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Dialogue 1Jingjing: Hey, Mark. How was your weekend?京晶:嘿,马克你周末过得怎么样?Mark: Well, it went by in the blink of an eye. I worked the whole weekend.马克:一眨眼的工夫就过了我整个周末都在工作Jingjing: You worked? Im sorry to hear that. No wonder you look like youre about to break down. Is everything alright?京晶:你工作来着?好可怜难怪你看起来就快要崩溃了你还好吗?Mark: I think so. I promised my boss Id get this engineering project done on time. Weve been working on it three weeks and now were coming to the crunch.马克:还好我答应老板会时完成这个工程项目我们努力了三个星期了,现在到了紧要关头Jingjing: Oh, I see. It sounds like you bit off more than you can chew.京晶:哦,我明白了这听起来像你们承担了很大压力呀Mark: Yeah, I think youre right. But I have to get it done. I dont want my boss to think I cant cut the mustard.马克:是的,没错但我必须完成它我不希望老板认为我不能胜任Jingjing: Mark... Why didnt you ask me help? Ive told you a bunch of times that I know engineering in and out. I wouldve been happy to help you.京晶:马克……你为什么不找我帮忙呢?我已经告诉过你了,我对工程的事了若指掌,而且我很乐意帮助你Mark: That alright. I figured you were probably chilling with your friends this weekend. I didnt want to bother you.马克:没事的我想着周末你可能要和朋友聚聚,放松放松我不想打扰你Jingjing: Well, all I can tell you is next time you should start working on your project earlier. Dont wait until the last minute to start doing something. Just remember: a stitch in time saves nine.京晶:嗯,我可以告诉你的是,下一次你应该早点开始你的项目不要等到最后一分钟才开始记住:要防微杜渐Mark: Yeah, I procrastinated too much this time. That what I get being lazy.马克:是啊,我这次拖延了太长时间了这就是我懒惰的代价Jingjing: Mark, listen. I think you should take some time off and spend some time relaxing. Itll really help you out. Why dont you take half the day off and go relax?京晶:听着,马克,我想你应该休息一段时间,花一些时间放松这真的很有帮助你为什么不放半天假去放松放松呢?Mark: Ill try it. But if I lose my job, Im gonna be angry!马克:我会试试的但是,如果我失去了我的工作,我会生气的!Jingjing: It better than losing your sanity!京晶:这总比你发疯好!New words: 习语短语in the blink of an eye一眨眼的功夫,用来表达一件事发生得很快break down崩溃,不运作come to the crunch到了紧要关头bite off more than you can chew承担不能完成的挑战,自不量力cant cut the mustard不能达到标准,或者不能胜任know (something) in and out对某事了若指掌chill放松,玩耍A stitch in time saves nine.防微杜渐,在早期处理处理一些事情以防止它恶化procrastinate拖延what I get我应得的lose sanity失去理智,发疯Dialogue Jingjing: Hey, Mark. Wow, you look chock-full of energy! What new?京晶:嘿,马克哇,你看起来充满了能量!有什么新鲜事儿吗?Mark: Not much. I took your advice and have been relaxing a lot more lately. I finally finished that project I had been working on.马克:也没什么就是我听了你的建议,最近放松了很多我终于完成了最近一直在做的那个项目Jingjing: Looks like youve been getting some good sleep lately.京晶:看起来你最近睡眠很好啊Mark: Yeah, Im not burning the midnight oil anymore like I used to be. Ive been sleeping like a baby at night.马克:是啊,我不再像以前那样挑灯夜战了我最近一直睡得像个婴儿一样香甜Jingjing: Cool, so what have you been doing to take the edge off?京晶:酷,那你最近做了什么来缓解压力吗?Mark: Ive been learning how to break dance.马克:我一直在学习霹雳舞Jingjing: Are you serious? I never thought youd find that interesting. Are you good at it?京晶:真的?我从来没有想过你会喜欢这个你很擅长吗?Mark: Well, I dont mean to boast, but yeah Im one of the best ones in the class.马克:嗯,我不是想自夸,但是事实就是,我是班上跳得最好的学生之一Jingjing: You dont mean to boast? Um, you sounded really conceited just now, you know?京晶:你不是想自夸?嗯,你听起来相当自以为是啊Mark: Haha, yeah well Im serious. Im really good. You should come to the club with me tonight. Come on, Ill pay your ticket.马克:哈哈,但我是说真的我跳得真的很不错你今晚应该和我去酒吧来吧,我请客Jingjing: Are you trying to bribe me? Or do you just want to show off your new skills?京晶:你是不是想贿赂我?还是你只是想炫耀你的新技能?Mark: Haha, okay. I can tell youre not interested. Ill talk to you later.马克:哈哈,好吧看来你不感兴趣我们回头再聊吧Jingjing: Bye!京晶:再见!New words: 习语短语chock-full of充满burn the midnight oil开夜车,熬夜(工作)sleep like a baby像婴儿一样熟睡,睡觉很好take the edge off缓解压力;减弱break dance霹雳舞boast吹牛conceited自以为是的bribe行贿show off炫耀,向别人展示你的技艺有多好 81。

  • John: Hello and welcome to this week Round Table Word of the Week. This week we are looking at some of the most hated online abbreviation on the English internet. Heyang: 欢迎来到这周的英语词汇小百科这周我们来个大家介绍一些缩写词 John: The thing you got to remember to use these phrases and abbreviations selectively. Because you might not always get a very positive reaction. So the first is LOL—perhaps the oldest online abbreviation in the English language. Do you know what it means? Heyang: Hahaha. John: It means “laugh out loud” which Heyang just did. But the problem is this specific abbreviation has become part of our lexicon and part of the words we use. Sometimes to everyone frustration and annoyance, some people instead of laughing, will just say LOL rather than actually laughing. Heyang: LOL 是大笑的意思Isnt it really annoying when you are saying it and not texting it. John: Oh totally. I mean never say LOL, because people will think you are kind of stupid. And then the next one is YOLO. Heyang: YOLO! John: It means “you only live once”. Im not even sure where this came from. But it was an idea that you should go out there and have your adventure. You should live life the fullest and celebrate and so on and so on. But as you have just heard from Heyang and I, it gets old pretty quickly. Heyang: YOLO 就是你这辈子只活这一次,仅此一生你要珍惜中的各种机会,好好活这一遭这类的意思吧Or why cant you just say it in a more sophisticated way, like “carpe diem.” John: Yeah. And there is TBH or “to be honest.” Basically, we expect you to be honest all the time, you dont need to tell us that you are being honest. Heyang: To be honest 就是老实说But do you actually use it often? Maybe not. John: No, I definitely dont. But a very similar one is “in my humble opinion” or “in my honest opinion.” So IMHO. The H is redundant, you dont need to use it. The M is redundant. So you can just say IO. But that just kind of weird. Heyang: Yeah, it is. I think only the social media native generation probably might use it. John: And there is JFGI. A little bit difficult to say. But it could be kind of fun to write it down when someone really annoying you. A lot of this is coming from the idea of a website let me google that you or LMGTFY.com. So the idea being that someone comes to you and asks a question, it a question they can answer themselves it they only go and search the answer. So JFGI is just f***ing google it. Heyang: Ok. 要是用中文说这个词的话应该就是“百度一下会shi吗?”为什么你自己不能去寻找,非要问别人这也是一种非常犀利地回应的方式 John: And there is TL;DR. This is one of the more popular abbreviations used online. It stands “too long; didnt .” So basically, there this really long that everyone talking about. You just say TL;DR. I didnt it. Heyang: I wish there is a Chinese equivalent to this. 意思就是太长了我没读I think there so many s that deserves this kind of treatment. John: It really interesting too that blog culture on the American internet at least that re-appropriated this. What they done is instead of saying this is the summary of an , they say TLDR and they give you the summary of the . And there IYKWIM. If you know what I mean. Heyang: 如果你知道我的意思的话Do people actually use this? John: Ive never seen this bee. Heyang: It a bit too long. John: But funny enough, maybe you can guess what it is. The response that is NIDKWYM “no I dont know what you mean.” Heyang: I think this is like trying hard to decipher a code. It beyond me. John: TMI. That one actually coming into our lexicon. example, maybe Im sharing too much inmation with Heyang about my daily routine. And she says ‘John, TMI. Too much inmation. Heyang: Yeah. 信息量太大,让你脑洞大开I think this is a useful phrase. Ill use it on you all the time John. John: Oh gosh. Ive created a monster. Next up AFAIR. Or in some cases and I think more usually, AFAIK “as far as I recall” or “as far as I know.” Heyang: 据我回忆This is slightly different from IMHO, right? John: Oh, it very different but at the same time useless, basically. And if you are going to take the time to write this out, you might as well just write out ‘as far as I know. And the last but not least, again it one of the more popular ones. One that used quite often. You got to be careful sometimes. Sometimes you may come across a link or an or maybe some pictures that you think is quite interesting. And then you send it to your friend. And your friend opens the email or opens the link at work. Their boss walks by, they see what theyre looking at. And maybe they get into trouble. Maybe they get fired. So next time, instead of just sending it to them, you can put in the subject line NSFW. Not safe work. Heyang: 就是不适合在工作场合看或读的影像和文字这也是给收到这个信息的人一个提醒 I think this is a very considerate thing to do your friend. John: And that all we have this week Word of the Week. Use these abbreviations carefully and sparingly, and you will have some pretty good results. 3866。
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