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The 5 Foods You Could EVER Eat for Your Body永远都有利于身体的5种食物Avocado牛油果The guac staple is rich in monounsaturated fats, the good fats that keep you full and help your heart. Plus, a recent study published in the Nutrition Journal found that people who ate half an avocado at lunch reported feeling less hungry throughout the afternoon than those who didn#39;t have one.鳄梨酱主食富含单一不饱和的脂肪,这种脂肪可以使人感觉不到饿,而且有助于心脏健康。另外,《营养杂志》最新发布的一项研究表明:午餐期间吃半个牛油果的人比那些没有吃的人更不容易在下午感到饥饿。Coffee咖啡Caffeine not only gets your brain clicking on more cylinders in the morning, but it can also help bolster your metabolism. A Danish study found that caffeine increases the number of calories you burn at rest by as much as 25 percent for three hours after it#39;s ingested. Other research discovered that caffeine also makes you inclined to eat less, meaning your body will have fewer stored calories.咖啡因不仅能使你在早上的工作效率更高,而且还能促进新陈代谢。丹麦的一项研究表明消化完咖啡因的3小时内,在休息时间它能加快卡路里的燃烧,加快率可达25%。其它研究还表明,咖啡因也会让你吃的更少,这就意味着你身体内储藏的卡路里量更少。Homemade Pizza自制披萨Instead of takeout, try the homemade version made with frozen whole-wheat dough to boost fibre; part-skim mozzarella to slash unhealthy saturated fats; veggies for antioxidants; and lean protein-such as pre-cooked shrimp or chicken strips-to keep you feeling full longer.可以尝试用冷冻全麦面团自制披萨,而不是选择外卖,来促进纤维;部分脱脂奶酪可减少不健康饱和脂肪的摄入;蔬菜可以抗氧化;食用瘦蛋白--比如半熟虾或鸡块--可以让你的饱腹感更持久。Dark Chocolate黑巧克力Yes, you have our permission to grab a bar when you#39;re stressed-but only if it#39;s the dark kind. ;Chocolate prompts the brain to release endorphins, or feel-good chemicals, and can lower blood pressure,; says holistic nutrition coach Andrea Moss. Opt for snacks with 70 percent cacao or more, since higher cocoa content means more antioxidants and a bigger boost to your endorphin and serotonin levels.是的,当你感到累了的时候,我们准许你吃一块--但只能是黑巧克力。;巧克力能促使大脑释放内啡肽或使人感觉良好的化学物质,还可降低血压。;全面营养教练安德烈·莫斯说道。选择可可含量不少于70%的零食吧,因为更高的可可含量意味着更多的抗氧化性,并且能更好的增加内啡肽和血清素水平。Cheese奶酪A Danish study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that participants who ate cheese every day for two weeks had higher levels of a chemical called butyrate, which is produced by bacteria in your gut. Butyrate is linked to lower cholesterol levels, and thus healthier hearts.《农业与食物化学杂志》发表的一项丹麦研究发现:连续两周每天都吃奶酪的研究参与者会含有更多的叫做丁酸盐的化学物质,这种物质是由肠道里的细菌所生。丁酸盐能降低胆固醇水平,因此能使心脏更加健康。译文属 /201607/453727

  Some parts of human skin, better known as glabrous skin, have a unique response to water. Unlike the rest of the body, the skin of our fingers, palms, and toes, and soles wrinkles after becoming sufficiently wet. Five minutes or so will usually do the trick.人体有些部位的皮肤(通常指无毛皮肤)对水有特别的反应。手指、手掌、脚趾和脚底在充分润湿后会变皱,而其他部分的皮肤不会。浸水五分钟左右就会出现这种现象。But why do these patches of skin wrinkle? Some think that this is a biochemical reaction, an osmotic process in which water yanks a handful of compounds out of the skin, leaving an expanse of parched, pruney skin in their place.但是,为什么这些部分的皮肤会变皱?一些人认为这是生物化学反应,在渗透作用下,水吸走了皮肤中的一些化合物,导致皮肤干瘪,出现褶皱。But a century ago, scientists aly knew that this curious reaction wasn’t a simple reflex or the result of osmosis.但是一个世纪前,科学家就已经知晓,这种奇怪的反应并不单纯是一种条件反射或渗透作用的结果。That’s because surgeons learned that if certain nerves to the fingers were cut, the wrinkling response would disappear. Wrinkled fingers, then, are signs of an intact nervous system. Indeed, the wrinkling response has been suggested as a means of determining whether the sympathetic nervous system is functional in patients that are otherwise unresponsive. 原因是,外科医生发现,假如切除某些通向手指的神经,泡水起皱反应就会消失。由此看来,手指变皱是神经系统完整的标志。的确,一直以来,起皱反应都被用来判断患者的交感神经系统运作是否正常。On all of this, the scientific community has consensus. But whether and how the wet-wrinkling response may have evolved, and if it even represents an adaptation in the first place, remains a contentious debate.科学界已经对以上这些达成了共识。但是关于泡水起皱反应是否是进化得到的,是如何进化来的,以及它首先是否代表了对环境的适应,仍存在争议。Neurobiologist Mark Changizi of 2AI Labs thinks it’s got to be an adaptation. Consider tyre ts. In dry conditions, smooth tyres can best maintain their grip on the asphalt, which explains why race cars typically have smooth, featureless tires. But when driving in rain, ts are far safer. 2AI Labs的神经生物学家马克#8226;尚依兹(Mark Changizi)认为,这一定是一种适应。以轮胎胎面为例。在干燥的环境下,平滑的轮胎在沥青路面上的抓地力最好,所以赛车通常使用平滑、无特征的轮胎。而在下雨的环境下,带纹路的胎面的轮胎安全性更好。Wrinkled fingers, then, could be optimally designed for gripping in both wet and dry conditions. It’s extremely difficult to prove that any biological feature is an adaptation, let alone why it may have evolved. But researchers can look for hints, tell-tale clues that indicate that a feature may indeed have evolved as an adaptation.由此可见,手指变皱可能是为了在干湿两种环境下都能抓握而优化的设计。但是,要想明某种生物特征是适应环境的结果是极其困难的,更不用说要弄清进化的原因了。不过研究者还是可以寻找蛛丝马迹,明一种生物特征是适应环境的结果。In 2011, Changizi and his colleagues found evidence that wrinkled fingers indeed act as rain ts, channelling water away from the fingers and toes during wet conditions, allowing primates – humans and macaques, to be specific – to maintain tighter grips.2011年,尚依兹和他的同事们发现据明手指变皱确实和雨天使用带纹路胎面的原理一样。在潮湿的环境下,手指和脚趾的沟壑能够引导水流,让灵长类动物——具体来说是人类和猕猴——保持更强的抓握力。In other words, the wrinkles that result from exposure to water can be thought of as tiny, manual river drainage systems. In a typical ‘watershed’, multiple streams combine into larger channels, which eventually dump into a central river, much like twigs combine to form branches, which flow into a tree’s trunk. The pieces of land between the streams and brooks, on the other hand, are disconnected.换句话说,接触水所带来的皱纹可以被视作一套微型的人工排水系统。在一个典型的“分水岭”上,多条溪流汇聚成较大的河流,最后汇入中央河流,就好像树木的枝条汇合成枝干,最后汇合成树干。而从另一个角度来看,溪流之间的小块土地就被分离开来。 /201606/450853

  The road to the White House is paved in food. And in the digital age, one culinary misstep can send you packing for good.通往白宫的道路铺满了与食物有关的问题。在如今的数字时代,吃东西的失误可能会让你永远;跌入谷底;。Last Monday, Trump tweeted out a dinnertime snap as he was preparing to take off from Pennsylvania. The Republican presidential hopeful was enjoying a hearty meal from KFC—so far so good.上周一,在特朗普将从宾州起飞的时候,他在推特上发布了一条晚餐的消息。这位共和党总统候选人希望好好享受丰盛的肯德基晚餐--到目前为止看来一切顺利。;Great afternoon in Ohio amp; a great evening in Pennsylvania - departing now. See you tomorrow Virginia!; Trump tweeted. The post has since between retweeted over 11,000 times and liked by 43,000 users.特朗普在推特上写道:;在俄亥俄州度过美好的下午,在宾州度过美好的晚上。现在我准备离开了。明天弗吉尼亚州见!;特朗普的这篇推特被点赞43000次,转发11000次。But upon further inspection, it appeared the reality TV star and real estate mogul was tucking into that crispy, crunchy, greasy fried chicken with a knife and fork. Cue the Internet trolls.但是仔细观察,你会发现这位真人秀明星、地产大亨竟然用刀叉吃香脆油腻的炸鸡。这引起了网友的一番热议。Many railed against the Republican nominee for his choice of KFC over another fried chicken favorite, Popeyes.很多人抱怨共和党总统候选人选择吃肯德基,而不是另一家很受欢迎的炸鸡店派派思。;I can#39;t believe Trump eats KFC. Popeye#39;s is so much better. What a loser.;;我无法相信特朗普竟然吃肯德基,派派思的炸鸡更好一些。真是个屌丝。;;Donald Trump eats KFC over Popeye#39;s which just adds to the reasons he shouldn#39;t be president.;;唐纳德·特朗普吃肯德基而不是派派思,这就是他为什么不应该做总统的理由。;Others chided the businessman#39;s lack of credibility as a man of the people. Sure, he#39;s eating KFC, but he#39;s on a private plane.还有人责备商人特朗普缺乏平民总统的可信度。他的确是在吃肯德基,但他是在私人飞机上吃的。But most just couldn#39;t believe anyone, even a billionaire mogul, would eat a bucket of fried chicken with utensils.不过大多数人都不相信有人会使用餐具吃一桶炸鸡,即使他是一个亿万富翁大亨。 /201608/460256。

  5.Eating Too Much Fruit Makes You Fat5.别吃太多水果,不然你还是会胖We all grew up hearing that fruit is good for you, so it#39;s perplexing to find that apples, strawberries and the like are now at the center of a diet-fad controversy. On the one hand, people point out that fruits are full of important nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber, which are not only important to digestive health but also help you to feel fuller and less inclined to pig out on snack food.从小到大,我们都听说水果对人有益,所以当得知苹果,草莓等水果成为饮食风尚讨论的焦点时,令我们大是费解。一方面,人们指出水果中富含抗氧化剂和纤维素等各种重要的营养成分,这不仅对我们消化系统的运作极为有利,还有助于产生饱腹感,使我们减少食用垃圾食品的欲望。But fruit also seems to have a growing list of detractors, who are publishing articles and posting comments all over the Internet claiming that fructose, or fruit sugar, is just as bad for you as the processed kind, and will cause you to pack on the pounds. Both sides are wrong, according to a 2014 study by University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers. After analyzing data on seven scientific trials involving 1,200 subjects, they concluded that increasing consumption of fruit has a ;near-zero effect; on weight loss. But here#39;s the good news: It doesn#39;t increase your weight either – unless you misunderstand the U.S.Department of Agriculture recommendation to eat more fruit. If you add it on top of your normal diet (rather than substituting a fruit for a cookie) you just might gain more weight.但是越来越多的人对水果产生不满,他们在网上发布文章或,称果糖或水果糖这样加工过的食物同样对人体不利,会导致体重反弹。根据2014年伯明翰·阿拉巴马大学研究者的研究,这两种观点都不对。在分析了7个包含近1200个项目的科学实验数据之后,他们得出的结论是:水果的过量摄入会对减肥产生“近零效应”。还有个好消息——它也不会增加你的体重。除非你疯狂的吃水果,误解了美国农业部门的好心。如果你在日常的饮食上还吃进去了大量的水果(尽管不是用饼干代替水果),只能不幸的告诉你,你还是会变胖。4.Eating Full-fat Makes You Fat4.再继续吃全脂食品,你可就会越来越胖了If you#39;re a fan of indie cinema, you probably remember that scene from the 2004 coming-of-age hit ;Napoleon Dynamite,; in which the awkward protagonist tries to make conversation with a girl he likes: ;I see you#39;re drinking 1 percent. Is that #39;cause you think you#39;re fat? #39;Cause you#39;re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to;.如果你是独立电影爱好者,恐怕你不会忘了2004年出品的那部电影——《大人物拿破仑》吧,其中有一幕是:笨拙的男主角试图搭讪他喜欢的女孩,他说到,“我看见你只喝一点点汽水,是因为你觉得自己很胖吗?如果你想喝的话,就喝掉整瓶汽水吧,因为你根本就不胖。”That movie scene is funny, in part, because it reminds us of the popular belief that when you eat or drink foods rich in fats, your waistline and butt will expand as a consequence. But as an article on the Harvard School of Public Health#39;s website explains, studies show that the proportion of fat in a person#39;s diet doesn#39;t really have much effect upon weight. In fact, over the past 30 years, while the percentage of calories from fat in the typical American diet has gone down, obesity rates have skyrocketed. Again, it mostly comes down to calories. Many low-fat diets are full of carbohydrates (like white rice and b) which can cause weight gain. That said, the type of fat does matter #8722; try to consume more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and less saturated fats. Saturated fats are found in products like butter, cheese and red meat.电影的这一幕真是有趣,它让我们想起那条深入人心的建议——吃进肚里脂肪满满的食物,或是喝下肚高比重脂肪的饮品,不堪入目的后果便是,你的腰围跟臀围会变得臃肿不已。但是,一篇发布在哈佛大学公共卫生学院网站上的文章写到,研究指出,人们日常饮食的脂肪比例对体重并没有太大的影响。事实上,在过去的30年里,美国传统饮食中脂肪的热量比例已经有所下降,可肥胖率还是高升不降。在此再重申一次,导致肥胖的根本原因是热量。很多低脂肪饮食富含碳水化物(如白米和面包),会使人体增重。也就是说,不是所有的脂肪都会使我们变胖,选择摄入脂肪的种类很重要。因此,要尽量摄取单一不饱和脂肪、多元不饱和脂肪,同时要少量摄入饱和脂肪。黄油、芝士、和红肉等都是富含饱和脂肪的食品。3.Kids Are Chunkier Now Due to Fewer P.E. Classes3.越来越少的体育课导致现在的小孩子都变得“虎背熊腰”According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of children between the ages of 6 and 11 who are dangerously overweight has more than doubled between 1980 and 2012, and the obesity rate has quadrupled among adolescents. Those extra pounds, the CDC says, are putting kids at risk for an array of adult health problems, ranging from heart disease and diabetes to cancer.根据疾病控制和预防中心的报告, 6岁至12岁年龄段间的超重儿童在1980年到2012年期间翻了一番,青少年的肥胖率也翻了两番。疾病防治中心说,儿童肥胖,是成年疾病的温床,会埋下心脏病、糖尿病和癌症的祸根。That alarming trend has led a lot of adults to complain that kids these days would be slim and fit if they just had physical education (P.E.) in school. The problem, they think, is that many schools have been de-emphasizing it because of budget cuts and the need to spend more time on academics. But studies have found that increasing the number of days in which kids have gym doesn#39;t seem to have any consistent effect upon body-mass index or the prevalence of obesity. It#39;s difficult in a school class to achieve the amount of activity and calorie expenditure needed to make a difference.面对着这令人震惊的趋势,很多家长抱怨说,如果孩子们在学校多参与体育锻炼,身材将会苗条健康许多。他们认为缺少体育锻炼的原因是:很多学校为了消减预算,希望学生们集中精力学习,因而忽视了学生们的体育锻炼。 如今越来越多的孩子参与体育锻炼,但研究发现,这对体重或肥胖症并没有什么明显的作用。要让校方做出一定改变的举措,确保孩子们在学校有适度的运动量以消耗脂肪,是一件很困难的事。2.Realistic Weight Loss Goals Are Better2.实际些的减肥目标可能会效果更好We#39;ve heard diet doctors and fitness gurus preach this to us over and over. And it makes sense on the surface. Isn#39;t it better to be realistic, and set goals that we can be reasonably sure of accomplishing, such as being able to fit into those mom jeans that we bought recently, rather than vowing to lose 50 pounds (23 kilograms) in a few months?关于“合理制定减肥计划”这一说法,我们从饮食医师和塑形专家们那里听过太多遍了,听上去貌似确实很有道理。制定一个实际些的目标难道不是更好吗?制定一个我们能确保完成的目标,比如说穿上近期买的牛仔裤能够刚好合身,会比立誓在短短几个月减去五十磅(即二十三公斤)好很多吧。The problem, though, is that according a summary of research findings in the New England Journal of Medicine, ambitious goals for weight loss actually are more likely to result in a greater number of lost pounds. And while intervening and convincing people to have supposedly more realistic goals does result in more moderate weight-loss expectations, it doesn#39;t necessarily improve the chances of accomplishing them. In two studies where the weight loss goals were changed to make them more realistic, no greater weight loss outcome was recorded. So go ahead, imagine that Jillian Michaels is screaming in your ear to do more burpees and aim for dropping major pounds.话虽如此,但据《新英格兰医学杂志》研究发现,事实上,有更高的减肥目标的人更有可能减掉更多体重。虽然那些有说力的人会干涉你,希望你制定一个更现实的目标,尽管这确实会形成更温和适度的减肥期望,可并不见得你能更成功的减肥。有两项研究都表明,把减肥目标改得更现实之后,所记录的减肥结果并没有多么令人欣喜若狂。放手去吧!想象吉利安·迈克尔斯在你耳边尖叫着,再多做几次举重!我们的目标是甩掉赘肉!1.Birth Control Pills Make You Fatter1.口避药会使人变胖This is one that many women undoubtedly fear. ;The pill,; after all, does cause users to retain more fluid, which can make them feel that their breasts, thighs and hips are expanding. But as the scientific journal Nature reported in 2006, researchers who surveyed data from 44 studies on the subject concluded that there#39;s no evidence that using contraceptives causes an increase in weight.无庸置疑,很多女性对这一点都甚是担忧。毕竟用避药会导致体液潴留,在用者体内存留多余水分,会使女性感觉她们的胸部、大腿和臀部都在发胀变肥。但据科学杂志《自然》在2006年发表报告称,科研人员通过在此项目上44份研究报告显示的调研数据得出结论:没有据明用避药会导致体重增加。The studies also found that contraceptives had little effect on boosting appetite #8722; a common explanation for the extra pounds. When the pill was introduced in the 1960s, it had very high levels of estrogen, which does increase appetite and fluid retention. The current version of the oral contraceptive has much lower levels. That doesn#39;t mean that women don#39;t sometimes gain weight after starting on the pill. But as David Grimes, one of the researchers, explained to Nature, the reason is most people of both sexes gain weight as they age #8722; about 1 pound (2 kilograms) per year. But that#39;s not a reality that any of us like to face, so we tend to look for other explanations.但该研究也发现,用避药的确会对增加食欲起到少许作用——这是对体重增加最普遍的一个解释。当避药于二十世纪六十年代被引进时,它就含有高浓度的雌性激素,这会造成用者食欲增加和体液潴留。可这并不意味着女性用完避药后体重不会增加。从事该项研究的科研人员之一,戴维格里姆斯向《自然》杂志解释到:大多数男女体重会随着年龄的增加而增加——每年约一磅(即两公斤),但不是所有人都能接受这一事实,所以我们都希望找到其他能解释体重增加的理由。审校:省略珺 编辑:烟囱 来源:前十网 /201603/434495

  Archaeologists in Mongolia are slowly unwrapping the mummy of a suspected ancient woman found preserved in the Altai Mountains. So far only one hand and her feet in modern-looking boots are visible, but experts believe the find dates to around 1,500 years ago.近日,蒙古国的考古学家正在小心翼翼地挖掘着保存在阿尔泰山脉的一具女木乃伊。截至目前为止,我们只能够看到一只手及穿着现代样式靴子的双脚。但据专家判断,这具木乃伊可能有1500年的历史了。Researcher B.Sukhbaatar, from Khovd Museum, said: #39;This person was not from the elite, and we believe it was likely a woman, because there is no bow in the tomb. Now we are carefully unwrapping the body, and once this is complete the specialists will be able to say more precisely about the gender.#39;来自科布多物馆的研究专家苏赫巴托表示:“这具木乃伊并非一名贵族女性。之所以推断这是一具女性木乃伊,是因为坟墓中没有发现弓箭。目前我们正在小心挖掘,一旦全部挖掘出来,专家们就能明确判断是否为女性了。”A host of possessions were found in the grave. These included a saddle, bridle, clay vase, wooden bowl, trough, iron kettle, the remains of an entire horse, and ancient clothing.墓中还发现了大量财物。这些财物包括马鞍、缰绳、陶土花瓶、木碗、水槽、铁锅、一匹马的遗体以及一些古代饰。There were also pillows, a sheep#39;s head and felt travel bag in which were placed the whole back of a sheep, goat bones and small leather bag designed to carry a cup.此外,坟墓中还有枕头,羊头骨,被放于羊背上的一个类似旅行袋的东西,一些羊骨头以及放杯子的皮包。The first mention of Turks was in a Chinese text that made reference to Turk tribes and Sogdians along the Silk Road. The Turkic people developed their own alphabets, had their own language and are known for a number of symbols including wolves and the colour blue. Today, modern Turks live across Asia and eastern Europe.突厥人第一次被提及是在中国关于丝绸之路的文献资料中。突厥人有自己的文字和语言,并且以狼、蓝色为代表符号。现在,突厥人主要生活在亚洲和东欧地区。Commenting on the recent discovery, B.Sukhbaatar continued: #39;It is the first complete Turkic burial at least in Mongolia - and probably in all Central Asia. This is a very rare phenomenon. These finds show us the beliefs and rituals of Turkics.#39;而对于如今的这一发现,苏赫巴托继续说:“这是蒙古,也可能是在整个中亚的第一座完整的突厥人古墓。这非常罕见。该发现让我们了解了突厥人的信仰和风俗。”The grave was located 9,200 feet (2,803 meters) above sea level. This fact and the cool temperatures helped to preserve the grave, which sat three metres deep.该墓地位于海拔9200英尺(2803米)的地方。这样的位置以及寒冷的气候有助于保存这一三米深的墓地。#39;The finds show us that these people were very skilled craftsmen,#39; added the researcher. #39;Given that this was the grave of a simple person, we understand that craft skills were rather well developed.#39;这名研究者补充说:“这些发现向我们展示了这些人都是技艺高超的手艺人。因为这具木乃伊是一个普通人,可以想见当时他们的技艺该是多么高超。” /201604/437887


  Wakayama Prefecture, a sparsely populated region in Japan’s Kansai region, is renowned for its plums and mandarin oranges. Less known is that it produces what might be the world#39;s finest cooking charcoal.和歌山区是一个位于日本关西地区人口稀少的地区,它因当地的梅子和柑橘而闻名。少为人知的是和歌山也生产一种用于烹饪的木炭,这种木炭可能是世界上最好的烹饪用炭。No ordinary cooking agent, Kishu Binchotan has been marketed as everything from an air and water purifier to a mood enhancer. A white charcoal made from the indigenous ubame oak, it considered the world’s best fuel for grilling, especially Japanese dishes such as yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) and unagi (grilled eel), and chefs around the world swear that it imparts meat and seafood with a flavour unachievable using other charcoals. 作为一种非凡的蒸煮助剂,KishuBinchotan被贴上了很多标签,如空气和水的净化器和心境增强剂。KishuBinchotan是一种白色木炭,产自于当地的一种名为ubame的橡树,它被视为世界上最适合用于烧烤的木炭,尤其是一些日本菜品如yakitori(烤鸡串)和unagi(烤鳗鱼)。全世界的厨师们都发誓这一木炭给肉和海鲜添加了一种独特的香味,这种味道是其他种类的木炭实现不了的。In Wakayama City, I headed to the yakitori restaurant Mitsuboshi (4 Chome-70 Misonocho; 073-425-0666), and ordered five chicken skewers and a beer. When I asked the chef why they use Kishu Binchotan rather than a cheaper variety of charcoal, he listed the reasons in a well-practiced routine, emphasizing his points with the skewers as he turned them on the grill. The white charcoal, he said, burns at a lower temperature, doesn#39;t release smoke or odours into the meat, and most incredibly, he claimed, it emits far infrared waves – which sounded far-fetched. But, I had to admit, the chicken started to taste better the more I let myself believe it all might be true.在和歌山市,我去到yakitori餐馆,在那里点了五份鸡串和一份啤酒。我问厨师为什么要用Kishu Binchotan而不用其他更便宜一点的木炭,他熟练过地列举出了理由,一边将烤肉叉子在烤架上翻个面,一边拿着这些叉子强调着他的理由。厨师说这种白色木炭在一个很低的温度下燃烧,因此不会将烟或木炭的气味释放到肉上,更不可思议的是,它会发出一种远红外波,这听起来有点牵强附会。但我不得不承认的是,当我越让自己相信这可能是真的时候,鸡肉也开始变得更加美味。I had to admit, the chicken started to taste better.我不得不承认,鸡串的确变得越来越好吃。The next morning I took a coastline train from Wakayama City to Minabe to meet and observe one of the region’s finest Kishu Binchotan makers, Mitsuo Okazaki, at his workshop. This small coastal town of 14,000 – surrounded by mountains and bifurcated by a river that bears its name – is the country’s main producer of Kishu Binchotan, thanks to forests full of ubame oak not found anywhere else in the world. It’s also the largest producer of ume, Japanese plums. I was lucky enough to arrive at first bloom and the mountainside orchards were aly white with flowers, their gentle fragrance carried on the breeze.第二天早晨我搭乘海岸火车从和歌山市前往Minabe同这个地区最著名的Kishu Binchotan制作工匠冈崎光男见面。我们把见面的地点约在了他的工作室。Minabe是一个小镇,人口只有14,000人,周围山川环绕,一条同名的河流横穿而过。由于该地森林中有着丰富的ubame橡树,在这一点上世界上其他地方都无法匹及,这使得该小镇成为了日本主要的KishuBinchotan的生产地。Minabe同样也是日本梅子最大的生产地。我很幸运能够在第一期开花季的时候来到这里,山旁的果园里都开满了白色的花朵,微风中夹杂着花朵淡雅的芳香。At Okazaki’s workshop, he and his assistant were busy making Kishu Binchotan, reaching into the kiln with long metal rakes suspended from hooks. Ash floated in the air, creating a haze that diffused the glow of the kiln, before settling on every surface it could find.在冈崎光男的工作室,他和他的助理正忙着制作Kishu Binchotan。他们拿着挂在钩子上的长长的金属耙子,将它们够到烧窑里头。灰烬在空气中飘着,制造出了一种朦胧感,黯淡了烧窑发出的火光,直到附着到任何它能够找到的物体表面上。I introduced myself as Okazaki wiped his face with a towel and grabbed a bottle of water from a huge supply behind the piles of oak. In winter, he said, the warmth of the kiln makes work rather pleasant, but during the humid Wakayama summers, the intensity of the heat becomes almost unbearable. As he waited for the batch of charcoal to finish its first burn, he explained the basics of the Kishu Binchotan process.我向冈崎光男进行了自我介绍,当时他正在用一块毛巾擦着脸,从橡木堆后的一个巨大的储水池里舀了一大杯水。他说在冬天,烧窑的热度使得工作变得非常愉悦,但是在和歌山潮湿的夏季,超高的热度就变得异常难熬。当冈崎先生正在等着那一批木炭完成第一轮烧制的时候,他向我介绍了有关 KishuBinchotan 制作过程的一些基础知识。First, ubame oak is baked at low temperatures in the handmade clay kiln. The temperature is then rapidly increased before the embers are starved of oxygen by shutting the opening to the firebox, thereby protecting the carbon in the wood. It’s that last step that differs most from typical charcoal making. 首先,ubame橡树要在手工制作的陶制烧窑里用低温进行烤制。之后要关闭燃烧室的门以保护木头里的炭,在余烬还没燃尽氧气之前温度会迅速升高。正是这最后一步使得Kishu Binchotan的制作过程不同于一般木炭的制作。Okazaki explained that he knows the wood has reached the right temperature when it turns a lemon yellow. The men then use the rakes to drag the glowing links of wood from the oven and shift them toward the piles of ash. Okazaki demonstrated, sending sparks into the air. Once buried, plumes of dust puffed from the embers below, making the grey smoldering pile seem alive. The ash gradually cools the Kishu Binchotan and gives the wood its distinctive white appearance.冈崎先生解释说当木头的颜色变成了柠檬黄之后他就知道木头的已经达到了合适的温度。这时候就要使用耙子把发着火光的木头从炉子里捞出来,将它们进行转向,让它们面向灰烬堆。冈崎先生展示了这一过程,过程中不断地有火星冒出。那些本被埋上的灰尘从下面的余烬那里喷散开来,使得灰色的阴然堆仿佛有了生命。灰烬渐渐冷却了KishuBinchotan,赋予了木头独特的白色外貌。I was transfixed by the process. The combination of warmth and light lulled me into quiet observation. I felt the primal appeal of this work and understood why family Kishu Binchotan operations have continued in this way for hundreds of years.我被这个过程吸引住了。这里的温暖和光亮让我的观察显得格外平静。我感受到了这份工作的魅力所在,并且理解了为什么KishuBinchotan 的这种家庭式的制作工坊会延续几百年的时间。I was transfixed by the process.我被这一个过程深深地迷住了。But Kishu Binchotan’s recent popularity as a household and health panacea – it’s thought to absorb harmful chemicals better than other charcoals – has increased demand to unsustainable levels, straining artisans like Okazaki who rely on the limited supply of native ubame oak. Kishu Binchotan is the active ingredient in many cosmetics, shampoos and toothpastes; the unburned charcoal is put in closets and refrigerators to improve the air quality and absorb odours; and, most dubiously, it’s thought to be a mood-enhancer, due to the minus ions that are constantly released from the activated carbon and thought to increase serotonin levels in the brain. 但是 KishuBinchotan最近作为一种家用的健康万能药火了一把,它被认为具有比其他种类木炭更强的吸收有害化学物质的功能。这使得 KishuBinchotan的需求量达到了一种不可持续的水平,给像冈崎先生这样的工匠带来了困扰,因为他们的生产原料仅来自于当地有限的ubame橡树资源。Kishu Binchotan也是很多化妆品、洗发水以及牙膏的主要原料;人们将未经燃烧的木炭放入衣柜和冰箱,来达到提高空气质量和吸收异味的效果;此外,更加令人疑惑的是,Kishu Binchotan还被认为具有改善心境的作用,因为会有负离子不断地从活性炭中释放出来,这种负离子被认为能够提升大脑中的血清素水平。When the men finished their next batch of charcoal, I asked Okazaki what he thought about these claims. He shrugged and said Kishu Binchotan should really be used for its original purpose: cooking. As to which foods benefit most from Kishu Binchotan, Okazaki rattled off a list including wagyu beef, lamb and yakitori, but landed on saba shioyakai (salted mackerel) as the dish he thinks best reveals the subtle aroma of wood. The smell of fish cooking on Kishu Binchotan reminds him of winter meals as a child.当工作室里的工匠们完成了他们的下一批木炭后,我问冈崎先生他对这些说法怎么看。他耸了耸肩,说KishuBinchotan真应该只用于它原本的目的:烹饪。至于哪一种食物最能够从这种木炭中获益,冈崎先生说出了一长串食物的名字,包括神户牛肉、羔羊肉以及日式烧鸡。最后停在了sabashioyakai(椒盐鲭鱼)上,他认为这样菜最好地展现了木头的微妙香味。用Kishu Binchotan烧制的鱼肉的味道让他回想起了小时候冬季的餐桌。According to Okasaki, the next generation will keep producing Kishu Binchotan, but not in the same way. It’s too labour intensive and there are industrial ovens that can now be used. But he also believes these ovens burn the life out of the wood, noting that each bundle of branches is different from the next. It takes a human touch to recognize those differences, to cut only the branches that are y, adjust the burn time and transform ubame from simple hardwood to charcoal without destroying that life force. The basics of making Kishu Binchotan can be learned in a year or so, but perfecting the consistency of the charcoal is an instinct that takes decades to develop. 根据冈崎先生的说法,下一代人会继续生产Kishu Binchotan,但是会是用另外一种方式。现在的生产方式对劳动力的需求过高,而且现在也有了可以使用的工业化的烧制炉子。但是冈崎先生还是认为这些工业化的炉子会剥夺木头的生命力,他说每一捆树枝都彼此不一样。这些区别需要通过人的碰触才能感受出来,需要通过人的辨别才能判断哪些树枝是已经可以切除的了,需要人去调整烧制的时间,在不破坏橡木生命力的前提下将ubame橡木从简单的硬木状态变为木炭。制作Kishu Binchotan的基本功可以在一年左右的时间里学会,但是对木炭一致性的完善是一种需要经过数十年培养的本能直觉。The white charcoal makers of Wakayama are more than traditional artisans. They are stewards of the ubame forests, carefully selecting branches to maintain the health of the trees and working collectively to prevent ubame from being exploited beyond its limits. Okazaki and his fellow makers care deeply about creating a sustainable, high-quality product, and about passing those ways on to the next generation. And it’s that commitment to the entire life cycle that leads to some fantastic tasting meat. 这些来自和歌山的白色木炭制作者们,他们的身份意义超越了传统的工匠。他们是这片ubame森林的管理者,精心挑选树枝以保树木的健康,齐心协力一起防止ubame橡树遭到过渡的开采砍伐。冈崎先生和他的同事们专注于创造一种可持续性的高质量产品,以及将这一生产方式传递给下一代。正是这样一种对生命轮回的使命感带来了具有惊世美味的烤肉。 /201604/437136

  The super strong El Nino officially came to an end in May. But the lingering effects of El Nino will continue to cause larger rainfall and the possibility of severe flooding in China#39;s coastal regions remains, warned Zhou Bing, chief engineer of the National Climate Center.超强厄尔尼诺事件已于5月正式结束,不过国家气候中心首席工程师周兵提醒,厄尔尼诺的残余影响仍将导致降水增多,我国沿海地区发生严重洪涝灾害的可能性依然存在。The provinces of Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi may have 50 to 80 percent more rainfall than the same period in recent years, the national meteorological authority said.中国气象局预计,湖北、湖南和江西省的降水量或比近年同期偏多5-8成。After the strong El Nino, China may see the coming of La Nina, El Nino#39;s opposite phenomenon. Together with global warming, rising sea levels may exacerbate the impact of flooding and storm surges, Zhou said.周兵表示,强厄尔尼诺过后,中国或许将迎来与厄尔尼诺相反的拉尼娜现象。全球变暖和海平面的上升可能会加重洪水和风暴潮致灾程度。Both the El Nino and La Nina phenomena are related to abnormal ocean currents and temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific, leading to global changes of temperatures and rainfall.厄尔尼诺和拉尼娜现象都是与中东和太平洋地区的洋流、气温异常有关的,这导致了全球气温和降水出现了变化。;We need to make full preparation for the extreme weather conditions like flood, drought and heat, due to the lingering impact of El Nino and coming of La Nina,; said Zhou.周兵表示:“由于厄尔尼诺的残余影响和妮娜的到来,我们要对如洪水,干旱和炎热等极端天气做好准备。”In 1998, the southern regions experienced devastating flooding after El Nino that caused heavy casualties and economic losses.1998年,在厄尔尼诺现象之后,南方地区经历了毁灭性的洪水灾害,该灾害造成了大量人员伤亡和经济损失。 /201606/449863。



  Gene Wilder, who brought a wild-eyed desperation to a series of memorable and iconic comedy roles in the 1970s and 1980s, has died, his lawyer, Eric Weissmann, said.著名演员吉恩#8226;怀尔德在上世纪七八十年代塑造了一系列令人记忆深刻的经典喜剧形象,为角色注入了疯狂而绝望的特质。据其律师埃里克#8226;韦斯曼称,怀尔德已于当地时间8月29日在康涅狄格州的家中去世。He was 83.怀尔德终年83岁。Wilder is best known for his collaborations with director Mel Brooks, starring as the stressed-out Leo Bloom in Brooks#39; breakout 1967 film ;The Producers,; and later in the monster movie spoof ;Young Frankenstein.; He also portrayed a boozing gunslinger in ;Blazing Saddles.;他与导演梅尔#8226;布鲁克斯的合作最为知名,曾在其1967年的突破性作品《发财妙计》中饰演不堪重负的里奥#8226;布鲁姆,随后又出演了恶搞恐怖电影《科学怪人》的《新科学怪人》。他还在《灼热的马鞍》中刻画了酗酒手的形象。For many people, Wilder might be best remembered for ;Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,; playing the mysterious candy tycoon in the 1971 adaptation of Roald Dahl#39;s book.对许多人而言,怀尔德最令人难忘的作品或许是《欢乐糖果屋》。这部1971年的影片改编自罗尔德#8226;达尔的书,怀尔德在其中扮演一位神秘的糖果大亨。In a statement to CNN on Monday, Brooks called Wilder ;one of the truly great talents of our time.;周一,布鲁克斯在给CNN的声明中称怀尔德是“这个时代真正的伟大天才之一”。;He blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship,; Brooks wrote.布鲁克斯写道:“他为我们合作的每一部电影赋予了魔力,我也有幸能成为他的朋友。”Wilder died due to complications from Alzheimer#39;s disease, which he struggled with for three years, his nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman said in a statement to CNN. Wilder chose not to disclose his illness, the statement added.怀尔德的侄子乔丹#8226;沃克-皮尔曼在给CNN的声明中表示,怀尔德因阿尔茨海默病的并发症而过世,他已和疾病斗争三年。声明还称,他本人选择不公布病情。;He simply couldn#39;t bear the idea of one less smile in the world,; Walker-Pearlman said.沃克-皮尔曼说:“他只是无法忍受这个世界上缺少欢笑。”Actor Gene Wilder appears at Barnes amp; Noble to sign copies of his book ;The Woman Who Wouldn#39;t; on March 26, 2008 in New York City.2008年3月26日,怀尔德在纽约的巴诺书店为他的新书《The Woman Who Wouldn#39;t》签售。In the years after ;Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,; Wilder continued to star in numerous comedies, with less consistent success. That included several films with Richard Pryor, including ;Stir Crazy; and ;Silver Streak,; as well as solo vehicles like《欢乐糖果屋》之后的几年,怀尔德继续参演众多喜剧片,但并非一直都大获成功。他与理查德#8226;普赖尔合作了几部电影,包括《阿叔有难》和《银线号大血案》, ;The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes#39; Smarter Brother; and ;The World#39;s Greatest Lover,; which he also directed.并自导自演了《福尔斯聪明兄弟历险记》和《世上最伟大的情人》等作品。In a 2005 interview with CNN, Wilder discussed how he met Brooks, having been cast in a play opposite the director#39;s then-girlfriend, Anne Bancroft.2005年CNN的一次采访中,怀尔德讲述了他与导演布鲁克斯结识的经过。那时,他在一部戏里搭档布鲁克斯当时的女友安妮#8226;班克罗夫特。;That led to #39;The Producers#39; and #39;Blazing Saddles#39; and #39;Young Frankenstein,#39; because I was miscast in a play,; Wilder said. ;And it changed my life.;怀尔德说:“因为那次相识,我才出演了《发财妙计》、《灼热的马鞍》和《新科学怪人》。一次角色分配不当改变了我的人生。”He said he was happy to be cast in primarily comedic roles throughout his acting career.他说,很高兴自己的演艺生涯中主要饰演喜剧角色。;For every dramatic role, there are 14 other guys who will do it better than me, always,; Wilder told CNN.他告诉CNN:“我的每一个戏剧角色,总会有另外14个人比我演得更好。”He was married to ;Saturday Night Live; regular Gilda Radner for five years until her death in 1989.怀尔德曾与《周六夜现场》的常任演员吉尔达#8226;拉德纳结婚五年,直到拉德纳在1989年去世。When asked in the same CNN interview if he thought the public expected him to mourn Radner indefinitely, Wilder said he felt some people did.当在采访中被问及他是否认为公众期待他永久悼念拉德纳时,怀尔德说他知道有些人是这么想的。Then added, ;If you found happiness, real happiness, then it would be stupid to waste your life mourning. And if you asked Gilda, she#39;d say, don#39;t be a jerk. You know, go out, have fun. Wake up and smell the coffee.;然后他补充道:“如果你找到了快乐,真正的快乐,那么浪费生命去哀悼是愚蠢的。要是你问吉尔达,她会说,别傻了。走出门去寻找欢乐吧。要清醒过来。”He is survived by his wife of 25 years, Karen Wilder.与他结婚25年的妻子凯伦依然在世。Wilder#39;s friends, co-workers and admirers were quick to pay tribute to the actor on Monday after the news of his death.周一,怀尔德逝世的消息发布后,其友人、同事和崇拜者很快表示了对他的怀念。;Bless you for all these years of laughter and love, such warmth and humanity,; wrote film critic Leonard Maltin.影评人莱纳德#8226;马尔丁写道:“感谢你多年带来的笑与爱,你是如此温暖又充满人性。”Debra Messing, former star of ;Will amp; Grace,; a show on which Wilder guest-starred, said, ;A man who lit up the world with his joy and genius. I can#39;t say what it meant to act with him and get to know his heart.;怀尔德曾客串N剧集《威尔和格蕾丝》。饰演格蕾丝的黛拉#8226;梅辛说:“他以欢乐和天才点亮世界。与他合作并得以了解他内心,这其中的感受难以言喻。” /201608/463594

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