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One day, the father lets eight year-old son send a letter, the son took the letter , the father then remembered didn’t write the address and addressee‘s name on the envelope.有一天,父亲让八岁的儿子去寄一封信,儿子已经拿着信跑了,父亲才想起信封上没写地址和收信人的名字。After the son comes back, the father asks him: “You have thrown the letter in the mail box?”儿子回来后,父亲问他:“你把信丢进邮筒了吗?”“Certainly”http://mag.e-say.com.cn/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/笑话2.jpg“当然”“You have not seen on the envelope not to write the address and the addressee name?”“你没看见信封上没有写地址和收信人名字吗?”“I certainly saw nothing written on the envelope.”“我当然看见信封上什么也没写”“Then why you didn’t take it back?”“那你为什么不拿回来呢?”“I also thought that you do not write the address and the addressee, is for does not want to let me know that you do send the letter to who!”“我还以为你不写地址和收信人,是为了不想让我知道你把信寄给谁呢!” /201311/262931

After being with her all evening, the man couldn#39;t take another minute with his blind date.   和相亲对象呆了一晚上后,男人再也受不了了。   Earlier, he had secretly arranged to have a friend call him to the phone so he would have an excuse to leave.   他事先安排了个朋友给他打电话,这样他就能借故先离开了。   When he returned to the table, he lowered his eyes, put on a grim expression and said, ;I have some bad news. My grandfather just died.;   当他回到桌边,他垂下眼睛,装出一副阴沉的表情,说:“有个不幸的消息,我的祖父刚刚去世了。”   ;Thank heavens,; his date replied. ;If yours hadn#39;t, mine would have had to!;   “谢天谢地!”他的约会对象说,“如果你的祖父不死,我的祖父就得死了!”内容来自: /201303/231223

  “蓝精灵”喜迎50岁生日!The little blue cartoon Smurfs are planning to celebrate their 50th birthday this year with a new TV series, books and a film, their human promoters said Monday.Throughout 2008, 20 European cities will be flooded by the minute characters only "three apples high" as in the cartoons.The Belgium cartoonist Pierre Culliford, best known by his pen name, "Peyo," first introduced the tiny blue figures in a comic strip in October 1958. He called them Schtroumpf and they became known worldwide as the Smurfs."The invasion will begin on January 20 and end in October," said Hendrick Coysman, head of the Belgian-based IMPS group which holds the rights to the cartoon characters and is controlled by Peyo's widow Nine and children Veronique and Thierry Culliford.The sale of tens of thousands of small figurines will benefit the ed Nations Children's Fund, Coysman said.A much larger Smurf statue, decorated by an unnamed celebrity, will be auctioned off on October 23, the 50th birthday date, with the proceeds also going to the UN's children's fund.The Smurfs are also to head back to the big screen with a co-production with the US Paramount film group, Coysman said.In an apparent nod to gender parity, new female characters will also be introduced to the Smurf village to help out Schtroumpfette, the only female.The cartoonist Peyo died in 1992 at age 64. Since then, his family and collaborators have continued his work "in the same spirit of humour and creativity," IMPS said in a statement.Since their humble origins in the Belgian children's comic-strip magazine Spirou, the Smurfs have sold 25 million cartoon albums worldwide in 25 languages.A testament of their enduring popularity: One million Smurf DVDs were sold last year alone, Coysman said.  卡通人物“蓝精灵”今年50岁啦!据主办方本周一介绍,为了给这群蓝色的小精灵“祝寿”,以“蓝精灵”为主题的系列新版动画片、图书和电影将与观众见面。据介绍,庆祝活动将持续今年一年,欧洲20个城市将遭到“蓝精灵”的“突袭”,这些小精灵和漫画中一样,只有“三个苹果”高。1958年10月,比利时漫画家皮埃尔#8226;库利福德(笔名:皮尤)创造的“蓝精灵”卡通形象首次出现在连环漫画中,他给这群小精灵起名为“Schtroumpf”,也就是后来享誉全球的Smurfs(“蓝精灵”)。比利时IMPS集团总裁亨德里克#8226;考伊斯曼说:“蓝精灵‘突袭’活动将于本月20日启动,10月份结束。” 拥有“蓝精灵”版权的 IMPS集团由皮尤的遗孀奈茵和他的两个孩子弗洛尼克和希里#8226;库利福德掌控。考伊斯曼说,数万只“蓝精灵”的销售收入将捐给联合国儿童基金会。由一位神秘人物精心装扮的一个“蓝精灵”巨人将于10月23日——“蓝精灵”50岁生日当天公开拍卖,拍卖所得将捐给联合国儿童基金会。据考伊斯曼介绍,“蓝精灵”还将被“派拉蒙”影视公司搬上大荧幕。为了体现性别平等,“蓝精灵”村还将迎来一批女性新成员,家族中唯一的女性成员“蓝”再不会孤单了。“蓝精灵”的创造者皮尤于1992年去世,享年64岁。IMPS集团在一份声明中说,皮尤去世后,他的家人和合作方秉承了他“幽默与勇于创造”的精神,继续他的事业。当年“蓝精灵”首次登上比利时《斯皮鲁》儿童漫画杂志时还是群不起眼的“小家伙”,但自它们面世以来,《蓝精灵》动画片在全球的销量达到2500万张,并以25种语言发行。考伊斯曼说,《蓝精灵》DVD仅去年一年的销量就达到了100万,这足以明“蓝精灵”的长久生命力。 /200803/29230

  Wu Zhuan and Zong Yinghong don#39;t wear wedding rings, nor do they hold hands or kiss in public. Instead, it is their matching turquoise shirts decorated with yellow and black hearts that signal that they are man and wife.张阳阳和男友赵晓龙穿着情侣衫。吴专和宗银红都不戴婚戒,也不会在公共场合牵手或亲吻,他们彰显夫妻关系的方式是穿着印有黄色和黑色心形图案的蓝绿色情侣衫。The newlyweds plan weekend outings-wearing matching gray hoodies, striped sweatshirts or a set of purple pig shirts-to window shop and gin up glances in places like Wangfujing, Beijing#39;s version of Times Square.这对新婚夫妇周末通常到类似王府井的地方,身穿灰色情侣帽衫,或者条纹情侣运动衫,亦或是紫色的印有小猪图案的情侣衫,逛街和吸引人们的目光。王府井常被称作北京的时报广场(Times Square)。#39;We want everyone to envy us,#39; said Mr. Wu, a 32-year-old forestry and conservation consultant, sitting next to his identically dressed spouse.32岁的林业和保育顾问吴专坐在与他穿着同样衣的妻子旁边说,我们觉得别人看着我们羡慕的眼光感觉很舒。Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong have stiff competition on their weekend jaunts. In a single hour on a recent Saturday afternoon, eight couples could be spotted walking down Beijing#39;s hip shopping street Nanluoguxiang wearing either identical or matching outfits-black shirts with yellow hearts and smiley faces on them, or a skirt paired with a polo shirt of the same stripes.情侣衫:中国式恩爱秀像吴专和宗银红这样喜欢在周末穿着情侣装来吸引眼球的人不在少数。在近期一个周六的下午,仅在一小时内,就有八对穿着情侣装的情侣或夫妇走过南锣鼓巷。他们有的穿着黄色心形图案和笑脸的黑色情侣衫,有的穿着印有同样条纹图案的连衣裙和Polo衫。One such couple, Jin Ying and He Yukun-wearing a blue-and-white-striped dress-shirt combo-said the first time they dressed alike was like a pledge to one another, an admission of feelings they hadn#39;t fully expressed before.金莹和何禹坤就是其中一对,他们分别身穿有同样蓝白条纹的连衣裙和衬衫。他们说,他们第一次穿情侣装时就像给了对方一个承诺,表达了他们过去没有完全表达出来的情感。In a country where matchmaking has traditionally meant little or no input from the young people involved, couples are wresting back control. As courtship gets redefined, one byproduct is a fashion trend that would make most high-end designers cringe.在这样一个有着包办婚姻传统的国家,情侣们正重新夺回主动权。随着示爱的行为得以重新界定,一个派生的影响便是形成了一股时尚趋势,而多数高端设计师将不得不迎合这样的趋势。A search for matching couple clothing-known as qing lü zhuang-on China#39;s biggest e-commerce site Taobao, offers more than three million results from online stores that have launched to meet the high demand. In roughly the last year, searches for the clothing have increased by 57%, according to Alibaba Group, Taobao#39;s parent.在中国最大的电子商务网站淘宝网(Taobao)上搜索情侣装,可以从诸多网店中得到超过300万个结果。这些网店都在努力满足这个需求。据淘宝网的母公司阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)说,在过去的一年左右的时间里,情侣装的搜索量增长了57%。The phenomenon has its versions in the West-say, portraits of families sporting matching Christmas sweaters. A move toward his and her clothing failed years ago. In China, though, the trend provides a framework for romance, something that hasn#39;t always been the primary factor in a relationship.西方也有类似的现象。比如说,西方家庭的成员会穿同款 诞装在一起拍照。数年前,情侣装未能成为潮流。但在中国,这股趋势带来了一种浪漫感,而过去浪漫在情侣或夫妻关系中并不总是一个重要的因素。For hundreds of years, parents and grandparents parsed out family trees, calculated dowries and astrology charts to arrange marriages. And even in recent years, many matches have sprung from a plan for a better material life, the promise that a combined income could afford a new home and maybe even a BMW.几百年来,父母和祖父母通过检查家谱、嫁妆和算命来安排婚姻。即便是在近些年,一些人能走到一起也是因为这样可以带来更好的物质生活,意味着两人的收入加在一起可以买套新房子,甚至再买辆宝马车。Ms. Zong, a 31-year-old accountant in Beijing, said she chose to marry Mr. Wu, whom she first met in 2007, because he makes her laugh. Mr. Wu said it was Ms. Zong#39;s gentle nature that won him over. #39;I would call her just to hear her voice,#39; he said.金莹和何禹坤现年31岁的宗银红是名会计,住在北京,她在2007年第一次见到吴专。她说,选择嫁给吴专是因为他能让她开怀大笑。吴专说,宗银红温柔的气质让他心动。他说,我会就为了听她的声音给她打电话。Ms. Zong says her parents, farmers who grow corn and beans in China#39;s northeastern Jilin province, sometimes wear similar colors-gray and black-and old Mao-inspired jackets from years past, though that is less an expression of affection than an old remnant. She could never imagine them deliberately wearing matching shirts as symbols of love, she said.宗银红的父母都是农民,在吉林省种玉米和大豆。她说,她的父母有时会穿颜色类似的外套,这些外套属于毛泽东时代那种黑灰颜色的衣。但她说,这并不是表达感情的方式,而是一种旧有的习惯。她无法想象父母会故意穿上情侣装,以此作为爱的象征。#39;The first time they met was on their wedding day,#39; Ms. Zong said. #39;Surely they love one another, but our love is different,#39; she said.宗银红说,他们两个人第一次见面是在他们自己的婚礼上,他们当然爱对方,不过我们的爱情跟他们不一样。For Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong, their coordinated-fashion debut wasn#39;t long after they started dating. #39;It made us official,#39; said Mr. Wu.对于吴专和宗银红来说,两个人从开始约会不久就穿着情侣装上街了。吴专说,她送给我,我才发现这是一个正式的的事情。Sun Peidong, an associate professor at Shanghai#39;s Fudan University, says the phenomenon reflects an increasingly materialistic society that is obsessed with logos and labels. People want BMWs to show they are rich; now they want matching-couples labeling to show they are in relationships, said Ms. Sun. And ultimately, matching duds is a way for people to feel secure, she said.复旦大学副教授孙沛东说,穿情侣装的现象折射出一个痴迷于品牌和标签、越来越物质化的社会。她说,人们希望开宝马来显示自己的富有;现在又希望穿着情侣装来显示自己不是单身;归根到底,穿情侣装还是为了满足人们的安全感。Bai Zhengping, just six months into a relationship, asked his girlfriend Ma Xin to accompany him on a shopping trip to buy twin Superman shirts. #39;I felt proud, like I was saying, #39;She#39;s mine,#39; #39; said Mr. Bai. #39;I just wanted everyone to know,#39; he said, noting they have been together now for two years. She smiled and said, #39;I was so happy he asked.#39;白郑平在与现任女友马鑫刚谈了六个月恋爱的时候,就让马鑫陪着自己去买两件“超人”T恤。白郑平说,当时我觉得骄傲,就好比是在说“她是我的人”了。他说,我当时就是想让所有人知道。白郑平说自己与马鑫已经在一起两年了。马鑫则笑着说,他当时开口的时候我好开心。Clothing designer Zhou Yougen launched online in 2011 his couples label Fei Chen, whose tagline says, #39;Listen to the heart, the beating of one another.#39; He said the fashion category has evolved from mere matching T-shirts to trendy dresses and shirts that complement one another. Best-sellers like a yellow and blue cotton dress with accompanying boyfriend knit shirt helped Mr. Zhou#39;s 2012 revenue reach 800,000 yuan, roughly 0,000, increasing 15 times from a year earlier, he said.2011年,装设计师周友根在网站推出了他的情侣装品牌“飞辰”,品牌标语这样写道:用心聆听,彼此的心跳。周友根说,情侣装已经从图案一样的T恤衫发展到了互相搭配的时尚裙装与衬衫。飞辰最为畅销的款式包括黄蓝棉布装以及与其搭配的男士针织衬衫。这些畅销产品使得周友根在2012年的收入达到人民币80万元,是2011年的15倍。Mr. Zhou, who is 40 and sometimes pairs his outfits with his wife#39;s, said the segment has so much potential that he is toying with the idea of designing more mature outfits for older couples, or for entire families.现年40岁的周友根有时也会搭配着妻子的着装来穿衣,他说情侣装领域有很大的潜力,他自己还在考虑给年纪大一些的情侣设计更成熟的衣,或为全家人设计装。Couples have the option of buying identical shirt sets or outfits that play off one another. For example, on the couples section of the site Wholesale7.net, #39;Spring Lovers#39; shirts feature two separate heart halves and a disjointed message that is only able when seen as a set: #39;Let Love...Create Miracle.#39; The company says sales of its matching couple shirts jumped 30% last year.情侣们可以选择购买图案或文字相得益彰的同款情侣衬衫或情侣装。比如,网站Wholesale7.net的情侣产品区,“春天爱人”(Spring Lovers)情侣衬衫各有半颗心,两件衬衫上的文字连在一起是“让爱……创造奇迹”。该公司说,情侣衬衫的销售额去年增长了30%。Major brands have taken notice, pushing the fashion statement to new levels with his-and-hers underwear. PVH Corp., parent of Calvin Klein, creates sets sold especially for Asia. Calvin Klein also stocks matching pajamas in China.主要品牌注意到了这一潮流,用情侣内衣将时尚宣言推到新的高度。Calvin Klein的母公司PVH Corp.生产专门在亚洲销售的情侣内衣。该公司还在中国销售情侣睡衣。Not everyone is immediately won over by the trend. Zhi Yingli, a 21-year-old student in Beijing, said she was mortified when her ex-boyfriend wanted them to flaunt identical clothes. #39;It#39;s like you#39;re parading your most private feelings,#39; she said. After some months, it grew on her, she said.并非每个人都立即被这一潮流赢得了芳心。北京21岁的学生英丽(音)说,当她的前男友想和她穿情侣装时,她觉得很窘。她说,就像展示你的最深的情感。不过她说,几个月后她就对情侣装爱不释手了。But since they broke up, Ms. Zhi won#39;t wear any of the half-set of the clothes she still has in her closet. #39;Maybe only if I haven#39;t done laundry for weeks,#39; she said.但由于他们已经分手了,英丽不会再穿她衣橱里仍留着的情侣装。她说,或许只有在几个星期没洗衣的时候才会穿。Meanwhile, Mr. Wu and Ms. Zong say they hope to be dressing alike for years to come and plan to expand their matching wardrobes. Ms. Zong said they are preparing for winter and are even considering buying special mittens, consisting of one mitten for him and one for her and a muff in the middle so the couple can stay warm without ever having to let go of each other#39;s hands.与此同时,吴专和宗银红说,他们希望今后继续穿情侣装,并计划扩大他们的情侣装储备。宗银红说,他们正在为冬天做准备,他们甚至考虑购买情侣手套,一只手套给他,一只手套给她,两只手套用一个暖手筒相连,这样两人就可以不必放开对方的手而保持手暖暖的了。 /201310/259713。

  Andrew and Peggy Cherng, now 65 and 62, respectively, opened their first Chinese restaurant in 1973 with ,000 from savings and a Small Business Administration loan, plus relatives who worked for free. Today Panda Restaurant Group is the nation#39;s leader in Asian fast-casual eateries, exceeding .7 billion in revenue in 2012. Their Rosemead, Calif., company now manages a total of 1,500 Panda Express, Panda Inn, and Hibachi-San restaurants in 42 states and Mexico City, and it is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The co-CEOs#39; story:靠着储蓄金和美国联邦小企业署的贷款凑起来的6万美元以及自家亲戚们的免费劳动,现年65岁的程正昌和62岁的蒋佩琪这对夫妇在1973年开办了他们自己的第一家中餐厅。如今,熊猫餐饮集团(Panda Restaurant Group)已经成为美国亚洲休闲快餐业的领军企业,2012年的营收超过17亿美元。这家总部位于加利福尼亚罗斯米德市的集团公司旗下管理着1,500多家熊猫快餐厅(Panda Express)、聚丰园餐厅(Panda Inn)和Hibachi-San日本料理餐厅,遍布全美42个州以及墨西哥首都墨西哥城。今年是熊猫餐饮集团成立40周年。这对夫妻档CEO分享了他们的创业故事:Andrew Cherng: I was born in Yangzhou, China, two years after World War II started. I was 5 when my family escaped to Taiwan. Eight years later, we moved to Japan.程正昌:二战开始之后的第二年,我出生在中国的扬州。5岁时,我们举家逃往台湾,8年之后,又移居日本。Peggy Cherng: I was born in Burma, and my family went to Hong Kong, where I grew up. I came to the ed States for college and met Andrew at Baker University in Baldwin, Kans.蒋佩琪:我出生在缅甸,后来随着全家定居香港并在那里长大。之后到美国读大学,在堪萨斯州鲍德温的贝克大学(Baker University)学习时遇到了程正昌。Andrew: We went on to the University of Missouri, where I got a master#39;s degree in applied mathematics. Peggy stayed a couple of years longer to get her Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Every holiday I had, I worked in New York, waiting tables in a restaurant. My father was a chef but hadn#39;t owned his own business. I didn#39;t like that. In my heart of hearts, I knew I wanted to be in business.程:我们后来又一起去了密苏里大学(the University of Missouri),我在那儿攻读应用数学硕士。佩琪比我多上了几年,拿到了电子工程学士学位。当时我在纽约上班,每个节假日去餐厅吃饭都要排队等座。我父亲本身就是厨师但却一直未能拥有自己的餐厅。我不想那样,从内心来说,我知道我想要拥有自己的事业。Peggy: I never thought about going into business. I was trained to be in the sciences.蒋:我倒是从未想过做生意,我所受到训练是要投身科学事业。Andrew: It#39;s just dumb luck that my cousin leased a restaurant in Hollywood called Ting Ho. He didn#39;t speak English and turned to me for help. So in 1972 I moved to California and worked seven days a week in the restaurant, getting paid 0 a month. After a few months, we had some work disagreements and I found a restaurant in Pasadena to take over. My dad and I borrowed some money from that same cousin and got an SBA loan, scraping together ,000. We opened Panda Inn on June 8, 1973. The whole family -- my parents, a brother and sister -- all worked at the restaurant for free. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment in San Gabriel and didn#39;t have any money. Peggy would come to visit, and we got married in 1975.程:我有个表兄正好在好莱坞租了个叫Ting Ho的餐厅,但他又不会讲英语,所以就来找我帮忙。这对我来说简直是个天上掉馅饼的好事儿。1972年,我搬到了加州。在他的餐厅,我每周工作7天,月薪800美元。过了几个月,我们俩在工作上出现了一些分歧。当时帕萨迪纳市正好有一间餐厅要出租,于是我父亲和我就从我那位表兄那儿借了些钱,又向联邦小企业署借了一笔贷款,就这么一共凑了6万美元把那间餐厅盘了下来。1973年6月8号,聚丰园餐厅正式开张。我们全家,包括我父母、一个哥哥和一个,全都在餐厅里免费做事。当时,我们身上所剩无几,全家人就挤在圣盖市的一间两居室的公寓里。佩琪常常来看我们。我们在1975年结婚。Peggy: I worked in engineering for McDonnell Douglas and Comtal/3M until our third child was born.蒋:我们第三个孩子出生前,我一直在麦道公司(McDonnell Douglas)和3M公司的工程部门工作。Andrew: My dad passed away in 1981. I was very comfortable taking charge. I#39;m a driven person and I like to accomplish things. In 1982 we opened another Panda Inn in Glendale.程:我父亲1981年去世,我很自然地担起了餐厅管理者的责任。我是个非常有干劲的人,喜欢成就感。1982年,我们在格兰代尔市开出了第二家聚丰园餐厅。Peggy: That#39;s when I joined the family business.蒋:我就是在那时加入了家族生意。Andrew: Through my connections, I met the Donahue family. Terry Donahue was the head football coach for UCLA, and his brother Dan was the developer for the Glendale Galleria. They invited me to open a Panda Express in the mall. It was October 1983, and the first Panda Express worked out okay. So I opened more restaurants. In 1985 we went from five to nine stores in one year.程:我通过人脉结识了唐纳修家族。特里?唐纳修是加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)橄榄球队的总教练,而他的弟弟则是幽谷拱廊商场(the Glendale Galleria)的开发商。他们邀请我在商场里开一家熊猫快餐厅。我记得那是1983年10月的事儿,而这第一家熊猫快餐厅经营得不错。因此,我又开出了更多的餐厅。1985年那一年,熊猫快餐厅的门店数就从5家增长到了9家。Peggy: It was opportunity driven. In the first 10 years, we were mall-based stores.蒋:当时的机会很好。前十年,我们都是在商场里开店。Andrew: At first we looked at them like a collection of individual restaurants. We didn#39;t have much infrastructure or control. In the late #39;80s and early #39;90s we began to experiment. I talked to Bill Davila [president of Vons], who was a customer. I convinced him to put us in Vons supermarkets. Then we began to put Panda Express outside the malls. I was conservative, so we opened small spaces that averaged ,000 to ,000 a week in revenue back then.程:一开始,我们把开出的这些熊猫快餐厅都视为一个个独立的门店,并没有太多的基本构造或是控制。到了80年代末90年代初,我们就开始实验一种创新。冯氏超市集团(Vons)总裁比尔?达维拉也是我们餐厅的顾客,我说他将我们的餐厅开在冯氏超市内。那时才是我们第一次把熊猫快餐厅开在商场之外的地方。我当时很保守,所以店面都很小,每周的平均营收只有6,000到7,000美元。Peggy: Inside the mall, shoppers are your customers. It was more challenging to drive traffic to the street locations. So we did street marketing with door hangers and a discount program. We made sure that Asian cuisine was desirable in the area and there was a reasonable rent to ensure profit. The best location was on a corner, for good daytime traffic and nighttime access.蒋:在商场里,购物的顾客很自然地就会光顾餐厅。因此,要想在街道上吸引更多的客流量的确是个更大的挑战。所以当时我们就搞了一些街头营销活动,比如显眼的餐厅门牌,再比如打折促销等。我们可以肯定的是,亚洲菜肴在当地很受欢迎,而且房租也不贵,这样可以确保我们的利润率。最佳的位置就是街角,无论白天还是晚上,人流量都很大。Andrew: I#39;m the one who dealt with getting the stores open and functioning. After that, Peggy took care of the rest of it.程:我当时主要负责开新店和餐厅运营,而佩琪负责其他的事宜。Peggy: It was clear to me as an engineer that you need a system. We were one of the first companies to use a computer in the 1980s, which made ordering easier. It could collect information about the most popular items people ordered by networking the stores to the corporate office. So we had more information.蒋:作为工程师,我清楚地知道我们需要一个系统。我们是1980年代最早使用电脑的餐厅之一,这样可以使点餐更加便捷。电脑还可以搜集各家门店中哪些菜品最受顾客欢迎,同时汇总至总部办公室。我们借此可以获得更多的运营信息。Andrew: In the process, we made the restaurants bigger and improved the ambiance. That made a difference in people#39;s perception. Our food costs are on the higher side, so I wanted labor costs to be on the lower side. Good service can create more business, so you don#39;t want to be too lean. We cross-train people and have them multitask.程:在这个过程中,我们的餐厅面积越来越大,环境也越来越好,顾客的就餐体验也就更佳。我们食材的采购成本较高,因此我就想要降低人工成本。但只有优质的务才能带来更多的生意,所以对员工也不能过于吝啬。于是我们就让员工进行轮岗训练,让他们可以一人胜任多项任务。Peggy: In the late #39;80s, Chinese food meant mom-and-pop restaurants. There were no chains. Before 1973, Chinese restaurants offered chop suey. As more Chinese immigrants came, they brought their cooking skills and cuisines. Panda Express moved the cuisine into more sophisticated, authentic food.蒋:80年代末,中餐馆给人的印象就是夫妻经营的小店,没有成规模的连锁企业。1973年以前,中餐馆只供应炒杂烩菜。随着越来越多华裔移民的到来,各式厨艺技能和菜系也丰富起来,而熊猫快餐厅的菜单上也开始出现更复杂和地道的菜品。Andrew: This is our 40th year in business. We don#39;t have a single penny from outside investors, and we never borrowed heavily from the banks. We have a healthy balance sheet and more credit than we can use.程:我们做了40年餐饮生意,没从投资者那里拿过一分钱,也从未跟借过太多贷款。我们有着健康的资产负债表和根本用不完的的贷款授信额度。Peggy: In 1997 we had 254 stores, and the revenue was 8.7 million. That#39;s when we set a goal of being a billion-dollar company. By then we had a supply-chain system that distributed to the stores through a third-party vendor and operated under a chain mentality.蒋:1997年,我们总共已经拥有了254家餐厅,总营收达到1.78亿美元。从那时起,我们就定下目标要成为一家十亿美元级的企业。到那时,我们就会形成完整的供应链体系,即通过第三方供应商向各家餐厅供货,而我们则通过连锁经营的管理哲学来运营企业。Andrew: Most of our stores are company owned. When we deal with an institution, like universities, we license its operation and help it get set up. We have supervision and training for quality control, but business is really about empowering people to act like owners themselves. If people aren#39;t inspired to grow, another business comes in next door, and you go out of business.程:大部分餐厅都是我们直营的。当我们和大学这样的机构合作时,我们会发放加盟执照授权它们经营并会帮助它们发展壮大。我们对质量会进行监督和控制,但餐饮业说到底还是要授权给员工,让他们发挥主人翁精神。如果员工没有成长的动力,竞争对手随时就会到来,而你的生意就会破产。Peggy: Andrew is the visionary who pushes for growth. I like my system process, so I work on how to enable the growth. Being married does not always make working together easy. We had to learn how to resolve business disagreements. It#39;s not ;Your way is best; or ;My way is best,; but the alternative way -- which incorporates everybody#39;s ideas -- is best. In 2010 we reached our goal and had sales of .069 billion.蒋: 正昌是能够推动成长进步的梦想家。而我却喜欢系统性进程。因此,我的工作就是研究如何怎样才能成长。夫妻关系并不意味着工作上的合作就一定会愉快,但我们都学会了如何去处理工作上的分歧。有时并不一定要争“到底是你对还是我对”,最好的方法是把所有人的想法融汇、交织在一起。2010年,我们实现了当年的目标,年销售额达到了10.69亿美元。Andrew: Doing everything ourselves is out of the question, so licensing is important. We#39;re in Mexico now and will soon open in Canada. We#39;re in a lot of universities. Airports are challenging in terms of securing the real estate because there are others who are more connected politically.程:只靠我们自己事无巨细地操办一切显然是不可能的,所以发放加盟执照就变得很重要。我们已经进入墨西哥市场,未来还会在加拿大开新店。不少大学里也有我们的餐厅。但是机场就更困难一点,因为很难拿到店面,毕竟有不少人都有着很强的政治人脉关系。Peggy: We have an all-in mentality. Because we#39;re immigrants, we have a can-do attitude. We#39;re also very frugal. From 1983 to 2000, with every new store, we would take an established team to the new location to help open the store. Every team would live in one apartment for a month, and your supervisor might sleep in the same room as you rather than go to hotels. No one complained about not having privacy. It built team spirit.蒋:我们有着兼容并包的思想。而且因为我们是外来移民,所以也很能吃苦耐劳,同样,我们还非常节俭。从1983年到2000年,每一家新餐厅开张,我们都有一现成的团队前去协助。每这样的团队都会在公寓里住上一个月,就算是管理层也不会去住酒店,而是和普通员工一样住在公寓房间。没人抱怨说缺乏隐私,这是打造团队精神的好方法。After all these years, what I#39;m most proud of is seeing our people and the business grow. We have people who joined us as kitchen chefs and waitresses who are now vice presidents of the company.这些年来,最令我感到骄傲和自豪的就是看到我们的员工与经营业绩双成长。许多人刚进公司时只是厨师或是务员,而如今都已经做到了公司副总裁。Andrew: I am most proud of building an organization where our people are inspired to better their lives. Empowering others to better their lives contributes an even greater impact to our communities and beyond.程:我最深感骄傲的是打造了这样一个组织,其中的每个人都被激励着追求更好的生活。让每个人生活得更好,也会对我们社会和国家的福祉有着更深远的影响。Peggy: Back in 1973 it was about making a living for the family. Today it#39;s about challenging ourselves and seeing what all of us on the team can achieve.蒋:1973年我们的努力只是为了养家糊口;而如今,我们所有人作为一个团队的目标就是要不断挑战自己,迈上一个又一个新的台阶。Our advice我们的经营建议:Details matter. At Panda, the little things are a big deal for us. We cut our vegetables daily. Our sidewalks are clean, and our washrooms are neat and tidy. When the little things get done, guests will notice it.重视细节。在熊猫餐厅,没有什么事是小到我们可以忽略的。我们每天都会切码蔬菜,我们的过道永远干净,我们洗手间永远清洁整齐。当这些微不足道的小事都能被做到最好的时候,餐厅内的顾客就会注意得到。Anticipate the competition. We started Hibachi-San in malls in 1992 as a defensive strategy to keep Japanese restaurants from selling against our Chinese food at Panda Express.抢占竞争先机。1992年,我们在商场内开张Hibachi-San日本料理餐厅就是一种防御策略,就是为了防止日本餐厅供应跟熊猫快餐厅一样的中式菜品。Learn constantly. We maintain a list of recommended books about leadership and inspiration, including The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, by Don Miguel Ruiz, and Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson. We buy them, then sell them below cost to our associates. That way, those who want to them must pay something for them, and the company absorbs the loss.不断学习。我们会提供有关管理学和成功学的推荐书单,其中包括唐?米格尔?鲁伊兹的《心灵自由的实用手册》(The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom)、沃尔特?艾萨克森写的《乔布斯传》(Steve Jobs)等。我们会购买这些书籍,按低于成本的价格出售给员工同事。这样的话,真正想读书的人就得付出点钱来买,而公司也可以减少一些成本出。 /201303/229427

  1、"生命在他里头,这生命就是人的光。光照在黑暗里,黑暗却不接受光。"(《新约·约翰福音》第1章) What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. "John 1-4,5" 这是是基督教神学思想的核心。这里的"光"指的是耶稣基督,"生命"指的是永生--战胜死亡,获得真理。 2、"你们要进窄门,因为引到灭亡,那门是宽的,路是大的,进去的人也多;引到永生,那门是窄的,路是小的,找着的人也少。"(《新约·马太福音》第7 章) Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it. For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few wh o find it. "Matthew 7-13,14" 这是耶稣"登山宝训"中最短的一段,但却是整个新教精神的核心。对于清教徒而言,人生就意味着无尽艰险,就意味着走窄门。3、" 爱是恒久忍耐,又有恩慈;爱是不嫉妒,爱是不自夸,不张狂,不作害羞的事,不求自己的益处,不轻易发怒,不计算人的恶,不喜欢不义,只喜欢真理;凡事包容,凡事相信,凡事盼望,凡事忍耐;爱是永不止息。"(《新约·哥林多前书》第1 3章) Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious pr boastful or arroga nt or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or re sentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. I t bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never end s. 基督教是"爱的宗教",这就是使徒保罗对爱的诠释。从古到今不知有多少人因这段话而皈依基督教,可见"爱是无可比的"。4、"死啊,你得胜的权势在哪里?死啊,你的毒钩在哪里?死的毒钩就是罪,罪的权势就是律法。感谢上帝,使我们借着我们的主耶稣基督得胜。"(《新约·哥林多前书》第15章) Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting? The stin g of death is sin, and. The power of sin is the law. But thanks be to Go d, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.   使徒保罗用优美的语言阐明了基督教的脉络:原罪与堕落,牺牲与救赎,胜利与永生。总体说来就是"用爱战胜死亡"。5、"草必枯干,花必凋残,因为耶和华的气吹在其上;百姓诚然是草。草必枯干,花必凋残;惟有我们上帝的话,必永远立定!"(《旧约·以赛亚书》第40 章) The grass withers, the flower fades, when the breath of the LORD blows u pon it; surely the people are grass. The grass withers, the flower fades ; but the word of our God will stand forever. 旧约的最大特点是"信念"。这句话就是无比坚定的信念,既是相信上帝,又是相信作为上帝选民的自己。以色列人的辉煌,大半缘自信念。6、"我知道我的救赎主活着,末了必站在地上。我这皮肉灭绝之后,我必在肉体之外得见上帝。"(《旧约·约伯记》第19章) For I know that my Redeemer lives, and that at the last he will stand up on the earth; and after my skin has been thus destroyed, then in my fles h I shall see God. 这是约伯的信念。无论承受多么巨大的打击、多么绝望的境遇,都不可放弃希望、放弃信仰。亨德尔为此句作的咏叹调也极为感人。7、 "不可封了这书上的预言,因为日期近了。不义的,叫他仍旧不义;污秽的,叫他仍旧污秽;为义的,叫他仍旧为义;圣洁的,叫他仍旧圣洁。"(《新约·启示录》第22章) Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is n ear. Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy. 我最开始就是看了《启示录》才倾向于基督教的。《启示录》中有很多让人不能不动容的话,这句只是其中代表而已。8、"谁能使我们与基督的爱隔绝呢?难道是患难吗?是困苦吗?是逼迫吗?是饥饿吗?是赤身露体吗?是危险吗?是刀剑吗?……然而,靠着爱我们的主,在这一切的事上已经得胜有余了。"(《新约·罗马书》第8章) Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will hardship, or distress , or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? No, in al l these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 圣保罗真是无与伦比的传道者,他的讲道是如此气势磅礴且发人深省。这段话继承了旧约的信心,增加了新约的爱,完美地体现了基督教精神。9、"我又专心察明智慧、狂妄和愚昧,乃知这也是捕风。因为多有智慧,就多有愁烦;加增知识的,就加增忧伤。"(《旧约·传道书》第1章) And I applied my mind to know wisdom and to know madness and folly. I pe rceived that this also is but a chasing after wind. For in much wisdom i s much vexation, and those who increase knowledge increase sorrow. 《传道书》是旧约中我最喜欢的篇章之一,传道者的话虽低沉消极,却又蕴涵着希望。能够用来战胜愁烦和忧伤的,只有一件事:"信仰"。10、"哈利路亚!因为主我们的上帝,全能者作王了。……世上的国成了我主和主基督的国;他要作王,直到永永远远。……万王之王,万主之主。" (《启示录》第11、19章) Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns. The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he wil l reign forever and ever. 这也是亨德尔歌剧《弥赛亚》中大合唱《哈利路亚》的歌词,它是至今唯一能让我多次热泪盈眶的歌曲。从这短短的几句话中我们可以看到无穷的胜利喜悦。欢呼吧!因为胜利属于我们。 /200804/36089Welcome to Monday morning at the office. Did you have trouble sleeping last night? Was your stomach bothering you? Did you feel a sense of d about heading into work? 欢迎回到周一的办公室。你昨晚睡得好吗?肚子有没有不舒?一想到要上班,心里有没有七上八下的? Could be that you have a case of the Sunday blues - and you#39;re not the only one. A recent survey by jobs website Monster.com found that 8 out of 10 people report melancholy and anxious feelings as the weekend winds down. Nearly half of the 3,600 respondents went so far as to say they have it #39;really bad.#39; 这可能是你患上了星期天忧郁症──而且你并不是唯一一个。招聘网站Monster.com最近的调查显示,八成的人都说自己在周末逐渐过去的时候会觉得愁闷忧虑。3,600名受访者中,将近一半的人都说他们觉得“很难受”。 #39;Really bad#39; is hardly a clinical diagnosis, but Sunday blues are real, says Jeffrey Kahn, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College who specializes in workplace issues. He#39;s noticed that some workers tend to sleep poorly on Sunday night, feeling wired as they rev up for the week or rehearsing the next day#39;s agenda in their heads. 威尔康奈尔医学院(Weill Cornell Medical College)擅长职场问题的精神病学临床副教授卡恩(Jeffrey Kahn)说,“很难受”几乎算不上是医学诊断,但星期天忧郁症却是实实在在的。他注意到,一些职场人士往往在周日晚上睡得不好,亢奋地思虑一周的事情或是在脑子里演练第二天的日程。 #39;It#39;s part real - they#39;re going back to the office - and part symbolic,#39; he says. The dawn of a fresh week reminds people of the bigger issues lurking under the surface amid weekend brunches, sporting events and parties. 他说,这有一部分是真实的──他们即将回到工作中──还有一部分是象征性的。全新一周的开始让人们想起周末的早午餐、体育活动和聚会这些活动的表面之下潜藏的更大问题。 Employees worry about a harsh boss or a big project coming due. But some of the worst anxiety is actually sparked by #39;things that might go well,#39; Kahn says. Workers on the brink of a promotion might fear the extra work that will come along with it or that their colleagues will become envious. Or employees about to wrap a big project might worry they won#39;t be able to repeat the feat. 员工们忧心忡忡的是苛刻的老板或是即将到期限的大项目。卡恩说,但一些最严重的忧虑实际上是由可能顺利的事情引起的。即将得到提拔的员工可能担心随之而来的额外工作,或是同事会嫉妒自己。就快完成一个大项目的员工也可能担心,他们可能无法重现这样的功绩。Sunday evening anxiety isn#39;t all bad, Kahn notes-some people channel their anxious feelings into intense effort, working harder to banish their nerves. 卡恩强调说,周日晚间的忧虑也不全是坏事──有的人将焦虑情绪化为紧张的工作,工作更为努力以放松神经。 Joanie Ruge, a staffing industry veteran who#39;s now a senior vice president at Monster, recommends workers take extra time on Friday to prep for Monday morning and fully disconnect during the weekends so they feel fully refreshed once the week begins. She also suggests workers set early bedtimes on Sunday nights and wake extra-early on Monday so they#39;re not stressed or harried as they make their way to work. 从事人事工作多年的鲁格(Joanie Ruge)现在已是Monster的高级副总裁,她建议职场人士周五额外花些时间为周一早上做准备,并在周末期间完全忘掉工作的事情,这样就能在一周开始时觉得完全振作。她还建议职员周日晚上早些就寝、周一早上起得更早一些,这样上班时就不会觉得紧张或匆忙。 Kahn says meditation, exercise or social events like dinner with family can help to ease Sunday stress. Activities that provide comfort or distraction can be helpful - think, a favorite television show or a warm drink. 卡恩说,冥想、锻炼或与家人一同吃饭之类的社交活动能帮助缓解周日的紧张。能够给人安慰或让人分心的活动也有帮助──比如说钟爱的电视节目或一杯热饮。 #39;For some people, a cup of hot chocolate works wonders,#39; he says. 他说,对一些人来说,一杯热巧克力有着神奇的效用。 /201311/263585“绝望主妇”伊娃:用法语立下婚誓The endless details were numbing, but Eva Longoria says she kept herself cool at her wedding to Tony Parker last week."My stylist, Robert Verdi, and everybody around me was like, `You're so calm,'" Longoria tells OK! magazine in its latest issue, on newsstands Friday. "I actually don't stress about anything."The 32-year-old "Desperate Housewives" actress and the 25-year-old NBA star wed in a civil ceremony in Paris last Friday. The following day, they exchanged vows in a church across from the Louvre Museum and held an exclusive reception at a storied French chateau."Every girl dreams of having a beautiful, romantic wedding," says Longoria. "It was amazing to see it unfold after months of planning. We really wanted to create an experience for our guests. It was about them having fun."That list included fellow "Housewives" Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman and singer Sheryl Crow.Parker, who was born in Belgium and raised in France, notes that Longoria chose the wedding destination."I didn't want to do it in Paris because we'd end up inviting more people than I wanted!" says Parker, eliciting laughs from Longoria.Longoria also giggled during the wedding ceremony as she attempted to say her vows in French."She decided I would do the vows in English; hers would be in French," Parker explains. "There were some tough words. I'm very proud of her." 婚礼筹备中没完没了的琐事几乎能把人弄麻木,而伊娃·朗格莉娅称,在上周她和帕克的婚礼上,她一直保持着镇静和从容。朗格莉娅在接受将于本周五出版的最新一期OK!杂志的采访时说:“我的造型师罗伯特·弗迪和身边的所有人都说,‘你好有定力啊!’其实我对任何事都不会看得太重。”上周五,这位32岁的“绝望主妇”和25岁的NBA球星在巴黎登记结婚。第二天,两人在卢浮宫对面的一个教堂交换婚誓,并在当地的一个古堡举行了一场盛大的婚宴。朗格莉娅说:“每个女孩都梦想能有一个美好、浪漫的婚礼。经过几个月的筹备,我的这个梦想终于实现了,真是美妙极了!我们很想让来宾们能有一番不一样的体验。主要是想让他们开心!”参加婚礼的来宾包括与朗格莉娅共同出演《绝望主妇》的特里·海切尔和费丽西提·胡夫曼两位“主妇”和歌手谢丽尔·克劳。生在比利时、长在法国的帕克说,婚礼地点是朗格莉娅选的。帕克说:“我不想在巴黎办,因为这样邀请的人会太多。”帕克的话引得朗格莉娅直发笑。朗格莉娅在婚礼上尝试用法语说她的婚誓时也忍不住笑了起来。帕克说:“她决定让我用英文说婚誓,她用法语说。有些词挺难说的,我十分为她骄傲。” /200803/31401

  China#39;s rich continue to want to invest and move abroad in large numbers, but their goals have begun to shift, consulting firm Bain amp; Company said in a report released Tuesday.咨询公司贝恩(Bain amp; Company)在周二发布的一份报告中说,大批中国有钱人仍想投资和移民海外,但他们的目标已开始发生变化。Three out of five wealthy mainland Chinese are looking to immigrate out of China while another third own investments abroad, Bain said in its #39;China Private Wealth Report, 2013,#39; based on a survey conducted earlier this year of 3,300 #39;high-net-worth individuals#39; with at least 10 million yuan (US.6 million) in investable assets.贝恩在其发布的《2013年中国私人财富报告》(China Private Wealth Report, 2013)中说,五分之三的中国内地有钱人开始寻求移民海外,另有三分之一的中国有钱人在海外有投资。该报告是根据今年早些时候进行的一项调查编制的,调查对象是3,300名可投资资产在人民币1,000万元(合160万美元)以上的高净值个人。Jennifer Zeng, the lead author of the report, said the desire for overseas immigration and investment is a defensive measure for China#39;s rich. #39;The more they look for risk diversification, the more they look elsewhere,#39; said Ms. Zeng in a phone interview from Beijing.报告第一作者Jennifer Zeng说,对中国有钱人来说,希望移民和投资海外是一种防守措施。她在北京接受电话采访时说,他们越多地寻求分散风险,就越多地放眼其他地方。She pointed out that the proportion of wealthy Chinese with overseas investments has doubled to 33% since 2011, the last time the survey was completed. Among the ultra-high-net-worth Chinese -- those with at least 100 million yuan of investable assets -- 51% said they had money invested overseas.她指出,自2011年上一次调查以来,在海外有投资的中国有钱人比例上升了一倍,至33%。在可投资资产在人民币1亿元以上的超高净值中国人中,有51%的人说他们在海外有投资。Those who#39;ve aly put money in offshore accounts intend to add more: 60% said they intend to invest more abroad. Overall, investments outside of China make up about 20% of total assets owned by high-net-worth individuals in China.那些已经将资金放入海外账户的人打算投入更多:有60%的人说他们计划扩大海外投资。总体来说,中国高净值个人持有的海外投资占其总资产的约20%。Ms. Zeng said the biggest changed in this year#39;s survey was a shift in respondents#39; goals: Wealthy Chinese are looking to preserve their wealth as their main objective. Two years ago, respondents identified #39;wealth creation#39; as their main goal.Jennifer Zeng说,今年调查出现的最大变化是受访者的目标发生了变化:中国有钱人开始寻求将保护财富作为自己的主要目标。两年前,受访者将创造财富作为主要目标。Investment immigration continues to be at the top of rich Chinese minds. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they are considering or have finished immigrating. Another 11% said they didn#39;t want to immigrate but that their child was either considering a move or had finished immigration.投资移民仍为中国有钱人考虑的主要问题。有56%的受访者说,他们正在考虑移民或已经完成移民。另有11%的人说,他们不想移民,但他们的孩子要么正在考虑移民要么已经完成移民。The report estimates that there were around 700,000 high net worth individuals at the end of 2012, more than double the number in 2008 and on pace to grow by 20% in 2013. The population of ultra-high-net-worth is around 40,000, according to Bain.贝恩的报告估计,截至2012年,中国有约700,000名高净值个人,较2008年的数量增加了一倍以上,2013年有望再增长20%。据贝恩的报告显示,中国的超高净值个人约有40,000人。Inheritance has become an increasingly important issue, with 46% of ultra-high-net-worth individuals saying they#39;ve now starting to plan for it.遗产成为越来越重要的一件事,有46%的超高净值个人说,他们现在已开始计划遗产事宜。As well, the types of investments wealthy Chinese are making has shifted away from stocks and into fixed-income assets like bond and trust products. Survey respondents said they increased their bond allocations by 4% and their investments in trust products by 11%. Meanwhile, their stock allocations decreased 9%.此外,中国有钱人的投资类型开始从股票转向债券和信托产品等固定收益资产。受访者说,他们将债券投资增加了4%,信托产品投资增加了11%。与此同时,他们的股票投资减少了9%。#39;It a huge change, and it shows they#39;re maturing,#39; said Ms. Zeng. #39;Inheritance planning is now becoming increasingly important. They#39;re buying more insurance. They#39;re more invested in low-risk assets -- cash and fixed income.#39;Jennifer Zeng说,这是一种巨大的变化,显示出中国有钱人开始成熟起来;遗产计划如今变得越来越重要,他们开始买更多的保险,更多地投资现金和固定收益等低风险资产。 /201305/239261The world could solve a large part of its fiscal problems by scrapping .4tn in energy subsidies, the International Monetary Fund declared yesterday.国际货币基金组织(IMF)昨日宣称,如果世界各国能取消总计2.4万亿美元的能源补贴,各国的财政问题可在很大程度上得到解决。The fund’s call suggests higher fuel prices could become a central condition of IMF help in the future, with subsidies aly proving a sticking point in its talks with countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and Ukraine.IMF的呼吁显示,提高能源价格可能成为未来该组织提供援助的核心条件。能源补贴问题已成为IMF与埃及、巴基斯坦和乌克兰等国谈判中的一个症结。David Lipton, first deputy managing director of the IMF, said countries should scrap fuel subsidies and charge for the cost of pollution – but said the fund was not yet y to make carbon taxes a condition of its lending programmes.IMF第一副总裁戴维#8226;利普顿(David Lipton)表示,各国应废除能源补贴,并对污染成本收费。但他表示,IMF尚未打算将征收碳排放税列为其贷款计划的条件之一。“There are 20 countries that spend more than 5 per cent of GDP on energy subsidies,” said Mr Lipton. “It leads to a fiscal problem because the subsidies are so big that it threatens the fiscal sustainability of the country.”利普顿说:“目前有20个国家在能源补贴上的出超过其国内生产总值(GDP)的5%。补贴太高会威胁一国财政的可持续性,从而引发财政问题。”For the first time, the IMF has put a price on the worldwide fiscal cost of energy subsidies. It says regular subsidies, where the price of fuel is lower than the cost of producing it, amount to 0bn, mainly in developing countries.这是IMF首次给出全球能源补贴财政成本的总金额。IMF表示,各国提供的常规能源补贴(燃料价格低于燃料生产成本)总计达4800亿美元(主要是由发展中国家提供的)。But indirect subsidies, where countries do not fully charge energy users for the costs of pollution and congestion, add another .9tn, with 40 per cent in the developed world, the IMF says. Those figures are likely to be controversial because they count untaxed carbon emissions as a subsidy but do not include tax breaks for renewable energy such as wind.但除此之外,各国提供的间接补贴(指不向能源使用者收取全额的污染费和拥堵费)总计达1.9亿美元(其中40%是由发达国家提供的)。这些数字可能存在争议,因为IMF将未征税的碳排放也算作一项补贴,而风能等可再生能源享受的税收优惠却未被计算在内。In absolute terms the top three energy subsidisers are the US at 2bn, 9bn in China, and 6bn in Russia, according to the fund.IMF称,以绝对金额计算,世界上能源补贴最多的三个国家分别是:美国(5020亿美元)、中国(2790亿美元)和俄罗斯(1160亿美元)。The IMF is calling on developing countries to replace fuel subsidies with cash payments to the poorest people. Introducing the payments first can help to make scrapping the subsidy more politically palatable, it says.IMF呼吁发展中国家取消能源补贴,将节省下来的资金发给本国最贫穷人群。它表示,先行发放这类资金有助于让取消能源补贴之举在政治上变得更可接受。 /201303/232705

  这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:时代高速发展,科技日新月异,我们已经不封建了,不过还是有一点迷信……幸运数字、颜色,甚至姓名……我现在就有点背,用什么可以转运啊?白猫?!译者:koogle

  Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything this holiday season!爸爸妈妈:值此佳节,感谢您们所给予的一切。I'll be home to enjoy this Christmas with you.我将回家与你们共度佳节。A present from me is on the way. Hope you'll like it.寄上一份礼物,希望你们会喜欢I wish I were home for the holidays.但愿我能回家共度佳节。Thinking of you at New Year's time.佳节,我想念你们。Best wishes from Mark, Janet and the kids.马克、珍妮特和孩子们谨呈最诚挚的祝福。Warmest thoughts and best wishes from your daughter.寄上无限的思念和最美好的祝愿,你们的女儿。Season's greetings from Xiao Li and Ming Ming.献上小丽和明明的节日问候。A holiday wish from your son Tom.寄上佳节的祝福,你们的儿子汤姆敬上。May you have the best season ever.愿你过个最愉快的节日。A New year greeting to cheer you from your daughter.愿女儿的祝福带给您欢乐。Happy New year to the world's best parents!祝世界上最好的父母节日快乐!Season's greetings to my dearest parents!祝我最亲爱的父母节日愉快! /200801/25988。

  How can you stay in shape on the road when you won’t have regular access to a gym, bicycle, pool, even a jogging trail?Once, after returning on a transpacific flight from a Christmas vacation, I planned to stay in Tokyo for two days.I arrived on December 30th and stayed out all night for New Year’s, checked out of the hotel after stumbling back in the morning, and then continued to be awake all day until an express 8-hour midnight train to Kyoto to look at some temples.Unfortunately, I was so exhausted after that train ride that I slept for the duration of my stay in a youth hostel near the train station, slurping ramen and watching DVDs in my few waking hours.The moral of the story? Don’t travel too hard.This is advisable for any number of reasons, including the danger of getting drained and unable to function at an optimum physical level.By forcing myself through all-nights and an unreasonable travel schedule, I not only ensured I would be unable to complete my itinerary, I also drained myself of the ability to do anything spontaneous along the way.But how to stay in shape on the road when you won’t have regular access to a gym, bicycle, pool, even a jogging trail? Here are 5 tips for keeping fit on the road.1. RunAlthough there may not be a trail, there’s always some place to run if you know where to look. Large lakes are your best bet for a paved, level path, but feel free to speed through the countryside at 5 mpm (minutes per mile, you rookies) and startle those just leaving the house.A useful website (better than Google maps, I think) can help you chart as-the-crow-flies distances across the globe: Gmaps Pedometer.Incidentally, if you don’t have room to pack a pair of running shoes and live near open fields, barefoot running is better for your bones and form. Just watch out for sharp objects.2. Play Ultimate FrisbeeFor some reason, ultimate clubs seem to be a global standard for expats. Naturally, there are other choices available to you, but none quite as widesp (probably because it’s a simple team sport requiring the least massive equipment).Reach out to your local expat community to inquire about meeting times.3. Find Fitness CentersGyms can be expensive no matter where you are, and chances are you don’t want to be tied to a six-or twelve-month membership.See if your area has a YMCA. If you’re in a small town, try to negotiate a decent per diem rate; better yet, make friends with the owner.Otherwise, it’s a better idea to save your money and effort: instead of bench presses, have someone sit on your back while you do pushups; bring a small hand weight with you for arm workouts; take advantage of your environment by rock climbing, kayaking, or doing martial arts…you get the idea.4. Sample Local FlavorCubicle life might be stable and comfortable, but now that you’ve chosen to travel, to break the mold, so should it be with how you decide to keep fit every day. Open your body to new possibilities.Tai Chi in the parks of Peking. Caber tossing in Scotland. Climbing the steps of Aztec temples and Egyptian pyramids (if you care to bribe the authorities).No one is saying you can’t return to a regular 90 minutes on the weight, 30 minutes of aquajogging, and 17.5 minutes of stretching – just seize what is available to you on the road.5. Stay Away From McDonaldsJust before I arrived in Japan, I weighed 200 lbs (in a good way… and yeah, a little fat too) and went to the gym regularly. Within a few months, I dropped down to 180 lbs and developed more lean muscle.Why? The Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world. If you’re passing through Narita Airport at some point during your Asian travels, take a moment to just look around. Notice anything unusual?There are hardly any obese people in Japan. This is in sharp contrast in many American airports. I believe the healthy Japanese diet is due to two differences in cuisine: smaller portion size and less butter and grease.With fewer familiar western-style dishes in Japan, I experimented with a variety of healthier foods and came to love the local cuisine.Bottom lineKeep track of your pace while on the road. For anyone who lives an active lifestyle, traveling for long periods of time isn’t always ideal.Once you’ve had a taste of what it means to be in shape and reach your physical peak – strength, high metabolism, stamina, speed, agility - you start to wonder how you could have lived any other way.What are your ideas for staying in shape while traveling? Share your thoughts in the comments!Turner Wright is a marathon runner first, an adventurer second, and a writer through it all. He has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and currently lives in Kagoshima, Japan. Check out his blog, Keeping Pace in Japan. 当你没有常规的方法来实现上健身房,骑自行车,游泳,甚至是慢跑时,怎样做到在乘车旅行时保持健康呢?我曾经在一次过完圣诞节假期从太平洋彼岸回来之后,又计划到东京去待了两天。我12月30日到后在外面度过了新年之夜,早上才蹒跚着来到旅馆登记入住。然后我一直没睡着,直到乘上了8个小时车程的开往东京参观寺庙的特快火车。不幸运的是,下火车之后我已经筋疲力尽了,以至于我呆在那里的时间里都是在青年旅社睡觉,在我少数醒着的时间里我就做做祷告或看一些视频光盘。这个事情说明了一个什么道理呢?那就是我们不要在旅行中太过辛苦了。这个道理在很多时候都是可取的,包括筋疲力尽后不能以最好的身体状况来旅游带来的危险。在迫使我自己彻夜未眠和遵循了一个不合理的行程安排后,我想我不仅完成不了我的旅行了, 而且在途中我也耗光了我自己的精力。那么当你没有常规的方法来实现去健身房,骑自行车,游泳,甚至是慢跑时,怎样做到在乘车旅行时保持健康呢?这里有5点能帮助你做到。1. 跑步如果你知道你要去的方向,你就不会因为没有小路而无处可跑。大型湖泊最好地为你提供了平坦的小路,但是你可能会在穿过乡间时不自觉地加快速度到5英里每分钟,同时也会为你离住所很远而吃惊。Gmaps Pedometer是一个很有用的网站(我认为比谷歌好),它能帮助你记录穿过地球的直线距离。顺便说一句,如果你没有足够的空间塞进跑鞋,而你又住在空旷的地方的话,赤脚跑会对你的骨骼和形体更加有好处。但是要小心一些尖利的东西。2. 玩极限飞盘由于一些原因,极限俱乐部对移居外国的人来说就像是一个全球的标杆。当然,你也可以有其他的选择,但是并不是很普遍存在的(原因可能是它是一个需要最少装备的简单团队运动)。着手去打听你当地移民者社区的运动会时间吧。3. 寻找一个适当的中心无论你身处何地去健身房都是价格不菲的,而你也很可能不会愿意让6个月,甚至12给月的会员资格把自己套牢。观察你附近的区域是否有基督教青年会。如果你在一个小城镇,就试图协商到一个入会的好价格,如果能和所有人做朋友那就更好了。除此之外,这里还有一个能为你节约钱和精力的好方法:当你做伏地挺身时,不要用长凳,而是让一个人坐在你的背上;在做手臂运动时捆上一个重量适中的小物品;利用好你攀岩,皮筏,或练习武术的环境。。。你了解到这个想法了吧。4. 体验当地风情卧室生活是安定而舒适的,但是既然你选择要去旅游,暂停这样的生活,那你就应该下决心每天如何做才能保持将康的身体。来开发你身体的新潜能吧。比如在北京公园里的太极,在苏格兰的掷木桩,在阿芝克台人庙宇上和埃及金字塔上的爬阶梯(如果你贿赂当地政府的话)。没有人说你不能从常规的90分钟的负重,30分钟的慢跑和17.5分钟的拉伸练习中恢复过来shy;shy;——你只要抓住你乘车旅行中可用的机会就好了。5. 远离麦当劳在我到达日本之前,我体重为200英镑(状态良好,或者有一点偏胖),也经常到体育馆健身。在几个月的时间里,我体重就减少到180英镑,也练出了不少肌肉。这是为什么呢?日本的饮食习惯是世界上最健康之一。如果你在亚洲的旅行中经过成田机场,环顾一下四周,看看有什么不寻常。在日本很少有非常肥胖的人。这与在美国的很多机场有着鲜明的对比。我相信日本健康的饮食主要归功于烹饪中的两点不同,那就是分量小和黄油油脂少。在日本少量的不正式西方菜肴中,我用很多健康的食物做了个尝试,也开始喜欢上当地的食物了。底线在旅途中保持自己的步伐。对每个有着积极的生活方式的人来说,长时间的旅行并不是很理想。一旦你尝试了所谓的保持健康的方法和达到你体力的顶峰——力量,高速新陈代谢,耐力,速度,和敏捷——你就会开始惊叹你曾经怎么会有过那样生活方式。你对在旅途中保持健康有什么样的想法吗?请在注释中和我们分享。Turner Wright 首先是一个马拉松运动员,然后是一个探险家和作家。他在Austin的高级舱房大学里有航空和航天工程,目前他居住在日本的鹿兒島.检查这个客,让他在日本并进齐驱。 /200806/42587

  Bad habits are among the worst enemies of living life to the fullest. Why? Because habit is something we do over and over again. While we do other kinds of mistakes occasionally, bad habit is something we do consistently over time. If even one mistake can drag your life down, you can imagine what kind of damage bad habits can do.To make matters worse, often we don’t realize that we have bad habits. We think that we just live our life as usual while we are actually making mistakes again and again. It’s like having leaks in our ship without realizing it.So breaking bad habits should be among your top priorities to get the most out of your life. If you do it right, and you are on your way to make significant improvements in your life.The first step to breaking the bad habits is to identify them. Only after identifying them can you decide to do something about them. Here are two tips for identifying the bad habits you might have:1. Compare your life with your value systemDo you live according to your value system? Or do you deviate from it here and there? Your value system acts like a compass that guides your life. When you do things that are not according to your life compass, you know that you have a problem. So look for things you consistently do that deviate from your value system. Those are your bad habits.2. Compare your life with a role modelSometimes it’s easier to compare your life with someone else’s life than to compare it with an abstract value system. So find people whose life you want to emulate and find the details of how they live their life. Is there anything they don’t do that you consistently do? For instance, perhaps they are never late. You, on the other hand, are perpetually late. That’s a bad habit you should stop.The next step after identifying the bad habits is to break them. I’m glad I found some good tips for it in the book Become a Better You by Joel Osteen. While the book is based on Christian principles, many lessons in it are universally applicable including its suggestions on breaking bad habits. Here are four tips to stop bad habits based on the book:1. Quit feeding the bad habitThere are two “wolves” inside us that fight each other. One wolf represents good habits while the other represents bad habits. Which wolf will win the fight? The answer is the one you feed. So breaking bad habit is actually simple: just stop feeding it. Leave the bad habit starve and you are on your way to get it away from your life.2. Replace it with a good habitQuit feeding the bad habit is essential but it’s not enough. You must also replace it with a good habit. Otherwise there is an empty space in your life where the bad habit could go back to anytime.So develop a good habit to replace the bad habit. For instance, if you have the habit of thinking negative thoughts, you should replace it with the habit of thinking positive thoughts. Whenever negative thoughts come, use it as a trigger to start thinking positive thoughts. Or if you have the habit of eating unhealthy food, you can start developing the habit of eating healthy food. Just don’t leave the space empty.3. Press past the initial pain and discomfortWhen breaking a bad habit, the beginning of the process is the most difficult. Just like getting a space shuttle lifted off the Earth takes enormous amount of power, it also takes enormous amount of willpower to break a bad habit. And just like moving a space shuttle that has escaped the Earth’s gravitational pull takes little energy, it also takes only little amount of willpower to continue doing your new habit.The initial phase is the most difficult, but it will become easier and easier over time. So whenever you think that it’s too difficult to stay on course, just remember that it won’t be so for long. You just have to keep moving forward.4. Make “no exceptions” policyOnce you decide to break a bad habit, stick with your decision. Make no exceptions to come back to it for whatever reason. I know it’s not easy (at least for me), but this step is essential if you want the process to get easier over time. Making exceptions is like taking a space shuttle back to Earth; you need another enormous amount of power to lift it off again. So be careful not to make exceptions when you are dealing with bad habits.These four tips are simple but powerful. Using the feeding analogy, the tips to break a bad habit boil down to this:Quit feeding the bad habit. Feed a good one instead.What do you think? 坏习惯是阻碍生活变得充实完美的最大杀手。为什么呢?因为习惯是一件我们不断重复的事情。一些错误我们偶尔会犯,然而我们的坏习惯是不间断的。即使是一个错误都可以拖累你的生活,你可以想象一下坏习惯能带来多大的危害。更糟糕的是。我们通常不会意识到我们的坏习惯。我们认为我们只不过和平常一样地生活,然而我们的的确确,一次又一次地在犯错。这就好像我们没有意识到我们的船有漏洞一样。因此改变你的坏习惯必须成为你生活的重中之重。一旦你纠正了坏习惯,那么你就为改善你的生活走出了极其重要的一步。改掉坏习惯的第一步是发现它们。只有意识到坏习惯,你才能针对它们有所行动。以下两个小窍门就是教你如何发现你可能有的坏习惯。对比一下你的生活和你的价值观你是否按照你的价值观来生活呢?又或者你的生活方式常常与价值观有所出入?你的价值观其作用如同导航你生活的罗盘。当你的行动与你生活的罗盘方向不同时,你可以知道你出了点问题。因此寻找一下那些与你价值观不符却又常常发生的行为。那些就是你的坏习惯。对比一下你的生活和模范的生活比起拿你的生活和抽象的价值观对比,有时候和其他人的生活作比较更容易。因此找一下你理想生活的典范,并分析他们生活的细节。看看有什么事是你常干他们却不做的。比如,也许他们从来不迟到。而你,正相反,一直会迟到。那就是你必须改正的坏习惯。意识到坏习惯后,第二步就是改掉它们。很开心我在Joel Osteen的《完善自我》一书中找到了几个对付坏习惯的方法。这本书基于基督教的教义,其中许多是经验教训示广为适用,包括如何改变坏习惯的建议。基于这本书,以下给出四则贴士,教你如何改掉坏习惯。1.停止“饲养”坏习惯我们体内有两匹“狼”,它们争斗不休。一匹狼代表了好习惯而另外一匹代表坏习惯。哪匹狼会在争斗中胜出呢?由你决定。所以停止坏习惯其实很简单:只要停止“饲养”坏习惯。让坏习惯自生自灭,这样你就可以让它从你的生活里出局。2.用好习惯替代坏习惯不再养成坏习惯很重要但这样还不够。你必须用好习惯来替代坏习惯。否则你的生活中会多出一个空档,坏习惯随时又会回到那里。因此要养成一个好习惯来替代坏习惯。比如,如果你有思考事情消极面的习惯,你必须通过思考事情积极面的习惯来替代。每当消极的思想出现时,就以此为契机开始思考积极的事情。又或者你有吃垃圾食品的习惯,那么你就要开始养成吃健康食品德习惯。千万不要留出任何空档。3.坚持度过最初的痛苦和不适但你要纠正一个坏习惯,最初的过程是最难的。就像太空飞船离开地球时需要巨大的推动力,改正坏习惯也需要强大的意志力。就像太空飞船一旦脱离了地球的引力,移动起来只需要花一点点的能量,继续养成好习惯也只需要不多的毅力。最初的阶段是最难的,但随着时间的推移将变得越来越容易。所以一旦你觉得继续改变太难的话,只要想想这样的阶段不会太久的。而你只有继续前进才行。4.立下“没有例外”的规矩一旦你决心要改变坏习惯,就要坚持你的决定。不论有什么理由都不能例外。我知道这不是件容易的事情(至少对我而言),但这个步骤很关键,如果你希望随着时间的推移能让这个过程变得容易的话。搞特殊情况就如同把太空飞船拉回地面;你需要又一次花同样大的精力让它再度升空。因此在对付坏习惯时千万小心,不要有所例外。这四则贴士说来容易但却十分有效。通过“饲养”坏习惯这个类比,纠正坏习惯的这些贴士可归结为:停止“饲养”坏习惯,相反培养一个好习惯。你认为怎么样呢? /200806/42277

  Taking antibiotics? You might want to boost their powers by drinking some green tea. New research indicates that drinking green tea helps the action of important antibiotics in their fight against resistant superbugs, making them up tothree times more effective.“We tested green tea in combination with antibiotics against 28 disease causing micro-organisms belonging to two different classes,” says Dr Mervat Kassem from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Alexandria University in Egypt. “In every single case green tea enhanced the bacteria-killing activity of the antibiotics. For example the killing effect of chloramphenicol was 99.99% better when taken with green tea than when taken on its own in some circumstances.”Green tea also made 20% of drug-resistant bacteria susceptible to one of the cephalosporin antibiotics. These are important antibiotics that new drug resistant strains of bacteria have evolved to resist.The results surprised the researchers, showing that in almost every case and for all types of antibiotics tested, drinking green tea at the same time as taking the medicines seemed to reduce the bacteria’s drug resistance, even in superbug strains, and increase the action of the antibiotics. In some cases, even a low concentration of green tea was effective.These data were presented during the Society for General Microbiology’s 162nd meeting recently held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. 用抗生素吗?那么你也许想喝点绿茶来增强它们的效用。最新研究表明,绿茶有助于抗生素对抗那些顽固的超级病菌,使得抗生素的功效达到之前的三倍。埃及亚历山大大学医药学教授Mervat Kassem说:“我們在结合抗生素对抗 28 种疾病的情況下测试绿茶(這些疾病由属于两种不同纲的微生物所引起)。在每個单一的例子中,我们发现绿茶都能增強抗生素的杀菌作用。例如,当抗生素与绿茶结合在一起用時,氯黴素在某些情況下的杀菌效果比单独药要好上99.99%。”绿茶也使得20%的抗药性细菌易受其中一种头孢子菌素(cephalosporin)抗生素的影响。這都是些重要的抗生素,而新抗药性品种的细菌正逐步对它们产生抗药性。这些结果让研究者感到惊讶,因为几乎在所有被测试的抗生素例子中显示,在人们药的同時,辅佐绿茶可以減少细菌的抗药性,即便是在超级病菌存在的情况下,绿茶也能增加抗生素的作用。在某些例子中,即便是低浓度的绿茶都有效果。这些数据都来源于近期于爱丁堡国际会议中心举行的第162届普通微生物大会。 /200804/34939

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