must sustain its pressure on Russia and its support for Ukraine.一些人乐观地认为这是这场已然升级为低强度战争的危机的转折点。希望他们是对的。但包括本刊在内的更多的人抱着怀疑的态度将会迎合普京的话。在这场危机中,俄罗斯说一套做一套。即便是出于外交需要,西方也必须维持其对俄罗斯施加的压力和对乌克兰的持。Bait and bait again兵不厌诈The starting point is to gauge whether Mr Putin means what he says. He has promised Russian troop withdrawals before only to fall short: this time the retreat will need to be unambiguous. Actions in Ukraine count, too. Rather than continuing to incite the pro-Russian separatists, Mr Putin must be seen to use his influence to broker peace. But the most revealing test of his sincerity will be Russias media, which have been doing their bit for the Kremlin by pouring out anti-Ukrainian propaganda. They must now cease their relentless warmongering.出发点在于衡量普京能否说到做到。他曾承诺在功亏一篑前撤走俄罗斯军队,这一次的撤军需要更加明确。在乌克兰的行动同样也需如此。与其继续煽动亲俄分裂分子,普京更应该利用其影响力去促成和平。俄罗斯媒体最能真实地考验他的真诚,他们已经通过宣传反乌克兰为克里姆林宫做出了自己的贡献。现在,他们必须停止无休止的挑衅行为。Suppose that the Kremlin passes these tests, what then? Until now, Mr Putin seemed bent on fomenting confrontation in Ukraine—with the threat of Russian invasion kept in reserve. He has two reasons to step back. One is the increasingly burdensome sanctions that are beginning to damage the Russian economy. Possibly even more troubling for him is the mounting death toll in eastern Ukraine. The fighting is taking on a hideous momentum, sapping Mr Putins ability to use his influence over eastern Ukraine to wreck the government in Kiev. Instead, Russia risks being sucked in to the conflict, in order to honour the guarantees of protection that it has given its supporters. Although the threat of invasion is useful for him, actual occupation would involve huge costs. The sight of Russian and Ukrainian troops slaughtering each other would puncture Mr Putins popularity at home. Much better to keep Ukraine smouldering than to have it burst into flame.假设克里姆林宫通过这些了这些考验,接下来又会怎样呢?直到现在,普京似乎仍更倾向于在乌克兰煽动对抗,并同俄罗斯入侵的威胁一同准备。他有两个理由撤退。一个是西方国家越来越繁重的制裁已经开始损坏俄罗斯的经济。或许更令他不安的是有越来越多的人在乌克兰东部丧命。这场战争正朝着一个可怕的方向发展,削弱了普京利用他在乌克兰东部的影响力来破坏基辅政府的能力。相反,为了兑现对持者承诺过的保护,俄罗斯有可能会卷入到战争中。尽管威胁入侵对他而言十分有效,但实行起来却耗费巨大。俄罗斯和乌克兰军队的相互屠杀将削弱普京在国内的受欢迎度。因此,抑制乌克兰远比消灭它要好得多。Mr Putin seems to be hoping that a grateful world, desperate to avoid conflict, will agree to what he has sought all along: a federation of Ukraine that blocks it from moving towards the European Union and NATO, as well as the uncontested annexation of Crimea. The world should not oblige. Ukraine will need to give more autonomy to its regions—but not such power that they can veto foreign policy. The West must give Ukraine aid and as much advice as its government will take.普京似乎希望有一个感恩的世界,竭力避免冲突,认可他寻求已久的:乌克兰联邦妨碍它加入欧盟和北约以及对克里米亚的吞并。但这并不是一个感激的世界。乌克兰需要得到更多自治权,但它并没有这样可以否决外交政策的权力。因此西方国家必须给乌克兰以援助以及尽可能多的建议。This crisis is far from over. Mr Putin can turn the pressure on Ukraine back up just as easily as he seems to have turned it down. He has not relinquished Crimea, and his treatment of Ukraine has betrayed the nature of his regime (see article). Therefore, the West should maintain todays sanctions — and the threat of more. It should strive to lessen its dependence on Russian energy and face up to the fact that, while Mr Putin is in power, doing business with Russia will be perilous. After all, would you trust the man who started a fire next door merely because he has suddenly offered you a bucket of water?这场危机还远未结束。普京可以轻易地将压力转嫁到乌克兰身上,就像他似乎已经拒绝的那样。他没有放弃克里米亚,他对待乌克兰的方式已经同他的政权性质相背离(另见文)。因此,西方应保留现有的对俄罗斯的制裁并给以更多的威胁。它应该努力减少对俄罗斯能源的依赖,并认清这样的现实—在普京掌权期间,同俄罗斯做生意是危险的。难道你会相信仅仅因为邻居突然泼了一桶水就要开战的人么?译者:严文娟 译文属译生译世 /201502/357571。

Clean energy清洁能源Let the sun shine让阳光普照大地The future is bright for solar power, even as subsidies are withdrawn尽管补贴不再,太阳能的未来一片光明FORTY-FIVE minutes west of Las Vegas, dejected sinners may encounter a sight to lift their sunken hearts: a sea of 347,000 mirrors, reflecting the rays of the desert sun on to boilers mounted on three 460-foot towers. The Ivanpah solar-thermal plant (pictured), which opened in mid-February, is the largest of its kind in the world. Fully ramped up, it will deliver around 377 megawatts (MW) of power to 140,000 homes in southern California. Its backers compare it to the nearby Hoover Dam; an astronaut claims to have spotted it from the international space station. It is a striking sight, even if the heat from its heliostats has roasted dozens of unfortunate birds alive.距45分的地方,心情沮丧的罪人会看到一幅能照亮他们沉没的心的奇观—34.7万面镜子组成的海洋反射着沙漠太阳的光至三个高达460英尺的塔上的热水器。于二月中旬开始运行的伊凡帕太阳能热电厂(如图所示)是目前世界上最大的太阳能热电厂。开足马力,该电厂能为加利福尼亚南部14万居民提供377兆瓦的电力。其持者将它比作附近美国最高的水坝胡弗水坝。甚至有宇航员说他能在国际空间站找到这个太阳能热电站。尽管电站的定日镜反射的热量硬是将数十只活生生的飞鸟烤熟了,这依然是一道令人叹为观止的风景。Solar power in America is growing rapidly, albeit from a small base (see chart). Last year it represented 29% of new electricity capacity, behind only natural gas at 46%. Solar output has more than doubled during Barack Obamas time in office; GTM, a research firm, reckons it will grow another 26% in 2014. The Department of Energy wants solar to provide 27% of Americas electricity by 2050, up from less than 1% today.虽然太阳能在美国起点低(见下面图表),但发展迅捷。去年太阳能发电占新增电力的29%,仅落后于占46%的天然气发电量。既奥巴马上任以来,太阳能的产出翻了不止一番。全球决策大本营这个调查机构称太阳能发电在2014年将新增26%。美国能源署希望太阳能发电能够由目前提供的不足1%的电力发展到能够在2050年前提供美国27%的电力。Though dazzling, Ivanpah and large plants like it will not generate much of this growth. The federal loan guarantees that allowed their creation have expired. More important are photovoltaic solar cells, a rival technology that converts sunlight directly to electricity. Their cost has fallen so quickly that in many places retail electricity customers are saving money by placing panels on top of their houses or businesses; 200,000 have done so in the past two years. And there is a lot of room to grow. “Theres no market saturation in any state; not even close,” says Lyndon Rive of SolarCity, a solar-installation firm. Even David Crane, the boss of NRG, co-owner of Ivanpah, says that photovoltaic installations are the future.尽管目前风头正盛,伊凡帕以及像它一样的大公司却不能从这样的增长中获益太多。因为作为用于保障他们创造的联邦贷款到期了。更重要的是光电太阳能电池,它是一种关键的技术能直接将太阳光转化成电力。由于该产品的价格急速下跌,许多地方的零售电力的客户将太阳能板安装在他们的屋顶或厂房房顶来发电来节省开。过去的两年已经有20万人这么做了,并且其增长的空间很大。来自太阳城一家太阳能设备安装公司的 Lyndon Rive称“目前不管在哪个州,都没有市场达到饱和,甚至是接近饱和。”甚至作为伊凡帕共有者的NRG能源电力的 David Crane也声称未来是光伏发电装置的天下。Last year sun-soaked California accounted for over half of Americas new photovoltaic installations. That, say solar fans, shows that the sector can thrive even after it loses its subsidies. (The .2 billion California Solar Initiative, which gave cash to homes or firms that went solar, has largely expired.) Solar is also blossoming in unexpected places like Massachusetts and North Carolina.去年,饱受太阳炙烤的加州,其新增的光伏发电装置安装的数量超过整个国家数量的一半。太阳能的持者称这表明即便没有补贴,太阳能发电也会前途无量。(加州太阳能计划得到22亿美元的补助,用于补贴那些使用太阳能的家庭和公司,如今这一补助绝大部分已到期。)此外,在人们想不到的像马赛诸塞州和北卡罗来纳州这样的地方太阳能发电也如花般绽放。A bigger test will come in 2017, when the federal governments solar-investment tax credit drops from 30% to 10% (unless Mr Obama can convince Congress otherwise). Still, says Shayle Kann at GTM, this will be no “death knell”; it will simply eliminate some marginal projects. And by then there may be a revival of Ivanpah-style solar-thermal plants, as energy-storage technologies improve and utility firms look to them to provide steady power throughout the day.更为严峻的挑战将在2017年拉开序幕。那时,联邦政府的太阳能投资税收抵免将由现在的30%骤降至10%,除非奥巴马总统能够说国会不这么做。即便如此,GTM调查机构的Shayle Kann 声称,这也不是太阳能 发电的“死亡钟声”,而仅仅是终止一些边际项目。随后,随着储能技术的发展以及公共事业公司采用这一技术为全天提供稳定的电力,像伊凡帕这样的太阳能热电站还会再次兴盛起来。Yet even if solar power is a boon to consumers, it threatens some utilities. Energy has traditionally been generated centrally, distributed over power lines and sold to consumers. Distributed solar power—generated from rooftop panels—undermines that model (see article). The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), a trade group, warns that distributed generation could do to energy companies what the internet did to newspapers.但是,尽管太阳能电力对消费者有利,它却威胁到其他的公共事业。传统的能源供应是集中式的,通过电线输送到用户家中。分散的太阳能电力是通过人们屋顶的太阳能板发电的,将会颠覆这一传统模式(见文章)。贸易集团爱迪生电力协会警告称,分散发电对能源公司的冲击就如同互联网对新闻报纸产业的冲击一样。Bet your bottom dollar赌上所有的身家Regulations are adapting to this shift: all but seven states have adopted net-metering policies, which credit solar-enabled homes and businesses for the excess energy they feed back into the grid. At least 22 states allow consumers to buy the electricity produced by solar panels that a third party installs on their homes. This lets people take advantage of solars savings without having to pay the hefty up-front installation costs. In 2013, third-party-owned systems accounted for most solar installations in California, Arizona, Colorado and Massachusetts.立法正在适应这一转向:除了7个州以外其他各州都颁布了电价扣减政策,允许安装了太阳能的家庭和企业在太阳能自足之后将多余的电并入电网。至少22个州允许消费者购买第三方安装在他们屋顶的太阳能电池板产生的电。这使得人们不用付高额的前期安装费用就能享受到太阳能带来的实惠。2013年,第三方太阳能系统覆盖了加州、亚利桑那州、科罗拉多州及马萨诸塞州太阳能安装业务的几乎全部的份额。Some utilities grumble that customers who benefit from net metering escape the costs of maintaining the grid they depend on. Last year Arizona Public Service, the states biggest electric firm, urged regulators to slash the savings that new solar customers would derive from net metering. After a fierce campaign their call was rejected, though the regulator approved a small solar surcharge. Georgia Power also proposed a fat tariff; it too was defeated.某些公共事业单位抱怨从电价扣减政策中获益的消费者逃避用于维护他们赖以为继的电网的费用。去年,亚利桑那公共务公司,盖州最大的电力公司敦促监管者严厉批评新增的太阳能电力消费者通过电价扣减政策而得到的储蓄。经过激烈的争夺,尽管监管者比准了小额的太阳能额外费,他们的呼声最终被驳回。佐治亚电力公司也建议要加重赋税,但也被驳回。Julia Hamm of the Solar Electric Power Association identifies three ways regulators could help utilities cope with these changes. First, they could demand monthly infrastructure fees from solar users. Second, they could list every component of value separately rather than wrapping the cost of infrastructure maintenance, for instance, into usage charges. Third, they could split energy used and consumed into separate transactions, meaning that a solar customer sells all his energy to a utility before buying what he needs.美国太阳能电力协会的Julia Hamm 提出三种解决方案帮助公共事业公司面对当前的变化。第一,公共事业公司每月向太阳能使用者收取基础设施使用费。第二,单独列出每个组件的价值而不是将基础设施维护费均摊到电价中。第三,他们可以将使用的能源和消耗的能源分开处理,即太阳能消费者将其生产的电卖给公共电力公司然后再向他们购买他们需要的电。Yet those last two proposals leave unanswered the question of what rate utilities should pay customers for their power—or more broadly, what the price of solar, with all externalities factored in, ought to be. And more battles loom; Californias regulator must make an important decision on net metering this month. Further ahead the growth of distributed solar will pose other threats to the utilities traditional business model. “Net metering is just the pointy edge of the wedge,” says Adam Browning of Vote Solar, an advocacy group.然而后面的两个提议依然没有解决公共电力公司应该按照什么样的比例购买消费者家多余的电的问题,或者更明确的说,考虑到所有的外部因素,太阳能电的价格应该怎样确定。这一问题似乎一直都若隐若现。这个月,加州的监管者必须就电价扣减这一问题作出重要的决定。分散的太阳能发电的进一步发展将会对公共电力公司传统的商业模式构成其他威胁。“电价扣减仅仅只是楔子最尖锐的部分(电价扣减只是利用太阳能问题中最尖锐的问题,还有其他的问题)”拥护太阳能的 Adam Browning 如是说。Still, while user-generated solar power makes utilities skittish, many have rushed to embrace it on the supply side. In 2013 they installed roughly 4,100MW of solar capacity, up from 2,390MW in 2012. Renewable portfolio standards, which in 30 states force utilities to generate a certain share of their electricity from clean sources, are part of the reason. But so is hard economics: low installation and labour costs, clean power delivery at peak midday hours and a hedge against fuel-price volatility.尽管用户产生的太阳能电力让公共电力公司愤怒,许多人依然会挤着去供应自家发的电。2013年人们安装的太阳能发电板所发的电量由2012年的2390兆瓦上升到4100兆瓦。可再生能源发电配额制,30个州要求公共电力公司生产一定份额的清洁能源电力是人们蜂拥安装太阳能电池板的原因之一。对于理性的经济而言也是如此:安装费用低,人力资源消耗低,在中午用电高峰期输送清洁能源以及可以抵御波动的石油价格。Many of these gains have aly been banked. Photovoltaic modules have become slightly dearer lately; costs will rise further if the Commerce Department heeds protectionist calls by some domestic manufacturers and expands tariffs on imports from China and Taiwan. Yet solar firms are not short of ideas to cut costs elsewhere: third-party financing, for example, or securitising pools of solar leases to reduce financing costs. For makers and users of solar power, the future looks bright.这些收益都已经存入。近来光伏模块价格稍有上涨。如果商务部注意到国内生产商的贸易保护电话并且加重从中国和台湾进口光伏模块的关税,安装太阳能板的成本将进一步上涨。然而太阳能公司有的是办法从其他方面削减成本:第三方融资,比如说对太阳能租赁的抵押来降低融资的成本。对制造商和用户而言,太阳能的未来前途璀璨,一片光明。译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201602/425174。

Homelessness in Hawaii流浪夏威夷Paradise lost失乐园Catering to tourists comes at a hefty price for locals为迎合游客当地人付出沉重代价THE sun is setting on Waikiki Beach, and Koa still has a few hours before his 9pm shift cleaning the food court at the Ala Moana mall. “Im trying to better myself,” he says, but being homeless makes this tough. He finishes work at 3am, well past curfew at most shelters, and police keep people off the beach from 2am to 5am.维基基海滩,日暮西沉。Koa是阿拉莫阿拉购物中心美食街的保洁,现在距他9点的换班还有几个小时。“我试图不断提升自我” ,Koa称,但是无家可归的现状让这种提升举步维艰。他结束工作一般就是凌晨3点,绝大多数的庇护所早已宵禁,凌晨2点至5点警察也不允许人们在海滩逗留。Hawaii has one of the worst rates of homelessness in the country. Though its jobless rate is below 5%, pricey housing keeps even many workers on the streets. The median monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Honolulu is more than ,800—one of the highest in America.夏威夷的无家可归率在全美也是颇有名气,是最严重之一。尽管该地区的失业率低于5%,但是昂贵的房价让更多的工薪阶层无家可归。火奴鲁鲁两室的商品房房租中值也超过1800美元,是美国房租最高的地区之一。On the island of Oahu, where three-quarters of Hawaiis homeless live, sleeping rough has just got rougher. On December 2nd Honolulus mayor, Kirk Caldwell, signed a bill that bans people from sitting or lying on the busiest public pavements between 5am and 11pm. Those who do so can be fined up to ,000 and jailed for up to 30 days. This is part of a plan that Mr Caldwell calls “compassionate disruption”. The aim, he says, is to get the homeless into shelters. Businesses in Waikiki, the centre of Hawaiis .5 billion tourism industry, support the policy.在欧胡岛,夏威夷75%无家可归者聚集的地方,露宿变得更加艰难。12月2日,火奴鲁鲁市长柯克·卡德维尔签署了一项禁令,禁止无家可归者在早上五点至晚上十一点这一时间段在最繁华的街道逗留。若有人违反这项规定将罚款1000美元拘留30天。这是卡德维尔所谓的“富有同情心的瓦解”计划的一部分。他声称,目的是让无家可归者居有定所。维基基的企业,夏威夷核心产业价值145亿美元的旅游业持该项政策。Similar crackdowns can be seen around the country, even as the stock of affordable housing—defined as costing no more than 30% of a familys income—declines. (Nearly 13% has been lost since 2001.) Laws banning camping, sleeping in cars, begging and loitering in public spaces are increasingly common, according to the National Law Centre on Homelessness amp; Poverty. In the past two years, more than 20 cities have made it illegal to feed homeless people in public.尽管经济适用房(定义为购房款仅占家庭收入30%的住房)的股票价格下降,类似的“镇压”在整个美国随处可见(自2013年以来,将近13%的人失去自己的房子)。根据处理无家可归及贫困事务的国家法律中心的信息,禁止人们在公共场所露营、以车为家、乞讨、游荡的法律越来越常见。在过去的两年,超过20个城市认定在公共场所为无家可归者提供食物为非法行为。Such laws are counterproductive, says Jerry Jones, the director of the National Coalition for the Homeless, an advocacy group. Otherwise law-abiding people end up with criminal records, making it harder for them to get back on their feet. A night in jail can cost three times more than a night in a shelter. Honolulus ban on rough sleeping has made the homeless more transient and harder for social-service agencies to find. Many are sleeping at the airport, ensuring that they are the first thing visitors see.国家流浪者联合会(一个倡导团体)的主管杰里·琼斯称这样的法律智慧产生反作用力。不然,遵纪守法的人们最终将会被逼犯罪,使他们自力更生难上加难。在监狱里呆一晚的花销是庇护所的3倍。火奴鲁鲁有关露宿的禁令让无家可归者流动性更大,社会务机构更难找到他们。许多无家可归者谁在机场,确保他们是游客们最先看到的事物。Several cities have reduced homelessness by using a different approach, called Housing First. Whereas typical schemes aim to get homeless people “housing y”—that is, off drugs and in work—before placing them in homes, Housing First provides the home up front and then delivers the support needed to stay there. This saves money, says Matthew Doherty of the US Interagency Council on Homelessness, as the homeless otherwise tend to ricochet between expensive services, such as jails, emergency rooms and detox centres. A study from Los Angeles found that the public saves over ,000 a year for every person in such a programme.有几个城市采用一种截然不同的措施,即“住房优先”项目来减少无家可归人群。特定的计划已实施从而让无家可归者在得到住房前具备“有房资格”,即没有疾病且有工作。与此同时,住房优先项目预先提供住房,之后为人们顺利入住提供必要的持。美国无家可归者跨机构委员会的马修·道尔蒂称,这样更省钱。否则,这些无家可归者将会在教委昂贵的务机构间奔波,比如监狱、急诊室以及戒毒中心。洛杉矶的一项研究发现在该项住房优先项目中,一人接受该项目国家将至少节省27000美元。Even in Hawaii, officials are taking steps towards a Housing First plan. In Honolulu, Mr Caldwell has promised m to house 100 of the citys homeless and another m for more housing. But the city has offered few details, and the new homes will not be y for years. In the meantime, there is talk of sending the homeless to an encampment on nearby Sand Island—far from the tourists of Waikiki.甚至在夏威夷,官员们也正在采取措施实施住房优先计划。在火奴鲁鲁,卡德维尔承诺将为该市100个无家可归者提供300万美元住房基金,另出4300万美元提供更多的住房。但是该市并未提供更多的细节,并且新的住房何时竣工入住也要好几年。同时,也有人声称将这些无家可归者送到邻近沙岛的露营地,那个远离维基基游客视线的地方。译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201412/350292。

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