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2017年10月21日 18:22:18 | 作者:飞度咨询服务平台 | 来源:新华社
Caffeine addiction is so commonplace that nobody will bat an eye if you say you need your daily dose of coffee.Though people claim that coffee benefits them, the efficacy of the brown liquid is often misconceived. For starters, studies have shown that although caffeine may give you more speed, you#39;ll be more prone to making mistakes. This means even if you have a larger output, it#39;ll be of lower quality. More negatives include feeling jittery when you drink too much coffee and withdrawal symptoms like headaches if you choose to stop drinking. Convinced? Here are some tips to kicking your caffeine habit to the curb for good this year:咖啡瘾太常见了,所以如果你说要每天喝杯咖啡,都没有人会在意。虽然人们声称咖啡对他们有益,但这种棕色液体的功效却被经常误解。对刚开始喝咖啡的人们来说,研究表明虽然咖啡因会让你做事速度更快,但也更容易犯错误。这意味着虽然你做了更多事,但质量却更低。负面影响还有:咖啡喝多后会焦躁不安,不喝时会有头痛的戒断症状。现在相信了吧?下面有些小建议可以让你今年永远摆脱喝咖啡的习惯:1. Figure out your quitting style. Everyone has their own way of kicking bad habits, and you can either choose to go cold turkey or ease off it slowly. Remember, if you go cold turkey and suffer withdrawal symptoms, don#39;t take any pain medication for your headaches since those have caffeine in it as well!1. 找到自己的“退出”方式。每个人都有戒掉坏习惯的方法,你可以痛定思痛下决心快速戒掉,也可以慢慢除去坏习惯。要记住的是,如果你决定快点戒掉并且出现戒断症状,别用吃药治疗头痛,因为这些也含有咖啡因!2. Find a replacement. When you find yourself craving coffee, try to replace it with caffeine-free tea. Chamomile and mint tea are always good options.2. 找替代品。当你很想喝咖啡时,试着喝茶代替,它们不含咖啡因。菊花茶和薄荷茶总是很好的选择。3. Try decaf. When you just miss the comfort of the taste of coffee, opt for decaf. Keep in mind that there#39;s actually a small amount of caffeine in a decaffeinated cup of joe, so drink a small cup.3. 试试看无咖啡因咖啡。当你想起沁人心脾的咖啡味时,就喝没有咖啡因的咖啡吧。要记得在一杯“不含咖啡因”的咖啡中,还是会有少量咖啡因的,所以喝一小杯即可。Of course, it#39;s up to each individual to decide if quitting coffee is right for them. I#39;d say you should truly consider it if you#39;re drinking excessive amounts (more than three or four cups a day) and if you#39;re feeling some of the negative effects of caffeine.当然,每个人要自己决定戒咖啡是否合适。如果你喝过量的咖啡(一天超过三四杯),而且感觉到咖啡因的一些副作用,我觉得你确实该考虑一下是否要戒了。 /201302/224072Gemini is the talker of the universe, effortlessly pouring out words on practically every subject under the sun. They have agile minds and quick tongues, turning linguistic somersaults with ease. They just need to remember not to drown their audience in too much verbosity. Less can often mean more!双子座的人思维活跃,对工作中的问题得心应手。 /201210/203031Don#39;t you wish there was a small trick or two that could make you more attractive to the opposite sex? It turns out there are plenty.想不想学几招让你在异性面前更有魅力呢?当然有很多招数可以学。We combed through some recent scientific studies to find personal grooming tips, dietary changes and other fixes that are proven to make you more attractive.我们整理了一下最新的科学研究,发现改变自己容貌,饮食规律以及其他的方面会让人更加有魅力。Go for a ride...on a roller coaster.坐......过山车Take your date or someone you want to be romantically involved with on a roller coaster.带着你的约会对象或是你想进一步发展感情的某人去坐过山车吧!A study from earlier last year revealed that roller coaster riders found their non-romantic co-riders more attractive after a whip around the track, according to The Daily Mail.《每日邮报》报道称,去年早期的研究表明乘客,在经历过过山车之后会发现自己的普通朋友更加有魅力。There was no difference for couples who were aly romantically linked, so this trick only works with potential partners.不过这对已经是情侣们不太适用,仅限于潜在约会对象哦。Eat your fruits and vegetables for glowing skin.多吃水果蔬菜让肌肤焕发光Eating more fruits and vegetables is a natural way to make your skin look more attractive, a study from PLoS ONE showed.公共国家图书馆研究表明,多吃水果和蔬菜是使肌肤更有魅力的最天然方法。The redness and yellowness of skin in white people may be linked to the number of servings of fruit and vegetables they eat daily, the study showed. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and plant-based pigments, which seem to give skin a healthy hue.研究表明,白种人皮肤发红与发黄有可能与每日摄取的水果蔬菜数量有关。水果和蔬菜富含抗氧化剂和植物色素,这些似乎能让肤色更加健康。Better yet, the results are instant. Participants in the study had rosier cheeks and healthier looking skin with just an increase of one portion of fruit and vegetables a day.更好的是,此方法效果立竿见影。通过每天多食用一份水果和蔬菜,研究参与者们很快脸颊更红润了,肤色也更加健康。Keep those teeth pearly white保持牙齿白亮A study confirmed the obvious, that a white and evenly spaced set of teeth make people seem more attractive.研究明,拥有白亮整齐牙齿的人似乎更有魅力。The study, from researchers at the British universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire, found that teeth are ;the human equivalent of a peacock’s tail,; according to The Daily Mail.《每日邮报》报道称,利兹和中央兰开夏郡的英国大学研究发现,牙齿相当于人类的孔雀尾巴。They are a sign of health and good genetics that help select a mate.牙齿是健康和优质基因的标志,能帮助人们选择伴侣。女人应该随身带口红Ladies, pick up some red lipstick next time you#39;re at the drug store.下次去药妆店,女士们可别忘了买点口红。A woman#39;s lips are the most attractive part of her body, especially when colored with red lipstick, a study from the Manchester University revealed.曼彻斯特大学的研究发现,女人的嘴唇是身体中最性感的部位,特别是在涂过口红之后。The study found that men stared at a woman#39;s lips for seven full seconds when they were colored red. In comparison, they spent just 0.95 seconds looking at her eyes and 0.85 seconds gazing at her hair.研究发现一旦女人涂了口红,男人可以盯着女人的嘴唇长达7秒之久,相比之下,他们只会花0.95秒去关注女人的眼睛,0.85秒关注女人的头发。Play dumb (but only if you#39;re looking for a fling)装傻(仅限于找一夜情的情况)This one pains us to write. But ladies, if you#39;re looking for a one-night stand, it#39;s best to play it stupid.我们十分纠结到底要不要列出这一点。如果你想找的是一夜情,那么最好的办法就是装傻。In a study recently published in Evolution and Human Behavior, graduate students at the University of Texas–Austin found that that men were most attracted to women who appeared ;dimwitted- or immature,; or ;sleepy or intoxicated; for a one-night stand.德州大学奥斯丁分校的研究生在《进化与人类行为》杂志上近期发表的研究发现,男人更喜欢那些看起来“笨笨的、单纯的” 或“昏昏欲睡醉酒的”女人们来玩一夜情。Women who appeared quick-witted and lucid, on the other hand, were found less physically attractive.而那些聪明机警头脑清楚的女人反而缺少点魅力。Thankfully, the opposite was true when men were seeking long-term partners.不过谢天谢地,在男人们寻找长期伴侣时,结论完全是反过来的。Ladies—smile!女士们笑一个!Ladies, a simple smile will help a guy find you more attractive.女士们,简单的微笑都能让男人觉得你更有魅力。Happiness is the most attractive emotion in females, a study called ;Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction; from Emotion showed.一个名为“快乐者事竟成:情感表达对异性魅力的影响”的研究表明,快乐是女性最有魅力的情感。Guys—brood a little more.男士们还是深沉点吧Brooding and swaggering men are much more attractive than men who are smiling, according to a recent study from the University of British Columbia. In fact, the women surveyed said happiness was the least attractive quality in a man.根据英属哥伦比亚大学的最新研究表明,相对于那些笑嘻嘻的男人们而言,深沉而高傲的男人们似乎更有魅力。实际上,被调查的女人们说快乐是男人身上最无魅力的特性。The study could explain why some women are attracted to the ;bad boy; persona.该研究能解释为何有些女人独爱“坏男人”。And shave those beards.男士们还要记得刮胡子Women did not rate men with have bearded faces as more attractive in a recent study in the Oxford Journal.《牛津大学期刊》上最新的调查显示,女人们并不认为有胡须的男人会更有魅力。The study found that men with beards were seen as more aggressive and of a higher social-status, but not better looking.调查发现有胡须的男人会显得更有进取心,虽然可以显示更高的社会地位,但是会影响外貌美观。Take a deep breath and relax.深吸一口气放松Women find less-stressed men substantially more attractive than their more-stressed out rivals, a study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal found.《英国皇家协会学报》B刊的研究表明,女人们觉得相对于压力重重的男人们而言,她们更喜欢轻松点的男人们。The study#39;s researchers concluded that men with low stress levels are more attractive, because handling a stressful situation suggests having a ;strong; genetic makeup and that can be passed on to children.调查者总结说压力小的男人更有魅力,因为他们能处理好压力状况,表明有好的抗压基因,这能遗传给下一代。Play hard to get.保持神秘感In another odd turn of human behavior, a study in Psychological Science showed that women found a man more attractive when she wasn#39;t sure how strongly he felt about her, as opposed to when she was certain he was very interested in her.这又牵扯到人类一个奇怪的行为了,《心理科学》杂志的研究表明,如果女人们并不清楚自己在男人心中的地位,则那个男人会更有魅力,然而一旦获知男人对她很感兴趣,那么这个男人似乎就没那么有魅力了。The study found that women started thinking about a man more when she was uncertain if he really liked her or not. Then, she would conclude she liked him since she couldn#39;t ;get this guy out of her head.;研究发现当女人并不确定男人是否喜欢她时,会不断的想起这个男人。然后她就会觉得已经喜欢上了他,因为这个男人一直在她的脑海挥之不去。Overall, the study suggested that if men hold back some of their feelings at the very beginning, and create some mystery, he#39;ll be more likely to hook a member of the opposite sex.总的来说,如果男人们想一直保持最初在女人心中的感觉,那就制造点神秘感吧,这会让你吸引一大批异性哦。 /201301/221460

We#39;ve all been on first dates where some surprising snippet of personal information is dropped into the conversation in a way that is as jarring an earring falling into your soup. And we#39;ve all done it. The following is a list of topics that are best to avoid on a first date:我们都有过第一次约会时一些个人信息的惊讶片段进入了谈话中,就像耳环掉进汤里那般不和谐。我们都有过。下面是一张首次约会时最好能避免的主题清单:1. The ex. It#39;s best not to vomit up what went wrong in your last relationship. If you do, your date will be sure to pick up any information about how you might behave in a relationship with him or her. So zip it. Never share the details, particularly the gory ones, until you know each other a whole lot better.1.前度。最好不要抱怨你的上段恋情出了什么问题。如果你这样做,你的约会一定会涉及到在与他(她)的关系中你可能会如何表现的一些信息。所以闭嘴。绝不分享细节,特别是暴力的,除非你们很好地了解对方了。2. Your finances. There#39;s a lot of talk right now about people being financially strapped -- there#39;s even a new sitcom about a divorced woman living with her parents. But it#39;s not sexy, okay? Again, let#39;s hope that you are so stunning in other ways that your date doesn#39;t give a damn. But don#39;t count on it. It#39;s best to t softly when you reveal financial woes.2.你的财务状况。现在有很多谈话关于人们财政拮据,甚至还有一个离婚女人与父母一起生活的新状况。但这不是性感,好吗?再一次,让我们希望你在其他方面是如此的魅力四射,以至于你的约会对象并不在乎。但不要指望。当你揭示金融困境时最好谨慎行事。3. Beloved pets. Nothing is more unappealing than listening to a new date express undying love for their pet. Keep the iPhone photos to yourself. And don#39;t say you can#39;t ever have a sleepover because your cat or dog can#39;t be left alone. As for deceased pets you had in childhood, let them rest in peace.3.心爱的宠物。没有什么比听新的约会对象表达对宠物永恒的爱更缺乏吸引力。iPhone照片留给你自己。不要说你不能在外过夜,因为你的猫或不能被单独扔下。至于你童年时去世的宠物,让它们安息吧。4. Physical ailments. This is especially important for hypochondriacs. Trust me -- only your doctor is interested in a history of your ailments and injuries. And if you have any suspicious rashes, particularly on hidden parts of your body, don#39;t tell your date, okay?4.身体疾病。这对疑病症患者是尤其重要的。相信我,只有你的医生对你的病历感兴趣。如果你有任何可疑的皮疹,特别是在你身体隐藏的部分,不要告诉你的约会对象,好吗?5. Special diets. If you subscribe to a restricted eating lifestyle, don#39;t discuss it at length. Vegans should go easy, particularly if their date is happily cutting into a big juicy steak. Eccentric eating preferences should also be handled carefully. I once had a date with someone who revealed they only ate white food. I still can#39;t articulate why, but this was an immediate total turnoff.5.特殊饮食。如果你在坚持一种受限制的饮食生活方式,不要深度讨论它。纯素食者应该宽容,尤其是如果他们的约会对象正愉快地切着一大块多汁牛排时。古怪的饮食偏好也应该谨慎处理。我曾经和某人约会,他透露他们只吃白色食物。我仍然无法说清楚为什么,但这是分道扬镳的直接原因。6. Your brilliant children. All of us are crazy about our kids. We think they#39;re incredibly talented and adore their quirky behavior, but a total stranger has absolutely no need to know the details. Of course, do reveal you have kids. Mention their ages. Then move on.6.你才华横溢的孩子。我们所有人都喜欢自己的孩子。我们认为他们是难以置信的天才,并崇拜他们的古怪行为,但一个陌生人完全没有必要知道细节。当然,确实要申明你有孩子。提到他们的年龄。然后生活继续。7. You don#39;t like sex. You may get lucky and be dating someone who feels exactly the way you do. But it#39;s not likely, okay? So save this tidbit for later.7.你不喜欢性。你可能会很幸运,正与一个与你有相同感觉的人在约会。但这是不可能的,好吗?所以稍后这小消息就省省吧。8. How miserable and lonely you are. Chances are your date is equally miserable and lonely, but it#39;s still a big turnoff and should be kept for your therapist. For your date, put on your best face and keep it in the light zone. And who knows? Maybe a sliver of magic will pass between you.8.你是多么痛苦孤独。恰巧你的约会对象同样得痛苦和孤独,但它仍然是一个大的分手诱因,这只需告诉你的治疗师。为你的约会对象展现最美的容颜,并保持积极。谁知道呢?也许一道魔力将在你们之间产生。 /201305/238215

The idea that we should sleep in eight-hour chunks is relatively recent. The world’s population sleeps in various and surprising ways. Millions of Chinese workers continue to put their heads on their desks for a nap of an hour or so after lunch, for example, and daytime napping is common from India to Spain.人应连睡八小时,这是相对较新的理念。在这个世界上,人们睡觉的方式千姿百态、令人惊讶。比如在中国,现在仍然有上百万人每天吃完午饭后,要趴在桌上打一个小时的盹。在从印度到西班牙的国家里,午睡都司空见惯。One of the first signs that the emphasis on a straight eight-hour sleep had outlived its usefulness arose in the early 1990s, thanks to a history professor at Virginia Tech named A. Roger Ekirch, who spent hours investigating the history of the night and began to notice strange references to sleep. A character in the “Canterbury Tales,” for instance, decides to go back to bed after her “firste sleep.” A doctor in England wrote that the time between the “first sleep” and the “second sleep” was the best time for study and reflection. And one 16th-century French physician concluded that laborers were able to conceive more children because they waited until after their “first sleep” to make love. Professor Ekirch soon learned that he wasn’t the only one who was on to the historical existence of alternate sleep cycles. In a fluke of history, Thomas A. Wehr, a psychiatrist then working at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Md., was conducting an experiment in which subjects were deprived of artificial light. Without the illumination and distraction from light bulbs, televisions or computers, the subjects slept through the night, at least at first. But, after a while, Dr. Wehr noticed that subjects began to wake up a little after midnight, lie awake for a couple of hours, and then drift back to sleep again, in the same pattern of segmented sleep that Professor Ekirch saw referenced in historical records and early works of literature.在20世纪90年代初,第一次有人指出连续八小时睡眠是个过时的概念,提出这个想法的是弗吉尼亚理工学院(Virginia Tech)的历史学教授A·罗杰·埃克奇(A. Roger Ekirch),他花了大量时间翻查关于夜晚的史料,结果发现古人在谈到睡眠时会做出一些奇怪的表述。比方说,在《坎特伯雷故事集》(Canterbury Tales)里,当中的一个人物决定在睡了“第一觉”后回到床上再躺一下。而英国的一位医生写道,在“第一觉”和“第二觉”中间的这段时间,用于学习和思考再合适不过。还有一位16世纪的医生认为,做苦力的人之所以能多生几个孩子,是因为他们要等睡过了“第一觉”后再做爱。埃克奇教授很快发现,他不是唯一一个发现交替睡眠周期由来以久的人。当时在马里兰州贝塞斯达的美国国家心理健康研究院(National Institute of Mental Health)担任精神病学专家的托马斯·A·韦尔(Thomas A. Wehr)进行了一项实验,参与者不得使用人造光源。由于没有了电灯、电视或电脑这些产品的照明与干扰,参与试验的人只能在夜里呼呼大睡——至少一开始是这样的。但过了一阵子,到了午夜过后,韦尔发现参与者纷纷醒来,他们在床上醒着躺了几个钟头,然后重新睡去,这样断断续续的睡眠周期,与埃克奇教授从史料和早期文献中发现的例是一样的。It seemed that, given a chance to be free of modern life, the body would naturally settle into a split sleep schedule. Subjects grew to like experiencing nighttime in a new way. Once they broke their conception of what form sleep should come in, they looked forward to the time in the middle of the night as a chance for deep thinking of all kinds, whether in the form of self-reflection, getting a jump on the next day or amorous activity. Most of us, however, do not treat middle-of-the-night awakenings as a sign of a normal, functioning brain.看起来,如果得到一个远离现代生活的机会,我们的身体能够自然而然地适应片断式的睡眠节奏。参加实验的人渐渐喜欢上了用一种新的方式来感受夜晚。一旦他们打破了关于睡眠形式的既有观念,就会期待着能趁着午夜时分来进行沉思,不管他们是用这段时间来进行反思、为第二天做好准备、还是想感情方面的事情。不过,我们中的大部分人都觉得在子夜时分醒来,不能算是大脑运行如常的信号。Robert Stickgold, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, proposes that sleep — including short naps that include deep sleep — offers our brains the chance to decide what new information to keep and what to toss. That could be one reason our dreams are laden with strange plots and characters, a result of the brain’s trying to find connections between what it’s recently learned and what is stored in our long-term memory. Rapid eye movement sleep — so named because researchers who discovered this sleep stage were astonished to see the fluttering eyelids of sleeping subjects — is the only phase of sleep during which the brain is as active as it is when we are fully conscious, and seems to offer our brains the best chance to come up with new ideas and hone recently acquired skills. When we awaken, our minds are often better able to make connections that were hidden in the jumble of information.哈佛大学医学院的精神病学教授罗伯特·斯蒂克戈尔德(Robert Stickgold)认为,睡眠——包括产生了深度睡眠的小睡——会让我们的大脑得到一个机会去决定新的信息孰去孰留。正因为此,我们的梦才充斥着奇怪的情节与人物,这是因为我们的大脑此时正在试图寻找最近学到的新东西与存储在长期记忆中的知识之间存在的关联。快速眼动睡眠——之所以叫这个名字,是因为发现了这个睡眠阶段的研究者很惊异地看到睡觉的人眼皮在急速颤动——是整个睡眠中唯一一个大脑跟完全清醒时同样保持活动的阶段,而且这种睡眠阶段看来能为大脑提供一个育新想法,磨炼近期学会的技能的良机。等到醒来时,我们往往更有能力在错综复杂的信息中发现隐秘的联系。Gradual acceptance of the notion that sequential sleep hours are not essential for high-level job performance has led to increased workplace tolerance for napping and other alternate daily schedules.连睡几个小时并不是高水平工作表现的必要条件,在渐渐接受了这个概念后,企业也越来越能包容员工在工作场所打盹,或采取其他类似的间断工作节奏。 /201211/207421

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