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Last week, the British election went nuclear. Michael Fallon, a Conservative and the UK’s defence secretary, made the emotive claim that a Labour government might “stab the UK in the backby refusing to fund the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent.最近,英国大选转向了核问题。英国国防大臣、保守党议员迈克#8226;法伦(Michael Fallon)提出了一个煽情的说法:若工党(Labour)上台,该党组成的政府可能拒绝出资更新英国“三叉戟Trident)核威慑力量,从而“从背后捅英国一刀”。Mr Fallon was reprising a theme from the 1980s when the Tories successfully painted Labour as weak on defence and wobbly on nuclear weapons. But the modern Conservatives should not be allowed to pose as doughty defenders of British military strength. On the contrary, the present government has presided over a drastic reduction in defence capacity confirming a downward trend begun by Labour.法伦在搬出上世纪80年代的老调,那时保守党(Conservatives)成功地把工党刻画成在国防上立场软弱、在核武器上摇摆不定的政党。但当今的保守党不能再以英国军力的强悍保卫者自居。相反,本届政府主政期间大举削减国防力量,延续了工党开启的下坡路。The British army is scheduled to decline to just 82,000 troops its smallest size since the Napoleonic wars. Sir Nick Harvey, a Liberal Democrat who served as armed forces minister in the current coalition government, says further defence cuts in the next parliament could see the army shrink to just 60,000. The navy, which had 70 destroyers and frigates in 1977, is down to 19 such vessels. It could no longer put together a task force of the size that Britain needed during the Falklands war of 1982. As for the air force, a new book by the B’s Mark Urban says the Libyan conflict of 2011 demonstrated that “a mission by six bombers#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;is about the limit of the RAF’s long-range strike capability英国陆军预计将缩减至.2万人,这是自拿破仑战争以来的最小规模。曾在本届联合政府中担任武装部队国务大臣的自由民主党(Liberal Democrat)议员尼克#8226;哈维(Nick Harvey)爵士说,下一届议会可能进一步削减国防开,将陆军缩编至万人977年时拥有70艘驱逐舰和护卫舰的皇家海军,现在只有19艘这样的主力战舰,无法再组成1982年福克兰群岛(Falklands,即马尔维纳斯群岛)战争时那种规模的特遣舰队了。至于空军,英国广播公司(B)记者马#8226;厄本(Mark Urban)在新书中写道011年的利比亚冲突表明,“出架轰炸机……基本上就是皇家空军(RAF)远程打击能力的极限了”。In the context of this drastic decline in capacity, the Toriescommitment to spend upwards of #163;30bn on renewing the Trident submarine-based missile system is not a demonstration that they are serious about defence. It is actually a frivolous decision to waste billions on a symbol of strength rather than to spend the money on the conventional military muscle Britain needs.在英国军力大幅下滑的背景下,保守党准备花费00亿英镑来更新三叉戟潜射导弹系统,并不能表明他们认真对待国防。这实际上是一个轻率的决策——向某一个实力象征砸下数百亿英镑,却不把钱花在英国真正需要的常规军力上。The real radicals in the Scottish National party and on the left of Labour would like to scrap Britain’s nuclear weapons altogether. But in the context of a revanchist Russia that boasts of its nuclear arsenal and with the continued threat of nuclear proliferation by Iran and others that would be unwise.苏格兰民族党(SNP)和工党左派中真正的激进分子倾向于彻底废除英国的核武器。但是,面对夸耀自己的核武器、沉迷于复仇主义的俄罗斯,以及伊朗和其他国家持续存在的核扩散威胁,那是不明智的。Instead, Britain should go for cheaper nuclear options than Trident that would allow the country to retain its status as a nuclear-weapons state. This path should be pursued, but only if linked to a firm commitment to spend the savings on the conventional armed forces.英国应该寻求比三叉戟更便宜的核选项来维持有核国家的地位。应当走这条道路,当然前提是坚决承诺将省下来的资金投入常规武装部队。A recent report by Toby Fenwick for the Centre Forum think-tank argues that Trident renewal will absorb about 22 per cent of Britain’s military equipment budget over the next two decades. But, he argues, the UK could save about half that amount roughly #163;16bn by switching to a nuclear deterrent based on bombs and aircraft. Another alternative to Trident, not highlighted by Centre Forum, would be nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, which are aly produced by the Americans and could be deployed on conventional submarines.托比#8226;芬威Toby Fenwick)最近为智库Centre Forum撰写的一份报告称,更新三叉戟系统将挤占今0年英国军事装备预算的大约22%。他表示,如果换成基于炸弹和飞机的核威慑,英国可以节省近一半的费用——约60亿英镑。报告并未提到另一种替代三叉戟系统的方案,即核弹头巡航导弹,这种导弹可以部署在常规潜艇上,而且美国已开始生产。The British defence establishment claims that all the alternatives to Trident have been carefully examined and found wanting. Anybody who does not back Trident is dismissed as “not seriousor ill-informed.英国国防部门的体制内人士称,他们仔细研究了三叉戟系统的所有替代方案,发现都存在不足之处。任何不持三叉戟的人都被斥为“不严肃”或一知半解。But talk to the nation’s most important allies and you get a very different perspective. Last week, I found myself at a conference table with four members of the US security establishment, three Democrats and one Republican, all of whom had held senior government positions. Not one of them thought Trident renewal made sense for Britain. All thought it would be better to spend the money on conventional weaponry.但是,和我们最重要的盟友谈谈,你会得到截然不同的看法。上周,我在会议桌上遇到4名美国安全部门的体制内人士,其中个民主党成员个共和党成员,他们都曾担任高层政府职位。没有一人觉得更新三叉戟系统对英国有意义,他们全都认为还不如把这些钱花在常规武器上。Much of the argument is about the nature of nuclear deterrence. The standard case for Trident is that a potential enemy can be deterred only by the absolute certainty that a nuclear attack on the UK would be met by nuclear retaliation hence the need for a permanent at-sea deterrent that could strike even if the British mainland itself had been devastated. Because cruise missiles have a shorter range than Trident ballistic missiles and because aircraft carrying nuclear weapons could be shot down, only Trident is deemed to offer an effective deterrent.相关争论的很大一部分是关于核威慑的性质。持三叉戟的经典理由是,潜在的敌人只能被“针对英国的核打击必然会招致核报复”这样一种绝对确定性吓阻——因此需要永久的海上威慑,这样即使英国本土被摧毁,英国的海上威慑力量依然能够实施打击。由于巡航导弹的射程比不上三叉戟弹道导弹,而搭载核武器的飞机可能被击落,因此只有三叉戟系统才能提供有效威慑。But the Gothic horror scenarios involved in British nuclear plans drawn up during the cold war which demand that the nation maintains the capacity to obliterate Moscow and eight other Russian cities have always had a certain unreality. Above all, they fail to recognise that nuclear deterrence does not require a 100 per cent guarantee of retaliation to be effective. Any sane adversary would be deterred even by a strong possibility of nuclear retaliation and the millions of deaths that could result. That, after all, is why North Korea and Pakistan’s relatively crude nuclear deterrents are effective. Nobody can even be sure that Pyongyang’s devices would work.冷战时期英国拟定的核计划要求英国保持摧毁莫斯科和另外8个俄罗斯城市的能力,这种哥特式的恐怖情景一贯带有某种非现实的意味。最重要的是,它们没能承认,核威慑并不需要百分之百的报复“保”才能有效。即使是核报复及其造成数百万人死亡的较高可能性,也能吓阻任何神志清醒的对手。毕竟,这就是为什么朝鲜和巴基斯坦相对粗糙的核威慑也能有效。甚至没人能确定朝鲜的核武器能不能用。But does anybody want to take the chance?但又有谁想冒这个风险呢?In a world of lavish defence budgets, Trident renewal might make sense. But that is not the world that Britain inhabits. In the real world, renewing Trident can mean only a further erosion of the country’s capacity to defend itself by conventional means and to protect its interests around the world.在国防预算极为充裕的情况下,更新三叉戟系统还可能说得通。但英国的情况并非如此。在现实世界中,更新三叉戟系统只能意味着进一步侵蚀英国用常规军力保卫国家、捍卫英国在全球各地利益的能力。For the Tories to insist that, nonetheless, they intend to splurge billions on Trident simply testifies to their preference for flashy symbols over substance. They are like a man who can afford only a cheap suit, but insists on topping off the outfit with a gold Rolex watch. The overall effect is sad, not impressive.保守党一意孤行地坚称他们打算在三叉戟系统上挥霍数百亿英镑,只能明他们更偏爱华而不实的象征,而非实质。他们就像一个只买得起廉价西的人,却坚持要戴一块劳力士金表来提升自己的整体装扮。总体效果不是引人赞叹,而是显得可悲 /201504/370887Social media accounts run by Central Command, the US military command covering the Middle East, have been hacked by a group claiming to be linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis.美国中央司令部(ed States Central Command ,代号USCENTCOM)的社交媒体账号被一个自称与“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)有联系的组织侵入。中央司令部是美军覆盖中东的指挥部。The hackers posted a number of messages on Centcom’s Twitter feed, including screenshots of what they claimed were internal Pentagon documents. The Florida-based military command, which coordinates operations against Isis in Iraq and Syria, also had its YouTube account hacked.黑客在中央司令部的Twitter账号上发布了许多信息,包括他们所称的五角大楼(Pentagon)内部文件的屏幕截图。以佛罗里达州为大本营的中央司令部负责协调在伊拉克和叙利亚打击Isis的行动。其在视频网站YouTube的账号也被入侵。Centcom’s Twitter feed was suspended just after 1800 GMT, or 1300 eastern time, about 20 minutes after the hack first started, and the suspension of the YouTube account followed minutes later. A Pentagon official told N News that the attack was “embarrassingbut did not represent a security threat.黑客首次发起攻击后,中央司令部的Twitter账号在格林尼治时8时(美国东部时间13时)刚过暂停了大0分钟。几分钟后,YouTube账号也随之暂停。一位五角大楼的官员告诉全国广播公司新闻N News),这次袭击“令人难堪”,但并不代表安全威胁。The hack started less than an hour after President Barack Obama proposed three new pieces of cyber security legislation, calling for companies to provide earlier information to clients when they have suffered a data breach.此次黑客攻击开始前不到一个小时,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)提出3条新的网络安全立法,呼吁企业在遭遇数据外泄时早些向客户提供信息。In a statement on the Centcom Twitter account before the account was suspended, the attackers wrote: “American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back. Isis. Cybercaliphate在美国中央司令部Twitter账号暂停使用之前,黑客攻击者在其Twitter页面上写道:“美国士兵们,我们来了,小心背后。Isis。网络‘哈里发’”。Cyber security experts have warned since last year that Isis would follow in the footsteps of the Syrian Electronic Army to target cyber attacks at western governments and corporations.自去年以来,网络安全专家一直警告称,Isis将仿效叙利亚电子Syrian Electronic Army)的做法,针对西方政府和企业发动网络攻击。David De Walt, chief executive of FireEye, a New York-listed cyber security company, told the FT that Islamist militants were hoarding cyber weaponry bought on underground markets.在纽约上市的网络安全公司FireEye首席执行官大#8226;#8226;沃尔David De Walt)告诉英国《金融时报》,伊斯兰主义武装分子正囤积在黑市购买的网络武器。One hacktivist group, Lizard Squad, which was also linked to the attack on Sony Pictures, previously claimed links to Isis when targeting gaming companies including Sony and Microsoft.黑客组织Lizard Squad此前声称与Isis有联系,当时该组织针对包括索Sony)和微Microsoft)在内的游戏公司发动了黑客攻击。该组织还与索尼影视(Sony Pictures)遭黑客攻击有关。来 /201501/354173

Chinese Officials to Restructure Beijing to Ease Strains on City Center北京市宣布市政府外迁计划Beijing will undertake a major restructuring of the capital government as part of a broader plan to create a giant urban corridor in northern China, officials said Saturday.官员在周六表示,北京将对首都市政府进行大规模重组,此举属于在北方建立一条城市走廊的宏伟计划的一部分。At the end of a Communist Party meeting, city officials said on the evening news that hospitals, wholesale markets and some of the city’s administrative offices would move outside the city center. Beijing is to limit its population to 23 million, slightly more than its current estimated population of 22 million, and reduce the population of its six core districts by 15 percent. Many important services will move to suburbs or neighboring Hebei Province, officials said.在晚间新闻中,市政府官员在一场党内会议的最后表示,医院、批发市场和北京市的部分行政机构将搬出市中心。北京将把人口控制在2300万,略高于当前的2200万。北京还将把城六区的常住人口减少15%。官员称,很多重要的务设施都将搬至郊区或是邻近的河北省。The centerpiece of the plan will be an administrative center in the Beijing suburb of Tongzhou, a historic move that reverses decades of urban planning that wedged government offices into the imperial city center. The move will begin by 2017 at the latest, the Beijing party secretary, Guo Jinlong, said in a speech.该方案的核心是在北京的郊区通州建立一个行政中心。这一历史性举措一反过去几十年让政府机构往皇城中心挤的城市规划。北京市委书记郭金龙在发言中表示,计划最晚将017年开始实斀?In addition, city officials said, 50 city hospitals will begin cooperating with hospitals in Hebei Province, and some will move important facilities to surrounding communities. The neurological unit in Tiantan Hospital, for example, will move to another suburb, Fengtai, by 2017, they said.此外,市政府官员表示,市0家医院将开始同河北省的医院合作,其中一些将把重要设施搬至周边地区。比如,他们称天坛医院的神经科将017年以前搬至丰台区。The city also said it would move 1,200 pollution-causing businesses out of the urban center.北京市还表示将把1200家污染企业搬出市中心。The moves are part of the creation of a major new urban area called Jing-Jin-Ji, after the three districts it encompasses. The city is trying to develop industries like tourism in poorer mountain areas surrounding the capital, with one area bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.这些举措是创建京津翼大型城市新区的一部分。北京市正试图在周边较贫困的山区发展旅游等产业,其中一个地区正在申022年的冬奥会。The plan has been debated for decades, but only began to be implemented in recent months as part of an effort by President Xi Jinping to reform the Chinese economy. The idea is to reduce the sort of duplicative, polluting enterprises like coking and steel that dominate the greater Beijing area and other large urban centers, and in their place create a more modern economic structure.该方案已讨论了数十年,但最近几个月才开始实斀?这是国家主席习近平发动的经济改革行动的一部分。其目的是减少重复性的污染企业,如在北京地区占主导地位的焦化厂和钢铁厂,代之以更现代的经济结构。Jing-Jin-Ji would have more than 100 million residents and be about the size of Kansas, with high-speed rail lines making most cities in the corridor reachable within an hour.京津翼新区将囊括1亿多人口,面积与堪萨斯州大致相当,并将建成高铁线路,让人们在一个小时以内抵达该走廊内的多数城市。来 /201507/386075

As the government evacuates thousands of Chinese from Vietnam following deadly anti-Chinese riots, Chinese tourism to the country is also taking a hit.在越南爆发反华暴乱后,中国政府已经将数千名在越南的中国人接回囀?与此同时,中国赴越南的旅游活动也受到影响。Both travelers and local travel agents appear to be taking heed of the Chinese governments Sunday warning against travel to Vietnam, with many abandoning previous travel plans. Multiple airlines have also canceled flights.游客和中国国内的旅行社似乎都注意到了中国政府周日发布的越南旅游预警,许多人放弃了之前的旅行计划。多家航空公司也取消了往返两国的航班。Qi Yehua, a Shanghai-based advertising firm professional, had been planning to enjoy a five-day beach vacation in central Vietnams Da Nang City with a friend in early June, when China celebrates its three-day Dragon Boat holiday. But the package was canceled by the tour operator, much to Ms. Qis disappointment. Some things are getting exaggerated--the riots didnt impact the whole country, she said.在上海一家广告公司工作的齐叶华(音)已订月初端午节假日时与一位朋友到越南中部岘港市享受五天的海滩度假。但让齐叶华失望的是,该旅行团被旅行社取消了。她说,有些事情被夸大了,暴乱并没有影响到越南整个国家。The tour operator that Ms. Qi had planned to use, Super Ocean International Travel Co. Ltd, said it was offering passengers refunds or options to fly to other vacation destinations in Asia, including Thailand and the Philippines, following the cancellation of all Shanghai-Da Nang flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.齐叶华预订旅游线路的上海仲盛国际旅行Super Ocean International Travel Co. Ltd)称,由于越南航空(Vietnam Airlines)取消了所有上海至岘港市的航班,客户可以选择退钱,也可以选择包括泰国和菲律宾在内其他的亚洲旅行线路。Over the weekend, the official microblog of state news agency Xinhua reported that Chinese low-cost carrier Spring Airlines was suspending all charter flights from Shanghai to Vietnam until June 19. Reached by phone, an employee at the Beijing office of Vietnam Airlines said the airline was canceling some of its regularly scheduled flights to Vietnam , as such bookings from China have dropped by up to 90% since the weekend. Neither airline could be reached for comment.官方媒体新华社周末在其微账户报道称,中国廉价航空公司春秋航Spring Airlines)暂停9日之前所有从上海飞往越南的包机航班。越南航空北京办公室的一名雇员接到记者的询问电话后称,周末以来预定中国飞越南航班的乘客数量减少了多达90%,该公司已经取消了部分飞往越南的定期航班。While Vietnam is often a connecting point for Chinese travelers going to Cambodia, Burma and other Asian countries, it hasnt been as popular a vacation destination as countries such as Thailand and Mauritius. There are many alternatives for Chinese travelers, said Ge Lei, a marketing manager at China Youth Travel Services, one of Chinas largest travel agencies, adding that the disruptions wont cut too much into industrys business.越南通常是中国游客前往柬埔寨、缅甸和其他亚洲国家的中转点,但并不是像泰国和毛里求斯等国那样受欢迎的度假胜地。中国最大旅行社之一中国青年旅行China Youth Travel Services)的市场推广经理葛磊表示,中国游客有很多替代性选择。他还说,此次事件不会使旅游行业的业务减少太多。A Chinese company said Tuesday that four of its workers were killed in anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam that damaged foreign-owned factories last week. Numerous Chinese have continued streaming out of the country, with hundreds who suffered injuries in riots having aly returned via plane.一家中资公司周二表示,在上周破坏外资工厂的越南反华暴乱中,有四名工人被杀害。不断有许多中国人撤离越南,而在暴乱中受伤的数百名中国人已乘飞机回国。Casey Guo, a public relations professional in Shanghai, is among those who decided to skip Vietnam, though shed previously seen the country as her first-choice destination for the June holiday. Since the riots, she opted to buy a ticket to Saipan, an island in the Pacific Ocean that belongs to the U.S., instead. I dont know much about the situation in Vietnam, but I dont think its safe, she said.在上海从事公关工作的Casey Guo是决定不到越南去的人之一,尽管她此前曾将越南视为6月份度假的首选目的地。在越南发生暴乱后,Casey Guo转而购买了去塞班岛(位于太平洋上的一个美属小岛)的票。她说,自己对越南的局势不太了解,但认为那里不安全。Meanwhile, some Chinese travelers aly in Vietnam are being careful not to stand out. One Chinese woman visiting the country recently told a Hong Kong television station that she and her companions speak Shanghainese when theyre out in public, because fewer people understand it and theyre less likely to stand out.与此同时,一些已经身在越南的中国游客都在注意不让自己惹人注意。一位在越南旅游的中国女士最近对一家香港电视台说,她和她的同伴在越南的公共场合都讲上海话,因为懂上海话的人更少,这样他们可能就不太显眼。China estimates that more than 10,000 of its citizens are still in Vietnam, according to a Tuesday briefing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At least 3,000 had left by Saturday, according to Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua.中国外交部周二在新闻发布会上表示,估计目前在越南仍有超过一万名中国公民。新华社称,截至上周六,至少已有三千名中国人撤离越南。Reached by phone, one Vietnamese hotelier said that the conflict was between governments and wasnt likely to affect tourists venturing into the country. We are people, said the owner of Cocosand Hotel in the coastal resort town of Mui Ne in southeast Vietnam, who asked to be identified only by his last name, Li. I still welcome you to come here. People here are still thinking the Chinese are our friends, he said. After the Vietnam War, even Americans are our friends.通过电话联系到的一名越南旅馆老板表示,这是政府之间的矛盾,不太可能影响到来越南的游客。他说:我们只是老百姓。这位在越南东南部的海滨小镇美奈(Mui Ne)经营着Cocosand Hotel的旅馆老板不愿具名,要求只用他的姓氏Li来称呼他。他还说:我仍欢迎你来这里,这里的人仍认为中国人是我们的朋友,在越南战争之后,即便是美国人也是我们的朋友。来 /201405/300380

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