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池州一院看泌尿科怎么样池州石台县医院有治疗前列腺炎吗不同的动物(Different Animal) -- 1:19:38 来源: 不同的动物(Different Animal)Panda is from China. It is very lovely. Everyone love it very much. It is white and black. It likes eating bamboos. There are only a few in China now.Pengwin is from Antarctic. It is white and black,too. It can walk on the ice and swim in the sea. It has short legs. It's a bird, but it can't fly. It eat fish. Giraffe is from Africa. It can run very fast. It has a very long neck and long legs. It can eat the leaves on a very tall tree.Koala is from Australia. It is cute and fiendly. It sleeps during the day, but at night it get up and eats leaves.中文:不同的动物熊猫来自中国,它非常可爱,每个人都很喜欢它它是白色和黑色的,它喜欢吃竹子,现在只有中国有一些企鹅来自南极,它也是白色和黑色的它能在冰上走和在水里游泳它有短腿它是鸟,但它不能飞,它吃鱼长颈鹿来自非洲,它能跑得很快,它有长脖子和长腿,它能吃树叶在很高的树上 树袋熊来自澳大利亚,它很可爱很友好它在白天睡觉,但是在晚上它起床吃树叶池州市医院可以刷医保卡么 我的假期 --19 :19:30 来源: I had a long holiday May Day .I was very happy, because I could do anything I want.During those days. I enjoyed myself. At first, I went to the zoo to see lovely animals. And then. I went to the sea world to see beautiful fishes. That was very interesting. Secondly I went a trip with my parents, we went to Linxia to visit my grandparents and to eat minority’s foods. We rode horse on the grassland and had a fun with local children. It was very exciting. After that, I held a party and invited some of my best friends to visit my house. My mother bought a lot of tasty foods us, we also took many photos on the party. We played very happy. I also watched lots of carton films at home, they were wonderful.I like the holiday. I like my May Day.睡前刷牙Brushing Teeth Bee Sleep -- :: 来源: As a child, I am lazy to do things bee sleep, I don’t want to brush my teeth. My parents try to make me to do it every night, they talk to me so many times, but I am just lazy and ignore them. One day, I see from the TV that a boy’s teeth get hurt badly because he likes to eat candy but don’t brush his teeth often. Since then, I know I need to brush my teeth bee I sleep.作为一个孩子,我睡觉前很懒不想做事情,我不想刷牙我的父母尝试着让我每晚刷牙,他们经常和我谈论这个,但是我就是太懒了,无视他们一天,我看到电视上有个男孩的牙齿被重要损伤,因为他喜欢吃糖但是不经常刷牙打从那时起,我知道我每晚睡觉前要刷牙尧渡仁里蓉城镇人民医院属于专科医院吗

池州尿道炎是怎么回事我的数学老师 My Math Teacher -- :7:19 来源: Themath teacher of my class is a young man. His name is Jiang Shan. He is tall andfat. We call him the “Big Guy”. When he knows it, he isn’t angry and says it’slovely. He is easy going and interesting. We can make jokes with him. But aboutour study, he is serious but patient. We can’t be sloppy on our study. When wehave questions, we can ask him anytime. He is a good teacher. 我们班的数学老师是一位年轻的男老师,他的名字叫江山他高个子,比较胖,所以我们叫他“大个子”他知道后,并没有生气,说这个外号很可爱江山老师很好相处,很有趣,我们可以和他开玩笑但是关于我们的学习,他很严肃也很有耐心在学习上我们不能有半点粗心如果我们有问题,可是随时向他提问他是一位很好的老师安徽池州妇科检查多少钱 我的房子(My House) --19 :9:18 来源: 我的房子(My House)I have a house. It is big and new. There are eight rooms in it. They are a living-room,a kitchen,three bedroom,one study and two bathrooms. I watch TV in the living-room. I do my homework in the study. I have dinner in the kitchen. This is my house. I like it池州哪个医院人流好

东至县第二人民医院做白带常规阴道镜彩超多少钱猫和老鼠(The cat and the mouse) -- :: 来源: 猫和老鼠(The cat and the mouse)  One day, cat is in the basket. It's very lazy. It is sleeping. Now the cat's food is beside the cat. One mouse is very hungry. It is eating the cat's food. The cat's food is so yummy.     The cat wakes up. He is behind the mouse. He wants to catch the mouse. So,he is chasing the mouse. The mouse is afraid. He jumps onto the door.  But, the door is high. The cat can't catch the mouse. The mouse is under the chair now. It is running.The cat still can't catch the mouse. The mouse runs fast.  It runs into the hole. The hole is small. But, the cat is big. It can't go into the hole. So, the cat is angry and tired. It is crying. It's very sad. But the mouse is very happy! 我的父母(My parents) -- :5:58 来源: 我的父母(My parents)  I have a busy father and a kind mother.  My father is a businessman. He is years old. He is short. He likes ing newspapers after meals. He watches TV in the evening. He goes to work by car. He has got a nice black car. He often plays golf with his friends on the weekend. He does not often eat dinner with us.  My mother is a housewife. She doesn’t work. She stays at home. She is beautiful. She has long hair. She does housework in the morning. She often goes shopping in the afternoon. She is kind, but she is strict to my study. She likes ing. She watches TV at night, too.  I love my parents. And they love me too.池州东至县医院男科专家东至医院陈医生



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