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Is it ;healthy eating; or ;healthful eating?; Is there even a difference?For some people, there is. Anne Curzan, professor of English literature at the University of Michigan, is y to lead us into the nuanced world of grammarians, where some distinctions are a little more complicated than they seem.While Curzan was giving a talk on grammar pet peeves, someone expressed a moment of frustration: ;People keep saying eat healthy food! And I cant stand it!;Although this might make you scratch your head, there is a rule behind it. In the 19th century, many grammarians sought to make words complement each other. They tried this with healthy and healthful. ;To say healthful,; says Curzan, ;should mean conducive to or causing health, and healthy should mean experiencing good health.;;The problem is that healthy has meant both those things for hundreds of years, and the distinction has never really held,; says Curzan. ;So I have to say I think this rule has not made it.;But this isnt the only place where grammarians tried to create complementary distribution in the language. Theres another example: shall and will.;In the first person,; says Curzan. ;In other words, with I or we, you use shall to express the simple future. Then you use will to express obligation, necessity, determination, or permission.;But if you use either word in the second or third person, the rules flip-flop. That means if you use you, he, or she, then will expresses the simple future and shall expresses permission/obligation/determination.What were they thinking!? If youre looking for a grammarian to blame for this headache, Curzan suggests looking back at John Wallis, a 17th century bishop and mathematician. But dont be too hard on his memory, as the rule hasnt aged very well. According to Curzan, its commonly used in just one place: legal writing, where the word shall expresses a legal obligation.But this, too, is controversial, as the word shall is often misused. Lawyer Bryan Garner, an expert on legal grammar, has more or less given up on it. ;His practice, at this point, is to always replace it with will or may or must in order to clarify,; says Curzan.It might seem like grammarians just make the rules, but sometimes they will be the first to break them.201510/404299Drinking lead-tainted water is out of the question, as is cooking with it and bathing in it. But what about gardening? Is it safe to water your garden with leaded water through a hose without a filter?Below is Teresa McLeans answer. Shes a Flint-based Michigan State University Extension Service educator in community food systems.McLean said you will not be ;appreciably adding; to lead in soil by watering it with lead-tainted water. But that doesnt mean lead in soil isnt a concern.Lead aly exists in some soils across Michigan. McLean said it occurs naturally at low levels, but it also comes from other places—like lead paint on houses and lead remnants from when cars used lead gasoline.For that reason, McLean said its crucial to test for lead in soil before you garden. The EPAs Hazard Standard for lead in soil says any lead level below 400 parts per million is safe—and thats in areas where children play. McLean, however, suggests a 300 ppm limit.The good news about veggiesWhen it comes to growing food, even in soil that contains lead, McLean had some good news.;Fortunately for us, vegetables are not very good at taking up lead,; she said. ;When we talk about low-risk vegetables, anything that fruits … like tomatoes, peppers, green beans, corn—if there is any lead uptake at all, it does not get translocated to the fruits, and so those are considered the safest type of vegetable to grow in a garden with elevated lead levels.;While lead doesnt typically make its way into vegetables, it can stick to them. Thats why McLean said gardeners should be wary of ;soil splash.;;Soil splash, the soil that gets stuck to our root vegetables or our leafy greens, could be a concern if not washed properly,; she said. ;And so we do recommend peeling all root crops and pulling off the outer leafy greens. Of course, here in Flint, we have to wash them thoroughly with filtered or bottled water.;McLean also suggested that people gardening in soils with elevated lead levels wear gloves and boots when gardening to prevent unnecessary contact with lead.201605/446577

Beautiful. You sound great.Sound great. Thank you.Alright.太棒了 听起来棒极了 很好听 谢谢 好了Nick is hosting ;The Kids Choice Awards; Coming up soon.尼克不久后要主持儿童选择奖颁奖典礼Are you prepared to get slimed?你准备好被泼泥了吗Im prepared and I have couples of surprises of my slim too,and cancel the slime.准备好了 关于泼泥和避免被泼 我也做了些准备Oh really. So you keep protecting yourself from the slime.真的吗 你不能采取措施防止被泼Thats the whole thing.You are gonna get slimed.就是这样 你一定被泼No, no. I am fully prepared.Im gonna slime in the prom.不不不 我完全准备好了 我在毕业舞会上被泼过一次了Right in my ear. So just earplugs this time.还进了我的耳朵 所以这次我准备好耳塞了All right, alright, yeah.It will be fun. Theyre always fun.好的 明白了 这会很有趣的 一直都很有趣Weve never done it before but Nick had a great good idea.We said, ;Okay, sure.;尼克出了一个很棒的主意 虽然我们从没这样做过 我们说 ;好啊 没问题;He wanted to give each and everyone of you tickets to go see ;The Kids Choice Awards.;他想送给现场的观众每人一张 儿童选择奖颁奖典礼的门票For every audience you will get a copy of this as well.Well be back.每位观众还会得到一张尼克的新专辑 我们一会回来 /201510/402647For Peggy Orenstein, an American journalist, these are symptoms of a larger and more pernicious problem: “the pressure on young women to reduce their worth to their bodies and to see those bodies as a collection of parts that exist for others pleasure”. In “Girls amp; Sex”, a wise and sharply argued look at how girls are navigating “the complicated new landscape” of sex and sexuality, Ms Orenstein notes that unlike past feminists, who often protested against their sexual objectification, many of todays young women claim to find it empowering. “There are few times that I feel more confident about my body than when I wear a crop top and my boobs are showing and my legs are showing,” says Holly, a college student. “I never feel more liberated.”对于佩吉·沃伦斯坦一个美国记者来说,这些都是更大更具危害性问题的表现—“年轻的女孩儿背负着一定的压力,她们将自己的价值体现仅限于自己的身体且视自己的身体为满足别人乐趣的一部分”。《女孩与性》讲述了女孩儿如何在性别和性相关“这个复杂的新领域”定位,见解独到。沃伦斯坦还提到,现在很多年轻女性声称性物化给了她们自主权,而不是像过去的女性那样反对性物化。大学生霍莉说道:“当我穿露脐装秀胸秀腿的时候我觉得很自信,无拘无束,其他时间很少有这种感觉。”This hardly seems like progress, particularly when only certain bodies, those that are sexy to men, are allowed to be a source of pride. (Even Meghan Trainors body-positive anthem, “All About That Bass”, celebrates fuller bodies because “boys, they like a little more booty to hold at night.”) Yet both authors argue that girls are embracing their own sexualisation in part because they are living in a culture that prioritises women being “hot”. Just listen to Donald Trump, Americas Republican presidential front-runner, or try to find a female news presenter wearing a dress with sleeves.这看起来并不像是进步,尤其是当特定的身材—那些男性觉得性感的身材,可以被当作是自豪感的来源的时候。(即使梅根·特雷纳的那首正能量满满的身材颂歌“All About That Bass”赞美了更丰满的身材,理由是“男孩们晚上更喜欢肥硕的屁屁(此处为歌词)”)然而作家们还是声称女孩子们在某种程度上还是喜欢自己的性化,因为她们生活在优待身材“火辣”的女性的文化中。听听美国共和党总统竞选人唐纳德·特朗普说的吧(特朗普在竞选中攻击希拉里,更是搬出希拉里的丈夫、前总统克林顿来反击她的“性别歧视”批评。其本人有性别歧视倾向),或者试着找找那些穿长袖裙的新闻女主播吧。Both books also blame the “ever-broadening influence of porn”. The internet has made pornography more widely available than ever before. Few view it as realistic, but many consult it as a guide—which makes sense in a country where parents rarely talk candidly about sex with their children, especially their daughters, and few schools fill the gap. Educators commonly advocate abstinence and only 13 states require that sex education even be medically accurate.两本书也批评了“色情文学越来越广的影响力”。互联网使得色情书籍比以前更容易获得。在一个父母很少和孩子特别是女孩儿开诚布公地谈论性而且很少有学校会有相关教育的国家,很少有人正视互联网对色情书籍可获得性的事实,但是又有很多人视互联网为指南。教育者们一般只是提倡节欲,而且只有13个国家会要求医学上较为准确的性教育。The problem is that much of this pornography is not only explicit but also violent, which can influence expectations. A study of Canadian teenagers found a correlation between consuming pornography and believing it is okay to hold a girl down for forced sex. Pornography also tends to present womens sexuality as something that exists primarily for the benefit of men. Ms Orenstein notes that most of the young women she interviewed had removed all of their pubic hair since they were about 14 in order to cater to the fickle, porn-bred tastes of young men. They also tended to prioritise their partners physical pleasure over their own.问题是很多色情文学直接,暴力,这些会影响他们的未来。一项关于加拿大青少年的调查研究发现消费色情文学与认为可以击倒女生并对其施暴这样的观点存在着一定的联系。而且色情文学倾向于将女性的性欲描述为主要为满足男性而存在的一种事物。沃伦斯坦提到她采访的很多年轻女性14岁左右就去除了阴毛以迎合那些浮躁的有着色情口味的年轻男人。他们还倾向于更看重另一半身材带来的欢愉而非他们自己的。For anyone raising a daughter, these books do not make for easy ing. Expect plenty of stories about binge drinking, random hookups, oral sex and misjudged sexting. Intellectually, many young women believe they can achieve whatever they set their minds to, but most still struggle to obey a sexual double-standard that gives them little room between being chided as “sluts” or “prudes”. As one teenage girl tells Ms Orenstein, “Usually the opposite of a negative is a positive, but in this case its two negatives. So what are you supposed to do?”对于那些有女儿要抚养的家长来说,这些书籍并不容易阅读。有很多关于酗酒、随机配对、口交和乱性的故事。理性地说,很多年轻女性认为对她们想要的东西志在必得,但是大多数人还是会挣扎着遵循性别上的双重标准——这使得她们被批为“”和“故作正经的绿茶婊”,因此她们在这两者之间受到了很大的限制。就像一个青少年女孩告诉沃伦斯坦的那样,“消极的反义通常是积极,但是在这个方面是两个消极。所以你还能怎么做呢?” 翻译:李晶晶amp;周玮 校对:赵容 译文属译生译世 /201604/438286Weeping at the memory of the children murdered during a shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama unveiled a series of executive actions Tuesday aimed at preventing more mass killings. 追忆桑迪胡克小学击案遇难的孩子不禁令人潸然泪下,周二奥巴马总统公布了一系列行政措施,旨在防止更多大规模杀戮。In a powerful 30- minute address to the nation, Obama outlined his plans to slow the flood of firearms sales and keep weapons out of the hands of potential mass murderers. 在强有力的30分钟讲话中,奥巴马概述了他的计划,减缓销售泛滥,阻止潜在的杀人犯获得武器。During his speech, the president also publicly directed federal agencies to expand background-checks on gun buyers and tighten enforcement of existing gun laws. 在讲话中,奥巴马还公开指示联邦机构对购买者扩大背景调查,并加强现有法律的执行。Under the new rules, anyone engaged in the business of selling guns has to obtain a federal sellers license and do background-checks on the buyers.根据新规定,任何从事销售的人必须获得联邦的卖方执照,并对买家进行背景调查。译文属。201601/420281

And shes just completely changed my life and turned my whole world upside-down但是我女儿彻底改变了我的世界 我的整个人生都为她颠覆And on behalf of all mothers I think that you know children make us better people我想代表所有母亲讲一句 孩子使我们变成更好的人They make us more compassionate and more caring and more understanding and more tolerant他们让我们更加怜悯 关系 理解 宽容他人And I think all mothers should be that and should be proud to be tolerant and compassionate and understanding and accepting我觉得 作为一个母亲 都应该以宽容 怜悯 理解和包容为荣And I think intolerance of any kind especially by a mother shouldnt be tolerated by anyone而且我认为 每个人都应该是宽容的 尤其是作为一个母亲you are amazing,thank you.Your daughter is lucky to have you I mean really,you are an amazing smart woman你真是太棒了 谢谢你 有这样的妈妈 你的女儿好幸福 你是个不可思议的睿智的妈妈And especially coming from like you said coming from a childhood,to break that you know而且你还是从一个不幸的童年成长起来的 你打破了那个枷锁Sometimes generation after generation you know,people repeat the same mistakes有时候一代接着一代 人们会将错误延续And for you to be able to correct it and stop it,and make your child have a wonderful loving childhood而你却有能力去打破这个恶性循环 去纠正它 去给予你的孩子一个幸福的童年And teach her compassion,she is luck to have a mom like you,thank you.教会怜悯 她应该为有你这样的一位母亲而感到幸运 谢谢And lets talk about the show right now,whts going on现在让我们谈谈你的剧吧 发生了什么Okay,so all day this morning I was with a lion,Felix,the most beautiful,like a lion lion好吧 今天一上午我都是跟一头狮子一起度过的 Felix 一头漂亮的狮子 一头真狮子A real lion,a lion which we dont love,you know,of course the lion on the show一头活生生的狮子 我们不想 剧里的那头狮子There is Felix,look how handsome he is,wow,so gorgeous看 这就是我们威风凛凛的小狮子 真是无与伦比的美丽So it was a wonderful morning,and the story line is he escapes,you know he had a trainer所以我过了一个很好的上午 故事的情节是它跑掉了 有一个驯兽师and there was an accident,that guy is going to end up coming to Seattle Grace the Hospital出了些状况 那家伙最后会来西雅图仁爱医院的 /201608/463004

听力参考文本:Detroit has one of the busiest fire departments in the nation. One problem in the city causes fires to be worse than they should be: broken fire hydrants. Its a problem city hall doesnt want to talk about.Steve Neavling founded the online journalism site Motor City Muckraker. Frankly, Neavling is a thorn in the side of the Detroit Mayors office. He pokes and prods and provokes City Hall.Right now hes working to document every fire in the city for a year. One thing hes noticed is a lot of broken fire hydrants. He says because it sometimes takes extra time to find a working hydrant, a house fire can sp to the next house.We drove to a neighborhood where he says thats happened.;Were on 28th Street. And in a two-block area of 28th Street there were three separate fires that caught six houses and buildings on fire all within a two block area,; Neavling said. ;And this house was one of them, and as you can see this was a large two-family brick house that is leveled to the ground. And the reason is right across the street is a broken hydrant,; he added.Neavling says he asked people at city hall about the broken hydrants. He says they estimated there were about 70 broken hydrants in Detroit. That just didnt seem right to him, so he surveyed 15% of the citys nearly 30,000 hydrants.;With the 15%, we found 279 broken hydrants. And if you extrapolate that, you know, theres quite a few broken hydrants, a lot more than the 50, 60, 70 hydrants the city thought,; Neavling said.If you extrapolate that, it means more than 1,800 broken hydrants.The Fire Commissioners office did not respond to a request for an interview about the problem.Steve Neavling filed a Freedom of Information request with city hall to see how bad the problem is. It was denied because the city says it would endanger the public if arsonists knew which fire hydrants were broken. Hes now suing the city for the information.I caught up with Shawn McCarty at a fire call. Hes a captain, but was acting-chief that day. He says the broken fire hydrant problem is worse in the winter.;The problem is more so when its colder outside. The hydrants freeze. But, generally, in temperatures like this, we dont have much of a problem with fire hydrants,; McCarty explained.Thats because some of the hydrants have small leaks that cause the freezing. During the summer, its just a leak. Many other hydrants are just broken and need to be replaced.Rank and file firefighters have been warned not to talk to the news media about problems within the department. However, I was able to talk to four firefighters from three different firehouses. They didnt want to be recorded, but they did confirm more buildings and houses burn because of broken hydrants.The firefighters also told me about a smart phone app that could allow firefighters to report broken hydrants and then the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department could fix or replace them. The problem, according to my sources, is that the app has been activated on phones only at a couple of the citys 37 firehouses.DFD Battalion Chief Shawn McCarty says its being phased in.;I have it. Every firehouse doesnt have it. Its a work in motion, but were getting better at it every day,; he said.McCarty wasnt sure when it would be activated for all the firehouses. City hall has not responded to requests for an interview about that.Even if it were activated, its not clear the city has the money to fix all of the broken hydrants.The cost is more houses and buildings burning. About 70% of the fires in Detroit are due to arson of vacant properties.And Steve Neavling with Motor City Muckraker says he noted one other thing in his hydrant survey.;The poorer the neighborhood, generally, the more hydrants we were seeing broken,; he said.The Detroit Fire Department will be getting some new fire engines this summer, and its brought on new trainees to help out with other problems, including broken equipment and staff shortages.Assistance in reporting this piece came from Bill McGraw with Bridge Magazine, a DJC partner.Support for the Detroit Journalism Cooperative on Michigan Radio comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalisms Michigan Reporting Initiative, and the Ford Foundation.201506/379697

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